The Derbeian Magazine Summer 2019 Edition


This is the 12th edition of The Derbeian Magazine, Summer 2019. Read about all things Derby and Derbyshire past and present.

THE Derbeian | Summer 2019

Crime and Punishment

Fathering children and leaving them dependent on the parish was

heavily punished. Shown here are many men who were imprisoned

for failing to provide court ordered payments to various parishes.

John Leedham executed in 1833.

The stories of many

criminals, particularly

those facing execution, were

sensationalised in the press.

Broadsheets detailing their

crimes and executions were

often accompanied by morbid

engraving. These engraving

showed the final moments of

the condemned, and provided

an object lesson to their

audience, to dissuade them

from following a similar path.

16 | Derby Local Studies

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