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Carnival time is fast approaching again, but

there is still enough time for entrants to put

their thinking caps on regarding the theme

for this year’s event in Lymington - “Save

Our Planet”.

This theme can cover a multitude of

possibilities, & here are some starters from

the organisers:

- Making something out of say plastic bottles

- Promoting Recycling or Cycling

- Green Renewable Energy – dressing up as

solar panels, windmills, wind turbines


- DIY version of an electric car

- Endangered Wildlife

& if that sounds a little too serious, entrants

can look to their favourite cartoon or TV/

Film character who is saving the planet!

I for one am looking forward to seeing some

really interesting entries.

With best wishes, Jacqui


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Lymington Town Tours: The

Victorian Era 13

Wildlife Matters 14

Finding Solutions to Pain 17

In the Garden 21

Notes from the Solent Cellar 25

Our Cover Page Artist 33

Something’s wrong with my

Internet 41

Modern Families 53


Festival/Carnival 30, 31

The Land Girls Concert 22

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Ray Mayes follows the Lymington Blue Plaques

Trail and focuses on Plaque Number 4 at 42

High Street (south side). This month Ray reveals

the story of Admiral Arthur Phillip and a Boldre

curate in the founding of modern Australia.

4. Chance Shoes

42 High Street

Today there is little to indicate that the 19 th

century red brick block at 40-42 High Street on

the corner of Ashley Lane represents

Lymington’s historical connection with


In a 17 th century cottage on this site between

1798-1804 lived Admiral Arthur Phillip RN. In

1787, Admiral Phillip had sailed from the Solent

with the First Fleet. This comprised 11 ships

conveying settlers and convicts to the proposed

British penal colony that subsequently became

Sydney. Phillip became the first Governor of

New South Wales and is considered the founder

of modern Australia.

The cottages were demolished in 1842.

In his time in Lymington, Philip was in charge of

the British Sea Fencibles (naval militia) and the

Pressgang service during the French Wars.

Following the American War of Independence

and the loss of the American Colonies in 1783,

overcrowding of convicts incarcerated in prison

hulks (old ships that were not sea worthy)

steadily became critical, and consequently

transportation overseas avoiding the death

penalty was re-directed to the new proposed

settlement and agricultural colony at Botany


The First Fleet sailed from the Solent on 13 May

1787 carrying some 800 male and female

convicts and 700 mariners and officials. By 26

January 1788, Phillip had raised the British flag

at ‘’the finest harbour in the world” at Port

Jackson and Sydney Cove. After a much longer

journey than sailing to America, only 31 people

had died on the voyage (rather than 150

expected to die travelling to America) .

The anniversary of 26 January is now

commemorated as Australia Day.

George III appointed Phillip as Governor of the

new colony, responsible for convict

management and also the provision of food and

shelter, so essential for the colony to survive.

Religion played an important role in the control

of social order and evangelical matters. Rev.

Richard Johnson had been ordained at Christ

Church Oxford in October 1784 during his year

as curate to William Gilpin at Boldre and was

commissioned as Chaplain to the First Fleet in

October 1786. Johnson was responsible for the

colony’s pastoral care, supporting convicts with

the promotion of Christian principles. A stone

church was built and a schoolroom on lines

similar to Boldre school rules.

Arthur Phillip returned to England by May 1793

but was prevented from returning to Sydney by

continuing ill health. He re-married and held

several commands until 1797.

In Lymington, Philip was in charge of the British

Sea Fencibles. The Sea

Fencibles were shorebased


trained to protect the

coastline against

possible invasion. In

1803 responsibility for

the Impress Service

was added, supplying

manpower for the

navy ships.

The former Harlequin

Inn (or Pressgang

cottage) in Bath Road

is reputed to be where

the press gangs waited

for ships to come in, strolling the quay ready to

“persuade” or impress returning sailors back

into service.

In 1805 Philip retired and joined his wife in

Bath. He died on 31 August 1814. Rev. Richard

Johnson returned to England in 1801 and died


The Lymington Blue Plaques Trail

The Lymington Blue Plaques Trail comprises 13 blue

plaques established since 1998 by the Rotary Club of

Lymington at sites of historical interest, highlighting

important facts about buildings and people. To

promote the plaques, the Rotary Club has produced a

leaflet describing the Trail. The full trail leaflet is

available from the St. Barbe Museum and Art Gallery.

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“...Absolutely thrilled…”

Mrs E

7 Angel Courtyard, High Street

Lymington, Hants, SO41 9AP

T: 01590 675675

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Gardening & Landscaping


We Cater to All your Lawn Care

& Gardening Services














Call us for a friendly, free, no obligation chat

about your gardening requirements




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More info:

We are a local established business

offering high quality work around your home

Painting & Decorating – New Kitchens & Bathrooms

Plumbing– Tap Replacement/WC Repairs

UPVC Fascia & Soffits

Fully insured/Free Quotes

Please call Adam

T: 01590 645680 M: 07990 924149



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The Benefits of Owning a Cat

A number of academic studies have appeared

in recent years claiming that having a cat

improves our health. These studies provide

many compelling reasons why they are

'purrrfect' for us all.

Here's a selection:

Reduced stress and anxiety: Owning a cat

triggers calming chemicals in the body,

decreasing stress and anxiety levels and

moreover, just the very act of stroking a cat is

known to be relaxing.

Therapeutic benefits: The calming effect of

owning a cat apparently triggers the release of

oxytocin, a hormone known for inducing

feelings of love and trust.

Boosted immunity: Exposure to pet fur in the

house is claimed to boost our resistance to

allergens, and thus decrease the risk of allergies

and asthma.

Lowered blood pressure: According to some

studies, cat owners seem to enjoy lower blood

pressure than non-cat owners, due to the

calming presence that cats provide.

Romance: If you're a single bloke looking for

love, then perhaps a cat is the solution: One

study revealed that women were more

attracted to men who owned cats because cat

ownership "suggests sensitivity and


A Reduced carbon footprint compared to dogs:

A 2009 study found that over its lifetime, the

resources needed to feed a dog creates the

same eco-footprint as that of a big four-wheel

drive Hummer


Meanwhile, cats

only have the


carbon footprint

of a Volkswagen

Golf. So they're

more ecologically

friendly to the


From all the

research going

on, it's seems clear that cats are certainly

beneficial to have around, and ownership is

quite easy and undemanding. The only problem

arises when you want to go off on holiday,

because cats are very territorial, and simply

don't like unfamiliar surroundings at all. If taken

out of their routine, they often get

tremendously stressed and even refuse to eat.

