Wings 130 June/July 2019



Issue 130 - June/July 2019


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There is already so much

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And if the weather isn’t

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Issue 130 - June/July 2019


here at last!

5,700 free copies delivered to Wingerworth, Ashover, Tupton & Clay Cross town centre

bricks to Brexit and the latest news from local schools!

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Sky-high Ted had to grin and bear it


Issue 129 - April/May 2019



School Teddy out of this world

Crafty six donate £25,000

Digging up ancient history

Jo’s long service award

Clay Cross town centre news

5,500 free copies delivered to Wingerworth, Ashover, Tupton & Clay Cross town centre

The April/May edition of Wings featured

a report on the aerial antics of Deer

Park Primary School’s Teddy Bear

Dear Sir, Madam or otherwise,

I MUST express my discomfiture, nay, horror at the treatment meted out to some

poor Teddy Bear, in the name of education.

Having served with the Royal Air Force, I know the perils of aviation, which are best

ameliorated by constant supplies of chocolate, coffee and sandwiches, of which there is no


Bears are notoriously messy eaters - see Winnie the Pooh - and if your, dare I say, victim

had been at the Cadbury's Dairy Milk, it would have been all over his chops, and no


Instead, there is a pristine Ted, without, I noticed, the benefit of oxygen. Normally,

oxygen would be switched on at 10,000ft, and yet you claim that our poor specimen

reached 23 miles.

Imagine the confusion: Neither modern schools nor Teddy Bears work in Imperial

measurements these days (except for altitude expressed in feet, that is) so the poor, dear

chap would have never known how high he had been. 37.0149km is the answer, and since

37 is higher than 23, you have lessened the impact of this cruel experiment.

Ted was sans ejector seat, sans gloves (unless they were so caked with chocolate that

they got discarded), no white silk scarf, no goggles to protect his little button eyes. Even

worse, on the cover, he looks as though he is smoking a clay pipe, which is not a good

thing for bears or kiddly-winks, least of all at that height.

As for his uncontrolled descent, this is tantamount to throwing a bear to the lions.

Imagine, if he'd come down in the woods today, he's sure of a big surprise. Hanging 68ft

(20.7264m) up in the air, swinging in the top branches of a Scots Pine is beyond the pale.

Frankly, sirs, you should be taken outside and bombarded with jars of marmalade.

Disgusted of Ashgate

Intrepid mum’s sponsored leap


HEN mum Kelly White began working at Wingerworth

Pre-School, she soon turned her attention to fund-raising

- and set her sights high!

Kelly, a life-long resident of Wingerworth, visited Langar Airfield

in Nottinghamshire for a sponsored tandem parachute jump from


Explained Kelly: “Our son, Jamie, has been going to the pre-school

since November, 2016, and I have recently started working parttime


“It was bought to my attention at a staff meeting that funds were

low due to them being self-funded, so I suggested that I’d do a

sponsored sky-dive, and they were all in agreement with me, so it

started from there.


EVEN house burglaries were reported in

Wingerworth in March, say police. They

were on Frances Drive, Nether Close, two on

Chartwell Avenue, Hilltop Road, Longedge

Lane and Paddock Close.

A spokesperson said: "We would urge

people to report anything they think could be

suspicious to us as soon as possible so that

officers can make checks. Never feel that

you are wasting time, because we would

rather you made that call so that we can

ensure our community stays safe.


Before, during and after... Kelly White raises money for Wingerworth Pre-School

Police plea

after burglaries

"There are some things people can do to

help reduce the risk of becoming a victim,

and we would advise people to take steps to

make sure homes and windows are locked

and secure.

“If you are out for the evening or away for

the weekend, leave a light on and ask a

“I spoke to my husband about it and he said he would fund it so

that I wasn’t using sponsor money to pay for the jump. I set up a

‘just giving’ page on Facebook and had sponsor forms at the local

shop and at the pre-school.

“So on Saturday, 25th May, we made our way to Langar Airfield

and when I got ready to jump, the atmosphere was amazing. I

was surrounded by my family, friends and colleagues from

pre-school. When we jumped, it was also raining, and although the

feeling was amazing, I couldn’t wait to get back to my son and


“I’m glad I’ve done it and I’m over the moon with the total I’ve

raised for such a wonderful pre-school.”

The amount brave Kelly raised was £1,100.

neighbour to keep an eye out. Keep valuables

out of view from passers-by.”

There have been three separate arson

incidents, involving a shed, summer house

and static caravan.

They took place on Nethermoor Road, at

approximately 8pm on Sunday, April 7th, and

at around 11.50pm on Thursday, March 7th.

The third took place on Queen Victoria Road,

at around 11pm on Friday, February 15th.

Enquiries are ongoing and police have

appealed for information.

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1 Edinburgh Court, Edinburgh Road, Wingerworth




Growing interest

in allotments

Worried about the planet? Want to do something

to reduce your environmental impact? Then go

along to Watson Lane, Wingerworth, and start

working an allotment! John Winter reports


HERE are many issues in the news currently that may be

concerning you, such as excess plastic food packaging,

carbon dioxide emissions, chemicals used in food production

and food miles.

The list seems endless and every week earnest and well-respected

people like Sir David Attenborough tell us that if we don’t do

something, we are all doomed.

The good news is that an allotment will help you reduce your

impact on the environment, save money on nutritious clean food, get

regular exercise, and provide a place to unwind.

Seventy-two residents of Wingerworth are members of the local

Allotment Society, some working alone, others with partners, friends

or increasingly with their children or grandchildren.

Wingerworth Allotments can be found on Watson Lane, off

Swathwick Lane - less than a mile from the Barley Mow - and are

therefore within walking distance for many Wingerworth residents.

The site is surrounded by trees and is very tranquil - a good place to

relax after a hard day.

I started an allotment a year ago. A half-plot that needed a lot of

digging but after the first season had produced a bumper crop of

peas, beans, strawberries, beetroot and onions.

Two of my grandsons joined me the first week, enjoying digging, not

keen on weeding, but who is! That evening they went home and made

me a scarecrow, which I erected a few days later. The next day, my

allotment neighbour Graham rang me to say that he had just seen a


James Short, aged four, with dad Russell, and Spud the scarecrow.

They have enjoyed tending their plot for a year

Dennis Wilson, the association treasurer, has been

working his plot for the past five years

crow sitting contemptuously on top of the scarecrow’s hat!

The sites are split into individual plots.

Starter plots are 10m x 15m and are big enough to grow a yearround

supply of fruit and vegetables for two people. There are

always opportunities to double the size of your plot when you have

gained experience.

A starter plot in good condition will require approximately eight

hours per week of input from mid-March to October; this reduces

considerably over winter. Unfortunately, plots are not always left in

good condition by previous tenants.

Ged Hawkeswell, chairman of the Association, said: “A starter plot

costs £20 per year and a large plot £30 per year. After paying your

rent, the most important thing to have is enthusiasm, but be

prepared to take a long-term view.

“Do a little and often and you should reap rewards without burning

yourself out.

“Your tool-kit depends on preference but all

plot holders tend to have a spade, fork, handtrowel,

hand-fork, rake, hoe, scissors and


“New starters tend to borrow a cultivator in

spring and purchase something suitable at a

later date. Second-hand cultivators are often

sold for about £50 to £100. Seeds and

consumables will probably cost about £ 100 per

year initially.

