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Three sports kits for gruelling

exercise routines. Page 3

In perfect


The abrasive mop wheels by Klingspor always

perform brilliantly – wherever and whenever. Even

when used for sanding football helmets. Page 2

Step by step

The right grit sequence is paramount to

achieving the desired scratch depth

during sanding. Turn to page 6 for tips

from our experts

Teamwork makes

the dream work

Klingspor’s Sales Director on how we define

service. Page 4

Picture-perfect cuts

Reciprocating, chop or static cutting: The benefits and

downsides at a glance. Page 8


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for specialists

Whether used on paint, varnish, wood or metal: The abrasive mop wheels MM 650 and

MM 630 by Klingspor bring out the best in every workpiece. Better yet, they do so in way

that is exceedingly gentle to the surfaces. Even the National Football League (NFL) took

notice of their exceptional capabilities.

American Football is one of the most

hard-hitting sports there is. The

action on the field is a no-holdsbarred

affair: Brawny men give it their all

to sprint, block, throw, catch and, most

importantly, stop their opponent in their

tracks by engaging in what the language

of the sport refers to as tackling. Over and

over again, players smash into each other

at full force, their helmets taking the

brunt of the impact. No wonder that

concussions are a frequent occurrence.

This type of physicality is as punishing on

the helmets as it is taxing on the athletes.

The clashes cause the paint to chip off,

leaving behind scratches.

The special treatment

As long as its shape is not compromised,

the helmet will remain effective, but will

MM 650

This abrasive mop wheel was

originally designed for use in

woodworking on stationary machines.

At present, the product is becoming

increasingly popular in metal

processing – where it is used for

deburring small parts.

MM 630

The MacMop model for handheld

machines contours perfectly to the

surface and guarantees an

exceptionally long service life. The

side of the flaps that is coated with

abrasive is positioned against the

direction of travel.

definitely look worse for wear at the end of

the season. Retire them and purchase new

ones? Since this premium headgear costs

a pretty penny, most football clubs decide

to have them restored instead. Constructed

from durable high-performance plastic,

football helmets can be refurbished three

to four times – depending on the damage

they sustained. This translates to a savings

of 80 per cent compared to a repurchase.

NFL teams, therefore, round up their

helmets when the season is out and ship

them off to Tijuana in Mexico. There, at a

specialised plant, up to 15,000 helmets

daily are subjected to a special treatment

following the conclusion of the football


Before a helmet can be decked out

with the new look the club has chosen for

next season, the old paint must be sanded

down and – at times – stripped off

completely, and scratches need to be

repaired. “This type of pretreatment used

to be a process that cost a lot of time and

money. Since the plant made the move to

Klingspor’s MacMop wheels MM 650, their

productivity has nearly doubled”, reports

Hani Nassar of Klingspor Abrasives, Inc.

Its singular design makes the MM 650

ideal for profiled materials that possess a

sensitive surface. “The product is set apart

by the radial, fan-shaped arrangement of

its abrasive flaps, which are slashed

several times in longitudinal direction.

This design turns the MM 650 into a

particularly flexible tool, capable of

creating a fine surface finish”, states

Torsten Ettl, Production Manager at

Klingspor in Haiger. Engineered for

combination with stationary machines,

the MM 650 also delivers an exceptionally

long service life. Torsten Ettl explains why:

“When the tool is used at the optimal

speed, the generated centrifugal force will

cause the abrasive flaps to stand up

straight in radial direction, confining wear

to the edge of the flap. Aside from allowing

new and sharp abrasive grains to

constantly take the place of worn grains,

this design also keeps any abrasive debris

from clogging the wheel.”

Highly sought-after-allrounders

The versatile MacMop wheels are not only

in great demand in the NFL. They are also

the tool of choice wherever an application

calls for sanding profiled baseboards. To

users who need to work with handheld

machines Klingspor offers the MM 630

with shaft. Like many other Klingspor

products, this tool has been furnished with

aluminium oxide grain. The MacMop is

available in a wide selection of widths and

grit sizes – from P40 to P800. The user

can select to work with a higher removal

rate or to produce a particularly smooth

finish simply by varying the tool pressure

and the grit size.

