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Passionate About Service Delivery

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8 Cover: Hanu Agbodje;

Passionate About Service Delivery

12 Sexmatics: Cozy Sex

Positions For Loose Vagina



3 Fashion: How to Maintain Great-

Looking Beard

4 Fashion: Latest Fashion Trends For

Today’s Man

6 Fashion: 10 Must-Have Accessories

For Men

09 JUNE 2019

15 People: Johnnie Walker

Celebrates Victor Ehikhamenor’s

DayDream Esoterica

• A Night of Glamour At The

FNSB Annual Ball 2019


16 Instagram Moments 11 My Lagos Adventure

Since the turn of the millennium,

there have been a lot of changes

positively upsetting the way we do

things. One of such changes is the

introduction of Digital Asset, like the

crypto currency, which has become

a medium of exchange. The most

popular is the bit coin, which aims to

centralize and institutionalize control

of currency.

On our cover today is Hanu

Agbodje, the Founder and CEO of

Patricia, a financial technology

company. Although this medium of exchange is still relatively

new, with the issue of trust as a set back, this serial

entrepreneur is passionate about delivering quality service,

and making his company a leader in this sector in Africa. He

talks about this and more in this interview. Will he get a

convert? Pg 8-10.

On our fashion pages, we take a look at men’s fashion

beginning with grooming. Tope Ojo writes that the face

shape determines the style of beard to grow and gives tips

on how to groom it. Pg 3. When it comes to mixing things up

in the wardrobe, not very many men at good at this;

especially, when it comes to prints and floral. Yemisi

Suleiman shows how to pull this season’s trend effortlessly.

Pg 4-5. When it comes to accessories, never underestimate

their power because, they have the ability to make or break a

look, writes Rita Chioma. Pg. 6-7 And if you are wondering

what part of Lagos Odun visited last week, follow her

adventure on pg 11 and your palate will never be the same


This is an edition the men will enjoy. Have a great

Sunday and a greater week ahead.

J. E


“I don’t know what

the key to success is,

but the key to failure

is trying to please


- Bill Cosby

“I think the reward

for conformity is that

everyone likes you

except yourself”.

- Rita Mae Brown

“Parents can only give

good advice or put them

on the right paths, but

the final forming of a

person’s character lies in

their own hands”.

- Anne Frank





























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How To Maintain

Great-Looking Beard

By - Tope Ojo

Okay, so you’ve grown the

beard you’ve always wanted

and perhaps, your friends are

impressed. However, you must

know your facial hair is now as

important as your haircut, and it

is every inch an extension of

your personal style. From

choosing the right style to

maintenance, and aftercare of

your awesome look, here is

to guide you through the

subject of proper grooming

of your beard.

Pick Your Tools

Taking care of a beard isn’t only about

making sure it’s clean and moisturised.

Sometimes it can grow in strange ways,

different directions, or maybe just won’t

cooperate. The essential tool that’s

important to keep on you or near you is

a comb.

Similarly, it is often smart to arm

yourself with both close-shave devices:

an electric shaver and a beard trimmer.

Scissors can be a valuable tool in your

beard arsenal. They’re not for removing

your beard or making huge adjustments

on your own, but rather for trimming and

shaping it up.

Be Creative

Get some inspiration

from a few well-styled

celebrity beards, then

apply the same art to

your growth. Keep your

beard from becoming an

unruly mess while also

achieving the desired

shape by teasing it.

dj xclusive

• shaving kit

Pick Style That

Suits Your Face

It pays to get it right, starting with a

facial hairstyle that suits you. If

you’ve got a long face, it’s better to

grow a bit more hair on the cheeks,

so it can fill the face out. Inversely, if

you have a round face, you want to

reduce the width.

Learn Your

Best Length

It’s your responsibility to maintain the

length you want, or the acceptable

range of lengths, if you’re not trimming

daily. The best way to do this is to first

know exactly the length you prefer to

have. A beard trimmer is your best

device for this.

Mind The Borders

Regardless of creativity and your

interest in beard shaping, you have to

keep the cheek and neck lines clean.

