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Letter From the Editor

Dear reader,

If this is your first time exploring mudputty, welcome! And if you’ve

been with us before, we’re so glad to have you back.

We at mudputty have a passion: offering fun classes and activities in

your neighbourhood, just for you.

From kid’s yoga to swimming lessons for adults, there are over

200 mudputty hosts in your neighborhood looking for you! We

keep hearing from our mudputty tribe how much they love having

activities at their doorstep for the entire family.

Apparently our passion is contagious.

This magazine is your printed class inventory. Flip through, circle

classes you want to attend, and get the details here! You can sign up

for every class at If you want, you can also use our

online search to explore even more offerings.

The possibilities are endless. Which is great, because we’re all about

endless possibilities when it comes to our tribe.

Thanks for stopping by! We’ll see you in class.

General inquiries are

welcome to the email address

above, as well as inquiries

about advertising and

distribution opportunities.

Please note: whilst every care has been taken

to ensure information is correct, inaccuracies

may still occur which may result in the user

being misinformed. Whilst regretting this,

mudputty or its vendors can not be held

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Avoiding the

Winter Blues

Winter can be charming. Cozy jumpers, hot tea and slice, and a

movie with the kids while snuggled by the popping fireplace are pure

indulgent delights.

But of course, there’s also a down side to winter. Our activity levels

decrease, and we become a little – ahem – anti-social (let’s be honest:

hermits). If this describes you, you aren’t alone, and we’ve got the

perfect solution!

We didn’t start mudputty just to provide classes for getting fit,

flexible, or becoming bilingual. We started mudputty so that people

in our community could connect with their tribe in deep, meaningful

ways. The kind of connection that warms your heart and banishes any

emotional blues you might be carrying.

This is especially important for winter. When the days turn colder

and we just want to lie in bed for five more minutes, we can become

apathetic and less engaged. Don’t let this happen to you!

Through mudputty, you can sign up for multiple classes and keep track

of them through your profile. That way, you’re already committed

weeks in advance, and you can keep yourself accountable when

motivation wanes.

Especially in winter, it’s

important to prioritize your

health and happiness. And if

you’re afraid that you won’t

know anyone in a class, don’t

worry! Each mudputty offering

is designed to be inclusive, so

that you don’t need to walk in

with a friend, but you’ll definitely

walk out with one!

Stay active, be social, and feed

your adventurous side, even in

winter. You might just find that

it’s your new favorite season.




Words by Heather Walters

Pictured supplied by Heather Walters

The Art of SAORI

Hand Weaving

SAORI hand weaving, founded

by Misao Jo in Japan over

44 years ago, has grown

throughout Japan and far

beyond, enabling people of all

abilities to freely weave, and

through weaving, discover their

own true self.

Opening Art Weaver SAORI

Studio in 2014, I have been

sharing this joyful approach to

hand weaving with hundreds

of people from across the city,

country regions, interstate

and well beyond. There are no

strict rules - no right/wrong

ways – no beginner/advanced

– everyone creates their own

cloth for their own selves.

Using the thoughtfully

designed, foot operated twoshaft

SAORI looms, designed

by Kenzo Jo (Misao Jo’s son),

anyone can sit down and learn

to enjoy weaving with an

uncommon freedom to create.

Saori weaving does not follow

the patterns of the past, but

encourages each weaver to

create moment by moment, on

the loom, their unique cloth.

Using fibres that include cotton,

silk, wool, linen, recycled cloth

strips and whatever else may

be on hand (even paper), you

can quickly engage with the

creative process and within a

very short time your own cloth

is coming off the loom!

As you explore textures, colours

and simple techniques, you

will find that over time you

will increasingly trust your

own intuitive creativity. The

completed cloth may become

a garment, bag, cushion or

scarf. You are in control of your

creation. In a typical three hour

session, even if you have never

seen a loom before, you are

likely to walk out with your own

handwoven scarf or perhaps a

wondrous wall hanging, maybe

cloth for a unique bag. You can

be sure that no one ever makes

the same piece of cloth.

SAORI studios is one of just

three registered studios in

Australia. With views across the

farm, space and light to engage

even more creatively, you

can discover the joy of Saori

weaving for yourself in this

tranquil studio.


