Grade 1 PE Games Brochure





The mission of PYP PE at AISB is to prepare, engage, and inspire all students in the

skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to experience the joy of

movement throughout their lives.

The experiences that learners have in PE during their time at AISB should reflect this

mission and as such will be a balanced blend of:

Active Living: Learners are challenged and supported in acquiring the movement

skills that will allow them to participate actively in a range of physical activities.

Learners understand the concepts, and strategies that will enable them to

confidently, competently and creatively engage in a range of physical activities,

including using their physical capabilities to explore the natural environment.

Interactions: Learners develop and use personal, interpersonal, behavioural,

social and cognitive skills and strategies to promote a sense of personal identity

and wellbeing. Learners are competent in building and maintaining positive

relationships which promote positive movement experiences.

Identity: Learners understand and appreciate the links that movement has with

culture and personal identity. Learners understand that a positive perception of

self can strengthen resilience in situations of adversity.

This year, Grade 1 students were asked to create their own PE games working in

groups, by inventing rules and drawing visual aids. These were then played by

students during class, and it was a world of fun!

This exercise allows students to recognize the challenges presented by each game,

the importance of manipulating space. Working together to categorize games and to

identify and develop appropriate skills and strategies, our Grade 1s reached an

authentic learning experience. They then went on to better understand the

importance of rules and how they define the nature of a game. Some games were an

adaptation of known rules, as students modified existing games and created new


More importantly, students learned to work together in a team and were very

excited to see their games actively played by other children!

Flip through this booklet to see the kids' original drawings and the explained rules.

Who knows, you might just find a new favorite playground game for your kids!

Dr. Laura Morrison

PYP PE Teacher


Pirates and the ship

People run around. There is a pirate that has a

noodle and tries to tag people. People try to take

the treasure from the pirate ship. If they get

tagged, they freeze. To unfreeze, people who

were not tagged need to clap hands 10 times and

they will be free to run again. If people are

tagged with a treasure (bean bag) in their hand,

they need to go to prison. (a marked place ). To

go out of the prison people need to do 5 jumping

jacks. After a while change the pirate with

another player.

by Alessia and Cheng

Tiger Tag

There are people and one tiger. The tiger

wears a green bib. Tiger chases people. If

Tiger catches the people, they need to do

5 jumping jacks and go back in the game.

After a while change the Tiger.

by Gefen, Kira and Yuval



Go Hide and seek tag

One person is counting until 20, everybody

else is hiding. When the person finishes

counting, they go looking for people that

hide away. If they find a person, they call

their name and that person needs to run

away. If they get tagged by the person

who finds them, they freeze. They can

unfreeze if the people that were not

tagged will tap their shoulder. After all

people are tagged another game starts.

by Alexandra, Agonda, Ela and Floris


Ninja Warriors

In this game there are 10 Ninja players

wearing green bibs, 5 Masters wearing red

bibs, 5 trainers to become a Master.

All Ninjas will try to tag the Masters and

when they tag them the Masters need to

spin around 5 times and swap roles with a

Trainer for Master. The trainer Masters are

kept on the side of the court and they run

in a straight line in order to get fit for

becoming a Master. All Masters must be

changed with trainers and then Ninja could

swap, becoming Masters or trainers.

by Pavel, Ares and Baden


The Shepherd and

the horses

One person is the Shepherd and the rest of

students are horses. The Shepherd tries to

tag all the horses. The tagged horses go

out of the game. After all students are

tagged, the Shepherd is replaced by

another student.

by Nathan, Oliver, Karim and Eden


Run away from the


One player is designated to be the Monster and

wears a red bib. Everybody else wears a blue

bib. There are pins placed in the court. The blue

players are trying to knock the pins down but

can only do this if they are holding the ball (only

one ball).If a blue player is tagged by the

Monster they are “OUT”. If all the pins are

knocked over the blue players win. The Monster

can pick the pins and put them up again.

by David, Julia, Ali Mert and Victoria


Tag Bowling

Players should try to make it from one side of

the playing area to other without being tagged

by one of the taggers who are positioned along

the side of the playing area. If they successfully

make it to the other side of the playing area,

they can take a ball and try to knock over all

the pins.

by Albert, Stefania, Nadia, Adrian and



Tag the Blue

Two players are wearing blue bibs. All of the

other players are trying to tag them by throwing

a ball and striking them on the back. When a

player wearing a blue bib is tagged, they are

OUT. If both blue players are OUT the game is


Three taggers are wearing blue vests. They tag

using a tagging stick. When a person is tagged,

they should freeze and make a star shape with

their body. They can then be SAVED by another

player, if that player rolls a ball under their legs.

The person who was SAVED should now take

possession of the ball that they were saved by.


by Boian, Betka, Adi and Georgia


Wolf Hard

There are 4 taggers that chase people and they

are the wolves. If you get tagged by the wolf,

you go to a designated area and turn 5 times

and go back to the game.

by Zara, Noa, Maria and Darius


Bendy and Boris

There is one person called Bendy. Bendy had a dog

called Boris.

Bendy is a tagger that tries to tag people. If he

succeeds the people tagged go to an area called

BIRTHDAY PLACE that is marked with cones at the end

of the playing area. At Birthday Place an Angel comes

and tap their shoulder and freezes them. If Boris gets to

the Birthday, this place makes people jump. If Bendy

calls everyone to his Birthday Place, he unfreezes them

and players can run free again.

by Sinan and Andrei

12 TAG

People run around. There are two

taggers wearing red bibs. If they tag

somebody that person becomes the

tagger too and will wear a red bib. They

will all run around until there will be only

one player left without being caught

and that will be the winner.

by Connor and Michael


Dance Tag

There is music. Everybody dances

around trying to tag each other. If

tagged, people have to do 3 jumps in

the air and then come and dance again

trying to tag or not to get tagged again.

by Diana, Erin and Romy


Toffee Popcorn

In this game you will need three taggers

and three noodles. Everyone will run

around the playing area. If you get

caught by the taggers you need to

freeze in any position you want. You can

get unfrozen by the people that there

were not tagged by touching their


by Luka, Mete and Zane


Treasure and Rivers

The treasure is spread around the river.

You need red and blue bibs.

2 people guard the treasure, other

people try to steal the treasure. If they

steal four pieces the game is over. If

they get tagged, they have to start

again from the beginning.

by Thibaut, Andreas and Andrei


The Pirate Game

The treasure is the blocks. There are two

people guarding the treasure. 2 people

try to steal the treasure (bad pirates)

the rest of people run around. If the bad

pirates get tagged, they do 10 jumping

jacks. After a while the pirates change


by Sasha and Stephanie


Tag Ball

People run around. They have balls.

There are two teams. They have skittles

in each team. If you get tagged with the

ball you can roll the ball to try to knock

the skittles. If you knock the skittles, you

get points for your team. The winning

team is the one with most points.

by Vlad, Ailene, Lillian, Pietra and



Cotton Candy Laser


The laser beam Monster is asleep. We

wake the monster with music. The

Monster starts tagging, If tagged you

turn into a laser. There is a cotton Candy

princess/prince that sets you free once

you are tagged.

by Ali Khan, Aarav, Zofia, Helena,

Clayton, Nils

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