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impurities, charcoal is particularly

good for oily- and spot-prone skins, or

for combination complexions. (If you

fall into this later, very common skin

category, you might want to multi-mask

with something super-moisturising on

the drier areas.) Brilliant for blitzing

blackheads, too. So, to try: The Body

Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying

Glow Mask, £17 for 75ml, which has

become one of their bestsellers (smooth

it on with The Body Shop Facial

Mask Brush, £8, for the most even

application). Origins Clear Improvement,

£22 for 75ml, is one of the gentler

takes on a charcoal mask, great for

clogged skins, and for oily skin that’s

on the touchy side, I’d also recommend

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal

Mask, £25 for 100ml, a fragrance-fee

option that delivers a great deep cleanse,

leaving skin matte. A product that did

incredibly well in a special trial that we

carried out at Beauty Bible, meanwhile,

is Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal

Mud Mask, £11.99 for 93g, a creamytextured

mask which deeply impressed

the testers for its power to blitz spots

and breakouts. (NB: Always avoid the

eye zone with charcoal masks, as they

can dry this tender area of skin.)

Try charcoal as a body scrub... Again,

I’m a particular fan of Origins Clear

Improvement Detoxifying Charcoal Body

Scrub, £25 for 100ml, which is good

for any (body) skin type, blending

bamboo charcoal with sea salt and

brown sugar, with a head-rush scent

of wintergreen and clove that leaves

you feeling as clean as your skin looks.

The packaging for most charcoal

products appears pretty ‘unisex’, and the

products are eminently shareable – but

a great option that’s designed for men

is Man Cave Blackspice Body Scrub,

£5 for 200ml, which blends charcoal

with powdered pumice, black pepper,

juniper and cardamom oils, alongside

soothing aloe. Or for something a little

different, try the Zero Skin Charcoal

Body Sponge, £11.95, which looks

worryingly like a lump of lava when

dry, but softens to cleanse the body

gently, helping to balance pH levels.

Use on its own or with a favourite soap.

Try charcoal on your hair... Itchy,

irritated scalp? Maybe charcoal can help,

here. Briogeo Scalp Revival charcoal

products have become cult heroes, with

an innovative range that

includes Charcoal + Coconut

Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo, £36

for 236ml, Scalp Revival Charcoal &

Biotin Dry Shampoo, £21.50 for 50ml

(brilliant for refreshing hair between

washes), and the Charcoal + Tea Tree

Scalp Treatment, £27 for 30ml, which

cools the scalp with mint, features

biotin to strengthen hair, and generally

offers plenty of TLC for touchy scalps,

while removing product build-up.

Try it on your teeth... Though

your toothbrush may look black after

use, your pearlies will look pearlier

after three minutes’ scrubbing with a

bamboo tooth powder. (Follow with

your usual toothpaste.) I especially

like Georganics Tooth Powder, £6.90

for 60ml, from an all-natural tooth

brand, which works to polish away

plaque and stains very effectively.

(Great for coffee- and wine-drinkers.)

Last but not least, try a charcoal

foundation brush. This is probably my

favourite charcoal-based product of all.

I hesitate to use the word ‘lifechanging’,

but I am unbelievably

impressed by the Guerlain L’Essentiel

Foundation Brush, £38, which is

treated with bamboo charcoal. In a

perfect world you’d also use it with

Guerlain L’Essentiel Foundation – my

favourite new base for 2019 (and

it’s going to be hard to beat, let me

tell you). But I’ve tried it with other

foundations, too and this brush

delivers an amazingly streak-free,

bare-skin finish that I’m hooked on.

All without leaving a speck of

charcoal on my countertops. Praise be...

Jo Fairley is editor of,

where you’ll find the results of the

2019 Beauty Bible

Awards, highlighting

winning products

across more than

100 categories, tried

and tested by panels

of real women.

The Charlotte

Tilbury Goddess


Ritual, £32.50


Pore Refining


Charcoal Mask,

£25 for 100ml

The Konjac

Sponge Company

Pure Konjac Puff

Sponge with

Bamboo Charcoal,


The Body Shop



Purifying Glow

Mask, £17

The Body Shop

Facial Mask

Brush, £8


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