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THE Derbeian | Summer 2019

Lexus RX450h F Sport

Medieval stonemasons and craftsmen erected magnificent

cathedrals which today are celebrated as marvels of the age

and venerable monuments of aspiration for all time. Many

would argue that the best twenty first century motorcars

in their peerless ingenuity, combine technology and

artistry, plus the sublimity of aspirational ideology, into

an impressive statement of intent and are the true heirs

to these earlier wonders. That this is not such a far fetched

comparison is borne out the moment you experience for

the first time a drive in the latest Lexus contribution to the

crossover concept of car design.

The Lexus RX 450h F Sport is the

way to go for modern motorists

who demand power, style,

accommodation, comfort, versatility

and economy in equal measure. A

crossover like no other, it inspires

hushed reverence - a response

made all the easier for driver and

passengers as they are transported

in armchair comfort to the sound of

distilled silence; a silence so serene

that it seems an intrusive shame to

spoil it by deploying the state-ofthe-art

infotainment system.

Seen from the outside this

Lexus, in common with all

modern architecture, is likely

to divide opinion. And yet in its

uncompromising assertion of

modernity, it emphasises the truth

of the claim that monumentality

and scale are two separate things.

Not anything like so big as Chartres

it nonetheless, in my view, is

comparable to any past magnificent

monument regardless of any

discrepancies of size. It represents

a truly monumental stride forward

in motoring, redolent of changing

times and priorities. Assertive

angularities in crisply styled

coachwork point towards tomorrow

as assuredly as flying buttresses

serve to elevate Heavenwards

the stone they support. You know

at once this is no ordinary car but

you know you will feel special

the moment you take the wheel.

Passengers too will be treated to

the privileged feeling of being in

the best possible seats as the Lexus

show takes to the road.

Impressions are one thing, but it

takes hard data to nail home to

the uninitiated just how advanced

and innovatory this car is. A

hybrid? Already you can see the

suggestion of a yawn on the faces

of professional cynics stimulated

to the point of boredom. ‘Hybrid?

Seen them mate. What’s new guys?’

34 | Motoring with Syd Taylor

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