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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the June/July edition.

The Hordle Community Association year

report really sums up the many events,

and within this the variety we have in

Hordle - it’s well worth a read to make

sure you are aware of everything on

offer. The new Repair Café sounds a

great initiative .

I absolutely love the art work on this

edition’s cover. Kirsty is an amazing

textile artist & you can find more about

her on page 30.

I’m always looking for ideas for articles in

the magazine, so please do let me know

if you have something you’d like to see

or would even like to write about


All the best,



HCA: End of Year Report 5-6

In The Garden 7

Hordle Primary 8&9

Allotments in Hordle 11

The Benefits of owning a Cat 13

Wildlife Matters 17

I Love Turtles 21

Local Noticeboard 23-25

Church News 26 -27

Village Diary 28

HCA Application 29

Our Cover Page Artist 30

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AGM Year End Report

Another Association year has come to a close

and thank you all for your continuing support,

for it has been an exceptional year. Based at

the Pavilion, we have grown the original

Saturday morning “Pop up Cafe” concept into

something more substantial and inclusive called

not unsurprisingly “The Cafe”. Lead by Brenda

Crump and her band of supporters, we now

cater for your Saturday morning professionally

made Coffee and Bacon Bap, plus many other

delights. Families having a kick about on the

Rec and Dog walkers and dogs quenching their

thirsts and enjoying a bite to eat. Cyclists now

factor it in as a stopover point. Plus many more

villagers and their families are using it as a

meeting point for all manner of activities. Pop

in for a cuppa and a chat, as its quite likely your

neighbour is already there. Open to all, 9.30 -

12.30. We are currently looking for more

helpers, so have a word with the volunteers on

duty if you feel you would like to also give a

little of your time supporting the Café.

Note for your diary, coming soon a “Hordle

Repair Cafe”, a Dutch idea - Lymington held one

with great success. So we are holding one on

Saturday morning 22nd June. Experts will be on

hand to have a look at your broken handheld

household gadgets with a view to making

repairs where possible for just a donation and

the cost of any parts fitted. White Goods,

Electronics, Toys, Sewing Mcs, embroidery, new

handles? Etc. We are also hoping to include

Bicycle Repairs. Please don’t be disappointed if

we cannot make your repair, as we have no

control over which experts are available on any

given date, and the condition of your items may

be the deciding factor. Watch for the adverts

detailing the experts on duty.

Focusing on the Pavilion Hall, Clive Gilchrist and

helpers presented monthly film nights showing

the latest releases. Our twice monthly Bingo

evenings with money prizes whilst keeping it

friendly, with the Bar and Cafe open for each

event. A number of special evenings took place

encompassing a Wine & Cheese Party, an

Antiques evening with your items up for

discussion and guesses, plus some very quaint

items defying their use. Singer Jamie Adams

entertained us with a music and magical

evening, plus our regular friendly Quiz Nights,

with more events being added all the time.

Some of the evenings are ticket lead as we have

to observe the maximum seating capacity - look

for our adverts around the village.

Our Executive Committee staged a Spring Fair

which brought out many stalls and visitors, as

did our Christmas Fair and Pavilion Christmas

Tree lights Switch-On in conjunction the WI

Lights in their tree. We were fortunate to have

Father Christmas and his Elves drop in on the

day, and the combined Hordle Choir giving their

brilliant arrangements of our favourite

Christmas carols. The 29th Annual Village Fair

was the largest we have presented with over 60

stalls and a huge number of activities ranging

from Tree climbing to Bucking Bronco, Bouncy

Castle Kingdom, Dog Show, Arena activities, live

music, many assorted foods and refreshments

and so much more. Plans for our 30th Fair, 31st

August 1.00pm are well advanced with even

more attractions to tempt you. Bookings are

being taken now - Please use one of the above

contact portals.

