ECA Review 2019-06-12


ECA Review 2019-06-12

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Jessie Weeks from the Paintearth 4-H Beef Club preparing her steer “Dumbo” for grooming and

showmanship classes at the Coronation District Show and Sale in Consort on June 4 -5, 2019.

ECA Review/Submitted

Coronation District 4-H Beef Show

Grand champion steer at the 2019

Coronation District Show & Sale on June 4 -

5 was awarded to Arden Robinson of the

Consort 4-H Beef Club with Everett

Beeching of Coronation taking reserve


Jessica Hadwin of Consort took the top

award for breeding female one Kate Hadwin

took reserve champion.

Jessica Hadwin also took 3-year-old

female champion, herd champion, senior

showmanship and intermediate record


Kate Hadwin also took home 2-year-old

female championship, junior showmanship,

junior judging and junior record keeping.

Other winners in the female category

went to Jaren Letniak of Consort for champion

yearling heifer and Vanessa Hadwin

for reserve. Turn to Winners, Pg 2






June 13, 2019

Volume 108

No. 24


Council reviews

strategic plans

Jody Pettigrew

ECA Review

Forestburg council members

reviewed and accepted the 2020

to 2024 Capital Plan at their regular

meeting on Thurs. June 6.

Proposed capital projects for

2020 include replacing the computer

server for $25,000 with

funding to come from the contingency


The new subdivision road at 58

Avenue west will be reconditioned

for a cost of $58,500 from

the provincial Municipal

Sustainability Initiative (MSI).

The outdoor swimming pool

requires a new pool liner and

will be replaced for $160,000 with

funds from the pool reserve/

operating funds, donations and

the Federal Gas Tax Fund

(FGTF). The street (57 St. W.)

from Hwy 53 to 46 Ave. West will

also be reconstructed in the next

year for $300,000 with funding

from the MSI.

The five-year plan is not

binding and can be amended if

council determines that priorities

need to change due to

emerging issues in the future.

Operating Plan approved

Council approved the

Operating Plan with the most

significant change related to fire

services as the Village of

Forestburg will become a

member of the Flagstaff

Regional Emergency Services

Society next year.

An annual requisition will be

paid to this organization and

administration has determined

that the fairest way to charge for

fire costs is through utility bills.

It is expected that taxes from

2019-2020 will be reduced as the

burden of fire costs will be covered

by utility bills rather than

property taxes.

A fire utility will cost will be

created to ensure that large

facilities such as Big Knife Villa

and the public school are still

contributing to the cost of fire

services even though they do not

pay property taxes.

It is anticipated that property

taxes and utility rates will be

affected by the projected operating


In 2020, the residential tax rate

is expected to decrease by 4.8 per

cent from 2019. Based on a residential

property assessment of

$100,000, this means that a

yearly tax of $1,304 this year,

would be $1,255 in 2020.

The Special Culture and

Recreation Tax of $210 per property

will continue to be added to

the municipal tax notice.

New public works trucks

Five trucks were stolen from

the public works yard in

Forestburg from May 9 to May

12 and though all the trucks

were recovered, they also sustained

some level of damage.

The village is now in need of

replacing two trucks that

received extensive damage.

Council approved the purchase

of two new trucks to

replace the two that were damaged

at a cost of $49,161.


Alix council ................................. 2

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Paintearth council ...................... 3

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Kneehill 4-H .............................16

Rodeo Hall of Famer

Dale Butterwick

declared Honourary

Parade Marshall

Page 5



“War Room”

Page 6

Wild Weekend

in Stettler

Page 9

(403) 854-2802

Hanna, AB

408-5th St E



2 J une 13'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W


Avenue utility bill

request defeated

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Last month, Alix resident Louie

Humbke came to council asking for

utility bill forgiveness for the months

of March and April.

Frozen water lines forced the resident

to leave for that time period to his

other property.

Council ultimately defeated the

motion to waive $192.35 in utility bills

at their regular meeting on Wed. June


According to the village’s utility

bylaw, any utility charges are applied

to all premises within the village

regardless of whether it is occupied or


Following the last meeting, Humbke

was advised to pay his outstanding

bills to avoid any further penalties and

if council were to give the waive, he

would have been returned a credit to

his account.

As many village bylaws outline, any

pipework that is under private property

is the responsibility of the owner

while anything underneath public

property is the village’s responsibility.

In this case, it was under village


Mutual Aid Agreement

The village has officially entered

into a water and wastewater operator

mutual aid agreement with Lacombe


Paintearth 4-H Beef Club takes second in the Pen of 5 competition at the Coronation District

4-H Show and Sale in Consort on June 4 - 5. ECA Review/Submitted

Winners announced

Cont’d from Pg 1

Andria Nelson of Consort took

reserve for 2-year-old female while

Vanessa Hadwin took reserve for

3-year-old female.

Vanessa also took home the reserve

champion herd.

Jarrett Nelson, Consort took home

the reserve senior showmanship and

Andria Nelson, the reserve intermediate


Daphne Fuller, Paintearth, the

junior showmanship reserve.

Darrion Ference of Altario club took

the senior grooming championship,

with Reagan Kelts of Consort, the


Easton Baier of Altario took the

intermediate grooming award, Arden

Robinson, Consort, the junior

grooming championship with Keaton

Schaffer, Consort the reserve


Rayanna Ramsay, Coronation took

the senior judging championship with

During Intermunicipal

Collaboration Framework (ICF) discussions,

the two municipalities found

that an agreement might be beneficial

in forming service delivery


They found that the village has

three Certified Level 1 operators for

water and wastewater services.

The agreement outlines that if there

is a need for either party to access one

or more of these skilled operators from

the other for their water and wastewater

services they can access them

and then subsequently be charged for

the services.

Services like testing, daily inspections

and equipment maintenance are

included in this agreement and are

meant to be for short term use.

Public Participation Plan

A public participation plan is meant

to engage the public in future community

goals by gathering input.

From June 12 to July 12, the village

will be seeking an array of opinions to

relevant topics via survey.

All demographics are encouraged to

share their thoughts to help guide

council in a direction that would be

beneficial for all residents in the immediate

and long-term future.

On this list, residents should find

questions about infrastructure, communication,

activities, village identity,

affordability, services and government

among other topics.

Spencer Doolaege of Paintearth the


Lucas Van Lagen of Altario took the

intermediate judging championship

with Abby Fuller of Paintearth the

reserve champion..

Kelton Doolaege of Paintearth was

the junior judging reserve champion.

Rate of Gain was awarded to Kale

Sortland of Consort with a rate of $4.09

lbs. per day.

Koryn Duncan of Coronation was

awarded the Wraight Memorial,

Sydney Elliott of Coronation, was

awarded the senior record keeping

champion with Payton Elliott of

Coronation, reserve champion.

Layton Perry was awarded reserve

champion for junior record keeping.

Coronation 4-H club was awarded

first place for Pen of 5 and Paintearth

4-H Club took second.

The Paintearth club took first in the

Stall Competition with Altario 4-H

club taking second.

Sarra Brown

of the Bashaw

Volunteer Fire


dishes up a


member with

eggs during

the pancake

breakfast on Sat.

June 8 for Razzle

Dazzle Day in

Bashaw, Alta.

ECA Review/



Interest from

potential businesses

Delburne council heard at their May

28 meeting that several potential commercial

businesses were looking at

Delburne. One of these potential businesses

would be a fuel station. Since

the U.F.A. ceased operations in 2017,

the community has experienced difficulty

purchasing farm fuel and

lubricant products locally.

Council was informed that the

matter of expanded seniors housing

continues to draw interest by


Council approved the amendment to

two bylaws. The monthly payment of

Property Taxes and the Fees and

Charges bylaw change requested is to

allow taxpayers in arrears to pay in

instalments. This option was not provided

for in the previous bylaw.

Council also delegated the authority

to the chief adminstrative officer to

enter into any T.I.P.P. (tax instalment

payment plan) agreement with the taxpayers

of a property on behalf of the


The second bylaw, Schedule A was

amended to increase several fees and


Chief Administrative Officer, Karen

Fegan brought to Council’s attention

that a vacant property with outdated

improvements had been turned over to

the village in a tax sale auction in 2018.

However, before the building can be

removed from said property, the

asbestos in the building would have to

be removed.

Council agreed unanimously to

accept the bid of $3,570 to remove the

asbestos only.

Council learned at their regular

May 13 meeting that under the

Municipal Development Plan between

Red Deer County and the Village of

Delburne, the proposed ‘recreation

area’ on Delburne Lake is now under

the ownership of the County and mapping

has been completed.

An area structure and development

plan is being designed.



Bailiff Seizure & Guest Consignors

Starting Date Wed. June 19, 2019 @ 9AM

Closing Date Tues. June 25, 2019 @ 9AM

LOCATION: Montgomery Auctions Sales Center 26514 TWP RD 400

1 Mile North of Blackfalds, Ab. on Hwy 2A, 2 Miles East on Lakeside Sargent Rd.


2-2017 Walk-In Coolers, Prep Tables, Up-Rite Coolers & Freezers, Refrigerators, Ranges,

Ovens, Deep Fryers, Range Hoods, Dishwashers, SS Sinks, SS Tables & SS Shelves, Chrome

Racks , Restaurant Tables, Chairs, Stools, Vacuum Packer, Knife Sharpeners, 4-Station Soft

Serve Ice Cream Machine, Assorted Smalls & Misc.


WESTERN BOOTS & CLOTHING Including Cowboy Boots, Quantity of Hugo Boss White

Dress Shirts SPORTS CLOTHING Including Golf Shirts, Shorts, Jackets, Track Suits, Jackets,

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Treadmill, Pro Form Cross-Trainer Exercise System

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MONTGOMERY AUCTION SERVICES LTD. • BLACKFALDS, AB. • 403-885-5149 • 1-800-371-6963



Electricity contract extended to 2023

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Through a program endorsed by the

Rural Municipality Association

(RMA), the County of Paintearth

retained Unified Energy 8760 to review

its electricity distribution and transmission

costs to ATCO to see about

saving some costs.

In a report from last month, they

recommended one site that could be an

opportunity: the Crowfoot Reservoir


They found the county could save

$8,000 per year until they reach $50,000

by changing the building rate and setting

a 13 KW minimum rate contract

which council agreed to continue with.

One snag was an upfront one-time

fee of $20,935 to ATCO Electric to keep

them whole on their investment in the

service of the site.

Council also decided to extend

their contract by two years to 2023 as

an industry professional felt this

would be the wisest decision as they

were unsure of what the electricity

market will be by the time their original

contract is up for renewal.

“They are recommending that we

would sign up on the variable rate and

at any time we can switch to fixed.

They are just not sure what the

capacity market and what the prices

are going to look like,” said Lana Roth,

director of corporate services at the

regular meeting on Tues. June 4.

“We think it would be advantageous

to give us the flexibility because they

are not confining us in some locked in

rate over time but their suggestion is

rather than locking in because they

think the market is still standing to go


It would be better to stay now at a

floating rate than locking in at a

higher one and losing that flexibility,”

added Chief Administrative Officer

(CAO) Michael Simpson.

