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Lyrical Do Not # 4

Have you ever heard the word


What does it mean, and why is it important

to lyrics?

Everyone has a fear of something, be it

internal or external. For some people,

they have a legitimate fear of long

words. Words that intimidate your

listener are not always a good

approach. Few listeners want to be

bothered with finding the definition of

words in your lyrics. You could,

however, help the listener by also

including the definition in your lyric,

such as found in


Large words, uncommon words, and

words that are difficult to understand

should be avoided because they tend to

distract the listener. If the distraction

is too great, it can take away the

effects of your hook.

Keep your lyrics in common language

conversation and try to avoid making

your listener feel inferior


It is important to paint a good picture in

your lyric so your listener can imagine

a scene while listening to your music.

There are eight important senses to

know and understand, and they fall in

two groups.

SENSE 1 – Hearing. Anything that

speaks about sound will fit this, such as

the breeze whistling through the trees.

SENSE 2 – Smelling. Anything that has

a scent, odor, or smell. Maybe you can

smell the rain, a fresh baked apple pie,

or mildew in a weathered shack.

SENSE 3 – Tasting. Nothing is better

than mama’s cooking. Mentioning a

common food will automatically tease

the taste sense, such as mint chocolate


SENSE 4 – Seeing. This is any visual

object. Red solo cup, a bottle of wine,

a pink dress, or yellow roses are great

examples of this sense.

SENSE 5 – Touch. Anything that

involves physical contact, such as

touching my skin. Mentioning how

something feels to the touch such as

soft, rough, or delicate is a touch


SENSE 6 – Sixth. I know what your

thinking. Here you are reading this

article, wondering how in the world you

can write a sixth sense into your lyric. I

know you can do it. Using this example,

or stating you are finishing someone’s

sentence before they get the

words out is a fine example of sixth


SENSE 7 – Organic or self. This is what

you are feeling inside of you, such as a

heartbeat, muscle cramps, broken

bones, a head ache, or feeling cold.

SENSE 8 – Kinesthetics. This is the

abnormal feelings you can get, such as

feeling dizzy, butterflies, feeling of



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