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Royal Navy and Marines face ‘worst

manning crisis in military history’

Story: Cornwall Live - Max Channon

Image: MoD

Driver ‘deliberately

rammed’ army vet

to death with car

Story: BBC News


driver deliberately ran

over an army veteran

after the two were

involved in a crash, a court was


Dario Carboni, 25, is accused

of ramming former paratrooper

Kenneth Kiley, 75, with his

car after the incident in Swindon

in July 2018. Witnesses

told Bristol Crown Court they

heard a vehicle accelerating

followed by the sound of a man

screaming and a “massive dull

thud”. Mr Carboni denies murder,

manslaughter and causing

death by dangerous driving.

The court heard Mr Kiley

was being driven by his wife

Marion, when a Vauxhall Corsa

allegedly driven by Mr Carboni

collided with them near their

home in Swindon. Prosecutor

Adam Feest said Mr Carboni,

from Tottenham, London,

failed to stop and drove away

into a cul-de-sac.

Mr Kiley followed him on foot

with a pen and paper, telling

his wife he was going to take

down the driver’s details, he

told the court.

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The Royal Navy and the rest of the armed

forces are facing one of the worst manning

crises in history, according to a national


The Armed Forces are nearly 0,000 troops short of

the number the government believes are needed to

keep the country safe, reports The Sun on Sunday.

The MOD says the “Armed Forces continue to meet

all of its operational commitments to keep Britain

safe” - but figures reveal that Royal Navy and Royal

Marines are 1,230 short of their 30,450 personnel

target. The British Army is worst affected, being

some 6,930 short of its 82,000 personnel target -

with “every regiment, infantry battalion, unit and

corps in the Army understrength”, according to

figures obtained by The Sun newspaper.

Meanwhile, the Royal Air Force is reported to be

1,740 short of their 31,750 personnel target. To

compound the problem, around 10,000 troops

across the services who are medically down graded

and not fit for frontline duty.

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