“The intention of the strategy is to

give you maximum flexibility moving

forward in managing electricity costs

as the dust settles on the capacity

market,” said Roth.

This contract solely focuses on the

price of power and does not include


The corporate services director

spoke highly of their new electric


“We’ve been happy with 8760. It is

nice having someone who you can just

email if you have questions about your

contract or billing changes. They are a

lot easier to deal with than who we

were dealing with before,” said Roth.

Draft policy

fire protection service charges

A policy to outline who will receive

fire protection charges was approved.

As per council’s request at a prior

meeting, a draft policy was created to

give council a set of criteria they could

use when determining who will be

receiving charges for fire department

services and who will not if someone

were to appeal the bill they received.

“It’s nice to have that criteria I

New principal for

Erskine School

Jeff Lee has been appointed

by the Clearview School Board

for principal of Erskine School

beginning in 2019-20.

Lee graduated from the

University of Alberta with a

Bachelor of Education and

holds a Master’s degree in

Educational Leadership from

the University of Lethbridge.

Jeff, according to the press

release from Clearview, is a

caring, creative

and professional

educator with 28

years of exemplary


experience in the

classroom and 15

years of positive

educational leadership



Lee is currently

the vice principal

of Stettler


School and previously


principal of

Stettler Middle

School and a

teacher at Big

Valley and

Erskine Schools,

“I have enjoyed

my time as vice

principal of both

the Stettler

Elementary and

Stettler Middle

Schools these

past 15 years, said


“I am looking

forward to



Effective June 4, 2019 the Special Areas Board is imposing a fire

restriction and extends throughout Special Areas No. 2, 3 and 4.

The restriction is imposed on all outdoor fires but does not

include gas or propane barbeques, or fires contained in

campfire facilities in designated areas unless specifically

posted. Incinerator fires are permitted at a minimum distance

of 30m away from structures and 3m away from combustible


Existing Controlled Burns may be suspended or cancelled, and

no new Controlled Burns will be permitted.

The Towns or Villages or Provincial Parks within the Special

Areas handle their own restrictions and should be contacted


For further information contact:

Glen Durand at (403) 779-373

starting a new chapter in

my career as the principal

of Erskine School.

“I began my teaching

career in Erskine 28 years

ago and am excited to reconnect

with the families of

many of the students that I

have taught and look forward

to getting to know

those I have yet to meet.”

think,” said Doreen Blumhagen,

deputy reeve.

“It prevents you from being accused

of bias in decision making. It removes

that by using a standard set of golden

rules. For example, ‘Oh, I know that

person. They are rich, they have the

money, they can afford to pay the bill’

which is not actually a fair practice,”

said CAO Simpson.

If something doesn’t quite work

within the policy, they will be allowed

to change and or remove what they

feel isn’t working by passing a motion.

Public engagement

speakers request

CAO Simpson brought forward 10

different public speakers and their

platforms forward for council review

Stettler Senior Social Society


Saturday, June 22

Stettler Community Hall

• Doors open 12pm • Dancing 1pm

with Softones, International band from Tilly AB.

• Supper 5pm By Sarah

• Dancing 6-10pm with

Country Gentleman, One of the most popular

country western dance bands from Edmonton.


40 00 for the day

Advance tickets only:

Ph. Terry at 403-742-5640


go to the


Hospice Society

42nd Annual

Castor & District Ag Society




Stock by Big Country Rodeo

• Concession/Beer Gardens

• Hide Race and Foot Race with

Cash Prizes!

• Breakaway Roping for Ladies

and Boys 14 & Under


During Rodeo Performances:

• Wild Ponies 14 & Under

(bring helmet)

• Mutton Bustin’ 6 & Under

(bring helmet)

Free Camping All


The kick off to

summer rodeo!

June 21st, 22nd and 23rd

Friday, June 21st

5:30 pm - Performance

DJ Music Friday Night

For more details call

Heide Downey: 403-882-2353

Brian Spady: 780-879-2110

and consideration.

Councillors will be spending time

asking the community what topics

they would be interested in.

All had varying prices, topics and

influences depending on what would

be most beneficial for the county.

Most notably, Patrick Tower of

Arizona, a highly decorated combat

veteran with over 16 years of continuous

education, training and

operational experience with the

Canadian Forces as well as Doug

Griffiths, 13 Ways to Kill Your

Community, were options to choose



Fresh Fruit


We Start The Season Off

Tuesday, June 18 th

B.C. Cherries, B.C. Berries,

Nectarines, Plums

and so much more.

Enjoy the taste of B.C.!


TUESDAY: Oyen, Consort, Kindersley

WEDNESDAY: Hanna, Killam, Wainwright

THURSDAY: Coronation, Viking, Hardisty

FRIDAY: Castor, Forestburg, Kindersley

Saturday, June 22nd

9:00 am - Slack

2:00 pm - Performance

Sunday, June 23rd - 10:00 am - 4H Rodeo

Daring Divas

Trick Riding

w/ local talent

Tavi Pickles &

Kloe Holte




Heide Downey

June 3rd

8:00 am ‘til Noon


Rodeo Grounds located half a mile north

of the junction of Highway 36 and 12, and

three miles east. Watch for signs.

Township Road 374, Range Road 133.

4 J une 13'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

SDAB convened to hear new Paradise Shores appeal


Stettler County’s Development

Authority defends position of deeming

development permit application


The Subdivision and Development

Appeal Board (SDAB) heard arguments

from the County of Stettler

Development Authority and those representing

the Development at Paradise

Shores RV Resort at a Wed. June 5

SDAB Hearing.

On March 28, 2019, 2066052 Alberta

Ltd. (the Developer) submitted a new

application for a ‘Recreation Facility –

Outdoor’ development permit.

A SDAB decision regarding a

Discretionary Use Development Permit

application for a Recreational Vehicle

Park is currently under review in the

Court of Appeal.

The County of Stettler Development

Authority deemed the new

Recreational Facility – Outdoors application

incomplete, and a letter

outlining the required documentation

was supplied to the developer.

The developer appealed the incomplete

determination made by the

Development Authority and the SDAB

heard arguments on the completeness/

incompleteness of the application at the


The SDAB concluded the hearing

and now has 15 days to issue their


The County of Stettler will continue

to work with the developer and to

follow the processes as outlined

through the Municipal Government

Act, and will await the decision of the


Absolute Timed Online Receivership Auction

of Jaeger Electric Inc. as authorized by Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees Inc., Receiver

BIDDING STARTS CLOSING: June 20th, 2019 at 10:00 am (MDT)

Viewing June 18 & 19: 8:00am-5:00pm

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Cargo Vans, Tools, Electrical Parts and Inventory, Office Equipment,

Plus Much More! For more details visit


The Heartland Quilters held their 29th annual Quilt Show at the Stettler Legion Hall on

Fri. June 7 and Sat. June 8 where visitors voted on their favourite patterns. A corner was

dedicated to selling quilting supplies for the avid quilter as well. ECA Review/T.Huxley

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saskatoon syrup, sausages,

ham, scrambled eggs,

fresh fruit, coffee,

tea & orange juice

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Rancier Farms

Judge- Lee Wilson

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A memorial created by the Veteran Hutterite

Colony was placed at the Coronation Health

Centre in memory of Dr. Lynne McKenzie from

the many donations received. Dr. McKenzie

spent her childhood in Fleet, Alta. and came

back to practice medicine at the Coronation

Medical Clinic from April 1999 to her retirement

in December 2016. She passed away suddenly

on March 24, 2017 when she was vacationing

in Mexico. ECA Review/Submitted


Car Care


Sat., June 15

@ 1pm

Register on


FREE with a donation to the

Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre

Rodeo Hall of Famer

Dale Butterwick

declared Honourary

Parade Marshal


Dale Butterwick was honoured as

the 2019 Honourary Parade Marshal.

Butterwick has had a long lasting

career in both calf roping and steer


Starting out by entering amateur

rodeos in 1965, Dale turned pro in 1969

winning the Hi Point Permit that year.

Competing for 21 years, Dale was

known to have pushed as many steers

and calves as he had run himself.

He was always around to give a

helping hand or teach a lesson or two.

After Dale was finished competing,

he judged pro rodeos including the

Canadian Finals Rodeo and the

Calgary Stampede, in order to give

back to the community that helped

him along the way.

In 1998, he took the position of rodeo

coach at Olds College and enjoyed

helping students get started in their

own rodeo careers.

Dale was well known for his fairness

in both of these positions and an excellent

coach to all.

Along with an outstanding rodeo

career, Dale has held a love for

ranching and training horses.

Taking pride and patience into

account; the work and effort Dale put

forth has resulted in some of these

horses being part of top rodeo cowboy’s


The Youngstown & District

Community Club wishes to “Thank”

the following for their generous

donations toward the Fish Derby.

Special Areas and Warwicks Home

Hardware, Clive Scott and Jason Hall,

volunteers, Robert Blagen,

Debbie Laughlin, Mark Johnson,

Regina Dewald, Blaine Laughlin

and Evelyn Manion, and everyone who

participated in the Derby. Without

your continued support, we would

not be able to put on this event.


Two of the horses Dale has trained

have won the Canadian Tie Down

Horse of the Year; a prestigious

honour given by the Canadian

Professional Rodeo Association.

Dale has been and continues to be

an outstanding cowboy on many

fields. He continues to volunteer at

many rodeos at the timed event end

and helps teach newer generations as

he goes.

“Helping kids and horses in rodeo

have been very rewarding for me and

now I am watching my grandchildren

compete,” Dale stated.

Tickets Make A Great Fathers Day Gift

WED., JUNE 19, 2019 - 7 PM


Tickets at the Tickets Alberta Box Office.

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FRI., SEPTEMBER 20, 2019 – 7 PM


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You can also recycle your

old tires, paint, spray

paint cans and electronics

at any of these locations

all year round.

Halkirk Transfer Station

NE 24-38-16-W4

Halkirk, AB

Castor Transfer Station

SW 3-38-14-W4

Castor, AB

Coronation Transfer Station

SW 36-36-11-W4

Coronation, AB


Regional Waste

Management Ltd.


6 J une 13'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W


Jason’s “War Room”

Brenda Schimke

ECA Review

It was late 2015 when four oil sands

CEOs stood on the stage with then-Premier

Rachel Notley to give their

support to Alberta’s Climate

Leadership Plan. At that time, Shell

and Exxon Mobil also gave their


The fossil-fuel industry knows the

carbon-intensive business model is

quickly moving into the twilight zone.

They were open to working with the

Alberta Government to effect change

and move forward. But given an

opening, the election of Jason

Kenney, they greedily jumped back off

the green wagon for another chance at

short-term riches.

Two majors in the

energy sector stand

outside Kenney’s old

world order.

Albertans voted for Jason Kenney

because he was business-friendly. But

his announcement that he was establishing

a taxpayer-funded

communication “war room” in

Calgary to sync government and

industry messaging was shocking.

In a democracy, the government

does not get in bed with one industry,

especially an industry with monopoly

power and huge market control.

A responsible government provides

a good climate for investment but

understands their most important role

is adjudicator, balancing the greed of

corporations against the wellbeing of

all their citizens.

