Unified Council Souvenir-2019


Unified Council's Souvenir Annual Awards Celebrations 2019 for the Academic year 2018-2019.



and challenging world, with regained

convicon of self-confidence.

The raison d’etre —

to bring out the hidden talent

in the young generaon,

making it fundamentally

stronger and more compeve,

thereby paving a way

for a prosperous naon

— for, the future lies in the hands

of the young generaon.

Our Goal and Commitment

To remain a leader in providing

professional service in Tesng &


We believe, everything we do, must be

based on :

— Strengthening fundamental principles.

— Development and growth of,

involvement with and recognion of,

students’ achievements.

— Quality services to students, parents,

educaonal instuons and schools.

About Unified Council

About Nineteen years ago, seeing the

plight of the quality of educaon imparted

to the young generaon, a desire to

improve their ‘learning’ set a few likeminded

persons to form Unified Council.

Since then, we and our dedicated

team of educaonal experts at Unified

Council, have been connually reviewing

the changing paerns of pedagogy,

researching its contemporary trends and

accordingly re-devising and upgrading

our programmes to improve and make

easier, ‘learning’ of the young generaon

in order to make it ‘fundamentally strong’,

so that it can take on the ever-changing

Aristotle was asked as to how much the

educated were superior to the uneducated

and he said, “as much as the living are

to the dead”. That is the significance of

educaon, which leads us from darkness

to light. In this world, everything has

its disnct quality; like fragrance is of

flowers, flavour & taste of fruits and light

& heat of the Sun. Similarly, we believe,

Man is also endowed with some inherent

and innate qualies, that can be explored

through educaon.

Educaon must make our people wise

and equipped to understand so as to

solve the problems of our world. That

calls for conceptual clarity and in-depth

knowledge. Today, one can observe a

disturbing trend among students. They

answer quesons without seeking to

understand them. They rarely seek

clarificaons or admit ignorance.

Correcng this state of affairs, needs a

new approach. We must use imaginaon





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