However, there is a simple, local solution to all

that; call Sophie's Cat Care on 01425 262 100.

They will visit your home regularly whenever

you're away, feed the cat, check that they're

well, and – as a free added benefit – pick up the

mail, switch on and off lights, make your house

looked lived in and generally increase security

of your home in your absence.

Companionship: If the above doesn't work,

then having a cat could be the next best thing;

A Swiss study conducted in 2003, revealed that

owning a cat is "similar to having a romantic


So, if after reading this, you're tempted to get a

cat, you can go right ahead, absolutely secure in

the knowledge that ownership and holidays will

be purrfectly stress-free with Sophie's, the New

Forest's cat care experts.

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Dr Raquel Valentim Aesthetics: Lymington, Milford on Sea, Southampton

T:01590 679888 E:

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We all know the importance of being active

and looking after the joints, bones, muscles,

heart and lungs. With an ever growing ageing

population, here at Active Nation Boutique

Fitness, we want to provide an opportunity

for those living longer, to live better.

Manager is always there to support you, offer

advice and help you achieve your goals.

The power-assisted exercise machines are

easy to use and will improve, not aggravate

joint issues.

We would like to congratulate all our lovely

supporters who have committed to being

healthier and happier. We have helped to

orchestrate lots of incredible achievements

for people that would otherwise have

struggled to improve their muscle tone,

flexibility, balance and mobility. For some, the

transformation has been life-changing and life


Welcoming new supporters of all ages and

abilities, Active Nation Boutique Fitness

provides not only a unique and user-friendly

alternative to larger leisure facilities but the

social, friendly and fun atmosphere is always

guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face

and a spring in their step.

No need to feel anxious or self-conscious

trying something new. Kenna, the Club

The stationary exercise bike gives everyone

the opportunity to improve heart and lung


Visit us at 3, Angel Courtyard in Lymington

and enjoy a FREE trial and thorough

induction. This includes a FREE Body Analysis.

We offer great value monthly unlimited use

subscription only £40, a 30 day pass for £45

or pay for an annual subscription and save


You can call us for a chat on (01590) 677333

or find out more about us on our Active

Nation Boutique Fitness facebook page or

look at us on

Peta, Carol, Gladys, Kenna

Hockley [Club Manager), George,

Terry and Tony.

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Geoff Dunk DipPFS, Certs CII (MP & ER) Independent Financial Advisor

• Retirement Planning

• Savings & Investments

• Portfolio Design & Management

• Pensions Freedoms & Annuities

• Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning

• Long Term Care

• Equity Release

• Protection

Initial meeting without charge or obligation

We make the complex simple.

Clear, unbiased and independent advice for every stage of your life.

T: 01590 636472 | M: 07540 334688 | E:


Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number 457234. The value of investments may go down as

well as up. Investors may lose some or all of their money. The FCA does not regulate taxation and trust advice or will writing.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.


Excellent Pay & Benefits

Do you want to be part of our highly skilled Palliative

Care and Social Care Team working in the


Do you want to benefit from the following?

Our Lymington Summer School runs

from 24th June to 26th July 2019

• Guaranteed minimum

hourly rate of £8.95 with a

scale going up to £9.54

• Excellent enhancements

for weekends and unsociable

hours, with an

additional 30% for evenings

and Saturdays, and

60% on Sundays

• Travel time paid at your

hourly rate

• Guaranteed hours with an

option of a fixed shift pattern

or flexible hours

• Paid Training.

• Uniform provided.

• Paid DBS checks.

• Realistic Travel Time between


• Life Assurance/Employee

Assistance Programme

• Health Cash Plan

If you want to be part of our team, please contact

HR on;

or Tel: 01590 646443

You care for our patients and we care for you.

Oakhaven Care is a domiciliary care agency providing high

quality health & social care to clients within the New Forest area.

All profits from the agency will be re-invested into local charity,

Oakhaven Hospice Trust.

Successful candidates will be subject to an enhanced DBS



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Lymington Town


The Victorian Era

Alongside this change of fortune, the

population of the country doubled and life

expectancy in many cities barely reached

the twenties. Towns struggled to fund the

infrastructure to support this increase

with such things as better sanitation,

resulting in some areas of Lymington bring

described as ‘filthy’ and ‘unwholesome’.

This description included the now popular

Quay where waste was discharged directly

into the river.



Under these circumstances there is little

spare finance to fund rebuilding.

Properties are more cheaply maintained

or renovated. Our Thus, cover thankfully, page the Artist pretty

Georgian high street remains largely

Lymington's scenic location, bustling high intact.

street and variety of beautiful walks

You inspire may visitors have wondered and locals why alike, the but herrings people And The , Victorian if you venture era was down also, to however, St Ives in a

at are the often bottom unaware of this of page the are vertical. Not Cornwall, time of great there innovation, is a B&B that’s as demonstrated

taken its

an fascinating error on my events part, in the the title past of which the are in name by the from arrival one of of the Adrian's train in pictures. 1858, with

painting plain view. explains Each all era - of ’Hauling its history Herring’, (from Lymington managing to build the

depicting Ancient Britain, the fish through being pulled Medieval, up in a net. Adrian impressive is a keen station birder on reclaimed & enjoys fishing, land. so

Georgian, Victorian to the Modern it’s no surprise that his inspiration is

Adrian Age) has is a left local visible artist evidence. and has built up a clearly from the sea and our local wildlife,

Understanding these clues adds to the

strong reputation. He has a wonderfully with fish and birds the main themes of his

excitement of any shopping trip or walk


along the



vibrant style. You may have work.

seen a selection of his work in Milford:

La For Perla, instance, The Marine the Victorian boutique era B&B (which , or in

Lymington spanned 64 down years) at the High quay Street in BluBambu. looked

much as it does today, which is mostly

Georgian. This is an indication of the lack

of prosperity at the time, the two major

sources of wealth in previous eras having

come to an end with the decline of both

the Salt industry and the major Smuggling

activities. The Salt industry was overtaken A group pictured at the start of The Victorian

by the discovery of salt which could be


more cheaply mined in Cheshire as

opposed to the more costly Saltern Many of the small slate roofed terraced

process necessarily used in Lymington. houses are also a product of the times,

Whilst Smuggling abated For when more import information, built please to cheaply see: house the growing

restrictions were removed in order

to population and provide local workers for

encourage free

or contact

trade in


the boom


era of the new industries.