NFDC and County Councillor Fran Carpenter

and newly elected NFDC Councillor Alvin Reid,

hold their monthly surgery here on the

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Nick Wells

Fencing & Gardening Services

Fencing, gates, repairs, turfing, raised flower

beds, sleeper walls, shed building & repair,

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References available

W: www.facebook.com/


T: 01425 837966 M: 07770 656072

E: nickwells908@gmail.com

(Continued from page 5)…..Saturday morning

of each month. Our local Member of

Parliament, Rt Hon Sir Desmond Swayne TD MP

also held a surgery there a short while ago. The

Cafe is clearly the place to come to gain the ear

of your political representatives and put to

them your questions and concerns. For your

local enquiries, the Parish Council Office next

door is open 10.00 - 12.00 Monday to Thursday.

For the last 4 plus years, the HCA has been

managing the Pavilion for the benefit of a large

number of local groups, Clubs, Associations and

party gatherings who have hired the Hall. In

that time, the HCA has invested over eighteen

thousand pounds in the Parish Council building

through maintenance, repairs, improvements

and new equipment.

The general trend at the moment is for people

not to sit on committees and we are not

immune from this, even so, our reduced

Executive Committee members are still active

and able to give of their time. We have been in

discussions with the Parish Council to see how

the HCA can negotiate an altered License to

continue to serve the village and its villagers

through HCA organised Pavilion events.

Available helpers and finances will be the

deciding factors.

As you will read from this letter, we would

welcome more general members and in

particular a few new committee members. Our

Annual General Meeting was held at the

Pavilion, Vaggs Lane, Tuesday 7th May. There

has been a reshuffle of the Executive

Committee with Andy Boettger becoming

Chairman. There was also an opportunity for

members to add their ideas for new events, for

we aim to make the Pavilion the hub of village


Ken Gould. Chairman. Hordle Community Association


Please see page 29 for an application to join the HCA


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In the Garden

with Alan Edmondson of

Bowercot Garden Design


Gardening Tips

• If dry weather sets in, Gladioli will require a good soaking when the flower spike can

be felt.

● Trim dead flowers from aubretia and saxifrage and clip over other alpines after

flowering to keep them tidy.

● Tomato plants require regular watering and a weekly feed once fruit has set.

● Provide extra food for the birds and hedgehogs in very dry weather. Hedgehogs

would benefit from some pet food and water (NOT milk). Replenish the water bowl


● Thin apples after the ‘June drop’. Leave two or three apples to each cluster.

● Plant outdoor tomatoes on prepared sites and continue to sow seed of salad crops,

peas and French beans.

● Keep the hoe in operation to control weed seedlings.

● Lupins and delphiniums can be cut to ground level when flowering is over. Feed to

encourage a second flowering. Geranium pratense and its various forms can be treated

in a similar manner.

● If your bearded irises have not flowered check that the rhizomes are not planted too

deeply. They should be planted on the surface of the soil.

● Strawberry plants should be discarded after three years. Start to produce

replacements by pegging down runners from healthy plants.

● Do not dead head roses such as Rosa rugosa and Rosa moyesii as they will have a

good show of hips later in the year.

● Sow seeds of alpines as they ripen. They should germinate readily now.

● Infestations of aphids on water lilies can be washed/hosed into the pool.

● Woody stemmed herbs such as thyme and sage will root quickly from cuttings at this

time of year

Alan Edmondson of Bowercot Garden

Design, Lymington, is a regular

contributor to BBC Radio Solent’s ‘The

Kitchen Garden’ formerly ‘The Good Life’.

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Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements



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A Potted History: The Hordle Allotment

Association was formed back in 2008 with

it’s constitution being drawn up in 2010.

HAA’s primary aim was to seek community

allotments within the Parish of Hordle,

Tiptoe and Everton, ultimately to be owned

and run by Hordle Parish Council.

Allotments were, and still are, very high on

the agenda of a local wish list. The HPC

have always been very positive in trying to

achieve this goal for the community but at

that time they said there were no suitable

sites available in the Parish.