Acting and Drama

Makers Classes

Painting Classes

Acting, Drama, Improv and

Performance From Beginner to


Make Your Own in Pottery,

Ceramic, Jewellery Making,

Mosaic Classes and Basketry


Including Sip and Paint,

Beginner and Small Group

Classes, and Oil & Cold Wax

Mixed Media Abstract Painting.

Photography Lessons

Music Lessons

Craft Classes

Photography Lessons and

Courses For Beginners to


Music Lessons including World

Percussion, Drumming, Ukulele,

Cello, Guitar, Piano, and Singing


Card Making, Scrapbooking,

Sewing, Knitting, Quilting,

Paper Craft, Flower Crown and


Macrame Classes

Language & Writing

Art Therapy

Beginner to Advance Macrame


Language and Writing Classes

including Writing Fiction,

French Lessons, and Italian


Healing Through Art with Clay

Sculpture, Colour Healing and

Meditative Painting

Book Arty Tribe Classes at




Words by Zoe Howse

Pictures supplied by Zoe Howse

Inspired Action – Mind Body Spirit Coaching

We live in a society where

people are busy, time poor,

and often neglect self-care

and maintaining wellness in

their lives. Stress is inevitable.

Counterbalancing its effects

is an important key to living

a happy and healthy life.

According to the Black Dog

Institute, if not addressed,

prolonged chronic stress can

lead to structural and functional

changes inside the brain. These

changes can play a role in the

development of mental illness

including depression and


Zoe is the founder of Inspired

Action, which is a Holistic

Coaching business based in

Oakleigh, Victoria. Inspired

Action was created to help

guide people on a journey

of self-healing and selfempowerment.


Often people understand the

value of self-care, however,

struggle to put in place the

practical steps and practices

of what it looks like. Through

integrating mind, body and

spirit, clients are guided to

build happy, healthy and

peaceful lives from the inside

out. Inspired Action’s programs

include the empowering

practices and philosophies

of yoga, pilates, meditation


COACHING which facilitate a

personal awakening and inner

empowerment process.

Inspired Action runs a

Women’s Circle called ‘The

Soulful Warrior’, which brings

likeminded women together.

The experience is a combination

of mindful movement, guided

meditation and personal

development, with a focus on

developing an inner connection

to ourselves, and becoming

strong in mind, body and spirit.

Being part of a Women’s Circle

is an opportunity to connect

with other likeminded women,

and learn practical techniques

to create a shift from a state of

fear and stress, into a state of

clarity and empowerment.

Mindful movement helps us to

become physically strong, agile,

and improve our mind/body

connection. Practicing yoga

and pilates assists us to release

stress and tension from the


Guided meditation along with

techniques for conscious

breathing help us to withdraw

our attention from the stressful,

negative thought patterns

that we have created over

time. Implementing a regular

meditation practice will assist in

slowing down negative thought

processes, and in turn promote

a more peaceful life.

Mindfulness Classes

Meditation Classes

Pilates Classes

Mindfulness Sessions and

Classes from Learning to

Practising Mindfulness

Meditation Classes including

Deep Peace Meditation, Sound

Bath Meditation, and Stillness


Pilates Classes for beginner

to advanced including Matt

Classes and Cardio Reformer


Yoga Classes

Reiki Courses

Qigong and Tai Chi

Yoga for Beginner to

Experienced Practitioner.

Including Hatha, Vinyasa,

Iyengar, Shadow, Hot and more.

Reiki Practitioner Courses,

Level 1 and 2 focusing on

self-healing, teaching the

foundation principles and

practices of Reiki.

Tai Chi for health & life mastery

and Qigong Classes to improve

your health by encouraging

vitality through chi flow.

First Aid Classes

Health & Happiness

Mens Workshops

First Aid Training Including

Classes for Everyone and Short

Courses for People Working

with Children.

Health and Happiness, Clearing

and Healing, Igniting Your Life,

Unpacking Stress and more.

Workshops Designed and

Delivered Just for Men.

Book Healthy Tribe Classes at




Words by Seema Choubey

Divine Indian

Good food gives everyone

happiness and to cook and

share it with loved ones is an

ultimate joy for me. Being a

mum and fresh food “fanatic”,

I have always wanted to bring

a ‘Culture of Fresh and Healthy

Eating’ to my kitchen table

either by skilfully inserting

vegetables in a dish for my

fussy daughters or preparing

fresh meals every day!

