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The Kwikfit British Touring Car Championship 2019


The Best of the Action

From Yorkshire’s

Croft Circuit

Issue No:2 Croft


The very latest from the

Kwikfit BTCC 2019


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4. BTCC News

What’s going on in the world of the Kwikfit

BTCC 2019.

6. Andrew Jordan Doubles Up

The newest member to the ‘Double Winner’

circle and his season so far.

7. ‘Nuthin’ But Tail Lights

Matt Neal Teaches the Croft Pack How to


8. Croft

A round up of the weekends action from the

Yorkshire circuit.

10. Support Race Focus

A look at Formula 4’s rising star, Zane Maloney

12. What Would We Do Without ITV

A Little Tribute to the Boys and Girls Who

Bring us the Action

14. Championship Tables

Who’s where in the bid for the Drivers,

Manufacturers and Constructors titles.

Chilton victorious at Croft

Jordan Dominates Page 8

| 02

Editor’s Notes

Welcome to the second edition of ong>Britsong> on Tour, and may I say a huge thanks to those

who read our first issue. Hopefully this little nut will be just as popular.

So to begin with, we move to Croft for the fourth outing of the Kwikfit BTCC 2019.

As much as I am excited to be reporting yet again, I am also extremely frustrated

of not being able to be alongside the action due to having a couple of local idiots

deciding to torch our car recently, which as some of you will know also doubles up

as the lifeboat for many of our Armed Forces Veterans under care of the Tommy

Atkins Centre here in Worcester. A very active centre providing much needed

support to our heroes of which, may I add, our very own Matt Neal is a Patron. Matt

does an awful lot to support us so it is with much regret that we can’t be with you in

Yorkshire this weekend. Thankfully, our new sponsor, Lowes Garage, has very kindly

donated a car to us and, although we are on the road, I still need to carry out a little

maintenance before we venture too far. But he has been a God-send, so a huge thank

you goes out to Spencer Lowes and all the team at Lowes Garage.

Right, back to the fun. Croft was amazing, to put it in easy terms. The old surface

meant that the track favoured the RWD’s but thanks to a brand new surface the

playing field was pretty much level. All three main races were nail-biting. My only

concern was the qualifying which was marred by five Red Flags. Ah well, all adds to

the spice I suppose.

More on the races in our centre spread but make sure you catch up on the latest

BTCC news on the following pages which includes the announcement for the

calender for next season. Wow, twice to Silverstone. Once on the national circuit

and then the penultimate round on the international circuit. This is really good news,

Silverstone is racing royalty in my eyes and having two chances to visit is going to

be brilliant. Another change is, we are returning to Donnington for the start of next

season rather than Brands Hatch which is now second on the schedule.

So here we are, four rounds down with six to go. Our next stop is the incredible

countryside of Oulton Park, Cheshire. If the Sun God is with us like last year, it will

be a spectacular day. Do try to book your tickets in advance for a discount but look

on line soon as there is a cut-off for the cheaper tickets.

On The Cover

Dan Rowbottom - Cataclean Racing

ong>Britsong> on Tour is written and

produced by SBT Media. We use,

as BTCC accredited media, news

articles, info and images with the

kind permission of and

Jakob Ebrey Photography. All

material used is subject to copyright

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express permission of the author.

Editor: Pablo Snow

Images: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Production: SBT Media

Social Media: Jane Shields

Additional Images: Vince Ballard

News Desk: Jim Wilde

SBT Broadcasting: AJ Vosse

Oulton is an incredible circuit with lots of fast sections, tight bends including a

hairpin and a hill or two thrown into the mix. The spectator viewing is first class with

plenty of opportunity to get up and close to the action. Do enjoy the day if you are

going and hopefully see you there. Pabs


is gratefully

sponsored by

Lowes Garage,

Worcester 03 |




Feature photo credit: Jakob Ebrey

The 2020 Kwik Fit

British Touring Car

Championship calendar

was announced live

on ITV4 earlier this

morning (16 June), as

BTCC Chief Executive

Alan Gow confirmed a

shake-up ahead of next


Donington Park will

host the opening event

of the series for the

first time in 15 years,

whilst Brands Hatch is

next on the calendar as

well as maintaining its

traditional finals slot

on the legendary Grand

Prix circuit.