By becoming the propaganda arm of

one industry, Premier Kenney is

clearly in the camp of short-term

thinkers, rather than long-term visionaries.

When will he learn that Alberta

could be so much more than an oil


Kenney’s deference to CEOs by

opening this “war room” is a different

form than was Trudeau’s deference to



SNC-Lavalin CEOs, but it is the same.

Kowtowing to men at the top of the

wealth pyramid in traditional industries

rather than focusing on

innovation, knowledge, technology,

basic research, private entrepreneurs

and risk takers denies Canadians from

becoming world leaders in economic


We were outraged, and rightfully so,

when Prime Minister Trudeau kowtowed

to the executives at

SNC-Lavalin, yet Premier Kenney is

showing the same deference to oil and

gas oligarchs.

Two majors in the energy sector

stand outside Kenney’s old world order.

On May 27, Canadian Utilities Ltd, a

subsidiary of ATCO, sold their entire

Canadian fossil fuel-based electricity

generation portfolio. Then on April 2,

Shell, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch

Shell, urged Canada’s oil lobby group,

Canadian Association of Petroleum

Producers (CAPP), to support a carbon

tax. They have not left CAPP, but have

stepped down their involvement

because of CAPP’s stance on climate


Through all these examples, we’re

starting to see a clear delineation

between female and male leadership.

We now have four recent examples

where women are showing ethical and

visionary leadership in governance,

whereas male politicians continue to

display lapdog servitude to corporate


It was two women in Trudeau’s cabinet,

Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane

Philpott who sacrificed their positions

rather than cover up CEOs behaving

badly. Nancy Southern is the

chairman of ATCO and that company’s

recent decision puts it as one of the few

Alberta entities positioning themselves

for the future reality. And then,

lest we forget, former Premier Rachel

Notley successfully garnered industry’s

blessing and support for her

forward-thinking Climate Leadership


Ironically, Kenney’s decision to taxpayer

fund a communications “war

room” for multi-national oil companies

would be equivalent to Trudeau

having used tax dollars to open a $30

million communications “war room”

in Montreal to help out poor corporate

giant, SNC-Lavalin.

Fact checking needed

Dear Editor,

The author claims that Dr. Tim Ball

is an “expert” on climatology and on

the environment in the article titled

Carbon tax – split decision, May 9, 2019,

pg. 2.

Dr. Ball was a professor of geography

at the University of Winnipeg,

not a professor of climatology nor a

professor on the environment.

He (Dr. Ball) claims “that almost

everything that we hear on radio and

on television is propaganda and fake


Yes, we should be careful about what

we see, hear, or read in the news, in

social media (emails, Facebook,

Instagram), the gossip at the local

watering hole, or even in letters to the


Folks should do some research/fact

checking before coming to a conclusion,

in my opinion. George Thatcher

Trochu, Alta.

The opinions expressed are not necessarily

the opinions of this newspaper.


Genocide? Misses the mark

by Herman Schwenk

The government released its final

report on “The National Inquiry into

Murdered and Missing Indigenous

Women and Girls [MMIW] on June 3,


According to Edmonton Sun columnist,

Lorne Gunter, they

have made it much

harder to reconcile

Indigenous and non-

Indigenous Canadians

by insisting on using

the politically charged

term “genocide” not

once but numerous

times in its final report.

I totally agree with



There was no attempt

to deliberately exterminate

Indigenous women.

To me, genocide is when one group of

people set out to completely exterminate

another group of people like Hitler

was doing with the Jews.

In many ways, this report is a whitewash.

It does not really reflect what

went on.

Because of how our previous governments

have treated and managed these

people ever since Canada became a

nation, they have been treated as

second class citizens by our society.

For this reason, the Indigenous

people have never received the respect

they were entitled to by the rest of our


There seems to be an attitude that

they are expendable.

By repeatedly using the term genocide

in the report, it leaves you with the

impression that the harm was all

caused by the rest of our society when

nothing could be farther from the


According to the information I have

Indigenous men were the cause of 70 to

80 per cent of the murdered and

missing Indigenous women.

I have not actually read the report,

but I watched many reports about the

various hearings that were held across

the country.

Not once did they report that

Indigenous men were responsible for

many of these deaths.

That would not have fit with the narrative

that this government wanted to

communicate to the rest of us.

You can be sure that the report from

these hearings was intended to make

the Liberals look like the great saviours

of the Indigenous people in

this country.

While this issue is a national

tragedy calling the issue of the

MMIW genocide will not solve the

problem especially since the

report does not acknowledge that

their own people were directly

responsible for much the violence

suffered by these women.

As well the RCMP were complicit

in not treating these women

the same as other women in


The Harper government had many

requests to authorize an inquiry into

the issue of murdered and missing

Indigenous women.

Stephen Harper refused to do it

because he knew that it would not

achieve what it was supposed to


The government already knows

what the real problem is, but successive

governments have been unable to

solve the problem.

In spite of the 200 or so recommendations

in this report, it will not really

remedy the basic issue.

When the Europeans discovered

North America, they just moved in and

occupied the land.

Turn to Out, Pg 7


The ECA Review ran the incorrect

photo for the Kneehill Medical Clinic

in last week’s issue. We apologize for

this error.

REast Central Alberta


Published by




LETTERS POLICY • Letters to the Editor are

welcomed • Must be signed and a phone

number included so the writer’s identity can be

verified. • ECA Review reserves the right to edit

letters for legal considerations, taste and brevity.

Letters and columns submitted are not

necessarily the opinion of this newspaper.





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Reporter 587-321-0030


Marketing 403-578-4111


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Importance of committing to their own successes

by Wyatt Laing

Hughenden Public School’s (HPS)

Grade 9 students and parents attended

a meeting about what to expect in high

school next year on May 29.

After the hour long meeting, there

was an opportunity for students and

parents to get some more personalized

advice from teachers.

The evening was well attended, as

most of the Grade 9s brought at least

one parent to hear the information and

ask any questions they had.

Senior high teachers each spoke

about the importance of committing to

their own success and of credit


“If this group stays focused in the

beginning of the year they will do

great in high school,” said Mrs. Hoyt,

high school English Language Arts

teacher at HPS.

The school holds this meeting each

year to address frequently asked questions

that students or parents usually

have about the transition from junior

high to high school.

Track and Field excellence

by Izak Fisher

The yearly south Buffalo Trail

Public Schools junior high track and

Camping trip, a tradition

by K. Smawley and R. Ries

The Theresetta junior high travelled

west on May 29 to start their annual

Kootenay Plains camping trip at the

Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve

west of Nordegg, Alta.

The trip is a fun-filled four days of

hiking, camping, sightseeing and


Throughout the second semester, the

Grades 7 - 9 classes have been in an

Outdoor Education class and have

been working towards, and preparing

for, this trip for the last four months.

The group who travelled included 28

junior high students, two teachers and

eight parents. Together, the trip is a

tradition at Theresetta dating back to

the 1980’s and continues to be a treasured

trip for the junior high classes to

this day.

On the six plus hour bus ride on May

29 to the Cavalcade Group Camp, they

bus stopped at Nordegg so the students

could learn about the history of the

community and Crescent Falls, along

the Big Horn River, for a quick walk

and breathtaking sights.

The group hiked, after setting up

camp, up to nearby First Nation’s

sweat lodges before returning to camp

for some games and time around the


The net day the group hiked 13

Out of sight, out of mind

Cont’d from Pg 6

There was no formal negotiation or

agreement with the native people at

that time as a right to control or govern

the territory.

However, there were native people

living all over the continent, and they

could not be ignored, so after Canada

became a formal country, something

had to be done.

So what was done under the auspices

of the British Crown was to negotiate

treaties with the Indigenous people

and they were allotted parcels of land

called reservations for them to live.




Josie Kneller,

Grace Roland,

Parker Slemp,

and Ashley

Renschler at

the Columbia

Icefields in

Jasper National

Park during

the Theresetta

School Junior

High annual

field trip.

ECA Review/


kilometres hike to the summit of

Coliseum Mountain near Nordegg.

The group lucked out and had beautiful

weather, which made the

challenging hike more enjoyable. The

entire group made it to the summit and

although there was some smoke

obscuring the views, they enjoyed

some time on the summit before

making their way back down and back

to camp for the evening.

The second last day of the trip

included a morning hike across the

North Saskatchewan River by way of a

suspension bridge and a journey along

the Siffleur River before arriving at

Siffleur Falls for a lunch break.

In the afternoon, they travelled into

Jasper National Park to visit the

Columbia Icefields. The group completed

both; a hike to the base of the

Athabasca Glacier where they

observed how much the glacier has

receded in recent decades, and a visit

to the interpretive center.

The last day of the field trip, June

1st, was a full day of breaking camp

and the long road back to Castor.

The group was very fortunate to

have great weather throughout the trip

and the students were able to share

multiple favourite moments with the

younger students upon their return to

school on June 3.

This hopefully would put them out of

sight and out of mind.

The reservations were a communal

system where everyone owns everything,

and no one owns anything

except their own personal chattels.

This made them second class citizens

on their own land and until there

is a major change wherein they have

the same property and participation

rights as everyone else in Canada,

many of them will continue to live in

poverty and will still be vulnerable to

the exploitation that has gone on for


field competition was held on Tues.

May 21 at Provost Public School.

Hughenden sent 29 student competitors

and a remarkable 19 of these

moved on to the BTJHAA final meet in

Vermilion on Thurs. May 30.

Grade 9 student Loren Mitchell was

pleased with the Provost meet. “It was

a very hot day but the breeze was

nice,” he said.

Mitchell placed first in javelin that

day, and he went on to achieve a gold

medal finish in javelin at the finals

competition the following week.

Hayden McQuaid, also in Grade 9,

achieved gold in Provost in the 800m


“It took a lot of work to get first, but

there was a lot of good competition,

and it was fun to hang with friends

from other schools,” said McQuaid.

Wild and crazy hairdos

by K. Smawley

With nine-tenths of the year complete,

the Grade 5 math class is

studying fractions and decimals right

now. The staff and students at

Theresetta are feeling the annual

“crunch time” pressure but also

enjoying the warmer weather and

looking forward to all the usual year

end activities.

Swimming lessons during gym

classes started after the May long

weekend. Students are enjoying

walking to the pool and splashing

around two times a week while

learning some new strokes and skills.

The Cosmetology class, a junior high

option class this term, hosted their

mothers or grandmothers on May 10

for some mother-daughter manicures.

The group had a great time showing

off their newly learned cosmo skills to

their relative in appreciation for what

they do.

May 10 was also the date of the

second and last Jr. High Dance hosted

by the Theresetta Students Union.

Terry Howe provided the DJ music.

Crazy Hair Day took place on May

14. The Spirit Day was a fun day for

students and teachers to express a

more unruly side of themselves. There

were wild and crazy hairdos that

included backwards ponytails,

extremely messy buns, and even some

brightly coloured dos.

Spirit Days are always a fun way to

turn just a regular school day into a

special day.

