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Jack Richards of Applegate

1. What was your first job?

I worked for a sports coaching

company turned sports artist

agency as an admin assistant

from the age of 16. Bizarrely,

I organised an office renovation

in my first six months. I

am still confused as to why I

was trusted to do this . . . but it

turned out okay.

2. What is the best

business advice you’ve

ever received?

‘Don’t do too much on your

own’. I am a ‘yes’ person, and

whilst that is great, I have had

to admit that I am not the best

at everything. What I have

learnt is a business is filled with

experts and it is always best

to recognise that and use that

knowledge to broaden my own


3. What do you enjoy most

about business?

Positive conversations. In a

world that can sometimes be

just a bit gloomy, it is incredible

how many positive conversations,

cheery coffees and

optimistic propositions I have

shared. Going to work can be

very refreshing.

4. What technology could

your business never be


Artificial Intelligence. We lived

without it, but it now makes our

lives much easier and rather

more exciting. We have two

programmes running which

have been set up through our

partnership with the University

of Exeter. As a technology business,

PCs are rather important

too, but significantly less

glamorous than AI.

Each issue we put a North Devon business personality in the hot

seat and ask them 10 questions. This issue we asked Jack Richards,

marketing communications executive at Applegate

5. Describe your business

management / style

Our business is managed in

such a way that is inclusive of

employees at all levels. From

apprentices to directors, all staff

are made aware of decisions

and the vision of the business

– included in discussion and

decision making along the way.

6. How do you go about

personal development?

My personal development

seems to be never ending. From

a Degree Apprenticeship and

working towards CMgr status

to project management and

external event attendance, it is

safe to say I have a lot going on

in terms of my professional and

personal development. I think

that Applegate strikes the right

balance between providing

support and giving me

autonomy to jump into the deep

end and just learn to swim.

Applegate Marketplace offers

‘Applegate’ – the eProcurement

Marketplace which helps

buyers source the products

and services their organisation

needs. While Applegate’s

database provides information

on millions of products

and services from many

thousands of companies – the

60,000 registered buyers can

simply fill out a request for

quotation and obtain multiple

quotes, from different

suppliers, in line with best

purchasing practices.

7. Is there anything about

yourself that you want to


I think it’s quite important to

learn to be happy with yourself.

So, I’d quite like to be more

like that. I always worry about

underperforming or me not

being the best I can be.

8. Social media: yes or no?

Preferred network?

Yes, yes, YES! Not just as

a digital marketer, but as a

person too. I love the fact that

on social media, I can see

where my friends are and all

the cool things they are up

to. I’m a Londoner, so social

media connects me to everything

and everyone I know.

LinkedIn is great for expanding

my professional network,

generating leads and keeping

up to date with contemporaries.

But, no preferred

network – I like them all.

9. How do you wind down

when not working?

Apart from drinking wine? Let

me think. I do like to travel and

visit new places, so winding

down for me often involves

heading off somewhere for

some exploring.

10. Do you have a motto or

favourite quotation?

No – I am not one of those

people, I’m afraid.

I’ve heard the phrase ‘Be

More Jack’ float around of late,

which I rather like.


In partnership with the

Institute of Data Science

and Artificial Intelligence

at the University of Exeter,

the company now develops

machine learning systems,

continually enhancing the

matching of suppliers to buyers’

requests – ensuring the

best possible result for buyers.

The company is a Strategic

Partner of the US Department

of Commerce International

Trade Administration.

■■Details 0345 600 7177 or

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