In keeping with last

year’s decision to give

some venues the chance

to hold a second event

in the same season, it

has been agreed that

Silverstone will host

two BTCC events in


The National Circuit

will be utilised for the

now earlier Silverstone

date in April, whilst the

penultimate event of

the season will be held

on the International

layout – the first time

that the BTCC will

have raced on the

configuration since the

development of ‘The

Silverstone Wing’.

Croft Circuit in North

Yorkshire – where

today’s announcement

was made – will move

to a summer date in

mid-August on next

year’s schedule, whilst

Oulton Park, Snetterton

and Knockhill maintain

their places on the

calendar for Britain’s

premier motorsport


“I’m pleased to

confirm our calendar

for the 2020 Kwik

Fit British Touring

Car Championship,

which has a bit of

a different feel to

it for next season,”

said BTCC Chief

Executive, Alan Gow.

“As always, we take

pride in confirming our

schedule this early to

allow the rest of British

motorsport to plan

theirs accordingly.”

Story at



28/29 March Donington Park


11/12 April Brands Hatch (Indy)

25/26 April Silverstone (National)

16/17 May Thruxton

13/14 June Oulton Park (Island)

25/26 July Snetterton (300)

15/16 August Croft

29/30 August Knockhill

26/27 September Silverstone (Intl)

10/11 October Brands Hatch (GP)

| 04

Power Maxed Coventry Motofest is a

celebration of all things automotive; from

vintage cars and bikes, to live displays

by current race trucks and irreplaceable


For one weekend in June, the city quite

literally comes alive, with the ring road

closed to the public for MSA sanctioned

competition runs, and demonstrations of

some of the most famous cars of all time.

This year’s iteration was the most popular

to date, and smashed all records for a

free-to-visit motoring event in the UK,

with almost 230,000 visitors across the

two-day event. Saturday saw around

140,000 people visit the festival, almost

doubling last year’s number of 75,000.

This was down, in no small part, to

BTCC-superstar Jason Plato taking to the

streets in his current Sterling Insurance

with Power Maxed Racing Vauxhall

Astra. The record-breaking crowds

flocked almost 10-deep to get a glimpse

of the most successful British racing

driver of all time (by wins), and were

treated to a spectacular display of race

launches and fast-paced laps of the ring

road circuit.

The Power Maxed Zone saw a number

of pieces of automotive exotica on


Crowds lap up record Power Maxed Coventry Motofest


display, including Plato’s race-used

NGTC-spec Astra, and also gave fans the

opportunity to meet the man himself,

as he represented Sterling Insurance on

their official launch weekend, letting fans

know that their website (

is ready to go.

Read more on this story here...

BTCC stars to raise vital funds for charity with online auction and track walk at Croft


Stars from the UK’s premier

motorsport series will put their

best foot forward at Croft Circuit

this weekend (15/16 June) for a public

track walk jointly in aid of Children

with Cancer and the Alzheimer’s Society

– and many have also donated signed

merchandise and exclusive experiences

to an online auction that launched last


The Kwik Fit British Touring Car

Championship at Croft, presented by

Tarmac is the blue riband event on

the popular North Yorkshire circuit’s

calendar, as 30 of the finest racing drivers

in the country get set to go doorhandleto-doorhandle

for glory in front of

capacity crowds.

Last year, an impromptu track walk

on the Saturday evening raised more

than £550 for nearby Butterwick House

Children’s Hospice, inspiring an even

bigger push 12 months on, with BTCC

title partner Kwik Fit’s dedicated charity

Children with Cancer and Croft’s own

chosen charity for 2019, the Alzheimer’s

Society both set to benefit from the

money collected.

