The Official Guide to North Walsham 2019 - 2020

A massive thank you to all the people who contributed to this guide. Fi Collett, Julie Cameron, Diana Velhagen, Rosalie Gibb, Nick Stone, Chris & Alex Alexander, Andrea Hudson, Pete Appleton, Richard Crossley, North Walsham & District Community Archive committee & its Facebook group members, Just Regional and last, but not least, all the advertisers who have funded this project. Produced by Wayne Beauchamp, North Walsham. web: www.waynebeauchamp.co.uk Published by North Walsham Town Council, 18 King’s Arms St, North Walsham NR28 9JX. tel: 01692 404114 Printed by Barnwell Print, 20 Dunkirk, Aylsham, Norwich NR11 6SU. tel: 01263 732767.

A massive thank you to all the people who contributed to this guide. Fi Collett, Julie Cameron, Diana Velhagen, Rosalie Gibb,
Nick Stone, Chris & Alex Alexander, Andrea Hudson, Pete Appleton, Richard Crossley,
North Walsham & District Community Archive committee & its Facebook group members,
Just Regional and last, but not least, all the advertisers who have funded this project.
Produced by Wayne Beauchamp, North Walsham. web: www.waynebeauchamp.co.uk
Published by North Walsham Town Council, 18 King’s Arms St, North Walsham NR28 9JX. tel: 01692 404114
Printed by Barnwell Print, 20 Dunkirk, Aylsham, Norwich NR11 6SU. tel: 01263 732767.


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<strong>The</strong> <strong>Official</strong> <strong>Guide</strong> <strong>to</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

<strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong>


www.kerrysflooring.co.uk @KerrysNORTHWALSHAM 01692 503090<br />

Mattresses • Divans<br />

Bed Frames • Furniture<br />

Bedding and more...<br />

www.Mattressman.co.uk @Mattressmanofficial 01692 667640<br />

Visit both S<strong>to</strong>res at: Midland Rd, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, NR28 9JR<br />

Open 7 days a week and with free cus<strong>to</strong>mer parking.

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 1<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Official</strong> <strong>Guide</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong><br />

A Message from the<br />

Town Mayor of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

From the Retiring Town Mayor<br />

As Mayor of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> for 2018-<strong>2019</strong>, and previously in 2016-2017<br />

I am pleased <strong>to</strong> be writing a message in this Town <strong>Guide</strong>, the first for five<br />

years. A big thank you goes <strong>to</strong> everybody involved in the production.<br />

As a <strong>to</strong>wn, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> has moved a long way forward since the last<br />

guide and the Town Council has worked with many groups <strong>to</strong> improve the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn for its residents and visi<strong>to</strong>rs.<br />

2018 saw the opening of the Mi-Centre, which houses both the Information<br />

Office and the Heritage Museum. This resource has been a long time<br />

coming and has proved very popular with both locals and holidaymakers.<br />

Also in 2018 the Town Council, working collaboratively with other<br />

stakeholders successfully secured a bid of £100,000 from the Market Town<br />

Initiative Fund. Many projects are planned including refurbishment of St<br />

Nicholas Precinct and a great asset for the <strong>to</strong>wn in free Wi-Fi.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Play have worked tirelessly <strong>to</strong> fundraise for improvements<br />

<strong>to</strong> our parks with a major overhaul of Trackside next on the agenda.<br />

This guide is the biggest guide ever and is a testament, in my opinion, that<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> is on the up!<br />

I hope you find it useful.<br />

Barry Hester (Town Mayor 2018/<strong>2019</strong>)

2 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />



Bluebird Self S<strong>to</strong>rage is a family run business<br />

based in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, Norfolk. We<br />

began operating in the mid 1980s providing<br />

services <strong>to</strong> the <strong>North</strong> Sea Oil and Gas<br />

industries. Those services expanded over<br />

the years <strong>to</strong> include Bluebird self s<strong>to</strong>rage<br />

which is one of the most competitively<br />

priced, self s<strong>to</strong>rage sites in <strong>North</strong> Norfolk.<br />

Whatever your self s<strong>to</strong>rage needs, our<br />

friendly staff will do their best <strong>to</strong> help you.<br />


n Clean, secure indoor units<br />

n 24 hour CCTV, moni<strong>to</strong>red alarms and on-site<br />

management<br />

n No minimum stay<br />

n Simple month-by-month basis (payment on<br />

1st of month)<br />

n Free use of trolleys and pallett trucks<br />

n Unit sizes from 20SQ ft up <strong>to</strong> 200SQ ft<br />

n Free access from 6am - 9pm, 7 days a week<br />

n Special offers with up <strong>to</strong> 1 month free<br />

s<strong>to</strong>rage on selected units<br />

n Good cus<strong>to</strong>mer service<br />

For further information please call Jake or John on<br />

01692 406818 or 07774 476830<br />

or email info@northwalshams<strong>to</strong>rage.co.uk or visit northwalshams<strong>to</strong>rage.co.uk<br />

Bluebird Garage, Fortune House, Laundry Loke Industrial Estate,<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, Norfolk NR28 0BD

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 3<br />

Contents<br />

What’s inside and where <strong>to</strong> find it!<br />

4 Welcome <strong>to</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Map<br />

6 <strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Chamber for Business<br />

7 Introducing our community<br />

8 Local Government<br />

9 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town Council<br />

11 Services Direc<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

Banks and Building Societies<br />

Emergency Services<br />

Employment<br />

13 Local Government<br />

Social Housing<br />

Social Services<br />

15 Utilities<br />

17 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Library<br />

19 Animal Welfare<br />

21 Local Transport<br />

22 Aerial pho<strong>to</strong>graph <strong>2019</strong><br />

25 M.i. <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Community Shop<br />

26 Friesenried - Our Bavarian Twin Town<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Men’s Shed<br />

28 Accommodation & Entertainment<br />

31 Refuse / Recycling<br />

33 Education<br />

35 Places of Worship<br />

39 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Play<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Funday<br />

41 Local Parks and Play Areas<br />

44 Pigney’s Wood<br />

45 Bac<strong>to</strong>n Wood (Wit<strong>to</strong>n Wood)<br />

47 Sadler’s Wood<br />

Bryant’s Heath<br />

49 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> & Dilham Canal<br />

50 Local Walks<br />

53 Oak Tree Sculpture<br />

Lepus the GoGo Hare<br />

54 Bluebell Pond<br />

55 Local places of interest<br />

59 Regular Events<br />

63 Places <strong>to</strong> visit<br />

64 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Markets<br />

65 <strong>The</strong> Atrium<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Ghost Walks<br />

67 Mike Thurs<strong>to</strong>n Water Activities Centre<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Sports Centre<br />

69 Rossis Leisure<br />

Vic<strong>to</strong>ry Swim and Fitness Centre<br />

71 Indexed Street Map<br />

74 Clubs and Societies<br />

83 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> - Its origin and<br />

place in his<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

91 <strong>The</strong> Pubs of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

93 Ship Yard<br />

95 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Heritage Group<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> & District<br />

Community Archive<br />

96 His<strong>to</strong>ric Plaques around the Town Centre<br />

101 A His<strong>to</strong>ry in Pho<strong>to</strong>graphs<br />

114 Aerial pho<strong>to</strong>graph 1928<br />

117 A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets<br />

140 Aerial pho<strong>to</strong>graph 1957<br />

Dedicated <strong>to</strong> the memory of Roger Buck who was instrumental in making<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Official</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> happen between 1991 and 2012.

4 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

north<br />

scale in metres<br />

0 50 100<br />

C<br />

lyngate<br />

industrial area<br />

mundesley road<br />

short drive <strong>to</strong><br />

lyngate industrial area<br />

congregational<br />

Church<br />

P 4<br />

B<br />

<strong>to</strong> cromer<br />

short drive <strong>to</strong><br />

rossis leisure club,<br />

diner and bowling<br />

aylsham road<br />

cromer road<br />

a149 north walsham by-pass<br />

play<br />

area<br />

D<br />

pas<strong>to</strong>n college<br />

lawns site<br />

D<br />

park lane<br />

B<br />

art deco<br />

building<br />

16th<br />

century<br />

market<br />

cross<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn<br />

council &<br />

registry<br />

offices<br />

catholic church<br />

vicarage street<br />

kings arms street<br />

nelson studied here!<br />

pas<strong>to</strong>n college<br />

market place<br />

grammar school road<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn centre<br />

P 1 t<br />

mi<br />

B<br />

B<br />

st nicholas’<br />

church<br />

cat pottery<br />

& curios<br />

community<br />

shop<br />

methodist<br />

church<br />

famous<br />

ruined<br />

<strong>to</strong>wer<br />

post<br />

office<br />

salvati<br />

army<br />

B<br />

library<br />

war me<br />

the bittern<br />

line (rail)<br />

skate<br />

park<br />

yarmouth road<br />

vic<strong>to</strong>ry swim &<br />

fitness centre<br />

norwich road<br />

B<br />

railway station<br />

mo<strong>to</strong>rcycle<br />

museum<br />

B<br />

police<br />

police station<br />

H<br />

cott<br />


short drive <strong>to</strong><br />

north walsham canal<br />

& bac<strong>to</strong>n woods<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 5<br />

<strong>to</strong> the<br />

bluebell pub<br />


bac<strong>to</strong>n road<br />

free wi-fi in<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn centre<br />

mi<br />

Museum & Information Centre<br />

Supermarket<br />

Pharmacy<br />

on<br />

D<br />

Doc<strong>to</strong>rs’ Surgery<br />

Café or Restaurant<br />

hall lane<br />

infant school<br />

Pub<br />

t<br />

Toilet<br />

Defibrilla<strong>to</strong>r (AED)<br />

new road<br />

P 1<br />

Vicarage Street Parking<br />

P 3 high school & atrium<br />

morial<br />

t<br />

community<br />

centre<br />

play area<br />

tennis<br />

courts<br />

P 2<br />

P 3<br />

P 4<br />

B<br />

Bank Loke Parking<br />

New Road Parking<br />

Mundesley Road Parking<br />

Bus S<strong>to</strong>p<br />


B<br />

Filling Station<br />

it’s a cinema <strong>to</strong>o!<br />

age hospital<br />

not a&E)<br />

sports centre<br />

north walsham canal<br />

& bac<strong>to</strong>n woods

6 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Chamber for Business<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Chamber for Business is a group of businesses of a diverse variety<br />

who meet quarterly, and we hope that you will find that our warm and friendly<br />

approach <strong>to</strong> dealing effectively with issues within the <strong>to</strong>wn will be an inspiration<br />

and will motivate you in<strong>to</strong> joining.<br />

We believe that, by coming <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> discuss common issues and address<br />

problems, we can have a positive impact, bringing improvements, higher<br />

levels of employment and working <strong>to</strong>wards a regeneration of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> –<br />

contributing <strong>to</strong> make it a thriving <strong>North</strong> Norfolk <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

We assist members with various matters and have been dealing with issues that<br />

affect businesses in the Town and surrounding areas. In addition, we have been<br />

exceptionally pro-active with achievements <strong>to</strong> date ranging from challenging and ve<strong>to</strong>ing the<br />

District Council’s proposals with car parking fees, <strong>to</strong> working with Regenerate <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> <strong>to</strong><br />

improve the <strong>to</strong>wn facilities, appearance and <strong>to</strong> arrange events.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Chamber for Business is the contact used by <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town Council, <strong>North</strong> Norfolk<br />

District Council and Norfolk County Council for opinions and views regarding business and trade<br />

in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. This means that Highways, Planning and other projects affecting businesses in<br />

the Town are passed <strong>to</strong> the Chamber for our comments.<br />

So if you would like <strong>to</strong> have a voice in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>’s future, network with other businesses or<br />

discuss any issues that may concern you, come and join us. <strong>The</strong> larger the membership the more<br />

say we will have. Already we are working closely with the Town Council, the District Council and the<br />

Right Honourable Norman Lamb MP in order <strong>to</strong> get our voices heard.<br />

I look forward <strong>to</strong> hearing from you and hopefully receiving your application <strong>to</strong> join us. All our<br />

contact details are available on our website, should you have any queries.<br />

web: www.northwalshamchamberforbusiness.org.uk<br />

Bishop Redman’s Market Cross of 1602 has witnessed countless busy market days and is the successor of at least two<br />

previous market <strong>to</strong>llhouses on this site. <strong>The</strong> Market Cross is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a Grade I listed building.

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 7<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Official</strong> <strong>Guide</strong> <strong>to</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> <strong>2019</strong> - <strong>2020</strong><br />

Introducing our Community<br />

<strong>The</strong> pretty market <strong>to</strong>wn of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> is a well populated and important trade<br />

centre in this corner of <strong>North</strong> Norfolk. From its early incarnation in Anglo-Saxon times,<br />

having weathered invasions from Vikings and Normans, through <strong>to</strong> its important role in<br />

the weaving trade of the middle ages and its current position as the largest <strong>to</strong>wn within<br />

the government district of <strong>North</strong> Norfolk with a population of approximately 13,000, the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn has embraced change and development <strong>to</strong> the benefit of its residents.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>’s Market Place houses many of the <strong>to</strong>wn’s niche retail premises, with<br />

larger supermarkets and outlets within easy reach by bus or road. Also housed within<br />

easy reach of the <strong>to</strong>wn centre are restaurants, pubs and inns, take-aways, a library,<br />

swimming pools, leisure and sports facilities, schools, car dealerships and repair shops, a<br />

cinema, places of worship and spacious parks.<br />

Located slightly further away from the centre, industrial estates are home <strong>to</strong> engineering,<br />

boat building, furniture making, glaziers, hauliers and auctioneers amongst the many<br />

small <strong>to</strong> medium sized businesses that thrive there, providing good employment within<br />

the <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> has good road and rail connections with Great Yarmouth, Norwich and<br />

the surrounding <strong>to</strong>wns and sea side resorts. Commuting <strong>to</strong> London is possible with early<br />

morning trains and fast connections. <strong>The</strong> opening of the <strong>North</strong>ern Distribu<strong>to</strong>r Road<br />

has provided faster routes <strong>to</strong> outlying <strong>to</strong>wns and easier access <strong>to</strong> Mo<strong>to</strong>rways and cross<br />

country routes.<br />

This ‘official’ guide is produced by people who have been part of our community for many<br />

years and published by <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town Council. In an increasingly competitive<br />

world, please remember <strong>to</strong> support our advertisers, and use the shops and services within<br />

the <strong>to</strong>wn as often as you can. It is all <strong>to</strong>o easy <strong>to</strong> be distracted by advertising campaigns<br />

from international companies, but those same products can often be supplied much<br />

closer <strong>to</strong> home. Our local economy has fared recession better than many similar sized<br />

communities but still needs your cus<strong>to</strong>m if this is <strong>to</strong> continue! This guide provides you<br />

with information on all that <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> has <strong>to</strong> offer, as well as telling you something<br />

of the <strong>to</strong>wn’s his<strong>to</strong>ry and the local heritage waiting <strong>to</strong> be explored. We hope that you<br />

enjoy this guide and find within it something of both help and interest.

8 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town Council<br />

Council Offices, 18 Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9JX<br />

tel: 01692 404114<br />

web: www.northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1426868304249839/<br />

Local Government<br />

<strong>The</strong> Town Council, known as the ‘first tier’ of government (with District and County Council being<br />

the second and third), is responsible for a range of vital services for people and businesses in<br />

defined areas. <strong>The</strong> Council is however limited by law with regards <strong>to</strong> the extent of their activities<br />

and adopt a more consultative role particularly with regard <strong>to</strong> planning and licensing.<br />

Councillors, elected in local elections, work with residents, local businesses and other organisations,<br />

<strong>to</strong> agree and deliver on local priorities. <strong>The</strong> decisions are implemented by permanent council staff<br />

and local councillors themselves.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town Council comprises sixteen councillors, across five wards. Local elections<br />

take place every four years with the last election having taken place in May <strong>2019</strong>. Also elected at<br />

the same time are the District councillors chosen <strong>to</strong> represent the <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Town Council is the Burial Authority for <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and as such is responsible for<br />

the Cemetery’s and Closed Churchyard. It also holds the Market Rights for the Town, making it<br />

responsible for both the Thursday Markets and the monthly Farmers Market.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Town Council is also responsible for:<br />

• Tennis Courts<br />

• Parks; Woodville, Trackside, Memorial Park<br />

• Skate Park<br />

• Market Cross<br />

• Selected Street Lights and Street Furniture<br />

• Bus Shelters<br />

<strong>The</strong> Tennis Courts are available for hire.<br />

For all enquiries contact reception@northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk or call 01692 404 114

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 9<br />

Town Councillors for <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Ms Julie Shields Town Clerk........................................................... julie.shields@northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />

Ms Tina Foster Deputy Clerk.....................................................................admin@northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />

Ms Fi Collett Assistant <strong>to</strong> the Clerks.................................................... fi.collett@northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />

Mr Daniel Gilbert Head Groundsman.....................................daniel.gilbert@northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />

Mr Nigel Clarke Market Manager....................................................... markets@northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />

General Enquiries ............................................................................... reception@northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />


East Ward<br />

Garry Bull 1 Pickford Close, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, NR28 0UH<br />

Nick Clancy 8 Valley Gardens, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9QE<br />

Paul Heinrich 26 Thirlby Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9JB<br />

Ian Jackson 35 Manor Road, Spa Common NR28 9LH<br />

Robert Murphy 16 Corbett Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0JE<br />

Elize Wheeler Flat 4 Saxon Court, Hall Lane, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9BG<br />

<strong>North</strong> Ward<br />

Richard Harris 32 Lynfield Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0BG<br />

Barry Hester 29 Corbett Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0JE<br />

West Ward<br />

Folik Choudhury 44 Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9DS<br />

Nicholas Felstead 12 Bradfield Close, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0HL<br />

Mal Gray<br />

c/o Town Council Offices, 18 Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9JX<br />

Jenny Melville 56 Sadlers Way, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9UT<br />

Richard Simms c/o Town Council Offices, 18 Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9JX<br />

Town Centre East<br />

William Fryer 8 Spenser Avenue, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9HZ<br />

Paul Oakes 21 Roys<strong>to</strong>n Green, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9EG<br />

Town Centre West<br />

Bob Wright 66 Yarmouth Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9AU<br />


West Ward<br />

Don Birch c/o NNDC, Council Offices, Holt Road, Cromer NR27 9EN<br />

Nigel Lloyd 117 Mundesley Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0DD<br />

East Ward<br />

Paul Heinrich 26 Thirlby Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. NR28 9JB<br />

Eric Seward 63 Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9DS<br />

Market Cross<br />

Virginia Gay 53 Yarmouth Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9AU

10 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Serving <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> & the surrounding area<br />

Pas<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Surgery<br />

New PATIENT REGISTRATIONS still accepted<br />

● CQC - rated “Good” in ALL areas in Nov 2018.<br />

● Weekend*, evening, early morning and telephone<br />

appointments available.<br />

● A teaching practice helping <strong>to</strong> train much needed GPs.<br />

● Working closely <strong>to</strong>gether with other local Practices and<br />

GP networks and groups.<br />

● Same day help available for those in real need.<br />

● Numerous different speciality clinics and<br />

FREE* NHS health checks.<br />

● Online services and Apps for appointment,<br />

prescription and record<br />

management services.<br />

* details on request<br />

● Patient Participation<br />

Group<br />

Pas<strong>to</strong>n Surgery<br />

9 – 11 Park Lane, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, Norfolk, NR28 0BQ<br />

01692 403015 pas<strong>to</strong>n.surgery@nhs.net www.pas<strong>to</strong>nsurgery.nhs.net

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 11<br />

Services Direc<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

Banks and Building Societies<br />

Santander 6 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 0800 912 3123<br />

Lloyds 18 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 0345 300 0000<br />

Citizens Advice Bureau 3 St Nicholas Court, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 0344 411 1444<br />

Community Centre New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 403 594<br />

email: info@northwalshamcommunitycentre.co.uk<br />

Emergency Services<br />

Norfolk Police<br />

Yarmouth Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9AW<br />

Enquiries<br />

email: enquiries@norfolk.pnn.police.uk<br />

Emergencies tel: 999<br />

Non Emergencies tel: 101<br />

Safer Neighbourhood Team tel: 101<br />

email: sntnorthwalsham@norfolk.pnn.police.uk<br />

Norfolk Police mobile phone ‘Textline’ tel: 18001 101<br />

Norfolk Police Mini Com (hard of hearing) tel: 01953 424 200<br />

Norfolk Police Text <strong>to</strong> Email Service tel: 07786 200777<br />

Norfolk Children’s Advice and Duty Service (CAD) tel: 0344 800 8020<br />

Crime S<strong>to</strong>ppers / Drugs Hotline tel: 0800 555 111<br />

Samaritans (Norwich Branch) tel: 01603 116123<br />

Norfolk Fire Service email: hq@fire.norfolk.gov.uk tel: 0300 123 1669<br />

Minor Injury Unit<br />

Mill Road, Cromer NR27 0BQ<br />

(Norfolk & Norwich Hospital) tel: 01603 646200<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> &<br />

Yarmouth Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9AP<br />

District Memorial Hospital (See also MEDICAL page) tel: 01692 408000<br />

Employment<br />

Job Centre Plus 10 Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 0845 6060 234<br />

web: www.gov.uk/contact-jobcentre-plus<br />

Nova Training 3 Vicarage St, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9DQ tel: 01692 404400

12 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

For all your newspapers<br />

delivered 7 days a week<br />

No Delivery Charge for<br />

One Year for New Cus<strong>to</strong>mers<br />

Existing Cus<strong>to</strong>mers<br />

Save £25* Per Year<br />

*Based On 7 Day Delivery / Min 5 Day Per Week<br />

Good selection of<br />

Cars, Vans & Lu<strong>to</strong>ns<br />

with tail-lifts for hire<br />


For Prices And Further Details<br />

Tel: 01692 406113<br />


Market Place (01692) 500928<br />

Lyngate Industrial Estate<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0BD<br />

www.trevorcharles.co.uk<br />

MOTOR<br />


We now offer a<br />


No need <strong>to</strong> book just drive in<br />

for these services....<br />

Tyres and fitting - Large range of tyres in s<strong>to</strong>ck<br />

Diagnostic Scan Test & Fault Code reading.<br />

Tracking, 4 Wheel alignment<br />

Air Conditioning Service<br />

01692 404050<br />

Roger Hannant Mo<strong>to</strong>r Services<br />

Car Sales | Servicing | Tyres & Exhausts | Batteries<br />

www.rogerhannant.co.uk<br />

10 Bay Garage Workshop<br />

Fully Trained Technicians<br />

MOT Testing station<br />

Servicing/Repairs <strong>to</strong> most makes and<br />

models of Cars/Light Commercial<br />

(3500Kg) and Four Wheel Drive<br />

Brake Check Centre<br />

Shock Absorbers<br />

Batteries<br />

3500Kg Breakdown Recovery

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 13<br />

Local Government<br />

Government Website<br />

web: www.gov.uk<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town Council 18 Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404114<br />

web: www.northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />

email: reception@northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />

<strong>North</strong> Norfolk District Council Holt Road, Cromer NR27 9EN tel: 01263 513811<br />

Out of hours emergencies tel: 01223 849782<br />

web: www.northnorfolk.org<br />

Norfolk County Council Martineau Lane, Norwich tel: 0344 800 8020<br />

web: www.norfolk.gov.uk<br />

Monthly Town Council Meetings Dayspring Centre, Methodist Church, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Post Office New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 407 988<br />

Mon: 9am - 5:30pm<br />

Tue: 9:30am - 5:30pm<br />

Wed - Fri: 9am - 5:30pm<br />

Sat: 9am - 12:30pm<br />

Public Conveniences<br />

Public Toilets can be found situated at Vicarage Street<br />

Car Park & beside the Community Centre on New Road<br />

Registrar of Birth, Death & Marriage<br />

18 Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 0344 800 8020<br />

Tues, Thurs & Fri By Appointment Only<br />

Royal Mail Office New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 0345 6021021<br />

Main Office Collection Time:<br />

Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri: 7am - 3pm<br />

Wed: 7am - 6pm<br />

Sat: 7am - 2pm<br />

Newspaper Deliveries Happisburgh Road S<strong>to</strong>res tel: 01692 406629<br />

McColl’s tel: 01692 409158<br />

Mundesley Road S<strong>to</strong>res tel: 01692 403003<br />

Showcase Gallery tel: 01692 500928<br />

Station Road S<strong>to</strong>res tel: 01692 403386<br />

Social Housing<br />

Vic<strong>to</strong>ry Housing Trust Cromer Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 0330 123 1860<br />

web: www.vic<strong>to</strong>ryhousing.co.uk<br />

email: cus<strong>to</strong>merservices@vic<strong>to</strong>ryhousing.co.uk<br />

Emergency complaint line tel: 0800 371 860<br />

<strong>North</strong> Norfolk Housing Trust Holt Road, Cromer NR27 9EN tel: 01263 516231<br />

web: www.north-norfolk.gov.uk/section/housing

14 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />


You know us, we know heating. We’re the MILLERS...<br />

19A-B MUNDESLEY ROAD CAR PARK - 01692 218040

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 15<br />

Utilities<br />

Utility Emergency Contact: Gas (National Grid) tel: 0800 111 999<br />

Water (Anglian Water – Leak Line) tel: 0800 771 881<br />

Telephone (BT Faults) tel: 0800 800 151<br />

Environmental Pollution (Environment Agency) tel: 0800 807 060<br />

Water Anglian Water – Enquiries tel: 08457 145 145<br />

Recycling Services Kier tel: 0300 123 1163<br />

Refuse Collection Kier tel: 0300 123 1163<br />

Streetlights<br />

report faults <strong>to</strong> streetlight@nothwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />

Trading Standards Norfolk Trading Standards Service Centre tel: 01603 222999<br />

Fraud & Financial Action Fraud tel: 0300 123 2040<br />

Internet Crime<br />

web: www.actionfraud.police.uk<br />

Kelly Clarke<br />

Mo<strong>to</strong>r Services Limited<br />

01692 405495<br />

Air Conditioning<br />

Re-gassing, Service & Repair<br />

Electronic Diagnosis<br />

Servicing - Tyres - Batteries<br />

Your One-S<strong>to</strong>p Garage<br />

1 Cornish Way Business Park<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Norfolk<br />

NR28 0FE<br />

Free Quote<br />

Manufacturers & Installers of High<br />

Quality uPVC Windows & Doors<br />

All Roofline Products 10 Year Guarantee<br />

David Cork<br />

Windows, Doors<br />

& Conserva<strong>to</strong>ries<br />

TEL: 01692 403313<br />

MOBILE: 07789 724242<br />


16 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

More <strong>to</strong> offer<br />

at Pas<strong>to</strong>n College<br />

With new courses for young people and adults, specialist teaching,<br />

and a strong his<strong>to</strong>ry of high achievement that sees students progress<br />

<strong>to</strong> outstanding destinations, we can help you achieve your ambitions.<br />

A Levels<br />

We offer 27 A Level courses with a wide<br />

range of subject choices in areas including<br />

Art & Fashion, Business, Drama, English &<br />

Humanities, French, Maths, Media & Science.<br />

Our specialist A Level teaching staff ensure<br />

students do consistently well on their<br />

A Levels with courses offering excellent<br />

progression <strong>to</strong> university, employment and<br />

apprenticeships.<br />

Around 25% of those who apply <strong>to</strong> university<br />

are accepted at some of the country’s<br />

leading institutions including Oxford,<br />

Cambridge and Durham.<br />

Industry Focused<br />

Courses<br />

Part-time Leisure<br />

Courses for Adults<br />

Explore a hobby, hone a skill, find a passion.<br />

We offer a wide range of part time adult<br />

courses for you <strong>to</strong> learn something new,<br />

develop your skills or just have fun. Whatever<br />

your interest we have a course for you.<br />

Inclusive Learning<br />

From September <strong>2019</strong>, Pas<strong>to</strong>n College will<br />

be offering a new provision for students who<br />

have learning difficulties and/or disabilities.<br />

For more information or <strong>to</strong> discuss Inclusive<br />

Learning opportunities at Pas<strong>to</strong>n College,<br />

please contact: SEN@ccn.ac.uk<br />

or 01603 773 311<br />

A perfect hands-on alternative <strong>to</strong> A Levels.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se courses allow you <strong>to</strong> focus on one<br />

subject and develop the practical skills<br />

needed for your future career.<br />

Courses are available at Level 3 (equivalent<br />

<strong>to</strong> A Levels) and Level 2 in subjects including<br />

Art & Design, Business, Computing, Creative<br />

Media, Health & Social Care, Performing &<br />

Production Arts and Sport.<br />

Find your ideal course at:<br />

pas<strong>to</strong>n.ac.uk<br />

part of

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 17<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Library<br />

In the past 50 years we have seen the<br />

Library grow in<strong>to</strong> a vital resource for the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn. <strong>The</strong>re are Books and CD’s a plenty, an<br />

ordering service and free book loans of up<br />

<strong>to</strong> 15 books (under 5’s can borrow up <strong>to</strong> 20<br />

books with no late return charges).<br />

Now with the new Open Library’s scheme,<br />

extended opening hours make access<br />

available <strong>to</strong> all. If the doors are not open,<br />

your card will allow access <strong>to</strong> the library which, even when unmanned, will give you the chance <strong>to</strong><br />

pick up new books, or use the facilities you would normally find there (ask staff for details).<br />

<strong>The</strong> Library has a number of computers available for public use and the staff are only <strong>to</strong>o happy <strong>to</strong><br />

help with the basics. If you are interested in learning more on any computer related subjects, have<br />

a chat with the staff and they will do their best <strong>to</strong> set up a session with a volunteer trainer.<br />

