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From the President

Cristian Copaceanu

Conference News

Every time the Israelites experienced God’s direct, unmistakable, visible presence, they were encouraged to build a

monument, write poetry, sing songs, “Tell everyone about his wonderful deeds” (Psalm 105:2). This reminded them of

God’s love, compassion and faithfulness when they were going through difficult times and it inspired the next generation to put

their trust in Him.

As I travel throughout our conference, I am encouraged and excited to see what God is doing in and through each of you in your

churches and community.

Stories of baptisms, innovative mission initiatives, discipleship and

community service from within our Conference remind me that secularism,

consumerism, postmodernism and every other mission inhibiting ‘ism’ out there is

no obstacle for God as He works through each of you to save souls. We need to set up

monuments, write poetry, sing songs, post posts and tell others what God is doing.

In addition to the quarterly Imprint Magazine, we would love to be able to share

many more regular stories of God at work in SNSW not just from the travels of those

in the office but from each of your churches as you see Him move in your local area.

And we’ll do that through the most prevalent form of communication available to us

today: social media.

We’ve created a Facebook page at: where you will find regular photos, videos and updates on what is

happening in and around our Conference. These posts will be a testament to God’s goodness and your faithfulness that can

encourage each other as well as witness to our non-Seventh-day Adventist friends on Facebook.

Use the QR code to jump straight to the FB page, or type in the above link to connect to the “Adventists South New South Wales”


Let us continue to “Sing to Him; yes, sing his praises. Tell everyone about his wonderful deeds.”



June 2019

IMPRINT Magazine is a publication of

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South New South Wales Conference.

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South New South Wales

From The General


Calvin Drinkall

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, particularly when

remembering a lesson learnt during an experience.

Sometimes events play out smoothly when reflecting, or

conversations go without a hitch. All appears good,

until you’re jolted back to reality recognising that those events

cannot be changed. They are just, ‘moments in time’. In

looking back over recent months, some of the moments in time

for the South NSW Conference include;

• The General Conference have been working on

plotting all conference territories globally on a map and

discovered that the South NSW Constitution was not

particularly clear for plotting purposes on our Southern

border with the Victorian Conference. To clear this up,

the South NSW Executive Committee, took an action in

December 2018 on the following two points;

1. Wodonga: To use the Wodonga Local Government Area

boundary map, “Wodonga LGA” to define the territory

around Wodonga

2. Sunraysia: A straight line from the Northern most tip

of Bumbang Island on the Murray River to the South

Western tip of Lake Milkengay, and from there directly

West to the South Australian Border. While the delin

eation will not affect how SNSWC operates, if anyone

asks where the conference boundary is between NSW

& VIC, you can now inform them.

• Also, in 2018, The South NSW Executive accepted a

recommendation from Griffith SDA Church to recognise

the Griffith Samoan Branch Sabbath School as a Company,

and for that Company to be known as Yoogali Seventh-day

Adventist Company (Samoan Language Services, Pastored

by Pr Jim & Adam Tonkin. It was exciting to be part of the

Company Dedication Service on Sabbath 18th May, and

further information is included later in this edition of Imprint.

• Following the finalisation of the debt for Adventist Alpine

Village in December last year, the Executive Committee have

been considering further development at AAV to include a

Caravan Park and Motel Units. While this is not new news,

the work involving Architects, Engineers, Surveyor’s and

Certifiers is extensive and updates will be made available as

work continues in the initial planning stages.

This is just a little sample of what has been occurring across

South NSW, and it is clear that God has been leading and

guiding in everything we do. And our prayer from the Admin

team is that God continues to bless you in your ministry for Him.

Conference News

Tonga Mission UPdate

Raymon Paletua

It was such a blessing to be a part of the Tonga

Mission Trip last year, and an even greater honour

to represent the SNSW Conference and serving our

sister conference - The Tonga Mission. Completing the

much needed home for the church pastor of the small

village of Utungake, was a amazing witnessing tool that

positively impacted the community more than we could

have imagined. The generosity of the SNSW Conference

offerings spoke volumes about our church to members

and nonmembers alike in Vava’u. The pastor’s house that

our Conference generously funded, became a symbol of

love, unity, and mission of our Church.

