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Tasty Tipples to Summer Snacks to Haven of Yumminess to Sober SUmmer, there is something for everyone to, flick through. We bring you our Food & Drink Guide 2019 edition to inspire you with eat me, drink me or make me ideas. We constantly add new pages to the online editions.





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A variety of healthy snacks,

scrumptious gifts & foods

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The best wines, spirits and

non alcoholic drinks to

enjoy this season

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Bring out your creative

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cocktails to cookery


Drink s

Aerstone Sea Cask - 10-year-old

Single Malt Whisky

Not every dad likes the same type of whisky, Sea Cask 10 Year Old,

described as ‘smooth and easy’ on the pack, is a classic Speysidestyle

single malt with nutty vanilla notes. Our noses also detected

salted caramel and our taste buds picked up a hint of ginger which

balanced the buttery vanilla extremely well. The aerstone whisky

aims to demystify whisky for beginners and is a great product

launched by William Grant and sons. This whisky develops its

character from the time spent aging in warehouses located close to

the sea on the Ayrshire coast, giving the whisky a subtle salty note

on the finish.

£30 from Tesco


This elegant, glass cocktail shaker from Royal

Opera House shop is an absolute must-have for any

party or even just to bring an Art Deco feel to your


£25 from the Royal Opera House


CÎROC is a truly modern

vodka, filled with flavour and

style, that brings celebration to

every cocktail and occasion.

Laid back, or up-tempo CÎROC

is at the heart of fashion,

music and party celebrations

with its confident approach

to living in the now. Unlike

typical grain-based vodkas,

CÎROC is distilled five times

from fine French grapes by

Master Distiller Jean-Sébastien


£40.00 from Amazon

Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder is made from

a unique combination of three

tasty Speyside Malts, expertly

married in small batches, creating

a smooth, versatile flavour.

£27.00 from Asda, Sainsbury’s,

Tesco, Waitrose

Zymurgorium Gin

Give an epic present to the

special man in your life with

Zymurgorium Gins! Zymurgorium

is made with Manchester

Marmalade. Our Heroic Citrus gin

collaboration coming to kick down

tonsils and spark some taste buds!

£30 from

Marqués de Cáceres

Marqués de Cáceres is a premium

Spanish Rioja range and the perfect

Father’s Day gift for the wine lovers.

The limited edition Gran Reserva is

a must when you want to treat a wine

lover to something extra special.

£18.99 from Drinks Supermarket,


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In years long-passed, distillery workers

would help themselves to a dram

using a ‘copper dog’; a pipe hidden

inside the leg of their trousers. These

Speyside rascals and characters are the

inspiration for this unique blend of no

fewer than eight single malt whiskies,

slowly married together in old oak

casks. An easy-drinking scotch with

ripe fruit aromas and a delicate spicy


£27.99 from Amazon


The City of London Distillery brought Gin distilling back

to the City in 2012 after an absence of nearly 200 years. It’s

latest zesty flavours are £34.95 from

Ti p

Bombay Sapphire

With botanicals sourced from the

English countryside, BOMBAY

SAPPHIRE® English Estate

balances the familiar citrus notes of

its renowned London Dry Gin with

three new botanicals; Pennyroyal

mint, Rosehip and toasted Hazelnut

perfectly blended to produce bright

citrus notes invigorated with mint,

creating a vibrant gin for the ultimate

summer. £23 from Ocado

Martini Fiero

MARTINI Fiero is dubbed the

new drink of the summer. It’s

100% natural flavour and colour

with zesty bitter-sweet orange

taste makes it fabulous to drink it

with tonic water over ice and enjoy

on a sunshine day. As the trend for

bold flavoured, brightly-coloured

drinks continues to thrive. £12

from Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Ocado

Amazon, & The Whisky Exchange


Copalli Rum is a premium,

organic, single-estate rum;

distilled, barrelled, aged and

bottled in the Belizean rainforest.

Made using double distillation

of sugar cane juice, and

exclusively full-bodied copper

pot still distillation with French

technique. Tasting notes including

cinnamon, nutmeg and tobacco.

£41.30 from

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1 2

p l e s

3 4

1. Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum £26 from Amazon & Master of Malt

2. Brockmans Gin £34 from M&S, Ocado &

3. Caorunn Scottish Raspberry £21 per 50cl bottle from specialist retailers

4. Zymurgorium Across The Pond £25 from

Liverpool Gin

Organic Liverpool Rose Petal Gin

uses the timeless, floral aroma

of rose petals to create a delicate

and aromatic gin that is tenderly

fragrant. It features citrus for

sharpness and background notes of

sweet liquorice, £56 from Harvey


Edinburgh Gin

This gin liquer comes with a

fortune-telling gin ball from ‘Head

for the Med’ – Rhubarb & Ginger

Gin with Mediterranean tonic – to

‘The Outlook is Bubbly’ – Rhubarb

& Ginger Gin Liqueur with fizz

predictions. £28


Hedgepig Zesty Elderflower is best

served cold with dessert or as a

cocktail topped up with Prosecco.