“Neighbouring plotholders will always have

spare plants that they will share. Often the plot

has a second-hand shed already on it, these are

usually sold for about £20.

“The consumables vary with the crops that you

choose and you will find that every crop has its

pests and relevant protection measures.”

The allotment calendar starts in September

when the seed catalogues arrive from the

society and planning for next year begins. Many

people order manure at this time of year and

start preparing the soil by winter-digging and

weeding. Winter is a good time to repair sheds

and fencing and install water collection


So, if you would like a source of wholesome

food and make a personal contribution to the

environment, or you simply want to save money

on food and meet people, then now is the ideal

time to consider applying for an allotment. All

you have to do is phone Tracie Ward on 07857






SAVE 35%
















£3.99m 2








Chesterfi eld 516 Sheffi eld Road S41 8LP

Telephone 01246 260513

Opening Hours: Mon 9am-7pm, Tues-Sat 9am-6pm, Thur late night 8am-8pm, Sun 10am-4pm or call Free on 0800 344 442


Products subject to availability. *Stair surcharge applies. Free fi tting offer does not apply to laminate, wood, vinyl fl ooring or grass. Stocks vary from store to store. Colours in photos may vary slightly due to print quality. United Carpets accept no

responsibility for printing errors. †Interest free credit available up to 4 years, payable monthly. Based on £2000 total spend then 48 monthly payments of £41.67, equivalent to £9.62 per week. United Carpets and Beds is authorised and regulated

by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to credit broking. Minimum order applies. **1 Door bar per room.















160­162 Derby Road, Chesterfield, S40 2EW

Tel: 01246 274771 E­mail: WG Pollard Ltd

A small family business with

over 20 years experience.

• Extensions and Home improvements.

• Roofwork, Chimneys and leadwork.

• Storm damage and insurance work.

• Landscaping.

• Brickwork, stonework and pointing.

Portfolio available on request.

Our customers say:

“I'd never go anywhere else. So professional and reliable!” A Atticus

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Based in Wingerworth - Call Ian Nolan

landline (01246) 207478 mobile 0772 55 11 956


The Grassmoor group’s work on sale


Men in Sheds!


INGERWORTH men might soon be able to share their

skills and develop new friendships through the setting up

of a Men's Shed, a nationwide activity which organises places

to pursue practical interests at leisure, to perfect skills and

enjoy making and mending.

The main issue holding it up is to find a place to meet, although

one suggestion has been to repair and take over the cricket

pavilion, which has not been used for changing for some years.

There is a Men's Shed at Grassmoor, meeting each Tuesday in a

church hall, and members manned a stall at Wingerworth Fun Day

to encourage village menfolk to show interest in setting up their

own group.

David Adams, campaigning for a village group, said: "The longer I

have been here the more I notice that men of the older generation

sometimes need some sort of stimulation. I have been looking for

ages to find somewhere suitable for men to meet, and the cricket

pavilion may be available.

"Women have their groups. What is there for men? Nothing! If the

council were to give us the go-ahead we could as a group renovate

the pavilion, removing the showers, and be operating by the end of

the year."

He would welcome other suggestions for a venue in the village.

The national Men's Shed website says the movement is about

social connections and friendship building, sharing skills and

knowledge, and, of course, a lot of laughter.

"Sheds are whatever the members (or Shedders as we call them)

want them to be. Although labelled ‘sheds’, they often aren’t sheds

at all. They can be empty offices, portable cabin’s, warehouses,

garages, and, in at least one case, a disused mortuary.

“Many shed groups get involved in community projects too –

restoring village features, helping maintain parks and green

spaces, and building things for schools, libraries and individuals in


"Activities in sheds vary greatly, but you can usually find

woodworking, metalworking, repairing and restoring, electronics,

model buildings or even car-building in a typical shed. Sheds

attract older men, but many have younger members and women


About 40 men and women expressed interest when they called in

at the Men’s Shed stand at the recent Fun Day, when the work of

members of the Grassmoor Group was on display.

You can contact David Adams on 07517 201807.



Your Dog’s Home from Home

est 2006


Dog Home Boarding

Doggie Daycare

Small Pet Home Visits

Dog Walking

Equine Visits

Pet transportation

5 Star local authority licence

Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Fully Insured

Police Checked

100% Peace of Mind

Address – Langer Lane, Wingerworth,

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Tele – 07583758541

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72 Shireoaks Triangle Business Park, Worksop. S81 8AP




Mark Rothman & Paul Wilson

- Funeral Directors


Spire Funeral Services, a family owned business with over

fifteen years experience, are here to support you when you

need us most.

We offer a first class bespoke service, tailored to the

individual needs of our clients and their families. We pride

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needs of all families, at a time when sensitivity is paramount.


Inclusive of all fees

DIRECT CREMATION £999 Inclusive of all fees


Office at 95 Derby Road, Chesterfield, S40 2ER

01246 221555



Villagers are full of fun!

The 2019 Wingerworth Fun

Day was a great event for one

and all... even the family dog


Ashover’s James McKay supervises the ferret racing



aged six,

won the

first ferret



BUCKING bronco, ferrets down your

drainpipes and dogs in all directions,

doing vaguely what their owners told them to

do - but not necessarily in the right order.

Wingerworth Fun Day was fun, probably more

fun than usual, as more than 1,000 people ignored

the forecasts of rain showers and had a great

time at Deer Park.

Sideshows, stalls and entertainment were

spread over both the cricket and football pitches,

and there seemed a great deal to see and a lot of

things to do, whether you were a child on an

inflatable slide, a teenager in the stocks having

a wet sponge thrown at you, falling off the

bucking bronco, or trying your hand at church bell


Of course, the Dog Show was an important part

of the programme, with prizes for such qualities

as the ‘dog that was best at catching a biscuit’

and ‘the dog MP Lee Rowley, the judge, would

most like to take home’. Hardly Crufts, but lots of

doggy pride on show.

One of the organisers commented: “The new dog

agility class seemed to be well received and it

was great to see so many children involved in the

dog show. I don’t think we have ever welcomed

quite so many dogs to the Fun Day!”

Another new attraction was ferret racing which

children, in particular, seemed to enjoy. James

McKay, who has 50 ferrets at his Ashover home,

introduced a dozen of the surprisingly-cute little

fellows to spectators, before the racing began.

He said: “They make brilliant pets, like shortlegged

cats with attitude. They never nip you

because they are used to being handled every


Each one goes in a trap connected to a pipe, and

when the gate goes up they, hopefully, race off to

the other end, encouraged by children making

blow-kissing squeaks, which, apparently, makes

them think they are going to be fed. It worked

pretty well, apart from when they lost interest

and tried to go back to the beginning, or fell


Many of the usual stalls were there, among them

the Ashgate Hospice stall making over £400, and

the Ladies Club completely selling out of cuddly


The two Wingerworth primary schools were

praised for displays that showed how busy they

had been doing research, and there was also

praise for 14 students from Chesterfield College

who arrived at 9am to help set everything up,

including the car park.

Wingerworth Community Festival’s next event is

the Girls Night on Saturday, 22nd June, at

Wingerworth Parish Hall, £5 a ticket, with DJ,

snacks and glasses provided. People should take

their own drinks and dance moves. Women of all

ages welcome.