Many locals learned that two Australian Teams, made

up of members from various churches, from the one

Conference, came together to make this project a

reality. They were amazed that a little out of the way

village would receive so much attention. In turn it

sparked a deep sense of pride and purpose into this

church. The members sensed that the great outreach

work they were engaged in, mattered and felt they

belonged to a global movement.

Next year, we hope to return and build a house for

the District Pastor and his family, on the grounds of

Mizpah High School. The current house is over 100 years

old and a new home is needed and would greatly benefit

the work in Vava’u. The current District Pastor and

his family, accommodate up to six children from non-

Adventist families of surrounding islands. The distance

of these remote islands from the island of Vava’u where

the school is located, is too far to travel by boat each day

for school. These children board with the pastor and

his family, and return home at the end of the school

term. The children receive not only a quality Adventist

education, but also attend the local Adventist Church,

and are involved in regular bible studies. It certainly

is a tremendous mission field and any assistance the

Tongan Mission receives would be greatly utilised and


On behalf of the Tongan Mission Teams, I would like

to thank all the churches and members of the SNSW

Conference for your generosity, and the privilege to

work on your behalf in an amazing mission field like


June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine 3

Junior/Teen Camp 2019

Rick Hergenhan

Junior and Teen Camps are always a highlight and this year

was no exception. 98 campers and 38 staff from across the

Conference gathered at Jindabyne for a week of fun, friends and

spiritual refreshing. Campers arrived on Tuesday the 23rd of April with

buses bringing young people from the Griffith, Central Tablelands,

Southern Highlands, Albury and Bega regions. This year had a

slightly different structure to previous years where we had two

different camps running at exactly the same time. All the Juniors

did activities with Juniors, were in cabins with Juniors and had a

worship program just for Juniors. All the Teens did activities with

Teens, were in cabins with Teens and had a worship program just for

Teens. The only regular activity the Juniors and Teens did together

was to eat meals together. Activities included mountain biking, horse

riding, oval games, MasterChef, water sports, a service activity and

high ropes. The weather was favourable throughout the camp which

meant all the activities were able to be enjoyed including the water


SNSW Youth

Junior service project

Following the Junior and Teen Camp tradition there was a banquet with

the theme of “Superheroes.” Once again people turned out in excellent

costumes to enjoy a special dinner prepared by chef Terry.

The speaker at the Junior night worships was Moses Hidalgo. Moses is

currently a bible worker in the Canberra region and spoke on the theme

of Superheroes and encouraged all the Juniors to get to know the greatest

superhero of all, Jesus!

The speaker at the Teen night worships was Pr Marcus Pereira who

is currently serving as a high school chaplain in the Greater Sydney

Conference. The theme Marcus spoke on was “For the Kingdom” and

he delivered very practical messages on topics that are uniquely faced

by teens in 2019. Marcus made an appeal for the Teens to bring their

burdens and worries and lay them at the cross for Jesus to handle. It was

very positive to see everyone come forward and give something to Jesus.

Teen mountain bikes

As a result of appeals made at Junior and Teen Camp there was a total of

38 requests for baptism and 46 requests for bible studies. Young people

making commitments is always a delight to witness and I would like to

encourage churches, pastors and parents to work together to follow up

these requests in the most appropriate way.

This year both ATSIM and ADRA contributed to the Camps by

sponsoring a group of young people to come along. Thank you to both

ATSIM and ADRA for helping make the Junior and Teen Camp

experience possible for so many of our young people. I would also like

to thank the team at the AAV and the many volunteers who gave of

their time and resources during Junior and Teen camp. Without them

the camps would not happen. We look forward to seeing all the Juniors

and Teens at Camp again next year. I would like to encourage you to be

praying for friends who you can bring with you as well.

