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Tasty Tipples to Summer Snacks to Haven of Yumminess to Sober SUmmer, there is something for everyone to, flick through. We bring you our Food & Drink Guide 2019 edition to inspire you with eat me, drink me or make me ideas. We constantly add new pages to the online editions.


Lambrini has a brand new

Fully Sparkling and it’s every

Prosecco lover’s dream! The

new bubbly has only 5.5%

alcohol and less calories than

more traditional fizz options.

Perfect as a low alcohol


£5 from Asda


Yeti and the Fox speeds up toxin

breakdown in the liver. When

drinking Yeti & The Fox replenishes

your glutathione levels allowing you

to continue fighting the toxins from

alcohol. Glutathione is an integral

part of the detoxification process

and is primarily found in the liver.

It also plays a significant role in

energy metabolism, promoting

optimum health and

increased energy.

£50.99 from




Bartender and conservation

biologist Paul Mathew has launched

Everleaf, a new non- alcoholic

aperitif sourced sustainably from

nature. Everleaf is bright and full

of bittersweet complexity designed

to be mixed with soda water or tonic

to create a refreshingly quintessential

summertime spritz. Brimming with

botanicals, Paul carefully selected 18

different plants to impart complex, delicate

flavours as well as exceptional texture.

£18 from Sainsbury’s


Eisberg is UK’s number one alcoholfree

wine. It is made in the same way

as regular wine, but with the alcohol

removed at the end, Eisberg is perfect for

your readers who want to cut down on

their booze intake, are designated drivers,

mums to be or simply want to watch their

calories, but still have a glass of wine

guilt-free. The range is zero alcohol and

less than 31 calories per small glass. The

range includes classics such as Sauvignon

Blanc, Chardonnay, Rose and Cabernet

Sauvignon. We think the sparkling Blanc

and Sparkling Rosé are ideal for parties.

From £3.50 at supermarkets nationwide


Progressively crafted with

over 400 years of proud

brewing heritage,

Lucky Saint is an

unfiltered beer that’s

alcohol free yet full

of flavour. Born of

Bavarian spring water,

pilsner malt, hallertau

hops and a single-use

yeast for a unique

lager that is unfiltered

and uncompromising.

Starting from £2 at or at 100

Sainsbury’s stores

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