The HAA then started to source possible

allotment sites where the land was

privately owned, contacting land owners to

see whether they’d consider entering into a

lease agreement. In 2010 the best

possibility for this was at the ‘old nursery’

site on Hordle Lane (where the new

affordable homes are now situated). A

lease agreement was drawn up but

unfortunately negotiations did not go any

further and the HAA found themselves back

to square one!

2017 to date: Ironically, in the interim, the

‘old nursery’ site land was put forward for

sale for affordable housing. The New Forest

District Council Plan Review 2016 – 2036

was underway across the county, where

Open Spaces including allotments were part

of that planning strategy, so the NFDC

agreed to the housing with an Allotment

Provision agreement as part of that


With planning in place, the land for the

affordable housing was sold to the Hyde

Housing Association but with the agreed

allotment site area still belonging to the

land owner. This is due to the site’s border

adjoining land which is currently being

considered for additional housing under the

Local Plan Review, and the land owner not

wanting the allotment site to prejudice

proposals for further housing


Under the planning consent the allotments

would be leased for 15 years, although they

could be relocated once within the 15 year

period if the land owner wished. The site

would be laid out appropriately with water

supply and parking and, as well as one or

two additional stipulations, there would be

water meter expenses but no annual lease

payment. So, in 2017, as building work was

imminent, it seemed like an ideal

opportunity to reconfirm the need for

allotments, and though it was improbable

that the HPC would take the lease on, the

HAA did not want to jeopardise future

Parish allotments in the Local Plan Review

by stating they were not wanted. NFDC are

keen to see the allotments at Hordle Lane

in use as they were instrumental in

agreeing the provision for them – they have

now suggested that the HAA take the lease

on themselves but with the requirement of

paying £3,000 in solicitors fees in order to

do so – money the HAA do not have.

The overall feeling is still that the HAA’s

main objective should be to work Parish

Allotments, owned and run by HPC. Parish

Allotments are currently sited in the Local

Plan Review, but this development may be

some years down the line….


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hours, with an

additional 30% for evenings

and Saturdays, and

60% on Sundays

• Travel time paid at your

hourly rate

• Guaranteed hours with an

option of a fixed shift pattern

or flexible hours

• Paid Training.

• Uniform provided.

• Paid DBS checks.

• Realistic Travel Time between


• Life Assurance/Employee

Assistance Programme

• Health Cash Plan

If you want to be part of our team, please contact

HR on; hradmin@oakhavenhospice.co.uk

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You care for our patients and we care for you.

Oakhaven Care is a domiciliary care agency providing high

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All profits from the agency will be re-invested into local charity,

Oakhaven Hospice Trust.

Successful candidates will be subject to an enhanced DBS








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The Benefits of Owning a Cat

A number of academic studies have appeared

in recent years claiming that having a cat

improves our health. These studies provide

many compelling reasons why they are

'purrrfect' for us all.

Here's a selection:

Reduced stress and anxiety: Owning a cat

triggers calming chemicals in the body,

decreasing stress and anxiety levels and

moreover, just the very act of stroking a cat is

known to be relaxing.

Therapeutic benefits: The calming effect of

owning a cat apparently triggers the release of

oxytocin, a hormone known for inducing

feelings of love and trust.

Boosted immunity: Exposure to pet fur in the

house is claimed to boost our resistance to

allergens, and thus decrease the risk of allergies

and asthma.

Lowered blood pressure: According to some

studies, cat owners seem to enjoy lower blood

pressure than non-cat owners, due to the

calming presence that cats provide.

Romance: If you're a single bloke looking for

love, then perhaps a cat is the solution: One

study revealed that women were more

attracted to men who owned cats because cat

ownership "suggests sensitivity and


resources needed to feed a dog creates the

same eco-footprint as that of a big four-wheel

drive Hummer vehicle. Meanwhile, cats only

have the approximate carbon footprint of a

Volkswagen Golf.

So they're more


friendly to the


From all the

research going

on, it's seems

clear that cats are


beneficial to have

around, and

ownership is

quite easy and

undemanding. The only problem arises when

you want to go off on holiday, because cats are

very territorial, and simply don't like unfamiliar

surroundings at all. If taken out of their routine,

they often get tremendously stressed and even

refuse to eat.

