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letter from the Editor

MEET THE boho Tribe

The Bohemian Collective is a gathering of creative free spirits who believe in the power

of sisterhood + the stories of women living authentic + intentional lives. We are here to

bring a voice to the makers + dreamers, giving them a platform + community to share

their creative visions.

Hi friends...

It is with immense pleasure that I get

to say hello to you once again through

the pages of the Bohemian Collective

Magazine. Soon after the last magazine

was released in 2015, almost 4 years ago,

I found out I was pregnant with our

little moonchild Ava Pearl, and I knew

right away that my life was about to

change in every way. I made space for

something new to be birthed and I am

so glad that I did. I needed the last few

years to grow into who I was becoming

as Mother, before I began the journey of

rediscovering Self through Motherhood.

It is quite a journey, and as with most

profound things in life, you never really

arrive, you just continue to grow through

and transition along with the stages.

I have been blessed with the most divine sisterhood who has come along beside me to help re-birth

this lovechild of mine into the world. We are each walking in our own strengths with open hands

alongside each other. They are literally the wind beneath my wings. I always say my mother gave

me my Roots and my Wings, and these women have come along and given me the courage to

fully use my wings for what they are meant for. I am so honored to be the space keeper and the

bridge builder for all of the incredible souls who are nestled amongst these pages. Grab yourself a

yummy chai latte or whiskey ginger and cozy yourself up while we circle around in story.



We are the women rising into our own + lifting up our sisters alongside us, cultivating a

community for the unconventional. We hope to share women’s sacred stories, weaving

together our roots of humanity through the creative spirit.

Laura Mazurek

FOUNDER + Editor in chief



Wildflower, Nature Lover, Moon Gazer, Boho Mama, Bridge Builder, Beauty Seeker, Bone Collector, Kantha Hoarder

Krista Sartin




Truth Seeker, Hope Spoken, Plant Lover, Open Hands Living, Dream Big, Live Bigger, Hippie Mama, Textile Obsessed

Chelsea Brady




Visual Magic-Maker, Wild-Hearted Traveler, Fiber Artist, Mountain Mermaid, SciFi Lover, Essential Oil Enthusiast

Cassie Boorn




Energetic, Curious Dreamer, Idea Builder, Connector of People, Creative Passion Chaser, Book Collector

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Jennifer Kahn

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Everyday Sacred



The first time I heard one of my hippie friends use the term ‘sacred space’ I

laughed and asked, “what the fuck does that even mean?’ to which she replied

“What does it mean to you?” - I rolled my eyes and then of course spent the

following three days thinking about it.

Such a simple question, right? Maybe so, but it‘s taken me approximately 7

years to answer it. Hah!

I started paying attention to what felt real and sacred to me. Places where

people are given permission to be wholly themselves, that feels sacred. Souls

that move with the rhythms of nature and bend to the will of the stars, that

feels sacred. Nature...real and raw and wild, that feels sacred. Homes where

women are empowered and men are allowed to feel, that feels sacred. Safe

space to speak your truth, that feels sacred.

Once I knew what felt sacred to me, I went in a mode to create that in my


A place full of color and magic and truth! A place that thrives on intuition and

bleeds creativity!! A place where nature was welcome indoors.

Sacred space is different for everyone but it has one thing in common,

intention and courage. The intention to make way for all that is real and

sacred and the courage to fight against what is expected and make way for

what feels authentic to you.

Welcome to our sacred space.

Our place to create, dream, and be ourselves.

Welcome to our home.

4 5

Moon and


the Meadow

soul guided fiber artisT

Kristen GaErtner

Hi, my name is Kristen. I live in Trappe, a small rural town

on the eastern shore of Maryland. As kids, we would all

joke that we were trapped in Trappe. I would dream of

running off to California because I was obsessed with the

show Full House when I was growing up. I actually moved

around quite a bit in my twenties and eventually did make

my way to California. But small town life pulled at my

soul and my roots are firmly planted back in this small

country town.

I love old houses. My family home is over 125 years old.

There is so much tangible history and character in old

things. I love vintage clothes and antique furniture. All

these ‘things’ had a life before they came into my hands

and they hold stories of the past. I find that fascinating.

I’ve always known that when the time came to buy our

home, it had to be old and completely surrounded by

nature. My husband Mark and I found just the home two

years ago. An old abandoned farmhouse, that needed

MAJOR renovating (it wasn’t even livable), all while

being 8 months pregnant. We saw the potential

despite the overwhelming work that needed to be

done. Let’s just say that it was a roller coaster

ride for us!

I am a stay at home mama to our son, Cash, a wild

little boy who we call ‘the entertainer.’ Our home is

nestled on 2 acres and is surrounded by woodlands. Deer,

eagles, hawks, foxes, and owls grace our backyard, and

. . . >

6 7

I never take a second of it for granted. Nature is my healer and

wisdom keeper. My deep love and appreciation for Nature is due

to how I grew up. My Dad would always take us for walks in the

woods and explain the interconnectedness between us and Nature.

I grew up on my grandparents 200 acre farm, which they named

Meadowdale. I’ve always felt a strong pull and connection to the

night sky, as though amongst the stars is my true home. Moon and

the Meadow, the name I chose for my art, is a homage to my roots.

I am ALWAYS seeking the deeper meaning and symbolism in life.

Art is very much a conduit in that connection. Creating is a spiritual

experience, and deeply healing for me. I have always been drawn to

the arts. In my mid 20’s, I was going through a dark period and the

only way I knew how to process my inner turmoil and alchemize

it into something beautiful was by creating with my hands. I

experimented with everything from painting, silversmithing,

ceramics, and even tried teaching myself guitar, which wasn’t

pretty. I was searching for ‘my thing’. With everything I tried, I felt

like there was a blockage in my hands. It was like the connection

between what I was feeling and how it was being translated was

off. Then I discovered fiber art. I saw a photograph of a weaving

and something struck my soul. So I bought myself a loom, some

yarn, and began teaching myself. It was an instantaneous kind

of love. However, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. There can be

challenges when teaching yourself a craft, especially when being a

super impatient person.

Once I was confident with my weaving, learning macrame evolved

next. I love combining both art forms and incorporating them into

one another. Working with natural fibers brings my soul to a place

of deep peace. Fiber art has a gentle softness to it, which is the

core of who I am. It is a place where I can go, completely safe in

my feelings and emotions. A place where I can be the sorceress

and translate what the Universe is saying to me into a piece of art.

When I first began the journey with my craft, I was also beginning

my study of reiki. I had a friend who was a reiki master that I

began working with, becoming attuned to reiki while also receiving

reiki for my own healing and awakening. Due to this, energy work

and my art are completely intertwined. Creating is very much

intuitive for me. I don’t sketch designs before starting, but will

always have a vision in my head. I just step into my studio and

see what is speaking to me. Which piece of driftwood is ready to

be showcased? What color scheme do I want to use? What mood

am I looking to evoke? From there it will organically evolve. I’ve

learned over the years that each art piece has its own identity,

she knows exactly what she wants to be. I most certainly have my

own vision, but the quicker I succumb to allowing a unity between

myself and the piece of work, the more we both flourish. A big

realization I have made is letting go of the strive for perfection. We

will often fall into being overly critical of ourselves and our work.

Being unique is what makes a piece of art special, honor your own

unique qualities. I can relate this so much to raising a child. You

have your own ideas of what and how your little one should be.

However, very quickly you find that they are their own person.

Through togetherness you guide one another in flourishing.

I love working on large scale projects such as big statement

pieces. I dream of creating pieces for healing and retreat centers

because of the energy work that goes into my art. I literally drool

while looking for and buying yarn. The various textures and colors

are incredibly inspiring. I especially love hand dyed and plantdyed

fibers. I often incorporate natural elements into my work.

Feathers are a favorite. I have always been drawn to feathers

and have been collecting them for years. My Dad is a falconer.

All of the feathers I use have come from his birds or other local

falconers. I also deeply love driftwood. The driftwood is art on its

own. Each piece has its own unique character.

With my creative process, there is a push and a pull. A time where

my energy is more called to experience life, unplug from media, nest in

our home, spend time in the kitchen baking and dancing around with

Cash. Then the creative winds blow and I am called back into my

studio. I will want nothing more than to spend every available minute

there, tuning in and meditating through weaving and macrame. It is

so important for my personal well being that I completely surrender

and give myself permission to move in the ways that speak to me. To

allow myself to rest when I need to rest.

I know that every life chapter is filled with rich lessons and truths.

I relish in it all, knowing that with each moment I am expanding

and deepening my expression both in life and in art. Our home is an

extension of that expression. The goods we chose to fill our home

with can fill a space with such warmth and positive energy. To know

that each artisan piece is lovingly crafted by its maker, that energy

runs through the piece, it fills the home with its magic. Knowing

that my art work is spilling out its own unique magic in the homes

of others, fills my heart with more bliss than words can describe.

Creating is one of my deepest callings, it is such an intimate and

personal thing. The fact that people support and connect with my

art is an honor that will never lose its awe.


8 9





Art by Ora Levi


When contemplating my journey as a fiber artist, I can clearly see how

my life experiences have guided me to the place I am at today. I was

born in Washington, DC, and lived outside the city in a culturally diverse

area. My mother is an abstract painter and her studio was attached to

our home. Growing up, there seemed to be art everywhere. Because

of this, my art journey evolved through the years with intense curiosity

in different mediums and multiple artistic pursuits. Early on, my mom

taught me how to bead and make jewelry. Her studio table, piled high

with unusual, natural beads from around the world, awoke the designer

in me. Jewelry making was my first creative love. Whether creating a

necklace, a handmade garment or a wall hanging, design is all about

trusting and developing our inner voice.

tiles. I also invested in my first sewing machine and taught myself to

sew. I began piecing together natural and ethnic textiles that I collected

to make patchwork collages with hand sewn embroidery inspired by

the style of Japanese Boro. I started keeping detailed designs for art

and clothing in my journals and do so to this day. I use these to create

quick sketches, designs, write inspiring words, etc. I love to sit down and

revisit old ideas this way.

A big turning point in my creative life was traveling alone to Israel

and Jordan. As an undergraduate student of cultural anthology, I was

fascinated by the textiles of earlier civilizations. The Bedouin desert

culture spoke to my heart. I was in love with the faded, sun kissed,

woven textiles and nomadic life. I met people who taught me about the

plants and indigenous arts of Israel and how this connected the ancient

tribes to the holy land. Seeing the local women wearing long, natural

fiber skirts, with hair wrapped in linen head coverings of my own

culture, brought me to my art journals and I began designing. There is

something striking and royal about the ancient textiles of North Africa

and the Middle East.

. . . >

When I was in my early twenties, I left the east coast and moved to

Tucson, AZ. Life among cacti, wild sage and brightly painted desert

homes in Old Town Tucson was so different from what I had experienced

back east. Being in a vast desert that seemed limitless in its beauty

took my creative spirit to a new place. Moving west to Arizona and

later to Santa Fe, New Mexico, was for me moving into a wide open

space spiritually and artistically. I learned to appreciate the land; to

grow, forage, heal and cook with herbs. It was in the open desert that I

found myself. In Tucson, I went to tile shops collecting broken tiles and

teaching myself to mosaic vintage furniture with handmade Mexican

. . . >

10 11

After years of traveling and moving around, I finally settled in Berkeley

California, where I met my husband, a music producer, composer and

audio engineer. We have been married for thirteen years and have

three awesome, creative boys ages five, ten, and eleven. While living

in Berkeley, I began to sell natural fiber textiles from my travels and

sell them along with my own handmade clothing and jewelry at flea

markets in Berkeley and San Francisco. At these events, I styled my

mannequins in the natural fiber, feminine nomadic style that I longed to

wear and see others wearing. While living in the Bay area, I took a one

afternoon workshop on natural dying near my home in Oakland. I loved

the process and studied endless dye books and tried many experiments

to create an array of colors from local plants.

Through hand written documentation of plants and color, trial and error,

I learned the art of hand dying textiles. When I work with botanical

dyes, I have to be kind to myself in the process. It really is “go with the

flow” art. Nature is diverse and there are lots of factors that work in

harmony to create unique color. I aim for outcomes based on my notes

and as an eco-conscious designer, I want everything to be physically

beautiful but also connect to the wild aspect of nature. In the dye

bath process, I give up my expectations and am often rewarded with

a new color to add to my plant dye palette. The beauty of the textile

is often embracing the natural “imperfections.” This slow crafted, hand

dyed process produces a unique quality dyed garment. When we lived in

Berkeley, I had my hands in different textile art and design techniques:

block printing, fiber sculptures, sewing, creating patterns and of course,

dying textiles, when my boys were making mud pies in the backyard.

