Expedition Cruise Diary

Stowaway Medias exclusive Expedition Cruise Diary

Stowaway Medias exclusive Expedition Cruise Diary


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Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and most remote place on earth; a<br />

frozen world almost 60 times the size of Britain during the austral summer<br />

(our winter) that spends half the year in total darkness and is cut off from<br />

civilisation by the Drake Passage - 1,000km of one of the most feared sea<br />

crossings in the world.<br />

Scenic ad<br />

But it’s also one of the most majestic places<br />

on the planet, an other-worldly land that is<br />

all the more captivating because its pristine<br />

environment is one that man has always tried<br />

but never quite managed to conquer, even with<br />

the backing of 21st-century technology.<br />

This is nature in the raw, where snow-capped<br />

mountains give way to deep ice fjords, icebergs<br />

are the size of six-storey buildings and so much<br />

of the sea freezes in winter, creating a layer up to<br />

two metres thick, that the continent effectively<br />

doubles in size. »<br />

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