For those living with Dementia, loneliness or depression, aside from being a valuable source of<br />

available information, the Library holds a number of additional resources that may be of help, ask<br />

the staff for more details.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re is a book club, Lego club, writing group and Scrabble club and ‘Colour Me Calm’ is a chance<br />

<strong>to</strong> let your brain take a rest and your creative side <strong>to</strong> shine through<br />

Loneliness is a subject still considered taboo amongst many, especially the elderly and the Library<br />

is the perfect setting <strong>to</strong> start <strong>to</strong> tackle its effects.<br />

For new mums and dads, Bounce and Rhyme provides a chance <strong>to</strong> meet others and share your<br />

experiences.<br />

Every Friday, adults are very welcome <strong>to</strong> drop in for ‘Just a Cuppa’, a gentle social chance <strong>to</strong> get out<br />

of the house.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Library is like a lovely pair of slippers; familiar, comfortable, warm and welcoming so why not<br />

come for some books and stay for a cuppa.<br />

Friends of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Library<br />

Could you be part of a group that:<br />

n Develops ideas for events held at the library and promotes the library and its services.<br />

n Plan and hold fundraising activities, library sales, community events, classes or raffles.<br />

n Act as a link between the library and local community.<br />

<strong>The</strong>n the Library needs you. For more information on anything mentioned here, drop in for a chat<br />

or give the Library a ring.<br />

New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> email: libraries@norfolk.gov.uk tel: 01692 402482<br />

Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm (staffed 10.30am - 7pm)<br />

Sat: 8am - 4pm (staffed 10.30am - 4pm)<br />

Sun: 10am - 4pm (Open Library access only)

18 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

24/7 Veterinary Care for<br />

Pets and Exotic Animals<br />

• Independent Family Run Practice<br />

• Accredited Gold Standard Rabbit<br />

and Gold Standard Cat Friendly<br />

Practice<br />

• Dedicated Dog and Exotic Waiting<br />

areas and Wards<br />

• On site C T Scanner<br />

• Digital X-ray, Ultrasound, Endoscopy,<br />

Tonometry, ECG and In-House Lab<br />

• Laser <strong>The</strong>rapy<br />

• Very Important Pet (VIP) Clubs <strong>to</strong><br />

save you money<br />

• Large Private Car Park<br />

• Advanced Practitioner<br />

in Zoological<br />

Medicine.<br />

• On site Luxury<br />

Cat Boarding<br />

Hotel<br />

CT Scanners allow complete 3D<br />

image of your pet<br />

Laser <strong>The</strong>rapy - Helping reduce<br />

inflammation and provide pain relief<br />

Luxury Cat Boarding Hotel<br />

Call 01692 407126 <strong>to</strong> arrange a look and see visit<br />

Heath Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0JB

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 19<br />

Animal Welfare<br />

Cats Protection web: www.cats.org.uk/northwalsham tel: 01692 535858<br />

Faith Animal Sanctuary Stubb Road, Hickling, Norwich tel: 01692 598312<br />

web: www.faithanimalrescue.co.uk<br />

Hillside Animal Sanctuary Hall Lane, Frettenham, Norwich NR12 7LT tel: 01603 736200<br />

web: www.hillside.org.uk email: contact@hillside.org.uk<br />

Kisi Canine Accessories Ebridge Mill, White Horse Common tel: 01692 406013<br />

Mon – Sat: 8.30am – 5pm<br />

web: www.kisi.co.uk<br />

RSPCA 24 hour Help Line tel: 0300 1234999<br />

East Norfolk Branch tel: 01493 858936<br />

Sam’s Pets Shop 14 Market Pl, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404806<br />

Mon – Tue: 9am – 5pm<br />

Wed – Fri: 9am – 5.30pm<br />

Sat: 9am – 5pm<br />

web: www.samspets.co.uk<br />

Toll Barn Vets Heath Rd, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 407126<br />

Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 6.30pm<br />

Sat: 9.00am - 12.30pm<br />

Emergency Out Of Hours: Call Main Switchboard<br />

web: www.<strong>to</strong>llbarnvets.co.uk<br />

email: practice@<strong>to</strong>llbarnvets.co.uk<br />

Wes<strong>to</strong>ver Veterinary Centre 40 Yarmouth Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 403202<br />

Small Animal Unit (Appointment only)<br />

Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 6pm<br />

Sat: 8.30am – 12:30pm<br />

Large Animal & Equine Unit, Hainford tel: 01603 899930<br />

Emergency Out Of Hours: Call Main Switchboard<br />

web: www.wes<strong>to</strong>vervets.co.uk

20 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Memorial<br />

Designer and Artist<br />

. Fine Memorials<br />

. Lettering and Carving<br />

. Additional Inscriptions<br />

. Memorial Renovation<br />

. Sculpture<br />

. Garden Features<br />

. House Name Plates<br />

Helpful Friendly Service<br />

Home Visits on Request<br />

Workshop at<br />

Broad House Barn<br />

<strong>The</strong> Avenue, Wroxham<br />

NR12 8TS<br />

01603 733644<br />

Home 01692 402445<br />

Mobile 07467 537288<br />

nickhindle.s<strong>to</strong>nemason@gmail.com<br />













(01692) 404603<br />



VERY<br />


RATES<br />

RING 01692 404603<br />


Mr Taxi Man<br />

“A good service at a fair price”<br />

07721 777793<br />

Locally based Taxi<br />

Weekend & evening service<br />

Jane Orr<br />

Painter &<br />

Decora<strong>to</strong>r<br />

07766 657416<br />

/jorrpainteranddecora<strong>to</strong>r<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 21<br />

Local Transport<br />

Bus Services:<br />

School Services:<br />

Please look online or contact the individual bus company for detailed<br />

timetables, as they are updated regularly.<br />

Please contact the individual school for details<br />

<strong>North</strong> Norfolk Community Transport tel: 01692 500840<br />

<strong>North</strong> Norfolk Community Transport operates a door <strong>to</strong> door minibus transport service which<br />

is safe, accessible and affordable. We operate a bookable weekday transport service from your<br />

home <strong>to</strong> a variety of destinations. Please contact us for more details.<br />

15 Cornish Way, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0AW email: info@nnct.org.uk<br />

Feline Travel<br />

Unit 2 Horizon Industrial Estate, Sut<strong>to</strong>n Road, Catfield, Norfolk NR29 5BE<br />

tel: 01692 584987<br />

Our Bus web: www.ourhire.co.uk/our-bus tel: 01493 752223<br />

Sanders Coaches 23 Cornish Way, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0AW tel: 01692 407832<br />

Timetables: www.sanderscoaches.com/times<br />

Travel Line Local and National travel information tel: 08712 002233<br />

web: www.traveline.org.uk<br />

Rail Services<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> railway station, operated by Greater Anglia, is on the Bittern Line in Norfolk, running<br />

between Norwich and Sheringham. Norwich provides links <strong>to</strong> London Liverpool Street, the Midlands<br />

and other local services, with a timetable that is revised throughout the year <strong>to</strong> correspond with<br />

the holiday season. <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Station is 16 miles down the line from Norwich and is situated<br />

between Worstead <strong>to</strong> the south and Gun<strong>to</strong>n <strong>to</strong> the north. Seating, lighting, cus<strong>to</strong>mer information<br />

system and 24 hour help point available and the platform has CCTV and is wheelchair friendly.<br />

Greater Anglia Cus<strong>to</strong>mer Relations web: www.greateranglia.co.uk tel: 08456 007245<br />

National Rail Enquiries web: www.nationalrail.co.uk tel: 08457 484950<br />

Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles<br />

AA Taxis tel: 01692 669465 Elite Transfers tel: 01692 400800<br />

A2B Taxis tel: 01692 409898 Five Star Taxis tel: 01603 455555<br />

Airports Direct tel: 01692 535533 MG Taxis tel: 01692 405525<br />

Black Knight Cars tel: 01692 500664 Mr Taxi Man tel: 07721 777793<br />

Bob’s Taxis tel: 07721 012910 NJE Taxis tel: 01692 404796<br />

Coast <strong>to</strong> Coast tel: 01692 679006 PD Taxis tel: 07990 505095<br />

Country Cars tel: 01692 406068 Roy’s Taxi tel: 07584 628259<br />

Crystal Cabs tel: 01692 400880<br />

Aylsham.........................7<br />

Bury St Edmunds..... 62<br />

Cambridge................. 83<br />

Cromer...........................9<br />

Dereham..................... 31<br />

Road Distance from <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> (from Market Place <strong>to</strong> <strong>to</strong>wn/city centre)<br />

Fakenham................... 29<br />

Great Yarmouth........ 25<br />

Happisburgh................ 7<br />

Holt............................... 18<br />

Ipswich........................ 60<br />

Kings Lynn.................. 50<br />

Lowes<strong>to</strong>ft.................... 35<br />

Mundesley....................5<br />

Sheringham............... 14<br />

Stalham..........................9<br />

Norwich...................... 15<br />

Hove<strong>to</strong>n/Wroxham....9<br />


22 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Aerial view of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> . 8.55am on 4th February <strong>2019</strong>. Pho<strong>to</strong> by Andrew Hornby.

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 23

24 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

ELITE<br />

Garage Services<br />

8 Folgate Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, NR28 0AJ<br />

01692 40 99 99<br />



* Efficient service & competitive prices<br />

* Contract work undertaken - VAT registered<br />


Budget, Mid-range & Premium<br />

ä General taxi<br />

ä Any distance<br />

ä 24 hr service<br />

ELITE<br />

Taxis & Travel<br />

ä Monthly accounts<br />

ä Contract work<br />

ä VAT registered<br />

ä Stations<br />

ä Airports<br />

ä Seaports<br />

ä 1 - 8 seats<br />

ä Reliable<br />

ä Friendly<br />

01692 400 800/08000 289 608<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 25<br />

M.i. <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

M.i. <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> is our Tourist<br />

Information office and Heritage Centre.<br />

Based in the Old Saddler’s Shop in<br />

Vicarage Street our volunteer team is<br />

on hand <strong>to</strong> share their enthusiasm for<br />

our <strong>to</strong>wn and <strong>to</strong> provide information<br />

<strong>to</strong> visi<strong>to</strong>rs and residents, on attractions,<br />

accommodation, walking and cycling<br />

routes and local events. A small sales<br />

range of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> themed items<br />

is also available. <strong>The</strong> Heritage Centre tells<br />

the s<strong>to</strong>ry of our <strong>to</strong>wn from ancient times<br />

and displays a range of his<strong>to</strong>ric items<br />

including our famed 1725 fire engine and<br />

the fascinating model of the long-lost Ship Yard area of <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

tel: 07388 106642 email: M.I.Centre@northwalsham-<strong>to</strong>wn.co.uk<br />


April <strong>to</strong> Oc<strong>to</strong>ber<br />

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday<br />

Tuesday<br />

Saturday (on bank holiday weekends)<br />

November <strong>to</strong> March<br />

Monday & Thursday only<br />

10am - 2pm<br />

10am - 5pm<br />

11am - 2pm<br />

10am - 2pm<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Community Shop<br />

Owned, managed and run by its<br />

four trustees and a team of fantastic<br />

volunteers. Located in the centre of<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, Norfolk, its doors first<br />

opened in January 2018.<br />

<strong>The</strong> shop works with the community<br />

by selling unwanted items <strong>to</strong> fund a<br />

wide variety of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> based<br />

projects, and acts as a mini-community<br />

hub <strong>to</strong> promote local groups and raise<br />

the profile of the <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

1 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>,<br />

Norfolk NR28 9BP<br />

tel: 01692 409141<br />

web: www.northwalshamcommunityshop.org.uk

26 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Friesenried - our Bavarian ‘Twin Town’<br />

<strong>The</strong> Friends of Friesenried Association<br />

I would like <strong>to</strong> share with you information about the Jewel in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>’s Crown. <strong>The</strong> <strong>to</strong>wn is<br />

twinned with Friesenried, a group of three villages in Southern Germany which has a population<br />

somewhat smaller than <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. We have been in existence since 1981 and since then, by<br />

and large, have had an annual visit either <strong>to</strong> Germany or <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and hope <strong>to</strong> continue<br />

in<strong>to</strong> the future. Staying with local families creates a wonderful atmosphere and many lasting<br />

friendships endure <strong>to</strong> this day.<br />

<strong>The</strong> committees organize a varied and interesting programme taking in mountain trips, cities and<br />

many exciting places. Friesenried is in a beautiful part of Germany, not unlike Norfolk with its rural<br />

and farming way of life, but with the Alps as an imposing backdrop.<br />

Visits take place over six days and <strong>to</strong> keep this association fit and well and <strong>to</strong> enjoy new experiences<br />

why not join us or at least obtain information from Steve 01953 607119 or Dianne 01692 402726.<br />

Members are the life blood of any club or association so we look forward <strong>to</strong> hearing from you.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Men’s Shed<br />

Created in September 2018, the Men’s Shed aims <strong>to</strong> tackle loneliness and isolation, promoting<br />

health and well-being by bringing people <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong> share skills and <strong>to</strong>ols in a safe and friendly<br />

environment. <strong>The</strong> shed is open <strong>to</strong> all, not just gentlemen but ladies as well, especially those looking<br />

<strong>to</strong> socialise, make use of the facilities and work on practical activities such as woodwork, repairs<br />

and crafts. <strong>The</strong> group meet in the back of the White Swan Pub on Church Street: Tues 1pm-4pm,<br />

Thurs 10am-1pm, Sat 10am-1pm.<br />

email: northwalshammensshed@gmail.com

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 27<br />




4 No obligation quote – let us audit what you are paying.<br />

4 Check broadband speed with our suppliers.<br />

4 Fibre available in many areas.<br />

4 Fixed pricing available.<br />

4 Broadband and phone offers.<br />

That’s right, we don’t just provide mobiles! Don’t delay – visit us <strong>to</strong>day!<br />

Visit us at 32 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>,<br />

NR28 9BT or give us a call on 01692 558774<br />

Queensway, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Tel: 07585 166374<br />

Beautiful hand crafted<br />

furniture that will<br />

last a lifetime.<br />

A complete service designing,<br />

manufacturing and fitting free<br />

standing or fitted furniture.<br />

All projects are manufactured<br />

in our own workshop.<br />

Open Mon, Tues,<br />

Thurs, Fri & Sat<br />



Ladies & Gents<br />

6a Kings Arms Street 01692<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 402531

28 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Accommodation & Entertainment<br />

Bed & Breakfast & Self Catering<br />

Bradfield House 19 Station Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404352<br />

Chimneys 51 Cromer Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 406172<br />

Glaven Lodge 26a, Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404856<br />

Green Ridges 104 Cromer Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 402448<br />

Holly Farm Meeting Hill Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 409929<br />

Hunters Moon Field Lane, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404975<br />

May Cottage Walcott Road, Bac<strong>to</strong>n tel: 01692 652218<br />

Melbourne House Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 500917<br />

Olde Hall <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Road, Bac<strong>to</strong>n tel: 01692 651480<br />

Sloley Hall Sloley, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 538582<br />

<strong>The</strong> Lodge <strong>The</strong> Street, Swafield, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404256<br />

<strong>The</strong> Old Rec<strong>to</strong>ry Ridling<strong>to</strong>n, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 650247<br />

Willow Farm Barn Stalham Road, Sea Palling tel: 01692 597062<br />

Cinemas<br />

<strong>The</strong> Atrium Spenser Avenue, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 400080<br />

web: www.theatrium.org.uk<br />

Hotels<br />

Beechwood Hotel Cromer Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 403231<br />

Kings Arms Hotel Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 403054<br />

Scarborough Hill Hotel Old Yarmouth Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 402151<br />

Public Houses & Clubs<br />

<strong>The</strong> Black Swan Black Swan Loke, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 500006<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bluebell Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404800<br />

<strong>The</strong> Hop In 2 Market Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 07963 938270<br />

<strong>The</strong> Kings Arms Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 403054<br />

<strong>The</strong> Market Tavern Market Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404821<br />

<strong>The</strong> Orchard Gardens Mundesley Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 405152<br />

<strong>The</strong> White Swan Church Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 405981<br />

Club KA Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 403054

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 29<br />

Restaurants & Cafés<br />

Café Kitale 4 St Nicholas Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 07553 610379<br />

Charcoal Grill Kebab House Mundesley Rd, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404888<br />

Chris<strong>to</strong>pher’s Café & Bakery 4 Church Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 405955<br />

Chubby Panda Market Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 500920<br />

Costa Coffee 35-36 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 406672<br />

Green Room Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 408993<br />

Labone Mundesley Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 500119<br />

Lily’s Tea Room Hadfield’s Nursery, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 406996<br />

Ramblers Restaurant (Day) <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Garden Centre, Norwich Road tel: 01692 408266<br />

7 & Eleven 5 Market Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 405336<br />

Shambles Café & Bistro 6 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 405282<br />

Smokey Grill House (Thur-Sat eve) <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Garden Centre tel: 01692 402591<br />

Subway<br />

2 Church Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Swallows Coffee Shop 24a Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 535613<br />

Three Cottages Fish Restaurant 16 Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 403819<br />

Take-Away Only<br />

al-Haqq’s Kitchen 4 Mundesley Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404031<br />

American Pizza 9 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 402040<br />

Bocadillos 44 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 07947 759034<br />

Brunch Bar<br />

Laundry Loke, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Great Wall 10 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 501164<br />

Jade Garden 1 Norwich Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 406821<br />

Kelly’s Plaice 32a Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 405554<br />

Lam’s Fish & Chip Shop 30 Station Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 402673<br />

<strong>North</strong> Kebab House 8 Market Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404022<br />

Stanley Road Fish & Chips 23 Stanley Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404030<br />

USA Chicken 4 Kings Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 409845<br />

ZA<br />

<strong>The</strong>lma Jolly<br />

High class curtains and soft furnishings.<br />

30 years experience. All sewing projects<br />

undertaken.<br />

Available at <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> farmers market (last<br />

Sunday of each month) and <strong>to</strong> order at other times<br />

Telephone: 01692 407974<br />

Email: thelmastarling789@btinternet.com<br />

Website: jollyseamstress.wixsite.com/jolly<br />

Facebook: jollyseamstressnorfolk

30 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />


chOicE OF SKipS!<br />

<strong>The</strong> best value with drop-off and pickup<br />

service extended <strong>to</strong> 14 days hiRE!<br />

covering <strong>North</strong> Norfolk and the Broads!<br />

SKipSTER<br />

WASTE<br />

BAGS<br />

1 Tonne<br />

MiNi<br />

SKipS<br />

2 Cubic<br />

Yards<br />

MiDi<br />

SKipS<br />

4 Cubic<br />

Yards<br />

BUiLDER’S<br />

SKipS<br />

6 & 8<br />

Cubic Yards<br />

ORDER BY TELEphONE: 01692 405820<br />

ORDER ONLiNE: www.drurysenvironmental.co.uk<br />

DRURY’S<br />


Folgate Road<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Norfolk NR28 0AJ<br />

Drurys A6 advert 3.11.17.indd 1 06/11/2017 12:15

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 31<br />

Refuse / Recycling<br />

Household Waste Recycling Centre<br />

Worstead Main Recycling Centre, Old Yarmouth Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Open every day: 9am–5pm (1 April – 30 September). 9am–4pm (1 Oc<strong>to</strong>ber – 31 March).<br />

Items accepted free for Recycling: Aerosol cans (empty), Bulky waste such as furniture and white<br />

goods, Cans/tins/foil, Card/cardboard, Carpets and underlay, Cooking oil, Electrical items, Engine oil,<br />

Furniture - Fitted furniture is classed as DIY waste, Garden/green waste, Glass bottles and Jars, Household<br />

bin waste, Lightbulbs/fluorescent tubes , Mattresses, Paper, Printer ink cartridges, Scrap metal, Textiles.<br />

Paid for items accepted: DIY waste, Tires, Trade Waste.<br />

Not accepted items: hazardous waste (including paint) and fireworks and explosives, asbes<strong>to</strong>s,<br />

beer barrels or kegs, ash, clinical waste, medicines, or septic tanks at any of our recycling centres.<br />

For more information: www.norfolk.gov.uk/recycling<br />

Town Recycling Centres<br />

Sainsburys (outside shop) for Glass, Cans, Paper & Card, Textiles.<br />

Sainsbury’s (inside shop), Post Office & Lidl for batteries.<br />

Home Bin Collections<br />

For more info: www.north-norfolk.gov.uk/tasks/environmental-services/what-goes-in-my-bin<br />

Black Bin: Disposable nappies, Carrier or plastic bags, Plastic food wrapping (plastic that can be<br />

scrunched in your hand e.g. salad bags, bread bags, Polystyrene, Cling film, Crisp packets), Egg<br />

boxes (plastic), Light bulbs, Wrapping paper (plasticised, wax coated, glittery or foil type).<br />

Green Bin: Food and drink cans, both aluminium and steel, Glass - all bottles and jars, Aluminium<br />

foil and trays, Plastic pots, Plastic food tubs, Empty aerosol cans.<br />

Plastic bottles, such as milk, drinks, bleach, shampoo.<br />

Paper, including envelopes (including windowed), shredded paper and cardboard.<br />

Food and drink car<strong>to</strong>ns including milk, juice, smoothie and soup containers. Bottle <strong>to</strong>ps can be left on.<br />

Brown Bin: Grass cuttings, Weeds, Leaves, Flowers, Plants, Vegetable <strong>to</strong>ps, Hedge clippings, Twigs,<br />

Bark, Small branches, Christmas trees, Shredded paper.<br />

Collection of Electrical Items: Place your small electrical item(s) in a standard-sized carrier bag (no<br />

black bin liners) then place it next <strong>to</strong> your recycling or black waste bin by 7am on your collection<br />

day. Please don’t put the bagged items in your bins as they won’t be collected.<br />

Please note there is no missed collection for electricals, batteries or textiles. If your collection is<br />

missed, just set it out for collection on the following week.<br />

Red stickers will be placed on items which we are not able <strong>to</strong> collect as part of the service.<br />

Small electrical items suitable for collection (no larger than 35cm x 40cm): Bedside lamps, Blenders,<br />

Calcula<strong>to</strong>rs, Cameras, Chargers, Digital-boxes, Electric <strong>to</strong>othbrushes, Electronic <strong>to</strong>ys and games,<br />

Electric blankets, Food processors, Hair dryers, Hi-fi equipment (including speakers), Irons, Juicers,<br />

Kettles, Light fittings, Power <strong>to</strong>ols, Shavers, Telephones, Toasters, Torches.<br />

Disposal of Hazardous Waste: Hazardous waste collection days are held throughout the county<br />

and dates will be publicised on the council website prior <strong>to</strong> them happening. You may also<br />

employ specialist companies or the dump may take items on prior arrangement (both will require<br />

payment). For more information: www.norfolk.gov.uk/hazardouswaste

32 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Poppies<br />

Children’s<br />

Nursery<br />

Serving generations of<br />

families since 1989<br />

a happy place where<br />

children blossom<br />

We are members of the Safer<br />

Programme which is part of the<br />

Norfolk Safeguarding<br />

Children Board.<br />

Farman Avenue, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9AY Tel: 01692 500117<br />

www.poppieschildrensnursery.co.uk<br />


- where little people learn big things-<br />

Highly qualified, dedicated<br />

and experienced staff<br />

Great outdoor areas<br />

and creative indoor spaces<br />

An effective programme <strong>to</strong><br />

prepare for school<br />

For Ages 2-4 years<br />

Open term times 8:30-3:30<br />

We accept 2 year old and 30 hours funding<br />

Enhancing your child’s first steps in education,<br />

within a stimulating and nurturing environment<br />

South Rise Tel: 01692 406378<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Email: millfield.preschool@tiscali.co.uk Charity No:<br />

NR28 0EE Website: www.millfield-preschool.co.uk 1072455

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 33<br />

Education<br />

Playgroups, Day Nursery, Infant<br />

Brightstart Montessori Nursery <strong>The</strong> Atrium, Spenser Avenue, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

web: www.brightstartnursery.org 01603 738360<br />

Chestnut Boutique Nursery St Nicholas’ House, 46 Yarmouth Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

web: www.chestnut-nursery.co.uk/nurseries/st-nicholas<br />

email: JulieA@chestnut-nursery.co.uk 01692 218250<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Junior Manor Road <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 01692 403013<br />

Infant School & Nursery Fed. web: www.nwjun-infsfed.com<br />

email: office@northwalsham-jun.norfolk.sch.uk<br />

Millfield Pre-School South Rise, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 01692 406378<br />

web: www.millfield-preschool.co.uk<br />

email: millfield.preschool@tiscali.co.uk<br />

Poppies Day Nursery <strong>The</strong> Pavilion, Memorial Park 01692 500117<br />

web: www.poppieschildrensnursery.co.uk<br />

email: enquiries@poppieschildrensnursery.co.uk<br />

Rainbow Children’s Nursery Station Road, Worstead 01692 400995<br />

web: rainbow4kids.com<br />

email: rainbownursery@btconnect.com<br />

Town Tots Pre-school Manor Road <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 01692 407012<br />

web: www.benjaminfoundation.co.uk<br />

email: teresa.moate@benjaminfoundation.co.uk<br />

Worstead Preschool Queen Elizabeth Hall, Ruin Road, Worstead 01692 535692<br />

web: www.worsteadpreschool.co.uk<br />

email: worsteadpreschool@btconnect.com<br />

Colleges and Schools<br />

Pas<strong>to</strong>n Sixth Form College Grammar School Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 01692 402334<br />

(16-19 Years) Principal: Corrienne Peasgood<br />

web: www.pas<strong>to</strong>n.ac.uk email: pas<strong>to</strong>ninfo@ccn.ac.uk<br />

High School Spenser Avenue, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 01692 402581<br />

(11-16 Years) Headmaster: Neil Powel<br />

web: www.nwhs.uk<br />

email: office@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk<br />

Junior School Manor Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 01692 405697<br />

(7-11 years) Head teacher: Mrs J Read<br />

web: www.northwalsham-jun.norfolk.sch.uk<br />

email: office@northwalsham-jun.norfolk.sch.uk<br />

Millfield Primary School Recreation Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 01692 403172<br />

(5 -11 years) Head teacher: Jan Harazdiuk<br />

web: www.millfield.norfolk.sch.uk<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Junior Manor Road <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 01692 403013<br />

Infant School & Nursery Fed. web: www.nwjun-infsfed.com<br />

email: office@northwalsham-jun.norfolk.sch.uk<br />

Adult education<br />

Course Information web: www.norfolk.gov.uk/adulteducation 0344 800 8020

34 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />



www.caffeequa<strong>to</strong>r.com<br />



Equa<strong>to</strong>r House<br />

Cornish Way Business Park<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0FE<br />

www.calypsocoffee.co.uk<br />

tel: 01692 406430<br />

email: enquiries@calypsocoffee.co.uk<br />

Extra Hands<br />

Providers of Home Care in Norfolk<br />

Norfolk Care Awards 2018 Winners<br />

We are a local award winning family run independent<br />

Home Care company, providing carers across Norfolk<br />

trained <strong>to</strong> the highest standards including Dementia<br />

Care. We offer a wide range of services within the<br />

home setting which are tailored <strong>to</strong> suit individual<br />

needs from personal care <strong>to</strong> shopping and<br />

companionship.<br />

Our services can be arranged on either a short term<br />

or long term basis, we offer flexibility when organising<br />

care packages and can assure our cus<strong>to</strong>mers that we<br />

will meet their requirements every step of the way.<br />

If you or anyone you know may be interested in our<br />

services please do not hesitate <strong>to</strong> contact us on the<br />

numbers below or visit our website <strong>to</strong> find out more.<br />

Supporting people in their own homes for over 25 years<br />

Tel: 01603 898623 Tel: 01263 712686<br />

w w w . e x t r a h a n d s h o m e c a r e n o r f o l k . c o . u k

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 35<br />

Places of Worship<br />

Church of England<br />


Vicar: Revd Canon Paul Cubitt tel: 01692 406380<br />

email: revpcubitt@btinternet.com<br />

Sunday Services: 8.00am Holy Communion<br />

10.30am Parish Eucharist<br />

5.00 pm Choral Evensong most weeks.<br />

Market Day Service<br />

10.30 am Holy Communion<br />

<strong>The</strong> noticeboard in the church porch is regularly updated with details of weekday services, special<br />

events and other parish church news.<br />

web: www.saint-nicholas.org.uk<br />

Church Office: tel: 01692 408971<br />

email: office.stnicholasnw@btconnect.com<br />

Church Hall Bookings<br />

St Benet Hall, St Nicholas Room<br />

tel: 01692 402705<br />

Catholic Church<br />


Parish Priest: Fr James Walsh<br />

4 Norwich Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

tel: 01692 403258<br />

email: sjb58383@gmail.com<br />

Sunday Services:<br />

11.00am Mass<br />

Church Hall Bookings tel: 01692 405018<br />

See noticeboard for weekday Mass details.<br />

Church activities as announced.<br />

web: www.sacredheartnorthwalsham.com<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Corps, Salvation Army Hall, Hall Lane, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Major Richard Durrant tel: 01692 652263/403955<br />

email: Richard.Durrant@salvationarmy.org.uk<br />

Sunday Services:<br />

Parent & Toddler Group:<br />

Lunch Club:<br />

Friendship Club:<br />

Coffee Morning:<br />

10.30am Morning Worship<br />

4.00pm Afternoon Worship ‘Songs of Praise’<br />

last Sunday of the month<br />

Monday 9.30am - 11.00am (Term time only)<br />

Monday 12.30pm<br />

Monday 1.45pm<br />

Thursday 9.30 - 11.30am

36 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Value Guaranteed!<br />

Find us at: 4 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9BP

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 37<br />


Cromer Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Minister: Rev Richard Woodhouse<br />