The Kindergarten class cooked up

some scrumptious hot dogs for their

annual hot lunch fundraiser on May


The Theresetta students and staff

Community Enhancement Fund of

Waste Connections of Canada Inc. and

Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd.


For the 2019 granting cycle the Community Enhancement Fund of Waste Connections

and PRWML anticipates awarding grants up to $25,000 and invites applications for

eligible projects from not for profit organizations, registered charities, and community

groups that provide services to the Paintearth Region. The intent of this community

fund is to distribute its grant funds to as many groups as possible. Larger amounts may

be considered depending upon expressed need and granting capacity. Projects should

contribute to the development of a healthy and diverse community. The charitable

purposes of this community are to:

• Foster and promote awareness and appreciation for community-based philanthropy;

• Promote the growth, development, and success of community endeavours

Deadline for applications is Saturday, August 31, 2019.

His race in Vermilion earned him a

silver medal in the entire division.

Other HPS Wildcats who excelled in

Vermilion were Grade 8 student

Makenna Lomheim, who placed

second in the hurdle competition, and

her classmate Hunter Motley, who

brought home the gold medal for

discus and placed second in the 200m


Also noteworthy, Grade 9 student

Grace Oxamitny finished the season

by winning the U14 girls’ aggregate

silver medal for total points.

“We actually did pretty well for our

little school,” remarked coach and

teacher Morgan Beatty, commenting

that it is often difficult for schools with

smaller populations to compete

against the larger pools of talent in

bigger centres.

enjoyed their first School Mass on

Thurs. May 23. It was our first School

Mass with Father Roger, who just

moved to the area from Edmonton.

This is his first time as a priest at a


On May 24, the Cosmetology option

class travelled to MC College in Red

Deer to tour the school and learn about

the esthetic programs they offer. The

students enjoyed seeing the campus

and even got their hair done by MC

College students. The class enjoyed getting

to see where they could possibly

attend further schooling if they pursue

a career in the cosmetology field.

To end the trip on a high note, MC

College donated multiple mannequin

heads and hair products to the

Theresetta class for their practice and


The Kindergarten class has been

very busy learning about services in

their community.

On Tues. May 28, the class walked to

main street for a visit to the Post

Office. and on May 30, the group had a

visit from the fire department. The

firefighters came by in their truck to

show the students all the different

spaces and tools the truck has.

The Jr. ATB program has wrapped

up for the year. The last deposit day

was on May 30 at lunch. Nine

employees worked hard to assist 14

customers making their final school


Boston Slemp and Tavi Pickles were

the winner of the monthly prizes. The

students who got to take part in running

the Theresetta ATB location this

year learned a lot about the jobs and

process of a bank.

To receive the application form, granting guidelines and/or to submit the application

form, please contact the following:

Waste Connections/Paintearth Waste Community Fund

Attention: Michael Simpson, PO Box 509, Castor, AB T0C 0X0 • Phone: 403.882. 3211

Above: Lucas

Galloway of Altario,

left, high-fives

western Australian

Jamie Clinch after

Clinch’s second fight

of the night.

Top right corner:

Chris Red Gun, 41,

of Siksika Nation

narrowly escapes a

bull during the 2019

Stettler Bullfighters

Competition on

Thurs. June 6.

Right: Lucas

Galloway, 22, of

Altario, Alta. runs

as the bull he was

fighting closes in.

The bullfighters


kicked off the Steel

Wheel Stampede

weekend in Stettler

on Thurs. June 6.

Eight bullfighters


Images by

ECA Review’s

Terri Huxley

Connor Larrivee, 20, of Strathmore, Alta. makes a dash to the

side in an attempt to avoid being hit while obtaining style




Kristopher Buffalo of Hobbema takes a tumble during the

bullfighters competition.


Colton Ouellette of Meadow Lake, Sask.

goes for a trip through the mud as he rides

in the bareback event on the second night

of the Stettler Steel Wheel Stampede. He

scored 53 points with the option of a reride.

Stettler’s bullfighter competitors bid the crowd farewell.

Scott Meeks of Wills Point, Texas makes a 16.8 second time during the tie down roping event at the Stettler Steel Wheel

Stampede on Fri. June 7.

One of the Steel Wheel Stampede pickup men grabs a rider’s flank strap

out of the mud.

Weekend in Stettler

Kal Klovansky of

Qu’Appelle, Sask. during

his turn at steer wrestling.

Kal Klovansky of Qu’Appelle, Sask. walks back

after a muddy trip through the mud after gaining

a time of 17.8 in steer wrestling.

10 J une 13'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

Coronation school

drama class production


Technology taking over family’s

lives, veganism running rampant, a

Netflix addiction and a mysterious

painting. These are the four themes

explored by the Coronation drama

class in this year’s production,

Fourtastic Observations.

“Each student chose a topic that they

felt passionate about and then based on

that, they each wrote a skit. So, what

we have are four separate plays that

are written and directed with my help

by the students… it’s very exciting,”

said Lynn Cole,

high school

drama teacher at



The four skits

presented are

Techno Table by



Cowabition by

John Hewitt,


Intervention by

Zackary Rocque

and The Painting

by Marylou


The students

have also created

special videos to

be played in

between each


The plays will

take place in the

main lobby of the

school for two


only. Seats are

limited making it

an intimate

affair. Dessert

provided by the


class will be

served at the end

of the program.

“Our class was

very small this

year so we

needed to think

outside the box. I

think the audience

will have a

lot of fun and

laughs as they see

what we’ve come

up with,” said

Cole. “I’m very

impressed with

these students

and their


This type of



House & Quarter Section

FOR SALE in rural Hanna

3,283 ft 2 Home with 4 bedrooms, 3½ bathrooms. Large open

concept formal dining room & great room with vaulted ceilings

& skylights. Eat in kitchen adjacent to family room with wood

burning fireplace. 60 ac hayland, 76 ac cropland, 5 ac fenced horse

pasture, 19 ac of coulee and dugout. $5,700 gas revenue. Beautifully

landscaped with plenty of trees, shrubs, garden area and irrigation

system from dugout. House is served with treated water from Hanna

East Water Line. Call 403-803-8703 Kijiji ID#1437452881

Linden Tree Farm

Hardy Locally Grown Trees and Shrubs

Feature Trees Size Price

Colorado Spruce 3’-5’ $60-$95

Laurel Leaf Willow 5-10 gal. 4’-8’ $20-$90

Mt. Ash – American 7 gal. 5’-6’ $75

Poplar-4 Varieties 5-20 gal. 5’-9’ $30-$100

Royalty Flowering Crab 7 gal. 5’-6’ $75

Schubert Chokecherry 7 gal. 6’-7’ $75

Swedish Aspen 5-7 gal. 5’-7’ $40-$60

Weeping Birch 7-10 gal. 5’-7’ $75-$100

Feature Shrubs

Cotoneaster, Dogwood, Lilacs, Mugo Pine,

Ninbark, Potentilla, Spirea & more

Bare root Cotoneaster & Spruce also available in April

Come in April or May for best selection

Many other trees and shrubs available

Complete price list at:

email: or call/text 403-888-9178


A small


Drama class, from

the left, John

Hewitt, Marylou


Zackary Rocque

and Sydney

Kubinchak each

wrote a script

on a topic they

are passionate

about and will

perform the

four plays at the

end of month.

ECA Review/


might become a regular theme for the

drama program.

“It will be hard to go back to a prewritten

play after this so I may look at

developing more of this [kind of program]

for next year,” said Cole. “It

really is an opportunity to showcase

what the kids can do.”

Fourtastic Observations will play on

Fri. June 21 at 7 p.m. and Sat. June 22

at 1 p.m. Tickets are $10 each and are

for sale now at the Coronation school


Send in your



to your



ECA Review



Kitchen, Medicine/Vanity Cabinets

& Entertainment Centres

Tom Dionne • Delburne, Ab

Ph. (403) 749-3771 • Fax (403) 749-3775


Sealed tenders will be received by Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law of

Consort until 4:00 p.m. on June 27, 2019, for the sale of the following 2 ¼’s of

land, near Esther, Alberta:

NW and SW 7-30-2-W4M

• Approximately 150 acres of cultivated lands on each quarter

• Approximately $2,500 per year of surface revenue on the SW 7-30-2-W4

Tenders for both quarters or for one quarter will be considered.

Tenders on the above lands must be accompanied by a deposit of five (5%)

per cent of the tender price, by way certified cheque or bank draft made out

to Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law. The deposit will be returned if the tender

is not accepted. If a tender is accepted and the tenderer does not proceed

with the sale, their deposit will be forfeited to the owner. The balance of the

tender price shall be paid and the sale will close no later than August 1, 2019.

The owner and the successful tenderer will each be responsible for their own

legal fees. Each tenderer must understand that a tender is an unconditional

offer to purchase the land set out in the tender. Tenderers must rely on their

own research of the lands, and Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law and the

owner make no warranties or representations in regard to the lands.

The owner has complete discretion whether to accept the highest or any

tender. Further inquiries, or to arrange viewing the lands, can be made by

contacting Reid Wilkie at 403.577.2539 or Tenders

shall be sealed in an envelope marked “LAND TENDER” and delivered to:

Smith & Hersey Agribusiness Law

Attention: Reid A. Wilkie

Box 95 Consort, AB, T0C 1B0

Fax: 403.527.0577


In person delivery to Reid Wilkie in Consort every Wednesday


The following briefly described parcels of land located North West of Big Valley within County of Stettler

No. 6 are offered for sale by tender, subject to the reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in

the existing Certificates of Title:

NW 24-36-21-W4 – pasture land, current annual surface lease revenue of $2,350.00.

NE 24-36-21-W4 – mostly cultivated land, includes residence (approx. 1050 sq.ft.), garage, all

outbuildings and 4 grain bins

SE 24-36-21-W4 – mostly cultivated land, current annual surface lease revenue of $3,092.00

SW 19-36-20-W4 – mostly cultivated land

Viewing of residence will be by appointment only. Interested parties may communicate with

the office listed below for arrangements.

The sale of these properties are subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned:

1. Seller makes no warranties or representations about the size/measurement, condition or

environmental status of the parcels.

2. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. Tender price shall be excluding


3. Buyer may tender a bid on separate or all parcels.

4. Tenders will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after 12:00 o’clock noon on

Wednesday, July 3, 2019. Tenders should be forwarded to Schnell Hardy Jones LLP in a sealed

envelope marked “Tenders #155746”. The successful Tender(s) shall provide a certified cheque

equal to 10% of the purchase price payable to “Schnell Hardy Jones” within 72 hours of notice of

acceptance of Tender.

5. The balance of the purchase price to be paid by solicitor’s trust cheque or certified funds on or

before October 16, 2019 (“Possession Date”).

6. Property taxes and Surface Lease(s) to be adjusted as of Possession Date.

7. Surface Leases will be assigned to Buyer(s) as at Possession Date.

8. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Please provide contact information, including a phone number, with the Tender.


Daniel J. Wilson, Barrister and Solicitor

4902 51 Street, Box 1240

Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0

(403) 742-4436


3” wide version

Quality structures to meet all your needs.


3.75” Strathmore, wide version AB.

