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Dear Readers,

As ever there is a lot going on in Milford.

The Music and Arts Festival returns with

something for everyone from poetry, play

readings, rock, folk and much more this


There is also the Fun Dog Show on the

Village Green. I am just looking through the

classes and there is a great variety - for

example the Prettiest Girl, Golden Oldie

through to the famous sausage catching

competition. Please see the noticeboard

section for more details.

The diary is certainly ‘jam packed’, please

make special note of Cornwallis

Remembered (page 27). The

commemorative events include the

exhibition at St Barbe, the heritage trail,

church service, two horse post chaise

through the village and a dinner.

With best wishes,



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We are a local established business

offering high quality work around your home

Painting & Decorating – New Kitchens & Bathrooms

Plumbing– Tap Replacement/WC Repairs

UPVC Fascia & Soffits

Fully insured/Free Quotes

Please call Adam

T: 01590 645680 M: 07990 924149


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Kirsty Eustace

Our Cover Page Artist

Textile artist Kirsty Eustace came to the

New Forest in 2012, where she draws her

inspiration for the unique textile painting

she produces. When asked about the

influence the New Forest has on her work,

she said;

"Life in the New Forest continues to fill me

with wonder and joy, from the noise of the

waves picking up the stones at Milford

beach to the ever-changing seasons in the

forest itself, there really is a myriad of

opportunity for inspiration in this area.

Originally an Essex girl from Southend on

Sea...I have never owned any white

stilettos, although you may catch the odd

mispronunciation of most words ending

with the letter t...I grew up in a family who

encouraged a fascination with nature, both

through a love and respect of animals, and

the growing and nurturing of plants. We

spent our summers and winters in the

garden, and our holidays in the most

beautiful parts of the British coast and

countryside. This experience has had a

profound effect on the imagery that

inspires me."

Kirsty graduated from Central Saint Martins

in 2001 with a BA(Hons) in Print Design, and

she still has a love affair for repeated

patterns; Lucienne Day, Barbara Brown and

Mary White are among her favourite

designers of the past. She still can’t help

dabbling now and then with the odd print

design and she hopes to bring this element

into her artwork in the future.

Kirsty says; "I’ve had a thing for line and

stitch for the last couple of decades, heavily

influenced by Erte and Beardsley’s

captivating illustrations. I have always liked

drawing with the sewing machine to

recreate the flowing lines of a pen and ink

drawing. I’m not afraid of getting it wrong

and trying again, it is frustrating when you

can’t quite get a piece to work, but I’m

aware no one was born an expert they just

practiced a lot. It’s early days for me as an

artist and I still don’t really think I have cut

my teeth fully yet, but I’m constantly

curious and continuously grateful for having

the opportunity to try."

Kirsty's work can be found at

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Fri 7th June 7pm: Grower Champagne

Tasting, Veuve Fourny et Fils

Fri 5th July Coral Bay Seafood Garden

Pop –Up 6pm onwards

Fri 12th July: Winchester Distillery Gin Sail

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We have just returned from our annual

pilgrimage to Jerez

de la Frontera in

Andalusia. It has

now become our

tradition to pop on

our running shoes

and run in the

Sherry race, which

involves running

14km around the

hills of Jerez with

optional stops for

sherry and tapas

along the way!

Sherry Run!

Thirsty Work—Running for our Sherry!

Jerez is part of the sherry triangle along with

Sanlucar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa

Maria. Sherry is a seriously undervalued drink

that can range from the super dry Fino’s and

Manzanilla’s to the very sweet Moscatel and

Pedro Ximinez’s and everything in between. The

wines are also amazingly food friendly with the

dryer styles matching dishes like fried fish,

olives and prawns to the more nutty/oxidative

styles that pair to more robust dishes such as

grilled pork or steak. The sweet wines can

almost be a dessert on their own, Pedro

Ximenez poured over ice cream can make for an

easy but delicious dessert, or pair sweet

Moscatel to sticky toffee pudding!

Whilst in the region we always like to visit some

Bodegas, taste the wines and find out what the

new Spring release of the ‘en rama’ is like. The

style ‘en rama’ is sherry that has been drawn

straight from the barrel without any or very

minimal filtration. The lightest styles of sherry

such as Fino and Manzanilla often undergo

excessive filtration and clarification which

although produces a wine that is really clear

and with a long shelf life, it also strips out a lot

of the delicious flavour.

Each Spring several Bodegas have started to

release a Fino or Manzanilla ‘en rama’,

and it is definitely one to try for the sherry

lover! It is a richer, more expressive style and

one to pair to seafood dishes, juicy olives and

toasted almonds. This year we visited Bodegas

Cesar Florido down on the coast in a little town

called Chipiona. This small, artisan Bodega is

unusual for the region in that they grow their

own grapes and

produce their own

wine. 5 th generation

Cesar conducted the

tour round his three

small bodegas

spread across the

town. We were lucky

enough to taste all of

his wines from barrel

as well as try the

newly bottled Fino

‘en rama’ of which

only 600 half bottles

are UK bound

*arriving Mid-May *

Cesar Florido pouring from

the venenciador

Cesar Florido is most famously known for his

sweet Moscatels of which they produce two.

The first Moscatel Dorado is grape juice that is

fortified and then aged, and is a light style

enjoyable as an aperitif or with light and fruity

desserts. The second is Moscatel Pasas, Cesar

explained that the grapes are left out on mats in

the sun to dry for 15 days in which time the

juice concentrates and the fruit raisins, the

grapes are then pressed and the juice fortified.

This is a richer style with dried fruit notes and

nuts and on tasting is almost a dessert on its


Our visit ended up with Cesar directing us to a

fantastic off the tourist track seafood restaurant

where we could try the local speciality gambas

and freshly grilled fish accompanied by his dry

en rama, and to finish flan with the moscatel

dorado! Heather & Simon, The Solent Cellar

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My love of animals started at a young age,

having been brought up with German

Shepherd dogs, my dream job of working

with animals is happening:

At Kait’s Canine Care we have a lovely variety

of dogs and cats to care for. We pride

ourselves on looking after your pets as if they

were our own.

The business is growing; In the last 18 months

I have partnered with Ruth Elrington-Browne,

also a Milford on Sea resident. This has

enabled us to take on more dogs to offer our

walking and boarding services to.

Between us, Ruth and I have owned many

dogs over the years. I have two Cavaliers,

Alfie and Amber, Ruth has a border collie

cross called Sasha. This experience of

different breeds and personalities has been

crucial to our success in caring for and

understanding your dog’s needs.

We offer a personal service tailored to your

dog’s requirements. For example, your dog

may not be able to manage an hour long walk

so we would take them for a short walk but

spend the remainder of the time with your

dog, giving belly rubs, hugs and company.

We ensure that we keep you informed on

how your pet is settling with us, both on

walks and when we are boarding them. You

will be updated by texts and emails with

plenty of photographs and videos of them so

that you can rest assured they are having a

wonderful time.

I am currently studying for a diploma in

Animal Anatomy and a course in Pet


Kait, Kait’s Canine Care

Please see our advertisement below for further

details and contact information.

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We all know the importance of being active

and looking after the joints, bones, muscles,

heart and lungs. With an ever growing ageing

population, here at Active Nation Boutique

Fitness, we want to provide an opportunity

for those living longer, to live better.

We would like to congratulate all our lovely

supporters who have committed to being

healthier and happier. We have helped to

orchestrate lots of incredible achievements

for people that would otherwise have

struggled to improve their muscle tone,

flexibility, balance and mobility. For some,

the transformation has been life-changing

and life-saving.

Welcoming new supporters of all ages and

abilities, Active Nation Boutique Fitness

provides not only a unique and user-friendly

alternative to larger leisure facilities but the

social, friendly and fun atmosphere is always

guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face

and a spring in their step.

No need to feel anxious or self-conscious

trying something new. Kenna, the Club

Manager is always there to support you, offer

advice and help you achieve your goals.

The power-assisted exercise machines are

easy to use and will improve, not aggravate

joint issues.

The stationary exercise bike gives everyone

the opportunity to improve heart and lung


Visit us at 3, Angel Courtyard in Lymington

and enjoy a FREE trial and thorough

induction. This includes a FREE Body Analysis.

We offer great value monthly unlimited use

subscription only £40, a 30 day pass for £45

or pay for an annual subscription and save


You can call us for a chat on (01590) 677333

or find out more about us on our Active

Nation Boutique Fitness facebook page or

look at us on

Peta, Carol, Gladys, Kenna

Hockley [Club Manager), George,

Terry and Tony.

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Keeping your Mind

Active & Engaged

In one way or another we are all likely to

be affected by dementia. The Alzheimer’s

Society estimates that one in fourteen

people over 65 has dementia. It is a

disease of the brain and not a part of

natural ageing. The most common types

are Alzheimer's and vascular dementia.