Done right with a set of quality beard

trimmers, a good beard shape can

make it look like it was carved.

Feed The Beard

Even small beards need nourishment.

They need to be softened and

hydrated more than ever. Washing

regularly keeps the dirt at bay, but it

also strips away some of your

beard’s natural oil. Applying a beard

oil softens the bristles and hydrates

the skin beneath while leaving the

whole lot smelling fresh.

Look for raw, cold-pressed

virgin coconut oil, which may be

more expensive, but it will be worth

the extra money. The benefits of

coconut oil for your beard include

its ability to help moisturise the

skin, improve brittleness, lessen

irritation and stimulate growth

when used properly.

mai atafo

ebuka uchendu

June 9, 2019 / 3


Mix & Match


No matter how you

choose to wear it,

you can never go

wrong with wearing

stripes this year.

They are a great way

to add form to your


Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Bold Colours

Add some fun to

your style with

pops of colour

this year. Bold,

primary colours

are in now, and

colour blocking

with clashing

shades is an

effective way of

wearing this trend.

tobi bakare

Check shirt

Latest Fashion

Trends For

Today’s Man

Vintage Checks

As seen on the runway,

checks are now

appearing on everything

from men’s trousers to

jackets and even caps.

To rock this look, try

starting out with one

statement checked

garment, such as a

blazer. Then, if you

are feeling confident

enough, consider adding

a matching piece, like

pants or a hat or bag.

By - Yemisi Suleiman



From bold prints and

elevated casual wear, to

matching ensembles,

this season saw many

new fashion trends for

the men. So, if you are

after a fresh wardrobe

inspiration, or ideas on

what you should wear

next, here are the latest

fashion trends to help

you stay on top of your

style game






/ June 9, 2019

Unconventional suits

Business casual doesn’t have to be boring,

at least that is the idea behind this season’s

suits as seen on the runways. Formal

suits were adorned with bold colours and

patterns, with some in asymmetric cuts, for

that unconventional feel.

Sport Alwin


Tote Bags

Gone are the days of men

carrying their possessions

in their pockets? This

year, there are plenty of

stylish bag choices for

gents and this season’s

must-have design is the

tote. Large enough to fit

your phone, wallet, keys,

and much more, while still

sophisticated enough to

appear polished. All you

need to do is find the right

one for you.


will smith

crossbody bag

Model with a

tote bag on






Athletic accents were

expertly injected into

a number of suits

and smart essentials.

To nail the look

yourself, try pairing

formal and casual

pieces together, such

as smart trousers

and a tailored jacket

and sneakers.

Micheal B


Bold Ethnic

print shirt

Bold Artistic Prints

Prints got seriously loud at fashion

shows last season. Bright splashes

of yellow, red, and blue is the latest

look for style savvy gentlemen with an

impressive vibrancy. While the look

certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted,

guys who want to make a statement

with their look, should certainly give

this trend a try. To rock the look, all you

need to do is choose a single printed

garment to use as a statement piece and

pair it with neutrals.


June 9, 2019 /

If you are not one

for the colour

clashing trend,

then go for the all

in one look this

season, for more

grown-up vibes.





A pair of sunglasses can really elevate

an outfit. Most celebrities know this

well and use it to their advantage.

When picking a design, consider your

facial shape.

Ties/ Clips

Aside official purposes, ties can

also be worn in a casual setting.

Keep the conservative silk ties

for business meetings. And

always blend with good clip.





for MEN



Almost every man owns a

wrist watch. Most men like to

match their watch strap to

their belt, if it’s leather. In

any case, make sure your

watch is of very good quality.

/ June 9, 2019


For a more formal

occasion, match your

belt and shoes. In a

casual setting, you can

opt to wear mismatched

shades. But always

maintain a good quality


By - Rita Okoye

Often times, men’s accessories tend to

be ignored, this is unfortunate

considering the fact that accessories

can easily make or break an outfit and


Never underestimate the power of wearing

good fashion accessories. Here are a few

we have selected for you to own.


Necklaces seem to go in and

out of style in men’s fashion. They

are often switched with neck beads.