Superheroes banquet


June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine


Junior and Teen campers 2019

Go Carts Activity

Zoe Cox dressed as Queen Esther -

Best costume for the Junior Girls

June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine 5

Robbie Fairall

Children and Family Roadshow

Rick Hergenhan

“Thank you for your short presentation, it has helped me immensely.”

This is some of the feedback received from the free information

sessions conducted around the Conference from the 13th until the

16th of May. The information sessions were conducted by Pr Daron

Pratt, the Children’s and Family Ministry Director for the North NSW

Conference and Deb Hopper, occupational therapist and director of

SNSW Youth

Pr Daron Pratt presented on Cyber safety. He stressed that although

there are many aspects of technology that are good there are also

aspects of technology that are detrimental to a child’s development. He

highlighted the need for parents to parent well in all aspects of a child’s

life including the digital space. A recording of his presentation

can be viewed at and a

resource booklet can be downloaded at

website. Search “Families and Technology.”

Deb Hopper presented on anxiety in children and showed how

anxiety is becoming a bigger and more challenging health issue in

children than ever before. After clearly identifying what anxiety is and how

it is often displayed in children, Deb spent a large part of her presentation

sharing practical strategies that parents and educators can use to manage

anxiety. If you would like more information about the presentation,

Deb has recently published a book that develops the ideas shared in her

evening presentation. The book, along with lots of other supporting

material, is available at

Pr Darron Pratt and Deb Hopper at

Canberra Christian School

The tour included four 2-hour presentations over four evenings in

various locations. The first session was at Narromine Christian School

followed by Border Christian College then Wagga Wagga Christian

College and concluding at Canberra Christian School.

After one of the evening sessions, Deb was contacted by a thankful

teacher who told her that her practical advice helped immensely with one

of the teacher’s students. It was simple yet effective strategy that helped a

student complete their work and double their independent reading time.

The tour was a joint initiative of the South NSW Family, Children’s and

Youth Ministries department in conjunction with the Adventist Schools

in SNSW and the local churches and their pastors. The Conference would

like to thank Deb and Daron for their valuable contribution as well as all

those who helped co-ordinate each of the sites. Due to the success of the

tour, a similar event is planned for 2020.


June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine

The roadshow crew (Left to Right): Pr Rick Hergenhan,

Deb Hopper and Pr Darren Pratt

Western Youth Muster

Rick Hergenhan

Around 50 young people from across South NSW and

North NSW gathered just outside Dubbo on the last

weekend in March for the Western Youth Muster. The

event was organised so youth from the western regions

could get together for a weekend of spiritual encouragement

and fellowship. This year the event was held at

the Wambangalang Environmental Centre just south of

Dubbo which proved to be a great central location to


The speaker for the weekend was Pastor Rome Ulia who

shared a passionate testimony and called all present

to make a decision for Jesus. Music was provided by a

mixed group of musicians including young people from

Dubbo and Avondale College. On the Saturday evening

a special concert was provided by a range of musicians

including Dan Higgins, Anna Beaden Jono Ginn and

Lachie Harders.


Western Youth Muster 2019

As well as the concert the newly refurbished Pinnacle Challenge was operating and participants were

able to challenge their skills in rock climbing and on the “leap of faith”. There was also a number of day

visitors from the Dubbo and Narromine regions who came to enjoy the fellowship for the day. The intention is to have the

Western Youth Muster as an annual event so plan to come in 2020.














June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine 7

I was once lost but now

i am found

Maima Katonibau

In August 2008, I was diagnosed with severe depression. Since then every day is “different, worse, bad and even suicidal. I lost

count of how many times, I was admitted into hospital for suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide and I even had police come to

my house far too many times.” My mental illness affected my marriage so bad, myself and even my connection with God. I have

done bad things, unforgivable and unforgettable that it led me to seek help. The doctor’s prescribed depression medication to

control my anxiety and depression.