This luscious liqueur has wild

elderflower and subtle citrus notes

for a delicate flavour. £36 from

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SOBER Su mme r


Whether you are a

designated driver, an

athlete in the middle of

training or just giving your

liver a break you can

still awaken your




doesn’t have

to mean


Special Effects is Brooklyn

Brewery’s first foray into creating

a low-alcohol option. Brewed

using a specially developed

fermentation method that limits

the amount of alcohol created,

while allowing more traditional

beer flavours to develop, beer fans

can expect to taste a hoppy lager

with a piney aroma and pleasantly

bitter finish. A hugely versatile

beer, Special Effects is great

paired with a variety of foods.

As the weather warms up,

try it with fresh spinach

salads, grilled chicken or

the sharp flavour of goat’s


£1.30 from Tesco stores


Tipplesworth features a

mouthwatering combination of

passion fruit, guava, pineapple

and lime, balanced with smooth

notes of French vanilla and

marshmallow. Drink as a nonalcoholic

drink or serve as a

matini to your friends just add

vodka, shake hard over ice, and

strain into a martini glass!

£6.99 from Waitrose


Heineken® 0.0 is Heineken®’s

non-alcoholic lager. With no

alcohol content, low calories (69

calories per bottle), low sugar

(1g per100ml) meaning you

can enjoy a beer moment and

the social connections it brings

anytime, anywhere! It was

first launched in March 2017

and has quickly become the

fastest growing brand in the

alcohol-free segment, No

doubt helped by the fact

it launched the biggest

ever campaign for an

alcohol-free beer in the

UK. £1 per can from

Sainsbury’s, Waitrose,



in bottles



Caleño is the creation of

Ellie Webb, who hails from

Colombia. Inspired by the

sunny spirit of South America,

Caleño, is the delicious new

non-alcoholic spirit that’s

already making waves here

in the UK, Caleño,offers a

zingy, zesty, tropical infusion

of juniper, citrus and spice

botanicals and has been

designed to bring bold colour,

joy and fun to not drinking.

£24 from Sainsbury’s




Lambrini launch brand new

Fully Sparkling and it’s every

Prosecco lover’s dream! The

new bubbly is has 5.5% alcohol

and less calories than more

traditional fizz options. Perfect

as a low alcohol alternative.

£5 from Asda.

Yeti and the Fox speeds up toxin

breakdown in the liver. When

drinking Yeti & The Fox replenishes

your glutathione levels allowing you

to continue fighting the toxins from

alcohol. Glutathione is an integral

part of the detoxification process

and is primarily found in the liver.

It also plays a significant role in

energy metabolism, promoting

optimum health and

increased energy.

£50.99 from



Bartender and conservation

biologist Paul Mathew has launched

Everleaf, a new non- alcoholic

aperitif sourced sustainably from

nature. Everleaf is bright and full

of bittersweet complexity designed

to be mixed with soda water or tonic

to create a refreshingly quintessential

summertime spritz. Brimming with

botanicals, Paul carefully selected 18

different plants to impart complex, delicate

flavours as well as exceptional texture.

£18 from Sainsbury’s


Eisberg is UK’s number one alcoholfree

wine. It is made in the same way

as regular wine, but with the alcohol

removed at the end, Eisberg is perfect for

your readers who want to cut down on

their booze intake, are designated drivers,

mums to be or simply want to watch their

calories, but still have a glass of wine

guilt-free. The range is zero alcohol and

less than 31 calories per small glass.The

range includes classics such as Sauvignon

Blanc, Chardonnay, Rose and Cabernet

Sauvignon. We also have a sparkling

Blanc and a Sparkling Rosé.

From £3.50 at supermarkets nationwide


Progressively crafted with

over 400 years of proud

brewing heritage,

Lucky Saint is an

unfiltered beer that’s

alcohol free yet full

of flavour. Born of

Bavarian spring water,

pilsner malt, hallertau

hops and a single-use

yeast for a unique

lager that is unfiltered

and uncompromising.

Starting from £2 at or at

100 Sainsbury’s stores

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o Be


This is the SLOAN! Food and Drink Guide 2019

We have had many requests for food and drink

favourites to be all in one place, so as always we

like to provide you, our readers with what works

best for you.

We will keep adding to this guide, so check back

as often as you like for our SLOAN! favourites. We

will let you know on when we

add new pages.






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We hope you enjoyed the SLOAN! 2019 Food & Drink Guide

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