13460_Bins & Buildings-Ads_v4.indd 4


Consort FCSS hosts

fun week for seniors

by Karlin Stickel

Consort & District Family and

Community Support Services (FCSS)

celebrated our local seniors during

Seniors’ Week, June 2 - 8by hosting

events encouraging positive socialization

and to help our local seniors feel

connected to their communities.

Thirty seniors gathered from

Altario, Consort, and Veteran on Sun.

June 2 to enjoy a brunch at the Gem

Centre in Consort. Mayor Beier spoke

about the impact our local seniors have

on our communities, as their hard

work and dedication has built our surrounding

communities over the years!

An Ice Cream Social at the Consort

Lodge along with 20 local seniors was

held on Mon. June 3.

A Seniors’ Supper in Veteran at the

Community Hall was held on Tues.

June 4 with 70 seniors attending from

Altario, Consort, Veteran – and even a

few from Coronation!

The FCSS coordinator, Lacey Abt

and Jan Allison who is the representative

for Veteran Town Council

welcomed the seniors with door prizes


given out that

were purchased

with money from


A make and

take afternoon at

the Consort

Lodge was held

on Wed. June 5.

Ten of the residents

made fairy

gardens and there

were many

onlookers who

stopped to visit

and compliment

the creations.

Consort FCSS

brought the Altario kindergarten class

as well. Paul and Myda Smawley

taught the kids how to play Ker-plunk

and Jenga!

Later that afternoon we watched

Going in Style at the Gem Centre with

Lodge residents.

FCSS finished off the week on Fri.

June 6 with a Coffee Talk and Info session

at the Lodge. We bribed the

residents with donuts so Bonnie

McIntyre from Service Canada could

discuss financials and taxes with


FCSS was appreciative of the many

sponsors and volunteers that made the

events possible as Consort & District

FCSS is a non-profit organization.

The purpose is to ensure all programs

align with the province’s Social

Policy Framework, and are effective,

efficient and relevant to achieving the

outcomes of the Framework.

FCSS is an 80/20 funding partnership

between municipalities and the

province, provided through the FCSS

Act and Regulation.

3” wide version

TIMED ON-LINE 3.75” wide version ONLY

2019-05-23 11:07 AM

partnered with


the Lodge to have

Two pivot irrigated quarter sections of land (NE 25 24 25 W4

and SE 30 24 24 W4) are being offered for tender. The NE 1/4

Wes and Wendy

borders the annexed land of Strathmore while the SE 1/4 is one

stop and entertain

the seniors.

mile east. Excellent holding or farming property.

For Brochure email: or

On Thurs. June For Tender Agreements contact:

6, we joined Dina Lynn Woods Law Office, Strathmore at 403-934-6333,

at the Consort

or email:

Lodge for outdoor Sealed Tender Agreements must be accompanied by a 10% deposit and received no later than

games in the

4:00 p.m. on July 31, 2019. Tenders subject to financing approval will not be considered. Deposits


of unsuccessful Quality tenders will structures be returned. The highest meet or all any your tender not needs. necessarily accepted.

Mrs. Bousquet

13460_Bins & Buildings-Ads_v4.indd 5

2019-05-23 11:08 AM


Unreserved Land Auction

Strathmore, AB.

Bidding Opens Friday, June 21 @ 9AM

Closes holding Thursday, or farming property. June 27@ 12 Noon

Two pivot irrigated quarter sections of land (NE 25 24 25 W4 and

SE 30 24 24 W4) are being offered for tender. The NE 1/4 borders the

annexed land of Strathmore while the SE 1/4 is one mile east. Excellent


For Tender

of MNP





Lynn Woods


Law Office,


Strathmore at

GADSBY ALBERTA 403-934-6333, (COUNTY or email: OF


SELLING 4.04 Acres+/-

TITLE NUMBER of unsuccessful 182 tenders 091 will 079 be returned. PLAN The highest 1648AP or any tender BLOCK not necessarily (X) accepted.

Located on NE Edge of the Village of Gadsby.

Features 6-Serviced RV Sites, Fishing Pond, Green Area

TERMS: 30% Non-Refundable Deposit by Certified Funds Due

and Payable Immediately following Auction.

Balance on or before July 18, 2019 @ 3PM

For Brochure email: or

Sealed Tender Agreements must be accompanied by a 10% deposit and received no later than

4:00 p.m. on July 31, 2019. Tenders subject to financing approval will not be considered. Deposits

RE/MAX real estate central alberta ltd.

Nick Lesher Ph. 403-318-2930

MONTGOMERY AUCTION SERVICES LTD. • BLACKFALDS, AB. • 403-885-5149 • 1-800-371-6963


The registered owners hereby offer for sale by tender the following land, subject to the

reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in the existing certificates of title:

SE 20-38-21 W4 (159 acres); NE 30-39-21 W4 (160 acres) and SE 30-39-21 W4 (159.80 acres)

Features of the Property:

Approximately 150 cultivated acres on SE 20-38-21 W4; very good quality soil

2018 annual surface lease revenue: SE 20-38-21 W4 approx. $6790.00; E ½ 30-39-21 W4

approx. $7445.25

The sale of the Property is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Vendor makes no warranties or representations about the property’s size/measurement, condition,

environmental status or future surface lease payments. Tenders for all or portions of the land will

be considered.

2. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. Tender price shall be excluding G.S.T.

3. Tenders will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after 12:00 o’clock noon on Thursday,

July 11, 2019. Tenders should be forwarded to Landman Reule Law Office in a sealed envelope marked

“Land Tender”. A deposit of$15,000.00 payable by certified cheque or bank draft made out to Landman

Reule Law Office must accompany the tender.

4. The balance of the purchase price to be paid no later than Monday, August 12, 2019 (“Possession Date”).

5. Property taxes to be adjusted as of Possession Date.

6. Any surface leases will be assigned to the Buyer as of Possession Date but shall not be adjusted.

7. All parcels are currently rented for 2019. Buyer shall be entitled to fall 2019 payment of $4500.00

equaling one half the cash rent on the cultivated acres. Seller shall be entitled to the pasture rent payable

up to Possession Date.

8. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Please provide contact information, including a phone number, with the tender. For further information

regarding the land, call 403-293-3955.


Lori R. Reule Barrister & Solicitor

4819 - 51 Street, Box 1630 Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0

Farmland for Sale by Tender:

Municipal District of Wainwright No. 61

The following 316.91 acres of farmland 7 miles West of Wainwright, are

offered for sale by tender subject to encumbrances, liens, and interests

included in existing Certificate of Title.

NW Sec 12 Twp 45 Rng 8 W4 (157.94 acres)

SW Sec 12 Twp 45 Rng 8 W4 (158.97 acres)

$1032.00 per annum payable by Alta Link for SW12 and $1128.00 per

annum payable for NW 12 and SW12 for a well site and access road

under reclamation. Half section is fenced but not cross fenced. Land is

presently in hay.

For further information contact John Rutledge at 780-842-0990.




twins Myla

and Maddy

Van Hove, play

Jenga with

senior Paul

Smawley on

Thurs. June 6

at the Consort

Lodge during

Seniors Week.

ECA Review/


The Purchasers must be a G.S.T Registrant and shall be responsible for

G.S.T. There will be no adjustment of surface rents paid prior to the

closing date. No offers will be considered which are subject to financing.

Bids will be considered on the total Package or by individual quarter

section. The highest and/or any bid will not necessarily be accepted . If

the successful bidder does not complete the purchase after the acceptance

of the tender, the deposit shall be forfeited. Cheques of unsuccessful

bidders shall be returned to them.

Tenders in sealed envelopes marked Friis Lands are to be received by

10:00 AM on July 8, 2019 in the office of Nickerson Roberts Holinski

and Mercer, 608 10 th Street, Wainwright, Alberta, T9W 1E2 and be

accompanied by a certified cheque or bank draft in the amount of 10

percent of the value of the bid payable in trust to Nickerson Roberts

Holinski and Mercer, Barristers and Solicitors. The sale and full payment

would be completed no later than August 15, 2019.

12 J une 13'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

12 J une 13'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. WHEEL OF A DEAL e CA Re VIe W

Spectators watch as

a car owner performs

maintenance under

the hood at the

Stettler Show ‘n’

Shine and Cruise on

Sat. June 8. The north

block of main street

in town was reserved

for the annual event

for anyone to see.

Roughly 50 vehicles

of every make,

model, and age were

present at the show.

ECA Review/


Family Owned and Operated

J.T. Auto Body Ltd.

4606-40 Street, Stettler, AB


Serving Stettler and Area since 1974


of a





72,518 lbs, 450hp, 731K,

st#19029 ...........$56,900

2015 NISSAN NV2500 HD CARGO VAN, AUTO, LADDER RACK, 239K,st#18036 .........$17,900

2013 PETERBILT 386 5TH WHEEL SLEEPER, 450HP CUMMINS ISX, 601k,st#19018 .. $58,900

2013 GMC SAVANA VAN BODY, 6.6L DURAMAX DIESEL, AUTO, 226K,st#19015 ....... $25,900

2013 HINO 268, 220HP DIESEL 6SP ALLISON 2200 RDS AUTO, 212K, st#18065 ....... $59,900

2013 IHC 5900 EAGLE T/A, 475HP D13, 18SP STND, SLEEPER, 188K,st#18005 .........$64,900

2013 IHC 8600T/A GRAVEL TRUCK, 410HP,10SPAUTO,52,000#,334K,st#18003 ....... $74,900

2012 FREIGHTLINER M2 5TH WHEEL, 300HP CUMMINS, AUTO, 358K, ST#19027 ..... $45,900

2012 FL CASCADIA 410HP DETROIT DIESEL, AUTO, ENG BRAKE, 269K,st#19030 ..... $54,900

2012 PETERBILT 5TH WHEEL SLEEPER, CUMMINS, 13SP standard,810K, st19012 ... $55,900

2012 GMC SAVANA ¾ TON, FIBREGLASS VAN BODY, AUTO, 96K,st#18038. ............ $21,900

2012 F550 XLT 4X4 HIAB 060 PICKER, PTO, 6.7L DIESEL, AUTO, 170K,st18064 ........ $49,900

2011 IHC 8600 T/A 5TH WHEEL, 410hp 10sp MAN, DIFF LOCK, 259K, st#18063 ..... .$29,900

2009 KENWORTH T370, 240HP PX-8, ALLISON AUTO, 20’ DECK, 319K, st#19004 .... $32,900

2009 F350 XL SD 4X4 CREW SERV TRUCK GAS, 6.8L V10 AUTO, 95K,18033 ........... ..$23,900

A first response paramedic

hands candy to a few

spectators at the tailend of

the Stettler Parade on Sat.

June 8. Forty-two floats plus

a marching band, dignitaries

and RCMP followed the

traditional route from the

Stettler Recreation Centre

up to the Stettler Wm. e Hay

School and then down to

the south end of Mainstreet.

ECA Review/T.Huxley

Jasmine Jones and Luanne Carl toss some

candy from the ATB Financial float during the


ECA Review/T.Huxley

Duane’s Trucking Ltd.




We have what you need,

even those hard to find items!

