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fine/You threw the bums a dime in your

prime, didn't you?” That introduces the plot

and the protagonist of the story, a woman

who has misstepped in some way, with double

internal rhymes. ”Please allow me to

introduce myself/I'm a man of wealth and

taste” takes you straight to the heart of

Sympathy for the Devil, in which Lucifer portrays

himself as a victim of God's perfidious

scheming. And Patti Smith eases into Gloria

by singing “Jesus died for somebody’s sins,

but not mine,” a song about the bravado and

bluster of youth (at least that's my interpretation).

If you deconstruct the rest of those songs

(and countless others), you'll find that the

lyrics propel the narrative forward, sometimes

with an unexpected wrinkle introduced

in the second or third verse, and sometimes

taking a relatively straight path to the end.

But in most great songs, the writer knows

what he or she is trying to say (even if it's

not always entirely clear to the listener), and

each verse, chorus, and bridge underpins

that idea.

Happy SongwR x iting

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