However, it is not just about losing your

memory, it also affects cognitive skills

such as thinking, learning, problem

solving and communicating.

Our main aim is to get people’s mind active

and engaged in a friendly and enjoyable


Carers are invited to have tea/coffee whilst

their loved ones attend the session.

Some feedback from the groups

" I feel relaxed in the group and not

embarrassed about making mistakes "

" Its the highlight of my week, I love it!"

When someone has dementia there are

different ways we can help people

improve their memory and thinking skills.

It has been proved that cognitive

stimulation therapy can help on a

cognitive level and in terms of quality of


What is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy


Cognitive stimulation therapy, also known

as CST, is a structured programme of group

activities and discussions. Each group runs

once a week for a period of 14 weeks.

There is a maximum number of eight

participants at a time, along with a group

facilitator and a volunteer. Each session

lasts one hour and comprises of group

activities focused on strengthening and


• Orientation

• Short and long term memory

• Problem solving/reasoning skills

• Concentration/focus/attention

Where are the groups?

Lyndhurst, Totton and Milford on Sea.

More information

To find out more about our CST Groups or

someone you care for, is eligible to attend,

please call Elena Prieto-Ruiz

on 02380 286342 or email

A Hampshire Community Interest Company

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That’s a phrase I have heard many times

when I answer the phone or open an email.

Normally closely followed by “and can you

fix it?”

The answer is almost always yes, but there

are some things beyond my control. Having

said that, a process of elimination will reveal

where the point of failure is and who should

be held responsible.

I say ‘which’ point of failure because there

are an awful lot of things that can go wrong

with an Internet connection. Thankfully it

works better than when we still used warbly

dial-up modems but it can still give

problems thank you very much!

Your Internet connection is made up of a

chain of devices passing information

between them at high speed. At least that’s

what it is when it’s working properly.

So, you want to see something online. What

follows is a simplified description of what


Your computer, tablet, smartphone,

whatever connects to your router. If it

connects using Wi-Fi or powerline adaptors,

there’s the first potential point of failure.

Often when people say their Internet is

down, it’s because of problems with Wi-Fi

signal, which can be fixed.

Next, your router takes your request for a

specific website and looks for something

called a DNS server. Think of this as the

Internet’s address book which tells your

router where the website you want to visit

can be found.

This is another potential point of failure

because if the DNS server can’t be found or

is not up to date, the website you want

won’t appear and you’ll get a browser error.

Some DNS errors can be fixed, but this is

more likely an issue for your broadband


If all is well, your router then connects to

the website and allows you to communicate

with the website server through the

company hosting that particular website.

This is a further potential point of failure

because the hosting company probably has

tens or hundreds of thousands of websites

on their servers. If something breaks or is

misconfigured, they may not be able to find

the website you want. When this happens,

realistically there is nothing that can be

done until it is fixed.

I’ve left out all the techie stuff that can go

wrong, but in some ways, when you

consider what is involved, it is a wonder the

Internet works at all!

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Reflexology can help alleviate a range

of symptoms including stress,

insomnia, migraines, arthritis, IBS,

back pain and ease pregnancy.

Deep tissue & therapeutic massage


07930 338819 01590 689420

Mobile Visits

If you have any of these concerns, please contact us to

arrange your free consultation

We also use electrolysis for hair removal and offer thread vein removal

using Sclerotheraphy

T: 01590 719329 E:

Tu Sei Bella: Offering a wide range of Beauty Treatments

and Massage for Men & Women

47 High Street, Milford On Sea, SO41 0QG

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The Benefits of Owning a Cat

A number of academic studies have appeared

in recent years claiming that having a cat

improves our health. These studies provide

many compelling reasons why they are

'purrrfect' for us all.

Here's a selection:

Reduced stress and anxiety: Owning a cat

triggers calming chemicals in the body,

decreasing stress and anxiety levels and

moreover, just the very act of stroking a cat is

known to be relaxing.

Therapeutic benefits: The calming effect of

owning a cat apparently triggers the release of

oxytocin, a hormone known for inducing

feelings of love and trust.

Boosted immunity: Exposure to pet fur in the

house is claimed to boost our resistance to

allergens, and thus decrease the risk of allergies

and asthma.

Lowered blood pressure: According to some

studies, cat owners seem to enjoy lower blood

pressure than non-cat owners, due to the

calming presence that cats provide.

Romance: If you're a single bloke looking for

love, then perhaps a cat is the solution: One

study revealed that women were more

attracted to men who owned cats because cat

ownership "suggests sensitivity and


resources needed to feed a dog creates the

same eco-footprint as that of a big four-wheel

drive Hummer vehicle. Meanwhile, cats only

have the approximate carbon footprint of a

Volkswagen Golf.

So they're more


friendly to the


From all the

research going

on, it's seems

clear that cats are


beneficial to have

around, and

ownership is

quite easy and

undemanding. The only problem arises when

you want to go off on holiday, because cats are

very territorial, and simply don't like unfamiliar

surroundings at all. If taken out of their routine,

they often get tremendously stressed and even

refuse to eat.

However, there is a simple, local solution to all

that; call Sophie's Cat Care on 01425 262 100.

They will visit your home regularly whenever

you're away, feed the cat, check that they're

well, and – as a free added benefit – pick up the

mail, switch on and off lights, make your house

looked lived in and generally increase security

of your home in your absence.

Companionship: If the above doesn't work,

then having a cat could be the next best thing;

A Swiss study conducted in 2003, revealed that

owning a cat is "similar to having a romantic


So, if after reading this, you're tempted to get a

cat, you can go right ahead, absolutely secure in

the knowledge that ownership and holidays will

be purrfectly stress-free with Sophie's, the New

Forest's cat care experts.

A Reduced carbon footprint compared to dogs:

A 2009 study found that over its lifetime, the

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Your Local Independent Travel Agent

Come to us for our Personal Service and Experience

We aim to make your holiday planning as stress free as possible!

Tel: 01590 644 899

78, High Street, Milford on Sea


Excellent Pay & Benefits

Do you want to be part of our highly skilled Palliative

Care and Social Care Team working in the


Do you want to benefit from the following?

• Guaranteed minimum

hourly rate of £8.95 with a

scale going up to £9.54

• Excellent enhancements

for weekends and unsociable

hours, with an

additional 30% for evenings

and Saturdays, and

60% on Sundays

• Travel time paid at your

hourly rate

• Guaranteed hours with an

option of a fixed shift pattern

or flexible hours

• Paid Training.

• Uniform provided.

• Paid DBS checks.

• Realistic Travel Time between


• Life Assurance/Employee

Assistance Programme

• Health Cash Plan

If you want to be part of our team, please contact

HR on;

or Tel: 01590 646443

You care for our patients and we care for you.

Oakhaven Care is a domiciliary care agency providing high

quality health & social care to clients within the New Forest area.

All profits from the agency will be re-invested into local charity,

Oakhaven Hospice Trust.

Successful candidates will be subject to an enhanced DBS


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Having just returned from a long weekend in

Seville, I wanted to take the opportunity to

tell you about this wonderful city.

The city is dominated by it’s stunning

cathedral, a mixture of Muslim and Christian

as we found out from our tour guide. Built

initially as a mosque and then extended by

the Christians in the 15 th century after the

Arabs were forced out. The whole city has a

very visible mixed heritage which makes it

extremely interesting to hear about. It has

the third oldest bull ring in Spain which we

also enjoyed a guided tour of and I was

fascinated by the history and prestige

associated to the ‘sport’ in Seville.

Seville has some beautiful gardens to visit,

the largest and most impressive belongs to

the Alcazar Palace. It is filled with quiet

corners, fountains and mazes. It surrounds

the palace which is still used to this day when

the Royal Family stay in the town. A queue

TRAVEL guide

Seville: A wonderful city to

Discovering Seville explore :

A Wonderful City

entry on line. Another lovely park surrounds

the Spanish Square (Plaza de Espana) in

Seville which is a lovely tranquil square

where people can row boats around the

small Venetian style canal.

The central cathedral square in Seville is

bustling with tourists and horse & carriage

rides but also there is an abundance of side

streets full of tapas bars and restaurants

where locals meet so the vibe in the city is


We took the opportunity to travel out to

Cordoba on the train one day as I had heard

that it was worth a visit, and that certainly

was the case! There is a large Jewish quarter

in Cordoba with tiny, narrow streets filled

with outdoor cafes and restaurants and the

Arab and Jewish influences are plentiful. The

Mezquita is the main structure in the small

city and tells its own historical tale just by the

style of building. The city is beautiful and

mosaic tiles are a huge feature here as they

are in Seville.