To wear a necklace, keep the pendant

somewhat understated.


Hats can o

difficult to

properly. H

casual out

free style w

hats, Pana

Bucket hat


Recently, bracelets became a

must-have accessories for men

and gives them the cool look.

Leather cord bracelets are very

popular and look good.



When choosing a bag,

never forget that their

primary purpose is to

hold your items. For a

sharper look, choose

leather. Only use a

briefcase for the more

formal meetings.


ften be very


owever, for

fits, you can

ith Bowler

ma or



Men’s rings should

not be limited to

marriage, nor

should they be

limited to gold or

silver. Fine tune

your style different

colours of rings.


Shoes are unarguably one of

the most important accessory

for men. They define your

style. Stand and let

your shoes do

the talking.


June 9, 2019 / 7



/ June 9, 2019


Hanu Agbodje:

Words By - Jemi Ekunkunbor

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje, cuts the look and

built of an artiste; but he is actually, the

founder and CEO of Patricia Technologies

Limited, one of the fastest e-commerce and crypto

trading platforms in Nigeria. Armed with a

Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics

from the University of Port Harcourt, the native of

Delta State is focused on making the e-commerce

space more user-centric by removing the barriers

that limit e-commerce in Nigeria.

The serial entrepreneur in this encounter talks

about his dreams for Patricia, and his desire to add

value and give peace of mind to Nigerians in the

business space.

Creative Director: Nelly Mesik

Photography :Bamiyo Emina

June 9, 2019 / 9


Of all the things you could have done like becoming a

police officer or an entertainer, how did you stumble on


While in University, at some point in the first half, I took

a break from school not because I was failing, but because

I felt Mathematics and statistics was not exciting for me. But

I went back later to finish the course. So, I have my degree

now. Anyway, at that time, I figured out that I enjoyed doing

other things like reading; particularly, business books. I

enjoyed going to classes that Business Administration

students went to. I just go there; sit by the window until

when they chase me out.

I had a journal were I wrote down my ideas. All my ideas

were built around my problems. So in my journal, I wrote

down my ideas and Patricia was number 34 on the list.

Each of the ideas was fully developed with how to address

them. With what I know now, the other ideas will develop.

There’s something I read somewhere that even the biggest

army in the world cannot stop an idea whose time has

come. So, Patricia’s time came before others. Before

Patricia, I had started about 9-10 other businesses. I literally

used my house rent to buy bike and squatted with my

cousin for a whole year. I opened an Indomie spot and

employed an aboki. He almost killed somebody and I was

arrested. I opened a popcorn stand that became the biggest

popcorn chain in Port Harcourt. Then I went to Umuahia

and bought a car for N120, 000. I don’t know what I was

thinking. That car didn’t bring me to Port Harcourt. It was


So Patricia just happened to happen.

You have an unusual name for a technology business.

Why did you name your business Patricia?

When I got the idea for the business sometime in 2014,

I wanted something not cliché. So, I decided to name it after

my mother, Patience. But I remembered growing up, that

my mother and granddad used to always fight over the

name Patricia which was what he used to call her.

Why was that?

I don’t know. I think it’s just to annoy her. But, I picked

the name because it’s what he calls her which means so

much. So I was caught up between the two of them. The

name reminds me of the two of them.

How were you able to build a relatively unknown

business into the height it is in two years?

For me, it’s all about value. People support what is

good for them, they support what they need. Before I

started Patricia, one time, my uncle gave me a gift card. I

had nowhere to exchange the gift card. And when I looked,

there were similar businesses in the U.S and U.K, maybe

not so big but they had the opportunity to do that. So, I

figured, why not do something different?

How did you start?

Although I’d run some other businesses before, they

were nothing like this one. When I started, there was no

blue print or manual on how to run the business. It was just

God, prayers and showing up to work daily even if it was

not convenient. I usually don’t go for Christmas Holidays,

New Year, and other celebrations because it was just me. I

had to work alone for like four to five months before I got

more people to join me.