Unbeknownst to the players in the

NFL, the name MacMop can be traced back

to Walter Klingspor’s dog: Walter Klingspor

had a dog by the name of Mac who had

brown, shaggy fur. The tousled pet

inspired product engineers to name the

new product MacMop, still signified today

by the acronym MM. ■

Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 1|2019 THE KLINGSPOR WORLD 3

Spring sales event

Bonus. Discover the first flying disc Klingspor has ever made! Place your

order now and benefit from our attractive promotional packages that

come with a free Eurodisc Ultimate – a genuine competition-grade

frisbee! Customers who order 20 units or more of the same category are

eligible to have their customer logo printed

on the free promotional item.

For more information on these

packages, log on to: ■




Frühjahrsaktion 2019




Frisbee-Aktion2019_VI_3Pakete_DE_A4.indd 3 12.02.19 11:25


Scratch depth


This is term from the field of

surface physics: The scratch depth

– also referred to as roughness –

signifies the unevenness of the

surface height and is measured in

microns (µm). Roughness can be

calculated by means of a variety of

calculation methods that factor in

different surface qualities. The

median roughness is the average

calculated based on the individual

scratch depths measured in five

consecutive single measuring

sections of the roughness profile.

The maximum and minimum

values of each measuring section

are added and then divided by the

number of measuring sections.

Turn to page 6 for more

information on the topic of surface

quality. ■

In their capacity as Key Account Managers, Uwe Behrendt (left) and Jens Fischer are

responsible for providing regional and supra-regional support to key accounts and

industrial customers.

Key service

New responsibilities. Key accounts are an essential economic factor for

every company. This is why Klingspor established a dedicated Key Account

Management department in late 2018 with the intention to look after the

specific needs of our key accounts. Uwe Behrendt and Jens Fischer dedicate

the profound expertise and long years of experience they accumulated as

field service representatives to their new role as Key Account Managers to

afford our key accounts the best possible advice, service and support.

Rather than being limited to sales activities, their responsibilities will

primarily be concerned with the optimisation of existing processes with

the goal of creating a benefit for both companies. ■

NEWEffective immediately,

Yellow” is available in

Austria and Switzerland

as well. “At long last, we can share with our partners

everything there is to know about Klingspor”, rejoices Dirk

Köpsel, Sales Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Rendezvous in


Trade fair. From April 8 through April 14, the heart of the construction

and mining equipment industry will be beating in Munich again. As the

world’s leading trade show in the industry, bauma will be attended by

more than 3,500 exhibitors from 55 countries this year. Hosted every

three years and already the largest of its kind on the planet, bauma will

be even larger this year. The fair will also witness Klingspor's début as an

exhibitor. We will be showcasing our diamond tools, which are in great

demand by users who need to work with such exceedingly hard

construction materials as concrete and screed. Our experts will set up

shop in Hall A (A1.541) and would love for you to swing by. ■


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Win one of three

sports kits!

The competition question:

Which Klingspor product is used to sand the

helmets of NFL players?

The answer is given in this edition of “Yellow”. Already found

it? Then, with any luck, you may win one of our sports kits

composed of a functional shirt, a drinking bottle and a sports


Participation is very easy: Send the correct answer along with

your name and address

by e-mail to:

or send it on a postcard with the correct postage to:

Klingspor Management GmbH & Co. KG, Hüttenstr. 36,

35708 Haiger, Germany

The closing date is 31 May 2019. The winner will be picked

from the draw. The judges' decision is final. All personal details

will be treated as confidential.


Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 1|2019

“This is our se

Dirk Köpsel, Sales Director Germany, Austria, and

Switzerland, explains the significance Klingspor

attaches to the aspect of service and how the

company continues to support their specialist

dealers in this ever changing digital age.

The cooperation between Klingspor and their

specialist dealers has always been extremely close.

Mr. Köpsel, why has it now become necessary to

back up the principles behind this cooperation with

a service promise?

Klingspor offers top-of-the-line service. However, a large

number of our customers take advantage of only a fraction

of it. Some are not even aware of the added value our

service can offer them. This is why we decided to

encapsulate our commitment to our specialist dealers in

our service promise. This is our proactive approach to

informing the market about the ways we can support our

partners in their endeavour to master the challenges of

today and tomorrow. This is our service promise.

What does this promise entail?