Seville is an easy city to access, we flew from

Gatwick and had arrived within 2.5 hours.

We then got an airport shuttle bus into the

city which cost 9 euros per person.

forms every day in the shade of the cathedral

which can be jumped by pre booking your

If you would like help with booking your next

trip to Seville or any other destination, please

call 01590 644899 or email or pop in and

see us on the High Street in Milford on Sea.

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By the time you read this article, we may well

have had both the local elections and the

European Parliament election. We might

possibly even be heading for (or have had) a

Labour or Conservative Party leadership

election, a second referendum (less likely, I

feel) or a general election! I have certainly

never known such a volatile era in politics.

Whilst out delivering leaflets door to door in

the local elections early in May, a number of

residents expressed dismay at the national

situation and told me they would never vote for

their long-time-favourite political Party again.

Or indeed any Party. Several complained to me

about the lack of information available to them

about their local election candidates. Some

bemoaned the dearth of choice in candidates

full stop. About the spelling mistakes on the

leaflets (not mine, I hasten to add.) Some

asked me, incredulously, what on earth would

possess me to want to stand in an election at

this time in political history at all?

As I watched the ballot papers being verified,

clasping a lukewarm coffee, with my

opponents’ crosses appearing to be many

greater in number than my own that I couldn’t

bear to look, I began to ask myself that

question. As I read through the spoilt ballot

papers with the hastily scribbled rude pictures

and messages across them, in the most

uncivilised hours of the morning, I asked myself

that question. “You’re all rubbish” “What a

load of old…” “I love turtles.” As I waited to be

called up to the Returning Officer’s stand,

yawning with the other candidates who had

bothered to stay up to find out the result (last

to be called at 4.30am in the morning), I asked

myself that question again.

But even good colleagues who were not

fortunate enough to be re-elected would agree

that serving as a local councillor is a hugely

rewarding activity. It is a great privilege to be

able to represent people in an area that you

love, if only for as long as you are elected to do

so. And elections are this strangely addictive,

unavoidable nightmare that comes with the


And I say to people, don’t stop voting, don’t

give up. Write “I love turtles” if you want. But

go out to the polling station and vote in some

way in all these elections! And if you feel

passionately that your candidates are “all

rubbish”, go and become a better one. There

has never been a more exciting time to be

involved in politics, for sure! And the world

urgently needs good, new politicians!

Cllr Fran Carpenter

Hampshire County Councillor

New Milton North, Milford & Hordle

(including Everton)

01425 614665 / 07867 502624






07817 525008 (OFFICE HOURS)


01425 612885

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Do you feel overwhelmed by too many

options and nervous about expensive


Do you know which upgrades will add

value and which won’t?

Or……... are there just not enough hours

in the day?

Whether you are looking for a single pair of

curtains, a new kitchen, bathroom or a total

refurbishment, we have the knowledge and

experience to assist. At No 19 can help to

make the most of your home with stylish

practical solutions, tailored to your taste and

pocket, either using existing furnishings or

starting afresh, to create a personal space

tailored to your unique needs. We are happy

to work with your preferred tradespeople or

supply our own, with or without full project


We are well known for our close attention to

detail, friendly personal service and ability to

see things through from concept to


You do not have to be wealthy to utilise the

services of an interior designer, but you do

have to be wise – professional guidance can

avoid costly mistakes and assist in ‘getting it

right first time’. With our free of charge

consultation within a 10 mile radius of

Lymington, there is nothing to lose by giving us

a call.

Contact Val Plummer

T: 01590 641804 M: 07767342542

E: W:

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


9 99 High Street, Milford-on-Sea, SO41 0QF






Tel: 01590 644933

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Cornwallis Remembered


Preparations are

now well advanced

for the events

which will

commemorate the

bi-centenary of

Milford’s most


resident Admiral Sir

William Cornwallis (1744-1819).

On the 8 th June our twelve week exhibition

will open at the St Barbe Museum and Art

Gallery. “Command of the Seas”! The Navy

and the New Forest against Napoleon” is

designed to show the part played by our local

admirals, William Cornwallis, Robert Man and

John Peyton, in defeating Napoleon.

Featuring items relating to our admirals on

loan from both national and private

collections, a highlight of the show will be

JMW Turner’s second sketch for the Battle of

Trafalgar, on loan from the Tate. The role of

the New Forest in supplying timber and other

materials to the local ship-builders will be

strongly featured.

Linking with the exhibition, we shall be

launching an Admirals' Heritage Trail with an

illustrated guide showing where to find our

important naval links with Georgian times

from Hurst to Calshot taking in Milford,

Lymington, Boldre, South Baddesley,

Buckler's Hard and Lepe."

On Friday 5 th July there will be a church

service conducted by the Bishop of

Basingstoke, and senior representatives from

Hampshire, the Royal Navy and naval

historical research will be attending. The

Cornwallis grave and memorial will be

rededicated and a new stained-glass window

commemorating all three admirals will be


A two horse


with riders in

full costume

will visit the

village school

and then

proceed to

the church

where the

service will

be followed

by a

recreation of

the arrival of

the news of

Photo: Mike Thomas


death and victory at Trafalgar by post-chaise.

The post-chaise will then move to the village

green where between 3pm and 5pm there

will be a variety of themed entertainment,

live music, Royal Navy and Trafalgar Way

stands and refreshments provided by local

groups and Royal Navy Catering. Subject to

operational duties, it is hoped to have a Royal

Navy training boat of the P2000 Archer Class

in Lymington port over that week-end.

A Commemorative Dinner will be held on

Saturday 6th July 2019 in the Cornwallis Suite

of South Lawn Hotel, Milford (once the

property of Admiral Cornwallis) with a

leading naval historian as the guest speaker.

Cornwallis Remembered 1819-2019 is the

result of a collaboration of four

organisations: Milford-on-Sea Historical

Record Society, The 1805 Club, the New

Forest National Park Authority, the St Barbe

Museum and Art Gallery. Additional funding

has been provided by the National Lottery

Heritage Fund, Hampshire Archives Trust, the

Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological

Society, the Tate Gallery, local history

societies, local authorities and many

individual donations.

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28 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Nursing Home

01590 648000

Nursing Home

A higher ratio of qualified nursing staff to

ensure the very best 24 hour nursing care


Excellent cuisine from our award winning chefs


Residents enjoy regular and stimulating

activities and outings provided

by our dedicated team


Warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere


Ambulance and wheelchair transport available

St. George’s

Home Care

01590 644258

Home Care

Personal Care (including bathing,

showering, toileting & dressing)


Cleaning, laundry & shopping


Meal preparation


Companionship and Support


Assistance with appointments,

outings and social events


Night visits, sleep-ins & live-in care

De La Warr Road, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire, SO41 0PS



01590 615181

07502 338725

Please call Martyn for an appointment

Latest technology

Speech enhancement

Noise suppression

Affordable in the ear aids

Free home trial before you buy



Martyn Bowles RHAD MSHAA

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I recently attended a ‘Re-wilding’ discussion at

the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

(HWT) in Curdridge (nr. Botley) in Hampshire.

During discussions, one of the HWT speakers

said something that made my jaw drop! He

said, ‘a green countryside was not necessarily

good for wildlife!’

In driving across the countryside, we pass lots

of farms and see lots of what we call ‘green

countryside’. In fact, what we actually see over

the course of a typical year is farmland that is

not ‘green’ at all e.g. oil-seed rape (yellow),

wheat and barley (golden) and flax (pale blue)

all of which make us feel great to be in the

countryside. But should it?

countryside. We already know that singlecropped

intensively farmed land is pretty poor

in helping create healthier and more abundant

wildlife. However, questions remain such as

how can we;

• feed ourselves?

• ensure that farms are profitable?

• increase pollinators? and,

• ensure that wildlife is enhanced so that we

can continue to enjoy our beautiful, yet

undoubtedly flawed countryside?

Looks pretty idyllic, but is it as good as it

could be for us and wildlife?

Unseasoned logs available

Between 75 and 80 per-cent of our countryside

is farmland. The rest of the landscape is

presumably taken up by towns, villages, brownfield

sites, water-bodies and the MOD!

Over the ensuing weeks, months and years, and

when we are out of the EU, we shall probably

be giving more thought to the use of our

Steve or Lorraine Mabbett

(01590) 381255 or

(07543) 901324


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Perfect Plastering & Plumbing

Home Improvement Specialist

New walls/ceilings plastered

DIY disasters

Repairs for decorating

Plasterboard and partition walls

Plastering & Artex

Plumbing problems

New bathroom suites supplied/fitted

New en-suites & cloakrooms

Wall & floor tiling

Painting & decorating

Kitchens installed

Replacement taps, radiators

For a free estimate, from a local, friendly

professional, no job too large or small,

evenings & weekends at no extra charge.