At this point in time, a lot of people don’t have

confidence in anything that is online because of fraud

and lack of security. So how secure is this platform?

It is very secure. Basically, what we do is exchange

what you have for cash whether it is Bit coin, gift card or any

other asset. We have a relationship with our customers.

They trust and expect us to deliver. It was really difficult

starting up because, we were pretty much unknown and

people haven’t really seen a company, or brand do what we

do. You can’t blame them. You know how things work here.

The next guy on the street is not reliable. He can disappear

one day, and who knows what happens to your money?

So we had to come from the angle of building trust; and

we found that people were more open to the idea after we

found like one to three person who can say “I’ve used

Patricia, they were fast, they paid me quick and delivered

on time”. Then, the news began to spread like wild fire.

So is this recognized by the CBN?

This is quite tricky in the sense that CBN does not

endorse any crypto business. It is basically at your own risk.

That is how the central government sees the business.

They have no hand in Nigerians conducting crypto

business; they are not involved in it. You use the service at

your own risk. That is where the security of our platform

comes to play. We have over the months, endorsed a lot of

celebrities who in turn serve as middle men for us. So that’s

how we grew.

How viable is this business?

It’s the future. It’s only a matter of time because in

business, we have what we call early adaptors and late

adaptors. We have some people who will keep on using

very old phones no matter what happens. The only time

they will stop using it and move to touch screen phones, is

when they stop producing those kinds of phones. Those are

the ones that will never adapt. So the old and new crypto

currency is still in the adaption stage, only a very few are

beginning to adapt to it. Bit coin is going to do what the

email did to regular mail.

If I were coming as a new comer, what do I require to


First, let me explain what I do. At Patricia, we exchange

assets, we buy and we sell whether it is Bit coin, It rum,

dash, etc. We have the whole fleet of digital money down to

perfect money and down to paper funds. We have

freelancers all over the world who use us to receive money.

So we basically exchange digital to physical and vice versa.

If you have cash, and you think you can partake you come

to us, and we give you cash value that will appeal to you.

So what challenges basically do you face?

There are a lot of challenges. In running a business, you

become your own government. You literally have to do

everything; you supply your own power. You have to

I read

somewhere that

even the

biggest army in

the world

cannot stop an

idea whose time

has come.

account for unforeseen circumstances that happen more

often than not. Because we operate 24/7, you have to have

power all the time and that eats into your operating cost or

overhead. You also need internet and that is quite

expensive in Nigeria. Aside from that, you need manpower

and finding the right people who are really skilled in Crypto

currency is not easy. We train our own people and with

training come expenses because we bring in experts to do

the training.

Then, there is the issue of trust. You have to spend so

much energy trying to convert one customer. Knowing the

nature of E-commerce, we are not there yet. The whole

online thing is seen as shady. People do not accept what

they don’t understand. I think the e-commerce space is still

quite a hard nut to crack.

How did you overcome them?

We hired different people for training for some months

before we let people into the system. We ensured a level of

excellence and quality before you start speaking to

customers. Our slogan is “built for you“. We want every

customer that comes to Patricia to feel the entire system

was built for him or her.

Basically we have a system for the backups for every

process we have just in case anyone fails, payment for

example, there sometimes the entire bank system is down

so customer gets to know that it is not our fault but banking


I see you like sports. What football club do you


First of all, I know Arsenal makes life difficult for us; it is

something that I will not say I regret. I am in it already. The

reason why I like sport is because it is emotional. People

don’t see what I see in sports. Sports help character

building. You might be the best athlete but, if you are not

dedicated, you will end up going astray.

In the light of what just happened to Anthony Joshua,

what would you say?

Well, I expected difference, I expected him to go and

make us proud, but what is so important is how he comes


What fascinates you in travel?

Travelling opens a whole new world; different cultures,

experience, people, idea and you get to experience what

you are not used to. You get to meet different people and to

me, travelling equals opportunities. New market, new

grounds to conquer and new place to take Patricia to. So

whenever I travel, I look out for what works there. What do

they want? What do they look out for? What works here

might not work in Ghana even though we are neighbours.