Tickets via the Facebook page ‘Wingerworth

Community Festival’ or from Teresa Ransom on

07885 739122.



HEN it comes to successful family businesses, the

benchmark is set locally by award-winning flooring

specialists T. Nutt & Sons Ltd.

The company is currently celebrating its 150th anniversary,

having been founded in Clay Cross by William Robert Nutt,

great-grandfather of the current managing director, David Nutt,

way back in 1869.

Proud of their history and traditions, today’s management and

staff continue to set high standards. T. Nutt & Sons Ltd has been

recognised both locally and nationally for its excellence in

customer service and quality of products. Their reputation for

providing customers with top-quality service, workmanship and

fair, friendly, professional advice is unrivalled.

This has led to a string of awards and accolades. Patrick Nutt, for

example, who trains and oversees the fitting team, won the

National Institute of Carpet Fitters ‘On Site Assessment Award’

for three successive years. He was also placed fifth, third, second

and fourth in four consecutive years at the Carpet Fitter of the

Year Competition.

In reinforcing the message about the high standards expected of

the fitting team, Andrew Gregory, the manager who has been with

the company for over 30 years, said: “All our fitters have to read

the British Standards BS5325 Installation of textile floorcoverings

– Code of Practice.”

In 2011, an independent survey was carried out by The Carpet

Foundation on customers of T Nutt & Sons. These customers were

chosen at random and the responses spoke volumes about the

highest levels of service and craftsmanship offered. A 100%

customer satisfaction rating is what the company achieved in this


All the customers quizzed said that they were likely to buy from

the company again.

More recognition came when David, the MD, was asked by the BBC

to appear on ‘Working Lunch’ about the company’s achievements.

With 80% of T Nutt & Son’s business coming from the residential

market place and 20% from contract, most orders come from

customer recommendation.

T Nutt & Sons has also been granted Which? Trusted Trader

status. The scheme only awards this certification to the very

best businesses, who maintain the highest professional


T Nutt & Sons also gained glowing accolades in the Family

Business Awards in 2011 and 2013. In 2011 the company was

crowned runner-up in the Best Small Family Business category of

the Midlands Family Business awards.

Keven Nutt, also a director with the company, said judges

recognised and praised the business for its “outstanding service to

all customers”.

In addition plaudits were bestowed on the firm for its “loyalty to


Its showroom in the heart of Clay Cross is welcoming and well

lit, with a comprehensive range of stock. The company has on

display carpets and floorcoverings from all the leading

manufacturers, and good presentation is clearly an all-important

factor contributing to the company’s professionalism.

With hundreds of letters from satisfied customers on display, the

foundation of T Nutt & Sons’ business is based on glowing

reports and personal recommendations.

Our world is at your feet!





Visit our 4 large showrooms or ring for

a free home selection service


43-47 High Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield S45 9DX

TELEPHONE: 01246 863148



Winter’s Tales

Hall the votes are counted

John Winter reflects on the outcome of the

Referendum. No, not Brexit - this was the

important one! John Winter reports

David Adams and

some of his bricks


INGERWORTH voters have spoken and, unlike

the Brexit referendum, residents are satisfied

that democracy has been exercised, whether the

results were to their liking or not.

Wingerworth has, for the first time for many years, an

almost fully-elected parish council, the exceptions being

two councillors who stood for election unopposed.

It’s a council that has several new faces, some of whom

were key players in the successful campaign to stop a new

Parish Hall being built on Deer Park in direct opposition to

the stated wishes of the old council, so there could be

some lively debates ahead!

The public voted overwhelmingly for the existing Parish Hall to be

remodelled, by 2,183 votes to 403, obviously determined that the

green centre of the village should not be interfered with, convinced

the hall could be repaired and updated at much less cost.

People don’t like change, but many residents genuinely have great

affection for the building, which was opened in 1972 on the site of

the former ‘smithy’ which was donated by Philip Hunloke in 1919

for conversion to Parish Rooms.

The oldest part of the Parish Hall was built in 1927 as an

extension to the old school that stood on the corner where the GP

surgery is now; it ceased to be used in the mid-50s when Deer Park

School was built, and was later demolished.

Arguments that a new Village Hall at Deer Park would create a

central ‘hub’ for the village, would be cheaper to run, with more

parking, and a coffee shop overlooking the pond, failed to convince


Hard work

Now the hard work starts; firstly to decide exactly what rebuilding

needs to be carried out, then to satisfy the criteria for a 25-year

£707,583 loan from the Public Works Load Board. The loan would

be repaid in half yearly repayments of £19,021 (rate 2.58 as at 21st

January, 2019).

The total amount repayable, including interest would be £970,079.

It has already been stated that the council will need to take

£125,000 out of its reserves, and residents would also be paying an

extra £15 a year per household council tax.

If the council isn’t granted a loan, it’s difficult to see how the

stated £833,000 bill for remodelling the hall could be met.

If the loan bid is successful, subject to being granted planning

permission, the old building will be given a new look, with the stage

and changing rooms removed and a moving wall installed in the

main hall to increase flexibility; either one large hall or two smaller

ones. A new kitchen, toilets and a parish office will be created, and

a bar might also be built, suggesting efforts will be made to attract

weddings, parties and other functions.

The result showed half the residents didn’t vote, and that 138

residents voted against either option, which meant they weren’t

prepared to pay out 29p a week extra council tax for the cheapest

option, remodelling. That suggests they have no intention of ever

using the hall.

The new-look council must look at attracting more events and

meetings to the new-look hall; to be pro-active in seeking to get

more residents to use it than have in the recent past, including

facilities for the disabled.

The campaigners for remodelling admit that another huge

challenge will be limiting disruption to the use of the Parish Hall

whilst a phased programme of the work is underway, for which

current users will be fully consulted. They hope the disruption

should be minimal and short-lived.

There has been criticism in some quarters of a low turnout for the


Parish Hall poll, 49 per cent. However, that was more than took

part in the elections for the parish (42.9 per cent) and district

councils (43.2 per cent). Nationally, council elections attract 35

per cent turnouts on average, some as low as the 24 per cent

recorded at Clay Cross, others as high as Richmond on Thames

51.4 per cent. The NE Derbyshire Parliamentary election attracted

a turnout of 69.9 per cent, although that may be lower next time

given the fact that many voters are fed up with politicians


RICKS are boring. They are the backbone of the building


industry, surrounding us all on sides, yet.... bricks are

square, man. Well, oblong really.

David Adams thinks they are fascinating.

When he goes out for a walk, David keeps his eyes open for bricks

that tell a story.

Sometimes they are part of an old track or laying discarded near

an old building.

"I don't keep my head down looking for them, because I might

walk into something, but when if find one I get quite a buzz from

my it," he said.

He might put it in his back-pack and take it home.

The bricks that David has collected at his home on Central Drive,

Wingerworth, all have the name of the manufacturer on them. They

are old. He has catalogued information about the brickyards that

created them.

"In the past, there were brickworks everywhere," he explained.

"If there was a mine shaft or a colliery, then there would often

be a brickworks nearby if the ingredients were there; coal and


David's interest in bricks started when his sister-in-law, during

renovations, found some old ones in the wall of the house in which

David lived at Alton until he was a young man.