• all makes and models

• transmissions, motors, wheels,

tires and much more

• acres of inventory, 500 plus units to be


• check our

used trucks,

gravel and



for sale.

Call us now

Mon. - Fri., 8:30 am - 5:00 p.m.

(403) 784-3811

2009 IHC DURASTAR 4400,7.6L,285HP,10SP STAND., DIFFLOCK, 77K,st#18014 ...... $33,900

2008 IHC 4300 C&C, 210HP DT466, 6SP AUTO, AIRBRAKES, 125K,st#18022.......... .$31,900

2007 STERLING LT 9500 TRI-AXLE, GVW 72,518 lbs, 450hp, 731K, st#19029 .......... $56,900

2007 STERLING COE 40 16’5” VAN BODY, 175HP MITSUBISHI, 172K, st#19026 ........ $19,900

2007 GMC 5500HD 18’6”VAN BODY, 215HP 5.2L DIESEL, AUTO, 307K,st#19006 ..... $19,900

2006 FORD F350 XLT EX/CAB, 6L DIESEL, ALUM SERVICE BOX, 166K,st#18025 ........$17,900

2005 GMC 5500 4X4 16’ DECK, 8.1L V8 GAS, ALLISON AUTO, 192K, st#19002 ......... $25,900

2005 FL M2, HOTLINE BUCKET TRUCK, T/A, 275HP AUTO , 112K, stk#18044 ........ ...$85,900

2004 FORD F550 XL SD 2WD SERVICE BOX, V10 GAS AUTO, 86K, stk#18027 ........... $23,900

2004 FL M2 CREW CAB SHOP VAN, 250HP C7 CAT, AUTO,101K,st#18028 ................ $43,900

2004 FORD E450SD TRADESMAN TRUCK, 6.8L V10,OUTFITTED, 100K,st#18029 ..... $23,900

2000 IHC 4700 THERMO KING REEFER TRUCK, 24’6” VAN BODY,231K,st#19020 ...... $32,900

1998 IHC 8100 5TH WHEEL, 300HP, 10SP STD, AIR BRAKES/SEAT, 241K, st#19005 . $19,900

1990 JOHN DEERE 9600 SP COMBINE, STRAW CHOPPER, 3384 HRS, st#18053 ...... .$32,900

403-784-0009 HWY 12, CLIVE, AB Amvic Licenced Dealer

• Agriculture

• Automotive

• Industrial

• Safety

4706 Victoria Avenue, Coronation AB


Pre Summer Equipment Consignment


MAS Sales Centre, Blackfalds, AB

Saturday June 22, 2019 @ 9am

DIRECTIONS: 1 mile north of Blackfalds, Ab on Hwy 2A,

2 miles east on Lakeside Sargent Rd

Selling Acreage Estate Dispersal for (Nick) &

Gina Procaccini Including Case 90XT Skid

Steer w/HLA 78” Tooth Bucket, HLA 78”

Smooth Bucket, Kubota B6000E Diesel

Compact Tractor w/3pt, Husqvarna Lawn

Tractor w/42” Deck, 2000 Chev Alero,

Snowbear S/A Landscaping Trailer,

Woodworking, Mechanical & Concrete Tools.

Also Selling Farm Machinery, Vehicles, ATV’s,

RV’s, Forklift, Equipment Trailers, Mini Storage

Units, Storage Canopies & Party Tents, Numerous

Asphalt Shingles, Livestock Equipment, Lumber

& Trusses, Landscaping & Building Supplies,

Lawn & Garden Equipment & Supplies, Trees,

Pressure Washers, Tools & Much More.



(need to be in by June 15 @ 3pm)

Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm,

Saturday 9am - noon



403-885-5149 1-800-371-6963



Eric Johnston of the East Central Bulls

dives into second safe at the fourth AAA

Midget game in two days against the

Calgary Jr. Dinos Yellow on Sun. June

9 at the Veteran Ball Park. The Bulls lost

all four games including this one, 10 -

0. Veteran held their Annual Sports Day

on Sunday with teams from Oyen, New

Brigden, Coronation, Consort, Hanna,

Brownfield, Castor, Sedgewick and

Veteran participating.

ECA Review/J. Webster

Massive fishing derby turnout

by Debbie Laughlin

The Youngstown Fishing Derby was

well attended with 204 participants

registered to fish during the day.

It was a beautiful day, but those

fishing claimed that the fish were not

biting that well.

After a slow start to the day, some

fish were finally being brought in.

In total, only 30 fish were brought in

to be weighed in the competition.

The overall winner with the largest

rainbow trout was Russell Saunders

bringing in a 2.55 pound fish.

Saunders chose a generator as his

prize from a large assortment of prizes.

The top three winners in the adult

category were: John Murray with a

2.45 lb. fish in first place; 2nd to Clive

Scott with a 2.40 lb. fish; and 3rd to

John Molzan with a 2.10 lb. fish.

In the junior division, the top three

winners were: Colby Scott with a 1.40

lb. fish; 2nd to Leach Elle with a 0.90 lb.

fish; and 3rd to Harlow Fraser with a

0.75 lb. fish.

A total of 21 prizes were available to

be won. The winner of the $100 cash

prize for the most Carp caught was

Jason Hall with a total catch of 23.

Clive Scott, being a winner from last

year, generously donated an additional

$150 towards next year’s Carp prize.

From all reports, it was a successful

and enjoyable day and we hope to see

you at next year’s Derby!

Coronation Minor Ball held their Sports Day on Sat. June 8 in Coronation. Seth Thies went up

to bat for the Coronation Pee Wee team who went on to defeat Delia’s team 11 – 1.

ECA Review/J.Webster

Unreserved Public Farm Auction

Wallace & Lorraine Pfeiffer

Provost, AB | June 20, 2019 · 10 am




% 844 99





%10% %


• Built-in power regulator for positive speed control.

• Black oxide-plated steel front clutch housing.

• Ring socket retainer for rapid socket changes.

• Heavy-duty hammer mechanism for durability.



Built-in power regulator for positive speed control.

2.1 gpm, 7.0 hp,


3,100 PSI,

650 ft-lb


25’ hose.

UPT 66231C


$ 50 %


1,524 99



Lifting Capacity

Individual Frame Weight


Lifting Point Spread - MIN

Lifting Point Spread - MAX

Frame Width

Frame Length

Part Number


5,000 lbs. / 2,268 kg

76 lbs. / 35 kg

3˝ ˝

/ 75 mm

29.5˝ ˝

/ 749 mm

60˝ ˝

/ 1,524 mm

11˝ ˝

/ 278 mm

70˝ ˝

/ 1,778 mm

QJK 5175376


7,000 lbs. / 3,175 kg

101 lbs. / 46 kg

3.6˝ ˝

/ 91 mm



/ 951 mm

66˝ ˝

/ 1,676 mm

12.5˝ ˝

/ 318 mm

76˝ ˝

/ 1,930 mm

QJK 5175218

$ 529 99

The Ultimate Car Jack and Support System


2010 Case IH Farmall 105U

& 2015 Farm King Easy Rake 14

1987 Case IH Magnum 7110

& 2014 New Holland RB560

2009 Case IH Magnum 245

& 2007 Bourgault 1650

2002 New Holland TV140


30 %

$ 14

14 99





Various grades.

PFO PF-10W30CO-5L/

PF-5W20CO-5L/ PF-5W30CO-5L

2008 New Holland H8040 16 Ft 2010 Ag-Land 7900 Matador

AUCTION LOCATION: From PROVOST, AB, South on Hwy 600, follow 600 West for 0.8 km (0.5 mile) and

then South again for 1.2 km (0.75 mile). Farm on the West side. GPS: 52.3275303, -110.2934442


Case IH Magnum 245 MFWD Tractor · 2010 Case IH Farmall

105U MFWD Tractor · 1987 Case IH Magnum 7110 MFWD

Tractor · 2002 New Holland TV140 Bi-Directional Tractor

· 2008 New Holland H8040 16 Ft Windrower · 1978 Ford

F150 4x4 Pickup Truck · Unused - 2017 Sure-Trac 14 Ft x

7 Ft T/A Dump Trailer · 2002 18 Ft x 7 Ft T/A Utility Trailer ·

Flexi-Coil 60 Ft Harrows · Morris CP-725 25 Ft Cultivator ·

Wallace Pfeiffer: 780.753.2102

Ritchie Bros. Territory Manager –

Carsen McMann: 780.722.9777 800.491.4494

Auction Company License #303043 & 309645

2016 Kubota RTVX1100C

Morris CP-525 Cultivator · Morris B3-36 36 Ft Rodweeder

Cultivator · 2014 New Holland RB560 Baler · 2015 Farm

King Easy Rake 14 14 Wheel · 2010 Ag-Land 7900 Matador

Inverter · 2007 Bourgault 1650 Bale Mover · 1989 Case IH

60FMS 60 In. 3 Point Hitch Finishing Mower · Sakundiak

HD8-1400 8 In. x 40 Ft Grain Auger · 2015 Kubota Z122R

Kommander 42 In. Zero Turn Lawn Mower · 2016 Kubota

RTVX1100C 4x4 Utility Vehicle ...AND MUCH MORE!

For up-to-date equipment listings, please check our website:


50 %


More designs in store.

Woody’s Automotive Ltd.

4902 - 43rd Avenue

Stettler, AB

403-742-NAPA (6272)

Three Hills Auto Sport Ltd.

510 Main St.

Three Hills, AB


NAPA Auto Parts Oyen

102 Main Street

Oyen, AB


Acme Napa Auto Parts

128 Main St.

Acme, AB


14 J une 13'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

Ph. 403-578-4111 CLASSIFIEDS Email:

Classified Ad Rates

$13.75 + tax for 25 words

or less + 20¢ a word after

25 each week or 3 weeks

for $38.25 + tax (based on

25 words or less). Reach

75,000 readers with your

classified. This includes For

Sale, For Rent, Card of

Thanks, Coming Events,


Payment Necessary

All Classified Ads are on a

Cash Only basis and must

be prepaid before running.

There will be a $5.00

service charge on every

classified not paid for prior

to publication.

We accept cash, cheque,

e-transfer, VISA or MC.

It is the responsibility of

the advertiser to check ad

the 1st week and call us if in

error. The Review is

responsible for their

mistakes the 1st week only.

Deadline For Ads

All classified ads must be

received by 5 pm on

Mondays preceding

publication. For Too Late To

Classifieds ad must be

received by 10 am Tuesday.

Ph. 578-4111. Mail to Box

70, Coronation, AB T0C


“Bikes To Big Rigs”



Bring in this ad for

50 % off

your deductible (of $500 or less)

expires Oct 31, 2019



FOR Sale: 6.25


north of Westlock on

Hwy 44. Asking

$57,900.00. Phone



METAL Roofing &

Siding. 37+ colours

available at over 55

Distributors. 40 year

warranty. 24-48 hour

Express Service

available at supporting

Distributors. Call


WHITE Spruce

Trees. 5’ average:

$50. Installation: $19

includes: hole

augered, Wurzel

Dip enzyme injection,

bark mulch

application, staking.

Minimum order 25.

One-time fuel

charge: $125-150.