Church secretary: Anna Davies tel: 01692 409026<br />

email: annad1234@btinternet.com<br />

Sunday Services<br />

10.30am Morning Praise & Worship<br />

Holy Communion on 1st Sunday<br />

Meetings through the week see website<br />

web: www.northwalshamcongregationalchurch.co.uk<br />


Meeting Hill<br />

Minister: Rev Patrick Coghlan tel: 01263 734739<br />

email: patrick@acsmail.net<br />

Services:<br />


Grammar School Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

10.30am Sunday<br />

Minister: Rev Sharon Willimott tel: 01692 218657<br />

email: sharon.willimott@methodist.org.uk<br />

Administra<strong>to</strong>r: tel: 01692 501003<br />

Sunday Services:<br />

10.30am Morning Worship, Holy Communion as announced.<br />

Mustard Seed drop in centre: 9.30am Thursday Mornings<br />

Details of all other activities, including regular Bible study groups,<br />

youth work etc may be found on our website.<br />

web: www.northnorfolkmethodist.org.uk<br />

(and follow the links)<br />


Quaker Meeting House, Quakers’ Hill, Mundesley Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0RF<br />

Meeting for Worship:<br />

tel: 01692 403731<br />

10.30am Sunday<br />

Room hire enquiries and bookings: tel: 01692 407508<br />


Charis Centre, 24 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Meets at the Community Centre: 10.30am Sunday<br />

Weekday activities:<br />

web: www.newlifenorthwalsham.com<br />


<strong>The</strong> Street, Swan<strong>to</strong>n Abbott NR10 5DU<br />

Pas<strong>to</strong>r: Peter Mitchell tel: 01692 218125<br />

email: Caws<strong>to</strong>nCircuit@aol.com<br />

Morning Worship:<br />

11.00 am Sunday

38 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

CORNERSTONE INDEPENDENT Millfield Primary School, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 07913515072<br />

EVANGELICAL CHURCH web: www.corners<strong>to</strong>nechurchnw.org.uk<br />


CHURCH<br />

web: www.broadlandscommunitychurch.com<br />

email: Questions@broadlandcommunitychurch.com<br />

Churches Together <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

One in Christ Jesus, engaged in God’s mission, empowered by the Spirit.<br />

In January <strong>2019</strong>, nine local churches held an his<strong>to</strong>ric Covenant Service, pledging <strong>to</strong> work <strong>to</strong>gether<br />

for <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Community by:<br />

Praying <strong>to</strong>gether in Christian Fellowship<br />

Bringing the light of Christ in<strong>to</strong> the community<br />

Congregational Church<br />

Methodist Church<br />

New Life Church<br />

Sacred Heart RC<br />

Salvation Army<br />

Society of Friends<br />

St Nicholas CE<br />

Swan<strong>to</strong>n Abbott<br />

Worstead Baptist<br />

Cromer Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0HD<br />

Grammar School Road, N <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9JH<br />

Charis Centre, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9BS<br />

Norwich Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9JP<br />

Hall Lane, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9DT<br />

Quakers Hill, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0RF<br />

Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9BT<br />

<strong>The</strong> Street, Swan<strong>to</strong>n Abbott, NR10 5DU<br />

Meeting Hill, Worstead, Norfolk NR28 9LR<br />

We pray regularly with and for each other, collectively providing a range of opportunities for<br />

witness and worship. We support one another in caring for our community in a variety of ways,<br />

such as food bank, discussion groups, youth work, children’s clubs, lunch clubs, coffee mornings,<br />

overseas support, civic and other shared services. We continue <strong>to</strong> explore ways of working and<br />

praying <strong>to</strong>gether. We welcome all <strong>to</strong> share in the work under God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Methodist Church<br />

Saint Nicholas’ Parish Church<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Quakers<br />

Evangelical Congregational Church<br />

Parish of the Sacred Heart<br />

Worstead Baptist Church

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 39<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Play<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Play is a registered charity set<br />

up <strong>to</strong> improve the play parks and open spaces<br />

in and around <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. We work hard<br />

<strong>to</strong> bring about inclusive and innovative play<br />

spaces accessible <strong>to</strong> children and families of<br />

all ages and abilities. Over the coming year we<br />

are raising funds <strong>to</strong> bring about a new outside<br />

gymnasium within the <strong>to</strong>wn’s Memorial Park<br />

whilst at the same time improving facilities at<br />

Trackside where <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Play are engaged in initial talks <strong>to</strong> look at redeveloping the skate<br />

park. Following feedback from key stakeholders and users, this is potentially our biggest project <strong>to</strong><br />

date. Want <strong>to</strong> get involved?<br />

email: nwalshamplay@yahoo.co.uk<br />

web: www.nwplay.co.uk<br />

facebook: <strong>North</strong><strong>Walsham</strong>Play<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Funday<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Funday was started in<br />

2010 by members of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Lions and <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town Council. Many<br />

changes have taken place over the years and<br />

we now see the Funday being run as a three<br />

day event with L Gray & Sons Funfair joining us.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Funday is held on the last weekend of June<br />

every year.<br />

<strong>2019</strong> - 28, 29th and 30th June.<br />

<strong>2020</strong> - 26th, 27th and 28th June.<br />

2018 saw the return of a carnival parade, which will now be repeated annually along with the<br />

Funday Royal Family.<br />

<strong>The</strong> format for the Funday is normally:-<br />

Friday – Live music in the marquee.<br />

Saturday – Parade leaving the Industrial Estate at 5pm. Finishing on the park.<br />

Saturday – Live music in the marquee.<br />

Sunday – <strong>The</strong> Funday! Vintage vehicles, stalls of all types, fresh cooked food, displays, wildlife<br />

displays, live music from local bands and all the fun of the fair.<br />

Other fund raising events are held throughout the year <strong>to</strong> help fund the Parade.<br />

We are always looking for new members & volunteers <strong>to</strong> help at the events.<br />

tel: 01692 406415 email: fundaycomm@gmail.com

40 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

N. J. Wright<br />

Plumbing & Heating<br />

07768 090 544<br />

Landlords Certification<br />

Power Flushing<br />

Boiler Services<br />

No job <strong>to</strong>o small<br />

Over 30 years experience<br />

nigelwright87@gmail.com<br />

C100624 558352<br />

Independent <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> business<br />

helping people move<br />

for over 20 years!<br />

Free Valuation Advice<br />

with no pressure <strong>to</strong><br />

move until you are<br />

ready.<br />

Friendly and Helpful<br />

Staff with many years<br />

local experience.<br />

29/30 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9BS<br />

tel: 01692 40<strong>2019</strong><br />

email: team@acornprop.co.uk<br />

web: www.acornprop.co.uk twitter: @acornprop<br />

Internet advertising<br />

on Rightmove.co.uk,<br />

Acornprop.co.uk &<br />

On<strong>The</strong>Market.com<br />

High Standard of<br />

Pho<strong>to</strong>graphy & Floor<br />

plans provided at no<br />

extra charge.

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 41<br />

Local Parks and Play Areas<br />

Parks and Play areas are supplied with waste bins and dog bins. <strong>The</strong>y are all emptied regularly and we<br />

ask that you respect the other users of the parks and dispose of your litter and dog waste correctly.<br />

Acorn Road<br />

Hidden away on Acorn Road is a small open greenspace with play area. <strong>The</strong> Children’s area includes<br />

a very popular zip wire, climbing frame and swings.<br />

Memorial Park<br />

<strong>The</strong> Memorial Park is a beautiful old park situated between Yarmouth Road and Happisburgh Road<br />

and plays host <strong>to</strong> a large number of events and activities. <strong>The</strong>re are goalposts for football, swings,<br />

gym and play equipment, lots of room for families and dogs <strong>to</strong> run and play in the safety of a semi<br />

enclosed park (please note: park gates are not closed).<br />

Regular events include Funday and the Fun Fair, see the Regular Events page (59) for more<br />

information.<br />

Children’s Play Park<br />

Opened in December 2018, the play park offers a safe fenced area for little ones <strong>to</strong> play in. <strong>The</strong><br />

second project of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Play (See Page 39), the park is Pirate and Castle themed and<br />

offers swings, a roundabout, slides and more. Close <strong>to</strong> Public Toilets.<br />

Oak Tree Sculpture<br />

Carved in<strong>to</strong> the trunk of a diseased old oak (which was due <strong>to</strong> be felled) by Mark Goldsworthy<br />

of Bungay, the sculpture was unveiled in September 1999. It commemorates the Battle of the<br />

Peasants Revolt in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> during 1381 and the Agricultural Workers Union being founded<br />

in the <strong>to</strong>wn in 1906. It depicts the ordinary man’s struggle for justice and rights, against the odds.<br />

See page 53 for more details.<br />

Poppies Day Nursery<br />

Housed in the park’s pavilion, this popular nursery is open throughout the week. See page 33 for<br />

details.<br />

Tennis Courts<br />

<strong>The</strong> Memorial Park Tennis Courts are available for hire at a cost of £3 per day with a £5 key deposit.<br />

Keys are available from the Town Council Office.<br />

War Memorial<br />

A small area close <strong>to</strong> the Oak Tree Sculpture holds the <strong>to</strong>wn’s War Memorial, which bears the names<br />

of those who died during the Great Wars. With seats and a small lawn the area is a place for peaceful<br />

contemplation away from the busy park.

42 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />



A variety of rooms differing in sizes<br />

Prices start from as little as £15<br />

We are available for:-<br />

Parties<br />

Anniversaries<br />

Wedding Receptions<br />

Wakes<br />

Meetings<br />

Live music<br />

Exhibitions<br />

Live shows<br />

Our venue is one of few venues in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

which is multi-purpose and can hold 2 parties at<br />

once without interfering with each other<br />

We can cater for functions of 2 – 300 people<br />

A licensed bar is available for your use<br />

CONTACT THE OFFICE ON 01692 403594<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 43<br />

Trackside<br />

<strong>The</strong> Trackside Park is situated opposite the train station entrance on Norwich Road. Completely<br />

fenced this park is a safe area for Children <strong>to</strong> run and play with swings, a slide and a climbing wall.<br />

Dog Park<br />

In one corner of the Trackside Park, an area has been fenced and double gated <strong>to</strong> provide a safe<br />

place for dogs <strong>to</strong> run off lead. A perfect area for training recall or just letting your dogs play. Dog<br />

Bins are provided so please clear up after your dogs.<br />

Skate Park<br />

<strong>The</strong> current skate park on trackside has served the <strong>to</strong>wn’s BMXs, Skateboarders and Scooter<br />

enthusiasts since 2005 and was a wonderful example of the <strong>to</strong>wn and its residents working<br />

<strong>to</strong>gether for a good cause. Funds <strong>to</strong> build the park were raised by local organisations, Town and<br />

District Councils and National Lottery Funding. Plans are now underway <strong>to</strong> update the park, with<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Play spearheading the fundraising and design, their largest project <strong>to</strong> date.<br />

Woodville<br />

<strong>The</strong> park at Woodville is an open greenspace found on the Lynfield Estate, near the Bypass. A<br />

hidden gem, the park is accessible from <strong>North</strong>field Road and Hadfield Road and has goal posts and<br />

swings for families <strong>to</strong> use.<br />

Children’s Play Area<br />

In the Centre of Woodville is the Children’s Play Area which is perfect for younger children. <strong>The</strong> Play<br />

Area was acquired through fundraising by <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Play, and opened in 2017 featuring a<br />

swing seat, wheelchair friendly roundabout and plenty of colourful games for little ones <strong>to</strong> play.

44 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Local Environment<br />

Norfolk Wildlife Trust: ‘Pigney’s Wood’<br />

Pigney’s Wood was originally purchased in 1993 by the <strong>North</strong> Norfolk Community Woodland<br />

Trust (NNCWT, a community based conservation charity) and during their years of tenure, NNCWT<br />

successfully reverted the site from arable land <strong>to</strong> woodland by planting over 20,000 trees of 40<br />

different species as well as res<strong>to</strong>ring important wetland areas and improving the access and<br />

interpretation of the site for local people by providing guided trails.<br />

<strong>The</strong> site has a number of special wildlife features including an impressive 450-year-old ancient<br />

oak tree ‘the Old Oak’ which is next <strong>to</strong> a small woodland area which boasts a carpet of bluebells in<br />

spring.<br />

Pigneys Wood provides an important wildlife refuge for many birds such as the Goldcrest, Nuthatch,<br />

Cetti’s Warbler; insects such as Red Admiral, Peacock and Holly Blue butterflies; dragonflies such<br />

as the Emperor, Migrant Hawker, Blacktailed Skimmer and Norfolk Hawker, and mammals such as<br />

Otter, Water Vole and Badger. Occasionally rarer visi<strong>to</strong>rs have been recorded such as a Camberwell<br />

Beauty Butterfly and a Bittern in March 2013. Other features at the site include reed beds, a scrape<br />

<strong>to</strong> attract wading birds and information boards on wildflowers, butterflies, trees and birds.<br />

In September 2017, Pigneys Wood was entrusted <strong>to</strong> Norfolk Wildlife Trust <strong>to</strong> continue the<br />

conservation management of this wildlife-rich nature reserve. NWT aims <strong>to</strong> build on NNCWT’s work<br />

by further enhancing the range of habitats present as well as improving the visi<strong>to</strong>r experience <strong>to</strong><br />

encourage more people <strong>to</strong> enjoy the wildlife on this special site.<br />

Pigney’s Wood Car Park can be found on Hall Lane where the bin and dog bins are also sited. Picnic<br />

tables and seats are provided and shelter is available in the renovated barn.<br />

For further information please visit our website at<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 45<br />

Bac<strong>to</strong>n Wood<br />

Bac<strong>to</strong>n Wood is two miles north-east of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> on the Happisburgh Road, which dates<br />

back <strong>to</strong> Saxon times, and includes ancient Sessile Oaks and at least thirty other species of tree.<br />

Walk through a mosaic of conifers, mixed woodland and open areas with its heather, broom and<br />

gorse providing a variety of colour through the changing seasons. <strong>The</strong> rich diversity of trees, plants,<br />

insects, birds and animals found in these woods provide a lovely countryside experience for all the<br />

family.<br />

<strong>The</strong> woods are owned and maintained by <strong>The</strong> Forestry Commission and part managed by <strong>North</strong><br />

Norfolk District Council, forming between them the Countryside Partnership Project.<br />

Known locally as ‘Wit<strong>to</strong>n Woods’, the area was first planted in 1956, with much of the central and<br />

southern area formerly heathland, careful management of the ancient woodland that formed most<br />

of the remaining area has resulted in natural regeneration of the broadleaf species and plants such<br />

as Bluebells, Wood Sorrel and Dog’s Mercury.<br />

As well as the flora and fauna, within the woods can be found a Bronze Age burial mound and<br />

pot boiling site, an ancient ‘Grandparent’ oak and several ponds. If you find the pot boiling site, be<br />

sure <strong>to</strong> keep an eye out for flint shards, these have broken off the s<strong>to</strong>nes, used <strong>to</strong> warm the pots in<br />

ancient times.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are three marked trails and many smaller paths that weave through the trees making Bac<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Wood an excellent place for all types of orienteering, walking, horse riding and cycling. <strong>The</strong> Woods<br />

also host many regular events such as cross country running, competitions, orienteering, night<br />

exercises, rambling, wildlife watching and navigation exercises. web: www.northnorfolk.org

46 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

family run business <br />

speciality coffees <br />

breakfasts <br />

homecooked meals <br />

gluten free options <br />

the<br />


cafe<br />

6 King’s Arms Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

01692 408993<br />

RS Timber<br />

Station Yard, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Our garden maintenance department is now open and<br />

we offer a full fence erection service with close board<br />

and fancy European & picket fence panels, plus gates.<br />

All types of garden maintenance including garden<br />

clearance and tree work with our own mini digger,<br />

dumper & chipper. We are also one of the biggest<br />

suppliers of railway sleepers old and new.<br />

Thousands in in s<strong>to</strong>ck, cutting and fitting services<br />

available.<br />

We have a full yard of treated timber and decking.<br />

Sheds any size made <strong>to</strong> order, free erection.<br />

For a very competitive and no obligation quote on all<br />

types of garden work call:-<br />

Steve on 01692 406020<br />

or mobile 07917 692291<br />

Power Barrows<br />

Cement Mixers<br />

Wacker Plates<br />

Diggers<br />

Chippers<br />

Dumpers<br />

Ro<strong>to</strong>va<strong>to</strong>rs<br />

Stump Grinders<br />

Concrete Breakers<br />

Pressure Washers<br />

Please call for weekly hire prices<br />

Opera<strong>to</strong>r for all plant can be supplied<br />

Steve on 01692 406020<br />

or mobile 07917 692291<br />

Steve Emerson<br />

Mini Plant Hire

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 47<br />

Sadler’s Wood<br />

Sadler’s Wood and the surrounding<br />

open space lies at the eastern side of the<br />

market <strong>to</strong>wn of <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong>. <strong>The</strong> Wood is predominantly a<br />

plantation of Scots Pine dating back <strong>to</strong> the<br />

1950s but it also contains some veteran<br />

oak, sweet chestnut and hornbeam trees.<br />

In spring the woodland floor is covered in<br />

a carpet of bluebells which is spectacular.<br />

Current conservation management<br />

practices encourage the spread of this<br />

beautiful flower which helps feed many<br />

insect species. <strong>The</strong> surrounding area<br />

consists of part amenity grassland for informal games and part more natural grassland where<br />

native flora is encouraged. <strong>The</strong>re are some sculptures dotted throughout the area which have been<br />

produced by local artists and a play area which is well used.<br />

<strong>The</strong> woodlands are abundant with butterflies, mini beasts and flowers throughout the spring and<br />

summer months. Habitat piles create perfect homes for many species of mini beasts, which help<br />

introduce families <strong>to</strong> wildlife on event days and an adventure style play area has been provided<br />

which is proving most popular with local children.<br />

Sadler’s Wood is perfect for dog walks, nature rambles and adventures and achieved its Green Flag<br />

in 2012 meaning that the space boasts the highest possible standards, is beautifully maintained<br />

and has excellent facilities.<br />

<strong>The</strong> site is managed by <strong>North</strong> Norfolk District Council (NNDC) and the Rangers undertake regular<br />

safety inspections and litter patrols, bins and dog bins are provided.<br />

Bryant’s Heath (Felmingham Heath)<br />

Bryant’s Heath, Felmingham is a<br />

17.7-hectare (44-acre) biological Site of<br />

Special Scientific Interest west of <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong>. <strong>The</strong> Heath consists of dry acidic<br />

heathland on glacial sands with sloping<br />

ground <strong>to</strong> the south and west. This site is<br />

unusual in that it encompasses within a<br />

relatively small area a mix of dry heath,<br />

wet heath and fen lands. Rich plant lands<br />

have developed in association with the<br />

flushed areas that occur where nutrientpoor<br />

sands meet underlying calcareous<br />

clays. <strong>The</strong>se areas include several plants<br />

that are now uncommon in East Anglia due <strong>to</strong> the drainage of many similar sites. Several unusual<br />

mosses and lichens have been recorded in wetter areas.<br />

A public footpath between Felmingham and <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> runs through the heath.<br />

web: www.norfolkwildlifetrust.org.uk/wildlife-in-norfolk/commons/bryant-s-heath

48 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

& Dilham<br />

Canal Trust<br />

Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation No. 1180474<br />

Working <strong>to</strong> save Norfolk’s canal heritage<br />


RELAX on one of our passenger boats<br />

departing Ebridge Mill Pond. Learn about the<br />

canal and its wildlife.<br />

Wheelchair and group bookings welcomed.<br />

BRING drinks and snacks. Dogs welcome.<br />

Dress for the weather.<br />

BOOK (strongly advised) on 07585 160772.<br />

MONEY from trips is used <strong>to</strong> support the<br />

Trust’s projects along the canal.<br />

LOVE IT? If you think the canal is an asset<br />

<strong>to</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> then …<br />


CONTACT: senior, junior, housebound<br />

or active we’ll find a role for you. It’s fun,<br />

rewarding and sociable.<br />

Get in <strong>to</strong>uch via: secretary@nwdct.org<br />

LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter,<br />

join us on Instagram, visit www.nwdct.org<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>’s<br />

Leading Local Pet Shop<br />



14 Market Place<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9BP<br />

Tel: 01692 404 806<br />

Email: sam121212@aol.com

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 49<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> & Dilham Canal<br />

Pho<strong>to</strong>: <strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> And Dilham Canal Trust<br />

Norfolk’s only sailing canal with locks is a<br />

rapidly-developing success s<strong>to</strong>ry for <strong>to</strong>urism,<br />

leisure and the industrial heritage of northeast<br />

Norfolk.<br />

Regenerated sections of the 19th-century<br />

waterway regularly attract hundreds of<br />

users including those taking advantage of<br />

weekly boat trips, walkers, canoeists, sailors,<br />

fishermen, wildlife enthusiasts and model boat<br />

fans.<br />

Bac<strong>to</strong>n Wood Lock, one of six along the canal,<br />

has been res<strong>to</strong>red by its owner, with volunteer<br />

help, over a 10-year period and work is due <strong>to</strong><br />

begin in summer <strong>2019</strong> on a second lock, at Ebridge Mill.<br />

<strong>The</strong> canal was once nearly nine miles long and stretched from Antingham ponds <strong>to</strong> Wayford Bridge.<br />

Dug by hand in just 18 months by 100 Bedfordshire navvies, it opened in 1826.<br />

<strong>The</strong> waterway was intended as the M1 of its day for the fast and efficient transport of cargoes <strong>to</strong><br />

and from mills and communities along its route and the port of Great Yarmouth, via the Broads<br />

network.<br />

Although the canal was built using the “cut and fill” technology championed by Thomas Telford,<br />

it opened the year after the S<strong>to</strong>ck<strong>to</strong>n and Darling<strong>to</strong>n Railway and only enjoyed about 50 fairlysuccessful<br />

years before this new-fangled competi<strong>to</strong>r arrived in Norfolk and sealed its fate.<br />

In 1927 it was “de-watered” above Swafield and the last wherry, Ella, sailed the canal in 1934.<br />

Decades of neglect followed with some sections becoming choked with vegetation, and the wood<br />

and brickwork rotting and crumbling.<br />

Sustained efforts <strong>to</strong> revitalise the canal began in 2000, with regular volunteer work parties - which<br />

continue <strong>to</strong> this day - tackling tasks under the auspices of the East Anglian Waterways Association.<br />

<strong>The</strong> project gained further momentum in 2008 with the founding of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and<br />

Dilham Canal Trust, now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).<br />

Its aim is <strong>to</strong> work with canal and land owners, and statu<strong>to</strong>ry bodies, <strong>to</strong> conserve and improve the<br />

route of the canal and its branches for the benefit of the community and natural environment,<br />

promoting access <strong>to</strong> the navigation for all and allowing it <strong>to</strong> become an area enjoyed by the public<br />

once again.<br />

<strong>The</strong> trust hopes eventually <strong>to</strong> res<strong>to</strong>re about 7.5<br />

miles of the canal and four of its locks.<br />

It can only achieve this goal with the help of<br />

the community. Volunteers are needed for<br />

a range of outdoor, indoor and water-based<br />

roles and any offers of help would be welcome<br />

- from both the able-bodied and housebound<br />

of all ages.<br />

To find out more, <strong>to</strong> volunteer and/or join the<br />

trust...<br />

web: www.nwdct.org<br />

email: secretary@nwdct.org<br />

social: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram<br />

An Aerial View Of <strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> And Dilham Canal At<br />

Ebridge. Pho<strong>to</strong>: Clive And Shirley James

50 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Local Walks<br />

Beautiful countryside surrounds <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, and the <strong>North</strong> Norfolk area itself is designated as<br />

an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. <strong>The</strong> best way <strong>to</strong> explore this wonderful area is either by<br />

bicycle, or <strong>to</strong> delve even deeper in<strong>to</strong> its hidden secrets, by foot. <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> is a s<strong>to</strong>pping point<br />

on two major walks.<br />

Pas<strong>to</strong>n Way<br />

<strong>The</strong> Pas<strong>to</strong>n way takes its name from the Pas<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Family, the wealthy and dominant landowners<br />

in the area during Medieval and Tudor times.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Pas<strong>to</strong>n family in turn had taken their name<br />

from the small village of Pas<strong>to</strong>n on the north<br />

east Norfolk coast. <strong>The</strong>y also wrote the famous<br />

Pas<strong>to</strong>n Letters.<br />

<strong>The</strong> 22 mile route, between Cromer and <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong>, travels through much of what was<br />

once their land and passes sixteen of the areas<br />

ancient and beautiful churches.<br />

Each church has its own hidden his<strong>to</strong>ry and one<br />

was even moved brick by brick from a cliff <strong>to</strong>p<br />

<strong>to</strong> save it from the sea. (To visit all 14 of the fine churches on the Pas<strong>to</strong>n Way, the trail covers 29.5<br />

miles).<br />

In travelling church <strong>to</strong> church, the trail ambles down quiet lanes, through picturesque <strong>to</strong>wns and<br />

villages, across vast arable fields, disused railway lines and quiet grazing pastures with views of the<br />

<strong>North</strong> Sea. Keep a look out for seals on the stretches of beach walk <strong>to</strong>o.<br />

Starting at the south eastern end, the path begins at the Parish Church of St Nicholas in <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong>. <strong>The</strong> route then heads northwards along the old Mundesley Road out of the <strong>to</strong>wn. On the<br />

outskirts of the <strong>to</strong>wn the path follows the track bed of the disused Norfolk and Suffolk Joint Railway<br />

Company which linked <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> <strong>to</strong> Cromer. <strong>The</strong> path crosses the <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> & Dilham<br />

Canal at Swafield. Knap<strong>to</strong>n Cutting, as this part of the trail is known, is also a nature and butterfly<br />

reserve. This section is an area of wild flowers, brambles, scrub and undisturbed grassy banks,<br />

which make it an ideal habitat for butterflies and nineteen different species have been recorded.<br />

<strong>The</strong> path continues out of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, through the stunning countryside of <strong>North</strong> Norfolk <strong>to</strong><br />

Cromer where it links with the Coast Road.<br />

Footpaths and Walks<br />

<strong>The</strong>re is a lot of readily available information about the<br />

many footpaths and walks that cross the <strong>North</strong> Norfolk<br />

landscape around <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>.<br />

Many can be found on<br />

www.norfolk.gov.uk/out-and-about-in-norfolk<br />

Printed walks are also available from<br />

<strong>The</strong> M.i. <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, Vicarage Street

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 51<br />

Weavers’ Way<br />

At a <strong>to</strong>tal of 57 miles, this footpath runs<br />

between Great Yarmouth and Cromer and<br />

is named after the local weaving industry<br />

which shaped the local landscape of the<br />

Medieval Period.<br />

<strong>The</strong> route passes many areas of natural<br />

beauty; marshlands, rivers and lakes which<br />

form the unique landscape of the Broads,<br />

gentle valleys surrounding the rivers of<br />

Thurne, Ant and Bure, rich woodland and<br />

the mixed farmland of <strong>North</strong> Norfolk, and<br />

the estates of Felbrigg and Blickling. <strong>The</strong><br />

route also takes in the route of old railway<br />

lines allowing for panoramic views of the<br />

countryside from its embankments.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are car parks dotted along the<br />

length of the walk, each with maps and<br />

information boards.<br />

Peddars Way<br />

Rich in his<strong>to</strong>ry and steeped in ancient<br />

legend the Peddars Way traverses the<br />

very best landscapes Norfolk has <strong>to</strong> offer.<br />

Fantastic scenery and landscape cover<br />

the 93 miles (150 Km) of the Peddars<br />

Way and Norfolk Coast Path. <strong>The</strong> majority<br />

of the trail running through Areas of<br />

Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).<br />

Peddars Way follows a Roman road built<br />

along the line of an even older trackway.<br />

<strong>The</strong> name is said <strong>to</strong> be derived from the<br />

Latin “pedester”, which means “on foot”<br />

and the route was built shortly after AD61<br />

<strong>to</strong> enable troops <strong>to</strong> move through East<br />

Anglia for policing purposes. Although the name ‘Peddars’ was not initiated by the Romans, it is<br />

likely that it was coined during the 15th or 16th centuries<br />

<strong>The</strong> trail starts in the Brecks, a unique area of forest, heath and low river valleys, running north from<br />

Knettishall Heath in Suffolk, for 46 miles through changing countryside <strong>to</strong> the <strong>North</strong> Norfolk coast<br />

near Hunstan<strong>to</strong>n.<br />

Peddars Way and the Norfolk Coast Path became joined as a Long Distance Path in 1986 in a<br />

ceremony performed by the Prince of Wales at Holme-next-the-Sea. In 1991 the name Long<br />

Distance Path changed <strong>to</strong> National Trail, and became the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path<br />

National Trail, one of 15 National Trails in England and Wales.<br />

Much of the Peddars Way can be used by cyclists and there is a special route available <strong>to</strong> horseriders.<br />

web: www.nationaltrail.co.uk/peddarsway

52 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> his<strong>to</strong>ric Beechwood Hotel is a 3 star hotel with<br />

an acre of gardens, located in the centre of <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> on Cromer Road. <strong>The</strong> two AA Rosette Fine<br />