The track walk will begin as soon as

racing finishes on Saturday (c.18:15),

with drivers and fans invited to gather

at the end of the pit garages near to the

pit-lane exit. Drivers already confirmed

to take part include joint championship

leader Rory Butcher, Yorkshire’s own Dan

Cammish and Senna Proctor, two-time

BTCC Independents’ Champion Tom

Ingram, race-winners Stephen Jelley and

Matt Simpson and Team HARD rookie

Michael Crees. Fans are asked to donate

what they can to join the stars of the

show on a lap of the circuit on foot.

Read more here... 05 |

‘Nuthin’ But Tail Lights!’

Matt Neal Teaches The Croft

Pack How To Overtake

Matt Neal

Time and time again, I have

watched the Halfords

Yuasa Honda pilot, Matt

Neal move from midfield to

front in record time making his

competition look like they are in


A few years ago, we reported on

the BTCC at Silverstone in our first

year getting in to the action. If I

remember rightly, Matt began 9th

on the grid in the final race. Lap

by lap, he seemed to advance a

place until he was in second place.

We were positioned at Becketts,

just in the right place to catch that

famous Matt Neal pass on a poor

Rob Collard to take the lead. It

is probably my most memorable

moment watching BTCC from the

track. Since then I have seen the

West Midlander spring this move

time and time again with the same

precision and result.

Now, I can’t get into Matt’s head

so I will never know his secret but

he seems to have this ability to get

on the brakes so much later than

anyone else to get himself into that

gap where he can pass successfully.

At Croft this weekend, he executed

this move time and time again,

magically for me, once against his

old rival Jason Plato. It was pure

class. Looking at Matt’s progress

over the weekend following a

very messy qualifying session, I

wondered if the car had been set

up purely for that move. What

ever the team did, it worked.

What I do know is that Matt is

the most experienced BTCC racer

on the track having 27 years of

competition under his belt which,

of course, includes three drivers


It made me chuckle at the start of

the season when one individual

commented on Twitter that the

old boys were past it. All I can say

is, “Mate, eat your words”. There

is plenty of life here with maybe a

fourth title to come. Who knows?

Article by Pablo, ong>Britsong> on Tour.

| 06


Get involved

Become a marshal!


this be


Try a free Taster Day 07 |


Rounds 10, 11 and 12 by Pablo - ong>Britsong> on Tour

Seriously, can anything else

surprise us in this years

Kwikfit BTCC 2019?

Let’s crack straight on with

qualifying. Anyone who

witnessed the qualies could be

forgiven for their frustration

and rightly so. Five Red Flags

during the session with the last

one proving fatal with the track

conditions deteriorating thanks

to the weather.

The first three Reds came from

the temporary foam barriers

getting hit. The first, at the peril

of Nic Hamilton. Really felt for

him there. Then a few minutes

after that we had our second

on the chicane and then lo and

behold, a few minutes after the

restart, we had our third. At

this point we only had 12 cars

showing times with almost half

the session done.

There was much talking on the

BTCC radio to the practicality of

these barriers. Yes, there should

be something to stop the drivers

cutting the corners but not at the

expense of the damage that they

inflicted on many of the cars.

Maybe a learning experience for

the rest of the season.

Anyway, Andrew Jordan took his

first pole for many a moon after

a bit of a questionable incident

with Chris Smiley, Tom Chilton

and Colin Turkington rounding

off the first two rows.

Let’s be fair, many drivers did not

reach their qualifying potential

due to the Red Flags. So on to

race day.

Sunday morning, a dry track but

threats of rain, loads of potential

for an exciting first race.