"I had always wanted one of the bricks and she gave me one for

my 60th birthday," he said. "It was not until I retired and moved to

Wingerworth, from Ashover, that I started my collection. I now

have 32 bricks, 24 of them from Derbyshire, the area I am

particularly interested in.


“My wife thinks I am a bit eccentric and not normal. I keep them

in the garage because I have been banned from having them in the

home for some reason. I don't understand ladies sometimes!"

David is not alone in his enthusiasm for old bricks. The Henry Holt

Brick Collection, maintained by the Lancashire County Museum

Service, comprises of 5,207 catalogued bricks plus (allegedly)

about 1,800 duplicates and (perhaps) uncatalogued bricks.

Henry Holt accidentally found a brick marked "E.H. & Co.

Accrington" in 1963 and it generated an interest. In 1964 he found

another marked "E.Holt & Co. Rossendale" and he was a convert to

brick collecting! By the end of 1977, he and his wife Mary had a

collection of just over 900 bricks.

Winter’s Tales


Uppertown Social Club

E have all seen the posters, and some of us have

attended entertainment at Uppertown Social Centre, but

now it could have to close unless “new blood” is available to

help run it. The average age of the committee is 65.

One Wingerworth resident, who enjoys the mix of Irish, country

and folk music, and tribute bands, said : “It would be a great shame

if it closed because of a lack of people to run it. When we first

started going many years ago it didn’t take long to make friends with

the regulars, and we always know we are going to have a good night


It has had a varied history going back to 1879, including nearly 60

years as a school, and a devastating fire, and in recent years has

attracted audiences from as far as Leicester for its regular evenings

of entertainment.

So, to see the programme for this year, visit the website at, and for information on how to help call Eddie

Marriott on 07966 154798.



are booking for ALL the


for Daytrips and Weekends from June onwards


Sat Aug 10th Sat Oct 19th onwards

including NEW SHOWS





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LES MISERABLES - (Bradford) Wed Aug 7th


INALLY, does any village have a prettier signpost than this

F one at Stubbing, decorated by a colourful clematis?

Please ‘phone Gerry Johnson on 862152

for further details or brochure

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Falcon Yard Podiatry

Podiatrist & Chiropodist

• Toe Nail Cutting

• Ingrown Nails

• Hard Skin / Callus / Corn Removal

• Verrucae / Wart Treatment

• Orthotics & Sports Injury

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12 Falcon Yard, Lower Pavements, Chesterfield S40 1PF




No change


All change

Lee Rowley, MP for NE

Derbyshire, presents his

regular Wings column


ATIONAL politics remains in flux and, as you will have seen

from the last few weeks, events continue to move fast with

Brexit and within Parliament.

I write this just a few days after the European elections when a

very clear message was sent by North East Derbyshire residents

that they were unhappy with politics as usual, with almost half of

local people backing the Brexit party.

We shouldn’t be where we are and, bluntly, we should have left

the EU by now. I voted for that to happen at the end of March and

against holding these European elections. It is shame that more

MPs didn’t do the same.

Now we are in an extension, we have to find a way to leave as

soon as is practical – that is something I will continue to do as

your MP.

Locally, the big news has been May’s local elections which saw,

for the first time in 30 years, a change of leadership at North East

Derbyshire District Council.

My party, the Conservatives, are now in control of the council and

have pledged to do something about the planning issues which

have bedevilled our area for so long.

The new council, led by Coun Martin Thacker, has started work

straight away on the problems of the local plan, housebuilding in

the wrong place and poor decision-making by the previous


The draft local plan has been immediately paused so a review

can be undertaken of what can be done at this late stage on


Where decisions have already been taken on housebuilding, it is

unlikely they can be reversed but the key is doing what we can

now to reduce, and then stop, similar problems happening in the


The problems with planning in our part of the world were created

over many years and so it is going to take some years to fix them -

including, I would expect, with some difficult decisions along the


But the good news is that there is the opportunity to get


Finally, it was great to join another fantastic Wingerworth

community day a few Saturdays ago and thanks to everyone who

came over to my stall to say hello.

I’m always keen to hear more of the views of local residents and

we had a good afternoon talking about everything I’ve just written

about in the column above and more!

As ever, I’m here to help. If there is anything I can ever do,

please don’t hesitate to get in touch –

uk or 439222.



£5 *


2018 was a difficult year for your garden.

Extreme weather conditions resulted in

lawns that didn’t look their best.

As we move towards the growing season,

now is the time to start preparing your

lawn to get the most from it. Our seasonal

treatments start from just £5* per month.

Due to high demand, and to avoid

disappointment, we advise that you book

your treatments early.

If you think your lawn is beyond repair due

to last year’s sweltering summer, ask us

about our Lawn Makeover - the best way to

get ‘The GreenThumb lawn.’

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Deer Park Primary School

FORTY-seven Year 5 children took a 40-

minute journey to Hollowford Centre at

Castleton to bond and have fun.

As the children filed onto the coach, many

were full of excitement. Everyone was very

excited to find out whose room they were

going to be in. We found out later on the

first day.

As we got off the bus, we went into the

barn. We were split into groups and did

some team-building activities. We got to

Fond farewell

FOLLOWING 16 years of

excellent service to Deer

Park, Linda Du-Roe

(right) has relinquished

her role as chair of


She has served with three

headteachers and has

overseen a number of

positive changes at Deer

Park that have provided a

wealth of opportunities for

all of the children.

Linda’s first involvement

with Deer Park came 23

years ago when her son,

Robert, started in

Reception. She joined the

PTA and is still a member

of that wonderful body of

parents and friends of the school.

In 2001, she joined the governing body and was

voted in as chair in 2003. Her commitment to the

role has seen her chair and attend 26 meetings a

year, as she was involved in much of the committee


Linda has been a member of each of the

recruitment panels for all but one member of staff

over the 16 years she has been chair and is

extremely proud of the fact that six staff members

appointed have gone onto headship and a further six

are serving deputies.

Linda was an active member of The National

Leaders of Governance and has assisted 43 schools

across three counties, passing on her wisdom, much

of it gained at Deer Park.

Linda has attended countless events at the school,

but remembers the 50th anniversary very fondly,

meeting up with past pupils and friends.

When asked what she will miss most about Deer

Park, she said, “The family feel of the school, the

pupils, staff and colleagues - in fact all of the people

that make Deer Park a really special place.”




for Year 5

know our group leaders and our class

mates a lot better. Then, at 5 o’clock, we

were introduced to our rooms.

The Year 5s were faced with four main

activities over the three days they were

Hats off

to school



there, which were: weaselling, caving, high

ropes and the zip-wire over a lake. The

children’s favourite activities were

weaselling and the zip-wire.

We all challenged ourselves on high ropes

and we learnt how to attach a harness.

When Friday came around, everyone was

sad to be leaving, but we all agreed that it

had been a really good time. Year 5s would

all recommend this trip to others.

By Robyn S and Eva G, Year 5

THE annual Easter Bonnet Parade at Deer Park took place on the

last day of term in April. The colourful event saw every child in

the Infants create Easter-themed headgear which they wore in

the parade around the playground and in the assembly that

followed. Winners were chosen by the School Council, although

headteacher Mr Beardall commented: “Really, everyone are

winners as making the bonnets is a lovely activity that parents

and children can come together to complete and have fun with.”