So, it’s all about how I put value in the places I go to.

What have you enjoyed about travelling?

I think it’s the people and I learn a lot from them.

Where is your favourite destination?

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite destination because; I

haven’t travelled to enough countries to actually say this is

my favourite

What do you like to wear that represents who you want

to show to the world?

First of all, I do not dress to give people an impression.

Whatever you think of my dressing is your impression. I

dress to be comfortable in my skin because that’s when I

can do the best work.

What do you like to wear?

Sometimes, I wear suit because it makes me feel

comfortable. I also like to mix and match and give out the

baby boy vibes. It all depends on the way I feel. But I really

like Ifeanyi Owenu, he is a great fashion designer and

makes almost all my clothes including the ones I’m wearing


What are your future plans for Patricia?

The idea for Patricia is to build a world. It’s not just a

regular business. We are a value- driven company. Patricia

will be a company that will be known for different things. For

example, we are working on a new project that is going to

give value to every Nigerian. So imagine we could deliver a

product to you and make you spend as little as N400 for

one gigabyte of data or turn airtime to cash. These are

really alternative idea but this is what every Nigerian needs.

These are ideas that bring value and in a couple of months

we will be bringing it to the society. We are here to make a

statement and give peace of mind to Nigerians.

10 / June 9, 2019


Fashion Tips

For The Plus-Size


By - Patricia Uyeh

Princess Lisa


Fitting into that tight-fitting gown or

denim bumper shorts may be some of

the struggles of the plus size woman.

Sometimes, the problem is smaller

breasts, other times it is shotter

heights or big hips. She does not need

to be pressured to conform to the

‘ideal’ shape. With the right clothes,

colours, fit and combination, she can

be a stunner anytime any day if she

follows the following guidelines or tips.

Long tops

are the

real deal

Long tops especially

the ones down to

your knees, make

your body look

elongated and tall.



They elongate

your neckline

and make your

face/ upper body

look slimmer.

It is safe to

experiment with

different colours

of v-necks.

V-Neck Maxi


Go for clothes with

the perfect fit

When shopping, try out different

sizes to know the perfect size for you.

Different brands usually have different

sizes. Make your choice based on the

perfect size.

Invest in the right


The right undies serve as the

foundation of what you wear. You

don’t want to appear glamorous on

the outside while you are struggling

with too tight or too loose undies




Choose fabrics that

fit well

Don’t make the mistake of selecting

fabric based on how it worked for

someone else. Choose fabric correctly

to suit you be it cotton, linen or satin.




Choose tailored

outfits to ready-made

That way you get the right fitting

because the outfits are tailored to your

size. On the other hand, ready-made

outfits do not always come with the

right fitting.




Avoid horizontal

or big prints.

Instead, go for

vertical prints;

they would suit

your body size

perfectly making

you look slimmer.

Opt for


If you have difficulty

choosing designs

or patterns, opt

for monochromes.

They create one

long, lean continual

line that has a

slimming effect.

Buy high heel


They would make you

appear taller. They give

the illusion of elongated

legs, making you

appear taller and


monochrome Dress

high heel June 9, 2019 / 11

with Adesuwa 07011289316 |

Cozy Sex Positions For Loose Vagina

A fullling sex is not dependent on the size

of your spouse’s manhood or you having a

large vagina; rather, it is the sex positions that

you indulge in that can make or break how

great sex can be. Naturally, after childbirth, a

number of women usually experience

embarrassing problems like, not feeling

enough sensation from sex. Your spouse

does not seem to enjoy it because, your

vagina have gotten too loose for both of you

to enjoy exciting and pleasurable sex. Having

a problem with loose vagina does not

necessary mean it is insurmountable. On the

contrary, with a little bit of effort, this can be

overcome and better still, will help you to

have a satisfying sex once again. Never for a

moment ever compare your vagina to the

next lady. A girl could be pretty cool, it is a

rare hybrid situation that makes you cozy and

snuggly with your man, while at the same

time, delivering lots of stimulations for both of

you.There are sex styles that can turn that

closeness up a notch. So try the following for

a tighter, satisfying sex for both you and your

significant other.