I firmly believe that “you are

what you eat” and my own

cooking with love using fresh

ingredients and traditional

methods can beat any Indian


With a noble aim to create

awareness about freshly cooked

healthy food, I started sharing

Indian recipes with friends and

colleagues in 2015.

This led to the founding of

‘Divine Indian Cooking Classes’.

The classes focus on teaching

Vegetarian, Vegan and Allergy

friendly food which are simple,

easy to cook, healthy and


I strongly believe in the old

Indian adage of ‘Athiti Devo

Bhav (Guest is equivalent to

God)’. Thus, the guests not

only learn hands on cooking

but stories, culture, and lots

more across the table. The real

reward comes from watching

the guests being ‘creative’

in the kitchen. It’s a great

satisfaction to see the big smile

on guests faces as they make

the recipes their own and later

share it with their family and

loved ones!

I teach hands on cooking in

small groups. My classes are

informal, interactive, informative

and always filled with lots of fun

and laughter.

Each class commences with a

‘mini spice tour’ where guests

learn how to choose ingredients

(spices, grains, fresh produce

and condiments) and the logical

reasoning behind the use of a

particular spice in a particular

dish. Thus, it’s a holistic

approach to cooking.

I strive to develop new recipes

and menus for my guests to

expand and enhance their

culinary skills to the highest

level. I feel blessed to have met

wonderful young women, young

couples, mums, dads, and

families in the classes where

I’m able to empower them

(especially the ones with severe

allergies) with healthy home

cooked Indian recipes.


Let us serve you

Australia’s finest

dining experience

With hundreds of award-winning

restaurants participating nationwide,

you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Starting a business can be the

most liberating and challenging

experience of a lifetime, if it

works. The numbers tell us that

around 42% of all startups fail

because they’ve created a

product that has no market


Your task, to discover the real

challenges, motivations and

underlying problems that a

given segment of the market

have and build a product

that solves their needs.

Remembering that people only

buy the solution to a problem

they actually have.

If you’re in business then you’re

well aware that a business can’t

exist without a customer and

enough people out there with

the same need.

Here’s a couple of things you

can do to ensure you don’t

become just another failed




Words by Lenny Manor, Startup Growth Trainer

What makes startup’s fail?

Get real feedback from people

who actually experience the

problem you’re trying to solve.

For a lot of business owners

you might not actually be

your ideal target market and

therefore might not be able to

provide an accurate view of

their needs in order to come

up with a solution. This means

you’ll need to get unbiased

feedback from people who are

as close as possible to the

problem you’re trying to solve.

You’d be surprised how many

people actually start a business

without telling anyone about it

in fear of the idea being stolen.

What’s riskier, investing your

time and money into something

which you have no proof will

work or starting something

which people have already

expressed interest in?

Execute, learn and improve and

never stop testing. In the early

stages of your startup, at a time

where strategy pivots are

common you don’t need nor

should you dedicate too much

effort to creating pages upon

pages of analysis and research.

Starting off with a basic onepage

overview of your idea is

better than a full blown business

plan, which in any case is based

on mountains of assumptions

that may change the minute

you get/don’t get your first

customers. Your one-page plan

should be used as a working

document that can be updated

on the fly as you gain new


Successful businesses have great

plans behind them to ensure a

consistent experience and a

focused direction, but any

great business knows that

if you create a plan around


that are fundamentally flawed

or untested, negative results are

almost sure to follow. So, test

every assumption before

committing to your plan.



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Words by Bron Williams

Courageous Conversations

Everyone loves a good story.

And some of the most intriguing, inspiring and interesting stories are

the ones we carry inside us. The guiding stories, the backstories, that

make up who we are.

Some of these stories we’re conscious of. Others are so much part of

our psyche that we don’t even recognise the impact they’re having

on our lives – “it’s just the way we are” we say.

But all our stories – around identity, health, money, relationships,

family – make up who we are, and impact how we view life and the

decisions that we make. Some of our stories hold us back, anchoring

us in the past, while others are like sails we can set before the wind to

take us to new and exciting places.