Water polo teams make a splash

A GROUP of Year 5

and 6 pupils went to

Queen’s Park Leisure

Centre to attend a

water polo


Both teams played six

games against other

schools. Deer Park had

two teams, A and B,

both containing nine

children with two on

poolside cheering them

on, and seven playing a

match. The games lasted ten minutes each, and were quite tough. Both teams

played very well. B team came fifth with 11 points and received a certificate.

A team came first, winning all of their games with 18 points. As a reward, they

received medals and certificates.

By Daisy B and Tianna D-B

Unit 3, The Old Bank, Clay Cross, S45 9NS

01246 211 646


A Modern Detached Property

Woodland Aspect To The Rear

Ease Of Access To Village Amenities & Countryside

Detached Garage and Workshop/Summer House

Spacious Open Living Areas

Three Bedrooms

Master Bedroom With Shower Room En Suite

Landscaped Garden At Rear

Constructed Only Four Years Ago

EPC Rating B

It’s our personal service that makes us different……….



Newly Constructed Bungalows Ready To View

Cul De Sac Of Only Nine Bungalows

Choice of Flooring Throughout

Choice of Kitchen Units & Handles

Double Car Parking Space

Appliances Included

Landscaped Gardens

Three Bedrooms

Kitchen Diner & Separate Lounge

Understanding Client Needs | Local Market Knowledge | Realistic Honest Approach

Modern Marketing | Supreme Exposure | Excellent Communication


• Routine foot health

• Nail trimming

• Thickened nails

• Ingrown toenails

• Corn removal

• Hard skin reduction

• Common foot problems

Feel the benefit

of healthy,


feet every day.

Opening Times

Monday 9.30am-5pm

Tuesday 9.30am-7pm

Wednesday 9.30am-3pm

Thursday 9.30am-7pm

Friday 9.30am-5pm

6-10 Market Street Clay Cross, S45 9JE

Call for an appointment

on 01246 861 460

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I can help you with:

Retirement Planning

Simon Bingham

Your local CHN

Financial Consultant.

With over 25 years

experience working in

financial services, I can work

with you to help you achieve

your financial goals.

Investment Portfolio Management

Tax, Trust & Estate Planning

Personal Protection

Protection & Retirement Planning for Businesses

Call Simon on 01246 541904/07432 018 220

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ATURDAY, 30th March,

dawned warm and

sunny for another running

of the Wingerworth Wobble.

This year proved very

popular and the permitted

maximum of 120 entries were

all snapped up within a period

of ten days.

The event had a good mix of

club runners - many from North Derbyshire Running Club and

Clowne Road Runners - plus casual runners not attached to clubs,

but still wanting to enjoy a lovely run in the local countryside.

Overall winner was Daniel Preece in a superb time of exactly 30

minutes. Daniel had travelled 160 miles from Hadleigh in Suffolk,

and likes to take part in runs wherever possible when visiting his

brother who lives in our area.

The other real winners were Deerpark School PTA (the school

acts as the race HQ); Wingerworth Scouts and Ashgate Hospice,

who all received donations from race proceeds.

Organisers gave a big thanks to long-term sponsor, Richard

Egerton of Peak Cables, who has been a staunch supporter of The

Wobble for many years.

Also deserving special mention were Deerpark School PTA whose

members manned the school kitchen for refreshments; the

wonderful team of volunteers and Scouts - who marshalled and

helped on the day - plus race adjudicator and timekeeper, Don


Due to the success of this year's run, it is now intended to hold a

sister event - to be named The Wingerworth Hobble - over a similar

course and with a likely date of Saturday, 9th November.

As this will be Remembrance weekend, an additional donation will

be made to the Royal British Legion.



Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Family business est 25 years

Free deodorising

Furniture removed and replaced

Free advice

We only use top brand cleaning products

so your carpet will stay cleaner longer

Call Michael, your local trusted trader,

carpet and upholstery cleaner

on 01246 211112 or 07754 603460

FREE 20min


call NOW





Find out how we can help

01246 860 317

4 The Mall, Market Street, Clay Cross, S45 9JE

Pair pedal coast-tocoast

- and back again

HEY made it! Trevor and Alison Watson, of Elm Tree Drive,

T Wingerworth, rode their bikes 346 miles in seven days

across Britain, from Whitehaven to Whitley Bay, then back via

Kielder Forest, Scotland and Carlisle.

Trevor said: “The routes have been very challenging in places, the

scenery has been great, the weather has been bloomin' cold most

of the way, but no rain!

“We discovered that cafes and pubs for stops shown on our

route-maps often don't exist, sometimes don't open most days and

even don't sell drinks! Especially the one we depended on the most

on our toughest day on the Tuesday - somebody has burned it


“There is a variety of body parts that ache like never before, but

the new knee and hip have served us well. At the moment, we are

feeling super exhausted rather than super fit, but very content with

an unforgettable week.”

If you still haven't got round to donating, don't worry, support

The Pumping Marvelous Foundation via


£2,000 boost for new

play equipment

HE Friends of Wingerworth Parks came second in a Tesco

T Bags competition, when members of the public voted with

blue tokens at local stores, winning £2,000 towards new play

equipment at Chartwell Playing Field.

The Parish Council has also applied for a Leader Grant towards

Phase One of new equipment at the park, which may include a big

wooden climbing frame and ropes for older children, a need

indicated by a survey conducted by the group.

It’s the group’s AGM at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 9th July, and they

are keen for new recruits to join because a few long-standing

members are stepping down this year.

Bowled over with

defibrillator gift



EMBERS of Wingerworth Bowling Club have had a lifesaving

defibrillator donated to them.

Keir Living, who are overseeing The Avenue housing development,

are behind the gift.

Kier’s living contracts manager, Gareth Wilkes, is shown presenting

the defibrillator to club president, Phil Baker.

Anyone interested in free bowling taster sessions at Wingerworth

should contact the members secretary on 07856752607.

Sixty-seven more

homes planned

for village


S a developer seeks to build houses on yet another green

field in Wingerworth, there are concerns that the flood of

new homes on the market is affecting the value of older


Planning permission is being sought for 67 homes at the rear of

262 Nethermoor Road, Wingerworth, with the access close to the

Four Lane Ends roundabout on the A61.

The proposal has caused Parish and District Councillor David

Hancock to comment: “It’s just not bearable to watch another

beautiful green field and natural habitat be destroyed.”

At the same time, a debate on local social media was sparked when

a resident said: “It looks as though we are paying the price for the

lack of a Local Plan. The flood of new houses is strangling the

market for the sale of older houses.

“We see that no houses, apart from new build, are being sold. This

is rough on those who need to sell. Perhaps the Government has

been too free with planning permissions. Brownie points for building

houses, I suppose. I wonder what a very wet season will bring to

our local flood plains?”

That led to other expressions of concern including the comment:

“It may be that the Government grant for new houses, i.e. £300,000

purchase, includes £60,000 from the Government and 5% deposit,

sucks young couples in to the trap of unaffordable housing. No such

help for existing homes on sale.”


David Hancock commented: “One of the regular conversations we

were having in Wingerworth during canvassing was the number of

property rich/cash poor older residents, who wanted to downsize,

but couldn’t get buyers for their homes and they were struggling to

maintain them.