Victorian production.

Every year Lymington Town Tours deliver

an entertaining programme of guided

walks twice a week (Sunday morning and

Wednesday evening) from May to

October. The Victorian walk is a special

walk for this year of which the above

information is but a small summary.

Please join us as Time Travellers. Full

programme on the website :

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WILDLIFE MATTERS ……... to all of us



The Knepp Estate in West Sussex is a 3,500 acre

farm and since WW2 had been intensively

farmed but rarely made a profit.

The landowners, Sir Charles Burrell and his wife

Isabella Tree decided that they could not

continue to work the farm the way they were

doing. Having read about a re-wilding scheme

in the Netherlands, they decided to allow

natural processes to take place over much of

their land.

referred to as ‘apex predators’ such as lynx or

keystone species like beaver and wild boar,

which may be reintroduced later.

They introduced free-roaming grazing animals,

including Longhorn cattle, ponies, Tamworth

pigs and deer to drive the regeneration of the

farm. The introduction helped create a mosaic

of habitats, ranging between grassland, scrub

and trees.

Their untried management of the farm has

provided some astonishing results in

biodiversity gain and the farm is now profitable,

though not without a little help from providing

commercial camping in yurts, shepherd’s huts

and tree houses!

The farm now has breeding Purple Emperor

butterflies, Turtle Doves and 2 per-cent of the

UKs population of Nightingales.

Rewilding can best be described as an approach

to ecological restoration, which focuses on

natural processes.

Regeneration is managed by free-roaming

herbivores as we no longer have what are

The following books are well worth a read. The

first is ‘Wilding’ by Isabella Tree and the second

is ‘Re-birding’ by Benedict Macdonald. Both

raise challenging questions about the way

Britain’s historical landscape forest has been

perceived and the way wild habitats have been

managed in the recent past. They also offer

some tantalising ideas about what animals and

birds might be reintroduced in the future to

help recover our diminishing wildlife.

However, re-wilding does have its own set of

unique problems, one of which saw many

animals having to be culled in the Netherlands

on the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve

following extreme cold and unpredictable

winter weather. The Dutch government has

now set a cap on the number of animals, rather

than leaving things entirely to natural

processes. They also want new woodlands

created so that the animals have somewhere to

shelter during the worst of future winter


Despite early successes, there is still a lot we

need to learn about re-wilding!

Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email


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Do you feel overwhelmed by too many

options and nervous about expensive


Do you know which upgrades will add

value and which won’t?

Or……... are there just not enough hours

in the day?

Whether you are looking for a single pair of

curtains, a new kitchen, bathroom or a total

refurbishment, we have the knowledge and

experience to assist. At No 19 can help to

make the most of your home with stylish

practical solutions, tailored to your taste and

pocket, either using existing furnishings or

starting afresh, to create a personal space

tailored to your unique needs. We are happy

to work with your preferred tradespeople or

supply our own, with or without full project


We are well known for our close attention to

detail, friendly personal service and ability to

see things through from concept to


You do not have to be wealthy to utilise the

services of an interior designer, but you do

have to be wise – professional guidance can

avoid costly mistakes and assist in ‘getting it

right first time’. With our free of charge

consultation within a 10 mile radius of

Lymington, there is nothing to lose by giving us

a call.

Contact Val Plummer

T: 01590 641804 M: 07767342542

E: W:

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With the headlines screaming that people are

taking too many painkillers, it’s time to

consider alternative (permanent) solutions to

pain than opioids. The Natural Health Hub’s

Jane Seaman describes how polarity therapy

can help relieve and re-energise your mind and

body so you live pain-free

Today ‘pain’ has become such a generic word as

there are so many forms of physical, mental

and emotional distress we can go through. It

can range from sharp, intensely acute pain from

an accident, to ongoing aching pain of muscle

tension from illness or structural imbalances.

Then there is emotional pain, which can be

overwhelming and erupt during times of grief,

separation or relationship/work/life worries.

While there are many forms the experience of

pain can take, the underlying factor in all

aspects of our distress is that it is our energy

that defines our physical, mental and emotional

world – when that is disrupted it is then we

feel pain.

As a polarity therapist I view any form of pain as

an interruption in energy flow not only through

the nervous system, but also through the energy

body. It is my role to get your energy moving

again to restore the natural balance and relieve

the pain.

blood and energy flow to the area. Calming the

area by drawing off excess energy in that spot

allows the underlying healing to take place.

A solution: simply place your left hand over the

trauma site (if it is too traumatised hold a

position above the wound) and your right hand

in a position opposite the wound. In polarity

our left hand is cooling and calming, while our

right is activating and energising – I compare it

to when a child falls over and we rub it better:

what we are doing is re-polarising and reflowing

the energy so the pain is relieved.

Long term pain: when physical pain has been

present for a long time treatment takes a

different approach as the energy needs

activation and motivation as it has become

stagnant and contracted.

A solution: aside from muscle-releasing

techniques and body realignment, the main

focus is on balancing out the nervous system

and stopping it firing off pain signals to instead

relaxing and releasing tension. By doing this you

create the right environment for the body to

heal itself.

Emotional pain: Here the work takes place in

the mental and emotional energy centres of the

body rather than the physical. These centres

(or chakras) are located down the centre line of

the body and each one needs balancing and

polarising so proper expression of emotions are

re-established and joy and happiness can


In all cases the aim of polarity is to get you to a

place where life is ideally pain-free (or at least

manageable) and you are able to express your

emotions effortlessly and with a more positive

outlook and thought process.

