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Cliffs of Freedom actor Jan

Uddin shares his regular

routine for a healthy and

fit lifestyle...


I have always been fairly fit and active, but

as an actor it is my responsibility to stay

the healthiest I’m able to, so I am working

to my best ability, but also so I remain

physically fit, because the job can be

demanding in that respect. Playing Tariq

in Cliffs of Freedom, for example, involved

long days, riding horses in the heat of

New Mexico on mountainous terrain – so

the air was pretty thin... I had to have a

level of fitness to actually get through

the days.

When it comes to my overall look and

physique, of course I like to look good,

and at times I have been extremely ripped,

but not every role calls for that – some

of my roles require a less chiselled look,

and others a gaunt, tired or more mature

look – this was the case with Tariq, who

is more weathered, compared with other

roles that require a fuller, fresher look.

I basically cater my overall fitness

regime to suit what role I am playing

at any given time... Fitness affects your

overall build and posture, not just your





face. It isn’t just about the right look, it

is about immersing myself in a role, and

understanding what it is like to literally be

my character inside and out.


I do go to the gym a lot... I was going

every day at one point, but I mostly

do four to five days a week... I tend to

concentrate on two body parts per day;

triceps and chest one day; shoulders and

abs the next; leg muscles; and then I will

mix it up on the other days.

You definitely need rest days from

the physical challenges – but I am still

active or adventurous on my days off

in-between rehearsing, recording or script


I adapt my diet if need be for roles,

then workout to complement my food


I am not a social gym goer; I like to

blast music through my headphones to

get in a zone – it is almost like a form of

meditation, and a great way to diffuse

any underlying aggression.

Workouts keep me centered; in my

career it’s very varied, travelling a lot and

working on various sets, so it’s great to

have that in my routine – the gym is a

constant in my life.


Even on my rest days, I generally eat

healthily, but it is important to still have a

treat, and mine is a breakfast doughnut.

Weekdays, I keep carbs low, especially

in the evening. I don’t cut them out

altogether. I think a good balanced diet

works for me, because I can get too

skinny, especially if I am doing cardio

work too. And being healthy and strong

isn’t about depriving yourself.

I cook a lot – it is a relaxing

and creative outlet, as even if

you are clean eating, food is still

an enjoyable and social part of a

routine. I like mixing up flavours

influenced by various cultures

like Indian, and west Indian


I eat peanut butter in the

morning, followed by coffee,

and then maybe porridge,

oatmeal or eggs, then after my gym

session, I eat my main meal, which will be

something like Bolognese, or fish/chicken

stew with red or black rice or quinoa. And

later in the evening, I have a lighter meal,

such as baked chicken or fish with spices,

and pumpkin or sweet potatoes instead

of white potatoes, and lots of vegetables

or salad. I do sometimes avoid too many

carbs in the evening... but I don’t snack

in-between meals, so I’m not that strict.

I was vegan a while back, as it was

a natural choice at that point in my life,

and that coincided with filming Cliffs of

Freedom – when I wanted to look thinner

and more mature.

I found myself naturally reintroducing

animal products as and when I felt

like I wanted or needed them and in

moderation; this has worked for my

overall vitality and health. I eat healthy,

happy food.

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