I wrote a blog with stories and photos of our family and art life that

connected folks to my Etsy shop of hand sewn, hand dyed clothing, art

and jewelry.

In the words of my husband, “if you change your

environment, you change your destiny.” In 2013,

we moved to Boulder, CO where I taught

myself how to weave on a tapestry loom

and have been weaving almost daily ever

since. Becoming a weaver of tapestries

was answering a soul calling. I tell

a story with primarily natural fibers

as this helps sustain the larger

world outside myself. I love both

the meditative process and the final

product. Selecting the natural fibers

in an array of colors and textures and

weaving my personal story with them, is

my way of leaving something personal and sacred in the world like the

women weavers before me. My boys, who are all in school now, see me

working in my studio. They have all learned to weave and spend lots of

time in nature. There is artwork all over our home. They get to see and

experience art the way I did when I was a child. This makes me happy.

I am currently working on more clothing designs with more high

vibration linen and some organic, hemp stretch favorites. I will continue

to weave and sell my woven art. I believe we should always be learning

new skills, be humble enough to learn from many teachers, and if there

is no teacher around to not be afraid to teach yourself. I always think

of my ancestors that had the innate wisdom to teach themselves to

weave fibers into rugs, baskets and blankets and discovered how to

work with what is in front of them. They learned it all through direct

contact with nature.

12 13



on’t date a mystic, if you want the life you have.

If you are comfortable and cozy, stay away. Whatever

you have built around yourself to create comfort - it

cannot stand in the blazing fire of a mystical woman.”

Alison Nappi



A life that is infused with magick, honoring the divine

feminine, led and driven by the power that comes with

being an unapologetic wild woman. One where your

creativity stems from the heart and you celebrate all of

the little things in life. A grateful life. A Goddess Life.

We are Erica and Sage, two souls who fell completely in love and live this

life together. Two creatives who together are a pair of wild women moonbirds

who are constantly celebrating life and its many wonderments. We

live and learn by the changing seasons, follow the moon, and are guided by

Spirit and the stars.

We adorn our home with energy. Crystals we choose mindfully, dried

flowers, old keys and bells, brass antiques, and vintage store finds. We

like things and curiosities that feel alive with ancient energy. The altar

we created in our little home changes with the seasons and we have too

many candles to count. We believe in the magick of adornment; the creation

of a mystical household. Something we really pride ourselves on is how

we weave our magick into our daily lives; even the little things. Whether

it’s stirring tea clockwise or counter-clockwise to mirror the moon phase

and infuse strong intention into the cup, or by raising energy late at night

through manifestation and dance. Together, we make everything a sacred

ritual. Our love is celebrated with each passing moment. We carry these

emotions and blessings in our heart, and use them in our daily approach to

The Goddess Life.

. . . >

14 15

It is our love and lifestyle that inspired us as a creative couple to create

Sage & Fae Photo, our own photography business. Our dream is to

creatively capture and tell the love stories of soulmates. Having been a

photographer for seven years, I have taught Sage everything she knows.

When it comes to photographing adventurous weddings and intimate

elopements, we make the perfect pair. I lead with my creative eye and

insight, and Sage follows with her attention to detail and energetic attitude.

Us both coming together creating a romantic, effortless, and authentic

atmosphere for our couples. We really believe in the art of storytelling.

We want you to feel our photos. While our style is moody mixed with

a bit of wild, our sessions are unposed and organic, playful and candid.

Being a full time photographer I quite literally chase the sun each

day, seeking out its light. My creativity comes from my wild spirit,

and flows into all areas of my life. When I don’t have a camera in my

hand I am reading up on the latest astrology forecast or spouting off

my favorite lines of poetry to Sage. It’s incredible she never tires of

hearing me read pieces of Vita and Virginia’s love letters each morning.

I spend most of my downtime with my love and three kitty familiars

conjuring up new creative ideas for our next photoshoot, or dreaming

up new places for us to travel to. Even if I am just quickly grabbing a

cup of coffee with friends, it somehow always turns into discussions

on astrology and one another’s star signs. To say I am star obsessed

is almost as big of an understatement as saying that I am a little bit

of a romantic! Between giving astrology readings and writing endless

love sonnets to my soulmate, I am most likely blissfully stuck in a

daydream on a mountain top somewhere with my camera; perfectly

content with the adventure, so happy being lost in a sweet moment.

I am humbled to walk through this world half woman - half dream.

Sage, the fiery Sagittarius that came into my life and changed

everything is a literal goddess in beautiful human form. She has a

passion for speaking her truth, a curiosity for the world, and a deep

love for metaphysics. Sage is by far my biggest inspiration. Every

single day is an exciting ride with her. Whether she is motivating me to

live a more holistic and whole life, or just toasting a glass of red wine

at the end of the day (before we settle in to watch a weird, vintage

occult movie) - she amazes me! Since the second we met she has been

changing my life by just simply loving me as I am, for all that I am. Sage

encourages the strong, passionate, and wild woman from within me to

emerge. Being the fourth generation in her family reclaiming the word

Witch, she works her mystic and creative passion through her tarot

study and readings. When she is not lighting me up with laughter, she

is busy working her passion for holistic health and healing at one of the

most prestigious spas in the country at a luxury resort. Nothing makes

Sage happier than when she is providing a tranquil and rejuvenating

atmosphere for the body and soul of others. Living holistically, and

healing through healthy diet, essential oils and organic herbs, are just a

few of her favorite things to study and give advice on.

Sage and I choose to live in the light, and find wisdom in the darkness.

The Goddess Life of balance and harmony. From meeting on Samhain

four years ago to today, we still cherish the beautiful life we created

together. We have lots of travel and adventure to look forward to,

with many wild dreams to create. The biggest dream that we are most

excited for is our wedding day. We are having an intimate and ethereal

ceremony in The Isle of Skye in Scotland next September. I can not wait

to kiss and dance with my soulmate in The Fairy Glen! The Fairy Glen is

as green as Sage’s eyes, my favorite color! We are so excited, and have

complete trust that the Divine is taking care of us.

Summer Solice

Litha Sunrise


Out of all of the many favorite ceremonies

and rituals I have learned from my mother

and time spent at many goddess circles, I chose

a ritual to share with you that my family and

I have done on every Solstice for years.

Summer Solstice.

June 21st.

Honoring the longest day of the year and celebrating the power of the

sun first thing at sunrise. Feel free to adorn your altar or sacred space

with yellow, gold or red candles. Place sunflowers, acorns or anything

you find in nature this time of year, upon your altar to honor the season

of Summer.

It is best to be outside at least 30 minutes before sunrise to set up

or meditate. Cleanse your space you’ve created outside, yourself and

anyone joining the ritual. You could use sage, cinnamon, or frankincense

incense for this, or any combination of herbs of your choice.

Stand facing the sun.

Invoke the four directions and five elements.

Call in their energies and send protection over you and your sacred

space that you’ve created to honor this day.

Call on any deities that you feel connected to or work with if you’d like.

Ground yourself.

Take a few deep breaths and stand tall.

This is a time where any special invocations, prayers, and intentions

you have for the new season can be said aloud. Watch the sun rise

up before you, while you mirror the sun and raise up your arms

with open palms. Close your eyes and feel the suns warmth on

your skin. Welcome in the sun and the new day with offerings of

gratitude, reverence and blessings. Slowly bring your arms back

down - thanking the nature spirits, tree spirits, wind spirits.

We always have a fire going, if you choose to too, throw offerings

of sage or loose tobacco into the fire while strongly focusing on

your intentions you have for the summer season. Leave offerings

for the fae spirits and cleanse yourself again before departing.

Draw an animal card from an animal oracle deck. We pick one

intuitively at every Solstice. They are our animal guides and

allies. We choose an animal for each season to walk, crawl or

fly with us through the season, teaching us lessons and helping

us to see where we can grow and evolve as they depart much of

their medicine to us. An animal instinctively knows how to live

in harmony and they are wise teachers for us in our physical

realm as we sometimes get caught up in thought and forget our

natural instincts.

16 17




by Sara La Rosa

@herstrangeangels •

ᄇeep into the latest moments of evening,

before the full summer dark has settled

herself, wide-hipped and fleshy on the

land, the air is thinning. The heat

has lifted, sucking the blue from the sky, leaving lavender

streaks like mist to creep among the buildings, crawl along

the asphalt roads and seep into the skin at the knees, the

pads of fingertips and the furthest fringes of our eyelashes.

The gloaming has settled itself onto the trees and in the air.

Time between time, this world between worlds. I hear the

ancestors singing, here at the slender waist between day

and night. A constant, rolling, sweet summer breeze picks

up, carrying the voices of spirits. My spirits. Yours. Those we

belong to and whose cosmic threads are woven in our veins.

The light is purpling now, edging toward dark and the night

that so quickly follows. Birds have stopped calling and the

little bats have not yet arrived to feed. This is the liminal light

time. The middlelight, nestled betwixt sundown and twilight.

There is no sound but wind in limb and leaf. Only the trees dare

to speak, answering the whispered song as it moves through

their limbs; a lover long-starved of the beloved’s touch, an

ancient summons, a sun’s kiss on the face of the moon.

These are the moments destined for sensual movements.

The languid greeting of leaf and air. There is no dancing in

sun-washed rays and joyous breezes. This time is for the

approaching night, who drapes and drags her long train of

vivid black across the grasses and hills.

I sit reverently rapt in this elegant descending darkness,

watching nature make love, slowly.

The passionate sounds of merging are themselves listening

deep ~ into us.

We are no mere audience. We are the enchantment; asked to

enter this temple of Time Out of Time, to make of our heart a

naked offering of fire in the face of this wild interlude. Sacred

participants; both guest and initiate.

The softening light is itself an approaching darkness that

brings the tang of sensuality along her spine, moving like

tartly-spiced silk across the fine hairs of arms and legs.

The blending shadows prohibit sharp eyes, favoring blurred

edges and thoughts that overlap with touch and unfinished


The gloaming in the air is both mirror and invitation to our

own simmering want. A temptress living in the cage of our ribs

calls up a warming ember below the toes and tells us to put on

the soft peach shawl, the moonstone ring, the gentle watercolored

fabric that flows around our thighs like currents,

pulling and teasing us in directions of pleasure and prayer,

communion and coiling fire.

We are lit within, like a hidden candle behind cool palms,

seeking warmth in the dark.

Our skin in the dusky air becomes porous to the words and

loves of our grandmothers’ grandmothers ~ their lovers, their

children, their secrets, their desires.

We cannot be separate from their living heat in this darkening


Their own lives have formed our own. This gloaming gift of

summer days reminds us of our birthright and holy inheritance

of pleasure ~ sometimes moaning, sometimes secret sigh.

This non-time is their portal into our ‘now’ world.

Or perhaps it is a portal for our eyes into theirs.

Either way, our gaze is drawn into the eternity stream that

light travels in sweet intimacy with her dark lover. We are

their love~child, the summation of seasons inside one living

skin, a sometimes-chaotic collection of red organs and delicate

systems that dance and sway with moods and molecules.

It is all a love~making~love... ad infinitum. Love without end.

These glorious moments are ever the invitation into

shadowscapes. The hidden self, kept secret even from our

own eyes, emerging snakelike, new-skinned, ruby, writhing,

longing for acceptance. Longing to take steps. Longing to

uncover, undress, unfold.

Will we?

The gloaming portal holds the question gently, and our

grandmothers’ grandmothers hold their breath...

18 19

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is owned and managed by Sean Forest Roberts,

specializing in functional colored porcelain wares for

the home. He infuses his love of science into his work

& has an experimental mindset to his artistic process.


Bohemian Folk Clothing: Bohemian Folk

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sustainable, hand-dyed clothing. The Bohemian

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the fiber art fanatic. She sells ready made macramé

artwork for your home, as well as hosts macramé

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showcases ethically sourced bags, baskets

& textiles from around the world. Purchasing their

ethically sourced, environmentally friendly baskets

helps empower these talented artisans in their own

enterprises; supports sustainable development; &

preserves traditional craft skills and practices.


Saffron Creations: Saffron Creations

collects intricately patterned vintage tins

manufactured in England during the 1960s and 70s

and transform these pieces of nostalgia into timeless



Merry Fiber Arts: Merry creates unique

wearable works of fine art. Each pendant is

skillfully embroidered, bringing this ancient art into

a contemporary light. Each pendant takes up to two

hours as Merry gets lost in the joy of embroidery floss

passing through taut fabric.


Gaia Conceptions: Gaia Conceptions creates

artisanal organic clothing for women who love

sustainable fashion. Garments are easily dressed up

or down, making them excellent for the workplace,

travel, lounging, and festivals. Each garment has

customizable options to meet the needs of a range of

ages, body types, functions, and seasons.