How I deal with it really depends on the type of

pain and its cause:

Acute pain: after trauma (a fall or accident) the

body’s response is swelling and inflammation as

The Natural Health Hub, 87b High Street,

Lymington SO41 9AN. Book treatments

and classes online at: Or

contact us on 01590 670955 or

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If you have any of these concerns, please contact us to

arrange your free consultation

We also use electrolysis for hair removal and offer thread vein removal

using Sclerotheraphy

T: 01590 719329 E:


Tu Sei Bella: Offering a wide range of Beauty Treatments

and Massage for Men & Women

47 High Street, Milford On Sea, SO41 0QG

To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Marion Joy Jenkins

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In the Garden

with Alan Edmondson of

Bowercot Garden Design


Gardening Tips

• If dry weather sets in, Gladioli will require a good soaking when the flower spike can

be felt.

● Trim dead flowers from aubretia and saxifrage and clip over other alpines after

flowering to keep them tidy.

● Tomato plants require regular watering and a weekly feed once fruit has set.

● Provide extra food for the birds and hedgehogs in very dry weather. Hedgehogs

would benefit from some pet food and water (NOT milk). Replenish the water bowl


● Thin apples after the ‘June drop’. Leave two or three apples to each cluster.

● Plant outdoor tomatoes on prepared sites and continue to sow seed of salad crops,

peas and French beans.

● Keep the hoe in operation to control weed seedlings.

● Lupins and delphiniums can be cut to ground level when flowering is over. Feed to

encourage a second flowering. Geranium pratense and its various forms can be treated

in a similar manner.

● If your bearded irises have not flowered check that the rhizomes are not planted too

deeply. They should be planted on the surface of the soil.

● Strawberry plants should be discarded after three years. Start to produce

replacements by pegging down runners from healthy plants.

● Do not dead head roses such as Rosa rugosa and Rosa moyesii as they will have a

good show of hips later in the year.

● Sow seeds of alpines as they ripen. They should germinate readily now.

● Infestations of aphids on water lilies can be washed/hosed into the pool.

● Woody stemmed herbs such as thyme and sage will root quickly from cuttings at this

time of year

Alan Edmondson of Bowercot Garden

Design, Lymington, is a regular

contributor to BBC Radio Solent’s ‘The

Kitchen Garden’ formerly ‘The Good Life’.

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Nick Wells

Fencing & Gardening Services

Fencing, gates, repairs, turfing, raised flower

beds, sleeper walls, shed building & repair,

car ports, decking………& much more.

Family run business - Fully insured

Free, no obligation quotes

References available



T: 01425 837966 M: 07770 656072


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Care Group

has been driving

people to attend



since 1985. An

entirely voluntary group and registered

charity it comprises a team of people

who work together to respond to

requests from anyone in the Lymington

area who finds it difficult to travel, or

has no transport facilities to allow them

to attend their medical appointments.

A nominal fee is charged by the driver,

based on the local authority standard

mileage charge.

Everyone in the Group gives as little or

as much time as they can afford.

Drivers sometimes take on more than

one or two long trips per week,

dropping people off and returning them

home, others prefer shorter local drives.

The area we cover is wide and includes

all the major hospitals and health clinics

in Southampton, Salisbury and

Bournemouth, as well as Lymington and

all the smaller locations in between.

The Group also accommodates dental,

chiropody and optician appointments as

well as visiting relatives in hospital.

An important ongoing challenge is to

maintain a heathy driver base in order

to meet demand. We are always in

need of more drivers.

If you feel this is you, please contact

the Co-ordinator at 01590 679187

between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

or email:

Fri 7th June 7pm: Grower Champagne

Tasting, Veuve Fourny et Fils

Fri 5th July Coral Bay Seafood Garden

Pop –Up 6pm onwards

Fri 12th July: Winchester Distillery Gin Sail

Reflexology can help alleviate a range

of symptoms including stress,

insomnia, migraines, arthritis, IBS,

back pain and ease pregnancy.

Deep tissue & therapeutic massage


07930 338819 01590 689420

Mobile Visits


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We have just returned from our annual

pilgrimage to Jerez

de la Frontera in

Andalusia. It has

now become our

tradition to pop on

our running shoes

and run in the

Sherry race, which

involves running

14km around the

hills of Jerez with

optional stops for

sherry and tapas

along the way!

Sherry Run!

Thirsty Work—Running for our Sherry!

Jerez is part of the sherry triangle along with

Sanlucar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa

Maria. Sherry is a seriously undervalued drink

that can range from the super dry Fino’s and

Manzanilla’s to the very sweet Moscatel and

Pedro Ximinez’s and everything in between. The

wines are also amazingly food friendly with the

dryer styles matching dishes like fried fish,

olives and prawns to the more nutty/oxidative

styles that pair to more robust dishes such as

grilled pork or steak. The sweet wines can

almost be a dessert on their own, Pedro

Ximenez poured over ice cream can make for an

easy but delicious dessert, or pair sweet

Moscatel to sticky toffee pudding!

Whilst in the region we always like to visit some

Bodegas, taste the wines and find out what the

new Spring release of the ‘en rama’ is like. The

style ‘en rama’ is sherry that has been drawn

straight from the barrel without any or very

minimal filtration. The lightest styles of sherry

such as Fino and Manzanilla often undergo

excessive filtration and clarification which

although produces a wine that is really clear

and with a long shelf life, it also strips out a lot

of the delicious flavour.

Each Spring several Bodegas have started to

release a Fino or Manzanilla ‘en rama’,

and it is definitely one to try for the sherry

lover! It is a richer, more expressive style and

one to pair to seafood dishes, juicy olives and

toasted almonds. This year we visited Bodegas

Cesar Florido down on the coast in a little town

called Chipiona. This small, artisan Bodega is

unusual for the region in that they grow their

own grapes and

produce their own

wine. 5 th generation

Cesar conducted the

tour round his three

small bodegas

spread across the

town. We were lucky

enough to taste all of

his wines from barrel

as well as try the

newly bottled Fino

‘en rama’ of which

only 600 half bottles

are UK bound

*arriving Mid-May *

Cesar Florido pouring from

the venenciador

Cesar Florido is most famously known for his

sweet Moscatels of which they produce two.

The first Moscatel Dorado is grape juice that is

fortified and then aged, and is a light style

enjoyable as an aperitif or with light and fruity

desserts. The second is Moscatel Pasas, Cesar

explained that the grapes are left out on mats in

the sun to dry for 15 days in which time the

juice concentrates and the fruit raisins, the

grapes are then pressed and the juice fortified.