“It was actually quite distressing as a number of them were feeling

trapped and couldn’t see a way forward.

“I’ve argued for a long time that it’s not just the volume of

development that’s the problem, but the type of housing. In NE

Derbyshire, we’re awash with family homes and we’re needing a

combination of starter homes, to help young people get a foot on the

housing ladder, and quality retirement homes for those who want to

downsize, which will free-up the family houses.

“The frustration is that we know that NE Derbyshire’s demographic

is aging, but we’re not adapting our planning policies to reflect local

needs; and what’s being built isn’t catering for either the younger or

older residents.”

Wingerworth Parish Council is submitting an objection to the latest

plan, and Tupton Parish Council is expected to follow suit.

Coun Hancock added: “The proposed junction with the A61 is

hazardous. It falls near four major junctions with the A61 (Halcyon

Approach, Curzon Park, Mill Lane and Nottingham Drive) and also

within very close proximity to the Nethermoor Road/Queen Victoria

Road/A61 roundabout.

“Planners are already aware that the proposed Traveller site on

Greenway – on the same stretch of road – was declined last month

by HM Planning Inspector due to concerns regarding highway

safety. Given that rejected site was for four dwellings, it seems

impossible to believe that an application for a further 67 dwellings

could therefore be permissible.”

• Stancliffe Homes are now proposing to build 25 properties,

including three bedroom bungalows, on a site off Nether Close,

Wingerworth. If detailed planning approval is given by NEDDC,

work will start in August, Wingerworth Parish Council was


A representative of the company said it was hoped to use Hockley

Lane to access the site by heavy vehicles “to minimise the disruption

on Nether Close.”









Bowl &





1 HOUR BOWLING £25, 2 HOURS BOWLING £40 per lane.

2 GAMES OF BOWLING £11 per adult, £8 per child.

Tuesday 9am-11pm, Wednesday 9am-11pm, Friday 9am-5.30pm.

2 GAMES AND A DRINK only £13 per adult, £10 per child.

GLOW BOWLING - 4pm-7pm.

BOWL ‘N’ BREAKFAST Sunday mornings, 9am-11am. One hour

bowling plus a bacon, sausage or egg cob £8 per person.

2 GAMES only £10 per adult, £9 per child.




Celebrating 25 years

of childcare!

FREE placEs availablE FoR

*2 to 5 yEaR olds FRom sEptEmbER

*Call Derbyshire on 01629 539319 to see if you are eligible.

Opening times to suit your lifestyle 07.30-18.00

When schools are out we are in!

Holiday club available - call now

01246 766210 or 07779 152117

The Wonder

of childhood


INGERWORTH Wonder Years Day

Care Nursery offers an exception

range of high quality learning experiences,

both in the setting and within the local

community. This has a positive impact on

learning and has resulted in motivated,

curious and confident children.

There are superb planned opportunities

for children to develop their curiosity,

thinking and problem-solving skills. The way in which practitioners

respond spontaneously at times to children’s ideas for learning is

outstanding. This results in high quality learning as children are

exceptionally well motivated and enthusiastic.

The most is made of the local community and environment to

provide as many stimulating, real-life, first-hand experiences for

children as we can. So far this term, children have visited Matlock

Farm Park and Weston Park Museum and have hatched eight baby

chicks which children will continue to see grow.

Wingerworth Wonder Years also invites people into its setting

to stimulate children’s interests and develop their understanding.

So far this year, local police officers and a lollipop patrol man have

visited the children.

Children grow in confidence because of spending time in the

outdoors and going out of the setting on

visits in the local area.

They are developing a good

understanding of their place in the

community and a strong sense of awe

and wonder at the world around them.

This gives them a positive attitude to

learning and experiencing new things

as they begin their education.

Calling all young




The Posh

route to


A member receiving one-to-one

instruction from Posh Fitness

proprietor Diana Yates

Diana Yates is passionate about helping her

clients look better, feel better and live happier

lives, whatever their age or fitness level.


UNIQUE package from Posh Fitness will see you on

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Fitness and life coach Diana Yates is offering beginners a

limited number of places on her three-month, ladies-only


Those who sign up will not only enjoy access to all the Posh

Fitness stylish private gym space, but will benefit from other

support and therapy to help them reach their personal goals.

Diana, who has 30 years’ experience, explained: “This is not

just another gym package. It’s a magical three months where

we work one-to-one in all areas of well-being, including diet

and emotional health, to build confidence and ensure

foundations are laid to achieving a healthier and happier

lifestyle and weight.

“I’m passionate about helping women to live, feel and look

better at any time in their lives and this new initiative has been

designed with that in mind.

“It might, for example, appeal to women who have small

children and want to re-connect with themselves again, or to

women who have lost their confidence following a life change

or illness.”

When women sign up, they will undergo an advanced whole

body composition analysis to inform their individual mind and

body plan.

Facilities at Posh Fitness include a gym with a range of

fitness equipment as well as a yoga studio.

Beginners will find vibrating plates a great place to get

started. The machines offer a fast and fun way to build muscle

tone and lose inches as well as releasing the ‘feel good’

hormone serotonin.

Clients can also enjoy the personal massage bed system –

Cyclo-ssage - which can help with general aches and sports

injuries, as well being recommended for those with arthritis,

fibromyalgia and other conditions.

Part and parcel of mother-of-three Diana’s approach is

fostering a welcoming and friendly environment where women

can come together to support each other.

The bright and stylish Posh Coffee Bar next door offers a

place to relax after classes or a workout where clients can

enjoy a cuppa and some home-made, health-conscious food.

There is also an attractive outside eating area for the summer


You can find Posh Fitness and Coffee Bar at 27 Market Street,

Clay Cross, S45 9JE - opposite the Iceland store. Free parking

is available.

For more information, contact Diana on 07974 791422, or

simply call in!

Healthy Living Space

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Posh Fitness & Coffee Shop

27 Market Street, Clay Cross . Free parking opposite

Tel 07974 791422



A big day out

at Bakewell







01246 721686



Come and help us celebrate the

200th anniversary of

Bakewell Agricultural &

Horticultural Society

Sunday June 30th 2019

at Bakewell Showground

Cattle, sheep, goats & poultry, cookery theatre,

rural craft demonstrations, workshop marquee,

rural games for kids, entertainment & lots more...

Tickets £10, children free or 01629 812736

(Please note cash only on the gate)

Free parking on Showground. Paid-for parking (£3 per

car) on land abutting Holme Lane DE45 1GF


AKEWELL Agricultural and Horticultural Society is turning

back the clock for its bi-centenary. The traditional two-day

show in August is being replaced this year with a one-day, one-off,

event on Sunday, June 30th, celebrating 200 years of Farm to


The date change means the event won’t clash with holidays or

work, making it the perfect day out for the family.

An exciting programme has been arranged to show visitors where

their food comes from. There will be no livestock competitions, but

instead local farmers will bring a variety of different breeds of

cattle, sheep, goats and poultry gathered in the centre ring where

visitors can get up close to see them.

A butcher will demonstrate different cuts of meat and how they

can be used and, in a cookery theatre, local chefs – including the

personal chef of this year’s Society President, the Duchess of

Devonshire - will put on a rolling programme of cookery demos.