To put it into concrete terms, the promise applies to

digital sales, added value services and the availability of

our product range. In the wake of the constant

advances in digital technology, digital sales are

increasingly gaining in significance. Today, an

increasing number of purchases is made digitally.

This is why we have joined forces with our retail

partners to bolster this distribution channel.

The second pillar of our strategy - added

value service - rests on a tightly woven

network of field service locations. This

network allows us to respond exceedingly

fast to any problem that needs to be

resolved. Our field service representatives

provide expert technical advice, support

test series conducted by the customer and work in close

cooperation with the product managers, who also offer

their support on site. Finally, the third part of our service

promise relates to our product selection and availability of

our products. Our extensive knowledge about our target

groups and their applications allows us tailor our advice

and product portfolio to the specific needs of our retail

partners. Equally paramount is the quick availability of

the products. To reach these objectives, we invested in a

large logistics centre in Haiger in 2016, which is capable

of satisfying the above requirements thanks to an

automatic small parts warehouse that offers 15,000 pallet

spaces and 47,000 containers.

What are the measures with which

Klingspor supports specialist dealers

in the area of e-commerce?

Visibility and data quality are at the front

and centre of digital distribution. We

provide our retailers with the latest data,

image and video material available – and

in the best quality possible. We interlink

with our partners via such interfaces as

nexMart or Electronic Data Interchange

(EDI) in an effort to allow for a particularly

fast exchange of data. This set-up

streamlines the process such that any

customer order placed with the retailer

that reaches us before 2pm can be

processed and shipped by us on the very

same day. Since e-commerce is here to

Our team of field service representatives

embodies the utmost importance Klingspor

attaches to face-to-face contact.

50,000 Once

items in stock and available for same-day shipping at the

logistics centre in Haiger. To support our specialist

dealers as best we can, Klingspor ensures that all orders

received by 2pm will ship on the same day.

2015 saw an expansion of

Klingspor’s portfolio of

self-produced diamond


And, our in-house team of

developers is constantly

hard at work to introduce

the market to new


a year, Klingspor offers their customers promotional

packages that include attractive extras. Always

in great demand are our powerful sets “Cutting”,

“Diamond” or “Cutting & Sanding”, which retail for

a package price between EUR 149 and EUR 269.

Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 1|2019



rvice promise”

stay and will only gather more momentum in the future,

we have made it one of our primary concerns.

What do you consider the greatest challenges in

this area?

The degree of digitisation varies greatly among the

parties involved. It is essential for us to also take along all

those customers who may have just started establishing

their own online shop. Meanwhile, we must not neglect

our responsibility of supplying the best possible data and

services to customers who have already made great

strides in this area. This is a balancing act we need to


What is your approach in this regard?

We have trained an e-commerce specialist for each sales

territory in Germany. If requested by the retailer, we will

subject their website to a thorough check. The check we

perform focuses on user friendliness, loading times and

search engine optimisation. Customers for whom we have

already performed our check have given us nothing but

positive feedback. Our goal is to give our specialist dealers

the support they need to create the best digital distribution

channel possible.

How will the expansion in e-commerce impact the

sales structure?

In Germany and the rest of the world we employ a sales

staff off 22 and 400, respectively. We will continue to

operate in the market with this strong sales force –

regardless of the extension of our digital sales channels.

The job description of a field service representative has

undergone some major changes over the last few decades.

Anyone working in sales for Klingspor is not only expected

to accept orders but also needs to serve as a partner

capable of answering questions, give presentations at inhouse

shows and teach training classes. Deeply rooted in

our service mentality, this added value will remain

available to our customers in the future.

Speaking of the future: What else can customers

expert from Klingspor from now onwards?

Quality, dependability and safety will remain at the centre

of everything we do. As we always have, we will provide

our partners with a large selection of products that come

in many custom designs and are marked by supreme

quality. We will stay true to our roots and drive innovation

forward. And, we will continue to improve our service

package. We will illustrate the first steps we have taken in

this direction at bauma in Munich from April 8 to 14. But,

until then, I do not wish to go into any more detail. ■

“Our field service staff

makes it possible for

us to stay extremely

close to our customers

– a fact that is greatly

appreciated by our


Jürgen Meyer-Kump,

Sales Director Klingspor Austria

“Whether we need

customised training

for our staff or our

customers – Klingspor is

always at our side as a

competent partner.”