This is a richer style with dried fruit notes and

nuts and on tasting is almost a dessert on its


Our visit ended up with Cesar directing us to a

fantastic off the tourist track seafood restaurant

where we could try the local speciality gambas

and freshly grilled fish accompanied by his dry

en rama, and to finish flan with the moscatel

dorado! Heather & Simon, The Solent Cellar

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Quality men’s


Traditional &

modern styles

Run by


friendly and



Open Weekdays 9.30am - 5.30pm

Saturdays 9am - 4pm

Special rates for OAPs and Children

84 High Street, Lymington

01590 610000

Milford Branch: 01590 645594

52 High St, Milford-on-Sea

Weekdays 9am-5.30pm Sat: 8.30am-1.30pm

Visit our showroom in Lymington:

26A St Thomas’ Street, Lymington SO41 9NE

Showroom: 01590 670080 Mobile: 07747 536631


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358



Sunday 2nd June 2-6pm

Organised by the Friends of St Barbe Museum

and Art Gallery, with enthusiastic support from

those with beautiful gardens to share and a

large group of volunteers on hand to ensure

that the event is well run, this enjoyable and

successful biennial event raises significant

funds for the museum and art gallery.

In 2019, we look forward to introducing you to

15 gardens, old and new, large and small.

Several are situated on the High Street and

range from small, courtyard gardens to a much

larger garden behind a handsome 19th

century townhouse. Another town centre

garden is enclosed by a serpentine or 'crinklecrankle’

wall, while yet another - at the top of

the town - features a hidden garden behind a

Regency villa. Whether you are a plantsperson

or are interested in garden design and

layout, these gardens are packed full of ideas -

and the garden owners will be on hand to

answer your questions.

Admission to the gardens is by programme,

costing £6 per adult (children under 12 free).

The programmes will be available from St

Barbe Museum and Art Gallery Lymington and

on the day itself from any garden. Relax over

tea and home-made cakes at one central

garden and browse plant stalls in others.

Many gardens are within walking distance of

each other, or a short bicycle ride apart. Most

of the gardens are wheelchair accessible, at

least in part.


Do you run or are a member of a

club/ society,

or have news, or information of local

interest that you wish to see in the next


Please email the details to

07801 562358


Health For more Walks, information: Lymington

Do join us or for just a free, turn led, up group on walk the lasting day 60-90

minutes (approximately 3 miles).

Our walks are designed to encourage wellbeing, whilst

enjoying the company of others.

This group meets on the first and third Tuesday of each

month, departing at 10am from Bath Road Car Park,


For more information:

Or just turn up on the day

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



Arts Group

Wellington Room

Lymington Community Centre

The Arts Society


Meet on the second Friday of each month

June 14th: Mike Bragg, Life drawing

July 12th: Jake Winkle, Watercolour in a floral


Visitors are welcome and pay £3.50 at the door

to include refreshments

For membership enquiries please contact:

Sandi Hitchens on 01425 613569.

12th June: Gavin Plumley:

Cultural Experiments in the

Weimar Republic

Lymington Centre,

Fuller-McLellan Hall, 7pm

Brockenhurst Music Society 2019 Season

Our new season is underway. The concerts are given by exciting young

professional musicians and are held at St Saviour's Church, Brockenhurst at

7.30pm.Tickets (free to Society members and to students) are £14 at the door or

£12 in advance from Pot Pourri or Streets in Brockenhurst, or Sway Deli in Sway, or via our

website. Website

10 June - Enceladus Piano Quartet, award-winning musicians and Radio 3 performers playing

works by Mahler, Mozart and Brahms

8 July - Ionel Manciu (violin) and Kaoru Wada (piano), recent performers at Wigmore Hall and

Carnegie Hall, with a programme including Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart and Bartok

Everton Rambling Club

Merv : 01590 642509

Contact Mervyn for walk details


Tues 4th 10.30am

Thurs 13th 6.30pm

Shorter walk followed

by pub visit

Thur 27th 10.30am


Tues 9th 10.30am

Thurs 18th 6pm

Shorter walk with fish

& chips on beach front

Thurs 25th 10.30am



Mobile phones

Old coins

Lymington United Reformed

Church is a drop off point to

recycle the following for

Naomi House & Jacksplace:

Ink Cartridges


Please pop them into The United Reformed

Church, in Lymington High St.

Money raised by recycling helps


Please seal all ink cartridges

in plastic bags Thank you


Sunday 28th July 5pm

ANNUAL LIFEBOAT SERVICE – The band Stand, Bath Road,

Lymington Music by Lymington Town Band


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358


We meet on the first Monday of every month

2-4.30pm (Jan no meeting) , The Lymington


Mon 3rd June: Anything goes competition—

Country Garden

12th-16th June

Mon 1st July: Carole Norman, Two of a Kind

Pauline Browning : 01590 675625



Ladies International


Monthly dinner meetings,

followed by a Speaker, on 4th

Monday of each month at the

Lymington Centre.

7.15pm for 7.30pm

or contact Alison Smith on

01590 380327

The competition is open to all in

Lymington and Pennington. For

example businesses, organisations,

residents, schools, shops, care homes

etc. Entrants have free range to be as

creative as they wish as, in this first

year of the Festival, the theme is

open. Please note, this is not a

photographic competition; it is the

subject of the photograph that will be


Competition open until 10th July

For more information http://

Parkinson’s UK New Forest

01590 672951

Meet at Boldre War Memorial Hall in Pilley

3rd Thurs of each month 2pm - 4.30pm

(except December)

Gentle Chair Based Exercise

For Parkinson’s sufferers Tuesday 10.30am

Contact Roni: 01590 688 887

Unseasoned logs available

McLellan Hall, Lymington Community

Centre 7pm for 7:30 start Visitors most

welcome. Contact 01425 613684

or visit:

June 28th, A Wander around the West

Country, Colin Stone

July 26th The Great Cockcrow Railway,

Mike Underwood

Steve or Lorraine Mabbett

(01590) 381255 or

(07543) 901324


Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Textile Exhibition

Ends 2 June 2019

Its our last chance to see the Textile Exhibition

at St Barbe,

which brings

together twelve

talented local

textile artists

working in a

variety of

different media -

from felting to



patchwork and collage.

Pippa Crouch

Amongst the exhibitors is Pippa Crouch who

you may remember was our cover artist for

the February/March edition of this magazine.