Call Mike 01590 643546

07970 484 579


• Misted & broken units replaced

• Broken hinges & handles

• Patio door rollers

• Locks for windows & doors

• Upgrade to energy efficient glass

• Fire escape hinges

• Perished window & door rubber

gaskets & seals

• Cat flaps & letter plates

• Supply & fit new windows, doors

& conservatories

• Fully insured

Please call Vinny for a free, no obligation quote

T: 023 8084 2288 M: 07802 657 771


32 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

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Geoff Dunk DipPFS, Certs CII (MP & ER) Independent Financial Advisor

• Retirement Planning

• Savings & Investments

• Portfolio Design & Management

• Pensions Freedoms & Annuities

• Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning

• Long Term Care

• Equity Release

• Protection

Initial meeting without charge or obligation

We make the complex simple.

Clear, unbiased and independent advice for every stage of your life.

T: 01590 636472 | M: 07540 334688 | E:


Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number 457234. The value of investments may go down as

well as up. Investors may lose some or all of their money. The FCA does not regulate taxation and trust advice or will writing.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

34 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

The Old Clock House - 22 High Street - Milford-on-Sea - Hampshire - SO41 0QD

Parish Clerk: Graham Wells Asst. Parish Clerk: Sarah Pitt

Tel: 01590 644410

Website: Email:

Parish Council Elections

The outcome of the Parish Council

elections, held on 2nd May has resulted in

the following Councillors being elected:

Bob Bishop

Patricia Banks

Kenneth Cameron

Tony Coleman

Tim Cowell

Anne Cullen

Donald Darbishire

Matthew Goode

Peter Jennions

Josh Mantock

Pauline Taylor

Sue Whitlock

Councillors can be contacted in the first

instance via the Parish Office—contact

details above. The Councillors are unpaid

and will serve a 4 year term on the Parish

Council, attending twice-monthly meetings

and other working groups as required.

The District Councillors for Milford are:

June/July 2019

Community Meadow Picnic

The new Community Meadow has seen a

lot of care and attention lavished on it by

the Parish Council, Milford Conservation

Volunteers and Milford Gardening Club.

New raised beds, a sensory planting

scheme and new paths have all been

designed in order for everyone in our

community to be able to visit and enjoy

this lovely tranquil space.

To celebrate this new facility an opening

picnic will be held on Saturday 22nd June

from 12 noon—2pm. Everyone is

welcome—bring a picnic and a rug!

Christine Hopkins

David Hawkins

Contact details are available from NFDC’s


MOS1 Appeal Decision

Following an extensive hearing in

February, the Planning Inspector decided

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


to uphold the appeal by Pennyfarthing

Homes to build 42 homes on the MOS1

site, Land North of School Lane. Full

results of the decision can be found on

NFDC’s website:




Footpath upgrade

The Parish Council is pleased to announce

that its footpath between Keyhaven Road

and Grebe Close has been vastly upgraded

in its new position by the developers of the

retirement properties at the old factory

site. The footpath is fully open and will

continue to provide villagers with a useful

and high quality route.

MOS2—Local Plan Review

The Parish Council will represent the

village on Friday 5 th July at the planning

Inspector’s Examination of the District

Council’s proposals.

We will let you know the outcome but in

the meantime keep an eye on Parish

noticeboards and the website for more

details nearer the time.

Security at Barnes Lane Recreation


Beach Clean success

The first Plastic Free Milford-on-Sea beach

clean proved to be a great success on

Saturday, 6 th April, with 45 people aged 6-

76 turning up to help clean up the beach.

The group

collected 3

large sacks of

rubbish which

were then


collected by

the NFDC

Streetscene Team for recycling and

disposal. The strangest item found was a

rusty saw, but the most common items

were plastic food wrappers. The Plastic

Free Team would like to thank everyone

which took part, as well as Milford-on-Sea

Parish Council, NFDC and Plastic Free

Lymington for their support and more

beach cleans will be taking place later this


Following a recent spate of break-ins and

vandalism, the Parish Council has installed

additional security measures to ensure

that the pavilion does not continue to

suffer damage at the hands of few selfish

individuals. The Parish Council would like

to urge local residents to report any

suspicious activity in the area to police as

soon as possible.

36 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Hanging Basket sponsorship

The Parish Council would like thank local

resident Charles Wilson who has kindly

sponsored this years’ hanging basket

display. Mr Wilson’s kind contribution to

the floral


over many

years has


our village

is a bright


welcoming place throughout the summer.

Annual Report

The Parish Council’s Annual report is now

available for 2018/19. Download a copy

from the website: or

pick up a paper copy from the Parish


Beach Hut Repairs

NFDC is planning repair work to some of

the doors on the “new” beach huts at

Hurst Road in June. The contractors may

use part of the car park to facilitate the

work, which should take a few weeks to


Village Green events

Here’s a round up of what is happening on

the Village Green over the coming months:

26th May & 26th June—Art in the Village

30th May—Ascension Day Kite Flying

5th July—Admiral Cornwallis

Commemoration Event

11-15th July—Arts & Music Festival

20th July—Armistice Peace Service

21st July—K9 Angels Dog Show

17th & 18th August—Art on the Green

10th & 11th November—Remembrance


If you would like to book the Village Green

and/ or Phone Box for your event, contact

the Parish Office.

Commemorative Trees & Benches

If you would like to remember a loved one

or commemorate a significant life event,

then why not sponsor a fruit tree in the

new Community Meadow? Alternatively,

there are a number of pre-sponsored

Memorial Benches at various locations

around Milford and Keyhaven which are

now available to new sponsors. For more

details contact the Parish Office (644410).

Next meetings

Planning - Monday 3rd June, 1st July.

Parish Council - Monday 17th June, 15th


All meetings are in the Village Hall, Park

Lane at 6.30pm. Agendas will be available

from the website 5 working days in

advance. A report of the Annual Public

Meeting on 20th May will be in the next


Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Help make Milford more magical this


positioned around the village?

Yes / No

A message from the Milford Christmas

Decoration Committee:

A lot of positive comments were received

about last year’s village green Christmas

tree, however, for this year we would like

to not only improve on this but also extend

decorations around the centre of the


To do this we need your suggestions and

feedback, as soon as possible, so please

tear off and return the questions below to

the Parish Office or complete the survey

online by scanning the QR code at the

bottom of the page.

Q1. What Christmas decorations would

you like to see around our village? (NB:

lighting across the street and lamp post

decorations are not feasible due to

restrictions and H&S regulations)






Q4. If a Village Xmas Decorations

Committee is formed, would you be

prepared to help out in any way? (e.g.:

putting village decorations up, taking

down, storing etc.).

Yes / No

If yes, please let us have your contact







(all details will be kept securely under

GDPR rules and will not be passed to

anyone else).

Thank you very much for your feedback. If

you have any other thoughts, please email


Tracy Haupt -

Diana Brushwood -

Q2. We are considering a ‘natural’ theme

to supplement the lights this year on the

Village Green tree (e.g.: sprayed cones,

twig stars, shell icicles etc.). Taking into

account the severe wind gusts on the

green and H&S issues, what decorations

would you like to see?






Complete the survey online:


Or scan this code:

Q3. Would you be prepared to make a

small donation to raise money for new

lights and craft materials via collection tins

38 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail



Professional and Affordable

Quality Assured

Free Estimates and Advice

Interior and External

Fully Insured

Reliable Team

No job too small

01590 643 516

07901 808 722

LLPD Local Lady Painter & Decorator

Catherine Perham

14 Kivernell Road Milford-on-Sea

Mat Watson Property Services

For all your property needs

Fences - Sheds - Jet Washing

General DIY - Gutter Cleaning

Gardening & Hedge work

Interior & Exterior Painting

Flat pack Furniture

01425 620678 07712 641714

Ocean Cars & Milford Cars

Long Distance Specialist

Available in Milford-on-Sea

Airports | Docks | Stations | Hospitals

Saloons, Estates, MPVs and 7 - Seater

No Hidden Charges

Lady Driver available on request

Hampshire Travel Vouchers acceptable

Telephone - 01590 678 325

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Call on 07496 570387 or 01590 615566

40 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

WILDLIFE MATTERS ……... to all of us



The Knepp Estate in West Sussex is a 3,500 acre

farm and since WW2 had been intensively

farmed but rarely made a profit.

The landowners, Sir Charles Burrell and his wife

Isabella Tree decided that they could not

continue to work the farm the way they were

doing. Having read about a re-wilding scheme

in the Netherlands, they decided to allow

natural processes to take place over much of

their land.

referred to as ‘apex predators’ such as lynx or

keystone species like beaver and wild boar,

which may be reintroduced later.

