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“I train all the time – I like to train!

When I’m not training, I lose my head.

I alternate training each day twice or three times,

for an average of 90-120 minutes. Grant Smith,

my coach constructs my sessions and no one

session is the same. My favourite exercises are

one-on-one pad work – focusing on my technique

and pushing myself to the limit.

Saturdays, I train only once or twice a day – so

a little less than the rest of the week, and Sunday

is a chill out day, when I go for a walk or a run and

maybe go to a healthy restaurant,

I generally eat no processed foods; I use honey

not sugar, and I cut down on dairy when I am

training. And I have three meals a day – prepared

by my meal sponsor The Body Kitchen. Two snacks

– 6 litres of water... no over complication – balanced

– clean – true to yourself.”





And whilst working so closely

with his dad, led to a fall out at

one point, Edwards admits “I owe

everything to my dad; he helped me

take life seriously – programmed

me, and gave me that inner drive;

that hunger to win and succeed.

You need to have passion as a pro

athlete! He used to say to me ‘when

you go to bed, think of your fight,

run it through your head while

you’re falling asleep’ and that’s

what I do...

I owe my success to that. And I

know I needed to fall out with my

dad because I needed to make it

on my own and come back to him

as a man – and when I did, his eyes

welled-up and he was really proud.”

Charlie now lives by these

visualisation techniques, as well as

meditation as part of his training

and fighting, “I get in the zone

before a fight by meditating, and I

spend time with my mentor too.”

It is apparent that boxing is a

way of life for Charlie, and a holistic

process that he balances with

celebrations, around his training

and fighting, as well as scheduled

breaks, “I went to Cambodia, and it

was a really cultural experience and

I want to explore more places such

as Vietnam.”


Get regular health check-ups,

Try meditation,

Remember to watch The Secret film,

Try an ice chamber machine – it is

invigorating and great for all body


Love Hemp oil drops are really helpful

for reducing anxiety – it helps me sleep

as I’m an over thinker.

We end our chat with a few motivational words

of wisdom from Charlie, “Never stop believing –

when you stop believing just walk away – give

everything you’ve got – with belief you construct

your life pattern to become that person.”

Charlie posted on IG after fellow boxer

Anthony Joshua’s defeat:

Absolutely gutted for the big man @anthony_

joshua last night, but I believe he has what it

takes to come back even bigger and better!

Every set back comes with a major come back!

I suffered my first stoppage loss in 2016

against Jon Reil Casimero, I still stick to

these words that it was the biggest blessing

in disguise of my boxing career and

development as a person!

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For information on Charlie’s next fight visit,

Interview by J P Martin



Photographs: Getty Images supplied with permission from Charlie Edwards

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