Command of the Seas:

The Navy and the New Forest Against


Starts 8th June

The exhibition is designed to show the part

played by our local admirals, William

Cornwallis, Robert Man and John Peyton, in

defeating Napoleon. Featuring items

relating to our admirals on loan from both

national and private collections, a highlight

of the show will be JMW Turner’s second

sketch for the Battle of Trafalgar, on loan

from the Tate.

The role of the New Forest in supplying

timber and other materials to the local shipbuilders

will be strongly featured.

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Trina Hart

Our Cover Page Artist

Art and creativity have always been a part of

Trina's life, coming from a background in

publishing, filmmaking and writing, but now

her preferred form of artistic expression is

through paint.

Her paintings tend to be based on social

statements, and give a deeper meaning than

you at first imagine. She says "The landscape

that society offers up is one that is dynamic

and colourful. I put together a selection of

thoughts and ideas, being a reflection of the

society in which we live, and try to translate

them into paintings and images that evoke

emotion and reaction."

The Local Art Scene gallery in Lymington is

mainly where Trina's work can be seen,

although she has been shown at the St

Barbe Open Exhibitions over the years, and

also at the New Forest Open last year.

Having joined clubs and associations, she

also exhibits where those groups allow, in

particular with the new Forest Arts Society

who offer many opportunities throughout

the year.

This summer, as part of The Local Art

Scene's pop up galleries, Trina will exhibit at

numerous outdoor events, including: Art in

the Garden at Stanwell House Hotel, Art in

the Village on the green at Milford-on-Sea,

Art by the Sea at Lepe Country Park and Art

in the Yard at Early Court, Lymington. All

these event dates can be viewed on the

Local Art Scene's website:

The Local Art Scene is run by Trevor Hart,

Trina's husband, and so between them they

pool their resources to create a platform

which helps to promote emerging local

artists in the region. When asked about the

work she does for The Local Art Scene, she

says; "The New Forest has a vibrant and

active art community, and to be part of the

hub is what can help get new ideas and

creativity out into the market place. It is a

fiercely competitive field to be working in,

and new artists pop up every day, and all are

looking for the same thing, namely to sell

their work. With fewer galleries on the High

Street, it stands to reason that the internet

is the next port of call, so we have done as

best we can to provide a platform to

accommodate artists across the board.

Galleries in the region offer some

spectacular work, but like any High Street

premises, they are pushed for space, and

with the best will in the world, don't have

the capacity to exhibit all who would like to

have the opportunity. On the Local Art

Scene website, we have that capacity, and

we have the marketing experience to get the

work out there. It's the next best thing to a

physical gallery space."

A portfolio of Trina's work can be found on

the Local Art Scene's website, along with

other local artists in the region.

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Professional and Affordable

Quality Assured

Tel: 01590


19 Lymington

Enterprise Centre

Ampress Lane


SO41 8LZ

Free Estimates and Advice

Interior and External

Fully Insured

Reliable Team

No job too small

01590 643 516

07901 808 722


LLPD Local Lady Painter & Decorator

Catherine Perham

14 Kivernell Road Milford-on-Sea


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

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Established 1971







7 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

Tel: 01590 642261


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

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At Ampress Park, near to Lymington Hospital

•Fire escape hinges

•Security advice &


•Draught & leaks

•Local family business

•Fully insured

Technician: Iain Frampton


M: 0790 965 4025 T: 023 8073 1884


Double Glazing Repair UK UK are are proud proud members of of

Mark Jones: 07900 800050

01590 674532

Conservatory Erectors


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

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To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358


That’s a phrase I have heard many times

when I answer the phone or open an email.

Normally closely followed by “and can you

fix it?”

The answer is almost always yes, but there

are some things beyond my control. Having

said that, a process of elimination will reveal

where the point of failure is and who should

be held responsible.

I say ‘which’ point of failure because there

are an awful lot of things that can go wrong

with an Internet connection. Thankfully it

works better than when we still used warbly

dial-up modems but it can still give

problems thank you very much!

Your Internet connection is made up of a

chain of devices passing information

between them at high speed. At least that’s

what it is when it’s working properly.

So, you want to see something online. What

follows is a simplified description of what


Your computer, tablet, smartphone,

whatever connects to your router. If it

connects using Wi-Fi or powerline adaptors,

there’s the first potential point of failure.

Often when people say their Internet is

down, it’s because of problems with Wi-Fi

signal, which can be fixed.

Next, your router takes your request for a

specific website and looks for something

called a DNS server. Think of this as the

Internet’s address book which tells your

router where the website you want to visit

can be found.

This is another potential point of failure

because if the DNS server can’t be found or

is not up to date, the website you want

won’t appear and you’ll get a browser error.

Some DNS errors can be fixed, but this is

more likely an issue for your broadband


If all is well, your router then connects to

the website and allows you to communicate

with the website server through the

company hosting that particular website.

This is a further potential point of failure

because the hosting company probably has

tens or hundreds of thousands of websites

on their servers. If something breaks or is

misconfigured, they may not be able to find

the website you want. When this happens,

realistically there is nothing that can be

done until it is fixed.

I’ve left out all the techie stuff that can go

wrong, but in some ways, when you

consider what is involved, it is a wonder the

Internet works at all!

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Call on 07496 570387 or 01590 615566


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements


Nursing Home

01590 648000

Nursing Home

A higher ratio of qualified nursing staff to

ensure the very best 24 hour nursing care


Excellent cuisine from our award winning chefs


Residents enjoy regular and stimulating

activities and outings provided

by our dedicated team


Warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere


Ambulance and wheelchair transport available

St. George’s

Home Care

01590 644258

Home Care

Personal Care (including bathing,

showering, toileting & dressing)


Cleaning, laundry & shopping


Meal preparation


Companionship and Support


Assistance with appointments,

outings and social events


Night visits, sleep-ins & live-in care

De La Warr Road, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire, SO41 0PS


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358



01590 615181

07502 338725

Please call Martyn for an appointment

Latest technology

Speech enhancement

Noise suppression

Affordable in the ear aids

Free home trial before you buy



Martyn Bowles RHAD MSHAA

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



Blue Dog Dementia Art 07964 955 703 Art activities to alleviate

loneliness and improve quality of life.