I began to recognise the impact of my personal stories when I left my

marriage – a tough thing to do when I’d been raised to see divorce

as the unforgivable sin - and exploded when I worked with asylum

seekers, coming face-to-face with my own latent racism and white


Building on my education and

not-for-profit backgrounds,

I now create safe spaces

for women to connect over

courageous conversations.

These conversations often

focus on the difficult

experiences of life, like

domestic abuse or childhood

trauma. But while difficulties

spawn stories, they are also the

breeding ground for immense

power as women take those

stories and shape them into

new and wonderful ways of

engaging with life, business

and career.

Every two months, I hold

Connect the Dots panel

evenings where women gather

to hear the stories of three

women on the panel, make

connections and feel safe to

share their own stories. One

panellist commented: “More

happened amongst that small

group of women than can ever

happen in a room of hundreds.”

On the alternate months, I hold

either half or full day Connect

the Dots workshops for those

who wish to explore their own

stories a little more deeply. I

also offer one-to-one coaching

packages (in person or online)

that take women on a more

complete journey into their

stories and how they can use

them to live the most whole

life they can.

Whether its one-to-one,

workshop, panel evening or

online, I create safe spaces

for women to connect over

courageous conversations.


Birthing Workshops

Womens Lessons

Babywearing Fitness

Prepare for your birth with

Doula, Hypnobirthing and

Birthing Workshops.

Surfing, SUP, Kiting lessons and

more – just for the Girls.

Kangatraining and Mums Baby

Wearing Fitness Classes with

Dance, Pilates, Yoga.

Pregnancy Yoga

Womens Classes

Womens Courses

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

emphasising movement,

breathing and meditation.

Girls Workshops, Womens

Workshops, Makeup Classes,

Colour Workshops and more

Her courses including Mystery

Shopping Course, Colour

Direct Retailing and Next Step


Functional Fitness

Mum & Bubs

Mum & Kids Classes

Female Functional Fitness

Training Classes

Including Baby Massage

Classes, Mum & Bub Yoga and

Fitness classes

Classes for the whole family

including Mum and Kids Yoga,

Family Fitness.

Book She Tribe Classes at




Words by Jamie Fletcher

Tennis – a Great Fitness Choice

Today there are so many choices for us all to get active & exercise.

There’s gym’s, walks, cycling and so much more. An all time classic

sport for outdoor activity that gives you exercise, fresh air and a

heap of fun in under an hour is the great sport of Tennis.

A very social sport, you can get some friends together for a fun hit,

or join a lesson or club to meet some new people. Tennis really is

an opportunity to do it all. Whether you are just starting to play,

thinking about it or a regular player of any standard there is always

a player of similar standard within your local club looking for a

hitting partner.

The benefits of playing tennis I believe are endless - all parts of your

body are being used, you get a great cardiovascular workout in 60

minutes, you’re using your legs, arms, stomach muscles you name it,

you’re using it. Don’t be too surprised if at first the next day you feel

a little sore.

Self-satisfaction is yet another reason to play, seeing yourself

improve week by week by getting some private lessons is a great

feeling in itself.

Another reason to get involved

in taking up tennis is the

social aspect, you can meet

like-minded people who

want to have fun, or if you

are a little competitive you

can get involved in the local


It really is a great way to get

out there and enjoy life, exercise

and don’t forget it is a game

that you can play forever no

matter what standard. So enjoy

the game and most importantly



Dance Classes

Tennis Lessons

Personal Training

Dance classes of all types from

beginner to advanced including

Latin, Tango, Flamenco, Salsa,

and Dance Fitness.

Tennis lessons for beginner to

advanced, all ages, including

one and one, and groups


Personal Training sessions

including indoor and outdoor

sessions, one on one, and group

training sessions.

Box Fit Classes


Fitness Classes

Box fitness classes including

Box fit Class, HIIT Circuit and

Showtime Boxing and Fitness


Experiences including Paintball,

Fishing, Segway Tours, Rock

climbing and Abseiling.

Group fitness including Circuit

Class, Functional fitness,

Bootcamps, and Swimming

fitness Squads.

Surfing Lessons

Golf Lessons

Martial Arts

Surfing, SUP, Kite Surfing,

Kayaking, there’s a lesson for all

types of water activities

Golf Lessons for beginner to

advanced, all ages including

one on one, and group lessons.