Dining Restaurant is open daily for Afternoon Teas<br />

and Dinner. On Sundays we serve a traditional Sunday<br />

Lunch menu from 12 till 2pm and we are happy<br />

<strong>to</strong> cater for lunch time functions on other days. We<br />

look forward <strong>to</strong> welcoming you soon.<br />

Hugh, Emma and the Team.<br />

Beechwood Hotel<br />

20 Cromer Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0HD<br />

Tel: 01692 403231 Email: info@beechwood-hotel.co.uk

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 53<br />

Oak Tree Sculpture<br />

This ingenious sculpture by Mark Goldsworthy of Bungay<br />

was commissioned in 1998 by <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town<br />

Council. It has been carved from the trunk of a 120 year<br />

old Oak which was diseased and due <strong>to</strong> be felled. <strong>The</strong><br />

work was carried out through the summer of 1999 and<br />

unveiled in September of that year. It commemorates<br />

the Battle of the Peasants’ Revolt at <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> in<br />

1381, and the Agricultural Workers’ Union being founded<br />

in the <strong>to</strong>wn in 1906. It depicts these two his<strong>to</strong>rical<br />

occasions; ordinary man’s struggle for justice and rights,<br />

against the odds.<br />

<strong>The</strong> ‘<strong>to</strong>tem-pole-esque’ sculpture of rustic figures<br />

expresses ordinary people, striving <strong>to</strong>wards a common<br />

goal, each with their own place in society, and using<br />

characters from the different generations.<br />

Lepus the GoGo Hare<br />

County Trail Hare - Lepus belongs <strong>to</strong> the Orion family<br />

of constellations, meaning “the hare” in Greek.<br />

By day Lepus can be seen close up in the beautiful<br />

<strong>North</strong> Norfolk landscape. By night, look up at the sky<br />

and you can see his star shining just below Orion’s<br />

feet.<br />

His coat represents land and sea and he is created<br />

from fragments of glinting glass, plates and mirror,<br />

reflecting the everyday beauty around us.<br />

web: www.gogohares.co.uk/hares/lepus<br />

twitter: @GoGoLepus

54 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Bluebell Pond<br />

<strong>The</strong> pond dates back <strong>to</strong> the 1600s when it was known as surveyors pit and it was used as a watering<br />

shed for animals by people who transported cattle from the Midlands. <strong>The</strong> pond dried up after new<br />

homes were built on the edge of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> in 1987 and the hole ended up being used as a<br />

rubbish tip. <strong>The</strong> Bluebell Pond Society was formed in 1990, headed by former Town Mayor; Roy<br />

Haynes, because the area had become an “eyesore”. <strong>The</strong> land was leased <strong>to</strong> the group by <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> Town Council and the dozens of volunteers re-established the pond, trees and nature.<br />

Many volunteers became involved and there is now an abundance of wildlife. <strong>The</strong> society receives<br />

about £300 each year from the <strong>to</strong>wn council and holds two clean-up days each year. Wildlife at<br />

Bluebell Pond includes newts, frogs, moorhens and wild ducks.<br />

<strong>The</strong> committee is now headed by Kev Richardson.<br />

web: www.facebook.com/Bluebell-pond-<strong>North</strong>-<strong>Walsham</strong>-552504761856657

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 55<br />

Local places of interest (no more than a 30 minute drive from <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>)<br />

Baconsthorpe Castle<br />

Visit the extensive ruins of Baconsthorpe Castle, a<br />

moated and fortified 15th century manor house,<br />

which are a testament <strong>to</strong> the rise and fall of a<br />

prominent Norfolk family, the Heydons. Over 200<br />

years, successive generations of this ambitious<br />

family built, then enlarged, and finally abandoned<br />

this castle.<br />

Hall Lane, Baconsthorpe, Norfolk NR25 9LN tel: 0870 333 1181<br />

web: www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/baconsthorpe-castle<br />

Bure Valley Railway<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bure Valley Railway is a narrow gauge heritage railway in Norfolk, within <strong>The</strong> Broads National<br />

Park. <strong>The</strong> railway runs from Wroxham <strong>to</strong> Aylsham (9 miles or 14.5 kilometres), Norfolk’s longest<br />

railway of less than standard gauge, using both steam and diesel locomotives.<br />

Aylsham Station, Norwich Rd, Aylsham NR11 6BW tel: 01263 733 858<br />

web: www.bvrw.co.uk<br />

Bewilderwood<br />

BeWILDerwood is a wild and imaginative adventure park with magical treehouses and hints of<br />

intriguing characters, bringing a curious difference <strong>to</strong> the Norfolk Broads. <strong>The</strong> setting for the book<br />

‘A Boggle at BeWILDerwood’, by local children’s author Tom Blofeld, it’s a wonderful, mystical place.<br />

Parents are encouraged <strong>to</strong> play alongside their children, which makes for a fabulous and brilliantly<br />

exciting time for the whole family. tel: 01692 633033<br />

Horning Rd, Hove<strong>to</strong>n, Norwich NR12 8JW<br />

Cromer Museum<br />

web: www.bewilderwood.co.uk<br />

Blickling Hall & Gardens<br />

One day is never enough. Discover a complete<br />

Norfolk estate with something for everyone. A 17th<br />

century National Trust Hall, garden and parkland.<br />

Open 363 days a year. Room openings in the house<br />

may vary as conservation work takes place.<br />

tel: 01263738030<br />

Blickling, Aylsham, Norfolk NR11 6NF<br />

web: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/blickling-estate<br />

email: blickling@nationaltrust.org.uk<br />

Vic<strong>to</strong>rian fishermen’s cottages housing exhibits about Cromer’s ancient & modern his<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

Cromer Museum, East Cottages, Tucker Street, Cromer NR27 9HB tel: 01263 513543<br />

web: www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/cromer-museum<br />

email: cromer.museum@norfolk.gov.uk

56 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

What’s your<br />

dream holiday?<br />

Make it a reality!<br />

Whether it’s soaking up the sun<br />

by the pool, sightseeing in a city,<br />

trekking through jungle or taking<br />

<strong>to</strong> the slopes, tell us and we’ll<br />

make it happen.<br />

Don’t just dream it, book it!<br />

First class service from your local,<br />

independent travel agent<br />

sales@broadland.co.uk<br />

41 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Norfolk NR28 9BT<br />

01692 406655<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 57<br />

Felbrigg Hall & Gardens<br />

Felbrigg Hall is a 17th-century English country house near the village of Felbrigg. Part of a National<br />

Trust property, the unaltered 17th-century house is noted for its Jacobean architecture and fine<br />

Georgian interior. Outside the house are a walled garden, an orangery and orchards.<br />

B1436, Felbrigg, Norwich NR11 8PR tel: 01263 837444<br />

web: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/felbrigg-hall-gardens-and-estate<br />

email: felbrigg@nationaltrust.org.uk<br />

Horsey Windpump<br />

Horsey Windpump is a grade 2 listed windpump or drainage windmill in the care of the National<br />

Trust in the village of Horsey. <strong>The</strong> present structure was built in 1912 on the foundations of the<br />

18th-century Horsey Black Mill and sits in an internationally important area for wildlife.<br />

B1159 south of Horsey village tel: 01263740241<br />

web: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/horsey-windpump<br />

email: horseywindpump@nationaltrust.org.uk<br />

Muckleburgh Collection<br />

Including tanks, armoured cars, bombs, artillery and missiles used by the allied armies during<br />

World War II the collection incorporates the Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry Museum of uniforms,<br />

weapons, pho<strong>to</strong>graphs and documents, RAF Reconnaissance and Air Sea Rescue and Marine Craft.<br />

A149, Weybourne Camp, <strong>The</strong> Street, Weybourne tel: 01263 588210<br />

web: www.muckleburgh.co.uk<br />

Mundesley Maritime Museum<br />

<strong>The</strong> museum sits in a coastguard lookout which was built in 1928. Inside the building we feature<br />

Maritime his<strong>to</strong>ry and Mundesley Maritime/Coastal His<strong>to</strong>ry. <strong>The</strong> museum features pho<strong>to</strong>graphs,<br />

prints and information illustrating local fishing and trade from the 19th century, equipment from<br />

1930/40s. 9 Beach Road, Mundesley tel: 01263 720309<br />

web: www.mundesleymaritimemuseum.co.uk<br />

<strong>North</strong> Norfolk Railway<br />

<strong>The</strong> ‘Poppy Line’ museum and preserved steam railway run vintage diesel and steam trains between<br />

Sheringham & Holt, through wooded hills with views of the sea and the coast. <strong>The</strong> ‘William Marriott<br />

Museum’ brings alive the s<strong>to</strong>ry of Norfolk’s railways tel: 01263 820 800<br />

Sheringham Station A149, Sheringham<br />

web: www.nnrailway.co.uk email: enquiries@nnrailway.co.uk<br />

Sheringham Park<br />

National Trust Parkland designed in 1812 by Humphrey<br />

Rep<strong>to</strong>n, the great landscape gardener. Famous for<br />

its Azaleas and Rhododendrons, the parkland of<br />

Sheringham Hall provides picturesque walks with<br />

stunning views of the coast. tel: 01263 820 550<br />

Visi<strong>to</strong>r Centre, Wood Farm, Upper Sheringham<br />

web: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/sheringham-park<br />

email: sheringhampark@nationaltrust.org.uk

58 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Wrap<br />

around<br />

care and<br />

holiday<br />

camp<br />

available<br />

Contact us<br />

now for<br />

more<br />

information<br />

Chestnut Boutique Nursery School, St<br />

Nicholas House is our newest nursery.<br />

As a ‘Boutique’ Nursery, we offer a wealth<br />

of childcare services that are not necessarily<br />

provided at other nursery schools.<br />

Our passion lies in creating a unique,<br />

personal and affordable experience for our<br />

parents and children.<br />

We are very fortunate <strong>to</strong> have an in-house<br />

chef cooking fresh meals daily, using locally<br />

sourced ingredients.<br />

If you are interested in learning more about<br />

our new nursery or wish <strong>to</strong> reserve a place<br />

for your child, please get in <strong>to</strong>uch.<br />

You can do so via our website or the<br />

contact details below. We look forward <strong>to</strong><br />

welcoming you <strong>to</strong> St Nicholas House!<br />

Chestnut Boutique Nursery, St Nicholas House, 46 Yarmouth Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, Norfolk, NR28 9AT<br />

Tel: 01692 218250 Email: JulieA@chestnut-nursery.co.uk<br />

www.chestnut-nursery.co.uk/nurseries/st-nicholas<br />

ROYS<br />


Everything you need<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 59<br />

Regular Events<br />

Children’s Day<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Children’s Day takes place every year on the first bank<br />

holiday in May in the grounds of St Nicholas Church. We have many<br />

stalls, activities and experiences for all the family <strong>to</strong> enjoy. Along with<br />

Animals, Emergency Vehicles, Bouncy Castles, Bell Ringing and much,<br />

much more. Plenty of lovely food and live music will ensure there is<br />

something for everyone. All proceeds <strong>to</strong> St Nicholas Church Funds<br />

and <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Play.<br />

Facebook: <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Children’s day<br />

Christmas Lights Switch-On<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Christmas Lights, part of <strong>Walsham</strong> Community Events<br />

are a not-for-profit voluntary lead committee, whose aim is <strong>to</strong> ensure<br />

the <strong>to</strong>wn has Christmas Lights each year. <strong>The</strong> lights are erected each<br />

year by a team of 10 who start in Oc<strong>to</strong>ber <strong>to</strong> make sure the lights are<br />

installed and operational by the switch-on which is normally the last<br />

Saturday of November. <strong>The</strong> lights are entirely funded by donations from<br />

the <strong>to</strong>wn’s businesses and from the revenue made at the street fair. <strong>The</strong><br />

annual street fair features stalls, entertainment, Father Christmas grot<strong>to</strong><br />

and carol singing all leading up <strong>to</strong> the grand switch-on at 6.00pm. <strong>The</strong><br />

group is always seeking new help. For more information contact Colin.<br />

email: jeabol@aol.com<br />

Fireworks in the Park<br />

On the Sunday closest <strong>to</strong> Bonfire Night, the Memorial park plays host<br />

<strong>to</strong> Fireworks in the Park which is a free-<strong>to</strong>-enter display. (<strong>The</strong>re is a<br />

bucket collection for donations). Fireworks fire at 6.30 pm with music,<br />

food stalls and a bar from 4.00pm.<br />

Funday<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Funday was started in 2010 by members of the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Lions and <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town Council. Many changes<br />

have happened over the years and we now see the Funday being run<br />

as a 3-day-event with Funfair. <strong>The</strong> Funday is held on the last weekend<br />

of June every year and 2018 saw the return of a carnival parade, which<br />

will now be repeated annually along with crowning the Funday Royal<br />

Family. <strong>The</strong> format for the Funday is normally: Friday – Live music in<br />

the marquee, Saturday – Parade leaving the Industrial Estate at 5pm.<br />

Finishing on the park with live music in the marquee, Sunday – <strong>The</strong><br />

Funday! Vintage vehicles, stalls of all types, fresh cooked food, displays,<br />

wildlife displays, live music from local bands and all the fun of the fair.<br />

tel: 01692 406415 email: fundaycomm@gmail.com<br />

web: www.funday.north-walsham.com<br />

Facebook: <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Fun Day

60 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong>

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 61<br />

Regular Events<br />

Live Aid<br />

Starting in 1985 and continuing now every April in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Community Centre, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Live Aid is a fundraising rock<br />

concert and memorabilia auction. Each year a children’s charity is<br />

chosen <strong>to</strong> benefit from the large amount raised. This well-known and<br />

well received concert has a rich his<strong>to</strong>ry and holds fond nostalgia for<br />

many of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>’s residents. <strong>The</strong> good nature of the attendees<br />

and the calibre of the bands mean that <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Live Aid is<br />

always a great event and through the hard work of all involved, will<br />

be a mainstay for many years <strong>to</strong> come.<br />

web: www.northwalshamliveaid.co.uk<br />

Facebook: <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Live Aid<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Beer Festival<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Beer Festival takes place over the first weekend<br />

in August and is organised by volunteers from the Round Table.<br />

Every penny raised benefits the local community. Since the first year<br />

in 2013, the festival has raised tens of thousands of pounds for local<br />

charities and good causes all thanks <strong>to</strong> the volunteers, sponsors,<br />

bands and of course the fine people of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> who support<br />

this event so well.<br />

web: www.northwalshambeerfestival.com<br />

Trunchonbury Festival<br />

Based just outside <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> in Trunch, Trunchonbury Festival is<br />

a music based, family friendly festival held over the three days of the<br />

August bank holiday. Championing Norfolk based bands, produce<br />

and suppliers, the festival has something for everyone including the<br />

dog! Taking a break in <strong>2019</strong>, the <strong>2020</strong> festival will play host <strong>to</strong> over<br />

100 bands and musicians, comedy, a disco shack, performing arts,<br />

workshops, a food village, bars, stalls and oh so much more.<br />

web: www.trunchonburyfestival.com<br />

Facebook: Trunchonbury Festival<br />

Worstead festival<br />

Established in 1966, the Worstead Festival is a lovely annual event<br />

over the last weekend of July. Celebrating all that’s great about village<br />

life and local produce, with attractions, music, stalls.<br />

web: www.worsteadfestival.org<br />

email: office@worsteadfestival.org

62 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Swallows Coffee Shop<br />

Vegan, Gluten-Free<br />

& Dairy-Free Friendly<br />

Light Lunches<br />

& Delicious Cakes<br />

Eat In or Take Away<br />

24a Market Place<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Clothing, Bridal &<br />

Evening wear Alterations.<br />

Curtains and soft furnishings.<br />

Open Tues - Fri 9.30am - 1pm.<br />

Saturdays - times may vary.<br />

Also Out of Hours Drop Box.<br />

A quality service with over 25 Years of experience<br />

90 Norwich Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Mobile: 07713115947<br />

Email: sewingroom90@outlook.com<br />



TIMBER<br />


BEAMS<br />

POSTS<br />


PLANKS<br />


ETC.<br />


EST 1969<br />

Supplying All Your<br />

Firewood Needs<br />

All Year Round<br />

Logs, Kindling, House<br />

Coal, Smokeless Coal,<br />

Firelighter and more...<br />

Mill Road<br />

Edingthorpe<br />

NR28 9SJ<br />

richardsonsawmill@btconnect.com<br />

www.richardsonsawmill.co.uk<br />

01692 402515<br />

We welcome<br />

payment with these:

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 63<br />

Places <strong>to</strong> visit<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cat Pottery and Railway Junkyard<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cat Pottery can be found at 1 Grammar School Road in the centuries<br />

old tinsmith’s workshop which also houses a collection of railway<br />

memorabilia and transport curiosities collected <strong>to</strong>gether over the years.<br />

<strong>The</strong> ‘Jenny Winstanley’ pottery cats can be seen being made through all<br />

the processes including the making of the glass eyes. You also have the<br />

opportunity of buying the cats at little more than the wholesale price.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cat Pottery is open throughout the year and there is no entrance fee.<br />

Open: 10am – 5pm Monday <strong>to</strong> Friday Tel: 01692 402 962<br />

web: www.winstanleycats.uk.com<br />

<strong>The</strong> Garden at East Rus<strong>to</strong>n Old Vicarage<br />

<strong>The</strong> garden at East Rus<strong>to</strong>n Old Vicarage lies close <strong>to</strong> the sea in <strong>North</strong> East<br />

Norfolk on Vicarage Street, East Rus<strong>to</strong>n. This is a large garden of 32 acres<br />

although not all is formal garden, there is a heritage Orchard, large areas<br />

of young specimen trees many of which are rare, a Woodland Garden with<br />

Magnolias and Hydrangeas. <strong>The</strong> garden is divided in<strong>to</strong> a series of garden<br />

rooms each with a theme which include a Walled Garden, Rose Garden,<br />

Vegetable Garden and a palatial Fruit Cage full of rare varieties of soft fruit<br />

that can only be picked and eaten on the day. Tel: 01692 650432<br />

Open: 12pm- 5.30pm Wednesday <strong>to</strong> Sunday and Bank Holidays.<br />

12 noon <strong>to</strong> 5.30pm (March <strong>to</strong> Oc<strong>to</strong>ber). Admission is £9.50 per person.<br />

Web: www.e-rus<strong>to</strong>n-oldvicaragegardens.co.uk<br />

Museum of the Broads<br />

Welcome <strong>to</strong> the waterside museum of Broadland life at the his<strong>to</strong>ric and<br />

picturesque Stalham Staithe. Discover the his<strong>to</strong>ry of the Broads, its people,<br />

boats and wildlife. We are a family and dog friendly Norfolk attraction<br />

with trails and activities for all ages. Bring a picnic <strong>to</strong> enjoy by the river<br />

and make a day of it. Visit our shop for Broadland memorabilia and light<br />

refreshments. Sun <strong>to</strong> Fri 10am <strong>to</strong> 4.30pm. Closed Sat. Entry £5.50<br />

<strong>The</strong> Poor’s Staithe, Stalham, Norfolk, NR12 9DA Tel: 01692 581681<br />

web: www.museumofthebroads.org.uk<br />

email: info@museumofthebroads.org.uk<br />

<strong>The</strong> Norfolk Mo<strong>to</strong>rcycle Museum<br />

Found at the Station Yard, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, this collection of bikes dating<br />

from the 1920s <strong>to</strong> late 1960s contains many rare and interesting machines,<br />

collected by George Harmer. Included in the collection is a 500cc TT<br />

Rudge which held the lap record at Brooklands in the early 1930s with a<br />

<strong>to</strong>p speed of 106mph. Entry £5.00 Tel: 01692 406266<br />

Station Approach, Norwich Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0DS.

64 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Markets<br />

Thursday Market<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> weekly general market is held<br />

every Thursday in the Market Place and has been<br />

held for about 750 years. <strong>The</strong> market benefits from<br />

being run by the Town Council (holders of the<br />

charter) and not by the District Council as many<br />

others are.<br />

<strong>The</strong> market consists of a core of some 15 stalls with<br />

other casual stalls coming from time <strong>to</strong> time, just<br />

about filling the Market Place <strong>to</strong> its capacity.<br />

<strong>The</strong> stalls cover a very wide range of goods and<br />

produce, including Clothes, Ladies, Gents and Younger Ladies, Fruit/Veg, Cards/Stationery, Deli/<br />

Groceries, Eggs, Cakes, Pastries, Jewellery, Retro/Costume and Silver, Wet Fish, Flowers/Plants,<br />

Home Delivered Meals and Sweets.<br />

In addition <strong>to</strong> those stalls we also regularly have charity stalls so you can discover more about RSPB,<br />

Good Neighbours, RAFA, Macmillan, Big C and many others.<br />

We also encourage buskers <strong>to</strong> visit the Market Place on market days, adding <strong>to</strong> the ‘atmosphere’ of<br />

our busy market and making it an even better place <strong>to</strong> visit.<br />

Farmers’ Market<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> monthly Farmers’ Market is held on<br />

the last Sunday of each month in the Market Place,<br />

except in December when it’s the last Sunday<br />

before Christmas. <strong>The</strong>re is free car parking on each<br />

Farmers’ Market day on the Vicarage Street Car Park.<br />

This Market has now been running for over 4<br />

years and was started <strong>to</strong> satisfy local demand for<br />

good home produced or grown goods and also <strong>to</strong><br />

provide a source of funding for local charities, 50%<br />

of the pitch fees being donated.<br />

<strong>The</strong> market is now slowly expanding with more stalls regularly being added so that there are now<br />

25 registered traders with about 15/16 regular attendees each month.<br />

<strong>The</strong> stalls cover a wide range of local produced or grown goods including Pork, Lamb, Wet Fish,<br />

Preserves, Savoury Pastries, Bread, Cakes, Sweets, Beer, Cider, Flowers, Plants and a range of arts/<br />

crafts stalls including Picture Frames, Jewellery etc.<br />

In addition <strong>to</strong> those stalls we also regularly have charity stalls so you can discover more about RSPB,<br />

Good Neighbours, RAFA, Macmillan, Big C and many others. We usually have a Hot Food/Drink stall<br />

with table and chairs so allowing you <strong>to</strong> sit and enjoy the time.<br />

We also encourage buskers <strong>to</strong> visit the Market Place on market days, adding <strong>to</strong> the ‘atmosphere’ of<br />

our busy market and making it an even better place <strong>to</strong> visit.

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 65<br />

<strong>The</strong> Atrium<br />

<strong>The</strong> Atrium boasts free on-site car parking, a welcoming reception desk, catering and refreshment<br />

packages <strong>to</strong> suit all budgets, technical support and a personalized approach <strong>to</strong> help ensure your<br />

meeting or event is a success. All the spaces have free Wi-Fi and network points and projection/<br />

presentation facilities that can be set up ready for use. <strong>The</strong> venue also has 30 notebook computers<br />

that can be hired out for training sessions. <strong>The</strong>re is a 190 seat audi<strong>to</strong>rium for events, shows, cinema<br />

viewing, concerts, presentations and conferences; the dance floor with sprung floor and changing<br />

rooms, two training rooms for meetings and the café and gallery space for exhibitions and other<br />

events. Income from venue hire goes directly <strong>to</strong> supporting the work of the Atrium. <strong>The</strong> theatre<br />

brings cinema and live theatre <strong>to</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> with tiered seating plus two wheelchair spaces.<br />

Spenser Avenue, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9HZ tel: 01692 400091<br />

email: lettings@nwhs.uk<br />

web: www.facebook.com/theatriumnorthwalsham<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Ghost Walks<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> has a great his<strong>to</strong>ry from fire<br />

<strong>to</strong> revolt, smugglers and murder. Come and<br />

experience our ghost walks around the <strong>to</strong>wn<br />

centre <strong>to</strong> find out more about the <strong>to</strong>wn’s spooky<br />

past. Walks run at different times of the year<br />

and private bookings are welcome for special<br />

occasions and groups. Run by New Stages.<br />

tel: 01692 434112<br />

web: www.new-stages.co.uk

66 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Sexty & Co<br />

Chartered Certified Accountants<br />

& Registered Audi<strong>to</strong>rs<br />

Audit, Accounts, Taxation and Business Advisory<br />

Limited Companies, Sole traders & Partnerships<br />

Payroll bureau service<br />

Cashflows and strategic planning<br />

Self assessment Tax Returns<br />

Trusts & Estate tax planning<br />

Free initial consultation & quotation<br />

2A Church Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Tel: 01692 403272<br />

Also at Norwich (Head office):<br />

124 Thorpe Road<br />

Tel: 01603 629504<br />

email: mail@sexty.co.uk<br />






Always caring for others but neglecting your<br />

own health & happiness? Fed up with the<br />

normal routine? Want <strong>to</strong> try something easy &<br />

FUN? Want <strong>to</strong> exercise but don’t like a gym?<br />

Live or work in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>? Need help<br />

getting more confident?<br />

LET US HELP!<br />

Have fun exercising with other caring people<br />

like you in a safe, supportive and friendly<br />

studio. Increase fitness, strength and feel more<br />

energised and gain confidence!<br />

Act quickly & claim your FREE life changing<br />

consultation and complimentary stress busting<br />

class by texting ‘ME PLEASE’ <strong>to</strong> 07974726036 &<br />

start your dream journey <strong>to</strong> a happier, healthier YOU.<br />


Unit 12A, Folgate Rd, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, NR28 0AJ<br />

www.sexty.co.uk<br />

<strong>The</strong> weekly market has been the heartbeat of our <strong>to</strong>wn since the charter was granted by Henry III over 700 years ago.

