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cupping for example, will

ensure blood flow is optimised

and recovery times enhanced.

One of the main study areas

for acupuncture effectiveness is

for pain relief; the acupuncture

needles trigger signals to the

brain which in turn releases

opiates and reduces pain

and inflammation. Pain can

be in many forms including

but not limited to migraines,

fibromyalgia and back pain.

For mental emotional

treatments the ability to balance

hormones is key. We live in

an age of worry so if you’re

constantly stressed or suffer




from anxiety, you may want to give acupuncture

a go. Your nervous system is divided between the

sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous

system. Our sympathetic nervous system is known for

‘fight or flight’; when the sympathetic nervous system

is on, our blood pressure goes up, as does the body’s

stress hormone, cortisol. Acupuncture can encourage

the body to let the parasympathetic nervous system

take over — allowing the heart rate to slow down,

and blood pressure and cortisol levels to drop.

The balance of hormones is also crucial in the

treatment of fertility patients. I have a huge personal

attachment to treating women going through a

fertility journey as I have been on my own journey

and my daughter was born through IVF, during

which acupuncture for me was invaluable. So when

I say I know what you’re going through, I actually

do. Acupuncture can assist in regulating periods,

reducing pain, ensuring that blood flow is optimal

to aid in fertility treatment and reducing stress

hormones, allowing you to relax in what can be an

extremely overwhelming time.

So this is a brief explanation of what acupuncture

is and the ways in which it helps. Always remember

that dry needling, which is the type of acupuncture a

physio might administer, can be learnt as a weekend

course, where as traditional Chinese acupuncture

takes years to study and gain official qualifications, so

they are not the same.

Acupuncture is also often seen as a last resort when

everything else has failed, so understand that while

any good practitioner will never give you more

sessions than are necessary, it will often be a course

of treatment that is required. We aim to treat the

cause and not just the symptoms.

In a nutshell, there is no simple introduction or short

list of what acupuncture can do as it can treat so

many things, more than 300 in fact. From arthritis,

back and neck pain to sports injury and recovery,

anxiety to fertility treatment, if you are looking for a

drug-free alternative to treatment, then acupuncture

could be for you.

For more information or to book an

appointment with Angie call 07861 246793,

email care@verveacupuncture.co.uk or visit



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