For 10 years I was suffering from mental illness. Being on 3 different depression medications for so long plus sleeping pills and

pain killers. Without all the medication I could not function for a day. I was so hard to deal with. I was seeing a psychologist,

psychiatrist, and other different therapists but nothing helped me. I had run out of options and I didn’t know what else to do, until

one day, I had hit rock bottom - my worse day ever. All I could think of was for the pain to disappear. I wanted to live. I knew I

needed to go somewhere and to be alone. I rang Cedarvale Health and Lifestyle Retreat and my first point of contact was Narelle

on the phone – a positive call. Another phone call from Julie convinced me I needed to go.

On 24-29 February 2019 I was a guest at Cedarvale. Cedarvale Health & Lifestyle Retreat has changed my life completely; and

this is not only personal but also in my spiritual walk with God. I did not have any expectation when I first arrived at Cedarvale.

But what I learned within one week and took away from Cedarvale was very unexpected. From the day I walked in until the day

I walked out, my experience was far beyond anything that anyone had ever done for me, except my husband. The hospitality

was great. It is so warm and welcoming and even felt like a family too. The program, food and especially all the treatments were


I felt like I was guided to Cedarvale for a reason. My mental illness had been a debilitating problem for more than 10 years. I was

addicted to medication to survive and now I’m free.

Going to Cedarvale has opened my eyes so wide and now I see what was missing in my life all these years, GOD. I am so happy

that the Cedarvale Team introduced me to the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Bowral, where I have been attending each week

since March. I have never felt so happy and excited to attend the sabbath program every week. Everyone is welcoming us with

open arms. Only just last weekend my son and I attended the Bowral church Family Camp at Burrill Lakes. We were so blessed to

be part of it. It was so fun and enjoyable. Without God my life will never be complete. I was so lonely, but now I’m not, everything

is possible with God. I am happy, I am free from negativity and evil.

Words can’t express my infinite gratitude to each and every one of you at Cedarvale, especially to Julie. Thank you for all the encouragement

and everything you did for me. I am medication free. Determination, Motivation, Inspiration and Encouragement

with the power of my silent prayer, this is me. I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind and now I see.

Cedarvale is a Live-in Health Retreat who utilizes an evidence-based

Lifestyle Medicine approach to support and empower people to make simple

changes to their lives – and often for eternity, as in the case of Maima.

What a privilege we have as a team to be a part of the gospel in action. Visit

us in person, or visit our website here at and

also visit our Medical Missionary Training School website at:

- Julie Higgins RN FASLM, Director of Health.


June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine

Faith & Science



16 - 19 July 2019


Avondale College of

Higher Education





Science Teachers

Senior Bible Teachers


School Chaplains


University Students



Church News

Albury | University Ministry

In 2018, Albury Young Adults began planning a ministry to serve students at

Charles Sturt University - Albury campus. The Young Adults group were already

running Foodie Fortnight, a community-building event centred around

cooking and eating together, and decided to use this as the basis for a ministry

reaching out to uni students. This was launched at the beginning of first semester

2019 with two events designed to introduce Foodie Fortnight to CSU

students and to raise awareness of the existence of the ministry.

At the University Market Day, held in week two, Foodie Fortnight ran a stall

promoting the first event of the year, a wood-fired pizza night to be held

the following week. The stall also gave away samples of simple, healthy food

to give the students a taste of typical Foodie Fortnight fare. The following

Wednesday evening around 130 students gathered on campus to sample very

tasty wood-fired pizzas, prepared and served on site thanks to the service of

the Foodie Fortnight team, collaboration with the university chaplaincy service,

and Pr. Rick with the Youth Ministries pizza oven.