However, there is a simple, local solution to all

that; call Sophie's Cat Care on 01425 262 100.

They will visit your home regularly whenever

you're away, feed the cat, check that they're

well, and – as a free added benefit – pick up the

mail, switch on and off lights, make your house

looked lived in and generally increase security

of your home in your absence.

Companionship: If the above doesn't work,

then having a cat could be the next best thing;

A Swiss study conducted in 2003, revealed that

owning a cat is "similar to having a romantic


A Reduced carbon footprint compared to dogs:

A 2009 study found that over its lifetime, the

So, if after reading this, you're tempted to get a

cat, you can go right ahead, absolutely secure in

the knowledge that ownership and holidays will

be purrfectly stress-free with Sophie's, the New

Forest's cat care experts.


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Textile Exhibition

Ends 2nd June 2019

Its our last

chance to see

the Textile

Exhibition at St

Barbe, which

brings together

twelve talented

local textile

artists working

in a variety of

different media -

from felting to

Pippa Crouch

lace-making, weaving,

patchwork and collage.

Amongst the exhibitors is Pippa Crouch who

you may remember was our cover artist for

the February/March edition of this magazine.

Command of the Seas:

The Navy and the New Forest Against


Starts 8th June

The exhibition is designed to show the part

played by our local admirals, William

Cornwallis, Robert Man and John Peyton, in

defeating Napoleon. Featuring items

relating to our admirals on loan from both

national and private collections, a highlight

of the show will be JMW Turner’s second

sketch for the Battle of Trafalgar, on loan

from the Tate.

The role of the New Forest in supplying

timber and other materials to the local shipbuilders

will be strongly featured.


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Units 8&9 Lea Green Farm

Christchurch Road

Downton, Lymington

SO41 0LA

Tel/Fax: 01590 645999


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WILDLIFE MATTERS ……... to all of us



The Knepp Estate in West Sussex is a 3,500 acre

farm and since WW2 had been intensively

farmed but rarely made a profit.

The landowners, Sir Charles Burrell and his wife

Isabella Tree decided that they could not

continue to work the farm the way they were

doing. Having read about a re-wilding scheme

in the Netherlands, they decided to allow

natural processes to take place over much of

their land.

referred to as ‘apex predators’ such as lynx or

keystone species like beaver and wild boar,

which may be reintroduced later.

They introduced free-roaming grazing animals,

including Longhorn cattle, ponies, Tamworth

pigs and deer to drive the regeneration of the

farm. The introduction helped create a mosaic

of habitats, ranging between grassland, scrub

and trees.

Their untried management of the farm has

provided some astonishing results in

biodiversity gain and the farm is now

profitable, though not without a little help from

providing commercial camping in yurts,

shepherd’s huts and tree houses!

The farm now has breeding Purple Emperor

butterflies, Turtle Doves and 2 per-cent of the

UKs population of Nightingales.

Rewilding can best be described as an

approach to ecological restoration, which

focuses on natural processes.

Regeneration is managed by free-roaming

herbivores as we no longer have what are

The following books are well worth a read. The

first is ‘Wilding’ by Isabella Tree and the second

is ‘Re-birding’ by Benedict Macdonald. Both

raise challenging questions about the way

Britain’s historical landscape forest has been

perceived and the way wild habitats have been

managed in the recent past. They also offer

some tantalising ideas about what animals and

birds might be reintroduced in the future to

help recover our diminishing wildlife.

However, re-wilding does have its own set of

unique problems, one of which saw many

animals having to be culled in the Netherlands

on the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve

following extreme cold and unpredictable

winter weather. The Dutch government has

now set a cap on the number of animals, rather

than leaving things entirely to natural

processes. They also want new woodlands

created so that the animals have somewhere to

shelter during the worst of future winter


Despite early successes, there is still a lot we

need to learn about re-wilding!

Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email



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Free mini express



15 minutes


our new skin


Offer valid for cover date of this magazine edition

Tel: 01425 612548



Fri 7th June 7pm: Grower Champagne

Tasting, Veuve Fourny et Fils

Fri 5th July Coral Bay Seafood Garden

Pop –Up 6pm onwards

Fri 12th July: Winchester Distillery Gin Sail



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We have just returned from our annual

pilgrimage to Jerez

de la Frontera in

Andalusia. It has

now become our

tradition to pop on

our running shoes

and run in the

Sherry race, which

involves running

14km around the

hills of Jerez with

optional stops for

sherry and tapas

along the way!

Sherry Run!

Thirsty Work—Running for our Sherry!

Jerez is part of the sherry triangle along with

Sanlucar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa

Maria. Sherry is a seriously undervalued drink

that can range from the super dry Fino’s and

Manzanilla’s to the very sweet Moscatel and

Pedro Ximinez’s and everything in between. The

wines are also amazingly food friendly with the

dryer styles matching dishes like fried fish,

olives and prawns to the more nutty/oxidative

styles that pair to more robust dishes such as

grilled pork or steak. The sweet wines can

almost be a dessert on their own, Pedro

Ximenez poured over ice cream can make for an

easy but delicious dessert, or pair sweet

Moscatel to sticky toffee pudding!

Whilst in the region we always like to visit some

Bodegas, taste the wines and find out what the

new Spring release of the ‘en rama’ is like. The

style ‘en rama’ is sherry that has been drawn

straight from the barrel without any or very

minimal filtration. The lightest styles of sherry

such as Fino and Manzanilla often undergo

excessive filtration and clarification which

although produces a wine that is really clear

and with a long shelf life, it also strips out a lot

of the delicious flavour.

Each Spring several Bodegas have started to

release a Fino or Manzanilla ‘en rama’,

and it is definitely one to try for the sherry

lover! It is a richer, more expressive style and

one to pair to seafood dishes, juicy olives and

toasted almonds. This year we visited Bodegas

Cesar Florido down on the coast in a little town

called Chipiona. This small, artisan Bodega is

unusual for the region in that they grow their

own grapes and

produce their own

wine. 5 th generation

Cesar conducted the

tour round his three

small bodegas

spread across the

town. We were lucky

enough to taste all of

his wines from barrel

as well as try the

newly bottled Fino

‘en rama’ of which

only 600 half bottles

are UK bound

*arriving Mid-May *

Cesar Florido is most famously known for his

sweet Moscatels of which they produce two.

The first Moscatel Dorado is grape juice that is

fortified and then aged, and is a light style

enjoyable as an aperitif or with light and fruity

desserts. The second is Moscatel Pasas, Cesar

explained that the grapes are left out on mats in

the sun to dry for 15 days in which time the

juice concentrates and the fruit raisins, the

grapes are then pressed and the juice fortified.

This is a richer style with dried fruit notes and

nuts and on tasting is almost a dessert on its


Our visit ended up with Cesar directing us to a

fantastic off the tourist track seafood restaurant

where we could try the local speciality gambas

and freshly grilled fish accompanied by his dry

en rama, and to finish flan with the moscatel

dorado! Heather & Simon, The Solent Cellar

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Cesar Florido pouring from

the venenciador




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LLPD Local Lady Painter & Decorator

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• Savings & Investments

• Portfolio Design & Management

• Pensions Freedoms & Annuities

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Initial meeting without charge or obligation

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Clear, unbiased and independent advice for every stage of your life.

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Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number 457234. The value of investments may go down as

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Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

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By the time you read this article, we may

well have had both the local elections and

the European Parliament election. We

might possibly even be heading for (or

have had) a Labour or Conservative Party

leadership election, a second referendum

(less likely, I feel) or a general election! I

have certainly never known such a volatile

era in politics.

Whilst out delivering leaflets door to door

in the local elections early in May, a

number of residents expressed dismay at

the national situation and told me they

would never vote for their long-timefavourite

political Party again. Or indeed

any Party. Several complained to me

about the lack of information available to

them about their local election candidates.