They introduced free-roaming grazing animals,

including Longhorn cattle, ponies, Tamworth

pigs and deer to drive the regeneration of the

farm. The introduction helped create a mosaic

of habitats, ranging between grassland, scrub

and trees.

Their untried management of the farm has

provided some astonishing results in

biodiversity gain and the farm is now

profitable, though not without a little help from

providing commercial camping in yurts,

shepherd’s huts and tree houses!

The farm now has breeding Purple Emperor

butterflies, Turtle Doves and 2 per-cent of the

UKs population of Nightingales.

Rewilding can best be described as an

approach to ecological restoration, which

focuses on natural processes.

Regeneration is managed by free-roaming

herbivores as we no longer have what are

The following books are well worth a read. The

first is ‘Wilding’ by Isabella Tree and the second

is ‘Re-birding’ by Benedict Macdonald. Both

raise challenging questions about the way

Britain’s historical landscape forest has been

perceived and the way wild habitats have been

managed in the recent past. They also offer

some tantalising ideas about what animals and

birds might be reintroduced in the future to

help recover our diminishing wildlife.

However, re-wilding does have its own set of

unique problems, one of which saw many

animals having to be culled in the Netherlands

on the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve

following extreme cold and unpredictable

winter weather. The Dutch government has

now set a cap on the number of animals, rather

than leaving things entirely to natural

processes. They also want new woodlands

created so that the animals have somewhere to

shelter during the worst of future winter


Despite early successes, there is still a lot we

need to learn about re-wilding!

Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Tel: 01590


19 Lymington

Enterprise Centre

Ampress Lane


SO41 8LZ


Do 07901 951034

Everton will come alive for the week, with local

artists performing a mixture of Music, and Art,

decadent Garden Parties to enjoy, an

educational Historical Walk, and an interesting

Film Evening being a few of the entertainments

on offer this year. And then the coming

together of everyone, with Fun on the Rec on

the 15th. This is a day for the family featuring a

Car Boot Sale (pre-book), Classic Cars,

Children's Marquee, various Group Displays,

Artisan Stalls and a musical schedule to

entertain us all day. If you have any energy left,

the evening brings an Abba Tribute Band, at the

Everton & Lymore Club .

On Sunday, the church service will be held on

Crossways Green. The Grand Finale,

Midsummer Madness will begin at noon at the

Everton Garden Centre with a selection of

choirs and at 6.30pm, Swing Unlimited .

The majority of the events will offer

refreshments. Tickets for performances and the

raffle, can be purchased from Everton Stores or

the Raffle Table outside or by telephoning

01590 644865.

42 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts



Quality men’s


Traditional &

modern styles

Run by


friendly and



Open Weekdays 9am - 5.30pm

Saturdays 8.30am - 1.30pm

Special rates for OAPs and Children

52 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

01590 645594

Lymington Branch: 01590 610000

84 High St, Lymington

Weekdays 9.30am-5.30pm Sat: 9am-4pm

44 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail



1. Score with a sharp

point (7)

7. Either of two times

of the year when

day and night are of

equal length (7)

8. Shaped like a ring (7)

10. Of food, cooked

with onions (9)

12. Unconsciousness

induced by drugs (8)

14. Periodic rise and fall

of the sea (4)

16. Female pantomime

character (4)

18. Point to (8)

20. Absence from work,

due to illness (4,5)

23. With the least fat (7)

24. Fruits of trees of the

genus Juglans (7)


25. Public transport

vehicle (7)


1. Flavoured with

herbs and spices (8)

2. Forest fire fighter (6)

3. Swiss patriot,

William ___ (4)

4. Mythical lover of

Leander (4)

5. Excessively

instructive (8)

6. Used a divining rod

in search of

underground water

or metal (6)

9. Hardy breed of dairy

cattle from Scotland


11. Steep descent by an

aircraft (8)

13. Ascertaining (8)

15. Professor who is

retired from

assigned duties (8)

17. Beast (6)

19. Word that modifies

something other

than a noun (6)

21. Too, as well (4)

22. Work for reward (4)


Each letter in this puzzle is

represented by a number

between 1 and 26. The

codes for three letters are

shown. As you find the

letters enter them in the box

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cj skyvac is a gutter clearing business in the New Forest, that offers a

high quality service. We also offer an optional cleaning service.

An on-board camera is used, so nothing is left behind.

We use a powerful, free

standing, gutter clearing

machine, with a reach of

up to 12metres high.

Clearing is done safely from

the ground, so no need for

scaffolding and ladders.

Modern Terrace: £65

Town House: £65

Standard Detached: £80

Large Detached: £90+


Garages & Carports:

Attached: £15 each

Detached: £20 each

Contact Christopher

M: 07900 53 55 44





Established 1971







7 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

Tel: 01590 642261

46 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


The Village News

Traditional Newsagent

Mark Cummings & Family

National Lottery Outlet - Newsagent

Local Information Point

Open Mon - Sat: 6.30am - 5.00pm

Sunday: 6.30am - 1.00pm

74 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

01590 645595





The New Forest’s leading, family run,

garden centre, offering you the quality

and choice from our own 25 acre


Whether you’re looking for bulbs & bedding or

trees & shrubs, we are sure to have something to

suit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff are

always on hand to help and advise.

If it’s a gift you are after, then why not come along

and browse our houseplants or gift area. There are

lots of lovely ideas.

And after all that shopping rest awhile in

Camellias with a slice of cake and a cuppa, or

even one of our home cooked lunches.

Everton, nr. Lymington, SO41 0JZ

Tel: 01590 642155

48 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

In the Garden

with Alan Edmondson of

Bowercot Garden Design


Gardening Tips

• If dry weather sets in, Gladioli will require a good soaking when the flower spike can

be felt.

● Trim dead flowers from aubretia and saxifrage and clip over other alpines after

flowering to keep them tidy.

● Tomato plants require regular watering and a weekly feed once fruit has set.

● Provide extra food for the birds and hedgehogs in very dry weather. Hedgehogs

would benefit from some pet food and water (NOT milk). Replenish the water bowl


● Thin apples after the ‘June drop’. Leave two or three apples to each cluster.

● Plant outdoor tomatoes on prepared sites and continue to sow seed of salad crops,

peas and French beans.

● Keep the hoe in operation to control weed seedlings.

● Lupins and delphiniums can be cut to ground level when flowering is over. Feed to

encourage a second flowering. Geranium pratense and its various forms can be treated

in a similar manner.

● If your bearded irises have not flowered check that the rhizomes are not planted too

deeply. They should be planted on the surface of the soil.

● Strawberry plants should be discarded after three years. Start to produce

replacements by pegging down runners from healthy plants.

● Do not dead head roses such as Rosa rugosa and Rosa moyesii as they will have a

good show of hips later in the year.

● Sow seeds of alpines as they ripen. They should germinate readily now.

● Infestations of aphids on water lilies can be washed/hosed into the pool.

● Woody stemmed herbs such as thyme and sage will root quickly from cuttings at this

time of year

Alan Edmondson of Bowercot Garden

Design, Lymington, is a regular

contributor to BBC Radio Solent’s ‘The

Kitchen Garden’ formerly ‘The Good Life’.

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


• Gas Boiler Servicing

• Same Day Repairs

• Central Heating System Upgrades

• Gas Appliance Installations & Repairs

• Bathroom/Shower Installations

• Tiling

• Landlord Safety Checks


• Solar & Renewable Heating Installations

Free estimates and advice



T: 01425 622138

M: 07710 451565

50 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Kerry Richardson


There are more than 6 million cohabiting

couples in the UK yet there are a number of

issues that many cohabiting couples are not

aware of. For example, if one cohabiting

partner dies without leaving a will, the

surviving partner will not automatically

inherit anything owned solely by their

partner. Cohabiting partners also cannot

access their partner's bank account if they


Upon separate there is no obligation to

support each other financially. An unmarried

partner who stays at home to care for

children cannot make any claims in their

own right for property, maintenance or



If you have commenced divorce proceedings

but not finalised them then your Will is still

valid. However, your former spouse is

treated as if they “died” on the day the

decree absolute is granted by the Court.

That means any gift in the Will falls back into

the residue for the benefit of the residuary

beneficiaries. However, if you had left

everything to your former spouse, then the

effect is as if you had died intestate and the

rules of intestacy once again decide how

your estate is distributed.

If you die without having written a will you

are “intestate”. The intestacy rules state

that until divorce your spouse will receive a

substantial sum.

Modern Families

Second Marriages

We know that circumstances around a

second marriage are often more

complicated than the first. There may be

children from a previous relationship to

consider, as well as assets you have acquired

during your first marriage (property, savings

and a pension pot). Many people will want

to provide for their new spouse and children

from their previous marriage, you can do

this by placing a trust in your Will to

safeguard the future of your new spouse

and your children from your previous



We spend days and hours choosing everyday

items yet many will not spend an hour or

two making a Will in order to save their

loved ones heartache.