Foodie Fortnight Stall at University Market Day

Since then Foodie Fortnight has continued to serve as a means of growing

community and there are a number of students with whom the team is building

connections. Each fortnight those attending get to enjoy quality plantbased

food with a set theme for each evening, which has included Italian,

Thai, Indian, among others. Please continue to pray for the Albury Young

Adults group and the Foodie Fortnight ministry as they utilise their spiritual

gifts to serve their local community.

- Toby Clare

Narrandera/Leeton | Easter Program

The week before Easter the combined churches of

Narrandera put on an Easter pageant for the

public. It involved each church acting out a different scene

including Jesus’ ride through Jerusalem on the donkey, the

last supper in the upper room, Jesus praying in the garden of

Gethsemane, the trial and crucifixion, and of course the

resurrection and ascension.

There were a range of different Jesus characters including

men, women, short beard, long beards, clean-shaven, tall and

short, but all of them portrayed the same message of a patient,

loving God who went through awful trial to save us.

Pizza oven in action

Manager scene at Narrandera Easter program

We had a great turnout from the community, with up to 2000 people coming through the production

throughout the 2 days. This included numerous schools, 2 of which were government schools! Reactions were great,

especially as they entered the first scene – Jerusalem. The whole room was set up like a market place kitted out with stalls

selling all kinds of wares, people in costume bartering, and palm branches for the public to wave as Jesus came through.

Many positive comments were made about how impacting the whole event was, and there was a marked contrast

between school kids as they first arrived (very noisy and active) and when they exited the last scene (very quiet and

contemplative). God certainly worked through this event, and the results will likely only be seen in eternity


June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine

Church News


Narrandera Pathfinder Club

In March the Narrandera / Leeton Pathfinder club was officially opened. The church service was marked with a special candle lighting

ceremony involving all Pathfinders and leaders, and then the first meeting of the year was held in the afternoon. The 10 Pathfinders

have since had lots of fun practising their marching skills, learning the pledge and law, and starting their first honours. They

have also really taken to knot tying, with team races to see which team could get all team members to tie the correct knot the fastest.

We are planning to start up Adventurers soon too as the younger children don’t want to be left out of the fun!

It has been a long time since there was a Pathfinder club in the local church – over 3 decades – but it’s never too late to start fresh and

have fun with the kids! We would encourage every church thinking about Pathfinders to just give it a go. It’s great for the kids, helps

brings generations together, and provides fun spiritual activities for those who may not get it otherwise. Remember – our children will

one day be the ones who run our church!

June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine 11

Church News

Tumut | Medical Missionaries of the 21st century

As part of the global rise of modern applications of the medical missionary

work in the form of centres of influence and health and wellness

centres, Tumut Seventh-day Adventist Church operate ADRA Community

Centre Tumut from their church hall, with a focus on health and wellbeing.

The centre is currently running its fourth 8-week Depression and Anxiety

Recovery Program (DARP), and offers additional support to participants to

help them get the most out of the recommendations of the health education

program. Services include community exercise classes, community massage

clinic, craft group, and plant-based cooking demos. The exercise classes focus

on meeting participants where they are and making them feel comfortable,

as a number of these community members do not feel comfortable accessing

available gyms and sports facilities for various reasons. We have found that

through adding the exercise classes and massage clinic in particular, that a

real sense of community has been developed amongst the participants of

DARP. One of the participants has started a “gratitude group” which involves

other members messaging one another regularly about things that they are

grateful for. Two of the participants are now involved in our seekers bible

study group. Two others are interested in joining our Church.

Wodonga | Baptism

Sabbath, 9th March was a very happy and exciting day for

Chantelle McCrostie who chose her 10th birthday to be

baptised at Wodonga Church, in the presence of her family,

friends and schoolmates from Border Christian College.

A number of the over 200 congregation had travelled long

distances to take part in this special service. Chantelle was

particularly thrilled to have Pastor Andrew’s parents: Pastor

Peter and Mrs Lynette McCrostie, present to witness her

baptism, as well as Josie’s mum, Haydee.