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 67<br />

Mike Thurs<strong>to</strong>n Water Activities Centre<br />

<strong>The</strong> Trust and the Water Activities Centre<br />

was born out of a sad event - the death of<br />

a young Scout leader in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>.<br />

Mike Thurs<strong>to</strong>n was an outstanding Scout<br />

Leader with the 1st <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Scout<br />

Group, who tragically died on the 4th of<br />

May 1978 at the age of 36. One of Mike’s<br />

passions was sailing and the training of<br />

young people in the safe use of boats and<br />

water sports. A small group of like-minded<br />

people formed the idea of creating a<br />

water activities centre in Mike’s memory.<br />

<strong>The</strong> centre was opened in 1982 and the 8 acre site is located off Little London Lane, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

just over a mile north-east of the <strong>to</strong>wn centre in a quiet rural setting. Since the early days the site<br />

has gradually developed in<strong>to</strong> an attractive site for day users and campers alike, with superb on-site<br />

facilities. <strong>The</strong> centre provides a safe learning environment for young people <strong>to</strong> enjoy a range of<br />

watersports. Mains water and electricity is provided within a modern <strong>to</strong>ilet block with hot water,<br />

showers and washing facilities available and included in the price. Disabled <strong>to</strong>ilet facilities are also<br />

available. Groups who are camping should bring all equipment they require with them. Altar fires<br />

are provided <strong>to</strong>gether with a camp fire pad. No other fires are permitted. <strong>The</strong> lake is available <strong>to</strong><br />

camping groups from dawn until 1700 hours daily Monday <strong>to</strong> Sunday. If more than one group is<br />

hiring the camping facilities, the use of the lake is by mutual agreement. Evenings are reserved<br />

for local Scout and Youth Groups. Swimming on the site is permitted, but only under authorised<br />

supervision. Canoeing (Tues Eve).<br />

<strong>The</strong> Trust/Centre is managed by an executive committee, who meet quarterly.<br />

For further details contact the Vice Chairman Mike Brooks on 01692 402665<br />

<strong>The</strong> Trust is a Registered Charity No: 1101150. web: www.mikethurs<strong>to</strong>n.org.uk<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Sports Centre<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Sports Centre is dedicated <strong>to</strong><br />

helping the local community get active, stay<br />

active and enjoy being active. At the centre,<br />

everyone can enjoy a vast array of activities in the<br />

sports hall, tennis courts and gymnasium <strong>to</strong>o.<br />

<strong>The</strong> sports hall plays host <strong>to</strong> all manner of<br />

indoor activities such as badmin<strong>to</strong>n and<br />

basketball, and there are three outdoor<br />

tennis courts. Meanwhile, the centre boasts<br />

a fitness studio for gymnastics, badmin<strong>to</strong>n,<br />

trampolining and a range of exercise classes.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> High School, Spenser Avenue, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 402293<br />

web: www.everyoneactive.com/centre/north-walsham-sports-centre

68 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

fitness support for all ages and abilities<br />

W e o f f e r f i t n e s s p r o g r a m m e s a n d c l a s s e s t o<br />

s u p p o r t c l i e n t s o f a l l a g e s , a b i l i t i e s a n d<br />

b u d g e t s .<br />

You can train in a friendly and relaxed environment with<br />

exclusive access <strong>to</strong> our private gym and outdoor space<br />

that has been set up <strong>to</strong> help you get the results you want.<br />

Join Us For<br />

P E R S O N A L T R A I N I N G ( 1 T O 1 F I T N E S S & E X E R C I S E<br />

P R E S C R I P T I O N , N U T R I T I O N A L & W E L L - B E I N G G U I D A N C E )<br />

P R I V A T E G Y M H I R E<br />

P R I V A T E F I T N E S S T R A I N I N G<br />

S M A L L G R O U P S & C I R C U I T T R A I N I N G<br />

S O C I A L F I T N E S S G R O U P<br />

R I C M A S H<br />

0 7 8 8 7 4 0 6 9 0 2<br />

( T r a i n e r / C o a c h )<br />

r i c . m a s h @ r i c m a s h p t . c o . u k<br />

w w w . r i c m a s h p t . c o . u k<br />

3 Augusta Street, Sheringham<br />

NR26 8LA<br />

We provide a full range of legal services <strong>to</strong><br />

businesses and individuals in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Contact our dedicated Client Relations Team <strong>to</strong>day on:<br />

For more information or <strong>to</strong> discuss your individual circ<br />

01692 660230 | enquiries@clapham-collinge.co.uk<br />

contact our dedicated Client Relations Team <strong>to</strong>da<br />

46-47 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9BT<br />

01692 660230 | enquiries@clapham-collinge.<br />

www.clapham-collinge.co.uk | Offices in Norwich, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and Sheringham<br />

46-47 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 69<br />

Rossis Leisure<br />

Since 2003 Rossis has been providing a<br />

fitness studio, swimming pool, spa pool,<br />

aromatherapy steam room, sauna, dance<br />

studio and physiotherapy treatment<br />

rooms for the residents of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

<strong>to</strong> enjoy.<br />

Bowls is also a big feature, with eight<br />

indoor greens, a full size outdoor green<br />

and lots of leagues and competitions for<br />

the beginner or experienced bowler.<br />

2017 saw the addition of JR’s - S<strong>to</strong>mp Dine<br />

Strike. Developed as fun for all the family, with indoor adventure play area, an American Diner and<br />

bowling.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are classes and events for everyone, instruc<strong>to</strong>rs and coaches <strong>to</strong> help you reach your fitness<br />

goals, and a social space <strong>to</strong> relax in once you have finished your exercise.<br />

With so much going on, why not follow their Facebook page <strong>to</strong> keep abreast of it all.<br />

Tungate Farm, Aylsham Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Facebook: @rossisleisure<br />

Rossis tel: 01692 404966 web: www.rossileisure.com<br />

JRs tel: 01692 407793 web: www.s<strong>to</strong>mpdinestrike.com email: jrs@rossisleisure.com<br />

Vic<strong>to</strong>ry Swim and Fitness Centre<br />

<strong>The</strong> six-lane, 25-metre pool hosts awardwinning<br />

swimming lessons, as well<br />

as fitness and fun swim sessions and<br />

there’s also a fully-equipped gym. <strong>The</strong><br />

centre also boasts a group fitness studio<br />

offering a wide range of different group<br />

fitness classes.<br />

In the gym there is state-of-the-art<br />

cardio, resistance and free weight<br />

equipment, as well as personal trainers<br />

always on hand with advice.<br />

In the foyer of the pool, there is a mosaic, made by Pas<strong>to</strong>n College students depicting Horatio<br />

Nelson and the famous ‘Vic<strong>to</strong>ry’, after which the pool is named.<br />

Station Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 409370<br />

web: www.everyoneactive.com/centre/vic<strong>to</strong>ry-swim-and-fitness-centre

70 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Stephen J Nichols<br />

Carpenter & Joiner<br />

55 Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9DS<br />

Mobile 07932 641367 | Home 01692 409179<br />

Web www.stephenjnicholscarpenter.co.uk<br />

Your first port of call for<br />

quality used cars for all<br />

budgets in <strong>North</strong> Norfolk.<br />



White Horse Garage<br />

Cornish Way<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0AW<br />

Phone: 01692 405888<br />

Email: jon@northnorfolkusedcars.co.uk<br />

Facebook: @northnorfolkusedcars<br />

▪️ Bathroom Transformations<br />

▪️ Upvc Windows And Doors<br />

▪️ Brickwork ▪️ General Building<br />

▪️ Roofing<br />

▪️ Patios And Driveways<br />

▪️ No Job Too Big Or Small<br />

▪️ Free No Obligation Quotations<br />


07717 387809

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 71<br />

Street Index<br />

ABBY COURT - NR28 0BW<br />

C2<br />


C3<br />

ACORN ROAD - NR28 0UA<br />

D4 - E4<br />

ALDER CLOSE - NR28 0UT<br />

E4<br />

ANCHOR ROAD - NR28 9AJ<br />

D5 - E6<br />

ANGEL COURT - NR28 0UN<br />

C3<br />

ANGEL DRIVE - NR28 0WB<br />

B2<br />


D3<br />



D4<br />


C1 - C2 - C3<br />

BACTON ROAD - NR28 C3 - D4 - D5 - E5<br />


C5<br />

BAKER CLOSE - NR28 9JE<br />

B4<br />

BANK LOKE - NR28 9JN<br />

C3<br />


B1<br />


B2<br />

BAYES COURT - NR28 0WH<br />

B2<br />


D3<br />

BEECH DRIVE - NR28 0BZ<br />

C2<br />


D4<br />

BENETS VIEW - NR28 9XF<br />

C5<br />

BIRDS ROAD - NR28 0WE<br />

B2<br />

BIRCH CLOSE - NR28 0UD<br />

D4<br />


C3<br />

BLOOM COURT - NR28 9UX<br />

C4<br />


D4<br />


D2<br />


D2<br />


C4 - C5<br />


C2<br />


B2<br />


D4<br />


B2<br />


B2<br />

BUXTON ROAD - NR28 0ED<br />

B2<br />


C5<br />


CEDAR COURT - NR28 9DX<br />

C3<br />


C2<br />


C5<br />


C3<br />


C3<br />

THE CLOSE - NR28 9HS<br />

B4<br />

COOPER ROAD - NR28 9EN<br />

D4<br />


D3<br />

CORNISH WAY - NR28 0AW<br />

E2 - E3<br />


C2<br />

COSY CORNER - NR28 0EN<br />

B2<br />


A2<br />


B5<br />

CROMER ROAD - NR28 D1 - D2 - C2 - C3<br />

CROW ROAD - NR28 0DJ<br />

D4<br />


A2<br />


D3<br />

DIXON ROAD - NR28 9EA<br />

C4<br />


DUNCAN WAY - NR28 0FT<br />

A3<br />

DURRELL WAY - NR28 0FH<br />

B3<br />


A3<br />

EWING ROAD - NR28 0FF<br />

A2<br />


C4 - B4<br />


B1<br />


C3<br />

FARM VIEW - NR28<br />

C5<br />

FENN CLOSE - NR28 0FA<br />

B3<br />

FERN DRIVE - NR28 9XQ<br />

C5<br />

FIELD LANE - NR28 9LW<br />

A4 - A5 - B5<br />

FIELD VIEW - NR28 0EU<br />

B2<br />

FOLGATE ROAD - NR28 0AJ D2 - D3 - E3<br />


A2<br />


C5<br />

FULLER ROAD - NR28 0EG<br />

B2<br />


B4<br />


D3<br />


C3<br />

GAYMERS WAY - NR28 0AN<br />

D2<br />

GIGLI CLOSE - NR28 0WF<br />

B2<br />


C3<br />

GLEBE COURT - NR28 9EX<br />

D4<br />

GOOCH CLOSE - NR28 0SZ<br />

D3<br />



B3<br />

GRANGE MEWS - NR28 9AT<br />

B3<br />

THE GREEN - NR28 0ET<br />

B2<br />

GREENS ROAD - NR28 0HW<br />

C1 - D1<br />


C3<br />

GROVE ROAD - NR28 9ED<br />

C4<br />


D3<br />

HALL LANE - NR28<br />

C3 - C4<br />


C3<br />


D4<br />


D4<br />

HAPPISBURGH ROAD - NR28 B4 - B5 - B6<br />


D3<br />

HARDY CLOSE - NR28 0TQ<br />

C3<br />


C4<br />


E3<br />


C3<br />

HAZELL ROAD - NR28 0ST<br />

D3 - E3<br />


C3<br />

HEATH ROAD - NR28 0JB<br />

A2 - A3<br />


D3<br />


A6 - B6<br />

THE HOLLIES - NR28 0TN<br />

C3<br />


C5<br />


C5<br />


B3<br />


C3<br />


C2<br />

JULER CLOSE - NR28 0SY<br />

D3<br />


D2<br />

KETTS ROAD - NR28 0EY<br />

B2<br />


C4<br />


C3<br />


C3<br />

KINGS CLOSE - NR28 9DU<br />

C4<br />

KINGSWAY - NR28 0HP<br />

D1 - C1 - C2<br />


B2<br />


D2<br />

THE LEA - NR28 9DN<br />

D4<br />


A3 - B3<br />


C4<br />


B3<br />

LINK ROAD - NR28<br />

D1<br />


B4<br />


E5<br />

LONG BARROW DRIVE - NR28 9YA A4 - B4<br />



D3<br />


A1<br />


E3<br />

MANOR COURT - NR28<br />

C5<br />

MANOR ROAD - NR28 C4 - C5 - C6 - B6<br />


C5<br />


C3<br />


C3<br />


C3<br />

MARSHGATE - NR28 C4 - D4 - D5 - C5<br />


C4<br />

MAYBANK - NR28 0EZ<br />

E4<br />


E4 - D4<br />


D3<br />


D4<br />


B3<br />


D2<br />


B2<br />

MILL ROAD - NR28 9EZ<br />

B4<br />


MORRIS ROAD - NR28<br />

B2<br />


C2<br />

MUNDESLEY ROAD - NR28 C3 - D3 - E3<br />

NELSON ROAD - NR28 9HL<br />

C4<br />

NELSON WAY - NR28 0AL<br />

C3<br />

NEW ROAD - NR28<br />

C3 - C4<br />


C2<br />


C3<br />

NORTHFIELD ROAD - NR28 D2 - D3 - C3<br />


D3<br />


A2 - B2 - B3<br />


B3<br />

OAK CLOSE - NR28 0BY<br />

C2<br />

OAK ROAD - NR28 0BP<br />

C2<br />


D2 - D3<br />

OLD BEAR COURT (OBC) - NR28 9DL C3<br />


D3<br />


E3<br />

PAGE CLOSE - NR28 0LX<br />

D3<br />

PARK AVENUE - NR28 9HJ<br />

C4<br />

PARK COURT - NR28 9AN<br />

C4<br />

PARK LANE - NR28<br />

C3<br />


D3<br />


D3<br />

PETRE CLOSE - NR28 0SS<br />

D3<br />


D4<br />


C5<br />


A4 - B4<br />

POPPY CLOSE - NR28 9XU<br />

C5<br />

POUND ROAD - NR28<br />

C4<br />


D4<br />


C2<br />


C5<br />

QUEENSWAY - NR28 0HT<br />

C2<br />


B4<br />

RAYNA LOKE - NR28 0FJ<br />

B3<br />


B2<br />

REDMAN ROAD - NR28 9BD<br />

B4<br />


C3<br />


C2<br />

ROPER WAY - NR28 0FS<br />

A3<br />

ROSEWOOD - NR28 9XB<br />

C4<br />


D4<br />

RYE CLOSE - NR28 9EY<br />

D4<br />

SADLERS WAY - NR28 9UT<br />

C4<br />


B3<br />

SAXON COURT - NR28 9BG<br />

C3<br />


B4<br />

ST MARYS WAY - NR28 0AP<br />

C3<br />

ST NICHOLAS COURT ( * ) - NR28 9BY C3<br />


C4<br />


B2<br />


D3<br />


C2 - C3<br />


C2<br />


B1 - B2 - C2<br />


B2<br />


B3<br />

SOUTH RISE - NR28 0EE<br />

B2<br />


B4<br />


B4<br />



D4<br />


C2 - B2 - B3<br />


D1 - D2<br />


B2<br />


E4<br />


D4<br />


C4<br />

THE TERRACE - NR28 9BU<br />

C3<br />


B4<br />


C4<br />


C3<br />


C3<br />

TUNGATE LANE - NR28 0JQ A1 - B1 - C1<br />


C5<br />


C3<br />


C3<br />



C3<br />


C2<br />

WEBBS CLOSE - NR28 9XE<br />

C5<br />


B2<br />


B2<br />


E4<br />


D4<br />


B6<br />


B4<br />



D3<br />


E4<br />

WILLOW PARK - NR28 0BD<br />

D2<br />


B3<br />


D3<br />

WITTON VIEW - NR28 9EB<br />

C4<br />


C5<br />

WOODSIDE - NR28 9XA<br />

B5<br />

WOOD VIEW - NR28 OSJ<br />

B2<br />


D4<br />


D3<br />


B2<br />

YARMOUTH ROAD - NR28 C3 - B3 - A4<br />



C3<br />


C3<br />


C3<br />


C3<br />


B4<br />


B3<br />


C3<br />


C4<br />


C3 - C4<br />


B2<br />


C3<br />


C3<br />


B3<br />


C3<br />


B3<br />



B4<br />




72 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong>

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 73<br />

Contains OS data © Crown copyright and<br />

database right (<strong>2019</strong>)

74 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Clubs and Societies<br />


Acting classes based on performance technique, from script work <strong>to</strong> improvisation. No previous<br />

experience is necessary for our beginners’ courses, which run in 6 week blocks. Run by New<br />

Stages. web: www.new-stages.co.uk tel: 01692 434112<br />


Are you up for fun, adventure, incredible experiences and making new friends? Are you looking<br />

for something <strong>to</strong> give you the edge in life? <strong>The</strong>n welcome <strong>to</strong> the Royal Air Force Air Cadets! We<br />

are a UK-wide cadet force with more than 40,000 members aged between 12 and 20 years, and<br />

20,000 adult volunteers aged 20 and over. tel: 01603 427575<br />

email: ACO-WHQ-NorfolkSuffolk-E1@mod.uk web: www.nswingatc.co.uk<br />

AIR TRAINING CORPS 2110 (<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>) Squadron<br />

Parade times: Monday & Thursday 19:00 - 21:30<br />

ATC Hut, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Primary School, Manor Road (parade times only) tel: 01692 402110<br />


Free drop in support group. Carers only. 2nd Thursday 10.30-12noon<br />

Furze Hill Day Centre, Happisburgh Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01603 763556<br />


Thursday 9am – 12pm<br />

Community Centre, New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 650594<br />


Meet Third Thursday of each month at 2.30pm.<br />

Community Centre, New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 0300 790 0400<br />


<strong>The</strong> Attic is a High School aged youth club, run by volunteers from New Life Church <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong>. It meets on Fridays 7.30pm till 9pm.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Community Centre New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

web: www.facebook.com/theatticnw<br />


<strong>The</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Warriors Badmin<strong>to</strong>n Club was founded in Spring 2016, with the aim of creating a<br />

team <strong>to</strong> compete in the Norwich & District League. We now have four Teams in the League and<br />

over 20 club players, including qualified coaches. Weds 8-10pm at <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Sports Centre.<br />

All Welcome. email: razerestringz@gmail.com<br />


Offers a variety of help, first aid, home visits.<br />

Further information contact Local Headquarters. tel: 01692 426 361<br />

CEROC<br />

Tuesday evening 7.30-10.30pm at <strong>The</strong> Community Centre. Dance instruc<strong>to</strong>r plus freestyle<br />

dancing. Beginners’ class available. All welcome. £8 per night tel: 07801 492358<br />

email: info@cerocfusion.co.uk

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 75<br />


Explore your creativity in a relaxed atmosphere with music, poetry, s<strong>to</strong>ries, crafts and drama<br />

amongst like-minded adults, who may come along for something different, <strong>to</strong> keep social or <strong>to</strong><br />

boost creativity and that feeling we get from achieving something new! Future sessions will be<br />

based on feedback from participants. It is an informal group and all are welcome. Sessions take<br />

place twice a month during weekday afternoons. Run by New Stages.<br />

email: www.new-stages.co.uk tel: 01692 434112<br />

DARTS LEAGUE (NW & District)<br />

Chairman D Bobby. tel: 01692 402633<br />


Over 350 voluntary groups situated throughout the UK. Our goal is <strong>to</strong> provide support and<br />

educate people living with diabetes, as well as their family, friends and anyone else who is<br />

interested in knowing more about diabetes. <strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> Norfolk Group raises funds for local use for<br />

the benefit of both adults and children and we also contribute <strong>to</strong>wards the Diabetes UK Research<br />

fund. tel: 01692 405492<br />

web: www.north-norfolk.diabetesukgroup.org<br />


Meet on the 4th Thursday of the Month 2.30pm<br />

Catholic Church Hall, Norwich Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404628<br />


Meet 3rd Thursday of the Month.<br />

Community Centre, New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 402808<br />


Contact: Emily Norman.<br />

web: www.girlguiding.org.uk tel: 07901337889<br />


Friendly club for Garden Lovers. Meet 3rd Thursday of the Month.<br />

Community Centre, New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 404128<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> High School. Thursdays & Sundays.<br />

web: www.eska.co.uk tel: 01603 418751<br />


Chairman: Keith Jarvis. Voluntary group relying on public donations and fundraising <strong>to</strong><br />

provide “extras” for the community hospital, from hairdryers and TVs <strong>to</strong> a training room and<br />

refurbishment of the day room.<br />

web: www.northwalshamhospitalfriends.org.uk tel: 07788 889853<br />


web: www.northwalshamfreemasons.co.uk tel: 07398 215112<br />

email: unanimity102@email.com<br />


A well-established and friendly choir. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings from 7.30 <strong>to</strong><br />

9.30 at <strong>The</strong> Methodist Church, Grammar School Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>.<br />

web: www.norfolkcamerata.co.uk tel: 01603 783841

76 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />


Squirrel Wood Equestrian Centre (Hall Farm, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>)<br />

Volunteers always needed. tel: 01263 577247<br />


Meets 1st Thurs of the month 2pm – 4pm<br />

Community Centre, New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 402562<br />


Meet alternate Wednesdays. 7pm. email: northnorfolkspeakersclub@gmail.com<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> High School, Spenser Avenue, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 07775 793999<br />


We meet in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> (different groups for different ages) and the times and dates depend<br />

on our current project. Participants explore the different ways of theatre making, interactive<br />

games and develop social and communication skills alongside team working. We also take part in<br />

different productions and projects. Run by New Stages.<br />

web: www.new-stages.co.uk tel: 01692 434 112<br />


Group committed <strong>to</strong> improving the appearance of the <strong>to</strong>wn by planting flowers and lobbying <strong>to</strong><br />

make <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> a better place in which <strong>to</strong> live. Chairman: Chris Roberts.<br />

web: www.northwalshaminbloom.com tel: 01692 402174<br />


A friendly Club with over 100 members. We have two full size snooker tables and a pool table. <strong>The</strong><br />

outdoor green is well maintained and we are in two afternoon leagues and four evening leagues.<br />

Membership secretary: Ann Wilkinson.<br />

email: ann@widgetwilk.plus.com tel: 01692 500710<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Christmas Lights are a small Volunteer group (part of <strong>Walsham</strong> Community<br />

Events) who work every Sunday for 6 weeks (apart from Remembrance Sunday) up <strong>to</strong> the annual<br />

switch on <strong>to</strong> make sure each year the <strong>to</strong>wn has Christmas Lights. <strong>The</strong> group is run entirely<br />

through donations and the profit from the switch-on event.<br />

email: nwchristmaslights@gmail.com tel: 07748030937<br />


Formed in 2015 after AGE UK Norfolk had worked with local businesses <strong>to</strong> help make the <strong>to</strong>wn<br />

dementia friendly. We are a local group responding <strong>to</strong> local needs of people who are living with<br />

dementia and their carers. We run the Café in partnership with the Salvation Army. We consult<br />

regularly with those who use our services and help them and their carers <strong>to</strong> access any help and<br />

support needed and signpost and refer on<strong>to</strong> relevant agencies. tel: 01692 502708<br />

Furze Hill Resource Centre, 73 Happisburgh Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

web: www.nwdementiasupportgroup.org.uk<br />


Co-ordina<strong>to</strong>r is Mrs Stephanie Rowlands. tel: 01692 535858<br />

Help with the cost of neutering cats for people on low incomes or benefits. tel: 07880 256948<br />


Meet Every Monday at 6.45pm – 10pm<br />

<strong>The</strong> Community Centre, New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 405 680

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 77<br />


Meet 3rd Thursday of the month in Community Centre. Meetings include speakers on a very wide<br />

range of subjects including garden his<strong>to</strong>ry, flower collections, English Country Gardens, birds and<br />

plants. We organise social gatherings and outings, hold a Spring Show, a Plant Sale and a wellattended<br />

annual Table Top Show. All welcome, annual membership £12. tel: 01692 402808<br />

or: 01692 500710<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and District Round Table is open <strong>to</strong> guys aged 18-45 <strong>to</strong> #DoMore with their social<br />

lives. Meet time: 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month 7:00pm for 7:30pm start.<br />

web: northwalsham.roundtable.co.uk tel: 0121 456 4567<br />


Meet at the Methodist Church. This is a group open <strong>to</strong> anyone interested in crafting, learning<br />

new skills or sharing expertise. Come along and try knitting, quilting, paper craft, sewing,<br />

painting, sugarcraft, etc. 10am First Friday of the Month.<br />


We are a group of trained and trusted volunteers, who provide free one-off or short-term support<br />

<strong>to</strong> anyone in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> who requests it. We do simple DIY in homes and gardens; provide<br />

lifts <strong>to</strong> appointments, when no other transport is available (you pay the petrol costs); take some<br />

people shopping, when they need assistance; or just pop round for a chat! Whatever you need we<br />

will try <strong>to</strong> find a solution. You ask, we help!<br />

web: www.nwgoodneighbour.org.uk tel: 01692 558321<br />

email: enquiries@ nwgoodneighbour.org.uk<br />


Formed in 2001 by current Head Coach Alexis Thurs<strong>to</strong>n and Patricia Johnson (Treasurer & Welfare<br />

Officer). <strong>The</strong> club is a community venture and has continued <strong>to</strong> grow over the years. In September<br />

2017 fulfilled its long term ambition <strong>to</strong> acquire its own purpose built facility. NWGC now hosts a<br />

wide range of classes and has over 500 gymnasts attending weekly.<br />

4a Cornish Way Business Park, Lyngate Industrial Estate, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0FE<br />

web: www.north-walsham-gymnastics-club.co.uk<br />

email: admin@north-walsham-gymnastics-club.co.uk<br />


A welcoming group of ladies who meet at 2.30 pm on the second Tuesday of the month in St<br />

Nicholas Room. Visi<strong>to</strong>rs and new members are always welcome <strong>to</strong> join us for faith, fellowship and<br />

fun. For further information please contact Ann Herd. tel: 01692 402705<br />


A group of friendly and enthusiastic pho<strong>to</strong>graphers pursuing all aspects of image capture.<br />

Meeting at 7.30pm on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month<br />

Annex building of <strong>The</strong> Atrium, Spenser Avenue, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

web: www.nw-pg.co.uk tel: 01692 400080<br />


Beavers (6–8) Cubs (8-10½) Scouts (10½–14)<br />

Our Scout Headquarters is located in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, on a large area of land with plenty of<br />

outside space and private parking. Our building has various facilities including the main hall, 2<br />

smaller rooms, kitchen, <strong>to</strong>ilet block with separate girls and boys <strong>to</strong>ilets and a disabled <strong>to</strong>ilet that<br />

also has a shower. email: info@northwalshamscouts.org.uk tel: 07900 016421

78 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Ian Baird<br />



Records, Consoles & Games (New and Retro),<br />

Phones, Audio equipment, TV’s and more…..<br />

Buy-Backs and Weekly pay available<br />

We also offer a repair service for Computers,<br />

Consoles and Phones.<br />

Free inspections.<br />

No Fix, No Fee<br />

10+ Years experience<br />

*Phone screens replaced within 30 minutes*<br />

Opening Times<br />

Monday-Saturday<br />

9:00am – 5:00pm<br />

Telephone: 07879 702779<br />

3 Market Place <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />


Facebook/DiscNDat<br />

( *Subject <strong>to</strong> s<strong>to</strong>ck and model )<br />

www.ibweld.com<br />

M.I.G. & T.I.G. Plasma Cutting<br />

Equipment Repairs.<br />

Welding Consumables.<br />

Service & Hire.<br />

Lorch Distribu<strong>to</strong>r.<br />

Argon Gas Bottles<br />

with no rental fee.<br />

Calor Gas Distribu<strong>to</strong>r.<br />

Unit 7 White Horse Garage, Cornish Way Business Park<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Ind Est, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 0FE<br />

01692 404553 07885 891292<br />

ian.ibweld@gmail.com<br />


View down Church Street, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. Originally known as Buck Street after <strong>The</strong> Buck public house which s<strong>to</strong>od here.

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 79<br />


A Community Amateur Sports Club formed in 1879 after a meeting at the Old Angel Hotel in the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn, hence the nickname ‘<strong>The</strong> Angels’ playing at Millfield <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. We operate within<br />

the local community and run numerous teams encompassing all ages from under 6s through <strong>to</strong><br />

veterans (over 35) four senior teams and seven youth teams. Secretary: Neil Coop.<br />

email: neiljcoop@btinternet.com tel: 01263 833614<br />


We are an energetic group of people who enjoy singing <strong>to</strong>gether. No previous experience is<br />

necessary and we’ll make you feel most welcome in our range of abilities, voices and ages. We<br />

sing a wide range of songs – from pop, rock, the musicals and some world music <strong>to</strong>o. Most<br />

importantly we sing for fun; both for ourselves and our audiences! Led by Joseph Ballard, we run<br />

very friendly, welcoming and energetic sessions. We meet on Tuesdays, 7-8.30pm at the Sacred<br />

Heart Parish Hall in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. Run by New Stages.<br />

email: www.new-stages.co.uk tel: 01692 434112<br />


Is the <strong>to</strong>wn’s community theatre project that includes Workshops and Shows presented at ‘pop<br />

up’ theatre venues. Past shows have included new plays and adaptations, cabaret and the popular<br />

annual Christmas Pan<strong>to</strong>mime. Shows are produced by its founding direc<strong>to</strong>r, Joseph Ballard. Run<br />

by New Stages.<br />

email: www.new-stages.co.uk tel: 01692 434112<br />

NORTH WALSHAM PLAYERS (theatre group)<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Players were formed in 1998 <strong>to</strong> give people the opportunity <strong>to</strong> perform in a live<br />

show whilst helping <strong>to</strong> raise money for local, good causes and charities. We currently perform<br />

Variety Shows and Pan<strong>to</strong>mimes. No joining fees or subscriptions. Age range 8 through <strong>to</strong> adult.<br />

email: jeabol@aol.com tel: 01692 402116<br />


<strong>The</strong> Clubhouse, Norwich Road, Scot<strong>to</strong>w.<br />

web: www.nwrfc.club tel: 01692 538808<br />


<strong>The</strong> <strong>The</strong>atre Group visits the Maddermarket <strong>The</strong>atre in Norwich once a month by coach <strong>to</strong> see<br />

their latest play. Join the group of about 40.<br />

email: judyc.langford@gmail.com tel: 01692 219029<br />


This is a network of groups and organisations, all of which ‘support people who help or care for<br />

others’ in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. <strong>The</strong> Network aims <strong>to</strong> raise awareness and understanding of the needs<br />

of unpaid carers, and others in the community who feel isolated and lonely, and increase the<br />

support available <strong>to</strong> them.<br />

c/o <strong>The</strong> Community Shop, 1 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9BP tel: 01692 409141<br />

web: www.northwalshamthinkcarer.uk email: info@northwalshamthinkcarer.uk<br />


Aiming <strong>to</strong> encourage safe, fun target shooting for the widest possible range of ages and abilities.<br />

<strong>The</strong> club is accessible for disabled shooters and reviews individual requirements as part of the<br />

welcome process.<br />

web: www.nwrpc.co.uk email: nwrpcmembership@gmail.com tel: 01692 581997

80 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

NORTH WALSHAM U3A (University of the Third Age)<br />

Our local branch of a national self-help organisation for older people no longer in full time work<br />

who want <strong>to</strong> learn and socialise <strong>to</strong>gether. Meet first Friday of each monthat 2.15 pm.<br />

Catholic Church Hall, Norwich Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

web: https://u3asites.org.uk/north-walsham/home<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Velo is a group of cyclists who enjoy biking on the roads of Norfolk. <strong>The</strong><br />

goal of the club is <strong>to</strong> encourage safe road cycling practices that promote a healthy, active,<br />

environmentally aware lifestyle in our community. <strong>The</strong> club welcomes members of all skill levels<br />

and encourages regular participation in organised cycling events.<br />

web: www.northwalshamvelo.co.uk email: admin@northwalshamvelo.co.uk<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Youth FC provides quality coaching for various ages from under five <strong>to</strong> under 16.<br />

Girls, Boys and mixed teams train at different venues around the <strong>to</strong>wn with qualified and first aid<br />

trained coaches. Fun and enjoyment is the aim. Secretary: Josh Roper. tel: 07747 543929<br />


web: www.norfolkyfc.org<br />

Seniors (16-26)<br />

Tuesdays 7.45pm Meet at Rossis. tel: 07769 686703<br />

Countrysiders (10-16)<br />

Fortnightly Thursday’s 7 – 8.30pm. Meet at Antingham Village Hall tel: 07501 726130<br />


Meet 4th Wednesday of the Month. 10am<br />

Community Centre, New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> tel: 01692 402705<br />

READING 4 U<br />

Held on 3rd Wednesday of the Month 10am – 12pm<br />

St John Ambulance Hall, Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road tel: 01263 768164<br />


Meet every Monday at the Scarborough Hill Hotel, Old Yarmouth Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28<br />

9NA. Please note this is a dual gender club. Contact: Richard Walker. tel: 01263 722401<br />


Serving RAF & ex-RAF personnel of the Commonwealth and their families.<br />

Meet first Tuesday of the Month at the Bluebell Inn, Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road 7.30pm<br />

(do not meet in December or January) tel: 01692 405367<br />


To encourage the growth of a “real Norfolk <strong>to</strong>wn” with the aim of making <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> a better<br />

place <strong>to</strong> work and live for all the community. This will be achieved by working in partnership with<br />

local stakeholders on a range of projects. Joint Chairs, Jon Witte and Bob Wright.<br />