Nearly 60% of adults have not made a Will.

By not making a Will you may be losing out

on tax saving benefits. If you pass away

without making a Will your estate will be

dealt with by the intestacy rules. The

intestacy rules do not cater for modern

families, for example, a cohabiting partner

cannot inherit under the intestacy rules nor

can a step child who has not been legally


Make some time to make a Will and look

after your loved ones. If you would like to

speak with Kerry or the team at

Heppenstalls for assistance or advice, please

do not hesitate to contact us at New Milton

on 01425 610078 or Lymington on 01590


75 75 75 High High High Street, Street, Lymington 01590 01590 689500

75 High Street, Lymington 01590689500

82 82 82 Station Station Rd, Rd, Rd, New New New Milton. Milton. 01425 01425 610078

82 Station Rd, New Milton. 01425610078

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Margaret Clarke

Chartered Certified


Personal Taxation

Pensioners a speciality

Home visits if required

Local resident

Tel: 01590 642689


Ellis & Co

Independent Broker

offering sound advice for

Commercial, Liability, Household,

Motor and Property insurance


Elgars Court, 17a High Street

Lymington, Hants, SO41 9AB

Authorised & regulated by the

Financial Conduct Authority

01590 673382

25 High Street, Milford-on-Sea,

Lymington, SO41 0QF

01590 644486

Open: Monday - Saturday

10am - 5pm

Follow us

52 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail



Sunday 2 June 2019, 2-6pm

More than a dozen gardens to visit -

including five new ones. Entry by

programme £6 per adult from St Barbe

Museum shop, New Street, from 6 May

or at any garden on the day.

website: http://



Happy to help!

for transport to medical appointments

Call 01590 641700

27th of July to 10th of August, 2019

Opening Daily: 10.00 am - 5.30 pm

Sundays 11.00am - 5.30 pm

Last Saturday 10am - 4.00 pm

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts




Milford Community Centre

7.30pm,Doors open at 7pm

June 19th: The history of the cottage

garden, Neil Lovesey, Picket Lane Nursery

July 17th: Out evening ‘Ivy Bank’, Vinegar

Hill. A glass of wine & a wander around

this beautiful garden (6.30pm start,

members & their guests only for this

evening). Details of this and our

programme for the year can be found on

our website

Milford on Sea Community Panel

The Community Panel News held its

AGM in April with representatives

from 16 local organisations. It was

agreed that the Panel should continue with its

information strategy for the village. The Big

Info Day was a great success and could be

repeated annually. The idea of a village

minibus was again discussed and 1 member of

the group agreed to take the project forward.

If you would like to get involved in the minibus

initiative, or are interested in the work of the

Panel, please contact Jenny on The next meeting is

on Tuesday July 2 nd at 6pm in the Community

Centre Café.

Milford on Sea Dementia Action

John Whitley, the treasurer, decided

to raise funds himself for the group

by entering the Isle of Wight Ultra

Challenge. John successfully completed his

challenge , walking and running 52 kilometres

along the coastal path in just under 11 hours,

raising £1,300 so far, to support local activities

for people living with dementia, and their

families. He would like to thank everyone who

has sponsored him. John said it was definitely

the most challenging event of his life, far

Milford on Sea Youth Club

Facebook: mosyouthclub

T:01590 644861

Community Centre. Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Mondays for Seniors aged 13 to 16

Tuesdays for Juniors aged 10 to 13

Activities include: table tennis, football,

badminton, games console, cooking, craft, dance,

painting and more.

Milford on Sea WI

Village Community Centre

7pm, 2nd Wednesday of

the month except August

12th June: Author Judy Theobald

10th July - Summer Party



harder than any marathon he has run. Anyone

still wishing to support Dementia Action by

sponsoring John can do so online at https://

Milford on Sea Befrienders The

committee has carried out an audit

to ascertain the views of all

befrienders and befriendees and the results

were very positive. It is heartening to see how

the lives of so many have been changed for the

better as a result of a simple regular visit with

a cup of tea or a weekly outing. There are

many strong relationships that have been

created and it would appear that both sides

are benefitting with some moving on to

become real friends and others who were

nervous about getting out and about, are now

active members of our community and

enjoying social events in the community centre

for instance. Both sides say they have learnt a

lot from their new friends. We are all

heartened that a simple gesture is having such

a positive effect on the community as a whole.

if you would like to be part of Milford

Befrienders, please get in touch with Steve

Anderton on 01590 637088 or email

54 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

June 17th: Holbein to Byrd

For more information about

joining, call Adrian, our

Chairman, on 01590 645421

Everton Rambling Club

Merv : 01590 642509

Contact Mervyn for walk details


Tues 4th 10.30am

Thurs 13th 6.30pm

Shorter walk followed

by pub visit

Thur 27th 10.30am


Tues 9th 10.30am

Thurs 18th 6pm

Shorter walk with fish

& chips on beach front

Thurs 25th 10.30am



Saturday 20th July 2019

2.30pm to 4.30pm

(wheelchair access at 2.15pm)

All Saints’ Church Hall, Church Hill.

Come and join us for this popular annual

show, either as an exhibitor or just to view

the efforts of others.


Flowers & Floral Art, Crafts, Fruit &

Vegetables, Photography, Produce & baking,

Children’s classes

Open to All

Schedules free from Milford News or The

Village News

Entry to the Show £1



Tuesday 18th


CREAM TEA, Keyhaven Yacht

Club, 3pm (ticket event)

Sat 29th June


Souvenirs for sale (weather


Sat 27th July



Tues June 4th: Treasures of Dorset,

Christopher Legrand

Tues July 2nd: Thomas Hardy -A

Literary Life, Rob Curtis

Milford-on-Sea Community Centre, Sea Road,

2 p.m. Visitors £3.




On June 16th, I will be cycling

from Clapham Common, London

to Brighton – a total of 54 miles.

2 years ago when I cycled from Richmond Green

to Windsor, through peoples generous giving,

nearly £2k was raised and this was in memory of

dear Robin Murray Walker, who encouraged me

both spiritually and in my work. I am going to be

doing the cycle this June with the same friend, in

memory of Robin. To donate to British Heart

Foundation please go to www.justgiving/Sue-

Forward or for

Lymington Oakhaven Hospice.


For those on their own


2nd Friday of each month

To book please call 01590 645800

the week before

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Milford Green Club

is part of the Brendon Care group, a charity

which runs clubs for older people in

Hampshire and Dorset.. We meet twice a

month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday afternoon

at 2.00 pm at the Community Centre.

We have speakers on a wide range of

subjects, interspersed with the occasional quiz

afternoon. The cost is £4 per session. We

always end with tea and cakes. Please contact

me for further information:

Bridge Club

We meet twice a week at the Baptist Church

Hall, Wayside Close, Barnes Lane.

Mondays: 1.45pm to 5pm

Wednesdays: 6.45pm to 10pm.

Everyone welcome.

Terry Kirkpatrick at:-


Lunch Club Milford on Sea Methodist


lunch club

If you live on your own then you will be

most welcome

12.30pm: 2nd & 4th Thursday in each month

To book your place or for more details

please call Margaret on 01590 641189

Tea & Cake

in Val Asher’s Garden

41 Shorefield Way, MOS

30th June 3-5.30pm £3.50

To raise funds for her Grandson to attend

The World Scout Jamboree

McLellan Hall, Lymington Community

Centre, 7pm for 7:30 start Visitors most

welcome. Contact 01425 613684

or visit:

June 28th, A Wander around the West

Country, Colin Stone

July 26th The Great Cockcrow Railway,

Mike Underwood

Parkinson’s UK New Forest

01590 672951 Meet at Boldre War Memorial

Hall in Pilley 3rd Thurs of each month 2pm -

4.30pm(except December)

Gentle Chair Based Exercise

For Parkinson’s sufferers Tuesday 10.30am

Contact Roni: 01590 688 887

Milford Hospital League of Friends

every Tuesday 9am - 1pm

at Milford War Memorial Hospital

Friendly and discreet. Donations gratefully


Phone: Anna 01590 643376

or Wanda 07815 598950

56 To advertise Do you call run 01590 or are a 643969/07801 member club,or 562358 have news, or e-mail or information

of local interest? …………………………………

Milford Community Library

Opening Times: Mon., Tues., 2-30 – 5 pm.

Wed., Thurs., Fri.,10 am – 12.30 pm.