It was a truly moving moment for Pastor Andrew when he held

Chantelle in the baptismal font, and for her grandfather, Pastor

Peter, who was standing next to Andrew in the water. Also for

Chantelle’s mum, Jossee, and Chantelle’s grandmothers, Lynette

and Haydee; closely by her side outside the font.

Community Exercise Program

The centre recognizes that the education offered in the Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program is life-saving, but must

be put to practise to make a real difference in participants’ lives. ADRA Community Centre Tumut aims to be a supportive,

loving and accepting community where people can experience healing in the broadest sense of the word: physical, mental and

spiritual. Please pray for our ADRA Community Centre in the small country town of Tumut, as we engage our community in our

little corner of the world.

This will be a wonderful day for everyone to remember for a

long time; as we see the evidence of Jesus’ work in the lives of

young people on account of the mentoring and teamwork in the

families, churches, and schools throughout the South NSW


Chantelle McCrostie being

baptised by her Dad Pr Andrew

McCrostie and Grandad

Pr Peter McCrostie

Celebration following the



June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine

Church News

Yoogali | Formation of new company

Group performing special item

On Sabbath morning the 11th May 2019 the Yoogali Seventh-day Adventist Company (Samoan Services) was dedicated. At

the regional Sabbath the Griffith and Narrandera/Leeton churches come together to witness the dedication of the Yoogali

Company. The Yoogali company had been a group within the Griffith SDA church for the last 5 years. They have been running

services in Samoan language and were referred as the Griffith Samoan Branch Sabbath School (GSBSS).

Last year the Griffith Church Board voted to recommended to the SNSW Conference that the GSBSS take the next step an becoming

a Company. Pr Glenn Townend the South Pacific Division President took the dedication prayer and then preached on the

3 Angels Message. He noted that there is an order to follow in presenting Revelation 14. We need to first present the first Angel’s

message and when the Gospel is understood then we can share the prophetic message of the following two angels.

The Yoogali Company starts out with a membership of 35 members. They are planning to run a Mission this year using their own

members to preach. They aim to grow the company by reaching out to their own youth and family members who have not decided

to follow Jesus and also to expand the company by inviting friends, neighbours, work mates etc to become part of God’s family.

Yoogali | baptism

On Friday night the 10th May the Yoogali SDA Company had their first baptism. with 5 youth starting their life journey

with Jesus Christ.

The key verse was Ezekiel 36:21-27 looking at what God wants to do in each of us under the new covenant. That God wants to

take out our heart of stone and give us a heart of flesh. That he will put His Spirit in us and cause us to follow in His ways and


The Baptism was tinged with a little sadness as there was a sixth person planning to be baptised. He had been getting his life

back together and had made the decision to be baptised. Sadly he suddenly and unexpectently passed away in the week before

Easter. This was their first baptism as a company, and there are already others planning baptism later in the year.

June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine 13

Exploring MOrnington Peninsula

Border Christian College | PR Andrew McCrostie

Border Christian College outdoor education team and

Secondary School staff went on the adventure of exploring

Mornington Peninsula in February 2019. The trip included

hiking, fishing, outdoor education sessions, surfing and some

very powerful sunset worship experiences! A big thank you for

the efforts and support of our local school community, church

community and School staff, including Mr Chris Hawken the

outdoor education coordinator. Psalm 136 - Give thanks to God,

He deserves thanks, His love never quits!

SNSW Schools

Exploring Mornington Peninsula

garage 64

Canberra Christian School

Being a school with a mission focus means we work

hard to ensure all of our students have the opportunity

to learn, grow and develop their relationship with Jesus.

This happens in our classrooms daily with some

amazing results. However, as a school we are also focused on our

school families, so they can not only support their children in this

journey but also so we can provide opportunities for them to do

the same.

At our school (similar to many of our schools) we have a fantastic

tapestry of cultures, beliefs and values within our families

enrolled. Which is wonderful for our school, but tricky when we

look to engage families in building our community and reaching

out effectively. So it was with this in mind, a year and a half ago,

we started a Friday night community program called Garage 64.