1 St Nicholas Court. Facebook: <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Projects<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Royal British Legion meets every other month at the White Swan, Church Street<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> starting in April. All former and serving members of the Armed Forces and<br />

anyone who would like <strong>to</strong> attend our meetings. For further details contact Sheila Mitchell.<br />

tel: 01692 535284

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 81<br />


Monday 10:00 & 12:00. Wednesday 15:30, 17:30 & 19:30. tel: 01603405536<br />

Community Centre, New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

web: www.slimmingworld.co.uk<br />


We have a programme of social activities for blind and partially sighted people ranging from<br />

our own home-grown Pan<strong>to</strong>mime, <strong>to</strong> professional entertainment. Transport is provided.<br />

This registered Charity meets on the 1st Thursday except in January – 2.00 <strong>to</strong> 4.00 pm at the<br />

Community Centre. Annual Membership: £5.00. tel: 01692 402562<br />

ST JOHN AMBULANCE <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Quadrilaterial Division<br />

Preference Place, Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Adult Group meet Thursday 7.30pm - 9.30pm tel: 01692 402760<br />

Badgers (ages 6-10) meet Thursdays 5.30 - 7pm tel: 01692 407058<br />

Cadets (ages 10-18) meet Mondays 6.30pm - 8.30pm tel: 01692 407207<br />


Very popular regular events featuring the Den Barrie Due. “For a sociable afternoon of sociable<br />

music, played at a sociable level”. All proceeds donated <strong>to</strong> charity. 2pm – 4pm. tel: 01603 736155<br />

Community Centre, New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. email: info@nw-cc.co.uk<br />

W.E.A.<br />

Enormously popular lectures on a wide variety of subjects from astronomy <strong>to</strong> architecture.<br />

Tuesday 10:00 <strong>to</strong> 11:45 tel: 07810524949<br />

Community Centre, New Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. email: info@nw-cc.co.uk<br />


email: jlobb@weight-watchers.co.uk<br />

Thursdays 9.30am at <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Community Centre<br />

Thursdays 6.00pm at the Annex in the Atrium tel: 01692 536478<br />


Meet in St Nicholas Room on the first Tuesday in each month. We start at 2.00pm and finish<br />

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Based in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> we offer the chance <strong>to</strong> relax, unwind & escape the daily<br />

stresses of life. We offer a wide range of treatments including manicures, pedicures,<br />

bio sculpture & evo gel nails, Monu & Renu indulgent facials & body treatments,<br />

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“I felt so relaxed and enjoyed a good nights sleep”.<br />

_ Swedish Full Body Massage _ Reflexology _ Acupressure _<br />

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His<strong>to</strong>rical <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 83<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Its origin and place in his<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

<strong>The</strong> Anglo-Saxon village of Walesam is first<br />

recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086. <strong>The</strong><br />

derivation of the name itself tells us that it<br />

was a small group of dwellings, Anglo-Saxon:<br />

-ham meaning ‘home of’ or ‘homestead’ in Old<br />

English.<br />

Toponymy reveals various interpretations of the<br />

name, the most likely is it relates <strong>to</strong> a person’s<br />

name ‘W(e)alh’ and his or their family home.<br />

Norfolk has a high concentration of Anglian or<br />

Anglo-Saxon name-endings such as the early<br />

-ingham and slightly later -ham and -<strong>to</strong>n. <strong>The</strong><br />

appearance of this name-ending tells us that<br />

the family probably settled here sometime in<br />

the sixth century AD.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re is also a possibility that it could originate<br />

from the Old English ‘Walh’ meaning Bri<strong>to</strong>n<br />

or Welshman. This may also be the case with<br />

Walcott (Walh’s house or cottage). So it could<br />

possibly be related <strong>to</strong> the foundation of a<br />

settlement by an older group of the original<br />

British or Romano-British population in the<br />

area some of whom would have assimilated<br />

while others chose <strong>to</strong> move west with the influx<br />

of Anglians, Saxons and Friesians, settlers from<br />

what is now <strong>North</strong>ern Germany and the lowcountries.<br />

Perhaps also consistent with the<br />

idea that there may be a Romano-British link, in<br />

1844 Roman remains were found on the parish<br />

border with Felmingham; a site close <strong>to</strong> the<br />

line of a Roman Road which connected Burgh<br />

Castle near Great Yarmouth <strong>to</strong> the great fort at<br />

Brancaster on the northwest Norfolk coast.<br />

<strong>The</strong> third, least likely, but most romantic idea is<br />

that it may possibily relate <strong>to</strong> the name ‘Waels’<br />

or ‘Waelsing’ family who feature in the famed<br />

Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf, written about<br />

a sixth century warrior who slayed Grendel,

84 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

serpent of the Fens. Waels was the father of<br />

Sigemund the Waelsing who slayed a hoardkeeping<br />

dragon.<br />

It is conjectured that other settlements such<br />

as <strong>Walsham</strong>-le-willows, South <strong>Walsham</strong> and<br />

Walsingham may also come from the same<br />

Anglo-Saxon name root.<br />

With the coming of Christianity <strong>to</strong> East Anglia,<br />

the village was provided with a church, and<br />

<strong>to</strong> that church a portion of land and a priest.<br />

When the Vikings later raided the shores of<br />

eastern England many a village fell <strong>to</strong> their<br />

hands, including Walsam. It is recorded that<br />

during the reign of King Canute, a Norseman<br />

named Skiotr gave the village of Walsam along<br />

with its church and estates <strong>to</strong> the Abbey of<br />

Saint Benet at Holme, then sited on an island<br />

in the Bure marshes near Horning. This Abbey<br />

was <strong>to</strong> become one of the richest Benedictine<br />

Monasteries in the land. Much of this wealth was<br />

obtained from Walsam, being its principal and<br />

most prosperous holding. <strong>The</strong> Abbot of Saint<br />

Benet’s as Lord of the Manor held the rights <strong>to</strong><br />

all tithes, and as the weaving industry of the<br />

area flourished these tithes became lucrative.<br />

It was upon this great wealth that the Abbey<br />

Church of Saint Benet along with the Parish<br />

Church of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> were enlarged on a<br />

grand scale in the fourteenth century. Through<br />

this the <strong>to</strong>wn can now boast the largest church<br />

in Norfolk that has always been solely a parish<br />

church.<br />

(Note: Both King’s Lynn Minster and Great<br />

Yarmouth Minster are larger buildings but were<br />

originally conceived as priory churches. Great<br />

Yarmouth Minster holds claim <strong>to</strong> being the largest<br />

parish church in England.)<br />

Records throughout the ages mention the <strong>to</strong>wn<br />

as <strong>Walsham</strong> Market and <strong>Walsham</strong>, the ‘<strong>North</strong>’<br />

being added within the last few hundred years.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Domesday book tells us that a church existed<br />

in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and that it belonged <strong>to</strong> Saint<br />

Benet’s Abbey. <strong>The</strong> <strong>to</strong>wer of this ancient church<br />

still exists <strong>to</strong>day, being the oldest building in<br />

the <strong>to</strong>wn at well over a thousand years old.<br />

It was incorporated in<strong>to</strong> the present church<br />

building and stands <strong>to</strong> the immediate north of<br />

the present <strong>to</strong>wer ruin. Most of the <strong>to</strong>wn was<br />

built of wood at this time, being thatched with<br />

the reed that grew in the water meadows of<br />

the River Ant on the east side of the <strong>to</strong>wn. <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>to</strong>wn’s arable land was divided in<strong>to</strong> three fields;<br />

Southfield, Millfield and <strong>North</strong>field, and were<br />

subdivided in<strong>to</strong> strips allotted <strong>to</strong> the <strong>to</strong>wnsfolk.<br />

This was a system common throughout the<br />

country, with one field sown in wheat, another<br />

in beans, with barley for brewing, and the third<br />

left fallow for sheep <strong>to</strong> re-fertilize the land. Year<br />

by year this system was rotated so that all fields<br />

had equal usage. <strong>The</strong> outskirts of the <strong>to</strong>wn were<br />

well wooded and provided rough grazing for<br />

wild boar.<br />

<strong>The</strong> battle of the Peasants’ Revolt as depicted by John Speed on his<br />

Map of Norfolk 1611.<br />

Weaving and ‘<strong>Walsham</strong>’<br />

Flemish weavers came <strong>to</strong> England in the<br />

twelfth century and settled in Norfolk, the<br />

low lying landscape being reminiscent of their<br />

homelands. <strong>The</strong>ir weaving capitals were sited<br />

at the twin-<strong>to</strong>wns of Worstead and <strong>Walsham</strong>;<br />

weaving the country’s finest cloths of ‘Worsted’,<br />

still famed for its quality worldwide, and<br />

‘<strong>Walsham</strong>’; which was a lighter cloth for summer<br />

use. By the beginning of the fourteenth century<br />

a market of these cloths was well established<br />

in <strong>Walsham</strong>. This new prosperity was proudly<br />

flaunted with the building of vast new churches

His<strong>to</strong>rical <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 85<br />

for the two <strong>to</strong>wns. More Flemish weavers<br />

moved <strong>to</strong> the district at the invitation of Edward<br />

III, and the <strong>to</strong>wn flourished at an incredible rate<br />

until 1348 ... the coming of the ‘Black Death’.<br />

‘Black Death’ and Peasant Unrest<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bubonic Plague or ‘Black Death’ ravaged<br />

England in 1348, and recurred in 1361 and 1369.<br />

With it came the death of thousands, resulting<br />

in a loss of labour needed <strong>to</strong> farm the land, and<br />

work on <strong>Walsham</strong>’s incomplete church; the<br />

original plans had <strong>to</strong> be altered, and simple<br />

intersected window tracery was substituted for<br />

the planned beautiful decorated tracery. With<br />

the economy of the country in turmoil an Act<br />

was passed in 1351 that no man should refuse<br />

<strong>to</strong> work for the same rate of pay as before the<br />

Black Death. Extra revenue was also generated<br />

by the imposition of a Poll Tax on the people.<br />

<strong>The</strong> arable fields were laid <strong>to</strong> pasture, and<br />

common land was enclosed for sheep farming.<br />

This was less labour intensive with more profit<br />

being made from wool production. This caused<br />

great unrest of the peasants, which led <strong>to</strong> the<br />

famous ‘Peasants’ Revolt’ of 1381 when John<br />

Litester, assisted by amongst others a man<br />

called Cubitt of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, led a rebellion<br />

of many thousands who seized the city of<br />

Norwich, killing the mayor in the process.<br />

Henry De Spenser, Bishop of Norwich, and a<br />

man with much experience of war abroad, was<br />

able <strong>to</strong> raise enough forces <strong>to</strong> drive the rebels<br />

from the city and they retreated <strong>to</strong> a camp at<br />

Bryant’s Heath near <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. Despite<br />

the peasants’ elaborate makeshift barricades,<br />

they were ousted from their camp by the<br />

Bishop and his now numerous forces, and battle<br />

commenced. Many hundreds were slain and<br />

the defeated peasants fled <strong>to</strong>wards the <strong>to</strong>wn<br />

desperately seeking their right of ‘sanctuary’<br />

in the church, however, it was still incomplete<br />

and yet <strong>to</strong> be consecrated. <strong>The</strong> Bishop<br />

followed, Litester was captured, and the church<br />

witnessed a massacre of hundreds of peasants.<br />

De Spenser heard Litester’s confession, gave<br />

him absolution and then had him dragged <strong>to</strong><br />

his public execution. Three s<strong>to</strong>ne crosses were<br />

soon erected marking the site of the battlefield,<br />

as a permanent reminder of the consequences<br />

of such uprisings.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Parish Church<br />

It is probable that the incomplete church<br />

only needed repair after the turmoil of the<br />

Peasants’ Revolt, and not complete re-building<br />

as local legend states. In fact it was that same<br />

Bishop Henry De Spenser who consecrated<br />

the building within twenty years of the battle.<br />

This is the edifice seen <strong>to</strong>day, the largest ‘Wool<br />

Church’ in Norfolk, built from the profits of the<br />

wool and weaving industries. <strong>The</strong> church is<br />

noted for its spacious interior, the lofty columns<br />

Wayside Cross monument on the Norwich Road. Pho<strong>to</strong> by Les Edwards<br />

Stump Cross monument on the Norwich Road. Pho<strong>to</strong> by Les Edwards

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Tel: 01692 405981<br />

Want <strong>to</strong> sing?<br />

Come and sing with us<br />

Everyone welcome, no auditions<br />

Wednesday evenings @7:30<br />

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CAFÉ<br />

KITALE<br />

Modern cafe suitable<br />

for the whole family<br />

Plenty of seating<br />

inside and out<br />

Dogs<br />

Welcome<br />

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Social Centre<br />

Lady pho<strong>to</strong>grapher available for<br />

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family & events<br />

Fully insured<br />

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andreahudsonpho<strong>to</strong>graphy<br />

Your choice social centre is<br />

a day service provider for<br />

adults with learning disabilities<br />

and complex needs based in<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. We provide<br />

a wide range of activities and<br />

support including evenings and<br />

weekends.<br />

We also run a youth group for 16 year olds and over<br />

alternate friday evenings. For further information<br />

please contact us.<br />

2 Cornish Way, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9HJ<br />

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His<strong>to</strong>rical <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 87<br />

through a magnificent pinnacled porch, with<br />

rich carving and heraldic shields. <strong>The</strong> colourful<br />

statues are replacements, showing Saint<br />

Benedict (with St Benet’s Abbey and Norwich<br />

Cathedral at his feet); Saint Nicholas (the<br />

present day dedication of the church) and in<br />

the centre niche, the Virgin Mary with infant<br />

Christ (the church was originally dedicated <strong>to</strong><br />

the Blessed Virgin Mary).<br />

and absence of a chancel arch making it seem<br />

light and airy. Many interesting artefacts remain<br />

in the church including the fifteenth century<br />

font cover, richly carved and decorated, with<br />

a fascinating telescopic mechanism, it hangs<br />

from a carved oak beam. Of a similar date are the<br />

remains of a wooden screen which separated<br />

the clerical chancel from the people’s nave. Its<br />

mediaeval panels are carved and painted with<br />

an array of saints. <strong>The</strong> south chapel contains an<br />

unusual sixteenth century Communion Table;<br />

unusual because of the ‘corrected’ inscription<br />

along its front panel made after an alteration<br />

of the Prayer Book. Another treasure is the<br />

unique Royal Arms Board at the west end of the<br />

church, one side with the arms of Cromwell’s<br />

Commonwealth, and the other with the<br />

Arms of Charles II. Also <strong>to</strong> be seen are an Iron<br />

Bound Chest, two remaining tip-up seats from<br />

the monk’s mediaeval quire, and a wooden<br />

Armoury Chest - the churchwardens had<br />

prepared for the coming of the Spanish Armada<br />

by buying six hundred corselets!)<br />

<strong>The</strong> church is entered from the Market Place<br />

<strong>The</strong> once magnificent <strong>to</strong>wer is now reduced <strong>to</strong><br />

a ruinous mass, a rocky crag standing sentinel<br />

over the <strong>to</strong>wn; Many people are drawn in<strong>to</strong> the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn centre <strong>to</strong> investigate its strange shape.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ruined Tower<br />

From whichever direction you enter the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn, the building that dominates more<br />

than anything else, is the ruined <strong>to</strong>wer of the<br />

church. In the early eighteenth century the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn boasted a glorious, soaring <strong>to</strong>wer and<br />

spire, the tallest construction locally, being<br />

second in height only <strong>to</strong> Norwich Cathedral. It<br />

is known that the parapet reached a height of<br />

147 feet, with a spire later added <strong>to</strong> compete<br />

with the then new church <strong>to</strong>wer at Cromer. This<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>to</strong>wer ruin in the early twentieth century.

88 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Friday 15th May 1724 saw the <strong>to</strong>wn’s<br />

Ascensiontide Fayre, and the bells were rung for<br />

many hours. <strong>The</strong> ringing of the bells combined<br />

with a rather windy day caused a vibration <strong>to</strong><br />

occur in the <strong>to</strong>wer. This was noticed by the<br />

verger when he ascended the <strong>to</strong>wer in the<br />

evening <strong>to</strong> wind the clock. He was so alarmed<br />

by the distressed state of the <strong>to</strong>wer that the<br />

clock remained unwound as he fled <strong>to</strong> warn<br />

people away.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>to</strong>wer ruin in the mid twentieth century. Pho<strong>to</strong> by Les Edwards<br />

spire may have taken its height <strong>to</strong> around 180<br />

feet. A heavy ring of six bells was hung in the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wer which also housed a chiming clock. <strong>The</strong>se<br />

bells caused a dispute in 1616 between the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wnsfolk and the sex<strong>to</strong>n whose duties caused<br />

him <strong>to</strong> ring the Great Bell “... orderly and full out<br />

one halfe hour at the least ...” every morning at<br />

four o’clock!<br />

Between nine and ten o’clock the following<br />

morning, the doc<strong>to</strong>r of the <strong>to</strong>wn was walking<br />

through the churchyard, and <strong>to</strong> his horror,<br />

one side of the steeple collapsed before him,<br />

his only injury being a cut <strong>to</strong> his ankle from a<br />

flying flint! In the years that followed, monies<br />

were raised <strong>to</strong> reconstruct the <strong>to</strong>wer, but the<br />

weather was <strong>to</strong> weaken the ruin yet further, and<br />

in 1835 more falls indicated the weakness of the<br />

upper s<strong>to</strong>nework. February 17th 1836 saw the<br />

last major fall when heavy wintry gales brought<br />

down the north side of the steeple with a crash<br />

that sent earthquake-like tremors through the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn. <strong>The</strong> remaining east wall of the belfry stage<br />

was then dismantled as a safety precaution.<br />

In 1939 stabilisation work was carried out on<br />

the <strong>to</strong>wer, in the hope that one day rebuilding<br />

might be possible. Plans have been drawn up <strong>to</strong><br />

this end, and one version of a new <strong>to</strong>wer (minus<br />

a spire), by the eminent architect Sir Charles<br />

Nicholson, can be seen inside the north porch<br />

of the Parish Church.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Great Fire<br />

In the year 1600, the <strong>to</strong>wn suffered a disastrous<br />

fire, which began at around six o’clock in the<br />

morning on the 25th June, in the house of a<br />

“poor and lewd person” by the name of Dowle,<br />

who on fleeing was apprehended and put<br />

in gaol. One hundred and eighteen houses,<br />

seventy shops, and countless other buildings<br />

were razed <strong>to</strong> the ground. <strong>The</strong> Market with<br />

its Cross and stalls were destroyed along with<br />

their merchandise. Although reportedly fired<br />

in five places at once the church escaped much<br />

damage, and one imagines that it provided<br />

temporary shelter <strong>to</strong> the <strong>to</strong>wnspeople for many<br />

months. A plea was made <strong>to</strong> the Queen for

His<strong>to</strong>rical <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 89<br />

some timber from the royal estates <strong>to</strong> rebuild<br />

the <strong>to</strong>wn. Much of the <strong>to</strong>wn layout was altered;<br />

the parallel ‘Lokes’ south of the Market Place<br />

may be early attempts at <strong>to</strong>wn planning. Sir<br />

William Pas<strong>to</strong>n used the opportunity <strong>to</strong> buy up<br />

several acres of scorched land at a cheap rate.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re he built his famous School.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Pas<strong>to</strong>n School<br />

Sir William Pas<strong>to</strong>n opened his free Grammar<br />

School in 1606 for “the training, instructing<br />

and bringing up of youth in good manners,<br />

many a fine scholar, including Archbishop<br />

Tenison, who crowned Queen Anne & George I.<br />

<strong>The</strong> School is now part of a Sixth Form College<br />

for the local area, and the founder’s elaborate<br />

<strong>to</strong>mb, which he himself had built before he<br />

died, can be seen inside the Parish Church. An<br />

interesting footnote is that in the early part of<br />

the 20th century an archaeological dig found<br />

within the grounds of the school, foundations<br />

of what were thought <strong>to</strong> be a small monastery,<br />

perhaps the <strong>to</strong>wn’s cell of the Abbey of St<br />

Benet’s.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Market Cross<br />

<strong>The</strong> Market Place provided a place where local<br />

traders could sell their produce, lives<strong>to</strong>ck, meats,<br />

and of course the wool and famous cloths. Many<br />

of the narrower shops in the Market Place still<br />

occupy their ancient plots, in multiples of seven<br />

feet, huddled tightly against the ‘foreland’ of<br />

the churchyard. <strong>The</strong> meat markets were in an<br />

area known as ‘<strong>The</strong> Shambles’, mostly lost in the<br />

learning and the true fear, service and worship<br />

of almighty God whereby they might become<br />

good and profitable members in the Church<br />

and Commonwealth”. <strong>The</strong> school grew until the<br />

Civil War when the last of the Pas<strong>to</strong>n family gave<br />

it up, and a rescue bid was made <strong>to</strong> preserve it.<br />

A new School House was built in 1765, the one<br />

seen <strong>to</strong>day, and a new start was made. Shortly<br />

after in 1769, brothers William and Horatio<br />

Nelson came <strong>to</strong> the school as boarders, and<br />

from here, in March 1771, a young Horatio<br />

set out on his legendary career. In addition<br />

<strong>to</strong> Admiral Lord Nelson, the school can boast<br />

great fire but remembered <strong>to</strong>day in buildings<br />

known as ‘<strong>The</strong> Butchery’. In the mid thirteenth<br />

century <strong>Walsham</strong> was given by Royal Charter<br />

of Henry III the right <strong>to</strong> hold a weekly market.<br />

A plot in the market wasn’t free, and the rent<br />

was collected in ‘<strong>The</strong> Old Tollhouse’. <strong>The</strong> Market<br />

Rental Book of 1391 states that the cross fixed<br />

the site of the market as being a place where<br />

‘buyers and sellers could lawfully congregate’.<br />

This was probably a s<strong>to</strong>ne post with the<br />

<strong>to</strong>llhouse located close by. As the market<br />

prospered, it was found necessary <strong>to</strong> provide

90 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Market Cross<br />

in the 1950s.<br />

Pho<strong>to</strong> by Fred Mace<br />

a larger <strong>to</strong>llhouse, and a new market ‘cross’ was<br />

built.<br />

This cross was started in 1550 during the reign<br />

of Edward VI by Bishop Thirlby of Norwich but<br />

doesn’t seem <strong>to</strong> have been completed until<br />

1555. <strong>The</strong> Great Fire of 1600 destroyed this<br />

building along with the Market, but it was<br />

rebuilt by Bishop Redman in 1602 <strong>to</strong> an unusual<br />

design. A one handed clock was acquired<br />

from Worstead Hall in 1787<br />

and in 1855 its owners, the<br />

Ecclesiastical Commissioners,<br />

formally presented the Market<br />

Cross <strong>to</strong> the <strong>to</strong>wn. A minute<br />

hand was added <strong>to</strong> the clock<br />

the following year. In 1899<br />

funds from the <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Steeplechase were used <strong>to</strong><br />

buy a new chiming clock.<br />

During the second world war<br />

the weathervane was blown<br />

off when a bomb exploded<br />

close by. <strong>The</strong> cross has been<br />

res<strong>to</strong>red several times, the<br />

latest being in 1984 when the<br />

old roof covering was replaced<br />

and the clock res<strong>to</strong>red in<strong>to</strong><br />

working order. A piece of<br />

ancient oak which was removed from the cross<br />

at this time was locally carved and fashioned<br />

as a representation of the head of Christ then<br />

presented <strong>to</strong> the people of our twin <strong>to</strong>wn of<br />

Friesenried in Bavaria. <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>’s famous<br />

Market Cross is both a National Monument and<br />

a Grade I listed building.<br />

<strong>The</strong> weekly market has been the heartbeat of our <strong>to</strong>wn since the charter was granted by Henry III over 700 years ago.

Petticoat Lane<br />

His<strong>to</strong>rical <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 91<br />

<strong>The</strong> Pubs of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> pubs of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> Cross Keys (1709-1794)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Dukes Head (1794-1965)<br />

(1.5 miles)<br />

Cat’s Pit Lane<br />

Malthouse Loke<br />

(<strong>North</strong>field Road)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Orchard Gardens<br />

(1856 - <strong>to</strong>day)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Wherry (1834-1965)<br />

(1.5 miles)<br />

Swafield Lane<br />

<strong>The</strong> Blue Bell (1794-<strong>to</strong>day)<br />

(1mile)<br />

(Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road)<br />

Reeves Lane<br />

(Mundesley Road)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cock Inn<br />

(1794-1966)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Anchor<br />

(1836-1961)<br />

(1 mile)<br />

Rose & Crown<br />

(1883-1904)<br />

Tannery Lane<br />

Queen Vic<strong>to</strong>ria<br />

(1847-?)<br />

Hall Lane<br />

<strong>The</strong> Dog Inn<br />

(1794-1892)<br />

(Back Street)<br />

<strong>North</strong> Street<br />

<strong>The</strong>atre Street<br />

(Vicarage Street)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Lord Nelson (II)<br />

(??-1985)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Horseshoes<br />

(1865-1906)<br />

Lower Street<br />

<strong>The</strong> Lord Nelson (I)<br />

(1830-??)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ship<br />

(1836-1872)<br />

Market Tavern<br />

(2013-<strong>to</strong>day)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Rising Sun<br />

(1854-1968)<br />

<strong>The</strong> White Swan<br />

(1794-<strong>to</strong>day)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Buck<br />

(1794-1971)<br />

Church Gate<br />

(Church Street)<br />

Antingham Lane<br />

Church<br />

Maid’s Head<br />

(1799 -1853)<br />

(Cromer Road)<br />

Market Street<br />

New Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> Mitre (1856-1892)<br />

Market Place<br />

Old Bear<br />

(1792-1967)<br />

<strong>The</strong> White Horse (2 miles)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Wheelwright’s Arms (2 miles)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Oaks<br />

(Demolished)<br />

(Aylsham Road)<br />

Felmingham Lane<br />

Angel Hotel<br />

(1794-1986)<br />

Cross Keys<br />

(1785-1973)<br />

Black Swan Loke<br />

White Lion Loke<br />

(Bank Loke)<br />

<strong>The</strong> White Lion<br />

(1794-1864)<br />

King Street<br />

(King’s Arms Street)<br />

Yarmouth Road<br />

Pas<strong>to</strong>n<br />

College<br />

(Grammar School Road)<br />

Free School Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> King’s Arms<br />

(1794-<strong>to</strong>day)<br />

(Park Lane)<br />

<strong>The</strong> Feathers<br />

(1794-<strong>to</strong>day)<br />

Black Swan<br />

(1794-<strong>to</strong>day)<br />

Scarborough<br />

Hill House<br />

(1.5 miles)<br />

Turnpike Gate<br />

(1845 - 1863)<br />

(.5 mile)<br />

Bull Inn (1856-1971)

92 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />



FRESH<br />

FOOD<br />

SERVED<br />






01692 405282 www.shamblescafenorfolk.co.uk<br />

VISIT<br />


His<strong>to</strong>rical <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 93<br />

Ship Yard<br />

Imagine going back in time and experiencing <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> as it was in the middle of last century.<br />

Well, now you can - in miniature! With the help of dozens of his<strong>to</strong>ric pho<strong>to</strong>graphs made available<br />

by <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>’s pho<strong>to</strong>graphic Archive, and a surprisingly accurate 1926 Ordnance Survey map<br />

of the area, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> resident Richard Crossley is authentically reconstructing a lost area of<br />

the centre of <strong>to</strong>wn known as Ship Yard.<br />

What started as a bit of fun has turned in<strong>to</strong> a major construction project, that is attracting a lot of<br />

interest in <strong>to</strong>wn, and rekindling distant memories. <strong>The</strong> model, which is about one square metre<br />

in size is hoped <strong>to</strong> be complete by summer <strong>2019</strong>, when it will become a permanent exhibit at the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Heritage and Information Centre on Vicarage Street. Coincidentally, the Heritage<br />

Centre is located adjacent <strong>to</strong> St Nicholas’ Court Precinct, which was built directly on the site of the<br />

old Ship yard.<br />

Ship Yard in the 1950s. Pho<strong>to</strong> contributed by Jane Gay.<br />

Richard Crossley’s scale model of Ship Yard <strong>to</strong>day.<br />

War Memorial Gardens in the Memorial Park on the Yarmouth Road.

