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Get it together before

you get together this


BBQ Must-Haves

As soon as the weather improves, we tend

to get all spontaneous about eating al

fresco – but to ensure a last-minute BBQ

goes to plan, you’ll need to prep in advance:

Ensure you have a working BBQ ready to

fire up any time you need.

Get the right cleaning products and

always clean after use, not before the

next time you want to use it.

Chop red onion, various peppers and

courgettes, and add them to metal

skewers pop them in the fridge the

night before your BBQ.

With various dietary requirements

being very common nowadays; make

sure you cater for all your friends and

family with veggie choices, vegan and

free-from back-ups. You can get some

great veggie burger patties and include

a big bowl of salad without dressing,

plus a plain rice with peas and corns

mixed in.

Make sure you have a clean, good

quality utensil kit – don’t be messing

with dinner forks or plastic cutlery

to turn your sausages and flip your


If you do have veggie guests, get some

BBQ sheets to separate the meat food

from the non-meat.

You may want to invest in a meat

thermometer, especially for chicken,

which can often look cooked on the

outside, but not in the middle. This is

a helpful tool if you are cooking from

frozen too.

With all this talk about BBQ gadgets

and food options, be sure you don’t

neglect the drinks. If you don’t have

an outdoor fridge, opt for a big ice

filled cool box to add to the outdoor


experience. This works well for cans

and bottles.

Drinks that work great for a BBQ are

shandy, wine spritzer, fruit mocktails,

mojito, gin and tonic, Pimm’s with

lemonade and added fresh fruit.

Picnic Reminders

Whether you are grabbing a bunch of your

mates for a beer and some snacks at the

local park or taking the family for a day out,

this list will keep you on track for a perfect


Take spare clothes and shoes in the car

for all weather possibilities.

Always be prepared with a trash bag for

rubbish in case there are no public bins.

If kids are attending, pack all the bits

you’ll need, including a stash of wet

wipes and even a portable cardboard


Remember the ice for your drinks.

Be adventurous with your food options;

take precooked potato wedges that taste

great hot and cold, and corn on the cob,

as well as the usual sandwiches, fruit

platters and homemade sweet-savoury


Take a massive picnic rug, as well as a

blanket in case someone gets chilly or

you choose to stay until the sun sets.

Take some fun group activities, such as a

football, baseball set or frisbee.

Take a pop-up tent or wind break, just

because the weather decides to turn, you

don’t want it to ruin your plans.

Have a full up-to-date first aid kit in your


Remember the sun block, and apply to

exposed areas, especially the cheeks,

nose, shoulders, tips of the ears and back

of your neck.

Pack swimwear for sunbathing, for water

fights (remember the super soakers,

towels and dry clothes), or for a lake

swim. If you do choose to go in public

water, ensure you are prepared for any

potential dangers i.e. water depth, debris,

and insects.

If you’re having a beach picnic, then of

course take all your beach gear and

watch out for sand in your sandwiches.

Take your phone for emergencies

too – and also for music – if you have a

wireless speaker, pack it to create a party

mood at your picnic.


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