Self Defence and Martial Art

Classes including Karate, Rhee

TaeKwon-Do, Mixed Martial


Book Sporty Tribe Classes at


The Jugar Life

Words by Dale Sidebottom

Pictures supplied by Dale Sidebottom

I’ll be happy when I get a

promotion, I’ll be happy when

I buy a new car, I’ll be happy

when I buy a house. This would

go on and on. I was never living

in the present moment, as I was

chasing something that I could

never find. When I would finally

achieve this, it would give me

a little bit of satisfaction, but I

would need the next challenge.

I didn’t realise this at the time

but, I was chasing happiness

in all of the wrong areas, and

it was actually making me

extremely unhappy.

My story is not dissimilar to

many. It took me hitting rock

bottom to realise that what

I thought was a pursuit of

happiness was contributing to a

lack of life satisfaction.

I was always on the chase. Never

happy with being satisfied

with living in the moment.

My eye was constantly on the

next significant achievement.

Moreover, I can now say that I

was selfish, arrogant, a narcissist

and quite frankly a fraud.

My eye was off the ball and

before I knew it – I had sunk into

a depression that was triggered

by my divorce.

It took this crisis to identify

the importance of living in the

moment and being present

and grateful. However, how to

achieve this?


As a former teacher, I reflected

on the happiness children seem

to experience through play. This

insight alone paved the way for

my own happiness and was the

genesis of Jugar Life – which in

essence means to play.

Encouraging adults to live

the Jugar Life with me – and

adopt it into their daily routine

to ultimately experience

more significant moments of

happiness – is now my mission

in life.

My name is Dale Sidebottom,

and at the age of 34, I can

now say that I am the happiest

I have ever been in life. I run

Bottoms UP Fitness, Energetic

Education and Jugar Life as

well as retreats in Bali with FHL

Retreats. I can finally say that

I am the happiest I have ever

been. The reason for this is that

I have started living the Jugar

Life way.

Jugar means to play in Spanish,

and with this movement,

gratitude and kindness in my

daily routines, I am now helping

others find happiness in their


Come and join me as my

mission in life is to ‘bring the

fun’ and make those around

me happy. The Jugar Life way

will help you take control of

your happiness just like it has

for me, and allow you to be

present and comfortable in the





Words by Susanne Gervay

Overcoming the Dreaded Word… BORED

Bored . This 5 letter word

sends shivers down the spine

of parents, grandparents,

aunts, uncles and all grownups.

How can you stop those

shivers and the dreaded

word that comes from

children’s mouths. Bored? It

is through another 5 letter

word, called story. Reading,

illustrating, acting, role plays,

writing, exploring, meeting

authors and illustrators,

creating imaginative worlds,

characters, launches and

immersing kids in all forms of

the arts from art galleries to

museums, takes kids on the

creative journey of story.

Melbourne is the City of

Literature and awash with

creativity. Did you know that

Hippo from the iconic book

There’s a Hippopotamus on

our Roof Eating Cake was born

in Melbourne? The author of

Hippo, Hazel Edwards was

also born in Melbourne. Did

you known the best selling

Treehouse books came from a

seedling idea in Melbourne. The

author Andy Griffiths was born

in Melbourne too. Yes, even

Ella from the Ella Diaries was

born in Melbourne. So was the

author Meredith Costain. A lot

of authors and illustrators write,

create, launch books and art in

their city.

Wherever you go in Melbourne

you’ll find the magic word story.

There are so many wonderful

places to participate in creative

workshops, activities, books

and story in all their variations.

Many libraries have school

holiday creative workshops for

children. Specialist bookshops

have storytelling, workshops,

launches, meet and greet

with authors and illustrators.

Museums, art galleries, some

historic sites invite young

people to participate in creative

activities that are either free or

at a nominal cost or included in

the entry price.

And mudputty, as a full list

of creative workshops and

activities for young people

Susanne Gervay, children’s

author, whose new picture book

Boy in the Big Blue Glasses (EK

Books) illustrated by Marjorie

Crosby-Fairall will be launched

July 2019.


Homeschool Classes

Kids Art Classes

Kids Dance Classes

Homeschool Classes including

Functional Craft, Art, Science,

Yoga, Gardening, Trampoline,

and Gymnastics.