In a workshop marquee there will be the chance to learn, among

other things, how to match cheese and beer, about the life of bees

and growing your

own mushrooms.

In the “How to...”

marquee there will

be demonstrations of

spinning and

weaving, besom

broom making,

woodcraft techniques

and more.

Other attractions

include a heavy horse

‘village’, a display of

vintage tractors and

farm machinery, rural

games, such as welly

wanging run by Young

Farmers, The Ferret

Roadshow and a

chainsaw sculpture


Bygone Bakewell

Showground attraction

A rolling programme of choirs, bands and other entertainers will

entertain visitors in the food courts and there will be trade stands

selling all sorts of different foods, plants and country products.

For more information and tickets (£10, children free) go to or call 01629 812736. Free parking on

the showground, paid-for parking (£3 per car) available at DE45


It’s the great



Children are in charge at Forest School.

They lead activities, are responsible for

their own risks and get wet and dirty

if it is raining. John Winter reports


OREST School pays no heed to the weather,

apart from the fact that rain makes it easier for

the children to make mud pies and mud paint, which

they love.

At Hunloke Park Primary School, Wingerworth, Miss

Twigg escorts a group of ten children down a steep slope

into a wooded area, where, one tells me, fairies live.

"Be careful, follow the trail, you know you are

responsible for your own safety," Miss Twigg says.

They all tread carefully.

Amongst the trees there are stumps to walk across,

hoops and ropes to climb through, and a hammock,

which one boy tries to monopolise but not for long,

because Miss Twigg points out quietly, but firmly, that

there is a queue. No-one shouts at Forest School.

Krystal Twigg is a Higher Level teaching assistant at

Hunloke Park, and has been trained in the ethos of

Forest School, a nationwide movement which supports

the development of a relationship between the learner

and the natural world.

Forest School takes place each Friday afternoon, with

the same group of learners, over up to ten weeks.

"You can see their confidence improving, and

relationship building as they go along," said Krystal.

Children obviously delight in using their own mud paint

to daub their names or faces on the trunks of trees, and

take pride in creating mud pies decorated with pine

cones and flowers.

"Does anyone know what this flower is?" asks Krystal,

holding up a dandelion head. "A daffodil," says one child.

"We live in a world of busy lives and technology, and

sometimes children need to explore the outdoors, and

get their hands dirty," explained Krystal. "We like them

to see birds and learn about flowers - as you can see,

one didn't know what a dandelion was. Outdoor

activities help to reduce stress, improve confidence and

focus, and help children to sleep."

Foraging for mud and moss to make their mud pies,

swinging on the ropes, working together to throw a ball

in the air from a blanket; the children have a great time.

And at the end of the session, they enjoy a hot

chocolate and marshmallows as they reflect on the fun

they have had, things they have learned and maybe that

playing outdoors is even better than watching TV or

games on an IPad.


children having

a great time

learning about

outdoor life at

Forest School



Hunloke Park Primary School

Year 5’s Boggle Hole adventure

IN the last week before the Easter

Holidays, children in Year 5 (my class)

were lucky enough to have an amazing

opportunity to visit to Boggle Hole on the

North Yorkshire Coast.

The moment I stepped out of the coach

and received my suitcase, I was hit by the

fresh, salty sea smell. It was lovely! We

had gone to Boggle Hole to learn more

about our coastline, its creatures, its history

and do a bit of smuggling too! - Poppy

Our first activity was the Sea Shore Safari.

We went out onto the amazing beach to

look for sea creatures that inhabit the

British Isles. We found limpet shells,

hermit crabs, anemones, soft swimming

crabs, shrimps and lots of little woodlice

creatures called Sea Slaters. - Kelsea

I managed to lift up a hermit crab and let

it crawl around, it tickled my hand a lot, but

I could handle it! - Caiden

On the second day, we went ‘Walking with

Dinosaurs’ (fossil hunting). We looked

through all the rock pools looking for five

different types of fossils: Ammonites,

Belemnites, Crinoids, Whitby Jet and the

Devils Toe Nail. As a class, we found lots of

these and Mr Smith was very good at this;

he said it was his favourite activity. We

had quite a collection at the end of the

session. - Ella

Our last full day was at Robin Hood’s Bay

on our smugglers walk. We started trekking

up what seemed like a million steps onto

the cliff top and the view was stunning.

Each group was given a bag of sweets to

pass around (we were smuggling). If the

Caring for


teachers caught us passing them around

they were allowed to take a ‘tax’ and eat

a sweet. My group never got caught!

Whilst we were doing this we learnt

about the smugglers whose used a tunnel

to avoid the soldiers during the 1700s. -


The food at Boggle Hole was amazing. I’d

been looking forward to it for weeks as I

knew we were going to have Cumberland

Sausage on one of the nights! I was so

excited! The other food was really nice too,

especially the breakfasts. I would highly

recommend them. - Jake

We want to say a huge thank you to the

Staff at Boggle Hole (Zoe and Jane) who

looked after us and the wonderful teachers

who came with us: Mr Smith, Mrs Howie

and Miss Tann. - The children of Y5

Fruity project

IN Reception, we decided to make some fruit kebabs to

enjoy during the lovely weather and to help us practice

cutting things in half. After we had made and eaten them,

we wrote instructions so other people could make them

too. They are yummy - why not give them a go?

How to make a Fruit Kebab

You will need:

1. Skewers.

2. Lots of different fruits.

3. A knife.

4. A chopping board.

What you need to do:

1. Wash your hands.

2. Choose the fruit you want.

3. Use the knife and cut the fruit in half on the chopping


4. Put the fruit carefully onto the skewer.

5. Eat and enjoy!


AS part of our current Science topic, ‘Animals and their habitats’,

children in Years 1 and 2 have had a super time, learning how to care

for animals.

We had a special visit from Julie, a veterinary nurse from Spire Vets who

showed us how to care for animals.

We worked as Julie’s apprentices to check the bear’s temperature and

operated to mend his poorly leg. We even had to put the bear on a drip!

Julie also brought with her five kittens who were three weeks old. We

checked their heartbeats, had many cuddles with them and wanted to keep

them all as class pets!

Seeing kittens and learning how to care for them was brilliant - Hope, Y1.

The best part of the visit was when the vet stitched a bear back together

when it had a broken leg! - Chay, Y1.

Thinking of

selling your


Contact us today for your free valuation

01246 700193

Wingerworth Parish Council

Parish Council

election results

FOLLOWING the Parish elections held

on Thursday, 2nd May, the members

of Wingerworth Parish Council are now

as listed below:

Coun Diana Ruff – Chair (HW).

Coun Eric Gilson – Vice-Chair.

Coun Cecilia Harper.

Coun Pat Antcliff (W).

Coun Colin Berry (A).

Coun Kevin Broughton.

Coun Michael Hardman (L).

Coun Anne Knyhynyckyj.

Coun Trevor Collins.

Coun Craig Hodgson.

Coun David Hancock (A).

Coun Pat Coleman.

Coun Helen Nelms.

Coun Ian Eames.

All Wingerworth Ward apart from A-Adlington,

HW-Hardwick Wood, L-Longedge and

W-Woodthorpe. You can find full details, including

contact information on the Council website.