94 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Metal Pressings, Fabrication & Welding, Metal Spinning,<br />

Toolmaking, Metal Castings, Project Management,<br />

Pro<strong>to</strong>type & Development<br />

80 Years On, and Continually Progressing!<br />

Tel:- 01692 402156<br />

E-mail:- Sales@ladbrookuk.com<br />

Web:- www.ladbrookuk.com

His<strong>to</strong>rical <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 95<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Heritage Group<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Heritage Group was formed about 5<br />

years ago by representatives from Regenerate <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> CIC, the Town Council, businesses and the<br />

other his<strong>to</strong>rical organisations <strong>to</strong> work <strong>to</strong>gether <strong>to</strong><br />

finally provide the <strong>to</strong>wn with a small museum, awaited<br />

for many decades.<br />

Its volunteers’ aims are <strong>to</strong> preserve the heritage of<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and the surrounding area and <strong>to</strong> make<br />

archive materials, documents and objects available <strong>to</strong><br />

the general public for general interest and research<br />

purposes.<br />

<strong>The</strong> group’s Heritage Centre opened in June 2018 at<br />

M.i. <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> in Vicarage Street. Within this are<br />

display panels featuring key periods, industries and<br />

personalities from the <strong>to</strong>wn’s 1,600 year his<strong>to</strong>ry and<br />

display cases featuring local objects. One of the oldest<br />

objects on display is the <strong>to</strong>wn’s Newsham fire engine dating from around 1725. A series of quiz<br />

sheets and activities are available for both young and older visi<strong>to</strong>rs.<br />

website: www.northwalshamheritage.org.uk email: info@northwalshamheritage.org.uk<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> & District Community Archive<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> & District Community<br />

Archive was formally launched on the 5th<br />

June 2007. It was a joint project between<br />

the Norfolk County Council Cultural<br />

Services Departments of Adult Education,<br />

Libraries and Museums working in<br />

conjunction with the existing Archives.<br />

However we now host our own website<br />

which is available not only for the people<br />

of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and the surrounding<br />

villages but anybody worldwide with a<br />

wish <strong>to</strong> find out more about the area.<br />

Meetings of the local group will normally be held at <strong>The</strong> White Swan Public House, Church Street,<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. Attendance at the meetings isn’t essential for adding contributions <strong>to</strong> the archive.<br />

Everyone is welcome <strong>to</strong> come <strong>to</strong> our meetings - if you have just one pho<strong>to</strong> or memorabilia of<br />

the area do drop in if you would like <strong>to</strong> share them. We are also interested in pho<strong>to</strong>graphs of the<br />

villages around <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> which can be added <strong>to</strong> the archive.<br />

website: www.northwalshamarchive.co.uk email: info@northwalshamarchive.co.uk<br />

facebook: <strong>North</strong><strong>Walsham</strong>Archive

96 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

His<strong>to</strong>ric Plaques around the Town Centre<br />

1<br />

8<br />

2 3<br />

3a<br />

4 5 6<br />

9<br />

7<br />

10<br />



up <strong>to</strong> 1600. <strong>The</strong> union grew <strong>to</strong> become the<br />

National Union of Agricultural & Allied Workers<br />

with 2,900 branches and 100 000 members.<br />

He had no schooling and was taught <strong>to</strong> read<br />

by his wife. He became a county councillor in<br />

1906, a Member of Parliament for South Norfolk<br />

by 1920 and was knighted in 1930. Sir George<br />

Edwards, MP, OBE, died on December 7th 1933<br />

and is buried in Fakenham. A special staircase<br />

was built at the rear of the Angel <strong>to</strong> allow them<br />

<strong>to</strong> reach the meeting room without going<br />

through the bar. On May lst 1982 the Union<br />

merged with the Transport & General Workers<br />

Union within which was a new trade group<br />

for the Agricultural and Allied Membership.<br />

In March 2001, Bill Morris, the then General<br />

Secretary of TGWU visited <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> <strong>to</strong><br />

unveil a plaque in Edwards’ memory.<br />

In 2005 <strong>to</strong> mark Rotary’s centenary, <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> Rotarians, led by President Derrick<br />

Hankin created a <strong>to</strong>wn trail of 11 plaques<br />

identifying places of interest and people of<br />

significance in the his<strong>to</strong>ry of our <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

<strong>The</strong> plaques are numbered as they appear on<br />

the map.<br />

1. Angel Hotel, Aylsham Road.<br />

(now Angel Court.)<br />

It was in the back room of the Angel Hotel,<br />

which s<strong>to</strong>od on this site, that George Edwards<br />

founded the Eastern Counties Agricultural<br />

Labourers’ & Smallholders’ Union on July 20th<br />

1906. Born at Marsham in 1850, he began work<br />

as a crow-scarer and in the 1890s was active in<br />

local Union affairs. A General Election in 1906<br />

saw the Tories soundly beaten by the Liberals<br />

and Tory landowners sacked many farmworkers<br />

suspected of having radical views which led <strong>to</strong><br />

George Edwards being approached <strong>to</strong> form a<br />

Union. Over the ensuing months he organized<br />

80 meetings which brought the membership<br />

2. Scarburgh House, Market Street<br />

<strong>The</strong> Skarburgh (there are several spellings<br />

recorded) family are first recorded in the area as<br />

early as 1447 and by 1572 were well established<br />

land owners. In 1605 Henry was first <strong>to</strong> be<br />

designated as “Henry Scarburgh, Gentleman<br />

of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>”. <strong>The</strong> family coat of arms is<br />

displayed <strong>to</strong> this day on the outer wall of the<br />

house. This Henry had four sons, Edmund,<br />

Henry, Samuel and John. Edmund was the<br />

father of Charles Scarburgh born c1616 who<br />

remained in England when his father emigrated

His<strong>to</strong>ric Plaques 97<br />

<strong>to</strong> Eastern Shore, Virginia. This line of the family<br />

is well documented <strong>to</strong> the present. Charles<br />

Scarburgh held many positions of honour<br />

under the Crown. A master of Caius College,<br />

Cambridge, in 1639 and later a fellow in 1646.<br />

He was Doc<strong>to</strong>r of Physics at Mer<strong>to</strong>n College,<br />

Oxford, and Court Physician <strong>to</strong> Charles II, James<br />

II and William III. He was an MP and knighted in<br />

1669. Samuel Pepys mentions him many times<br />

in his diaries. He was also one of the greatest<br />

mathematicians of his time and the author of<br />

several mathematical treatises. He died on<br />

February 26th 1694 and is buried in Cranford,<br />

Middlesex.<br />

After several changes of ownership the building<br />

became part of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> High School<br />

for Girls early in the 20th Century. Alumni<br />

include Rt. Hon Gillian Shephard, cabinet<br />

minister in the 1990s including being Secretary<br />

of State for Education and Employment. In 1984<br />

the Girls High School joined with the Pas<strong>to</strong>n<br />

School <strong>to</strong> become Pas<strong>to</strong>n Sixth Form College.<br />

3. <strong>The</strong> Town S<strong>to</strong>cks, Market Street.<br />

<strong>The</strong> evidence for the s<strong>to</strong>cks is in an ink and<br />

watercolour drawing by E. Pocock (1846-1905).<br />

He was most prolific just before the turn of the<br />

19th century but the scene would have been<br />

of a period long before that, as his specialty<br />

was for copying older paintings. <strong>The</strong>re are two<br />

similar views, one in oils on which this sketch<br />

may have been modelled. <strong>The</strong> site is now built<br />

over by the single s<strong>to</strong>rey extension <strong>to</strong> “<strong>The</strong><br />

Feathers” Public House.<br />

3a. <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> - Dilham Canal<br />

On 14 September 1811 a meeting was held<br />

at the Kings Arms Hotel Inn, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

under the chairmanship of John Milling<strong>to</strong>n of<br />

Hammersmith, where the decision was made<br />

<strong>to</strong> construct a canal from Wayford Bridge <strong>to</strong><br />

Antingham Ponds in the county of Norfolk.<br />

Parliament was petitioned and the bill received<br />

Royal Assent on 5 May the following year. Due<br />

<strong>to</strong> problems with local landowners it was not<br />

until 1824 that it went ahead and under the<br />

direction of Mr Milling<strong>to</strong>n work started on 5<br />

April 1825. 60 navvies known as “Bedfordshire<br />

Bankers” completed the work, including<br />

the locks in the remarkably short time of 18<br />

months, the first wherries sailing up the canal<br />

in the summer of 1826. Unfortunately the<br />

commercial success of the canal was short lived<br />

due <strong>to</strong> the advent of the railways later in the<br />

century and the canal fell in<strong>to</strong> disuse finally in<br />

1935. <strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and Dilham Canal<br />

Trust was formed in 2008 and with the help<br />

of many willing volunteers is res<strong>to</strong>ring the<br />

canal for leisure use by canoeists, fishermen,<br />

bird watchers etc., and for the pleasure of the<br />

residents of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, visi<strong>to</strong>rs and people<br />

in the surrounding parishes. This plaque is<br />

situated on the wall of the Kings Arms Hotel.<br />

4. Admiral Nelson, Pas<strong>to</strong>n College,<br />

Grammar School Road.<br />

<strong>The</strong> great popular hero and first commoner<br />

<strong>to</strong> be afforded a state funeral. “Horace” Nelson<br />

was born at Burnham Thorpe in 1758. He was<br />

proud of his Norfolk origins, “I am a Norfolk man<br />

and glory in being so” he wrote. He recruited

98 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

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www.rmling.co.uk<br />


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Tel. 01692 406152<br />

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Email : enquiries@nentatrain<strong>to</strong>urs.co.uk www.nentatrain<strong>to</strong>urs.co.uk

His<strong>to</strong>ric Plaques 99<br />

many of his crew of his favourite command,<br />

Agamemnon, from <strong>North</strong> Norfolk. After<br />

attending a number of schools, at the age of 10,<br />

along with his brother William, he transferred<br />

<strong>to</strong> the Pas<strong>to</strong>n School with the promise of a<br />

firm grounding in Latin and Greek. A relic of<br />

Nelson’s schooldays is preserved at the College:<br />

a brick from the school wall with the initials<br />

“H.N.”. Nelson’s school room is preserved as<br />

it was in his day and he features in the school<br />

song, written in 1907. In early 1771 he joined<br />

his uncle’s ship the Raisonable, and so began a<br />

career in the Royal Navy.<br />

5. Cornish & Gaymer, Grammar<br />

School Road.<br />

This business was remarkable in its day that by<br />

1880 they were employing more than 200 men<br />

in joinery, masonry and other detailed work.<br />

Another 800 men worked on sites further afield.<br />

Robinson Cornish of Knap<strong>to</strong>n was listed in 1858<br />

as a builder & ecclesiastical carver. In 1877 he<br />

joined forces with John Gaymer. <strong>The</strong> works were<br />

situated in the Norwich Road adjacent <strong>to</strong> the<br />

Railway station (where the Canneries s<strong>to</strong>od).<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir most famous carver was Charles Simpson<br />

who was born in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> in 1856. His first<br />

piece of work, when only 16, was his carving on<br />

the altar in the parish church. Other examples of<br />

his work are <strong>to</strong> be found in Norwich Cathedral,<br />

Durham Cathedral, Winchester College Chapel<br />

and a host of other Churches and mansions in<br />

this country and abroad. He spent his working<br />

life with this company.<br />

6. Sir WiIliam Pas<strong>to</strong>n, Market Place<br />

Born 1528 of the distinguished Norfolk family,<br />

well known for the Pas<strong>to</strong>n Letters describing<br />

life during the Wars of the Roses. Educated at<br />

Gonville Hall, Cambridge, he became one of<br />

the richest men in Norfolk. Following the “Great<br />

Fire” of 1600 which destroyed much of our<br />

flourishing <strong>to</strong>wn he bought land in the centre<br />

of the <strong>to</strong>wn and founded a school for boys.<br />

<strong>The</strong> school was for the “training, instructing,<br />

and bringing up youth in good manners,<br />

learning and true fear, service and worship of<br />

Almighty God”. During the ensuing 400 years<br />

the school has changed a great deal reflecting<br />

the changing times. Today it is a flourishing<br />

sixth form college. Famous alumni include<br />

Horatio Nelson, Archbishop Thomas Tenison<br />

and Admiral William Hoste. Sir William Pas<strong>to</strong>n<br />

died in 1610 and his magnificent <strong>to</strong>mb can be<br />

seen in St Nicholas Church.<br />

7. Thomas Dix, Vicarage Street.<br />

Thomas Dix of Brentnall House is best known for<br />

his finely engraved maps that were completed<br />

and published after his death in “A Complete<br />

Atlas of the English Counties” 1882. <strong>The</strong> Norfolk<br />

map with a view of Cromer Church is a good<br />

example. He was a surveyor and is remembered<br />

for his school books of which his “Treatise on<br />

Land Surveying” reached seven editions. It is<br />

believed that Dix had an Academy here - in July<br />

1803 there was an advertisement in the Norfolk<br />

Mercury for what appears <strong>to</strong> be a boarding<br />

school, terms 20gns a year. He was certainly a<br />

master at the “<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Academy” as he<br />

mentions it in two of his books in 1808 and<br />

1810.<br />

8. Fisher <strong>The</strong>atre, Vicarage Street.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Fisher <strong>The</strong>atre, built on the site of an earlier<br />

barn which served as a theatre, was opened<br />

on May 6th 1828. <strong>The</strong> Fishers were a very<br />

active theatrical family. David Fisher joined<br />

William Scragg’s Company of Comedians and,<br />

on William’s death in 1808, formed his own<br />

company and proceeded <strong>to</strong> build 12 theatres<br />

with <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> being the last. <strong>The</strong> theatre,

100 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

built at a cost of £1,800, initially enjoyed great<br />

popularity and local gentry could have bespoke<br />

performances. In 1845 the theatre was sold for<br />

£400 and became the National School until the<br />

Board School was opened in Manor Road in<br />

1874. <strong>The</strong> Fisher <strong>The</strong>atre is now home <strong>to</strong> Wilco.<br />

9. James Empson, <strong>North</strong> Street.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first meeting place for the Quakers in <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> was established in 1692 but was<br />

burned down in 1750. James Empson, a rich<br />

miller of Southrepps and <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, gave<br />

land for a new Meeting House on the Mundesley<br />

Road just past the end of the by-pass and was<br />

completed in 1772. He also endowed Empson<br />

house <strong>to</strong> Quaker Charities. <strong>The</strong> estate was sold<br />

in 1929 for eight hundred and twelve pounds<br />

ten shillings and five pence - the proceeds<br />

invested in charitable funds. During the 17th<br />

century Quakers were regularly persecuted<br />

and many were thrown in<strong>to</strong> Norwich Gaol<br />

including James Empson. <strong>The</strong>re were so many<br />

in the gaol that they often held their monthly<br />

meetings there. He was a staunch supporter<br />

of the Friends and they have profited through<br />

the centuries from the bequests of land and<br />

property which he left in trust <strong>to</strong> them.<br />

10. Walter Pardon, <strong>The</strong> Orchard<br />

Gardens, 50 MundesIey Road.<br />

WaIter Pardon was one of England’s great<br />

traditional singers. He lived all his life in the<br />

cottage where he was born in 1914, in the<br />

village of Knap<strong>to</strong>n and spent all his working life<br />

as a carpenter. In 1974 a tape of his singing was<br />

received by the singer Peter Bellamy and this<br />

led <strong>to</strong> him being recognised as an outstanding<br />

singer of remarkable style and reper<strong>to</strong>ry. He<br />

was subsequently recorded for a number of<br />

LP’s. and appeared in folk clubs and festivals,<br />

including the one held at the Smithsonian<br />

Institute of Folklife in Washing<strong>to</strong>n DC in 1976.<br />

Up until this time he only sang at home and<br />

in his “local”, the Orchard Garden Public house<br />

which still continues a reputation for musical<br />

performances. Four LPs were recorded and<br />

released between 1975 and 1983 which<br />

helped <strong>to</strong> prove WaIter’s standing as a giant<br />

of the English folk scene. He died in 1996 and<br />

remains an important source of inspiration for<br />

folk performers, his understated singing style<br />

was ideal <strong>to</strong> showcase the best qualities of his<br />

wide, varied and sometimes unique reper<strong>to</strong>ire<br />

- underlying his <strong>to</strong>mbs<strong>to</strong>ne epitaph as a<br />

craftsman singer.<br />

<strong>The</strong> project - a thank you.<br />

This project with its plaques and accompanying<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn trail leaflet was funded through the<br />

generosity of Action Signs, <strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Amenity Society, <strong>The</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>rical<br />

Society, Broadland Travel, Nigel Horner-Glister,<br />

Charles Horner-Glister, James Horner-Glister, the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Rotary Club, Lovewell Blake and<br />

John Cutting.

Pho<strong>to</strong> Gallery 101<br />

A His<strong>to</strong>ry in Pho<strong>to</strong>graphs<br />

A small selection of his<strong>to</strong>ric <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> pho<strong>to</strong>graphs from the <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> & District<br />

Community Archive collection.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Market Place in the late 1800s<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Market Place 1930s (old postcard)

102 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong>

Pho<strong>to</strong> Gallery 103<br />

View from the church <strong>to</strong>wer in 1939 (Pho<strong>to</strong>: R. E. R. Ling)<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Market Place in the 1950s (Pho<strong>to</strong>: Les Edwards)

104 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Market Street in the late 1800s<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Market Street early 1900s (old postcard)

Pho<strong>to</strong> Gallery 105<br />

Jack Hall outside G Moore bootmakers on Mundesley Road (Pho<strong>to</strong>: Margaret Goldsmith)<br />

Marjoram outfitters in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Market Place.

106 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

16 Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

(opposite Sainsbury’s filling station)<br />

01692 403819<br />

www.three-cottages.co.uk<br />

Our Cus<strong>to</strong>mers tell us<br />


we just say<br />


For all your home help,<br />

personal care and independent<br />

living needs then Extra Care<br />

is here <strong>to</strong> support you.<br />

Comprehensive range<br />

of gold & silver jewellery<br />

& an extensive range of<br />

quality watches <strong>to</strong> suit all<br />

desires & needs<br />

Probate & insurance valuations also undertaken<br />

24 Market Place<br />

Tel: 01692 500714<br />

Francis Jones Jewellers<br />

45 Market Place, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9BT<br />

Telephone 01692 404394

Pho<strong>to</strong> Gallery 107<br />

Jack Hewitt outside his Saddler’s Shop on Church Plain c1960 (Pho<strong>to</strong>: Fred Mace)<br />

A. E. Porter, watchmaker & jeweller in Market Street

108 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> Market Place decorated for Vic<strong>to</strong>ry in the Boer War 1902<br />

King George V Coronation June 1911 (Pho<strong>to</strong>: Linda Hallatt)

Pho<strong>to</strong> Gallery 109<br />

Drinking fountain presentation 1912 (Pho<strong>to</strong>: Mrs Bradfield)<br />

King George V Silver Jubilee 1935 (Pho<strong>to</strong>: Mrs Dallis<strong>to</strong>n)

110 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

We have a wealth of knowledge<br />

and experience in the selection,<br />

craftsmanship and installation<br />

of natural s<strong>to</strong>ne.<br />

Incorporating R Payne & Son<br />

Midland Road, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

01692 403344<br />


Pho<strong>to</strong> Gallery 111<br />

Palmers Butchers, Market Street (Pho<strong>to</strong>: Alison Oliver).<br />

Barkers in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Market Place. 1930s (Pho<strong>to</strong>: Les Edwards)

112 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Dan Mount flushing the Market Place<br />

surface drain 1912<br />

Bruff Hewitt and Dan Mount<br />

flushing the Market Place<br />

surface drain 1912<br />

Weslyan Chapel, Church Street, late 1800s<br />

Horace Mace & Sons c1925

Pho<strong>to</strong> Gallery 113<br />

F. H. Chit<strong>to</strong>ck in Ship Yard Barkers in <strong>The</strong> Butchery<br />

(Pauline Shulver)<br />

D. M. Amiss Printer<br />

Market Street<br />

<strong>The</strong> Black Swan 1890<br />

(Alison Oliver)

114 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> 1928. © His<strong>to</strong>ric England ( www.britainfromabove.org.uk )

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 115

116 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Looking for a very dog friendly cottage in Norfolk? Have<br />

you got several dogs? Look no further…we have a range of<br />

gorgeous cottages happily accepting multi dogs. No charge<br />

for pooches….at all, and no breed restrictions either!<br />


Reliable, high quality care at<br />

home service. We provide all<br />

types of services for the elderly,<br />

disabled & long term conditions.<br />

Personal Care, Dementia,<br />

Shopping, Cleaning<br />

Staffing: We require enthusiastic,<br />

kind & caring members <strong>to</strong> join<br />

our local team<br />

Find us in the precinct<br />

8-9 St Nicholas Court, <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong>, Norfolk, NR28 9YY.<br />

TEL: 01692 531241<br />


A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 117<br />

A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets<br />

<strong>The</strong> his<strong>to</strong>ry of any <strong>to</strong>wn is woven in<strong>to</strong> its street (and place) names, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> is no different. Some<br />

names are ancient and we can only explore possible origins, others are more modern and in living memory<br />

or recorded somewhere. With the help of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> & District Community Archive Facebook group<br />

members we have compiled a guide <strong>to</strong> all the street/place names in the <strong>to</strong>wn and their probable origins.<br />

Also included are a selection of lovely old pho<strong>to</strong>graphs from the <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Archives taken in the<br />

late 1950s and early 1960s by local pho<strong>to</strong>grapher Fred Mace.<br />

Abby Court<br />

Possibly named after St Benet’s<br />

Abbey and its connection with<br />

St Nicholas Church but why<br />

‘Abby” not “Abbey”.<br />

Acacia Drive<br />

Named after the Acacia tree<br />

that grew (and still grows) in<br />

the garden of #2.<br />

Acorn Road<br />

Woodland trees.<br />

Alder Close<br />

Woodland trees.<br />

Anchor Road<br />

Named after the Anchor pub<br />

on Spa Common.<br />

Angel Court<br />

Named after the Angel pub<br />

where the farmworkers’<br />

union was formed (Sir George<br />

Edwards).<br />

Angel Drive<br />

Is the approach <strong>to</strong> the old<br />

Football field named for the<br />

‘Angels’ as the team were<br />

known.<br />

Antingham Drive<br />

Originates from Mr C Plumbly’s<br />

Antingham Lodge just next<br />

door and its location on his<br />

former business yard. Mr<br />

Plumbly originated from<br />

Antingham Hall on the main<br />

Cromer Road.<br />

Arnold Pitcher Close<br />

Newsagent Arnold Pitcher,<br />

who traded from Church<br />

Street in the 1960s, lived on<br />

this piece of land.<br />

Ashfield Road<br />

His<strong>to</strong>rically refers <strong>to</strong> a field<br />

with ash trees.<br />

Aylsham Road<br />

This road goes <strong>to</strong> Aylsham!<br />

<strong>The</strong> ‘<strong>to</strong>wn’ end of Aylsham<br />

Road was previously known as<br />

Angel Street and also Aylsham<br />

Lane.<br />

Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road<br />

This road leads <strong>to</strong> Bac<strong>to</strong>n.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>to</strong>wn end was originally<br />

known as Reeves Lane.<br />

Originally in Anglo-Saxon<br />

England the reeve was a<br />

senior official with local<br />

responsibilities under the<br />

Crown, e.g., as the chief<br />

magistrate of a <strong>to</strong>wn or<br />

St Nicholas’ Parish Church<br />

district. Subsequently, after<br />

the Norman conquest, it<br />

was an office held by a man<br />

of lower rank, appointed as<br />

manager of a manor and<br />

overseer of the peasants.<br />

Bainbridge Close<br />

Named after Lorraine<br />

Bainbridge. She was the<br />

housing manager in <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> before she sadly died<br />

of cancer.<br />

Baker Close<br />

Named after the Baker<br />

family who were people of<br />

consequence in the <strong>to</strong>wn,<br />

including Robert Baker (1774-<br />

1858) who was the manager of<br />

Gurney’s and Birbeck’s bank in<br />

the Market Place

118 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Bank Loke<br />

<strong>The</strong> loke behind Barclay’s<br />

Bank which s<strong>to</strong>od here for a<br />

hundred years and closed in<br />

early <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

Banningham Court<br />

Probably named after the local<br />

village of Banningham which<br />

is on this side of <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

Bar<strong>to</strong>n Close<br />

Named after Bar<strong>to</strong>n House<br />

Farm previously there.<br />

Bayes Court<br />

Named after ‘Pongo’ Bayes,<br />

local policeman and respected<br />

player for <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Football Club.<br />

Beatrice Close<br />

Named after Beatrice Cork of<br />

Cork builders in the <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

Beech Drive<br />

Woodland trees.<br />

Beechwood Close<br />

Woodland trees.<br />

Benets View<br />

St Benet’s Abbey, mediæval<br />

patrons of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

parish church.<br />

Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road<br />

Birds Road<br />

Named after Basil Bird who<br />

played for <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Football Club. This road was<br />

built on the old football<br />

ground.<br />

Birch Close<br />

Woodland trees.<br />

Black Swan Loke<br />

<strong>The</strong> loke behind the Black<br />

Swan public house.<br />

Bloom Court<br />

Fred Bloom “Family” Butcher,<br />

Bradfield Road<br />

Chairman of NW UDC<br />

and Town Council, School<br />

Governor of most of <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> Schools, Magistrate,<br />

life long Methodist etc.<br />

Bluebell Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> road <strong>to</strong> Bluebell common<br />

where the Bluebell pub still<br />

stands.<br />

Bradfield Close<br />

Probably as this road spurs off<br />

Bradfield Road.<br />

Bradfield Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> road <strong>to</strong> Bradfield and<br />

named in 1842.<br />

Brick Kiln Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> site of the Brick Kiln<br />

Clayworks on Manor Road,<br />

between Brick Kiln Farm (was<br />

No.12) & 16 Manor Road. <strong>The</strong><br />

clay pit pond is still there.<br />

Bridge Court<br />

Unknown. <strong>The</strong>re was never a<br />

bridge near here.<br />

Brookes Drive<br />

Named after Mr Brookes<br />

owner of the Manor House in<br />

woods now a care home.

A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 119<br />

Brunswick Close<br />

Named after Brunswick House,<br />

property of the Wooll family.<br />

Bur<strong>to</strong>n Avenue<br />

Mr Bur<strong>to</strong>n who farmed on<br />

Norwich Road.<br />

Bur<strong>to</strong>n Close<br />

Mr Bur<strong>to</strong>n who farmed on<br />

Norwich Road.<br />

Bux<strong>to</strong>n Road<br />

Originally known as Gravel<br />

Hole Loke. This road doesn’t<br />

lead <strong>to</strong> Bux<strong>to</strong>n and may have<br />

more <strong>to</strong> do with the local<br />

Bux<strong>to</strong>n family name.<br />

Campion Close<br />

Named after Cassie Jackman<br />

whose married name was<br />

Campion when she won the<br />

world squash title.<br />

Cedar Court<br />

Cedar Court because it was<br />

built on part of the garden<br />

belonging <strong>to</strong> <strong>The</strong> Cedars (later<br />

the Council Offices).<br />

Cherry Tree Lane<br />

Is the oldest of the <strong>to</strong>wn’s “tree<br />

names” being so named on the<br />

tithe map of 1842. <strong>The</strong>re used<br />

Catspit Lane<br />

Construction of Bur<strong>to</strong>n Avenue<br />

<strong>to</strong> be a plant nursery on this<br />

road with a cherry orchard.<br />

Chestnut Avenue<br />

This appears in keeping with<br />

a cluster of roads named after<br />

plants or trees.<br />

Church Approach<br />

<strong>The</strong> approach <strong>to</strong> the church!<br />

Church Street<br />

<strong>The</strong> street adjacent <strong>to</strong> the<br />

church. Shown on the 1842<br />

map of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> as Buck<br />

Street after <strong>The</strong> Buck public<br />

house which s<strong>to</strong>od there.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Close<br />

Just a close!<br />

Cooper Road<br />

Named in remembrance of<br />

the Coopers, who were <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong>’s leading family. “Old<br />

Captain Cooper” (Thomas<br />

Cooper III) lived at <strong>The</strong> Oaks.<br />

Corbett Road<br />

Named after the Corbett<br />

family. Frank Corbett owned<br />

Scarborough Hill house in the<br />

early 1900s.<br />

Cornish Way<br />

Named after one half of the<br />

nationally famed ecclesiastical<br />

builders in the <strong>to</strong>wn Cornish &<br />

Gaymer.<br />

Coronation Walk<br />

Council house development<br />

of 1953 built <strong>to</strong> commemorate<br />

the Coronation of Elizabeth II.<br />

Cosy Corner<br />

One of a group of OAP<br />

bungalows built on Millfield<br />

Estate by <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Urban District Council in 1934.