Kids Art and Craft including

Sewing, Clay, Nature Play

Classes, Painting, and more

Kids Dance Classes for 2+

including Ballet, Tap, Physie,

Hip Hop, Jaz and more

School Holiday Activities

Kids Gymnastics

Kids Yoga

School Holiday Fun including

Fairy House Making, Hoola-

Hoop classes, Cubby House

Making and more

Kids Gymnastics for age 1 and

above including Tumble Tots,

FUNdamentals, Beginner, and


Kids Yoga and Meditation

Classes to help children build

awareness, strength, and

flexibility in the body and mind.

Kids Sport Lessons

Kids Language

Kids Music Classes

Lessons including Surfing,

Junior Golf, Tennis, Kids Karate,

Swimming Aerobics, Junior

Boxing and Little Kickers.

Kids Language Lessons for all

ages from one on one to group

classes including French and

Italian classes.

Music lessons for all ages

including Baby Music, Guitar,

Singing, Cello, Piano, Drum and

Ukulele Lessons

Book Wee Tribe Classes at


Words by Kaye Ure

Pictures supplied by Kaye Ure

Styling Individuals



This lead me to study Fashion

Design at RMIT, work in the

fashion industry for a decade,

and pursue training as a

Personal Stylist in London.

After 18 years of consulting

in a studio in the heart of

fashionable Kensington, I

returned home to Melbourne in


Now settled in Brighton, Kaye’s

job is to help you celebrate

your individuality, and show

you what makes you attractive

and distinct.

If you have a wardrobe of

clothes and nothing to wear,

you are not alone, this is the

experience of the modern


There is so much to choose

from, how do we select


Kaye Ure from Styling

Individuals helps people who

are looking for an edge and a

way out of the maze, develop

their own style so they are

confident and look good every


Kaye’s approach is about

learning who you are, who you

want to be, and then helping

you to find your best style.

I know what it is like to look in

the mirror and not like what

you see, to try on clothes that

don’t work and not know why.

Like most teenagers I struggled

to feel like I belonged, when

I changed my ap-pearance I

noticed it impacted how others

related to me and how I felt

about myself. My confidence

grew as did my interest in the

power of clothing.

Using a step-by-step method,

that’s as easy as ABC, in a

series of one to one workshops

she will show you how to select

styles, shapes and colours that

flat-ter you and express who

you are.

Kaye really knows clothes and

what makes them work, her

technical knowledge gives her

an in-depth understanding

about fit, function and what

flatters the human form.

She is passionately committed

to ensuring that your

presentation matches who

you are, and what your life is

about so that you are free from

concern and able to play in life.


Over 50’s Yoga

Seated Exercise Classes

Over 50’s Dancing

Seniors Yoga and Pilates

including Longevity Yoga and

Better Bones Better Health


Seated Exercise Classes

including Ageless Grace Brain

Health Seated Exercise Class.

Dance Classes including Latin,

Beginners, Club and Cruise and

Swing Dance.

Over 50’s Paint & Art

Seniors Craft

Over 50’s Tai Chi

Painting and Art Classes in a

fun, casual environment for

small groups and beginners.

Cardmaking, Sewing, Knitting,

Pottery, Crochet, all types of

Craft to enjoy with others.

Gentle exercises to improve

your health by encouraging

vitality through chi flow.

Life Long Learning

Mindfulness Classes

Cooking Classes

Learn a new Language, Hobbie,

Instrument or Skill with other

wise ones.

Stress Free Classes including

Stress Away Class and

Mindfulness for Flexibility and

Stress Relief.

Cooking Classes including

Banquet Cooking, Farmers

Market to the Plate, Dessert

and Pasta Making.