Some bemoaned the dearth of choice in

candidates full stop. About the spelling

mistakes on the leaflets (not mine, I hasten

to add.) Some asked me, incredulously,

what on earth would possess me to want

to stand in an election at this time in

political history at all?

As I watched the ballot papers being

verified, clasping a lukewarm coffee, with

my opponents’ crosses appearing to be

many greater in number than my own that

I couldn’t bear to look, I began to ask

myself that question. As I read through the

spoilt ballot papers with the hastily

scribbled rude pictures and messages

across them, in the most uncivilised hours

of the morning, I asked myself that

question. “You’re all rubbish” “What a

load of old…” “I love turtles.” As I waited

to be called up to the Returning Officer’s

stand, yawning with the other candidates

who had bothered to stay up to find out

the result (last to be called at 4.30am in

the morning), I asked myself that question


But even good colleagues who were not

fortunate enough to be re-elected would

agree that serving as a local councillor is a

hugely rewarding activity. It is a great

privilege to be able to represent people in

an area that you love, if only for as long as

you are elected to do so. And elections are

this strangely addictive, unavoidable

nightmare that comes with the job!

And I say to people, don’t stop voting,

don’t give up. Write “I love turtles” if you

want. But go out to the polling station and

vote in some way in all these elections!

And if you feel passionately that your

candidates are “all rubbish”, go and

become a better one. There has never

been a more exciting time to be involved in

politics, for sure! And the world urgently

needs good, new politicians!

Cllr Fran Carpenter

New Forest District Councillor

& Hampshire County Councillor

for Hordle

01425 614665 / 07867 502624


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We offer free no obligation quotations for any work including:

Extensions - Alterations - Plastering & Decorating - Kitchens - Bathrooms

Groundwork - Brickwork - Roofing - Electrics - Plumbing

Need help with plans? We can help with this as well


T: 01425 837950

E: paulbeltonconstruction@gmail.com


To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358


Hordle Pavilion are hosting a " Repair Café" on June

22nd in the morning from 9.30.

If it's broken or needs mending bring it along!

Our experts will attempt to mend electrical items,

bikes , phones, computers and repair furniture

and clothes....

come and see us, DON'T throw it out.


We meet on a

Wednesday evening in

Tiptoe St Andrew’s

Church Hall, From 7:15-

9:pm. Anyone who

enjoys a good laugh, and

a sing, are welcome to

come along. Not

necessary to read

music. For more details

please call

Pat Hood 01425 615051




This year is our

centenary and we intend to have

numerous exciting things happening

throughout the year. This is 100

years that the Hordle W.I. have been

in existence. The hall where we

meet is spacious and it has been

wonderful for the women of Hordle

to meet, to make friends, to help

each other, and help others

throughout our community. On

Monday afternoons we have a happy

chatty craft group meeting. We have

exhibitions, parties, games, but most

of all we are there for each other

and for other women everywhere.

Come along as a guest on the 1 st

Tuesday of every month at 2pm or

pop in on a Monday afternoon for a


For details and any events, we

are organising please contact:



or to book the hall call Wendy

Perkins on 01425 622458


A friendly welcome awaits visitors and new members

to our monthly meetings. We have demonstrations

where you can enjoy beautiful creations of

contemporary and traditional designs. Also

workshops to learn new skills in arranging flowers.

The club meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month

at the Pavilion, Vaggs Lane. Hordle 7pm for 7.30pm.

For more details contact Denise Gibb

01590 642804

We hope some people managed to find our ‘Lonely

Bouquets’ distributed around the Village on the 3rd

May for National Flower Arranging Day


Sunday 2 June 2019, 2-6pm

More than a dozen gardens to visit - including five

new ones. Entry by programme £6 per adult from St

Barbe Museum shop, New Street, from 6 May or at

any garden on the day.

website: http://lymingtonopengardens.weebly.com/

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements


Boules (Petanque)

Hordle Boules Group meet every Tuesday

and Saturday at Hordle Recreation Ground

at 2pm (1.30 pm in winter). We welcome

new, regular or occasional, participants.