Andrew was in a great position

on pole, on the track that is

meant to favour the RWD’s but

we all know that could change

very quickly. When the lights

went out, he led lights to flag and

that was that but let’s take a look

at the scraps behind him. Chris

Smiley and Tom Chilton hung on

to second and third respectively

with the BMW of Colin

Turkington close behind. But

for me the fight was for 6th/7th

between Dan Cammish and Ash

Sutton. It was absolutely epic.

In the end DanCam proved just

a little too strong for the 2017


I must admit, I’ve been really

looking forward to writing

about race two. OK, writing the

Sandbag Times magazine, I do

tend to favour our patron, Matt

Neal and when writing ong>Britsong> on

Tour, I do have to be fair across

the board but I will take a little

exception here. But let’s give the

race a fair shout first.

Jordan continued his reign of

fire at the front for race two and

dominated throughout. Colin

Turkington soon dispensed with

the ballast-laden Chris Smiley

and Tom Chilton to get a 1-2

for the West Surrey Racing

team but behind that is where

my attention really was. Dan

Cammish battled hard to get up

into 3rd for his bit of silverware

whilst team mate, Matt Neal

advanced from 10th to 4th in

spectacular style (no favouritism

here) in a real masterclass of

overtaking. Very late braking

combined with 27 years of

experience left many a driver red

faced and humbled by the three

times champion. For me, that

was the drive of the day beyond


So we ended the race, Jordan

taking his second win of the day

and his second double of the

Main Image: Jakob Ebrey Photography

| 08


championship. Colin Turkington

second, Dan Cammish third and

Matt Neal fourth.

The reverse grid was drawn soon

after placing Tom Chilton on

pole with Chris Ingram, Josh

Cook and Jason Plato also to

battle out at the front.

I pause at this point from

the BTCC action to go to the

support races. My support race

feature for this issue is on the F4

superkid, Zane Maloney who

dominated his race, more on

that later in this issue but before

we go to the final race, I sat to

watch the Porsche Carrera Cup

and lo and behold the heavens

opened big time. The race was

pure mayhem as standing water

covered the track adding to the

problems on the verges which

went from slightly muddy to

quagmire. The spray made the

visibility almost non existent and

we had a start of all starts with

only three actually starting on

the grid (all on dry tyres) while

the rest of the field darted in

off the warm up lap to change

to wets, The gamble of staying

on dry’s was not a good one.

Although very quickly the three

starters were a good half lap in

front of the rest of the field, the

conditions got worse and the rest

of the back very quickly caught

up. It was a fantastic spectacle

which started me thinking about

the forthcoming final BTCC


By the time the cars lined up for

the third BTCC race, the rain

had stopped but there was still an

awful lot of the wet stuff hanging

about. Pole sitter, Tom Chilton

was adamant that wets were the

way forward even though the

track was drying while Chris

Ingram was adamant that dry’s

were the way forward. The two

different tyres were spread across

the grid with everybody taking

chances either way.

The slicks were always going

to suffer at the start of the race

and Ingram soon found himself

slipping very quickly down

the line and very soon we had

Chilton at the front, with Josh

Cook, Jason Plato and Matt Neal

following closely behind. After

a quick safety car incident Matt

lost out to a very determined

Ash Sutton hell bent on paying

Matt back for the pass in race

two, which he achieved in similar

style, sorry Matt, you can’t win

‘em all. The second and third

place fight continued between

Cook and Plato but Jason was

unable to pass the Honda.

Despite this, it was great to see

the veteran back up the sharp

end with a little silver in his

hand. It’s been a while.

Tom Chilton drove a very

impressive race holding on to the

front spot from the start on wet

tyres to claim his first victory of

the year. We will be featuring

Tom in the next issue with a

driver special. Look out for that


All in all, this was an outstanding

day’s racing. Unfortunately, I

had to do my reporting from

the comfort of my armchair due

to recent incidents to our own

car. Never mind, we shall be at

the trackside at Oulton Park.

Have to say, I love that track. It’s

in the very beautiful Cheshire

countryside with some of the

best spectating on the calender.