Achim Schlautmann, Managing Director of Heribert

Sohlmann GmbH

“We could no be

happier with the

fast availability

of Klingspor's

vast in-stock


Rainer Grothaus, Deputy Director of

Purchasing at Fuchs + Sanders

“Our customers value not

only our products but also

the support we offer them in

three official languages.”

Markus Gerig, Managing Director Klingspor Switzerland

Klingspor serves us as a strong

partner, providing the interfaces,

master data and logistics we

need to advance our digital

business model. A mutual mix of

expectations and encouragement

helps us both to better adapt

to the constantly changing

conditions in the marketplace.”

Richard Reidl, Managing Director at the Reidl trading company

To ensure their

products are used

safely at all times,

Klingspor also provides retailers

and end consumers with

assistance online on a dedicated

YouTube channel. User and

product videos make the daily

work with our products a breeze.

strong is the

Klingspor’s team of sales

representatives in Germany.

The team ensures expert

technical advice and fast

response times nationwide.

Better yet, they are also

supported by our product

managers and product



In 2016, Klingspor

opened their large

European logistics centre

in Haiger. An automated

small parts warehouse

boasting 47,000

containers guarantees

fast delivery times and

broad availability.


Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 1|2019

From coarse to fine –


surfaces the

right way

When sanding metal surfaces , users must pay particular attention to the

scratch depth – especially during industrial applications. Following the right

grit sequence is critical to the final result. The following is a list of rules that

must be observed in this regard.

“Producing the

desired scratch

pattern requires that

you adhere to the

right grit sequence

and refrain from

skipping more than

one grit size.”

Hartwig Dangendorf, Product Manager at


Some industries impose particularly

stringent requirements on the

surfaces. Customers dealing with

food or chemical products require surfaces

that are exceptionally smooth to keep any

residue from clinging to the surface and to

prevent the formation of rust. But, how

smooth is smooth – actually? More often

than not, sanding on metal needs to

produce not only a pristine finish but also

impeccable surface quality – a quantifiable

unit according to the ISO standard. The

naked eye is often incapable of spotting

every unevenness. Surface quality is,

therefore, assessed by calculating the

scratch depth. “A feeler equipped with a

diamond tip scans the metal surface and

measures any type of unevenness and

every scratch along its way to create a

profile. Since the feelers are standardised,

the scanner tip will be moved across the

surface precisely for the prescribed

duration and at the prescribed speed. The

created profile is then used to calculate

different parameters such as the maximum

and scratch depths and the median

roughness”, explains Hartwig Dangendorf,

Product Manager at Klingspor.

From rough to smooth

The measuring method used for polished

or coated surfaces is of a different nature.

The method used here involves a device

that measures how strongly a beam of

light is reflected. The finer the surface,

the higher the gloss level.

The scratch depth determined with the

profile method is measured in microns

(µm). If the sander is given the job of

achieving a specific roughness value, it

will certainly benefit them to know where

they need to start. The first thing to do is

select the right grit size for their abrasive.

“This decision has a lot to do with practical

experience and starts with the user

subjecting the surface to a visual

inspection. If the surface shows scratches

or more substantial damage, the job will

require a higher removal rate in the first

step, making it necessary to opt for a

coarser grit. If, by contrast, the original

material possesses a low scratch depth

and a small number of imperfections or

damage, the user will select a finer grit for

the first sanding pass.

“Every user aims to achieve the desired

outcome with the greatest possible

efficiency. This is why it is advisable to

start with a grit that is not to coarse if the

quality of the original surface is relatively

good. This will help reduce the number of

subsequent work steps”, declares Hartwig

Dangendorf. However, one major mistake

one could make in this context is to

directly skip ahead from a coarse to a

much finer grit. “This will merely fold over

the coarse points and cover up the

unevenness found in the deep subsurface.

While feeling smooth to the touch, the

surface will still be miles away from the

quality the user wishes to achieve. “You

should not skip more than one grit size to

form the scratch pattern. Following the

right sequence is imperative”, emphasis

the expert.

For instance: Users starting out with a

120 grit abrasive belt can skip the next

size (150) in the grit sequence and

continue directly with grit size 180. They

can then go ahead and skip the next size

(220) again and, ideally, pick a grit size of

240 for finishing. “Following this approach

will wear down the points gradually. This is

why sticking to the right grit sequence is

so important”, continues Hartwig

Dangendorf. ■

Smooth metal surfaces are of prime importance

in the chemical industry. The right

surface treatment will be the decisive factor

for the longevity of the containers.

Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 1|2019



Scratch depth profiles resulting from the

right grit sequence

1 The original profile

2 Profile after the first sanding pass with P 120.

3 Profile after the second sanding pass with P 180.

4 Finish after the final treatment with P 240.

Scratch depth profiles resulting from an

incorrect grit sequence

1 The original profile – in our example, P 80.

2 If directly skipping ahead from a P 80 to a P 240 grit, users will merely fold over the profile points rather than sanding

them off.


Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 1|2019

Grinding tips for


Part 5:

Cutting technique

For more info visit

Reciprocating, sawing or chopping? The choice of abrasive cutting method varies

with the material and the machine used for processing. Our expert explains the

benefits and downsides of static, reciprocating and chop cutting.

The difference between the different

cutting techniques applied in metalworking

lies in the way the cutting-off

wheel and the workpiece are

moved“, explains Ibraim Lapa, Klingspor's

Director of Business Development. Whether

they work at a stationary machine or

use an angle grinder: Users will not

achieve their best results unless they

match the perfect Kronenflex cutting disc

with the best possible cutting technique.

Static cutting basically requires the

same technique that you would apply

when slicing a loaf of bread with a bread

slicer, illustrates Lapa. In contrast to bread

slicing, static cutting requires that you

press the cutting-of wheel against the

workpiece rather than the bread against

the knife. Static cutting is a particularly

good choice for small workpieces as this

technique lets you work fast and produce

accurate cuts. On the flip side, this cutting

technique produces tremendous heat as

you keep pressing down on the same spot.

This turns into a disadvantage primarily

when you need to process thicker workpieces

and solid material.

More guiding, less


“A better option is the reciprocating cutting

technique. The reciprocating motion

of the machine keeps the frictional forces

from acting on one spot alone, distributing

them more evenly. The cutting-off

wheel will no longer move, preventing the

material from heating up too much”, details

Ibraim Lapa. This cutting technique

will produce perfect results when combined

with a guided machine that

prevents bouncing back and forth with

stops fitted on the sides. This technique

does, however, show a minor weakness

when used with an angle grinder: The cuts

are less precise as the user will find it hard

to perfectly hit the cutting line every time

while actively reciprocating.

Achieving the perfect cut every time is

no problem, however, for the chop cutting

technique: The machine is simple guided

from top to bottom, cutting the workpiece

with a simple chopping motion. “One

aspect to keep in mind, though, is that

heat generation could become a problem.

The user should make sure to keep the

cutting time relatively short to prevent the

material from overheating”, recommends

the specialist.

The larger the cross section of the

material, the greater the importance of

performing a reciprocating cut in order to

keep the temperature low. “While chop or

static cutting work perfectly fine for a pipe

with a diameter of 50 millimetres, reciprocating

cutting will work best when you

need to cut a steel beam”, stresses Ibraim

Lapa. He tops off his recommendations

with another tip for reciprocating cutting:

The cuts require a certain rhythm. The

user should utilise the machine's own

weight and guide it leisurely at a slow pace

and without allowing it to bounce around.

It will then slice through the material like a

hot knife through butter.“ ■

Reciprocating cut

Technique: Cutting-off wheel

completes an additional

forward and backward

motion while cutting in the

direction of travel

Benefit: Generates only low


Downside: Longer cutting time,

imprecise cuts

Suitable for: Workpieces with a large

cross section

Chop cut

Technique: Cutting-off wheel moves in

a radial motion from top to

bottom via the centre of a


Benefit: Short cutting time, clean

cuts, and minimum lateral

load on the cutting-off


Downside: Heat generation

Suitable for: Workpieces with a small to

medium cross section

Advice from the expert

“I recommend that the user pay particular attention

to the cross section of the material to be cut when

selecting their cutting technique”, points out Ibraim

Lapa, Klingspor's Director of Business Development.

Your profile partner

Static cutting

Technique: The cutting-off wheel

is pushed continuously

through the material

Benefit: Short cutting time,

straight and accurate cuts

Downside: Generates high


Suitable for: Workpieces with a small

cross section

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