Spare sets of boules are available for beginners.

Just show up or call/email Rinus on 01425 617480 -


Do you need to get to a medical


Hordle Voluntary Care Group would

like to help you. We will pick you up

from home, take you to your

appointment and return you to your

home afterwards. The volunteer

will stay with you whilst waiting for

your appointment and if you wish,

will accompany you to the

consultation. We also provide

transport for relatives to visit inpatients

if they are unable to get to

the hospital using public transport

and to the ‘bathing service’ at the St

John Ambulance HQ on the

Gordleton Industrial Estate or

Milford Hospital

T: 0845 388 9063


Do you run or are a member club/ society, or have news, or information of local

interest that you wish to see in the next edition?

Please email the details to


07801 562358


Please see the Village diary: for planned club events & speakers

To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358




Do you:

• have an interest in plants and gardens?

• like growing plants - fruit - vegetables?

• want to learn more?

• want to meet new people and have a

sociable evening out?

Do come along to one of our meetings

and see if you’d like to join us. We have

talks on a variety of subjects and social

events too.

We meet at 7pm at the Hordle Pavilion

on the 4th Friday of each month (except

August & December).

Guest fee £3. Annual membership £7

email: hordlegardeningclub@outlook.com


or call Kate Cornhill on 01425 621305

Unseasoned logs available

Steve or Lorraine Mabbett


(01590) 381255 or

(07543) 901324



Everton will come alive for the week, with

local artists performing a mixture of Music,

and Art, decadent Garden Parties to enjoy,

an educational Historical Walk, and an

interesting Film Evening being a few of the

entertainments on offer this year. And then

the coming together of everyone, with Fun

on the Rec on the 15th. This is a day for the

family featuring a Car Boot Sale (pre-book),

Classic Cars, Children's Marquee, various

Group Displays, Artisan Stalls and a musical

schedule to entertain us all day. If you have

any energy left, the evening brings an Abba

Tribute Band, at the Everton & Lymore

Club .

On Sunday, the church service will be held

on Crossways Green. The Grand Finale,

Midsummer Madness will begin at noon at

the Everton Garden Centre with a selection

of choirs and at 6.30pm, Swing Unlimited .

The majority of the events will offer

refreshments. Tickets for performances and

the raffle, can be purchased from Everton

Stores or the Raffle Table outside or by

telephoning 01590 644865.

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements



To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements



Date When Event & Description Where


1st 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

2nd 3pm Dunkirk Service Tiptoe Church

4th 2pm WI: Auctioneer and valuer WI Hall

6th 12.30pm Lunch Club Hordle Church Hall

8th 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

8th 7.30pm BINGO Pavilion

9th 4-6pm Messy Church Hordle Church Hall

14th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

15th 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion


Hordle Flower Club—display of flower designs & a

chance to buy some designs

Everton Arts & Music


18th 7.15pm "Would you Adam and Eve it".

Ashley Baptist Church

Tickets from Hordle Church Office

20th 9.50am Quiet Garden - Contact Church Office to book

20th 3pm Tea at 3 Hordle Church Hall

21st 7.30pm Film: A Star is Born Pavilion

22nd 9.30-12.30 Café + Repair Café (see local noticeboard for details) Pavilion

23rd 10.15am All Age Worship specially for families Hordle Church

28th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

28th 7pm Gardening Club: Scented Plants throughout the year Pavilion

29th 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion


2nd 2pm WI: Forensic Investigation in the Met WI Hall

4th 12.30pm Lunch Club Hordle Church Hall

5th 7.30pm Film: Stan & Ollie Pavilion

6th 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

10th 7pm Hordle Flower Club: Demonstration: Corbyns Florist Pavilion

12th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

13th 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

13th 7.30pm BINGO Pavilion

18th 9.50am Quiet Garden - Contact Church Office to book

18th 3pm Tea at 3 Hordle Church Hall

19th 7.30pm Film: Fishermans Friend Pavilion

20th 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

26th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre


27th 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

28th 10.15am All Age Worship specially for families Hordle Church

30th to 1st Aug New Forest Show… visit the Church Tent to put your feet up & enjoy light


To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358


Membership Form May 2019/20

Charity No 900578 www.Hordleca.co.uk 01425 517944

As a resident/s within the Civil Parish of Hordle and over the age of 18 years I/we wish to

commence/continue membership of the Hordle Community Association. Membership is by

Family Group or Individual



……………………………………………………….……………………………………….. ………………………………………..