Mon.3 rd - Pre-School Reading Group 2 – 2.30 pm

Mon.10 th- Pre-School Reading Group 2–2.30 pm

Tues. 11 th - After School Storytime 3.30 – 4 pm

Mon,17 th - Pre-School Reading Group 2–2.30 pm

Tues.18 th - Milford Community reading Group

1.30 – 3.30 pm

Mon.24 th - Pre-School Reading Group 2–2.30 pm

Tues. 25 th - After School Storytime 3.30 – 4 pm.


Mon.1 st - Pre-School Reading Group 2– 2-30 pm.

Mon. 8 th - Pre-School Reading Group 2 –2.30 pm

Tues. 9 th - After School Storytime 3.30 – 4 pm.

Monday, 15 th July School Holidays begin – No

Pre-School Reading or After School Storytime.

However, the Summer Reading Challenge

begins now and is available for all children in

Milford Library from July until September.

Tues. 16 th July - Milford Community Reading

Group 1.30 – 3.30 pm

Wed. 24 th July - Tea and Quiz

2 –4 pm. (£3.00 incl. refreshments)

Holiday Reading Don’t forget that you can

download e-books free of charge using your

Library Card and Borrowbox. All details in the

Library – we have lots of lovely books too.

A massive “Thank You” to MILFORD

GARDENERS’ CLUB who voted to make our

Library one of the Beneficiaries of the Plant Fair

this year. Your kind donations will enable us to

continue providing a Library Service to our

Village and such support encourages us


Contact for tickets and information:

tel. no. 01590 641296.

Milford Floral Art Club

11th July : Demonstration by Lynn

Mackenzie, Tales of Wonder

Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd

Thursday of each month 1.30 for 2pm at

All Saints’ Church Hall

Sheila Quinney 01590 641867

Health Walks Milford on Sea

Do join us for a free, led, group walk lasting

up to 90 minutes. Our walks are designed

to encourage wellbeing, whilst enjoying the

company of others. The group meet at the

Community Centre Café, Sea Road, Milford-

On-Sea SO41 0PH on Fridays at 10.15 am.


Marcella House Tel:02380 841341

Or just turn up on the day: Fridays 10.15am

…………………………………….. Please Please email mention the details The to Village Voice when responding 562358 to adverts



Village Hall, Park Road on Thursdays

10.30am - 12 noon

Coffee, friendship & a warm


Donations to Naomi House

Milford - on - Sea

Whist Club

We meet every Thursday

at the Village Hall, Park Road. Doors open:

1.45pm Play starts: 2pm.It costs £2 for

the scorecard

Why not come along and join us for a


Linda Cooper 01590 644571








WHICH ONE ??????

Thinking about next year’s PANTOMIME


Oh, yes we are!

We’ll be needing PEOPLE OF ALL AGES to do

all sorts of things ….PLAY KEYBOARD,


ACTING - of course!

I T S G R E A T F U N !

Performance dates: 16 – 19 January 2020

Have a chat with us if you’d like to know more

Brenda 07702 858987

Sandi 07521 125768

Milford on Sea Recorded Music Society

June 14th: Biddy & Gordon Brown, Variety is

the Spice of Life

June 28th: Tony West

July 12th:Brian Kesby From Different Angles

July 26th: Members Choice

Further information please contact

Andy Clark: 01590 643249 or David Scourse

01590 645365

Milford-on-Sea Dementia Action Group

Everton & Milford

Activity Group

We provide entertainment & afternoon tea,

for people in the south of the New Forest.

Milford Community Centre 9 Sea Road, Next

meetings 2 nd Thurs of each month 2-4pm

We are a friendly group who welcome people

living with dementia, their carers, family &



Run entirely by


volunteers, so we

ask for

£2 per person


From Sandy

01425 610122

or Joan

01425 623263


Friday 21 st June at 7pm

at the Baptist Church,

Everyone welcome

No experience necessary!

58 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Downton Holiday Park Ltd

Quality range of holiday homes to rent, close to sea and forest.

Stay in an Exbury, Forest, Sway or Oak holiday home, sleeps from 4 to 8 people.

Pet friendly holiday homes also available.

Open 1 st March to 30 th November for long or short breaks.

Shorefield Road, Milford-on-Sea SO41 0LH T: 01590 642515/01425 476131

E: W:

60 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail


Emergency Services

Emergency police, fire,

ambulance, coastguard,



Gas escapes

BT Fault Line

Southern Water


Rail Enquiries

Morebus (was Wilts & Dorset)

National Express

Council & Government

Milford Parish Council


NFDC Emergency Service

Hampshire CC

NF National Park


Police - Non Emergency, Anti -

Social & Neighbourhood issues


MP Desmond Swayne

Forest Animals

Forestry Commission

Traffic Accidents


All Saints’ Church Hall bookings

All Saints’ Church Office

Citizens Advice Bureau

Community Care Group

Community Centre

Community Centre Box Office


Milford Library

Milford Health Centre

(Out of Hours)

New Forest Advice Network

NHS Direct

NF Disability Info


Tourist Information

Trading Standards

Verderers’ Office

Village Agent

Village Hall

Youth Club



Oakhaven Hospice

Southampton General

Romsey Hospital

Royal Bournemouth

Royal South Hants

Princess Anne


105 (all suppliers)

0800 111 999

0800 800 151

0800 820 999

03457 48 49 50

01202 338 420

08717 81 81 81

01590 644 410

02380 285 000

02380 285 250

03005 551 375

01590 646 600


0800 555 111

01425 629 844

02380 283 141


07561 806 196

01590 644 992

03444 111 306

01590 641 700

01590 643 404

01590 644 861

01425 629 009

07950 941 818

01590 643 022


01425 628 750


01425 628 750

08457 90 90 90

01590 676 769

03454 04 05 06

02380 282 052

01590 645 404

01590 642 779

01590 643 786

01590 663 000

01590 670 346

02380 777 222

01794 834 700

01202 303 626

02380 634 288

02380 777 222

Mark Jones: 07900 800050

01590 674532

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


62 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts





We offer free no obligation quotations for any work including:

Extensions - Alterations - Plastering & Decorating - Kitchens - Bathrooms

Groundwork - Brickwork - Roofing - Electrics - Plumbing

Need help with plans? We can help with this as well

T: 01425 837950


64 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

•Fire escape hinges

•Security advice &


•Draught & leaks

•Local family business

•Fully insured


49 High Street Milford-on-Sea






Maureen & Paul Holland

Tel: 01590 641882

Technician: Iain Frampton


M: 0790 965 4025 T: 023 8073 1884


Double Glazing Repair UK UK are are proud proud members of of

Conservatory Erectors

For Home PC & Laptop users

Want to get more out of

your home computer?

