Adam J. Cohen, MD, Offers Blepharoplasty Surgery to Restore Eyelids


Dr. Adam J. Cohen, MD is a premier eyelid and facial plastic surgeon in the local Chicago area. At his Glenview practice, he performs a comprehensive range of eyelid and facial plastic surgery procedures, including eyelid surgery, facelift, cheek lift, neck lift, varicose veins, and more.

Adam J. Cohen, MD, Offers Blepharoplasty Surgery to Restore Eyelids

Chicago, IL, May 30, 2019: Adam J. Cohen, MD, of Chicago, who offers a number

of medical and cosmetic treatments, is offering blepharoplasty surgery, a cosmetic

procedure on the eyelids designed to restore a patient’s youthful, healthy


Patients who show signs of ageing around the eyes as the skin around their eyes

loosens and sags have the option of restoring their eyes with the blepharoplasty

procedure. Often referred to as an eyelid lift, the procedure tightens and smooths

the skin between the eyelids and cheek.

Although the procedure is designed to improve a person’s appearance and restore a

youthful look, for many, it’s necessary due to impaired vision. In some instances,

patients whose vision is impaired by the loosening of skin around the eyes may find

their insurance provider will cover part or all of the cost of the procedure.

The term blepharoplasty is a general term referring to any one of many surgical

procedures used to tighten the upper or lower eyelid. Patients often need one of

these procedures to realize a difference and some will require both. An upper

blepharoplasty pulls the eyelids up and away from the eyes. The lower procedure is

performed on the lower eyelid when it sags against the cheek. Dr Cohen explains to

patients which procedure is most beneficial for helping them reach their personal


Individuals interested in learning more are encouraged to visit Dr. Cohen's website

or call 847-834-0390.

About Adam J. Cohen, MD: Adam J. Cohen, MD, located in Chicago and Glenview,

Illinois, provides a wide variety of cosmetic treatments for patients seeking to

improve their appearance. Dr. Cohen has helped numerous patients redefine their

looks and enhance their natural beauty through cosmetic procedures. Aggie

Chapsky-Astrella, who also practices at the office, removes blemishes and unwanted

body hair through a variety of procedures.

Company: Adam J. Cohen, MD

Address: 2845 Sheridan Rd, Suite 903

City: Chicago

State: Illinois

Zip Code: 60657

PHone: 847-834-0390

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