Crystal Springs. 403-

820-0961. Quality


STEEL Building


Madness Sale - Big

Crazy Deals on all

Buildings!” 20X21

$5,868. 25X27

$6,629. 30X31

$8,886. 32X35

$9,286. 35X35

$12,576. One end

wall included.

Pioneer Steel 1-855-




buying Green,

Heated or


Canola. Buying: oats,

barley, wheat & peas

for feed. Buying

damaged or offgrade

grain. “On Farm

Pickup” Westcan

Feed & Grain, 1-877-




yearlings and 2-year

olds. LVV Ranch.


Forestburg, Ab.

ANGUS yearling

bulls for sale. Semen

tested. Contact

Roger Spady. 780-


BLACK Angus bull

for sale. A good proven

bull at a reasonable

price. SLP

Farms, Hanna, Ab.




TROUBLE Walking?

Hip or knee replacement,

or conditions

causing restrictions

in daily activities?

$2,500 tax credit.

$40,000 refund


Disability Tax Credit.




Province with a classified

ad. Only $269

(based on 25 words

or less). Reach over

100 weekly newspapers.

Call NOW for

details 403-578-4111.



Home - Wetaskiwin,

AB. Ritchie Bros.


Unreserved Auction,

June 21 - Edmonton

Site. 1991 Triple E

Home Ltd 1280 +/-

sq ft manufactured

home, 2 bedrooms, 1

bathroom. Carsen




Thorhild, AB. Ritchie

Bros. Auctioneers

Unreserved Auction,

June 21 - Edmonton

Site. 910 +/- sq ft

modular home, 2

bedrooms, 1 bathroom.

Jay Meraw:



Unreserved Closeout

Auction Sale for

PTW Energy

Services. 2308-8

Street, Nisku,

Alberta, Tuesday,

June 18 &

Wednesday, June

19, 10AM both days.

Over 6 million dollars

wholesale of new

Industrial and

Commercial electrical

supplies and instrumentation.

Visit www. for

more details.

44 LOTS at Gull

Lake For Sale by

Online Auction, June

24/25! Starting at

$29,000! 1-2 acre

lots minutes from the

lake. Registration

info at hansenland.

ca. 1-888-652-7212.




Auction, MAS Sales

Centre, Blackfalds,

AB Sat. June 22/19

@ 9am. Selling

Estate Acreage

Dispersal, Case

90XT Skid Steer,


Mechanical &

Concrete Tools, Farm

Machinery, Vehicles,

ATV’s, RV’s, Trailers,

Asphalt Shingles,

Livestock Equipment,

Lumber, Landscaping

& Building Supplies,

Lawn & Garden

Equipment &

Supplies, Trees,

Tools, etc. www.


com; 1-800-371-



Auction 329 Energy

Way, Red Deer, AB

Wed. June 19/19 @

10am. Selling 700

Lots Including Sea

Cans, PU Truck

Service Boxes, Shop

Tools & Equipment,

Wheeled Fire

Extinguishers, Well

Site Communication

Equip. & Shack

Repairs, Office

Equip., Exercise

Equip., CAT &

Equipment parts,

Tires, Chains, Etc.

On-line bidding.;




MULTI -Family moving

sale, Fri. June

21, 9-5pm. Sat. June

22, 9-3pm. 1 mile

north of

Pheasantback Golf

Course. Camping,

toys, vintage furniture,

collectibles and

much more.


GET up to $50,000

from the Government

of Canada. Do you

or someone you

know have any of

these conditions?

ADHD, Anxiety,

Arthritis, Asthma,

Cancer, COPD,


Diabetes, Difficulty



Irritable Bowels,

Overweight, Trouble

Dressing...and hundreds

more. All ages

and medical conditions

qualify. Call The

Benefits Program

1-800-211-3550 or

send a text message

with your name

and mailing address

to 403-980-3605 for

your FREE benefits





Shannon Knowles,

Lyle, Denny, Jennifer,

Katie, Jonathon and

families would like to

extend a heartfelt

thank you to our families,

friends and

neighbours for the

outpouring of love

and support that we

have received in

Mom’s passing.

Thank you to everyone

who brought

food, sent flowers,

sent cards, called,

stopped for coffee,

checked cows, did

chores, babysat

Wyatt, the list goes

on and on. We sincerely

apologize if

we have missed anyone.

Your condolences

and support are

greatly appreciated.

Our home communities

of Byemoor,

Hanna, Big Valley

and Trochu, plus

many others have

overwhelmed us with

love and support.

Thank you so much!


GET back on track!

Bad credit? Bills?

Unemployed? Need

money? We lend! If

you own your own

home - you qualify.

Pioneer Acceptance

Corp. Member BBB.





Why suffer employment/licensing



opportunities? Be

embarrassed? Think:

Criminal Pardon. US

entry waiver. Record

purge. File destruction.

Free consultation







to cover


in Hardisty,




Call Joyce




1. Balls of cotton

5. Immerse briefly

8. Compete in a freestyle

12. Got down

13. Roaring Twenties, e.g.

14. Baseball’s Boggs

15. Back part

16. Bouquets

18. Bird with a pouch

20. Regions

21. Wield

22. Sugarcane product

23. Consent

26. Rubdown

30. Direction

31. Hawaiian greeting

33. Dedicated to

34. Facial fringe

36. Croc’s kin

38. Said yes

39. Coming-out girl

40. Bubbly drinks

43. Cause turmoil in

47. Upset

49. Nothing but

50. Whiten

51. Poke resident

52. Overhead

53. Coasted

54. Foreign agent

55. Dummy


1. Twist

2. Away from the wind

Like helping people?

Your Calling is at...

Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital, Castor is looking for:

Registered Nurse

The RN participates in in nursing assessments and and interventions, care care planning,

implementing The RN is responsible prescribed

for treatments,

the provision administering

of care in accordance medications,

with established

evaluating standards,


and monitoring/documenting the Mission, Vision, Values, treatment policies and progress procedures and and patient/resident of Covenantresponse.

Health. response.

Competition Number: COV000



Position Type: Temporary Regular eporr Part Part Time, Time, FTE:0.75 FTE:0. FTE:0.82

Date Closed: February July July 3, 3, 2019 2019 4, 2019

Salary Salary Range: Range: $36.86-$48.37






View and Apply to this job opportunity @

Human Resources Toll Free: 1.877.450.7555

Like helping people?

Your Calling is at...

Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital, Castor is looking for:

Registered Nurse

The RN participates in nursing assessments and and interventions, care care planning,

The RN is responsible for the provision of care accordance with established standards,

implementing prescribed treatments, administering medications, evaluating treatments,

and and

monitoring/documenting the Mission, Vision, Values, treatment

policies and


procedures and and patient/resident

of Covenantresponse.



Competition Number: COV00008489


Position Type: Regular Part Time, FTE:0.75





Closed: February July






4, 2019

Salary Range: $36.86-$48.37 per hour

Salary Range: $36.86-$48.37

per hour

3. Channel changer

4. Band of color

5. Rot

6. Golf-bag item

7. Normal

8. Hordes

9. Minimum ____

10. Theory

11. Jumble

17. Bratwursts

and wieners

19. Most transparent

22. Hooray!

23. Fear

24. Cheery

25. “The Catcher in the



NO. 956

26. Cut the lawn

27. Toward the stern

28. Muck

29. Be human

32. Many

35. Proclaimed noisily

37. Where some students


39. Drab

40. Drenches

41. Oblong

42. Sandwich mart

43. Plumber’s concern

44. Golden-rule word

45. Plunk

46. Sort

48. Prosperous periods

View and Apply to this job opportunity @

Human Resources Toll Free: 1.877.450.7555


© 2018,






Reading, gardening and crocheting

Mary A. Kahl

1930 – 2019

Mary A. Kahl passed away in the

Stettler Hospital & Care Centre,

Stettler, Alta. on June 1, 2019, at the age

of 89 years.

Mary was born in February

1930 and was the eldest with

three younger brothers.

She grew up in rural

Saskatchewan, near North

Battleford, and eventually

landed in North Battleford

where she met and married

Henry Kahl in April 1957.

Daughter Lynn was born in

North Battleford in 1958 and Kahl

shortly after the young family

moved to Alberta.

Son Garth was born in Stettler in

1960, and the family settled in Stettler.

Mom was a kind-hearted lady, rather

quiet and private, choosing to keep

things to herself.

Not one to complain, she tried to find

the good in everyone.

She was a good friend and a good


She liked to read, tend to her

vegetable and flower gardens and had

a passion for crocheting afghans for

which she won ribbons at the local fair.

She did a stint working outside the

homehome by doing some baby sitting

and finally settling into

helping Dad run his business

from home.

She made the big move to

Points West Living, Stettler

in the fall of 2014 where she

resided at the time of


She was one terrific

granny to four treasured

grandchildren and two

cherished great-grandchildren

who will all miss her


Mary is survived by her daughter

Lynn (Albert) Pratt; son Garth (Angie);

grandchildren: Michelle Crocker

(Jason) and their daughters Harlow

and Harper, Eric (Megan), Rider and


Mary is also survived by her sistersin-law:

Betty Langerak, Elsie

Langerak, Dianne Michaud, Louise

Vysch, Carol (Frank) Nelson, Geri

(Joe) Janow, Elsie (Ed) Skow; brotherin-law

Lyle (Donna) Kahl as well as

nieces, nephews other relatives and

dear friends.

Mary is predeceased by her mother

Claudia Blackett and her husband

Fred; father Oscar Langerak; and her

husband Henry.

Also predeceasing her are brothers:

Bill Langerak, Tony Langerak and

Mike Langerak; father-in-law Henry

Kahl; mother-in-law Clara Kahl;

brother-in-law Leonard Michaud and

sister-in-law Marion Langerak.

A graveside service will be held at

Lake View Cemetery, Stettler, Alta., on

Fri., June 21, 2019, with Rev. Ross

Helgeton officiating. There will be a

luncheon to follow at the Stettler

Funeral Home.

Memorial donations may be made to

the Stettler Handi-Bus.

Condolences may be sent to the

family at www.stettlrfuneralhome.


Stettler Funeral Home &

Crematorium entrusted with the care

and funeral arrangements


Spent time volunteering at hospital

Violet Adelia Windross was born on

Nov. 11, 1929 to Esca and Mary Peters

at Mulhurst, Alta., the youngest of six


Violet was very young when the

family lost their mother Mary in 1935.

However, the family ties remained

strong, and despite pressure from the

community Esca kept the family


They eventually moved to the

Andrew Wetter farm 16 miles south of

Castor in 1942.

Violet completed her Grade 9 at

Sullivan Lake School. She

then stayed in the “dorm”

in town to attend Castor

High School.

In 1948, she enrolled in

the Faculty of Education at

the University of Calgary.

Her first school was

Beaverdale School where

she went in 1949 to teach

grades one to nine.

She taught and lived in


the teacherage there for two

years with no phone, no plumbing, no

electricity and no car.

Violet met Tom Windross in 1949

and they married on July 25, 1950.

They moved to Castor and bought

their home and became parents to

three children: Laurie in 1951, Wayne

in 1952 and Rob in 1955.

