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You can’t beat a summer cocktail or

two... so we went on search for the best

choice for you and your significant

other when it comes to wowing your

party guests this summer...


great drink for the warmer evenings needs to have class,

versatility and an enticing colour and aroma, not to mention

that it needs to taste refreshing and light... with all these

elements in mind, we spoke to the co-founding twinbrothers

Ben and Dan Ritsema of Cranes Drinks LTD and they helped us

come up with the perfect solution...

Dan says “Vibrant, bubbly, tantalising and chilled, the Cranes Spritz

ticks all the boxes when planning a Summer cocktail menu. Even better,

it’s a super easy and quick pour, what’s not to love!”

Cranes Liqueur is made from the highest quality cranberries and

infused with natural blood orange juices, Cranes Liqueur is a mixologist’s

2019 Summer must-have. Over 115 cranberries go into making the

perfect bottle, giving it a natural taste. The partnering of both the sweet

cranberries and the citrus blood orange create the perfect smooth and

delicious combination.

This versatile on-trend liqueur is perfect for both pimping a glass of

Prosecco, the Cranbellini, or creating the tantalisingly refreshing summer

cocktails such as the Cranes Lemon Berry and Shaddocks G&T.

But let’s be honest, on these long summer evenings and al fresco

dining experiences, can you really beat a Spritz? Originating from the

Italian city of Venice, spritz cocktails are THE drink of summer and Cranes

Liqueur offers a fresh new serve, over the traditional Aperol Spritz.

Here’s the recipe that we love:

3. Pour 4 parts Prosecco

over the Liqueur.

4. Top up your glass with 1 part

Soda Water.

as the bubbles of

the Prosecco mix the

liqueur naturally.

If you are trying the spritz then add

ice and serve in a large wine glass.


2 parts Cranes Liqueur

1 part Soda Water

4 parts Prosecco


1. Fill a glass with ice.

2. Add 2 parts Cranes Cranberry and

Blood Orange Liqueur.


If mixing with Prosecco on its

own, just add a dash like a classic

Kir Royale (champagne/sparkling

wine (6 parts) with (0.5-1 part)

crème de cassis) – this is a party

pleaser if served in an elegant

champagne glass... even for the

lads. And there is no need to stir

As an option, add fresh

cranberries to the Prosecco mix.

As an option, add a slice of fresh

blood orange to the fresh spritz


Serve these refreshing drinks

at a summer gathering with

canapés as your guests arrive.



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