British Red Cross 01590 672 641 Trained volunteers & staff support in times of crisis, lend a

wheelchair/mobility aids and provide someone to lend a hand at home, after hospitalisation.

Citizens Advice New Street, Lymington 03444 111 306 Assessment and general advice:

benefits/debt/housing/employment/consumer/relationships issues. Specialist employment

advice/Debt Relief Order support. Macmillan caseworker supports those affected by cancer.

Lymington Baptist Church 01590 672 019 CAP Free debt counselling. CAP Job Clubs -

equipping you better to get a job. Making Friends - Wednesdays at 10am for activities &

friendship. Occasional Social Events.

Lymington Care Group 01590 679187 Help with transport to medical appointments.

Lymington Catholic Church 01590 678 525 Saturday Coffee/

Lunches Last Saturday of the month 9.30am to 2pm. Coffee - cake & drink: £1 Lunches -

Lunch + drink: (£2.50 ). We offer good, low cost food in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Friendship Club 1 st Monday of month 2pm to 4pm Free. Varied programme/afternoon tea.

Transport arranged.

Lymington United Reformed Church T. 01590 676 306 Open Door Café open Mon to Fri 10am - 12, Sat 9.30-

11.30am The Potting Shed group every Tues 10am to 12 noon. For adults with additional

needs, carers & friends. Craft activities, singing & refreshments Seated Exercise Class all

abilities, Tues 12noon to 12.30pm. Bouncy Church toddlers’ soft play on Wed: 9.15am-

10.45am/11am - 12.30pm Little Explorers Play Group on Thursdays: 9.15am to 11am

(Term time)

Lymington University of the Third Age T. 01425 616479

Interesting talks at the Lymington Centre 1 st Thursday of the month/Coffee mornings 3 rd

Monday. Both £2. Join Lymington U3A for visits/interest groups, e.g. genealogy, French,

painting, rambling.

Macular Society 01590 645 176 Lymington Community Centre. Notice on p.28 for details.

New Milton & Lymington Talking News 01425 616 361 www.newmiltontalkingnews Free, weekly Talking Newspaper for partially-sighted on memory stick/website.

Local articles editor@newmilton

Oakhaven: The Coates Centre 01590 677 198 For those

whose lives have been impacted by illness. It is for people who have been newly diagnosed

with any illness, living with long term conditions, caring for someone who is ill, or has been

bereaved. Drop in service, open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Parkinson’s UK New Forest Branch 01590 672951.

Pop Up Café at Court Lodge, Friday at 2.30pm. Free tea & cake. Make new friends over

Scrabble & your favourite card game. All very welcome. 01590 673 956

Silverlinks Free home visits for older people in the Lymington area. Trained volunteers help

with lack of social contact/low income/utility bills/housing issues/using computers/form

filling/health care or just talking things through. 07825 16 83 64


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

St Mark’s Church Pennington 01590 672896 Strictly Come

Crafting 1.30pm on 2 nd and 4 th Tues of month in St Mark’s Community Hall off the Square,

Pennington. Coffee Morning 10.15am every Wednesday in the Church.

St Nicholas, Pilley 01590 673484 Vintage Fitness and seated exercise to music Tuesdays &

Thursdays 10.30am

St Thomas' Church, Lymington 01590 676 194 Monday Lunch Club friendly welcome/

good company/excellent food for older people. Two course lunch + coffee/tea for £4.50pp.

Lunch served at 12.30pm in St Thomas’ Hall. Vistas Café Friendly café operates on most

weekday mornings in St. Thomas’ Church Hall, providing coffee, cake and biscuits.

Wednesdays: 12noon to 1pm we offer a lunch menu

The Salvation Army

In Touch - Every Tuesday from 2pm - 4pm at The United Reformed Church, Lymington.

Recreational time for anyone who would like to drop in. Table games/jigsaws/quizzes/

entertainment/occasional live music from ‘Just Us’. No charge for this and refreshments are

served at a very moderate cost.

Women’s Institute Lymington 01590

671427 We are a reasonably large group of active and very friendly ladies

who meet once a month at the Lymington Community Centre. We offer a variety of

interesting groups to whet your appetite; drama, book club, skittles, outings, walking etc.

Come and give us a go; you will be warmly welcomed.

If you are part of a group that offers support to local people, please email the details to . Entries a re free of charge.

Perfect Plastering & Plumbing

Home Improvement Specialist

New walls/ceilings plastered

DIY disasters

Repairs for decorating

Plasterboard and partition walls

Plastering & Artex

Plumbing problems

New bathroom suites supplied/fitted

New en-suites & cloakrooms

Wall & floor tiling

Painting & decorating

Kitchens installed

Replacement taps, radiators

For a free estimate, from a local, friendly

professional, no job too large or small,

evenings & weekends at no extra charge.

Call Mike 01590 643546

07970 484 579

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358




We offer free no obligation quotations for any work including:

Extensions - Alterations - Plastering & Decorating - Kitchens - Bathrooms

Groundwork - Brickwork - Roofing - Electrics - Plumbing

Need help with plans? We can help with this as well

T: 01425 837950


Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



Emergency Services

Emergency police, fire,

ambulance, coastguard,



Gas escapes

BT Fault Line

Southern Water

Bournemouth Water Leak line


Rail Enquiries

Wilts & Dorset Buses

Call & Go (Dial-A-Ride)

National Express

Council & Government


NFDC Emergency Service

Hampshire CC

NF National Park


Anti Social & Neighbourhood



MP Desmond Swayne

Forest Animals

Forestry Commission

Traffic Accidents


105 (all suppliers)

0800 111 999

0800 800 151

0845 278 0845

08005 878 979

03457 484 950

01202 338 420

01425 461 751

0871 781 8181

023 8028 5000

02380 285 250

0300 555 1375

01590 646600


0800 555 111

01425 629844

023 8028 3141


Ellis & Co


Alzheimer's Society

01590 644679

Citizens Advice Bureau 0844 499 4119

Independent Broker

Community Centre

01590 672337

offering sound advice for

Lymington Care Group 01590 679187

Commercial, Liability, Household,

Lymington Library

0300 555 1387

New Forest Advice Network 01425 628750

Motor and Property insurance

NHS Direct


NF Disability Info

01425 628 750


0845 790 9090

Tourist Information

01590 676 969

Elgars Court, 17a High Street

Trading Standards

01622 626 520

Lymington, Hants, SO41 9AB

Verderers’ Office

02380 282 052

Authorised & regulated by the


Financial Conduct Authority

Lymington Hospital

01590 663 000

Oakhaven Hospice

01590 670 346 01590 673382

Southampton General

02380 777 222

Royal Bournemouth

01202 303 626

Royal South Hants

02380 634 288

Princess Anne

02380 777 222

Romsey Hospital

01794 834 700

50 To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358



St Thomas the Apostle, Lymington: 8am Quiet Communion. 9.15am Choral Communion.