So get your tickets for 29th /

30th June for rounds 13, 14 and

15. The battle is red hot at the

moment and open to so many

teams and drivers. We look

forward to seeing you there. 09 |


Focus on Zane Maloney

British Formula 4 Championship

| 08

Zane Maloney


really enjoy the support races

during the Kwikfit BTCC events.

In particular, I have been captured

by the single seat cars in the Formula 4


At Croft, my attention was drawn to

the youngster who seemed to be the

man to beat in this particular class.

Zane Maloney.

Not knowing the drivers or, to be

honest, not very much about the class,

I have to say I was gobsmacked when

Zane was interviewed at the end of the

second race only to see a very young

man beaming from ear to ear after

dominating the race.

The Barbadian driver has only been

involved in professional racing since

2016 according to the Drivers Database

but already in his first year of F4, he is

already lying at the top of the table of a

very demanding field. Remember, we

are only four meetings into the season.

Like many drivers, Zane was blooded

in the Karting world, most recently

finishing the 2018 WSK Champions

Cup in 3rd place.

Zane’s performance at Croft was

nothing short of breath-taking with a

win in the first race, 5th in the second

and as we said earlier another win in

the final race, making a total of four

wins this season. That result was also

complimented by Pole during the

qualifying. Quite an achievement for

the young Carlin driver in his first


We are looking forward to watching

Zane’s progress during the 2019 season

with a wonder of whether we will one

day see him on the international scene

behind the wheel of an F1 car.

Article: Pablo - ong>Britsong> on Tour 11 |

What Would We Do Without ITV

The Folks That Keep us all Informed

| 12

The ITV Team

Steve Ryder David Addison Louise Goodman

Tim Harvey

Paul O’Neill


thought it only fair to give a big mention to our ITV team

who do so much to keep us up close and personal with

everything that goes on in the BTCC arena.

Honestly folks, these people are superstars. Now, I’m not just

talking about the big 5 who keep us entertained, but also the

whole team. The camera work is absolutely second to none.

We never miss a thing, which is ideal for me when trying

to do these reports when not at the circuits. The backroom

boys and girls who go unnoticed throughout the weekends

but produce the goods to such a high standard. And the

whole damn team. I tip my hat to you all and give you much


But lets take a look at the front gang, for want of a better

description. Steve Ryder is quite honestly, the most talented

but humble anchorman out there. A true gentlemen but

always fair to all. I had a chuckle when his birthday was

announced last year during the reverse grid for one particular

race. You could almost feel the heat of his embarrassed face

through the TV screen. Bless him.

David Addison is quite simply the professional. An amazing

commentator who, I must say, has a talent for never missing

an incident, no matter where cameras are pointing.

Tim Harvey’s experience on the BTCC circuit makes him a

very valued asset to the team. I have bumped into Tim a few

times this season, still not had the courage to go over and

chat but I will before the year is out.

Paul O’Neill never fails to make me chuckle. He is as honest

as they come and he does tend to say as he sees. Totally

my sort of reporter. His twitter time is always one to watch

out for, a really nice touch to bring the public into the

championship. A rare thing. Paul is also a veteran of BTCC

giving much authority in what he reports on.

Finally, but certainly not last, the lovely Louise Goodman.

Louise’s Grid walk interviews and winner interviews are

never missed by me. She is loved by all the drivers and always

given the utmost respect while maintaining a little humour.

I especially like it when drivers step out of line with the odd

expletive, she is never scared to correct them on the spot.

All in all, I personally do not think any other station could do

justice to our championship in the same way as our beloved

ITV crew and long may it continue. Every now and then, you

get the perfect ingredients to make the best cake. This gang,

in my eyes, would qualify to be the best birthday cake around.

Where the hell did that analogy come from?