LOUV: LOUV celebrates the beauty of

our world and the free spirits. They combine

ancestral wisdom like plant dyes with modern

innovative eco-friendly materials like eucalyptus

fabric to create amazingly soft, feminine &

sustainable intimates. They build bridges between

the makers and you.


Cinder Alley: Unique, one of a kind

bohemian jewelry using organic materials

such as bone, porcupine quills, feathers and crystals.

Tamara also infuses her passion of vintage jewelry

by repurposing remnants she finds in flea markets &

thrift shops.


Meadow Ceramics: Meadow Ceramics is

Danish handmade ceramics made by Caroline

Arnecke. The pieces are inspired by the vast oceans,

botany, the night sky and dreamy watercolors.


Sunno Henna: Susan/Suno, the artist

behind Suno Henna, connects others with

ancient temporary body art all across Western WA.

She brings that temporary beauty to reclaimed wood

home decor for more permanent enjoyment.


Gypsies Caravan: Gypsies Caravan

embodies the spirit of our ancestors, keeping the

old traditions alive in our craftsmanship. They are a

mom and pop shop who believe in authenticity and

ethically sourced materials for their one of a kind

creations that adorn the wild and free.











5 6

20 21


antha bae

Handmade for the Bohemian Soul

On Laura – Kantha Crop Top + Kantha Headwrap

On Krista – Kantha Crop Top



NecklaceS by @roadkillgems

PHOTOS by chelsea brady

“I believe in mamas and sisterhood and community and that

we can't do life alone and weren't meant to. I want my shop

to be a platform for that. I hope that as you wear kantha, you

feel a part of something bigger and that you are strong and

brave knowing you are bringing hope to others! The Kantha

Bae story is expanding around the world and we are excited

to help make a difference in women’s lives around the world.”

- Krista Sartin, Founder 23

On Krista – Kantha Vest

On Laura – Kantha Headwrap + Kantha Pareo

Kantha Bae offers unique, functional products

you use every day from beautifully hand

embroidered kantha. We source our Kantha

directly from India and Bangladesh and then use

our own designs to create unique and beautiful

products for mama, baby, and home.

24 25

On Laura – Kantha Turban + Kantha Headwrap worn as belt

On Krista – Kantha Turban + Kantha Headwrap worn as belt

Kantha is an ancient embroidery technique,

especially popular in India and Bangladesh.

The women use old saris and cloth and

layer them with the kantha stitch to make

beautiful fabrics.

26 27

On Laura – Kantha Bae Silk Mumu

On Krista – Kantha Turban

Kantha Bae supports women in Bangladesh and India

rescued from at-risk and trafficking environments through

our partnership with Basha Boutique. Each piece of fabric is

beautiful and unique telling a story of hope. Women survivors

are taught to hand embroider beautiful sari cloth in the art

of kantha. They are given a fair wage and an education and

their children are cared for in whole and safe environments.

28 29



Clothing for

the free spirits,

the moon howlers

+ soul seekers


Modeled + Photographed by

Marcie Dawn Moonridge


30 31

32 33

34 35

36 37

Adorn Favorites









Karma of Charme: A family owned

business created with the tradition of

Italian craftsmanship, Karma of Charme designs

hand-sewn artisan boots, bags and accessories

for the bohemian woman. They weave their

love of culture and family into each piece.


Vagamundo: Vagamundo combines

bohemian spirit with urban sophistication,

offering apparel and accessories that fit a freespirited

and modern lifestyle, evoking beauty,

confidence, and individuality. Inspired by a mutual

love of travel + art, the materials are sourced during

their travel adventures.


Spicyheart: Spicyheart is a collection of

bohemian adornments for the woman who

connects with nature and the energy of the universe.

For the wild woman who shares her soul magic. Each

piece is handcrafted from the heart of the mountains.


Vada Winter: Vada Winter is an inclusive

shopping experience for all of your boho and

bougie style needs. We're a community of women

banded together by the belief that a good outfit is the

foundation for a good day which leads to more smiles

and more happy humans, and in turn a better world.


Shannon Noelke Metal Arts: Handcrafted

sterling silver and natural stone jewelry that

is inspired by natural elements, many cultures

and traditions and the fluid lines of the art

nouveau era. A blend of feminine and masculine

elements into a synthesis of natural materials

that speaks to the ancient and primal in all of us.


Nida lu Handmade: Nida Lu Handmade

Shoes are designed from a 700 year old Turkish

shoe. They are handmade by a family in Gazintep

that have been making shoes for generations. Each

shoe is crafted with the finest leather that forms to

your foot and will last a lifetime!


Charlie & Me: Charlie + Me is a Sustainable

women's clothing line, handmade in Boulder,

Colorado. Each piece is designed with an emphasis on

creating clean, timeless designs that use high quality

yet low environmental impact fabrics, natural dyes,

and can be worn for seasons to come.


Hemlock Goods: Hemlock Goods makes

colorful, illustrated goods for everyday life

and everyday people. Hemlock marries a love of art

applied to functional goods, textiles you can touch

and feel, and the happy magic of unexpected color



Becca Eirikson: Becca’s jewelry line

consists of intricate handwoven delica seed

bead beadwork. Each piece takes hours to create,

giving it an original and one-of-a-kind quality that

lasts a lifetime. Inspired by elements of nature and

the flow of the muse.


Sandgrens Clogs: Sandgrens Clogs has

been making clogs by hand since the early

1900s in the forests of Småland, Sweden. Their

passion is to make clogs and celebrate traditional

Swedish footwear, an artform they believe is worth

preserving using natural materials and timeless



Hackwith Design House: Hackwith

Design House creates simple, beautiful, ethical

clothing made in the United States. Their goal is

to make long-lasting, versatile clothing. They are

conscious of reducing waste by creating limited

edition collections + making items when they are



MZ Fairtrade: The purpose of MZ is to

perpetuate the beautiful artistry of the artisans

in Oaxaca, Mexico by connecting them with socially

conscious consumers around the globe. They offer

beautiful fair trade bags, rugs and pillows that will

bring color and culture into your wardrobe and home!










38 39






with Sara Toufali

Sara Toufali is a photographer and creative

director based in Los Angeles, California.

With a passion for plants and cozy interiors,

she runs her lifestyle blog Black & Blooms in

addition to her online print shop and botanicalfilled

Instagram account.

My partner Eddie and I moved into our new home a little over a

year ago. Coming from a small, dark, one bedroom apartment to

a nice sized, bright & sunny two bedroom house was so exciting

for us. I couldn't wait to start decorating and really transform

the place into our own cozy sanctuary. The new bathroom was a

major upgrade from our last one, which was windowless and so

tiny you could hardly turn around. I’m a big plant lover and like to

fill every room in my home with green, so moving into a house that

had not one but TWO windows in the bathroom really excited me.

One thing I wasn’t too thrilled about however, was the ugly brown

tile that covered the bathroom walls. It was such a muddy shade

and really didn’t vibe with my vision for the space, so I knew

something had to be done. I began researching how much it would

cost to retile the room and even got a few quotes, but quickly

realized it would be way out of our budget. I also had to take

into account that we’re renting, and it just doesn’t make sense

to invest that type of money into something we wouldn’t be able

to take with us. So I decided to get creative with it! I did a little

research into DIY tile alternatives and found that tile stickers

would actually make the most sense for us. High quality vinyl

peel and stick tiles that can cover up any sort of flat surface. Such

a great option for renters or anyone on a budget, since stickers

are much more affordable than changing out the tile and they're

removable when it comes time to move.

. . . >

40 41

There are many different tile stickers out there, and picking the ones for our bathroom

took me a while. Should I go with a pattern, or plain? What color should I choose?

Decisions, decisions. The blue-green colors of the sea are my absolute favorite, so I

decided on teal stickers for a happy, beachy vibe. I really wanted the room to feel

spa-like and relaxing, especially during bath time! Once the tile stickers arrived and

we applied them, the space was completely transformed. I couldn’t believe what

a difference they made! That teal really set the tone for the room, and so I began

designing the rest of the space.

A few changes we made were replacing an unattractive metal towel bar on the

wall above the tub with a pretty hanging shelf. The perfect spot to display a

beautiful trailing plant! I placed a stool next to the tub to act as a good vibes altar,

complete with candles, incense, crystals, and sage. The bathroom didn't come with

any additional storage space other than the mirror medicine cabinet, and it was

important that I have somewhere to put things. I ultimately chose a bamboo cabinet

to hide away all my hair care & travel size products. It also gives me a nice flat

surface to be able to place items I use daily, since the pedestal sink means we don't

have any counter space.

Finally, the wall above the bathtub was just begging for art. I ultimately chose

a photo I took a couple years ago on a fun day in Malibu with Eddie. Displaying

your own art in your home really brings that added special touch, and makes the

space unique! Now I smile every time I walk into the room, because it really is so

personalized and completely my style.

42 43



with Anna Louise

of Experimental Vintage


Oh, hi there- I’m Anna Louise and I live in Portland, OR

with my sweet pup Dorothy and cross-eyed kitty Lola.

I moved to this beautiful city and bought my home 5 years ago. It’s

a sweet 1920’s Cape Cod style house that I have been putting lots of

love and elbow grease into ever since. As I sit here writing this, it’s a

classically gray and moody day in Portland, and I’m curled up on my

couch with a cup of herbal tea. From the next room, the sounds of

raindrops on the window and piano jazz on the speaker slightly echo

off the hardwood floor. I think that’s Bill Evans playing now? His live

version of “Spring Is Here” always makes me feel just such a way.

A slight hint of the palo santo I burned earlier in the day still lingers

delicately both in the air and on my fingers- woodsy, sultry, soft. It’s

one of the first days of the slowly warming season that my bedroom

window has been cracked open. The breeze coming off the Columbia

river nearby my home sneaks its way in and softly ruffles the curtains

as it brushes its way past. A crow caws and a car door slams shut from

somewhere down the street. The clock inches towards 4:15pm. Tuesday

afternoon bliss.

. . . >

44 45

story to tell. I like to think about the places they have been, the kind of

homes they have been in, the people who have held or touched them.

Their journey over the years to get to me, to my home, in this one little

corner of the world. It’s all very romantic to me. I also am very drawn to

the environmental reasons for buying secondhand as well- less waste.

The throwaway culture that we live in now saddens me, and I believe

that buying secondhand instead of new, “fast fashion” products is a step

in a more earth friendly direction. It also doesn’t hurt that choosing to

buy secondhand is much easier on the pocketbook, too.

The last five years that I’ve lived in this home have been a time of

tremendous growth for me in terms of knowing myself more. With

every year that passes in my 30’s, I am noticing how much my home

environment nourishes me. I find stability here. I recharge here. It’s

one of the only places where I find true solace on a regular basis. And

moreover, it’s a creative expression of my pure artistic self. I have the joy

(and hardship) of running my own business for a living, and I like things

to be peaceful in my space when I return home after work. Everything

matters- from the type of lighting (soft and ambient), to the music

playing (usually jazz), to the smells in the air (constantly burning copal

and the likes in small dishes on the mantle). I’ve added lots of plants

because surrounding myself with living things makes me feel more alive

myself. My favorite thing to collect at the moment is portraiture of

women. I find the female form so interesting and beautiful, and each

addition to my collection is an ode to all of the amazing women in my

life- both past and present.

vintage and curating meaningful personal spaces into my business,

Experimental Vintage. I sell one-of-a-kind vintage and antique rugs in

my webshop, and co-own a sweet brick and mortar shop here in Portland

called Homebody that I opened last summer with my dear friend Max.

Owning and managing a retail shop on top of an already busy online

shop has proved extremely challenging, but also more rewarding. With

the addition of more work on a daily basis, the sanctity of my home

environment is more important than ever. Having an intentionally

curated physical space that reflects my inner self allows me to mentally

unwind and recharge on a daily basis.

I think tonight after I finish the last bit of work that needs to be done,

I’ll pour myself a glass of wine, put on a record, and curl up with a good

book under a blanket or two. Maybe I’ll even have myself a fire in the

fireplace later. After all, it may soon be too warm for that. The small

pink blossoms on the plum tree in the backyard are starting to rain onto

the rooftop next door- and that’s the first sign that another beautiful

pacific northwest summer is about to be upon me and this place that I

call home again soon.