11am Informal Service. Weekday Communion, Wed & Thurs 11am, Fri 8am. Messy Church

3rd Sunday, 9am. 01590 676194.

St Mark’s Church, Ramley Road, Pennington: Sunday Services

8.00am Holy Communion. 9.30am Family Communion. 4th Sunday Morning Praise. 1 st &

3 rd Sundays 6.00pm Evensong. Wednesdays 11.30am Holy Communion.,

01590 672896

Lymington Baptist Church, New Street: All welcome to our Sunday Morning services at

10.30am, including Children’s/Young People’s Programme. 2nd Sunday Messy Church

9.00am, 3rd Sunday includes Communion. Free Debt Counselling – CAP. Monday -

Hullabaloo Toddler Group, Tuesday – CAP Job club, Wednesday - Craft Group. Further

details: 01590 672019 or

Quakers Religious Society of Friends: Meeting Worship at10.30am every Sunday in the

Lymington Community Centre. Further information Tel. 01590 677298, or 672107

Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Mercy & St Joseph,

132 High St. Lymington: Vigil Mass Sat. 6.00pm, Family Mass Sunday10.30am.

Weekday service Mon - Sat 9.30 am. Friendship Club 1st Mondays 2-4pm tea, activities,

outings. Last Sat. of month coffee & lunches 9.30 -2pm. Both held in Church rooms and

open to all. Tel 01590 676696

Lymington Salvation Army Fellowship meets at 3pm on the second and fourth Sundays in

the month in the United Reformed Church. ‘In Touch’ a drop in social afternoon,

Tuesdays, 2-4pm in URC Hall, all welcome. Other times & venues - see Church

noticeboard. All welcome to share worship, friendship and care for others.

Lymington United Reformed Church: Sunday Worship 10.30am with Discovery Zone for

children, young people adults with additional needs. Open Door Café Mon-Fri 10.00-

12.00. Sat. 9.30-11.30. Potting Shed group Tues.10-12noon. Bouncy Church play sessions

Weds. 9.15am & 11am. Little Explorers Thurs 9.15am Information: 01590 676306

St John’s Church, Boldre: Sundays 10.30am., Group Evensong 4th Sun. 6.30pm.


St Mary’s Church, South Baddesley – 2 nd Sunday 8am & 9.30 am. 3rd, 4 th

Sundays.9.30am. 1 st Sun. Group Evensong 6.30 pm

5 th

St Nicholas Church, Pilley – 1 st ,3 rd , 4 th & 5 th Sundays. 8.00 am. Weds 10.30 am Holy

Communion. Benefice website for all information –

St Mark’s Summer Event Sunday 30 th June with Pimms & Hymns on Pennington

Common at 4pm.

RNLI Thanksgiving Service, Sunday 28 th July, 5.00pm at the Lymington Bandstand.

Children’s Holiday Club URC. August

For more information

Please mention The Lymington Directory when responding to advertisements



• Foggy, misted, broken double

glazed units replaced in UPVC

& aluminium

• Door & window locks

• Hinges & handles

• Patio rollers

• Upgrade to energy efficient glass

• Fire escape hinges

• Draughts & leaks

• Perished window & door rubber


• Cat flaps & letter plates

• Supply and install windows, doors

and conservatories

• Local family business

• Fully insured

• Established 35 years

07500 110 464



To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Kerry Richardson


There are more than 6 million cohabiting

couples in the UK yet there are a number of

issues that many cohabiting couples are not

aware of. For example, if one cohabiting

partner dies without leaving a will, the

surviving partner will not automatically

inherit anything owned solely by their

partner. Cohabiting partners also cannot

access their partner's bank account if they


Upon separate there is no obligation to

support each other financially. An unmarried

partner who stays at home to care for

children cannot make any claims in their

own right for property, maintenance or



If you have commenced divorce proceedings

but not finalised them then your Will is still

valid. However, your former spouse is

treated as if they “died” on the day the

decree absolute is granted by the Court.

That means any gift in the Will falls back into

the residue for the benefit of the residuary

beneficiaries. However, if you had left

everything to your former spouse, then the

effect is as if you had died intestate and the

rules of intestacy once again decide how

your estate is distributed.

If you die without having written a will you

are “intestate”. The intestacy rules state

that until divorce your spouse will receive a

substantial sum.

Modern Families

Second Marriages

We know that circumstances around a

second marriage are often more

complicated than the first. There may be

children from a previous relationship to

consider, as well as assets you have acquired

during your first marriage (property, savings

and a pension pot). Many people will want

to provide for their new spouse and children

from their previous marriage, you can do

this by placing a trust in your Will to

safeguard the future of your new spouse

and your children from your previous



We spend days and hours choosing everyday

items yet many will not spend an hour or

two making a Will in order to save their

loved ones heartache.

Nearly 60% of adults have not made a Will.

By not making a Will you may be losing out

on tax saving benefits. If you pass away

without making a Will your estate will be

dealt with by the intestacy rules. The

intestacy rules do not cater for modern

families, for example, a cohabiting partner

cannot inherit under the intestacy rules nor

can a step child who has not been legally


Make some time to make a Will and look

after your loved ones. If you would like to

speak with Kerry or the team at

Heppenstalls for assistance or advice, please

do not hesitate to contact us at New Milton

on 01425 610078 or Lymington on 01590


75 75 75 High High High Street, Street, Lymington 01590 01590 689500

75 High Street, Lymington 01590689500

82 82 82 Station Station Rd, Rd, Rd, New New New Milton. Milton. 01425 01425 610078

82 Station Rd, New Milton. 01425610078

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To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

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