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Is business easy?

Everyone else seems to think

it is. This is how most business

people feel. Terrified of the

truth, hiding their own vulnerabilities

and joining the world

of fake that is now so prevalent

in society.

I feel really passionate

about this statement. I called

myself an ‘accidental entrepreneur’

for years. I actually feel

vast numbers of us are now

‘accidental’. The opportunity

when we see a gap to make a

difference is so much easier

to launch, creating a web site,

applying digital technology to

our business model and the

desire to be able to say “I built

it and now they will come” is


Is there a formula to success?

You would think so from all

the ‘marketers’ who sell their

courses online and tell us: “You

could be as rich as me, just pay

me and I will show you how.”

Quite funny really. No

wonder they are rich (if they

really are) as they appeal to our

vulnerabilities to believe that

we lack, that we are not rich,

beautiful or wise enough.

How about this? Imagine

you were enough, imagine you

could create your own definition

of success and ambition

and you stopped looking over

your shoulders at other people

and took control of your life.

It is vital that we understand

ourselves, respect, accept

and believe in ourselves. Our

character, our personality, our

life experiences, our personal

desires and how much we are

personally willing to sacrifice.

Then add in your skills, knowledge

and the people you know.

This is one huge mixing bowl

of ingredients to create your

future from.

I work with people who are

skilled. They have a defined

and powerful skill that they

have honed and invested in

for a number of years. They

look over the shoulder at the

perception of the world and

they can’t understand why

their life has not turned out

as amazing as the people they

follow and ‘admire’.

Penny Power OBE

This is my take on this.

Firstly, what is your benchmark?

I coached a gentleman

who was amazingly successful

but had depression and was

frustrated with his business.

He laughed and laughed

when I asked him who he was

comparing himself with. “Mark

Zuckerberg and Elon Musk”

was his reply. His laughter

came from a place of joy as

he realised what a ridiculous

subconscious belief system he

was holding. It didn’t take much

to make him feel incredible.

Secondly, what makes you

happy? This will be a great

discovery. Write down your

values, the top three things that

are important. Then create two

columns. The first, out of 10,

how important is this value to

you? The second, out of ten,

how are you doing against this

value? You will be amazed.

Many people have a value that

they are not recognising they

are achieving, or worse still,

they are chasing the wrong

definition of success.

Thirdly, what is the life and

business you want to lead? Be

very firm with yourself now.

Vast numbers of people have a

gap between ‘believed’ desires

and their true ones.

Many of us can be happier,

just with some self-awareness.

As Napoleon Hill said, What

do you desire? Do you believe

it is possible? What skills and

knowledge do you need to

make this happen? And, then,

the big one: will you take the

actions and create the change

in habits and mindset to make

your desires happen? If you are

not willing, then re-define what

your desires are.

I truly believe that we can

all achieve, but we must know

what that means to us. Let me

leave you with this thought:

“What does success mean to

you, and what is the life and

business you want to lead?”


Penny Power OBE is an

entrepreneur. She created the

world’s first social network

for business, four years before

LinkedIn launched. Business

Action editor Robert Zarywacz

was one of the early members.

Awarded an OBE in

2014 for her contribution to

entrepreneurship, she went

on to build another business.

In November 2017, Penny

crashed and spent a year

recovering and examining

many aspects of being a business

owner that are not in the

‘rule book’. As a result, Penny

wrote her latest book to help

create a fair and honest benchmark

on what it really means

to be a business owner. So

many people start a business

to be free. Financially free,

free to make their own choices

and freedom of time. Penny

believes, the ultimate freedom

comes when you allow you to

be free to be yourself.

Penny’s book is on Audio,

print and Kindle – available

on Amazon.

■■If you would like to connect

with Penny and also have

a free download of her first

chapter, visit

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