Community Engagement Committee

HE Community Engagement Committee has set a date for the initial meeting of local groups and

T organisations. This is due to take place on 12th June.

This meeting will include an opportunity to discuss how to work together and to prepare a Wingerworth

village calendar of events.

If you are part of a local group and have not been contacted by a member of the Community Engagement

Committee and would like to attend the event, please contact the parish council clerk.

If you have any further ideas for community engagement topics that you would like to share, we would

love to hear from you.

Plan to manage village library

HE parish council has submitted an

T Expression Of Interest to Derbyshire

County Council to run Wingerworth Library

as a Community Managed Library. It is now

waiting for feedback from the County


A number of residents have already ben

contacted who have expressed an interest

in volunteering to work at the library.

If you are interested in supporting this

project, please contact the parish council


Parish Consultation result

HE count for the Parish Consultation took place on Tuesday, 7th

T May, and residents voted in favour of remodelling the existing

Parish Rooms.

The parish council agreed at their meeting on Wednesday, 8th May, to

proceed with the next phase of the project. It is in the process of putting

together a committee to lead on this project.

The parish council will continue to share updates on the council website,

social media pages and on notice boards around the village.

Friends of Wingerworth

Parks – Chartwell Park


HE Friends of Wingerworth Parks are currently applying for grant funding to

install new play equipment on Chartwell Park, further information regarding

this project will be shared once details are available.

If you are interested in finding out more about the group and plans for future

projects, you can visit their Facebook page, or join them at the AGM on Tuesday, 9th

July, at 7:30pm at the Parish Rooms.

Hanging Banks lagoon

future discussed


INGERWORTH Parish Council is currently in discussions with Bellway

Homes regarding the option to adopt a lagoon on the Hanging Banks site in

the village.

The council is seeking advice from North East Derbyshire District Council and

Derbyshire County Council regarding the risks and liabilities of taking responsibility of

such an asset, particularly as the site has had previous instances of flooding.

Derbyshire County Council has made every effort to mitigate the flooding situation, but

this is only a temporary arrangement, and further permanent proposals will be required

from the developer.


query new ward


HE parish council


has received

communications from a

number of residents

regarding the Notice of

Elections and the new

ward boundaries.

These have been passed on

to the Elections Team at

North East Derbyshire

District Council who have

advised that it would be

beneficial if any other

electors contacted them

directly so they can check

individual cases on their


You can email the team



Wingerworth Parish Council

Pictures from the 2019 Wingerworth Fun Day,

including Lee Rowley MP judging the Fun Dog Show

Summer dates

for your diary

5th June – Parish Council

meeting at the Parish Hall, 7pm.

12th June – Community

Engagement meeting at the

Parish Hall, 7:30pm.

3rd July – Parish Council

meeting at the Parish Hall, 7pm.

9th July – Friends of

Wingerworth Parks AGM at the

Parish Hall, 7:30pm.

3rd July – Wingerworth Well

Dressing, Scarecrow

Competition and Alternative

Flower Festival.


INGERWORTH Parish Council usually meets on the first Wednesday of

each month at the Parish Hall. Meetings commence at 7pm when

members of the public are welcome to attend.

A ten-minute session will be held near the start of each meeting for public participation. To contact

the Parish Council, telephone Charlotte Taylor, Clerk to the Council, on 07834 390171, or write to her

at: 36 Hawksley Avenue, Chesterfield, S40 4TW. You can also email her at wingpc@



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Save our old

village trees


ERHAPS we take trees for

granted. Until we lose them.

David Adams feared for the future of a

huge oak standing majestically in a

nearby garden, but by the time action

was taken to preserve it, the tree had

been felled.

Now he is asking residents to consider

how the village would look without

trees, suggesting that in some cases

they might want to get a Tree

Preservation Order imposed to protect

individual specimens.

"It was a beautiful tree, 9ft in girth

and probably over 100 years old, but it

was gone in just a few hours," he said.

David Adams

David, of Central Drive, Wingerworth,

became concerned about the tree when the garden and the empty

bungalow were sold.

"I had no idea how to go about protecting it, so I looked on line and

then contacted NE Derbyshire District Council planning department,"

he said.

"I had no trouble getting together a petition of about 40 residents,

and the district council started to go through the legal process of

imposing a Tree Preservation Order."

The council approved and the Parks Department inspected the tree

and determined that it was not diseased and should be preserved,

but before the Order was issued a tree surgeon arrived and cut it

down, even though, says David, he was told an Order was pending.

"The council official told me he had never known a tree surgeon to

carry on cutting a tree down when they knew a TPO was in the

pipeline," said David.

He is aware that some trees may need removing if they are

diseased or dangerous, as, indeed, one diseased tree was removed

from the same garden.

David suggests residents look around them and consider if

particular trees need preserving. They can apply for a TPO

irrespective of whether they own the property where the tree is


"I have a map of the village in 1843 and there are trees in the area

where this one grew, and a lot more in the village than there are

now. Trees are part of the fabric of our village, which we need to

preserve for future generations. If you don't have trees, it becomes

a nondescript, boring area," he said.

If you would like to learn more about the TPO process, email David


A NE Derbyshire District Council spokesperson said: “The request

needs to be in writing and sent to: Adrian Kirkham, Planning

Manager (Development Management), NE Derbyshire District

Council, 2013 Mill Lane, Wingerworth, Chesterfield, S42 6NG. They

need to set out the tree/trees that they refer to and the reason why

they believe the tree(s) need protection.”


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Derby Road


S42 6NB


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The tree before and afterwards

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Ashover Primary School


Engineering competition

THIS term, pupils from Y1-Y6 at Ashover Primary School all took

part in an engineering competition.

We had several visitors in school who work in the world of

engineering to inspire the children into working in this field.

Children then discussed everyday problems and tried to design

something that solved their identified problem. We were amazed at

how inventive and creative our pupils are and wish them well in the


Talent show

THE School Council had the difficult job of auditioning our pupils

who entered ‘Ashover’s Got Talent’ this term.

Twenty acts made it through to the final where our winners were

a group of Year 5 girls who performed a medley of dance,

gymnastics and piano playing.

All those who entered won a chocolate lolly and the top three

won a chocolate bunny. Well done to all those who took part, you

amazed us with your hidden talents!

School defibrillator

FOLLOWING staff first aid training, we decided that we would like

to install a defibrillator.

We are thrilled that we now have a defibrillator sited in the front

of the school building. It is accessible to the public in the event

that they may need to use it in an emergency.

Many thanks to Ashover Juniors and the Medical Centre for their

contribution to the cost of this.

E-safety film success

EACH class has learnt about the safe use of the internet this term

and have worked together to create a short film clip which has

been entered into a Tupton Cluster competition. The finalists

visited Dunston Innovation Centre and our Year 6 pupils won.

Internet Safety is an ongoing threat to our pupils and we are

proud of how they are so aware of potential dangers.

New arrivals

THE Reception Class took delivery of an incubator and some

fertilized eggs. Over the course of three weeks, children were very

excited to observe the eggs hatch and see the new arrivals grow.

Children helped to take great care of them and they were safely

returned to the farm to allow them to continue to grow.

My Kind of Town is the award-winning

periodical celebrating bygone Sheffield

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Issue 33 is now available locally, priced

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