My home is furnished and styled with mostly vintage finds. Everything

from the furniture to the art to the practical things like the pottery bowls

in the kitchen have been sourced from local flea markets and thrift

stores. I grew up going to the weekly flea markets in my hometown in

California as a child, as my parents both had an affinity for pre-loved

things- both out of aesthetic preference and financial necessity. I’m one

of three sisters, and raising a family isn’t cheap. I still remember the

very first vintage item that I bought with my own money- it was a small

rusty metal world globe with tones of marigold and faded blue. I was

11 years old and loved to spin the globe and close my eyes and point a

finger as it slowed and dream about all of the places I would visit when

I was older. It cost 2 weeks allowance money, and I still have it on a

shelf in my kitchen. And I have indeed visited many of the places that

my finger landed upon those many years ago.

I’m so lucky and grateful that I’ve been able to marry my love for

My love for vintage in the home has grown over the years and the

reasons have evolved as well. I love that second hand pieces have a

46 47

Earthy, Magical, artisanal Digs

Tucked Away in the Hill Country of Texas.

Trois Estate

by Laura Mazurek

The first time I drove up the windy

stone laid driveway of Trois Estate

I couldn’t stop gasping in awe

around each little bend. It felt like I

was about to embark on something

truly special, but little did I know

just how unique this place really

was. My dear friend had chosen

this spot for her wedding, and had

she not I may have never known

about this gem tucked away in

the hills outside of Fredricksburg,

Texas, just an hour away from my


As I came to the end of the driveway I quickly realized I was about

to enter a sacred place with an energy of it’s own. I instantly felt

my heart flutter over the Terra-cotta walls and oversized antique

wooden doors, old stone statues and abundant cactus patches. It is

like a slice of a little Tuscan villa in the middle of the Hill Country.

The details the Trois family has poured into this place is just a sliver

of what makes it so special. It is carved out of the majestic landscape

in the Texas Hill Country just across from Enchanted Rock, one of

the world’s largest batholiths.

. . . >

This is the kind of place you go to stay if you are wanting an

experience of artisanal beauty and a sense of tranquility. It is

20 miles from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close enough

to go visit all the fun things you can do around the area, like the

wildflower farms or wineries. Or you can stock the mini fridge with

fruits and veggies like we did and stay in for the evening and enjoy

the galaxy of stars above you or dip into the underground grotto.

Yes, there is an underground hand built grotto that is connected to

one of the guest rooms as well as an underground chapel. It is truly

one of the most magical things I have ever seen.

. . . >

48 49

You will also be greeted by the kindest owners and staff who

are so warm, welcoming and accommodating. It is truly a

family owned bed and breakfast, which is just the kind of place

I want to stay. Rebecca Trois had a vision of creating a place

that would bring people together in hopes to find moments of

spiritual connection and healing through the energy of the land.

After my recent stay there while shooting for the magazine,

I feel like something transpired there that brought a lot of

healing through conversations that were had. It was like spirit

was guiding us to hold space for things we didn’t even know we

needed through the course of those few days. It was as if we

were circled in protection to unearth deeper parts of ourselves in

a safe space with each other.

If you like rustic, artisan architecture

and the feeling of being immersed in

nature, this is the place for you. You

can come on a romantic getaway for

two, fly solo for some self-reflection

and healing, or book the whole

place for a wedding or retreat. I am

definitely day dreaming of bringing

all my oily babes here for a weekend

of star gazing, moon howling, grotto

dipping and soul connecting.

50 51

1Nest Favorites








Roaming Roots: Roaming Roots believes

that our homes are a sacred space that we

curate with goods that inspire and ground us. She

incorporates natural textures and elements into her

wood and macramé home décor, connecting you to

the earth and yourself.


Kate Shriner: Kate Shriner creates original

watercolors converted to prints with handembellished

gold foil and real pressed flowers. Her

artwork is inspired by nature and the cosmos.


California Cotton: Modern bedding

company with a focus on environmental

sustainability and social good. All of our bedding

and pillows are made from organic, Fair Trade

Certified cotton, which not only results in amazingly

soft materials, but also ensures that the people

who produce the cotton make a living wage.


Calhoun & Co.: Calhoun & Co. is a gift

and home decor line with the goal of bringing

a smile to your face. Our products are designed with

a little bit of humor, cozy weekend vibes, and the

intention of spreading a little more kindness in the



Vida + Luz: Life + Light. Driftwood and

hammered brass wall art capturing celestial

wonder. Inspired by nature and the juxtaposition of

natural and geometric forms. The subtle shadow

play of suspended hand cut and hammered brass

embraces nature at its best.


Herland Home: Herland Home offers

intentionally made natural vegan coconut wax

candles with ethically harvested ingredients. Focusing

on exceptional ingredients, reusable materials,

and handmade precision, the solo maker combines

impeccably crafted candles with understated art

nouveau inspired labels.


D+K Renewal: Founded by cousins,

Dawnelle and Kirsten, D+K Renewal is a

curated selection of global textiles and accessories as

well as a selection of handmade pieces and artwork

for the modern bohemian home. Each piece is hand

selected and ready for a new life!


Bright Star and Buffalo: We are a

daughter/mother duo dedicated to helping you

make the stuff of your life the substance of your life.

We craft both cosmic earthy inspired hand forged

metal home decor, jewelry and botanical Ayurvedic

style skin care with love and intention always.


Coconut Bowls: Coconut Bowls is a brand

and movement advocating for healthy living

and conscious thinking, for both people and the

planet. Using natural waste from rural farms, we

handcraft eco-friendly products for the home.


Birch Bliss: Boho meets minimal modern,

Birch Bliss’s nature inspired paintings

and professional reproductions inspire peace and

tranquility in your space. Brought to life with love in

beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.


10 Fingers Art: 10 Fingers is a ceramic

shop for your home + garden filled with unique

pieces inspired by nature and its elements. There is a

variety of earthy, whimsical planters, bowls, mugs,

ornaments and other handcrafted accessories.


Conejo & Co.: Conejo & Co. makes modern

tapestry in Los Angeles. Their edition style

pieces are hand-painted on linen and hang from solid

brass hardware. They share the magic of living with











52 53

mama bird

I speak out loud often, "be kind, be brave, be love..."

My grandmother is one of the most

beautiful women I have ever met, and

in her 80's today, she is even still. I

remember we would visit her and my

PaPa every summer and she would have

her hair done every week and lay on a

silk pillow case so it would keep it's

shape. Her red fingernails were always

perfection too. She would let me lay in her


open hands

lap as she would run her fingers through

my hair. Growing up, she was never

without her panty hose and rouge...and

I remember her silk house slippers, so her

hose wouldn't run. She was so graceful

and soft spoken and always kind. She

made the best layered chocolate cake I

have ever this day. So. many.

layers. It was magic.

by Krista Sartin


Founder of @kanthabae

photos by Joy Prouty

My mother is like her in a lot of ways. Her

house is always in order and she rarely

leaves the house without her makeup and

hair fixed, but I finally got her to wear a

pair of leggings and a top knot instead of

being so "put together" to run up to the

grocery store. My mother is a servant and

loves people. I don't think she thinks of

herself for even a minute. I remember she

would read and read to us. I love to read because of her. She

loved us with her whole self and still does.

Now as a mom myself, I look back on my childhood perception

of my mother and understand her so much better. I am not

nearly as kind and patient as she is, but I'm learning. Being

a mom has been an undoing for me. I remember when I held

Lagen for the first time, such love overcame me, but such fear

too. I had such a struggle with my identity as a woman, as a

wife, and newly as a mother. I was afraid I couldn't measure

up and that I would never be enough for him. Now with 5

littles and nearly a decade later, my story is much the same,

but fear is not my cage anymore.

Living my life with open hands hasn't always been my

mantra. In my motherhood journey, I have learned "the

doorposts" of my life because I have been forced to look in

a mirror every day. An unforgiving one. When my children

start to have patterns and tendencies that reflect my

weaknesses, that mirror is rather ugly. I speak out loud

often, "be kind, be brave, be love...." for myself and for

them! In my weakness and brokenness, I want my children

to know the goal. "Open your hands," I tell them, "Don't be

afraid." "Love God, love people."

It is easy for me to be insecure, to set the bar too high for

myself...To try to fit a mold of motherhood by a pretty picture

on my instagram feed. But no, I was crafted and designed by

an All Powerful Creator, beautifully fashioned in His image

to be bold and brave and live an abundant and full life. But

even more, I was made to be the mother each of my children

need. This is me. And me is enough for them. I have a little

vintage sign in the kids' bathroom that says, "There are but

two lasting bequests we can give our children, the first is roots and the last

is wings." I hope that when I give them wings, they look at the road ahead

and say, "Look out 'cause here I come."

It's not an easy road, but I wouldn't trade motherhood or the undoing that

came with it, for anything. I am stronger, braver, kinder because of my

babes. I know who I am and I am not afraid anymore of the thoughts of

others. This is me, and I can be me...boldly.

After a very stressful few weeks, I looked at Landon and said, "we're gonna

be ok babes." He said, "ya know, I don't think so, I think we are just going

to be." I understood him immediately. "Being" is enough. "Ok" is passing

and usually doesn't last very long, but "being" present, kind, love, brave...

no matter the circumstance...well, I can land there.

I'm definitely not all put together and I don't sleep on a silk pillowcase or

have a perfectly neat house, but my heritage of mothers have helped me

become the woman I am today. They have walked my journey too and now

I understand it. You are beautiful and you can be you boldly. Motherhood

is an undoing, a beautiful journey of becoming, and you are worthy of it.

54 55


My J2ourney into M3otherhood


Little Gypsy Co.

Vintage inspired clothing for the

boho mama + babe

@littlegypsyco -


Brandi Morgan Photography


My journey is rooted deeply in my relationship

with my mother. The physical loss of her over a

decade ago set me on a path of self-discovery

that is still unfolding many years later.

She was my best friend, my confidant, my

biggest supporter and my soft place to land.

She encouraged me to be fully myself, with

the exception of the time she came barreling

through my angsty teenage bedroom with a

huge trash can and began throwing things in

it in a dramatic approach to get through my

thick 15 year old skull. She was convinced I

was worshiping the devil and doing heroine

after some misleading letters she had found

that were written to impress a boy. She began

by throwing a jagged mirror I had on my shelf

in the trashcan first, so that everything after

would make a loud crash. I sobbed and yelled

and felt so misunderstood. That was a brief

moment in my existence where I felt lost and

unseen, but now that I am a mother, I know

that she truly did see me, always. That day

took so much bravery for her to storm into

my room and rock my world the way she did.

It was so out of character, but so necessary

as she saw the path I was headed down.

She allowed me to be myself though, with so

much acceptance, even when I know she was

gritting her teeth when I walked out of the

house with green hair and baggie jeans covered

in drawings, or with black lipstick and a dog

collar. Oh, the many women I have been. She

cultivated my creative side and always showed

so much enthusiasm when I created something

new, even the cheesy construction paper

holiday cards my friend and I made and sold

to her fellow AA members when I was about 8.

Yep, I had the entrepreneurial spirit at a very

young age.

. . . >

56 57

Losing my mother put a screeching halt onto

my own journey into motherhood. I was a

newly wed of 4 months when I lost her, and

the thought of bringing a child into the world

without her here felt too painful. That feeling

grew even deeper when my father took his own

life 3.5 years later. It was a long twisty road

for me to finally feel ready to open my hands

to the path of becoming a mama. Then one

day I spent hours in very honest self reflection

and soul work underneath the branches of my

backyard stick tipi, and I crossed a threshold.

Underneath that big ol’ full Blood Moon Eclipse

in October 2015, I opened my arms wide, I

exhaled deeply, and I told the universe I was

ready to bring a child into the world. I was

ready to let go of the idea that I could not

mother without my mother by my side. And

as you may know, the universe has a way of

listening. Two weeks later I found out I was

pregnant with our sweet Ava Pearl. Little did

I know how much my own heart was going

to transform and heal through the journey of

motherhood. She has filled so many holes in

my heart that I didn’t think could be filled.

I see my mother and my father in her every

day. My mom’s spirit shines through her big

@lauramazurek •

blue eyes and her big ol’ cheeks when she

smiles. I see my dad in her through her silly

grins, her sense of humor and her wild and

crazy Einstein-esque hair. This tiny little

human has grown my heart in so many ways.

Looking back I realized that my mother gave

me my roots and my wings. This is actually

where my business Roots and Feathers got its

name, in honor of her and the life she gave to

me. My biggest wish is to give the same to Ava.

I hope she will always know that she is loved

+ accepted, brave + capable, and will always

have a home for me tucked away in her heart

no matter where the winds of life take us.