Cello position – lie on your back, pull him in

for a tighter fit by pressing your legs together

and lifting your legs over your head. Let him

kneel before you as he ought to do, holds

your feet to one side of your head, and if you

cannot keep your legs straight, just bend your

knees and enjoy the flow.

Cobra position – Allow your guy to lie on his

back, then bend his knees and spread his

legs, carefully slide your own legs down

straight between his legs, hold yourself up

with your hands. Note that you are the guy in

the Missionary style. Slowly roll your hips for

a rubbing motion, or thrust hard and deep if

that is how you like it. With his legs squeezing

yours, both of you will enjoy the tightest sex,


Squeeze Play position – Just like in doggy

style, bend over downward, but put your

hands on your bed and put your legs tightly

together [good leg squeeze. It works all kinds

of vaginal magic]. Arch your back, tilt your butt

up for a fuller feeling then, amp it up by

syncing some kegel squeezes to match his


C-Ring position – Get to lie on your side

with your bottom leg straight down between

his legs. He should thrust from the back,

pushing down on your butt or leg for more

friction. Wrap your lubed finger and thumb

around his manhood at the entrance of your

vagina, this will make it tighter for him. This is

not only deliciously snug and conducive to

marathon intercourse, it really leaves you with

a free hand to rub yourself as you desire.

Deep Tissue Massage position – Lie down

flat on your stomach like you are on a

massage table. Open wide your legs to

enable him slide easily from behind. Once

you’re balanced, he can move his legs so

they are outside of yours while you move

yours in between his, pressing your knees

together. Be sure to cross your legs at the

ankle for an even tighter fit and tilt your pelvis

to go deeper and feel his strokes from

different angles.

Scissors position – This is another style that

is perfect to intensify the sexual pleasure you

feel. It also strengthens that thrusting motion

that deepens penetration. Lie down on your

back with your legs at the edge of the bed.

Raise your legs and get them cross over like

a scissor, while your partner can penetrate as

he stands. What makes this position stand out

is the fact that your man can hold your legs for

support as he thrusts, making the penetration


Standing position – Stand against the wall

and have him enter you. For this to really

work, you might have to stand on a foot stool

or cock your leg out just a little to give him

more entry space. Once in the act, he will love

the feeling of shoving you up against the wall.

With your legs mostly together, he will feel

every inch of your vagina.

Spooning position – Lie down on your side

and put your legs together; tell your spouse to

enter from behind without raising your leg.

Intensify the experience by letting him thrust

as you hold him close, he can kiss your back,

caress your breast and butt. This position

actually allows for deeper penetration, at the

same time, making your vagina feel tighter.If

you indulge in the above positions, you will

definitely see a huge difference in your love

making though most ladies would rather

ignore anything that has to do with sex. But if

you are able attempt the styles, you may end

up really enjoining your intimate and sexual

life with your lover more satisfactorily.



By - Yemisi Suleiman

What some of your favourite

celebrities said and we listened.

“Please enjoy your

youth, take each day as

it comes. Your job is to

study, eat and sleep.

Don’t rush into

adulthood. It’s not a

joke. Make the best of

your youthful days.

Being an adult takes

away so much. It give

you some but please

enjoy the sleep and the

choice to chill now”.

From Nollywood star

Stella Damasus to

the youths

“We have warned

you several times in

the past, to stop

broadcasting things

that upset the

Government and

NBC. You refused to

listen. Now we shall

shut you up and

down until you are

ready to be like NTA”.

Obi Ezekwesili

simply states her

summary of the

lengthy Sanctions

letter from NBC to


“You can find me somewhere in

between inspiring others,

working on myself, seriously

dodging negativity and slaying

my goals. Where will people find


An inspiring quote and

question from the actress

Dakore Akande to her fans

and followers.

“The way we

Nigerian Mothers

hijack our

children’s wedding

ceremonies, and

live out our

fantasies, Na wa”.

Publisher of


Magazine Betty

Irabor shades

Nigerian mothers


/ June 9, 2019

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