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June / July 2019 issue of the independent North Devon-based business magazine covering news about business and enterprise in Barnstaple, Bideford, Braunton, Chulmleigh, Combe Martin, Holsworthy, Ilfracombe, Lynmouth, Lynton, South Molton, Torrington, Woolacombe and more.

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What is BBxpo?

It’s five months to BBxpo and

already it’s shaping up as North

Devon’s biggest business-tobusiness

event in 2019.

What started out as a

suggestion from co-organiser

Alan Williams to host a business

exhibition in Bideford

in 2018 has now grown to an

event that is attracting interest

from across North Devon and

the south of the county.

What is the key to the

event’s success? Co-organiser

and Business Action editor

Robert Zarywacz says it is

because the event aims to be

useful to everyone: “We want

to give exhibitors the best

possible value by being part of

the event and that is why we

are already promoting them

in this magazine and on the

BBxpo web site.

“And we want visitors to

benefit from meeting all the

exhibitors, participating in the

presentations and connecting

with business people from

across Devon at the networking

lunch – all for free.”

Andy Francis, the person

behind the camera: I was born

and grew up in North Devon

and am proud to be part of

its rapid growth and development.

It has such a diverse

lifestyle in some of the most

beautiful surroundings so I

am always out and about with

the camera and often at photoshoots

getting those images

that are just right for customers’

web sites and magazines.

I have been a passionate

photographer for many years,

concentrating mainly on

food and interior images. As

web sites have grown with

faster internet speeds, these

images can now be shown in

improved quality and detail.

My photography has

evolved with the internet

enabling me to deliver a costeffective

quality product for

web sites. Recent projects have

been in partnership with Land

Rover, Crew Clothing, Waitrose

Kitchen, The Michelin

Guide, The Sunday Times and

Devon Life magazine.


Capturing excitement on camera

I am privileged to have

been appointed official

photographer for BBxpo on


Andy Francis of Tarkatography, official photographer for BBxpo 2019,

discusses his photographic career in North Devon

Thursday 24 October and look

forward to meeting everyone

on the day.


High performance in the workplace

One in four people suffer

with a mental health problem.

This has a massive impact on

our lives, our relationships and

our economy. Living a happy,

fulfilling and productive life

relies on a healthy mental state.

So how do we maintain a

healthy state of mind?

It seems to be an insurmountable

problem. Even our

doctors are baffled.

But what if it isn’t?

What if understanding

mental health problems, and

solving them, was far easier

than we thought? What if

human beings were, in fact,

designed for success and it was

simply a misunderstanding that

has us struggling and suffering

so much?

This is what we have seen to

be true . . .

➤➤Our minds only work one

way – from the inside out

➤➤Perceptions and feelings

don’t happen to us – they are

created within us

➤➤We live in the feeling of

our thinking – we don’t feel

circumstances (the outside

world) we feel what we think

(our inner world)

➤➤Human beings are designed

for success

We have an intelligence that

runs our body that we all know


Beccy and Debra from Dare2BU discuss the impact of mental health

problems and what they will discuss in their BBxpo presentation

Presenting at BBxpo: (from left) Beccy and Debra of Dare2BU

about, rely on and trust.

This intelligence beats

our hearts, helps us heal and

performs a million tasks every

second to keep us alive. We

don’t control this force, but we

do reap the benefit of it.

Our mind is exactly the

same; it has an intelligent


system running everything

behind the scenes.

Our problem is, instead of

understanding this amazing

psychological system and

benefitting from it, there is a

widespread misunderstanding

of it. This misunderstanding

has reached epic proportions

and is a major cause of all the

mental health issues that we

face and the mental health

crisis we are witness to.

Solving the problem is as

simple as putting this misunderstanding


The main objection we have

from people we work with

when they see the simplicity of

this is: “Why hadn’t we heard of

this before?”

But as Ludwig Wittgenstein

said: “A man will be

imprisoned in a room with

an unlocked door that opens

inwards so long as it doesn’t

occur to him to pull rather

than push.”

Find out more at BBxpo.

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