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Arty Tribe

1017 Arty Other Traditional Maori Basket Weaving Ballarat Central Alice Spittle

56 Card Making


Cardmaking Technique Class Melbourne Julia

404 Craft Classes Learn To Quilt Melbourne Edith

1008 Craft Classes Learn To Crochet Melbourne Melissa

1460 Drawing Classes Fundamentals Of Drawing Course Melbourne Jaymie

912 Jewellery Making


48 Jewellery Making


134 Language


Unearthed Workshop With Kirra-Lea Jewellery Fitzroy Claw

Silversmithing Jewellery Making Melbourne Nick

Italian Lessons Melbourne Erika

758 language-lessons French Courses Melbourne Marcel

1472 Makers Classes Traditional Wooden Longbow Making Anglesea Lars

1468 Makers Classes Traditional Wooden Longbow Making Dixons Creek Lars

1479 Makers Classes Traditional Wooden Longbow Making Little Hampton Lars

344 Music Lessons Learn Ukulele Online 2 Melbourne Marilyn

341 Music Lessons Learn Ukulele Online 1 Melbourne Marilyn

337 Music Lessons Beginner Ukulele Course Melbourne Marilyn

62 Music Lessons Singing Lessons Melbourne Melissa

74 Music Lessons Piano Lessons Melbourne Benjamin

96 Music Lessons Music Lessons Melbourne Rob

300 Music Lessons Guitar / Music Tuition Melbourne Barry

597 Music Lessons French Lessons Melbourne Victoria

1376 Painting Classes Paint Party At Heyfield Top Pub Heyfield Pyt

462 Painting Classes Learn To Paint Watercolour Melbourne Pamela

1375 Painting Classes Paint Party At Momo Traralgon Pyt

1374 Painting Classes Paint Party At Star Hotel Walhalla Pyt

935 Photography


Photography Walk With Linda Scanlon Photography Fitzroy Claw

115 Writing Lessons Writing Fiction Melbourne Wendy

Business Tribe

1285 Better Business


Mastermind Networking Event Port Melbourne Sophie

1574 Business Other Yoga And Ayurveda Retreat Axedale Sarah

932 Digital Marketing


887 Personal



536 Personal



940 Social Media


How To Become An Online Freelancer Moutajup Judy

Design The Life You Love - 4 Week Course Melbourne Cate

Next Step Coaching Melbourne Sandy

Social Media Workshop With Clara Carija Fitzroy Claw






Foodie Tribe

1069 Barista Coffee

Making Courses

The Coffee Training Co. Basic Latte Art Melbourne Crystal

1239 Cooking Classes Chocolate Class For Chocoholics!! Blackburn Sylvia

1213 Cooking Classes Sissys Chocolate-Making Workshop Blackburn Sylvia

1438 Cooking Classes Indian Spice Tour With Cooking Seabrook Seema

1400 Cooking Classes Ayurveda "Food As Medicine" Seabrook Seema

1395 Cooking Classes Flavors Of South India Seabrook Seema

1091 Cooking Classes Famous Curries Of India (Vegan) Seabrook Seema

1090 Cooking Classes Introduction To Indian Cooking Seabrook Seema

897 Foodie Other Vegan Food Tour Of Fitzroy Fitzroy Dan

1398 Vegetarian

Cooking Classes

1092 Vegetarian

Cooking Classes

Healthy Tribe

176 Health And



Indian Breads Seabrook Seema

Famous Curries Of India Seabrook Seema

Online Stress Away Class Melbourne Jacky

1589 Health Workshops Power Of Joy Workshop Gippsland Golden Beach Joy

1588 Health Workshops Power Of Joy Workshop Mitcham Joy

1147 Healthy Other Soul-To-Soul Animal Connection Workshop Earlwood Bianca

1436 Life Coaching Connect The Dots Panel Evening Footscray Bron

1628 Meditation


1587 Meditation


206 Meditation


916 Meditation


1586 Meditation


Transform Your Life with Meditation Course Collingwood Rupa

Meditation Circle Gippsland Golden Beach Joy

Meditation Class Melbourne Yoga

Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Melbourne Soraya

Meditation Circle - Melbourne Mitcham Joy

1629 Other Evening Kirtan – Sacred Chanting Meditation Collingwood Rupa

1627 Other Sunday Kirtan – Sacred Chanting Meditation Collingwood Rupa

881 Pilates Classes Pilates Reformer Class Melbourne Sandra