58 59

When your

soul needs both



As I have recently journeyed into motherhood myself,

I have found it is not always easy, but so very

necessary to give life to our passions alongside our

role as Mother. Maybe not so much in the beginning,

but there comes a time when the reclamation of self

is not just desired, but it’s a matter of thriving vs.

surviving. I may be speaking for myself here, but this

has been my personal experience. I firmly believe that

life is not meant to be just one-dimensional, as we

are multifaceted beings. If you are a creative, you

can still be a mother, and if you are a mother, you

can still be a creative. It might be messy, trying and

turbulent, but there is so much life to be found when

we refill our wells with what calls to our souls… Here

are some thoughts on the subject from a few of the

mother makers you will find throughout the pages in

this magazine.


Being both mother and creative is a balancing act where

the scales are always tipped one way or the other. There

is a yearning to be fully in two different places. I am

needed as a cuddle bug when he is napping, to be his

play buddy and book reader. Those moments are as

sweet as honey. All the while, the deep deep need for

creative expression is there. I know the season will come

when that time is honored. Being a mama and a creative

takes a strong cup of patience and perseverance.


Most nights, for the last 19 years, my head hits the

pillow and I fall into that lovely pure exhausted state

of sleep, having spent my days immersed in physically

demanding gardening projects, or mentally and

emotionally demanding creative art works, all while

trying to carve out loads of time to feed, teach, wrestle,

play, clean and love my three children. That deep sleep

is typically short lived, as one of them usually wakes

up to nurse, snuggle, has growing pains, cry about a

sad day, need to be nursed back to health, or simply

can’t sleep in fear of the herd of horses one’s convinced

is going to barrel through the walls in the middle of

the night. In the beginning, had I known the wisdom,

lessons and love these babies would teach me, I’d never

have spent some nights in sleepless worry and fear,

wondering how we were going to make it through. But,

that’s life, and that’s what makes it so valuable and

worth it. The depth of love continues to grow, sometimes

tear inducingly and heart achingly so, and all I can do

these days is live in absolute awe and gratitude that I

have hit such a winning jackpot with my discovery of my

creative talents and passions and the three loves of my

life I’m lucky enough to call my children. I am learning

the beautiful balance of giving my energy to my creative

lines of work and to my children, so that each of them

can grow and thrive exactly as they need.



Embracing creative flow within motherhood is the

antidote to any frustrations, or stagnant energy that

could arise. When we remain connected to source

in a creative flow, we give ourselves and our children

permission to remain wild, free, and unbound to the

mundane. In our home, if things become tense... we play,

dance, make art or make love. This is where the well and

essence of life can be filled, and thus overflow into all

aspects of our beings.


Becoming a new single mama with all the pressures

surrounding us as a collective has fueled my creative

endeavors overall. It has been so easy in the past to

dwell on and internalize everything, but now I know how

to facilitate my desires and visions with my hands. Being

isolated in the symphony that is motherhood has ignited

a fire within me that cannot be stopped. It is extremely

satisfying to witness my internal rhythm blossom into

visible, tangible forms that is my vegan cooking and art

making. I am grateful for every lesson, struggle, and

triumph that has shaped me into the mother and artist

I am today.


I am a woman, wife, mother, creator...every part is

vitally important to my whole being. I have to nurture

my relationship with each carefully to keep balance and

well-being. I try to walk with open hands through each

day and to make the choice to be kind, brave, love and

loved. These mantras help me to find solace in the things

I touch and bring life to them, instead of them taking the

life out of me.

60 61





with Leah Kent

There’s a grieving that happens in motherhood that no

one warned me about. I’m so grateful for the blessing of

becoming a mama, and was caught off guard by the way

it triggered a loss of identity that was deeply disorienting

and impacted my creative work in the world.

Since the birth of my two young sons, I’ve had to learn to accommodate

a new me: a mama capable of tracking not one, but three lives


Redefining my relationship to creativity and creative time while

fulfilling this new role required me to give up many old habits and

cultivate a new set of expectations for myself.

The frustrating paradox at this moment is that my flow of creative

inspiration has actually blossomed, while the time available to

implement these new ideas has been reduced to a mere trickle of

moments sprinkled randomly through my days.

I realize this is a huge and nuanced topic to unpack, but there are two

key things I’ve been practicing that are helping me navigate the tension

between motherhood and creativity, that I hope can help you, too.

Taming Self-Expectations

I came across this concept from a wonderful book, Finding the Deep

River Within by Abby Seixas. It was so powerful, I decided to train

directly with Abby to become a Deep River women’s circle facilitator.

Taming self-expectations is about releasing the ‘shoulds’ we place on

ourselves. The practice is to remind myself to set realistic, do-able

expectations so I can shift out of the trap of perfectionism that has

historically kept me stuck or spinning my wheels.

One magnificent piece of advice I read is that when you set up a goal for

yourself around cultivating a new habit, such as “write for 60 minutes

everyday,” you should cut it in half. And maybe even cut that in half

again until it’s such a small, easy change it feels nearly ridiculous.

Rather than spending a huge amount of energy wishing I had hours and

hours of free writing time, I’ve embraced this approach and regularly

write for just 10 or 15 minutes at a time.

The short bursts are certainly different than longer writing sessions, but

they’re still nourishing and help me move my creative projects forward.



When I was introduced to the self-compassion expert and author,

Kristin Neff, the clouds parted, the sunshine brilliantly burst through,

and everything was illuminated.

One of the core understandings in self-compassion is to be nurturing and

gentle with ourselves when things are difficult or challenging, rather

than just “toughing it out” or “muscling through.”

I’ve generally been the queen of grinning and bearing it, though internally

of course I’d be suffering with frustration, resentment, and dare I say it…

good old-fashioned anger.

Self-compassion invites us to acknowledge when things are hard and

allows us to welcome and experience all of our emotions rather than

attempting to suppress, ignore, or deny them.

In turn, this seems to let those feelings move through more quickly and

I feel lighter because of it. This lightness has opened me up to receiving

even more emotional and energetic space for a creative flow to move

through me.

Now I show up with pen and paper to write with self-compassion, rather

than a heavy feeling of perfectionism and worry. I have the space to

follow my curiosity where it leads me.

And with practice, I’m remembering that being soft and yielding, gentle

and compassionate, is how I’m choosing to define my life as both a

mama and a creative, visionary woman.

About Leah Kent

Leah Kent is a writer and intuitive energy healer who creates sacred

space where women can reclaim their power and creativity to share

their true radiance with a world that’s thirsting for their light. She leads

intuitive women’s writing circles both virtually and in the beautiful

mountains of Western Massachusetts. •

62 63

Mama Bird Favorites










Kantha Bae: Kantha Bae offers unique,

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Kindom: Kindom offers capsule collections

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from reclaimed and indigenous materials. Their brand

relies on Kin-ship of its community, bringing eco

fashion that is conscious of resources, human labor

and the environment.


Tia Sadie: Tia Sadie provides Fair Trade

handmade Huipil bags made in Guatemala.

They have partnered with local artisans to bring

the bags to life. They are committed to sustainable

business practices and relationships with the

community and families they work with.


Mikoleon: Mikoleon believes in Natural Slow

Fashion. They preserve cobbling, weaving, and

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Aumni Apparel: Aumni believes in a

more aware aesthetic, where we support

mother earth through conscious lifestyle choices and

community education. They do more than just create

sustainable apparel; they work to inspire an ecoconscious

relationship between the consumer and the

clothing they wear.


Ramble and Co: It is their mission to

provide courage & comfort through their

t-shirts. Each tee is designed with the hope that when

you throw on one of their shirts, you’ll go through

your day bearing contagious confidence, beauty, &

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Cosmic Bath + Beauty: Cosmic believes

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simple and effective non-toxic beauty and body care

goods for people who realized the power of taking

responsibility of taking good care of themselves, and

good health has become an essential part of their

beauty routine.


Beaming Amber Sun: Modern-boho

amber jewelry for a bright life! Harnessing

mother earth’s all natural Baltic Amber to relieve

life’s aches and pains related to challenges such as

teething, growing pains, arthritis, headaches, etc.


Immortal Perfumes: Immortal Perfumes

is a micro-perfumery specializing in historically

inspired, handmade perfumes. Anchored by the flagship

line of writer scents, Dead Writers, Immortal Perfumes

imagines vintage fragrances for the modern era.


Little Lentil Clothing: Little Lentil Clothing

is a sustainable, natural and organic childrens

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can send us back their child's pre-loved clothes for a

discount on their next order. Loved Again by Little

Lentil offers pre-loved, quality organic baby clothes

at half off the price of new.









64 65



the key to your power

with Tara Carney


My home is my sacred space. Filled with all of my favorite things

(and beings), treasures, and memories, you’ll often find me shifting

space by way of rearranging furniture, or creating new space with

found treasures, new and old. Plants and art adorn our walls and

love fills them in. This is my self-care. The fuel behind my fire, the

love inside my heart, our home fills me with gratitude and power.

Power in the everyday, the little moments and the big. A space to

call our own.

Self-care . . . two words that have seemingly taken over the world these

days. You can’t scroll Instagram (wow, how millennial of me) without

seeing a person, company, or ad reference self-care . . .and let me tell

you why.

The practice of self-care is not only something that is attainable to

everyone but it truly is a necessity when working to achieve balance,

power and success in your life.

Hello! What an honor it is to share this

space with you. To the eyes that may

read these words and the heart that may

hear them, I thank you. I am Tara. I am

a wife, a daughter, and a friend. I live in

a little town in sunny South Florida with

my husband and our goldendoodle. I often

get this feeling, though, that I’m meant to

live in Paris. I am a teacher, a student and

a steward of our pachamama. I am heartdriven,

the biggest dreamer and a little bit

bossy. A friend once told me I had my

feet on the ground and my head in the

clouds, it couldn’t be more true.

Now, you may be thinking about self-care purely in the vanity

sense: face masks, jade rollers etc. but, really, that is but the

surface of a real & rooted practice that, if you let it, can transform

your life. Stay with me, ok? When our metaphorical well is dry,

we feel drained and lethargic. We may feel a sadness we can’t

shake, and often, that tends to spiral downwards; and now all of

the sudden we are home on a Friday night, with a tub of ice cream

in our sweat pants…wait, that wasn’t supposed to sound like the

perfect Friday night..well, you catch my drift.

Dry well = we cannot pour out for ourselves or others. So, my hope

is that I can offer you some realistic practices to up your self-care

game, because I truly believe in its power. Full well = overflowing

with: love, gratitude, helping hands, strength and good, light


So how do we attain this self-care? I’ll start with the obvious:


Doing things that make you happy, fill you up, and bring you joy; and

yeah, sometimes that means being a little selfish, too - yeah, I said it!

Self-care can also look like this: a walk in nature, free flow yoga (or

a structured class if that’s more your thing), a big glass of water, a

long (or short) talk with a good friend, meditating, listening to a good

song, crying, reading a book, a nice, long hug, diffusing essential oils,

or maybe none of those things.

To unlock the power of self-care you may have to dig deep within

and find what makes your soul shine. Then, you’ll see that self-care

isn’t really something that’s negotiable. It’s the key to your power.

66 67



The Ancient Wisdom

of Essential Oils

with Jenny Milam

A great way to use your oils daily is by wearing a

roller bottle necklace like this gorgeous one from

Roadkill Gems. Lizzie makes stunning necklaces

with genuine stones + metals.

@roadkillgems •

Crystals from @belovedminerals

Have you ever walked through a field of

wildflowers, a forest path, or maybe even a

florist’s shop, and just felt more alive?

There’s a pretty magical reason.

We live in a beautiful, symbiotic relationship with the plants around us.

We cannot live without them, and they cannot live without us.

We safeguard, propagate, and feed them; they sustain, and heal, and

literally breathe life into us.

Flowers, herbs, roots, and resins were the first medicine of the ancients.

From the comforting of common colds, to the binding of wounds, to the

tending of hormonal woes and everything in between—our ancestors

found answers in the flora growing around them.

The knowledge of how to use these plants is our birthright.

That knowledge has been all but lost for most of us, but through

essential oils we have access to the concentrated essence of the plants

that have shared their healing intelligence with us since the dawn of

time. And there is so much wisdom to be found here.

Essential oils affect us mind, body, and soul.

They can uplift us, ground us, and connect us to spirit.

They aid in meditation, manifestation, and creating sacred space for


They bolster our natural defenses, raise our vibrations, and clear the

way for emotional release.

Scientific studies have proven time and again what ancient peoples

always knew. That these plants, and these oils, can support us in nearly

every way. They are allies who depend on us and ask us to depend on

them. And they have so much to teach us if we’ll only listen.

These tiny bottles of plant magic are a way back to the beauty and

simplicity of natural living.

It’s time to reclaim that birthright.