Violet went back to work in 1965.

She worked for a year in George

Kaye’s butcher shop and locker plant.

In September of 1966, she went back

to the classroom and spent 18

rewarding years teaching at the Castor

Hutterite Colony.

She resigned in 1984 and spent a

year at home.

In 1985 she began working parttime

at the Paintearth Lodge.

Tom suffered a

stroke in 1994 and

Violet was very

involved when he

lived in Long-

Term Care in

Castor, where she

would spend

every day with


When Tom

passed in 1997,

she continued to

volunteer at the

hospital mending


and calling bingo.

Violet was a long-term member of

the I.O.D.E. and volunteered at Gus

Wetter School as a tutor.

Eventually, she moved to Manor 3

and enjoyed spending time visiting

friends and family there.

Violet passed away after a short illness

at Our Lady of the Rosary

Hospital in Castor on May 30, 2019.

Violet was predeceased by her parents

Mary and Esca, her husband Tom,

sisters Alta Hildreth and Ruth

Christiansen and brothers Ed and

Barney Peters.

She was also predeceased by

her son-in-law Brad Waters,

sister-in-law Flossie Peters,

and brothers-in-law Pat and

George Windross.

Violet is survived by her

loving family: sons Wayne

(Lynda) of Red Deer, Rob

(Linda) of Castor and daughter

Laurie Waters of Drayton


Surviving her also were her

grandchildren David (Audrey) Waters

and their children Claire, Jack and

Emmett, Brianne Brown and her children

Avery and Kingston.

She is also survived by her sister

Ethel Payton of Quesnel, B.C. and

sister-in-law Bea Windross of

Blackfalds, Alta., numerous nieces,

nephews, a host of other family and

many friends.

Funeral services will be held at 2

p.m. on Wed. June 12, 2019 in Knox

United Church, Castor, Alta.

Memorial contributions may be

made in Violet’s memory to Our Lady

of the Rosary Hospital Foundation.

Condolences may be forwarded to

the family by visiting

3” wide version



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Card of Thanks

The family wishes to thank Dr.

O’Riordan and the nursing staff at the

hospital for the excellent care they

gave Mom during her final illness.

As well, thank you to Dr. and Niki

Hanton for their care of Mom through

the years.

A big thank you also to Marilyn

Richards, Dorothy Walker and Sue

Goodkey for being such faithful

friends to Mom over the years.

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16 J une 13'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

Charity lamb

raises $5,000


The Kneehill 4-H District held their

annual achievement day on Tues.

June 4 in the Trochu Arena.

Steer, heifer and lamb projects were

on site as all 50 members clipped and

cleaned their animals in preparation

for the show ring.

Grand Champion Steer went to

Miley Becker, a Junior Swalwell Beef

Club member, Reserve Champion

Steer went to Ava Paget, a Three Hills

Ghost Pine Junior member.

Josie Wilson of the Huxley Beef Club

won Grand Champion Beef Female

and Reserve went to Wyatt Becker, a

junior from Swalwell.

The Grand Champion Market Lamb

title went to Senior member Faith

Stevens of the Three Hills Ghost Pine

4-H Club while fellow senior club

member Annalise Holmes took home

the Reserve Champion Market Lamb

title and Grand Champion Ewe title.

Reserve Champion Ewe went to

Hanna Brenda, an intermediate of the

Three Hills Ghost Pine 4-H Club.

The Charity Lamb weighing in at

102 pounds was raised by Dau Farms.

Proceeds were split between STARS

and Three Hills Victim Services.

The lamb was sold 5 times raising

over $5,000.00.

UFA’s Golden Shovel went to the

Three Hills Ghost Pine Club.

Albers Lamb & Goat Co. offered the

buyback for lambs and Cargill Foods

was the buyback for the steers.

Three Hills Wranglers put on a delicious

roast beef supper at the Trochu

Community Arena, where club buyers

were able to eat for free.

Beef Judges included conformation

judges Brody and Justine Gardner,

showmanship judge Keltey Whalen,

grooming judge Randy Wunsch, and

lamb conformation and showmanship

judge Nicole Schieck.

Call Mike


Bin Anchors

Don’t Let The Winds Bother You!




LOCATION: From the Highway #12 & #36 junction east of Castor, go 8.5 miles north on Hwy. #36 to Twp. Rd. #390

and then go ½ mile west to Rg. Rd.#135 & then ½ mile north. Gate Sign: 39023 Rg. Rd. #135 NW-5-39-13-W4.

MONDAY, JUNE 24/19 - 4 PM




Ashley Dettmer, left,

and daughter Harper

Dettmer of the Huxley

4-H Beef Club continue

clipping their steer for

the show ring on Tues.

June 4. Photo courtesy

of Mel Stevens




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●John Deere 3155 tractor w/ JD 265 FEL & 7

ft. bucket & grapple, 1988, MFWD, 95 hp.,

9,065 hours showing, 3 pt. hitch, 18.4 X 38 tires,

2 hyd’s., 540/1000 pto., very good condition.

●Case 2290 tractor, 1980, 129 hp., 11,419 hours

w/ new motor @ 5000 hours, 18.4 X 38 duals,

powershift, 540/1000 pto, (dozer sells separately.)

●John Deere 2020 tractor, 1966, 6400 hours

showing, cab, gas, 2 hyd. outlets.

●Minneapolis Moline Super M670 tractor w/

Case FEL & 5 ft. bucket, 1970, diesel, 18.4 X 34

tires, 2 hyd’s., 540 pto, Ampli-Torc HI/LO range.


●Kellough 14 ft. tandem disc, notched blades.

●John Deere 3 pt. hitch 8 ft. cultivator.

●Case IH 7200 hoe drills, 28 ft. (2 X 14 ft.),

rubber packers, hydraulic mover.

●John Deere LL166 d.d. seed drills, 8 ft. & 16 ft.,

●Crown 400 fork type rockpicker.

●Bergen 24 ft. hyd. drill mover.


●Degelman 12 ft. 2 way front dozer blade.

●5 Ton t/a fertilizer spreader, ground driven.

●Woods 10 ft. batwing rotary mower, 1000 pto.,

●Frontier 3 pt. hitch snowblower, 4 ft., like new.

●1979 Chevrolet C70 t/a grain truck w/ 18

ft. steel box & Renn hoist, 10.00 X 20 tires,

roll tarp, 466 gas, 5/4 transmission, vg cond.

●1999 Ford F-350 Super Duty quad cab

diesel truck, 4X4, 454,043 km, new trans.

●1988 Chevrolet Cheyenne 2500 reg. cab

long box truck, 4x4, 186,000 km., 350 gas.


●1995 Titan 20 ft. t/a gooseneck stock trailer.

●1988 Royal 16 ft. t/a 5 th wheel stock trailer.

●Brandt 8”, 51 ft. grain auger w/ hyd.

mover & Kohler 25 hp. electric start motor.

● Farm King 7”, 36 ft. grain auger w/ new

Kohler 16 hp. electric start motor.

●Robin 6”, 30 ft. grain auger.

●Wheatheart 9”, 5 ft., hyd. post hole auger.

●Westeel 100 gallon slip tank.

1250 Gallon poly tank.


●John Deere 785 t/a manure spreader,

hydrapush, 1000 pto., 10.00 X 20 tires.

●1983 Mohrlang Mfg. Inc. MB420 feed mixer,

420 cu. ft., 4 augers, new chain.

●200 Bushel s/a creep feeder.

●UFA calf cradle & cattle squeeze.

●Linden post pounder w/ 4 way hyd’s.

●(6) - 1 Round bale feeders. ●12 Ft. gate.

●(2) - 2 Round bale feeders. ●Feed bunks.

●10 Ft. X 7 ft. round bale feeder. ●Feed tubs.

●Calf shelter w/ tin roof. ●Corral panels.

●JD 956 moco discbine, 2013, 14 ft., steel rolls,

hyd. tilt, 2 point pivot tongue, shedded, exc. cond.

●JD 535 round baler, 1992, gathering wheels,

1000 pto, kicker, shedded, excellent condition.

●NH 116 hydraswing haybine, 14 ft, rubber rolls.

●MF 885 s/p swather, 25 ft., bat reel, 2,857

hours showing, A/C, double swath, gas.

●Versatile 4400 s/p swather, 20’ p/u reel, A/C.

●Case IH 721 p/t swather, 21 ft., bat reel.

●Trailtech 5 round bale mover.

●Tonutti 10 wheel “V” hay rake.

●New Holland 166 hay inverter, ground driven.

●Pollard 5 wheel side delivery hay rake.

●Sitrex 3 pt. hitch 4 wheel hay rake.


●Air compressor w/ 20 gal. tank & 5 hp. motor.

●Miller 225 Thunderbolt welder w/ cables.

●Portable air compressor w/ ½ hp. motor.

●Oxy/propane cutting torch & hoses.

●Snap-on 10,000lb. electric winch w/ remote.

●Phillips 20 ton port-a-press. ●Metal tool chest.

●John Deere battery charger. ●Tap & die set.

●Tire changing stand. ●10” Tablesaw w/ stand.

●Makita cut-off saw & ½” drill. ●Bench grinder.

●Craftsman reciprocating saw. ●Drill press.

●Gas powered weedeater & hedgetrimmer.

●Extension & stepladders. ●Mr. Heater.

●4½” & 7” Angle grinders. ●Bottle jacks.

●Garden dump wagon. ●Quad cart. ●Jack-alls.

●Welding bench. ●Welding supplies. ●Skilsaw.

●Shop vac. ●Block & tackle. ●Shovels & forks.

●Hydraulic rams & hoses. ●Shop & hand tools.

●Assortment of plumbing & electrical supplies.

●Plus more general farm miscellaneous items.


●McClary wood stove. ●Cream separator.

●Road grader. ●Galvanized tub. ●Tobacco tins.

●Steel wheel cultivator. ●10 Ft. dump rake.

●JD 2 bottom plow. ●IH 5 ft. steel wheel mower.

●Agtronic 10KVA pto generator.●12V Fuel pump.

●14 Ft. x 16 ft. metal clad chop bin on skid.

●John Deere 260 ride-on lawn tractor w/ 46”

●Lewis cattle oiler. ●Halters. ●Horse collars.

deck, & 24” tiller, 17 hp. ●10 Ft. landleveller.

●300 Gallon molasses mineral poly tank.

●2013 TAOTAO 250cc quad, 2WD, like new.

●Assorted corral & fence posts. ●Dehorners.

●John Deere trail type 6 ft. rough cut mower.

●Assortment of fencing & livestock supplies.

●2 Horse wooden sleigh frame & team harness.

●Calf cradle. ●Calf catcher. ●Calf sled.

●4 Wheel hay wagon. ●(7) - 2⅜” Pipe joints.

●Grooming tools. ●Branding iron pot.

●Greenslades meat bandsaw. ●2” Water pump.


●Chicken feeders.●Chicken plucker ●Bridles.


Auctioneer`s Note: There is a wide variety of items UP4BIDS in very nice condition. Please note the 4 PM start time, mark your calendar,

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Dwayne Dunkle

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