Article: Pablo - ong>Britsong> on Tour 13 |

Drivers Championship

1 Colin TURKINGTON Team BMW 143

2 Josh COOK BTC Racing 132

3 Ashley SUTTON Adrian Flux Subaru Racing 130

4 Andrew JORDAN BMW Pirtek Racing 117

5 Matt NEAL Halfords Yuasa Racing 115

6 Rory BUTCHER Cobra Sport AmD AutoAid/RCIB Insurance 113

7 Tom CHILTON Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Gallagher 111

8 Dan CAMMISH Halfords Yuasa Racing 97

9 Tom INGRAM Team Toyota GB with Ginsters 96

10 Jason PLATO Sterling Insurance with Power Maxed Racing 93

11 Jake HILL 61

12 Adam MORGAN Mac Tools with Ciceley Motorsport 58

13 Tom OLIPHANT Team BMW 51

14 Rob COLLARD Sterling Insurance with Power Maxed Racing 50

15 Chris SMILEY BTC Racing 48

16 Stephen JELLEY Team Parker Racing 48

16 Sam TORDOFF Cobra Sport AmD AutoAid/RCIB Insurance 39

18 Aiden MOFFAT Laser Tools Racing 39

19 Senna PROCTOR Adrian Flux Subaru Racing 19

20 Bobby THOMPSON GKR Scaffolding with Autobrite Direct 17

21 Ollie JACKSON Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Gallagher 10

22 Jack GOFF RCIB Insurance with Fox Transport 10

23 Michael CREES GKR Scaffolding with Autobrite Direct 4

24 Mark BLUNDELL 2

25 Carl BOARDLEY RCIB Insurance with Fox Transport 1

26 Matt SIMPSON Simpson Racing 1

27 Sam OSBORNE Excelr8 Motorsport 0

28 Nic HAMILTON ROKiT Racing with Motorbase 0

29 Daniel ROWBOTTOM Cataclean Racing with Ciceley Motorsport 0

30 Rob SMITH Excelr8 Motorsport 0

Manufacturers – Constructors Standings

1 BMW 318

2 Honda 313

3 Subaru 271

4 Vauxhall 236

5 Toyota 147

| 14

Kwikfit BTCC 2019 Standings

Teams Standings

1 Halfords Yuasa Racing 210

2 Team BMW 188

3 BTC Racing 176

4 Cobra Sport AmD AutoAid/RCIB Insurance 148

5 Adrian Flux Subaru Racing 146

6 Sterling Insurance with Power Maxed Racing 142

7 Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Gallagher 119

8 BMW Pirtek Racing 109

9 Team Toyota GB with Ginsters 94

10 63

11 Mac Tools with Ciceley Motorsport 58

12 Team Parker Racing 47

13 Laser Tools Racing 39

14 GKR Scaffolding with Autobrite Direct 20

15 RCIB Insurance with Fox Transport 12

16 Simpson Racing 1

17 ROKiT Racing with Motorbase 0

18 Excelr8 Motorsport 0

19 Cataclean Racing with Ciceley Motorsport 0

Dunlop #ForeverForward Standings

1 Aiden MOFFAT 48

2 Adam MORGAN 44

3 Ollie JACKSON 43


5 Chris SMILEY 40

Jack Sears Trophy Standings

1 Rory BUTCHER Cobra Sport AmD AutoAid/RCIB Insurance 231

2 Tom OLIPHANT Team BMW 185

3 Bobby THOMPSON GKR Scaffolding with Autobrite Direct 127

4 Rob SMITH Excelr8 Motorsport 127

5 Daniel ROWBOTTOM Cataclean Racing with Ciceley Motorsport 120

6 Michael CREES GKR Scaffolding with Autobrite Direct 108

7 Carl BOARDLEY RCIB Insurance with Fox Transport 98

8 Mark BLUNDELL 88

9 Nic HAMILTON ROKiT Racing with Motorbase 87

10 Sam OSBORNE Excelr8 Motorsport 71 15 |

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