Surrey Homes | SH56 | June 2019 | Kitchen & Bathroom supplement inside


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The dining room still retains

some classic features of the original

barn. With limestone flagstones

on the floor and a splendid carved

stone mantelpiece, this space has

an almost medieval grandeur

This meant they had total carte blanche

to arrange the space within the old walls.

An exciting prospect, but one which

might have been a tad overwhelming for

someone without their joint expertise.

Susie is a very successful interior architect

and Stephen is a property developer, so for

them it was a case of doing what they do,

but with only themselves as the clients.

Susie explains this to me as we sit in

the wonderful double-height dining

room, which still has all the atmosphere

This page: The dining room’s candle chandelier

is operated with a rope pulley, that you let down

to light the candles, then hoist up again adding

to the room’s almost medieval charm

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