@kitchwitchery •

68 69

Essential Oils &

Lunar Rituals

for Summer

We can learn a lot about ourselves and the world around us by honoring the cycles of the moon. When we begin to track our

own natural rhythms by her, we can see how we too ebb and flow—in energy, in emotions, and in spirit. Even in the height of

summer, amidst the bustle of outdoor adventures and celebrations, it’s important to steal away moments of stillness, check

in with ourselves, and heed our own inner wisdom. Essential oils can deepen this mindfulness.

New Moon Manifestation Ritual

What you’ll need:

• Journal and a pen

• Your favorite oracle or tarot deck

• Young Living Envision essential oil -OR- a blend of Lavender, Geranium, and Orange

Diffuse your oils or add them to a carrier oil and anoint yourself on the forehead, the back of your neck, and over your heart.

Take a few long meditative breaths to clear your mind. Write down a list of the intentions you have for the coming month,

visualizing yourself achieving everything you’re putting to paper. Draw an oracle card for clarity, meditate on what it has

to share, and write down your thoughts. If desired, burn your list of intentions (outdoors or in a fire-safe vessel) to release

them into the universe.

Full Moon Release Bath Ritual

What you’ll need:

• Journal and a pen

• 1 cup Epsom salts

• 1/4 cup pink Himalayan sea salt

• 1/4 cup baking soda or powdered milk

• 10-15 drops of Young Living Release essential oil -OR- a blend of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, and Sandalwood

• Crystals, herbs, and flowers of your choice

Combine all ingredients in a jar and add some to your bath as it’s being drawn. Take a moment to breathe deeply, quiet your

mind, and write down what you wish to let go—be they fears, expectations, experiences, or anything else. Step into the bath

and visualize your aura being cleansed of all negativity and doubt. Get your ears under the water and repeat the affirmation

“I release all that no longer serves me.” When you’re finished, step out of the tub and visualize everything you’ve just released

going down the drain. If you wish, burn your list (again, outdoors or in a fire-safe vessel) to seal the ritual.

70 71



Helena Melissa


The power of plants.

How do you write about something that has been your life and calling.

Yesterday I was at a market and children were getting their faces

painted. Butterflies, swirls of iridescent colors and glitter, lots and lots

of glitter. Asking about the set up, I was thrilled to learn that it was

the sister organization here in Hudson, NY of the one that I used to

do workshops at, the Girls Club in the east village in NYC for years

and there it was! The natural and the knowledge we leave to our next




I grew up in the interior of British Columbia with parents who,

impassioned by the spirit of the era, had left New York City in 1970 to

tune in, fall out, and live off the land. They turned a barn into a house

and raised children who played in the mud, had chickens as friends, and

would stay up late to catch fruit bats with butterfly nets. We ate what

came out of the ground, watched the changing of the seasons, followed

the waxing and waning of the moon, and read the farmers almanac like

an astrological chart for the upcoming year.

. . . > 73

This passion and wonder for the seen, and unseen is still with me today.

I have loved and shared aromatherapy with as many people as I can,

and have never lost my reverence for nature and the power of it to heal,

uplift, and shift energy.

As I tell people what I do, I often hear stories of how they wished they

had paid more attention to a grandmother or parent who, well before

allopathic medication, looked to centuries-old practices from the earth

to heal themselves. A flower that, in tea, will help you sleep; a plant

that, when applied to the skin will reduce swelling; or a fruit that will

elevate mood.

It’s universal and in our DNA; we are carbon molecules and resonate

with the frequency in our surroundings. Children are intrigued, class

after class with youth I watch as their eyes grow wide when I start with

the moon is lit with the sun. It is a magic moment, moving into rose

petals in a drop of oil is a smooth segue. They leave with knowledge of

sustainability, the beauty of the earth as theirs and wonder.

So yes indeed I am getting this face painted today.

74 75

Avocado Pistachio Pesto

I ripe avocado

1/2 cup pistachios

1/2 cup soaked cashews

2 tbs of hemp seeds

2 cups baby arugula

2 cups basil

1/4 cup marinated artichokes

3/4 sunflower oil

2 cloves of garlic minced

Dash of Himalayan salt and pepper

Add all ingredients to

a food processor or

blender. Keep in a sealed

container in fridge.

Will be fresh

up to 3-5 days.

by Bekah Metz


76 77



with Becca Eirikson

I haven’t taken part in many conversations

where people, regardless of their level of

plant caretaking skills, have said they

weren’t impressed by the giant hanging

limbs of an old established oak tree, or the

rainbow of colors that flowers produce

after the spring rains come each year.

It’s a natural human response to stare in awe at the

sheer size of the 9-foot stalks and 3-foot-wide wide heart

shaped leaves of an elephant ear plant that’s native to

Southeastern Asia. And I’ve never known a kid who isn’t

absolutely blown away by the fact that a Venus flytrap

actually catches and eats insects! It was the only gift my

daughter requested for her nine year old birthday long ago.

Plants are beautiful, majestic, medicinal, healing, useful

and deadly. They have the ability to detoxify the air in our

homes while making them gorgeous at the same time.


. . . >

78 79

I find it endlessly fascinating how each plant, when

planted in the proper environment and given the

correct nourishment, will grow from a miniscule seed

into whatever it’s meant to be.

Throughout my eleven years as a gardener and

landscape designer, I have learned just as many

valuable life lessons from plants as I have from the

people I plant them for. Plants, like children, provide

the ultimate lesson in patience. I have yet to plant

a garden and have my client be instantly satisfied...

the plants are rarely the size they will grow to be,

which usually leaves a lot of empty to

grow. I’m from the school of thought that believes

good things take time. Slow, steady, quality growth

makes plants and people stronger. Just as getting a

puppy is a good gauge as to whether or not a person

is ready to have a child, I’d say growing a garden

successfully is a comparable task.

In her book, The Gardener and The Carpenter,

psychologist and philosophy professor, Alison

Gopnik, references the similarities between caring

for a living, breathing, changing human and a live

growing plant with its own set of needs. The premise

of the theory is that the gardeners temperament is

ideal for fostering natural growth and provides the

chance for each, plant and child, to reach their own

capabilities organically as opposed to a strict, hard

and fast set of rules and restrictions. As a mother of

"Slow, steady, quality

growth makes plants

and people stronger."

three children for nineteen years, I can deeply identify with

her ideas given the instinctual abilities I’ve been blessed with

to grow both children and plants. I believe that the energy

you invest into something is what aids and allows it to live

and thrive.

Speaking to plants is a spiritual practice for me. Digging in

the mud to uproot a plant that’s been planted in the wrong

environment, watching the sun patterns to know if a desired

plant will even thrive in the location it’s being asked to grow

in, getting to watch a space develop with the beauty plants

provide, constantly checking the weather to know when to

water or protect plants from a’s part of my life’s

work. Most of the time, it’s back breaking, filthy, bug infested

work. My nails are sadly never manicured and feminine and

I spend my money on rubber boots and gloves that can

withstand cactus needles and agave spikes, but the outcome

is always worth it. And the smell of dirt and compost makes

me weak in the knees! Plants will always be speaking to me,

and it’s my job to figure out how to listen.

If you have a desire to grow plants in your home but have

been unsuccessful, start with a snake plant or a pothos ivy.

Set it by a sunny window, water every other week and leave

it alone. Your confidence will grow when you see how simple

some plants are to grow. And then, like I have over the years

through tons of trial and error, you’ll feel more comfortable

in knowing that you don’t have a black thumb, you simply

need to figure out what each plant needs, and give them

that energy.

80 81

Nourish Favorites







Mad Hippie: Mad Hippie has a strong

stance against animal cruelty, the belief that

we are stewards of this planet and must treat our

home and fellow beings with love and respect, and

an unwavering belief in a brighter, better tomorrow.


Wild Yonder Botanicals: Welcome

Drifters, Stargazers, Dreamers and Cosmic

Explorers… Wild Yonder Botanicals is a family

owned company dedicated to the wild sacredness of



Vegan Bowls Cookbook: Vegan Bowls is

a cookbook designed for anyone wanting to

eat more plants. Featuring a collection of recipes

and inspiring stories from 100 of the world’s most

recognized vegan recipe developers, this cookbook

has something for everyone.


Birch Babe Naturals: Birch Babe creates

Vegan, Certified Natural, chemical & plasticfree,

high quality products, while still remaining

affordable. Their vision is to create incredible body

products that work, and are still healthy for you &

the planet.


28 Litsea: 28 Litsea believes that clean

beauty is just one component of whole body

wellness. What you put on your skin is just as

important as what you feed your body internally, and

the thoughts and energy with which you surround



Yoloha Yoga: Yoloha Yoga are the creators

of the world’s first cork yoga mat. Their family

owned and community grown business is proud to

invite you all in their pursuit for more eco-friendly,

high-quality yoga products.


Sacred Smoke Herbals: Sacred Smoke

Herbals, from smoke wands to smoking blends,

is a collection of offerings crafted to honor and reignite

our understanding of the ancient healing modality of

herbal smoke.


Mushroom Revival: Mushrooms have

been used for thousands of years by cultures

all around the world for their healing properties.

Mushroom Revival’s formulas are handmade with the

highest integrity to deliver these properties to you.


Gnat and Bee: Herbal creations to nurture

the mind, body & soul. From loose leaf teas

to art and body care, their goods are made by their

hands, hearts and homestead to share the powers of

nature with you.


Soapy Layne: Handmade products with

intention to reconnect ourselves back with

nature using a variety of organic ingredients created

by mother earth. Gentle plant based materials with

magical properties with no harmful additives or

preservatives made in small batches.


Cosmic Bath + Beauty: Cosmic believes

in natural beauty. They craft simple and

effective non-toxic beauty and body care goods for

people who realized the power of taking responsibility

of taking good care of themselves, and good health

has become an essential part of their beauty routine.


Aria Diffuser: Ultrasonic diffuser made from

American maple and glass that plays spa like

music while diffusing your favorite essential oils. Its

beautiful, earthy style becomes a part of your home

décor naturally.












82 83



“She dances with the spirit of

the sun, loves with the strength

of wild water, moves with the

moods of the moon & creates

with the will of the winds.

She is magic.

She is woman.”


A journey into sisterhood

with Brooke Hampton


84 85


Have you ever created something from nothing? Felt it before you

could touch it? That’s what this journey to sisterhood has been like

for me. Sisterhood was this far off thing that I felt I needed but

didn’t know how or where to find it.

I was sitting on the laundry room ugly crying and trying so hard

to pull it together. There wasn’t enough of me to go around — not

enough sister, mother, lover, wife, or friend to be what everyone

needed. I had finally hit my breaking point which has proven to be

one of the greatest moments of my life. The breaking...the moment

when truth can finally make its way in. When we have to let go of

our ego and connect with something bigger than ourselves.

Sitting there in that broken place, the word "rise" sang to my soul

and gave me the will and courage to begin this journey toward

sisterhood. In that dark place I realized something— I couldn’t do it

all and I didn’t want to.

I got my ass up off the floor and wrote these words down:

‘I crave community! I need support, laughter, and magic. I need

to be seen and heard. I need truth and I need support...I need

sisterhood. Does that even exist? If it does, I want to find it!’

- Journal entry, July 2007

“She is the healer, the

nurturer, the tender of the

garden, the guardian of our

future, the kitchen witch.

She is the magic maker, the

creator, the lover, the mother...

she is woman and her work

is sacred.”

I had finally figured out what I needed.

That’s half the battle, right there. Most

of us don’t know what we need or what

we want so we spend so much of our

lives feeling alone and unsupported.

When really it’s just that we never

asked the universe for what we needed.

You gotta put your order in. I knew I

wanted sisterhood. I put in my order to

the universe, but I didn’t actually know

what that looked like. Manifesting gets

tricky when you’re trying to call forth

something you’ve never seen before.

I just had to wing it (story of my life). I

moved forward with nothing more than

soul level certainty that sisterhood could

exist and that if I found it...if women

really could stand together, it could be

wildly healing and powerful.

It was an ancient song in my blood,

asking me to build community, to become

a bridge between women.

86 87

I became an experiment. I realized that in order to attract

my tribe, I had to rethink what authenticity meant. Your vibe

attracts your tribe, right? Yep. The mask has to come off so

that your people can find you. There’s a period of loneliness

that follows waving your freak flag. The in between, I call it.

The period where you just have to keep showing up even when

it feeling like no-one gets you. They don’t have to get you. Show

up anyway. Dance, sing, write....keep moving! Your magic will

be too much for some people. Those people will go and it will

hurt, but those people leaving will make room for the people

that will love you as you truly are.

It’s a rite of passage. Trust it. Don’t give up on your tribe,

they’re making their way toward you. Just keep shining, baby.