Post Code…………………...……… Telephone number………………….…………………………………………...

E-mail address…………………………………………………………….………………………………………………………..

Membership categories: Family £4.00 , Individual £2.00

I enclose my remittance for £………

(I also include an entirely optional donation)

Please make cheques payable to HORDLE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION and not to named

individuals. Please send or deliver your subscription to the HCA Treasurer Andy Boettger,

Woodlawn, Hordle Vaggs Lane, Lymington SO41 0YG

Please note: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018 requires HCA to process

personal data in a certain way. Your data will only be held for two years post membership.

You are entitled to view, alter, remove your data held by HCA at any time. By ticking the enclosed

box you agree to freely give of the above information for confidential use only by HCA. You may view

the complete GDPR compliance document by giving the Secretary an e-mail: kengould10@gmail.com



May we take this opportunity to offer a warm welcome to and thank you for supporting the Association

and for supporting Community Events organised by the HCA Please note: a receipt is not

normally provided, please enclose a stamped address envelope should you require one.

The Parish Council meets on the 1 st and 3 rd

Tuesday of each month at 7.15 pre meeting

HCA: www.Hordleca.co.uk, Pavilion 01425

517944, Film screenings £2.50

Café: Every Saturday 9am –12.30. The

Pavilion, Vaggs Lane Come and have a coffee

and home made cake. Children and pets are


All Saints‘ Church Office, Hordle:

01425 626565

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements


Kirsty Eustace

Our Cover Page Artist

Textile artist Kirsty Eustace came to the

New Forest in 2012, where she draws her

inspiration for the unique textile painting

she produces. When asked about the

influence the New Forest has on her work,

she said;

"Life in the New Forest continues to fill me

with wonder and joy, from the noise of the

waves picking up the stones at Milford

beach to the ever-changing seasons in the

forest itself, there really is a myriad of

opportunity for inspiration in this area.

Originally an Essex girl from Southend on

Sea...I have never owned any white

stilettos, although you may catch the odd

mispronunciation of most words ending

with the letter t...I grew up in a family who

encouraged a fascination with nature, both

through a love and respect of animals, and

the growing and nurturing of plants. We

spent our summers and winters in the

garden, and our holidays in the most

beautiful parts of the British coast and

countryside. This experience has had a

profound effect on the imagery that

inspires me."

Kirsty graduated from Central Saint Martins

in 2001 with a BA(Hons) in Print Design, and

she still has a love affair for repeated

patterns; Lucienne Day, Barbara Brown and

Mary White are among her favourite

designers of the past. She still can’t help

dabbling now and then with the odd print

design and she hopes to bring this element

into her artwork in the future.

Kirsty says; "I’ve had a thing for line and

stitch for the last couple of decades, heavily

influenced by Erte and Beardsley’s

captivating illustrations. I have always liked

drawing with the sewing machine to

recreate the flowing lines of a pen and ink

drawing. I’m not afraid of getting it wrong

and trying again, it is frustrating when you

can’t quite get a piece to work, but I’m

aware no one was born an expert they just

practiced a lot. It’s early days for me as an

artist and I still don’t really think I have cut

my teeth fully yet, but I’m constantly

curious and continuously grateful for having

the opportunity to try."

Kirsty's work can be found at



To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358







Tel: 01425 638656

Email: newmilton@haywardfox.co.uk


Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements



Email: legal@daglessandwhitlock.com

To advertise email: jqpeacock@gmail.com, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

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