89 Pilates Classes Pilates Mat Class Melbourne Sandra

1086 Qigong Classes Qigong In The Park Melbourne Steve

987 Qigong Classes Tai Chi And Qigong Classes Upwey Chi

1622 Sound Relaxation Deep Peace Meditation Collingwood Rupa

1626 Yoga Classes Melbourne Yoga Day Celebration 2019 Collingwood Rupa

1625 Yoga Classes Vinyasa Flow Yoga Collingwood Rupa

1624 Yoga Classes Slow Hatha Yoga Collingwood Rupa

1623 Yoga Classes Slow Hatha Yoga Collingwood Rupa

1621 Yoga Classes Slow Hatha Yoga Collingwood Rupa

1620 Yoga Classes Slow Hatha Yoga Collingwood Rupa

1619 Yoga Classes Restorative Yoga Collingwood Rupa

1618 Yoga Classes Slow Hatha Yoga Collingwood Rupa

1617 Yoga Classes Vinyasa Flow Yoga Collingwood Rupa

23. Listings





Healthy Tribe

1178 Yoga Classes Yoga Kialla Heidi

189 Yoga Classes Yoga Vinyasa Power Flow Melbourne Amanda

387 Yoga Classes Slow Flow Yoga Melbourne Jana

495 Yoga Classes Gentle Yoga Melbourne Maroochydore

241 Yoga Classes Power Yoga Melbourne Julie

240 Yoga Classes Yoga Vinyasa Melbourne Julie

197 Yoga Classes Hatha Yoga Melbourne Yoga

1523 Yoga Classes The Yoga Sessions Melbourne Angelique

She Tribe

994 Her Courses The Treasure Within® Coaching Program For Women Melbourne Susan

1354 Her Workshops Workshop: Clarity And Self-Acceptance Melbourne Susan

1011 Her Workshops Workshop: Connect To Your True Desires And Purpose Melbourne Susan

1327 Mum And Bubs


1236 Mum And Bubs


1237 Mum And Bubs


1326 Mum And Bubs


331 Mum And Bubs


936 Mum And Bubs


331 Mum And Bubs


417 Mum And Kids

Yoga Classes

Kangatraining Cheltenham Cheltenham Amalie

Kangatraining Banyule Greensborough Sabrina

Kangatraining Banyule Heidelberg Sabrina

Kangatraining Highett Highett Amalie

Mums And Bubs Yoga Course Melbourne Karen

Mums And Bubs Group Fitness Melbourne Cat

Mums And Bubs Yoga Course Melbourne Karen

Mum & Bub Yoga Melbourne Alison

1461 She Other Styled For Confidence - Style Workshop Brighton Kaye

1456 She Other Colour With Confidence - Colour Analysis Brighton Kaye

1455 She Other Styled For Confidence - Personal Colour & Style Workshop Brighton Kaye

805 Women Fitness


815 Women Fitness


853 Women Fitness


Nia Moving For Healing & Wellness Classes Melbourne Angie

Ladies Only Strength Session Melbourne Yvette

Core Development West Melbourne Aruna






Sporty Tribe

248 Dance Classes Club And Cruise Dance Class Melbourne Sharon &


167 Dance Classes Swing Jive Dance Classes Melbourne Sharon &


73 Dance Classes Latin Exercise Dance Class Melbourne Sharon &


1350 Dance Classes Aerials Dance Class Melbourne Nathan

1349 Dance Classes Kick-Step Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Class Melbourne Nathan

1345 Dance Classes Slow Swing Dance Class Melbourne Nathan

942 dance-classes Hens Party Dance Experience Melbourne F

957 Group Training

Fitness Classes

587 Group Training

Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Melbourne Cat

Bootcamp Melbourne Lisa

1522 Karate Classes Karate Lessons Melbourne Adam

1524 Soccer Classes Fun Soccer Classes 2-5yrs Melbourne Brazilian


199 Swimming


Fitness Squad Melbourne Life Swim

781 Tennis Lessons Cardio Tennis Melbourne Jamie

433 Tennis Lessons Tennis Lessons Melbourne Jamie

Wee Tribe

1594 Kids Art Classes Kids Pottery Melbourne Renee

888 Kids Language


1052 Kids Language


465 Kids Swimming


846 Kids Tutoring


German Classes For Primary School Students Melbourne Katharina

Chinese Mandarin Classes For School Students Melbourne Wendy

Learn To Swim Classes Melbourne Life Swim

Learning With Lorna Melbourne Lorna

1229 Wee Other Gospelarts Heathmont Melanie

25. Listings



Wise Tribe

210 Seniors Yoga


Longevity Yoga Over 55’S Melbourne Yoga

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