MAN Magazine Summer 2019






Keep a statement garment –

just that! Be careful not to go over

the top with branding or styles –

basically avoid a whole outfit from

one designer, especially if it involves

lots of patterns, and contrasting

styles. Mostly, less is more – hold off

on wearing loads of statement pieces

and choose one standout item like

a shirt and keep all else simple to

complement that statement piece.


Here are six common fashion fauxpas

that we don’t realise we’re doing!

Oversized or undersized... this is

generally a massive issue with ill-fitting suits!

You don’t have to get a tailored outfit, but you

do need to try some clothes on in the shop.

If the trousers are too long – then get them

hemmed, if the jacket is too baggy – don’t buy

it. When it comes to certain trousers that are

meant to be short, like ankle biters worn with

the right footwear then this is okay. A rule of

thumb is try to avoid borrowing your dad’s,

mate’s or brother’s suit unless you are exactly

the same shape and sized. It is a really good

idea to invest in a well-fitting suit and shirt for

special occasions. And that means a tie that

suits your suit too – don’t go too skinny or too

wide for your body shape. Kipper ties are not

generally a good look. This wrong-sized fauxpas

extends from suits, shirts and ties to t-shirts

– no massive t-shirts, and no belly t-shirts. Dress

to suit your body shape – and this is always

better if it is a little slim fitting instead of tight or

baggy. Avoid the extremes.

Ripped Jeans when you’re

not a teen... okay, that maybe

a bit harsh... some ripped jeans

work, especially if it is a subtle tear

or natural wear. But when you are

going full-on distressed, it looks

really try-hard, and the whole

outfit is dominated by the frays

and rips. Unfinished hems, or the

odd hole or a worn wash is okay

– as long as the rest of your outfit

is quite understated, avoiding

massive logos, embellishments and

other distressed denim... these are

no-no combinations.


to the max is

too visually

overpowering, not

to mention impractical. If

it takes you ages to put

on your brackets, watch,

hats, glasses, earrings,

rings, necktie, and even

pin badges then there

is a big chance you are

going overboard.

What the tuck! Leaving a dress shirt or suit

shirt untucked is a school boy error – it may be

comfortable, but it looks messy and unstylish.

If you don’t like wearing shirts tucked in then

opt for designs that are tailored to be worn

out – these are usually more shaped or fitted

and shorter on the body, or more casual such

as Hawaiian or lumber-Jack shirts. This tucking

error also applies to tucking heavy knitwear or

sweatshirts into trousers... not a good look.

You’ll have one foot

in the fashion grave if

you wear the wrong footwear.

Brogues or other closed-in

smart shoes are not a good

choice with casual shorts, or

sporty tracksuit bottoms...

even if you are in a rush or just

popping to the shop. Avoid

walking boots, football boots

and other specialist footwear

with tailored trousers. Some

smart-casual slacks or jeans can

look fine with flip-flops, loafers


or sandals.