In February of 2017 Camille Rose was standing in my kitchen

and I said, “we need more weirdos in our life” to which she

replied, “let’s do a retreat”.

That was that. Our first women’s retreat was in Maine in July

of 2017.

Do you remember the field of dreams movie? “Build it and

they will come” -that’s what sovereign rising is. It is our field

of dreams.

Sovereign rising is a movement, a call to rise in love and

support your sisters. A sisterhood of wild women standing in

sovereignty as we collectively rise.

Opening night of the first retreat we did an opening circle.

Which we still do.

A story telling session of sorts. Each person in the circle shared

how they found their way to this place and what they hope to

take away from the circle.

Half way around the circle I looked up and I realized how

different the first half of the room looked to me. I saw the

people sitting there... REALLY saw them! I had listened to their

stories openly and without judgment and in return I had been

given the honor of seeing them for what they really were and it

was beautiful. In that moment I found true sisterhood. It was so

much simpler than I had imagined. Sisterhood is listening and

being heard. Sisterhood is love without judgement. Sisterhood

is giving each other safe space to share our stories. Sisterhood

is seeing and being seen.

So, for all of you out there sitting on the laundry

room floor calling forth your circle of sisters.

This is for you.

You are not alone

I see you

I see you

I see you

Take off your mask. Keep shining, keep dancing,

keep writing, keep shining your light so we can

find you.

Rise and rise again,

Brooke Hampton

88 89


with Elise Nicole Kirkpatrick

A journey of learning to live

presently intensifies ones intuition,

creating a grounded connection

with the subtler energy realms.

This knowledge has opened doors

to allow stepping into my collection

of purposes, the passion work I have

aligned with that truly lights me

up. This journey of mine has been

somewhat of a spiraling one, swirling

my spirit through the corridors of

lightness and darkness... but one

thing has remained, and that is the

essence of growth and awakening.


As a girl, I witnessed with curiosity the mystery of the healers

in my family. Strong bloodlines of Scottish, French, and a trace

of Native American were in my awareness from a young age.

At 18, struck by a yearning to experience the world, I joined the

US Coast Guard. Little did I know, it was exactly what my soul

needed. Enamored by the wanderlust of living and sailing the

Pacific islands, it was a time of bliss and exploration. When my

time in the service was complete, I traveled... South America,

the mainland USA, Puerto Rico, and the archipelago of Hawai’i.

Delving deeper into becoming an awakened woman, I explored

this spiritual calling that I recognized as “Oneness." Call it

what you desire, but Spirit, God, Goddess, the Universe flows

within us, and connecting to it is the secret to life. Yoga teacher

training, reiki practitioner certification and nearly 50 esoteric

books later, I emerged an empowered maiden. A handsome man,

two homebirths and a few moves later, I was living a life full of

adventure in Hawai’i. Things seemed in harmony for the most

part, except that I had become a professional spiritual bypasser.

Only recognizing the “light and love." On the outside, I was

calm, inspiring, and looked like I had it all together...holding

space for oracle readings and women’s circles often. Only a few

close friends knew the turmoil I was harboring in my heart,

because I rarely allowed myself to feel any pain I was stuffing

down due to a number of unhealed experiences. It felt okay to

ignore my stuff to extend myself for everyone else.

My head was in the clouds and between my bronzed skin, salty

hair, and the glitter trail I left behind, life seemed great! I felt

safe, and figured that I would handle all the hard stuff later.

And then the Universe, or my guides... slapped me right across the face

with a reality check, “Wake the F up Elise, come back down. It’s time

to face the pile of shadow work you have swept under the natural fiber


After a few years of bliss in Hawaii, I moved back to the mainland. This

time to the giant redwoods in Northern California. Because I had pried

my third eye open and I was completely in alignment with energy and

could. feel. absolutely. everything.

One evening while lying in bed, my heart began racing as if it was going

to beat right out of my chest, and my body went numb... I felt as if I was

no longer on Earth and I begged to go to the ER. My diagnosis: “You’re

having a panic attack." So confused, scared, and still feeling it all, I

spent days in bed hiding under the covers. This could not be happening

to me. I tried to rack my brain of the why’s and it all came tumbling

down. I felt overwhelmed and lost, as if the Universe had given up on

me. Back to the depths of the spiral I went.

Through holistic cleanses and clean living foods, meditation and

therapists chats, I tuned into the temple of my heart space, slowly

integrating things into my life that brought BALANCE. I allowed myself

to receive, spent lots of time in nature, allowed stillness to heal and

reveal. Shedding layers upon layers of who I was not, so I could uncover

who I AM. This was all the shadow work that I had swept under the rug,


Top & Pants by Bohemian Folk Clothing 91

all coming to the surface, all at once. Whew! Once I had invited the mystery

and the magic back into my life fully without any fear of what may come

with it, I was ready to return to an essence that felt inspiring and alive.

With a deep breath, I picked up my oracle cards once more, my hands and

heart buzzed with energy. I heard a voice say “be the oracle to guide others

home” and felt a deep calling within to hold space again. Once I said ‘YES' to

offering oracle readings, bookings flooded in. It was clear to me through each

reading that I have become a clear channel for messages, and I am humbled

and honored to continue to receive reflections that remind me why this has

fallen into my hands and heart as a pure offering into the world.

Through naming my vulnerabilities with love, and appreciating the valleys

of darkness I had endured, I’ve arrived in a space of compassion for myself

and others. I am becoming well seasoned with experiences that allow for

understanding and presence to prevail, so that I may be a beacon of light

for those who might have found themselves wandering in the depths of the

spiral of life. I am continuously learning to embrace the shadows, and lean

into them, for they hold a very sacred wisdom that cannot be accessed when

pretending that everything is bright, sunny, and cheerful all of the time.

Balance is being real with all that comes our way.

Top & Skirt is by Yireh

My journey of becoming lies in the truth of my story, and

also non-attachment to my story all in the same breath,

growing in an ability to honor what comes and goes,

create beauty for healing purposes, and the strength to

lovingly hold space for others no matter what they are


As the winds of change continue to blow, we have recently

found ourselves in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in

Colorado. This chapter continues to enfolded in the most

calming yet exciting way, and the unknown is now the

most rewarding journey I embarked upon.

With Balance as my mantra, this is

the everlasting story of becoming.

xx, Elise Nicole



If your heart calls you to connect with Elise Nicole for an

inspiring personal oracle reading, you can reach her via

instagram or visit her website. Mention this article for

$5 off your reading of 3 cards or more.

92 93

Crystal Candle from

Megan Starr

Megan from @cosmicmegan

creates these opulent handmade

candles filled with handpicked

crystals for each new and full

moon. She thrifts each vessel and

creates each one with intention.

She currently just creates them for

herself, but keep an eye out in our

next issue for a DIY.

Polychrome Jasper from

Indigo Sun Crystals

Polychrome Jasper, also known as

Desert Jasper, is connected to our

solar plexus. This stone is grounding,

stabilizing + balancing. It serves as

a “seeker transformer” - a personal

talisman for transformation, to

assist in making the changes

necessary to create big shifts in

one’s life.

Prayer Flag by

Roots + Feathers

Made from recycled scrap leather,

vintage fabrics + driftwood, these

handmade prayer/ affirmation

flags are created with the

intention of adorning your sacred

space with your personal word of

choice that you want to reflect

on. Perfect for your word of

the year.

Pottery Cone Incense

Burner from Smoke + Sage

Handcrafted incense holder made

by Rhino Pottery is the perfect

little home for Smoke + Sage’s

hand formed cone incense. My

favorite is the Shapeshifter

cones with hints of pine, rose

+ white sage. You can find

both alongside some beautiful

vintage wares at Smoke + Sage.

Summer Altar

by Laura Mazurek

When building an altar I love to find elements of beauty that feel calming + grounding

to me, as well as inspire me. I love having pieces that were made by hand by myself or

others. It infuses an energy of love, intention + connection. I also find choosing items that

connect with the season or how I am feeling personally at the moment helps to guide me.

There is no right or wrong when creating a space that feels sacred to you.

Crystal Ball Pocket Oracle by The

White Witch Oracle

This mini, pocket size oracle deck contains

cards with simple clear answers and beautiful

artwork. If you are looking for yes/no answers

without the complexity or subtlety of tarot,

these cards are for you. These 13 cards are

the perfect size to carry with you on your

daily journey.

Palo Santo + Sage from

Rooted + Wild

The act of smudging is sacred. The aromas

produced by the plants help us place ourselves

in a specific state of mind and allow us to focus

our energy with certain intention. Purifying a

space with smoke during smudging is much

like clearing away the debris so water can flow

more freely.

Painted Luna Moth Stone by Lotus

+ Nightshade

The Luna Moth represents rebirth and renewal

of body + spirit. She speaks to our connection

with self and to the Feminine. She can be

found flitting amongst the moonlight giving

it connections to the spirit realm. Check out

Lotus and Nightshade for an abundance

of beautifully painted stones + accessories.

94 95

Self Care Ritual

with Tiff Delancey

of Indigo Sun Crystals


To get the most benefit from this crystal (or any crystal), we start

by getting into a comfortable meditative state.

With the crystal held in your hands, bring your awareness to your

breath. big, deep, full, belly breaths. With each inhale and exhale,

let your mind become quieter, and bring all of your focus to the


With your intention, begin to open yourself up energetically to

the energy of the crystal. Once you’ve established a connection,

let your energetic field merge with the crystal’s. Feel the vibrant,

activating frequency of the crystal flow into your own energy body,

bringing you more inner strength and connection to the earth. As

you tune into the deep, nurturing resonance more fully, begin to

notice what you feel or become aware of in your subtle senses.

Since this crystal, in particular, is called a “seeker transformer,”

you may come to it with a specific aspect of your life that you’d like

to shift... focus your attention on this aspect, and as you breathe

and receive the energy of the polychrome jasper, imagine yourself

watching that energy transform this aspect of yourself into the

positive or desired manifestation. Affirm this change taking place

within your being. Do this practice regularly and watch how your

life evolves.

Polychrome Jasper

Also known as desert jasper, this beautiful

crystal is a stone of exuberance, vitality,

and vibrancy. Its energy is soft, nurturing, and

ever present, and allows us to tap into the wisdom

and love of the land and our ancestors.

Polychrome jasper is connected to the lower chakras,

and is especially activating to the solar plexus. It is also

strongly linked to the element of fire, and drives action,

creativity, & passion. The accompanying earthy vibes

bring about happiness, inner strength, and connection to

Mother Earth.

Polychrome is known to serve as a personal talisman for

transformation, because of its powerful transmutational

energies. It encourages a spiritual metamorphosis and

assists us in making the changes necessary to create big

shifts in our life.

There is an empowering & encouraging nature felt with

this crystal, and it is an incredible healing tool to have in

your collection.


96 97

aquarius nation • astrological affirmations

Kerryanna Vanzo • @aquariusnation •

Water - It flows. It knows. It goes.

Air - It sees. It understands. It shares.

Gemini May 21 - June 20

Cancer June 21 - July 22


Focus on: releasing the past + growing beyond belief


Focus on: feeling important + starting over in a new space


Focus on: reinvent yourself + find ways to feel safe


Focus on: stay true to you + value yourself more

This is the month I begin my blossoming where I show

myself in brand new ways. I am moved like never

before to recreate what others see about me, as I am

aware of my growing value when I connect to my

creative gifts and believe, with all of my heart, that I

CAN DO THIS. I am building something special and I

will manifest this dream.


Focus on: your true gifts + building in a new way

I am seeing the changes from the new crops I am

building – and fruit is growing wildly! I have realized

that when I value myself, I create beautiful and

valuable things. Therefore, I go towards what supports

my visions and allows me to be true to my natural

way of being. I am creating a sustainable life through

sending this dream out there far and wide.


Focus on: communications + moving things along

What a new day! Plants do grow quickly! I am even

more grounded into my soul’s purpose work and I

feel that there is so much room to grow. Things are

coming together like magic and I know I CAN trust my

journey. I am busy with all these creative projects and

words are flowing freely out of me. I feel connected and

at home with this crop I am growing.

I release myself from people and things that keep me

weighted down. I let go of how it has been done and

now I expect that there is a way, if I hold the space for

it to evolve into. I dream of a new chapter and I’m alive

with creative inspiration. I deserve to speak my needs

clearly and to have them met naturally. I love myself

and I deserve to be loved.

I am waking to my worth and seeing I deserve a

good life. I see that I can trust myself. Things are

shifting quickly as I move into new lands from long

held dreams where I am seen and valued for what I

bring. I want to show more of what I know and I am

committed to creating consciously with my thoughts

and each creative seed that I sow.