Computer repair, upgrades

and tuition

T: 0784 103 1464



Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts



Date When Event & Description Where

1st 9am Local Producers' Market Everton Nurseries

1st 7.30pm Line Dancing Evening Community Centre

2nd 10am MVC Task morning meet at Pless Road Gate 12

4th 2pm MOS U3A: Treasures of Dorset Community Centre

5th 7pm RSC: The Taming of the Shrew Community Centre

6th 7pm Milford Movies: Colette Community Centre

7th 1pm First Friday Lunch: Freedom to Learn Community Centre

7th 7pm Exhibition on screen: Van Gogh in Japan Community Centre

9th to 16th Everton Village Festival Everton

9th 2pm The Australian Ballet: Spartacus Community Centre

12th 7pm WI: Author Judy Theobald Community Centre

13th 2pm Milford Carers' Café Community Centre

13th 2pm Milford Floral Art Club: It takes Two All Saints' Hall

13th 7.30pm Folk club: JINSKI Community Centre

14th 7pm Milford Movies: The Boyfriend Community Centre

15th 9.30 -11.30am Big Community Breakfast Community Centre

15th 7.15pm Royal Ballet: Romeo and Juliet (Prokofiev) Community Centre

17th 10am The Arts Society All Saints' Hall

18th 3pm RNLI Cream Tea Keyhaven Yacht Club

19th 7pm People's Poetry Community Centre

19th 7.30pm MOS Gardeners' Club: History of the Cottage Community Centre


20th 7pm Milford Movies: The Favourite Community Centre

21st 7pm Milford Movies: Bohemian Rhapsody Community Centre

21st 7pm Singing for Fun Baptist Church

22nd 1-4pm MOS Guide Hut Party (Celebrating 100 years) Guide Hut

22nd 12-2pm Picnic - Opening for the new Community Meadow Community Meadow

22nd 1 & 3pm The Land Girls in Concert Hurst Castle

26th 7pm Northern Ballet: Victoria Community Centre

26th Art in the Village Village Green

27th 7pm NT Live: Small Island Community Centre

28th 3.15pm MOS C.E. Primary School Summer Fair Primary School

28th 8pm Jazz Swing - Karen Pitt Sextet Community Centre


RNLI: Round the Island - souvenirs for sale

30th 10am Artisan Market Community Centre

30th 6pm Ecumenical Church Service Community Centre




66 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail


Date When Event & Description Where

2nd 2pm MOS U3A: Thomas Hardy Community Centre

4th 7pm Milford Movies: Mary Poppins Returns Community Centre

5th 1pm First Friday Lunch: New Forest Disability Action Group Community Centre

5th 7pm Documentary Screening: Nureyev Community Centre


Admiral Cornwallis Commemoration Event—page 27 MOS

6th 9am Local Producers' Market Everton Nurseries

7th 10am MVC Task morning meet at Pless Road Gate 12

7th 5.30pm Glyndebourne Season: Cinderella Community Centre

8th to 14th Milford Festival Various MOS

10th 7pm Out of a Hat Community Centre

8th 2pm WI: Summer Party Community Centre

11th 2pm Milford Carers' Café Community Centre

11th 2pm Milford Floral Art Club: Demonstration All Saints' Hall

11th 7.30pm Folk Club: Singers' Evening Community Centre

12th 7pm Milford Movies: Across The Universe Community Centre

14th 11am United Church Service Village Green

14th 10am Artisan Market Community Centre

16th 1.30-3.30pm Milford Community Reading Group Library

17th 7.30pm MOS Gardeners' Club: Outing members + guests only Ivy Bank

20th 2.30pm MOS Flower & Produce Show All Saints' Hall

20th Armistice Peace Service Village Green

21st 10.30am Milford Fun Dog Show. Village Green

21st 5.30pm Songs of Praise Keyhaven Quay

21st 5.30pm Glyndebourne Season: The Barber of Saville Community Centre

24th 2-4pm Tea & Quiz Library

25th 7pm NT Live: The Lehman Trilogy Community Centre

26th 8pm Jazz Swing - Mombassa Community Centre

27th to 10th Aug Milford Art Group Exhibition of Paintings All Saints' Hall

27th RNLI: Flag Day Village Green

27th 10am Mindful Yoga Summer Charity Event Community Centre

28th to 4th Aug 6+1 Annual Art Exhibition Community Centre

31st 7pm RSC: Measure for Measure Community Centre


Across: 1 Scratch, 7 Equinox, 8 Annular, 10 Lyonnaise, 12 Narcosis, 14 Tide, 16

Dame, 18 Indicate, 20 Sick leave, 23 Leanest, 24 Walnuts, 25 Omnibus. Down: 1

Seasoned, 2 Ranger, 3 Tell, 4 Hero, 5 Didactic, 6 Dowsed, 9 Ayrshire, 11 Nosedive,

Please 13 Checking, mention 15 Emeritus, The Village 17 Animal, Voice 19 when Adverb, responding 21 Also, 22 to Earn. adverts



St Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church, Park Lane, Milford-on-Sea

Sunday Mass: 9am Weekday Mass: Wed 10am


All Saints’ Church, Church Hill, Milford-on-Sea

Fridays 10.30 am Holy Communion


2nd 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea & Toast,

10am A-Live, 6pm Holy Communion with Prayers

for healing

9th: 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Holy Communion,

6pm Pentecost Praise

16th June: 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea &

Toast, 10am Morning worship, 5pm Explore!

23rd: 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Family

Communion, 6pm Taize Service

30th: 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Holy

Communion, 6pm Christians Together,

Community Centre MOS


7th: 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea & Toast,

10am A-Live, 6pm Holy Communion with prayers

for healing

14th July: 11am Arts & Music Festival—Village

Green. No Evening service

21st: 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea & Toast,

10am Holy Communion combined with St Marys,

5.30pm Songs of Praise—Keyhaven

28th: 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Morning

Worship, 6pm Taize Service

St Mary’s Church, Branwood Close, Everton


2nd: 10am Holy Communion, 4pm Family Tea

9th: 8am Holy Communion, 10am Morning Service

16th: 10am Songs of Praise— Crossways Green


23rd: 8am Holy Communion, 10am Family Service

30th: 8am Holy Communion, 10am Morning



7th: 10am Holy Communion, 4pm Family Tea

14th: 8am Holy Communion, 10am Morning

Service. No evening service

21st: 5.30pm Songs of Praise, Keyhaven

28th: 8am: Holy Communion, 10am Family Service

Milford-on-Sea Methodist Church,

108 High St, Milford-on-Sea

Morning Worship every Sunday at 10.45 am

Minister – Revd Martin Keenan

2 nd June 10:45 am - Holy Communion - Revd

Martin Keenan

16 th June 10:45 am – Café style service – Miss

Liz Ward

7 th July 10:45 am – Holy Communion – Rev

Roger Gisborne

14 th July 11:00 am – United service on the

Village Green

21 st July 5:30 pm – Songs of Praise at

Keyhaven Quay

WAYFARERS: Bible Study/Discussion Group –

first Monday of each month at 10.45 am

meeting at the church.

LUNCH CLUB: Second and fourth Thursday

each month at 12:30 pm

Milford-on-Sea Baptist Church,

Barnes Lane, Milford-on-Sea

(01590) 645469

Minister – Revd David Hellsten

Sunday Services (Children Welcome)


2 nd 10.30am (with Communion)

9 th 10.30am

16 th 10.30am. 6.00pm Communion

23 rd 10.30am

30 th 10.30am. 6.00pm United Church Service

in the Community Centre


7 th 10.30am (with Communion)

14 th 10.00am Service on the Village Green

21 st 10.30am. 5.30pm Keyhaven Songs of


28 th 10.30am, 6.00pm Communion

Lunch Club on the 2 nd Friday of each month

for those on their own. To book please

phone 01590 645800 the week before.

68 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail


• Foggy, misted, broken double

glazed units replaced in UPVC

& aluminium

• Door & window locks

• Hinges & handles

• Patio rollers

• Upgrade to energy efficient glass

• Fire escape hinges

• Draughts & leaks

• Perished window & door rubber


• Cat flaps & letter plates

• Supply and install windows, doors

and conservatories

• Local family business

• Fully insured

• Established 35 years

07500 110 464


Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts



Every Cloud 44

Job Done 3

Margaret Clarke 52


Extension Design 65

Plan it Design 47


Sears 44


Coastal Bathrooms 6

Flair Interiors 33

Lentune Property Services 61


A Warne Property Maintenance 4

Ancient & Modern 23

Mat Watson 39

NF Home Improvements 44

Paul Belton Construction 64


Oakhaven Carers 20

St George's 29


Andrew Day 44


John Cooper Carpets 42

Lymington's Carpet Store 30


New Forest Carpet Clean 30


Buffet Belle 42


Mr Sweep 32


Oakhaven Carers 20



FI Computers 65

Paul Wood 17


Bailey Decorating 4

Calico 44

Catherine Perham 39

Décor Aid 60

Payne & Sons 22

Index of Advertisers


Dorset Denture Clinic 62

Highcliffe Dental Practice 2

Solent House 62


Double Glazing Specialist 69

Double Glazing Repair 65

Hampshire Window Service 32


First Choice Plumbing


B&R Electrical Ltd 24

Browning Electrical 65


Collins & Butler 24

Hayward Fox 26

New Forest Cottages 28


Milford Art Exhibition of Paintings 53

Hurst Castle 15

New Forest Players 4


Affinity 34


New Seasons 20


Tapper Funeral Service 69


Christchurch Garage Doors 46


Harfield Motors 46


Bowercot Garden Design 48

Everton Nurseries 48

GardenWorks 47

Jeremy Arnold Gates 59

Timber Trade 40


All About You 4


Holland's 65


CJ Skyvac 46

New Forest Drive Clean 59


Pollyanna 3


Ellis & Co 52


At No 19 25


Time & Tide 52


New Milton Locksmith 23

70 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail


MCV Logs 31


Pennington Mobility 29


The Village News 48


Hordle Explorers Nursery 16

Milford Pre-School Plus 11


OvenU 61


Kait's Canine Care 10

Sophie's Pet Care 19


Picture Perfect 60


Mike Thomas 32


First Choice Plumbing 22

Mike Thomas 21

P.A. Blake 50

Stephen Harris 71


South Lawn Hotel 8

The Smugglers 72


Dagless & Whitlock 26

Heppenstalls 50


Ocean Cars 39


Downton Holiday Park 60

Milford Travel 20


Street & Parker 47


The Solent Cellar 8

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts





Food served 12 noon - 9.30pm

Large garden & play area

Families Welcome

Well kept real ales

Dogs welcome

Sunday roasts

Lots of character

Comfy sofas

Open fires

Great welcome

Home cooked food

Excellent selection of wine & beer

Part of The Hare & Hounds, Sway

88 High Street, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington SO41 0QE

Tel: 01590 644414

72 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

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