The program runs once a month and both school and church families

are invited along for the night. The program is always simple,

starting with dinner, praise and worship time and then activities

and information around a family focused topic. The core purpose

of the program is about building community with school and

church families together, opening Sabbath together and focusing

on family topics that are current and relevant.

So far Garage 64 has been well attended with between 70-150 people

attending each night. We have seen some great conversations

and questions, with a number of families asking for family Bible

studies. The program certainly isn’t the answer to all of our challenges

but it is really helping us build a stronger community at

our school.

Some of the parents of Students who attend

the “Garage 64” progarm

Serving dinner


June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine

Elviras Story



Elvira in the Nursery Elvira in her garden Aniceto and Elvira and their new water pump

It’s 2am in the morning. Rain is pounding on the tin roof.

Elvira wants to just roll over and fall back to sleep - but

nature calls.

She picks her way through the overgrown grass outside the

house and ventures as far into the bush as she dares: surely

no one will see her here. She tries to go about her business

quickly and within minutes she is back in the safety of her

home, puddles of rainwater pooling around her feet.

Without a toilet, Elvira, her husband and her son were forced

to use the bush around their house in rural Timor Leste for

years. “I didn’t feel comfortable because people could see,”

says Elvira. “The dogs and pigs would bring the waste back to

the house. It would make us sick.”

The battle to stay well was constant. Their nearest

water source, the river, was almost half an hour away.

Elvira and her son Aniceto would be up early every morning

collecting water. Together, they would carry as much water

as their bodies could take back home. But even after all their

efforts, the water wasn’t clean. “When we took water from

the river we had to boil it first,” Elvira says. “If not, we would

get sick.”

Elvira’s inability to meet the family’s basic sanitation needs

affected all aspects of their life. Aniceto was often late to

school, or would miss school altogether because he was collecting

water instead.

With help from ADRA, Elvira and her husband now have

a new latrine. They no longer have to use the bush, giving

Elvira and her family their dignity back. “I don’t feel ashamed

anymore,” Elvira says.

A water pump was also installed within twenty metres of

Elvira’s house, saving the family time, restoring their health

and ensuring they have a source of income.

“I am happy because we don’t need to go far to fetch water.

The water is near our house,” says Elvira. “We don’t get sick

when we drink the water because the water is clean.”

For Aniceto, this means less time collecting water and more

time in school. “Water is close now so I can take a bath and I

am not late to school anymore,” Aniceto says.

The family garden is now plentiful too.

“Before we couldn’t plant vegetables, but now, we have water

close by so we can plant vegetables for our food,” says Elvira.

“Each day we sell some, and we eat some.”

Although life for her family has improved, Elvira is

concerned for the wellbeing of others in the community.

“Many people do not have water like this,” she says. “In other

places, no one has yet drilled water like what we have here.

Some other people also want to have water, but they have no

water source.”

“I send my children to school because I want them to have a

good future,” says Elvira. “But because the water was far away

from our house, my children got punished by the teacher for

being late.”

Life carried on this way for years until ADRA began working

in the area.

Elvira’s life has been transformed through your help in partnership

with ADRA. However, Elvira fears for many others

who still struggle with poverty, sickness and lack of dignity.

Your donation by June 30 will bring water and sanitation

facilities close to families so they can escape the trap of

poverty. Visit or call 1800 242 372 to


June 2019 | IMPRINTmagazine 15


JULY 15-20, 2019

This July, thousands of Adventists across Australia will open

their homes and share a meal with a friend or neighbour.


-now -


and receive a free copy of

If You Can Eat You Can Make

Disciples by Peter Roennfeldt.





Throw a Sunday BBQ, invite a neighbour for morning tea, get your

uni friends together and order menulog, take the opportunity

to intentionally get to know someone in your community.

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