I am moving and making shifts in order to feel more

comfortable in the world. I have new desires and a

new voice that wants to create a safe nest where I feel

nurtured and supported. My senses are alive because

they are showing me I need more and that I will have

to get up and move in order to get things changing. I

am bringing things into balance.

Libra September 23 - October 22


Focus on: take risks + transform your life

I am feeling awakened, brand new, and ready to go

beyond all the things I thought were enough for me.

Now I am changing and seeing that I want more and

seeing what I want is what is bringing it to me. So

I stay on path and committed to seeking out new

ways to expand and grow. I move with the current

and trust that home is always inside of me.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21


Focus on: growth in your career + sustainability

I am filled with value by realizing the world WANTS

what I do. I stay conscious of my energy and I steer

my thoughts to being about love and hope and

compassion as I flow through the creative dance of

life. I am falling in love again or finding something

lost and this inspires me to take a risk and go for

what my heart truly desires.


Focus on: dream huge + find home with yourself

I am manifesting the most brilliant life and things are

finally coming together. I see the connection between

my words, my fears, and the value I feel for myself.

This awakens me and aligns me into my true self and

true power. I exhale and move into a new leveled-up life

where I manifest money in the blink of an eye. I love

the new life I am creating.


Focus on: defying the odds + trusting your heart

I am following my heart right into the dreams I hold

about how I want my world to be. I release something

that tells me I can’t be successful or I am not going to

be supported in life. I know I have it in me and I know I

am close to being supported in this area that feels like

it is my soul’s purpose work to do. I believe I can do the

things I dream.


Focus on: manifesting + trusting the universe

I am in a special space where I move next level and

I steer this change with the words I use that go out

into the world to become my reality. I am grateful at

seeing connections and answers that help improve

my way of life. I feel that the universe supports me

and synchronicity is waking me up to wanting way

more that I even thought before.


Focus on: meditation + learning a new way to flow

I am on the rise and what I have been dreaming for

is now showings signs of life. As things shift I am

remaining calm in judging what is still coming into

form. I make time to slow down and process things

because something in me knows these things in life are

not out to get me, but rather are to get me believing in

more for myself. I trust the process.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

Aquarius January 20 - February 18


Focus on: listen to your heart + release the old stories

I can start over no matter how far gone I feel I am on

my journey and things work out great when I listen

to the inner voice that guides me on what is best for

me. I am learning to release my addiction of hiding

who I really am and what I feel in order to please

others first. I now shine in the biggest of ways as my

dreams finally become my reality.


Focus on: your role in life + get things done

I am amazed at how beautiful this month has

become! I see that when I shift into a glass half full

position that things ARE shifting. Magic is clearly

here for me and I see that when I level up and walk

as my higher self, career opportunities and reasons

to show myself in an exalted way ARE arriving. I

now put my life into order because it’s time to thrive.


Focus on: share yourself true + go beyond old dreams

I now see that my life is starting over! I see the spring

of things and this is helping me to feel safe in this

world and in realizing that people DO want what I am

here to offer as my role in the world. Living my soul’s

purpose is the most important thing to me right now

and I welcome in the abundance and inspiration I feel

from all that is coming together in my life.


Focus on: get things moving + meditation/healing

I have everything inside of me that I need to be highly

successful in the world. I can trust this journey. I can

believe that I will get up the mountain and be seen in

the ways I deserve to be. I make time to discover what

is inside of me that speaks in negative ways. Without

those, I am free to magnetize the opportunities of my

soul’s purpose work.


Focus on: who you want to be + going deep

I am doing the work and clearing the programs

because I have an important purpose to live. I trust

my journey and the situations brought into my days

and therefore I see how I can better myself through

whatever I am experiencing. I am a guide and here

to influence others and knowing that is all I need to

know as I continue on, preparing for my one day.


Focus on: discovering things + level up of self worth

My value is on the rise and I can feel it now. Something

is inspiring me to want to clear and clean and release

all the negative things. I believe I DO have a lot to offer

and I’m feeling more like myself. Therefore the world is

matching that with synchronicity of the most potent.

Things have turned on again and I know the light is

about to shine my way.

98 99

Fire - It inspires. It enlivens. It transforms.

Earth - It grounds. It builds. It keeps.

Aries March 21 - April 19

Taurus April 20 - May 20


Focus on: falling in love + starting anew


Focus on: be true to your heart + healing/health


Focus on: stay hopeful + move it forward


Focus on: new ideas + expand communication reach


Focus on: choose for the best + listen to your gut


Focus on: believe you are important + choose for more

I am breaking my whole world wide open starting

this month. I release all of my attachments to things

dead and scarce as I move into spaces that are lush,

supportive, and that help me thrive. I am releasing old

aspects of how I used to be, as now I take the reigns

and head towards a brand new town where I get to

reboot my life and live for me.

I am ready to be seen for the creativity I bring. Never

before in my life have I felt so ready for more, to

expand, to really live, and to just go for things because

I DO want to be happy. And now I put in the work and

really get to business on putting things into order. I

believe in myself and things I am here to offer as my

gifts. I feel the good rising.

I am full on disciplined and doing these things that are

helping me to feel better in my body. I want to change

and to move into a new role that I share with the

world. I am finding balance within and it is showing

outside of me! I can trust my life and know that things

are taking me to next levels at the perfect time. I am

getting this right.

I am full of life right now as I see beyond what I thought

were my limits. I now am flying high into new areas

that deal with my career and my communications.

I am ready to grow and I see the ways to climb my

mountain. I take new steps into this new land and I

find that it feels supportive and nurturing of all my

dreams. I choose for good feeling things.

I believe I do have an important thing to share in this

lifetime and I deserve the support to see it grow. I am

making changes that put me in more light and what is

about to come my way is something that will make my

heart smile in a way I haven’t in a while. So I bravely

declare that I need certain things and I expect they will

become my reality. It’s a new day.

Suddenly I am in love with life and seeing that my

creative gifts and my special things ARE important

pieces that others NEED. I see that I am in demand

and that following MY HEART is what got me to this

lush and inspirational land. So I soften and feel and

interpret in new ways, and my life, now before me, is

feeling more magical every day. I am blessed.

Leo July 23 - August 22

Virgo August 23 - September 22


Focus on: go within + believe the best


Focus on: be true to you + listen to your heart


Focus on: create new plans + dream wildly


Focus on: finding joy + looking to improve


Focus on: starting over + trusting in the mystery


Focus on: big changes + choosing support

I go deep into my soul and into quiet places in order to

see how I am holding myself back because of others’

rules and limitations. There is a new way that I want

to share of myself with the world and through trusting

the process and doing what needs to be done. I move

closer to discovering what I want others to see me as

being an authority of.

I am doing what I feel is correct. I believe in myself

and I commit to things and give them my all because

THIS TIME I am creating something that will be solid

and thought through, step by step. I plan this new life

of mine and trust how it’s going to unfold and I want

more love and reasons to feel alive and free, therefore

everything now gets that seed.

I am on fire with creativity. Feeling valuable has

me wanting to share and be and express these new

things bubbling up from me. I am going slow, but

going steady, and something feels exciting to come, as

I ingrain and study and get better at what I will be

best at. My dreams are expanding and synchronicity is

lighting my path. I choose for all things better.

I believe that all things falling away are only to make

room for the supportive and expansive life that is

unfolding for me soon. My heart knows there is a way

and it’s speaking loudly, letting me know it’s okay to

believe that good is on the way. So I hold that firmly

and work through the details of life, but bottom line, I

know I am here to rise.

I go inward now to see that I am a co-creator with

the universe in designing the best life for me. And

what I know now is that I can start over and that

it’s on me to dream for the foundation I would like

to hold me. I am feeling called to show myself in new

ways and that means I need to resonate with what I

choose to take into my space. I decide for me.

I have shifted in the hugest of ways and what I see

now is that I can find a place to feel safe. My career

is expanding and my foundation is growing roots and

this has me dreaming for more ways to come through

as the powerful being that I know I truly am. I believe I

do know what to do and that I am supported so I move

forward with confidence.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Capricorn December 22 January 19


Focus on: stand firm + discover your value


Focus on: go into new lands + go your own way


Focus on: career dreams + how you want to be seen


Focus on: purging + moving forward in different ways


Focus on: keeping it real + believing in miracles


Focus on: exhaling into a new space + seeing miracles

I am moving through things that feel complex but

I can see the light up ahead and I can see that this

is helping me to release things that are keeping me

from discovering stability. I now discover how to

live safe and secured on earth through holding high

vibe thoughts about what I CAN and will do. I value

myself and draw boundaries to make my needs clear.

I am making shifts that change my view and this

has me wanting to follow through. I see there is more

for me than I was programmed to believe so now I

shoot my arrow into distant lands where I want to

experience more of what could be at hand. I choose

for the different and things far away and from this

risky leap of faith, my career is growing wings.

My life is changing in the most magical of ways as

things are coming together and aligning from dreams

long held. I now feel confident to choose from my heart

and this has me showing up in new ways where people

want to know more about the healing art I am to bring

to the world. I feel seen and discovered and l’m so

happy for this new day.

I am waking to the truth that I have followed a path

of others and not what I really want to do. So I begin

again with value for myself intact as I now look out,

seeing in what ways I can recreate my role in the

world. I am going next level, therefore things must be

purged as only the highest path is where you will find

me. To the depth, I discover my gold.

I now face a new day where my load is being lightened

and the path is being made clear. I feel driven to get

closer in releasing and understanding things that

programmed me but that I now see go against me and

the dreams I have for my future. I am in this to win this

and I KNOW I got it in me. So I trust this intense space

as I know it is making me stronger.

Suddenly my life has changed and things are coming

into position where my perspective is changing

and I am feeling more hopeful about my abilities to

bring change. I am moving closer to living my soul’s

purpose work and I hold deep faith as I leap into the

unknown, but bright, future that I feel is on the rise. I

am expanding and aligning and things feel right.

100 101

Spirit Favorites









Crystal Grids: Crystal Grids is a company

that focuses on utilizing the wisdom and

energetic potential of crystals and sacred geometry to

enhance your life & physical space in a positive way.


The Lunar Fae: The Lunar Fae offers Reiki

infused crystals, handmade crystal jewelry,

and other magical treasures. Bringing peace, beauty,

and healing to the bohemian home and heart - honor

& adorn your self, soul, and sacred space.


Be Crow Be: Energy Intuitive + Reiki

Master + Integrated CranioSacral Practitioner

+ Tarot reader who offers healing sessions. Sessions

are restorative and deeply nourishing providing you

with clarity & direction in any aspect of your life by

honoring the mental and emotional experiences that

may be holding you back from your highest self.


The Crystal Code: Tamara Driessen,

also known as Wolf Sister, is a crystal healer,

tarot reader, reiki master and author of The Crystal

Code. She's an intuitive healer who infuses mystic

practices into everyday life. Tamara works with

individuals in one-to-one session and hosts regular

moon ceremonies and crystal healing workshops.


Dalaï Mala: Dalaï Mala creates mindful malas

and intention jewelry promoting self-care and

self-love. They believe putting intention in your jewels,

helps you to live a more mindful life, becoming closer

to the you that you want to be.


Good Vibes Cookie Co.: Good Vibes

Cookie Co makes delicious cookies designed

to look like authentic crystals. These handmade

creations from Jodi Mannis are a perfect gift idea.


Colin Adrian Glass: Colin Adrian Glass

creates modern, minimal and design forward

stained glass with spiritual and playful elements.

Inspired by his love of traveling and the great



Black Bird Haus: Black Bird Haus

offers handcrafted, wood-burned tarot boxes

and other magickal tools for the eclectic witch.


Shamana Flora & Sacred Wildness:

Darcey Blue offers Education, Mentorship,

Healing Sessions and Personal and Group Wilderness

Ceremony, including Rites of Passage, Vision

Quest, Plant Medicine, Soul Rewilding and Nature

Connection. She also has an online herbal apothecary

which supplies ceremonial and wildcrafted remedies

and essences, and seasonal herbal medicine

subscription packages.


Tamed Wild: Tamed Wild is a travel,

magic, history and lore inspired brand. They

love all things mythology and mystical and curate

and create products for the earth spirited, including

their Wild Crystals and Wild Moon card decks.


Wanderite: Wanderite is a cosmic design

studio founded on eco-consciousness. Lorrin

Webb and her design dream team specialize in high

vibe design, illustration and sustainable apparel.


Nova Luna Box: The Nova Luna Box is

a monthly subscription box curated to include

magical tools for tapping into that month's New

Moon energies. You can expect to see a mix of 5 - 10

items in each box, including aromatherapy, crystals,

candles and more.










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