120 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Murrell Cork Established<br />

in 1850<br />

Funeral Direc<strong>to</strong>rs and Memorials<br />

Independent family funeral direc<strong>to</strong>rs<br />

dedicated <strong>to</strong> upholding the traditional values<br />

of respect and dignity<br />

57a, Mundesley Road 32-34 High Street<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Stalham<br />

NR28 ODB<br />

NR12 9AN<br />

01692 402059 01692 583392<br />

Together we respect, with compassion we care,<br />

through commitment we achieve<br />

<strong>The</strong> Manor House<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Wood, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, Norfolk, NR28 0LU<br />

T: 01692 402252<br />

E: manager@themanorhouse.healthcarehomes.co.uk<br />

healthcarehomes<br />

healthcarehomes.co.uk<br />

<strong>The</strong> Manor House is an elegant<br />

care home in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> set<br />

in eighteen acres of well-maintained<br />

gardens and woodland where we<br />

provide residential care.<br />

• 48 bedrooms<br />

• Hairdresser, chiropodist, optician<br />

and dentist visit by appointment<br />

• Pets are welcome<br />

• Sumptuous gardens and woodlands<br />

• Conserva<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

• Special diets are catered for<br />

• Caters for residential needs<br />

• A wide range of activities organised

A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 121<br />

Cousens Close<br />

Named after the whole<br />

Cousens family who between<br />

them served over 250 years<br />

in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Canning<br />

Fac<strong>to</strong>ry and its subsequent<br />

titles.<br />

Cradle Wood Road<br />

Named after Cradle Hill<br />

Plantation which is a small<br />

remnant of medieval forest<br />

which stretched northwards<br />

from the <strong>to</strong>wn, and provided<br />

the food for the 124 swine<br />

listed under <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>’s<br />

manors in the Domesday Book<br />

of 1086.<br />

Cromer Road<br />

Goes <strong>to</strong> Cromer. Originally<br />

known as Antingham Lane.<br />

Crow Road<br />

Probably named after the<br />

Crow(e) family who resided in<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> in the 1700s<br />

and 1800s.<br />

Currie Close<br />

Named after James Mutrie<br />

Currie, manager at <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> Canneries on the<br />

Norwich Road.<br />

Debenne Road<br />

Named after John Stephen<br />

Debenne (1727-1807), a<br />

peruke (wig) maker and<br />

barber.<br />

Dixon Road<br />

Named after John Dixon<br />

who lived in Tudor House,<br />

on Grammar School Road,<br />

a well-known businessman<br />

and a leading light in the<br />

community, proprie<strong>to</strong>r of<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Picturedrome,<br />

manager of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Church Street<br />

Cromer Road<br />

gas works and church organist<br />

amongst other things!<br />

Douglas Bader Close<br />

Named after Group Captain Sir<br />

Douglas Robert Steuart Bader,<br />

CBE, DSO & Bar, DFC & Bar, DL,<br />

FRAeS who was a Royal Air<br />

Force flying ace during the<br />

Second World War.<br />

Duncan Way<br />

Named after Albert Anderson<br />

Duncan of Duncan Canneries<br />

which started on New Road<br />

before moving premises <strong>to</strong> the<br />

Norwich Road.<br />

Durrell Way<br />

Named after Mr Joseph Durrell<br />

who bought the Norwich Road<br />

<strong>to</strong>wer mill in 1857.<br />

Ellinor Road<br />

Ellinor was the wife of Mr E. B.<br />

LeGrice who owned LeGrice<br />

plant nursery.<br />

Ewing Road<br />

Named after Thomas Ewing<br />

owner of the Norwich Road<br />

red brick <strong>to</strong>wer mill in the<br />


122 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

We like our guests <strong>to</strong> come and<br />

unwind in our quiet surroundings.<br />

Tea and home baked cake on arrival.<br />

Huntersmoon Bed and Breakfast is situated<br />

along the popular Weaver’s Way footpath<br />

on Field Lane, <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> - in the heart<br />

of the <strong>North</strong> Norfolk countryside, yet close<br />

<strong>to</strong> a host of local amenities.<br />

Enjoy a hearty breakfast of good wholesome<br />

locally sourced food including fresh eggs<br />

from our own chickens, honey from our<br />

bees and homemade Seville marmalade.<br />

Huntersmoon has two bedroom suites that<br />

include their own lounge/diners and ensuites.<br />

Both are on the ground floor and<br />

access is via their own private entrance and<br />

garden seating areas. <strong>The</strong>re is plenty of off<br />

road parking space <strong>to</strong> accommodate your<br />

vehicle and your cycles etc.<br />

Huntersmoon is an ideal base for relatives<br />

visiting family in the area.<br />

Very popular visits from here are <strong>to</strong> the<br />

National trust properties of Blickling and<br />

Felbrigg. East Rus<strong>to</strong>n Gardens are also<br />

nearby.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> is a his<strong>to</strong>ric market <strong>to</strong>wn<br />

and it is ideally located for trips <strong>to</strong> the sandy<br />

beaches of the Norfolk coast, the Norfolk<br />

Broads and the City of Norwich with it’s<br />

Cathedral, Castle and vibrant selection of<br />

modern and quaint old shopping areas<br />

We also produce our own range of<br />

Honey and Homemade preserves.<br />

Huntersmoon, Field Lane,<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> NR28 9LW<br />

Tel: 01692 404975<br />

Mobile: 07584 051687<br />


A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 123<br />

Fairview Road<br />

Possibly just referring <strong>to</strong> the<br />

beautiful view from this area.<br />

Fairstead Close<br />

<strong>The</strong> name ‘Fairstead’ originates<br />

from Old English, meaning ‘fair<br />

place’. Fair (fæger) meaning<br />

fair, beautiful or pleasant.<br />

Farman Avenue<br />

<strong>The</strong> renowned thatchers who<br />

operated from <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>.<br />

Farm View<br />

Possibly referring <strong>to</strong> this area<br />

having a view of a farm!<br />

Fenn Close<br />

Named after Mr Fenn, General<br />

Manager for HP Smedley<br />

canning fac<strong>to</strong>ry, which s<strong>to</strong>od<br />

in this location, and edi<strong>to</strong>r of<br />

the <strong>North</strong> East Norfolk church<br />

magazine.<br />

Fern Drive<br />

Another botanical name.<br />

Field Lane<br />

A very old name which has<br />

remained unchanged in<br />

local records. <strong>The</strong> name is<br />

suggestive of one of the large,<br />

open field systems of feudal<br />

Grove Road<br />

times. This led <strong>to</strong> Hagg Loke,<br />

now just a rough track.<br />

Field View<br />

Overlooks a field!<br />

Folgate Road<br />

One of the many ‘gates’<br />

around the <strong>to</strong>wn (Marshgate,<br />

Briggate, Lyngate etc), where<br />

gate is derived from Norse<br />

(gata) meaning a road and ‘fol’<br />

meaning a gate or fold. Here<br />

the lord of the manor set up<br />

a gate or pen and his tenants<br />

were required <strong>to</strong> put their<br />

sheep in <strong>to</strong> fertilise his land.<br />

Field View<br />

Foundry Court<br />

Named after the garage which<br />

s<strong>to</strong>od in this location for many<br />

years.<br />

Foxglove Close<br />

Another botanical name.<br />

Fuller Road<br />

Named after local<br />

businessman G. B. Fuller who<br />

was also involved with St John<br />

Ambulance. This was originally<br />

known as Bux<strong>to</strong>n Road and<br />

what is now Bux<strong>to</strong>n Road was<br />

Gravel Hole Loke.<br />

Furze Hill Drive<br />

Furze is another name<br />

for gorse. This area of the<br />

Happisburgh Road is known as<br />

Furze Hill.<br />

Garden Close<br />

Just named after the garden<br />

previously here we believe.<br />

Garden Court<br />

Just named after the garden<br />

previously here we believe.<br />

Gaymer’s Way<br />

Named after one half of the<br />

nationally famed ecclesiastical<br />

builders in the <strong>to</strong>wn Cornish &<br />


124 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Gigli Close<br />

Named after Terry Gigli a<br />

stalwart of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Football Club.<br />

Glaven Close<br />

Probably named after the<br />

<strong>North</strong> Norfolk river Glaven.<br />

Glebe Court<br />

Glebe (also known as church<br />

furlong, rec<strong>to</strong>ry manor or<br />

parson’s close(s)) is an area of<br />

land within an ecclesiastical<br />

parish used <strong>to</strong> support a parish<br />

priest.<br />

Gooch Close<br />

Named after Edwin Gooch, a<br />

former MP for <strong>North</strong> Norfolk.<br />

Grammar School Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> Road where Pas<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Grammar School (now Pas<strong>to</strong>n<br />

College) stands.<br />

Grange Court<br />

Built on the old tennis courts<br />

which belonged <strong>to</strong> the<br />

neighbouring large house; <strong>The</strong><br />

Grange.<br />

Grange Mews<br />

Built with views of the<br />

neighbouring large house; <strong>The</strong><br />

Grange.<br />

Greens Road<br />

Grammar School Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> Green<br />

Just a green area!<br />

Greens Road<br />

Named after the Green family<br />

who farmed Bradmore farm<br />

whose land adjoined.<br />

Greenway Close<br />

Named after Captain<br />

Greenway who lived in “Lower<br />

House”, the large home that<br />

s<strong>to</strong>od in this area until the<br />

early 1960s. Between 1914-<br />

1919 it was a Red Cross<br />

Voluntary Aid Hospital.<br />

Grove Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> road is adjacent <strong>to</strong> the<br />

large old house which s<strong>to</strong>od<br />

on Hall Lane called “Beech<br />

Grove”.<br />

Hadfield Road<br />

Named after the garden centre<br />

which used <strong>to</strong> operate here<br />

before moving <strong>to</strong> the outskirts<br />

of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> on the<br />

Yarmouth Road.<br />

Hall Lane<br />

An ancient highway<br />

whose name has remained<br />

unchanged since tithe days.<br />

Its name was probably taken<br />

from the hall, which on<br />

account of an adjoining field<br />

name “Dove House Piece” is<br />

thought <strong>to</strong> have been the site<br />

of the farmhouse at Manor<br />

Farm. (see Manor Road.)<br />

Hamil<strong>to</strong>n Close<br />

Named after Lady Hamil<strong>to</strong>n<br />

(1765-1815) English model<br />

and actress, mistress of Lord<br />

Nelson.<br />

Hamlet Close<br />

Named after Hamlet House<br />

which originally s<strong>to</strong>od here.

A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 125<br />

Hannant Road<br />

Was named by the late Charles<br />

Plumbly, developer, after<br />

his old friend the late ‘Eddie’<br />

Hannant, the founder of<br />

Hannants’ Garage on Bac<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Road.<br />

Happisburgh Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> road <strong>to</strong> Happisburgh.<br />

Harbord Close<br />

Named after Doris Harbord<br />

who owned Gun<strong>to</strong>n Estate<br />

and died in 1979.<br />

Hardy Close<br />

Named after Sir Thomas Hardy<br />

who served as flag captain<br />

<strong>to</strong> Admiral Lord Nelson, and<br />

commanded HMS Vic<strong>to</strong>ry at<br />

the Battle of Trafalgar.<br />

Harmer Close<br />

Named after Eric Harmer,<br />

member of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Urban District Council and<br />

Town Council, EDP reporter<br />

and churchwarden.<br />

Harvey Drive<br />

Possibly named after the<br />

adjoining Lyngate Road which<br />

was previously known <strong>to</strong> locals<br />

as Harvey Lane.<br />

Hall Lane<br />

Haynes Court<br />

Named after Larry Haynes,<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Urban District<br />

Council Surveyor.<br />

Hazell Road<br />

Named after the former local<br />

Labour MP.<br />

Headley Drive<br />

Named after Dr Headley who<br />

used <strong>to</strong> practise in <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong>.<br />

Heath Road<br />

Recalls the medieval forest<br />

which swept across the south<br />

Happisburgh Road<br />

side of the <strong>to</strong>wn. In 1842 it<br />

was called Piper’s Pit Lane,<br />

from Piper’s Pit which lay <strong>to</strong><br />

the south of the road, just past<br />

Heath Farm.<br />

Hipperson Close<br />

Named after Cecil Hipperson,<br />

member of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Urban District Council and<br />

Town Council and Town Mayor.<br />

Holgate Road<br />

One of the many ‘gates’<br />

around the <strong>to</strong>wn, where gate<br />

is derived from Norse (gata)<br />

meaning a road and ‘hol’ is an<br />

old name for a ditch. Hence<br />

Holgate means a hollow way<br />

gulled or washed out by water.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Hollies<br />

Anglo-Saxon name Hollies<br />

comes from when the family<br />

resided near a field of holly,<br />

being derived from the word<br />

for holly in the language of the<br />

time. <strong>The</strong> Old English word for<br />

holly is holegn, holei or holen.<br />

Hollybush Road<br />

Another botanical name.<br />

Honeysuckle Close<br />

Another botanical name.

126 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

A national self help organisation<br />

for older people no longer in full<br />

time work who want <strong>to</strong> learn and<br />

socialise <strong>to</strong>gether.<br />

In <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, we offer:<br />

• Over 40 interest groups – and<br />

you can start your own if you<br />

want <strong>to</strong> do something different<br />

• Free monthly general meetings<br />

with guest speakers<br />

Membership is £15 per year.<br />

For more information, go <strong>to</strong>:<br />

https://u3asites.org.uk/northwalsham/home<br />

<strong>The</strong> Kings Arms Hotel<br />

1 Kings Arms Street <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> (01692) 403054<br />

Food served daily<br />

Monday - Saturday Noon -2pm<br />

Monday <strong>to</strong> Saturday 6pm-9pm<br />

Every Sunday<br />


A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 127<br />

Hornbeam Road<br />

Two old hornbeams s<strong>to</strong>od<br />

here in front of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

canning fac<strong>to</strong>ry and were<br />

removed <strong>to</strong> make way for the<br />

housing development behind.<br />

Howard Court<br />

Named after Howards Garage<br />

which originally s<strong>to</strong>od there<br />

Howlett Close<br />

Named after Lenny Howlett,<br />

former Mayor of <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong>.<br />

Juler Close<br />

Named after the <strong>to</strong>wn’s<br />

leading clock makers,<br />

including John Juler and<br />

George Juler.<br />

Kemp Road<br />

Named after David Kemp,<br />

well loved employee of <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> Canning Fac<strong>to</strong>ry.<br />

Kendall Close<br />

Named after Mr Kendall,<br />

Counsellor at Law who<br />

married the last Scarburgh of<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, an heiress,<br />

Mary, and lived in the mansion<br />

which has become the Girls’<br />

High School.<br />

Kings Arms Street<br />

Kingsway<br />

Ketts Road<br />

Named after Norfolk’s<br />

other rebel, Robert Kett of<br />

Wymondham and the Kett<br />

Rebellion of 1549.<br />

Kimberley Road<br />

Possibly named after Lord<br />

Wodehouse , Earl of Kimberley<br />

who owned and lived in<br />

Wit<strong>to</strong>n Hall before its demise<br />

and eventual demolition.<br />

Also, as these houses were<br />

built around 1900 this could<br />

recognise the lifting of the<br />

Boer siege of Kimberley in<br />

South Africa.<br />

Kings Arms Court<br />

See Kings Arms Street.<br />

Kings Arms Street<br />

<strong>The</strong> street adjacent <strong>to</strong> <strong>The</strong><br />

King’s Arms hotel.<br />

Kings Close<br />

Named after the King family<br />

whose garage s<strong>to</strong>od on<br />

the site known as Hall Lane<br />

Garage.<br />

Kingsway<br />

Council house development<br />

of 1953 built <strong>to</strong> commemorate<br />

the Coronation of Elizabeth II.<br />

Laburnum Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> houses on this road all had<br />

Laburnham trees in the front<br />

garden when first established.<br />

Laundry Loke<br />

This was the site of the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> Steam Laundry<br />

which opened in 1900, burned<br />

down and rebuilt in 1906. It<br />

became ‘Lavender Linen’ in<br />

1977, became ‘Initial Linen<br />

Services’ around 2000 and<br />

finally closed down in 2006,<br />

demolished a few years later.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Lea<br />

A Lea is an open area of grassy<br />

or arable land.

128 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

LeGrice Crescent<br />

Named after LeGrice Rose<br />

Nurseries which once<br />

operated here before moving<br />

<strong>to</strong> their Norwich Road<br />

premises.<br />

Lime Tree Road<br />

Named after the lime trees in<br />

the garden of Lime Tree House.<br />

Linford Court<br />

Named after Herbert Linford,<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> <strong>to</strong>wn<br />

councillor 1984-1985.<br />

Link Road<br />

Just a link road which links<br />

Cromer Road <strong>to</strong> Bradfield<br />

Road.<br />

Litester Close<br />

Named after John/Geoffrey<br />

Litester (Lyster/Lister), a<br />

Felmingham man who was<br />

leader of the Peasants’ Revolt<br />

of 1381. He was captured at<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, then hung,<br />

drawn and quartered.<br />

Little London Lane<br />

Possibly a modern English<br />

version of the Anglo Saxon<br />

word “Utlenden” used <strong>to</strong><br />

describe strangers, foreigners,<br />

Bri<strong>to</strong>ns or Welshman which<br />

sounds very much like Little<br />

Lyngate Road<br />

Kings Arms Street<br />

London and could have been<br />

widely recognised throughout<br />

the counties of England.<br />

When written down in the<br />

Middle Ages by the local<br />

scribes, it would have become<br />

Litillondon.<br />

Loads Buildings<br />

Named after Mr Loads who<br />

owned the draper’s shop and<br />

funded building the Roman<br />

Catholic church.<br />

Long Barrow Drive<br />

Misleadingly named, as the<br />

play area mound is not a<br />

longbarrow but is a modern<br />

protection of the traces of a<br />

buried Bronze Age ring ditch.<br />

Louis Arthur Court<br />

Named after Prince Louis<br />

of Cambridge, third and<br />

youngest child and second<br />

son of Prince William, Duke<br />

of Cambridge, and Catherine,<br />

Duchess of Cambridge born<br />

the year construction of Louis<br />

Arthur Court began.<br />

Lynfield Road<br />

Derives from Lyngate Manor<br />

(see Lyngate Road), and more<br />

particularly from Lindgate<br />

Field which is mentioned in<br />

a record of 1459. It is unclear<br />

whether ‘Lyn’ derives from<br />

river or from flax, which was<br />

once an important industry in<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

Lyngate Gardens<br />

See Lyngate Road.<br />

Lyngate Road<br />

A very early <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

name, reminiscent of Lyngate<br />

Manor which was part of the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn and separately recorded<br />

in the Domesday Book of 1086.

A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 129<br />

Manor Court<br />

Just off Manor Road.<br />

Manor Road<br />

Takes its name from Manor<br />

Farm (see Hall Lane) which<br />

is likely mentioned in the<br />

Domesday Book of 1086.<br />

Sometimes the road has been<br />

called Hall Lane, which it now<br />

continues.<br />

Marjoram Close<br />

Named after Fred Marjoram<br />

who owned the outfitters in<br />

the Market Place familiar <strong>to</strong><br />

generations of Pas<strong>to</strong>nians.<br />

Market Cross Mews<br />

A mews is a row or street of<br />

houses or flats that have been<br />

converted from stables. <strong>The</strong>se<br />

ones face the Market Cross.<br />

Market Place<br />

<strong>The</strong> place where the market<br />

has been held since records<br />

began in 1391.<br />

Market Street<br />

<strong>The</strong> is the street which leads <strong>to</strong><br />

the market place.<br />

Marshgate<br />

One of the many ‘gates’<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Market Place<br />

around the <strong>to</strong>wn, where gate<br />

is derived from Norse (gata)<br />

meaning a road. <strong>The</strong> way <strong>to</strong><br />

the marshes is a very old route<br />

in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and was so<br />

called in late medieval times.<br />

Masters Court<br />

Possibly named after John<br />

Edward Masters who was<br />

involved in the development<br />

of the Community Centre<br />

or J. E. (Ted) Masters, <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> Mayor 1983-1984.<br />

Market Street<br />

Maybank<br />

Takes its name from Mayfield<br />

Way, which it adjoins.<br />

Mayfield Way<br />

<strong>The</strong> name was inspired by<br />

the beauty of the May trees<br />

(Hawthorn), in full blossom,<br />

which surrounded the field<br />

in the early stages of its<br />

development by Mace Bros.<br />

Meadow Close<br />

It is assumed it was named<br />

after its former land use – like<br />

its neighbours Garden Close<br />

and Orchard Close.<br />

Melbourne Road<br />

Named after the mansion,<br />

Melbourne House, on Bac<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Road. It is said that Melbourne<br />

House got its name from the<br />

fact it was built with monies<br />

earned during the Australian<br />

Gold Rush of the 1850s/60s.<br />

Midland Road<br />

This is the yard for the old<br />

Midland & Great <strong>North</strong>ern<br />

Railway Station.

130 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Millard Close<br />

Possibly named after Phillip<br />

Millard, a local clerk <strong>to</strong> the<br />

magistrates in the 1800s.<br />

Mill Road<br />

This is where Youngman’s Mill<br />

once s<strong>to</strong>od.<br />

Millfield Road<br />

Named after the mill which<br />

s<strong>to</strong>od adjacent <strong>to</strong> the <strong>to</strong>p of<br />

Millfield Road on the Norwich<br />

Road.<br />

Mitre Tavern Yard<br />

Named after the Mitre Tavern<br />

public house which once<br />

s<strong>to</strong>od here.<br />

Morris Road<br />

Named after Wilfred Morris,<br />

former Urban District Council<br />

surveyor.<br />

Morrison Close<br />

Named after the late Henry<br />

Morrison, Medical Officer of<br />

Health <strong>to</strong> the Urban District<br />

Council, who died in 1948.<br />

Mundesley Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> road <strong>to</strong> Mundesley<br />

although the <strong>to</strong>wn end was<br />

once known as Nelson Street<br />

Mundesley Road<br />

(after the Nelson pub which<br />

s<strong>to</strong>od there) and further out<br />

known as Swafield Road.<br />

Nelson Road<br />

Named after Admiral Lord<br />

Nelson who attended Pas<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Grammar School (1768 -1771)<br />

with his brother William.<br />

William stayed for a further<br />

three years after his brother<br />

left.<br />

Nelson Way<br />

See Nelson Road.<br />

Mitre Tavern Yard<br />

New Road<br />

This road was new in 1790!<br />

It ran east from Smith’s<br />

Corner for about 100 metres,<br />

then ran south-east <strong>to</strong> meet<br />

Happisburgh Road.<br />

T. H. Cooper of <strong>The</strong> Oaks had<br />

it moved, as it crossed his<br />

paddock, so it runs east <strong>to</strong><br />

meet Pound Road.<br />

Norfolkman Drive<br />

Probably named after the train<br />

because of its location near<br />

the now removed Antingham<br />

Road Junction and the cut<br />

as they were known in the<br />

days of the M&GN and LNER<br />

railways.<br />

<strong>North</strong> Street<br />

A very old street which<br />

probably acquired its name as<br />

it ran north from the church.<br />

<strong>North</strong>field Road<br />

Originally known as Catchpit<br />

Lane (or Cats Pit Lane). <strong>The</strong><br />

origin of the name is not<br />

officially known but assumed<br />

<strong>to</strong> be the pit that caught the<br />

water from the drains which<br />

ran away from the <strong>to</strong>wn<br />

centre. Catchpit was a late

A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 131<br />

medieval and early modern<br />

term for a soakaway.<br />

<strong>North</strong>mead Drive<br />

Named by its developers<br />

after <strong>North</strong>field Road nearby.<br />

Possibly derived from “<strong>North</strong><br />

Meadow”.<br />

Norwich Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> road <strong>to</strong> Norwich.<br />

Nursery Drive<br />

<strong>The</strong> drive down <strong>to</strong> the old<br />

LeGrice nurseries.<br />

Oak Close<br />

See “Oak Road”.<br />

Oak Road<br />

Possibly named after the Oaks<br />

house and estate which used<br />

<strong>to</strong> stand where <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Memorial Park is now or<br />

maybe just a notable oak tree<br />

s<strong>to</strong>od here.<br />

Oaklands Park<br />

Anglo-Saxon for ‘land<br />

abounding in oak trees’.<br />

Old Bear Court<br />

<strong>The</strong> court behind the Old<br />

Bear public house & s<strong>to</strong>res on<br />

Market Street.<br />

<strong>North</strong> Street<br />

Park Lane<br />

Orchard Close<br />

Once the site of an orchard.<br />

Osborne Close<br />

Named after Harold Osborne,<br />

former <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town<br />

Councillor.<br />

Page Close<br />

Named after Dr Page, general<br />

practitioner and local<br />

his<strong>to</strong>rian.<br />

Park Avenue<br />

This was the location of the<br />

people’s park until it moved<br />

across the road in the 1940s<br />

<strong>to</strong>, what had been until then,<br />

the ground of the Oaks estate<br />

<strong>to</strong> make way for housing<br />

development which is now<br />

know as Park Estate.<br />

Park Court<br />

Built where Park Hall originally<br />

s<strong>to</strong>od, where Duncan<br />

Industries operated from.<br />

Park Lane<br />

As late as 1886 this road was<br />

called Pitticoat Lane. Possibly<br />

renamed due <strong>to</strong> the park-like<br />

appearance of “<strong>The</strong> Lawns”<br />

(later the High School) whose<br />

gardens ran back <strong>to</strong> the Lane,<br />

and which featured in many an<br />

early postcard.<br />

Patch Meadow<br />

Probably originally just a<br />

meadow or patch of grass.<br />

Pellew Place<br />

Named after Claugh<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Pellew (1890-1966), a reclusive<br />

painter and wood engraver of<br />

prodigious talent who lived<br />

and worked in obscurity at<br />

Overstrand and Southrepps.

132 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />


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<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>, Norfolk NR28 OAN

A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 133<br />

Petre Close<br />

Named after the Petre family<br />

who owned Westwick estate<br />

until the early 1900s.<br />

Pickford Close<br />

Named after ‘Percy’ Pickford,<br />

once headmaster of Pas<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Grammar School.<br />

Plantation Road<br />

A plantation is the large-scale<br />

estate meant for farming that<br />

specializes in cash crops.<br />

Plumbly Close<br />

Named after the farmer who<br />

owned the land these houses<br />

were built on.<br />

Pope’s Passage<br />

Named after William Pope and<br />

his wife (a milliner). Draper,<br />

hatter, auctioneer of windmills<br />

and postmaster who ran the<br />

shop next door.<br />

Poppy Close<br />

Another botanical name.<br />

Pound Road<br />

Named after the lives<strong>to</strong>ck<br />

pound which s<strong>to</strong>od at the<br />

Manor Road end of this road.<br />

Pres<strong>to</strong>n Road<br />

Possibly named after Sir<br />

J. H. Pres<strong>to</strong>n, magistrate<br />

Recreation Road<br />

Oak Road<br />

and principal landowner at<br />

Smallburgh.<br />

Princes Street<br />

Council house development<br />

of 1953 built <strong>to</strong> commemorate<br />

the Coronation of Elizabeth II.<br />

Primrose Walk<br />

This appears in keeping with<br />

a cluster of roads named after<br />

plants.<br />

Queensway<br />

Council house development<br />

of 1953 built <strong>to</strong> commemorate<br />

the Coronation of Elizabeth II.<br />

Rayna Loke<br />

Named after <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Town Councillor Peter Rayna.<br />

1988-1989.<br />

Randell Close<br />

Named after Mr Tony Randell,<br />

second son of Frank Randell,<br />

the proprie<strong>to</strong>r of F. Randell<br />

Ironmonger in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Market Place.<br />

Recreation Road<br />

<strong>The</strong>re once s<strong>to</strong>od a recreation<br />

ground on this land.<br />

Redman Road<br />

Named after Bishop Redman<br />

who was responsible for<br />

rebuilding <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Market Cross in 1602 after the<br />

great fire.<br />

Reeves Court<br />

Reeves Court takes its name<br />

from Reeves Lane which was<br />

the old name for Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road<br />

(see Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road.) While there<br />

were people of the name of<br />

Reeve living in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>,<br />

it is thought that the name<br />

more probably comes from<br />

the Manor Court official who<br />

went by that name and lived

134 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

in this area. This area was<br />

originally Dog Yard, named<br />

after the public house which<br />

s<strong>to</strong>od here.<br />

Regents Court<br />

1992 development named<br />

royally in keeping with the<br />

adjoining 1953 estate.<br />

Rosewood<br />

Another botanical name.<br />

Roper Way<br />

Named after Leonard Roper,<br />

a craftsman at Cornish &<br />

Gaymer’s as well as at Foulser,<br />

Roper & Self.<br />

Roys<strong>to</strong>n Green<br />

Was named after Roys<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Bridge on the north-eastern<br />

boundary of the <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

Roys<strong>to</strong>n is a corruption of the<br />

earlier name ‘Oystern.’<br />

Rye Close<br />

This name is taken from one<br />

of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>’s oldest<br />

families. <strong>The</strong> Norfolk his<strong>to</strong>rian<br />

& author Walter Rye (1843-<br />

1929) traced his family back <strong>to</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> <strong>to</strong> the 1560s<br />

when the family moved here<br />

from Smallburgh.<br />

Dog Yard (now Reeves Court)<br />

Spenser Avenue<br />

Sadlers Way<br />

This road is the route <strong>to</strong><br />

Sadlers Hill Woods.<br />

Sampson Road<br />

Named after Miss Rebecca J.<br />

Sampson, long serving matron<br />

at the Cottage Hospital from<br />

its opening in 1924 until she<br />

retired in 1952. She also gave<br />

her name <strong>to</strong> Rebecca House.<br />

Saxon Court<br />

Probably recognising the<br />

Saxon origins of the <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

St Benet’s Avenue<br />

Named after St Benet’s Abbey<br />

and its connection with St<br />

Nicholas Church.<br />

St Marys Way<br />

Recognising the original name<br />

of the parish church being<br />

dedicated <strong>to</strong> the Blessed Virgin<br />

Mary before the Reformation<br />

in the 16th century when the<br />

church became the St Nicholas<br />

we know <strong>to</strong>day.<br />

St Nicholas Court<br />

Takes its name from the saint<br />

<strong>to</strong> which the later church was<br />

dedicated. <strong>The</strong> Court was<br />

formerly part of Ship Yard, so<br />

named after the Ship Public<br />

House.<br />

St Nicholas Road<br />

Probably in recognition of our<br />

parish church.<br />

Sendall Road<br />

Probably named after Maurice<br />

Sendall who played for <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> Football Club. This<br />

road was built on the old<br />

football ground.

A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 135<br />

Shepheard Close<br />

Named after a well-known<br />

local family.<br />

Simpson Close<br />

Named after famed<br />

woodcarver Mr Charles<br />

Simpson who worked for<br />

Cornish & Gaymer ecclesiatical<br />

builders.<br />

Skey<strong>to</strong>n New Road<br />

This road originally joined<br />

the Skey<strong>to</strong>n Road as the road<br />

out of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> in that<br />

direction until the railway<br />

came and the road had <strong>to</strong> be<br />

diverted up <strong>to</strong> near the Station<br />

Road/Aylsham Road junction.<br />

That railway has since been<br />

removed and become part of<br />

Weaver’s Way.<br />

Skey<strong>to</strong>n Road<br />

<strong>The</strong> road <strong>to</strong> Skey<strong>to</strong>n, it is one<br />

of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>’s ancient<br />

roads. Tradition has it that it<br />

was the main route <strong>to</strong> Norwich<br />

before the advent of the<br />

turnpike.<br />

Skey<strong>to</strong>n Road<br />

Skey<strong>to</strong>n View<br />

This road looks out on<br />

Skey<strong>to</strong>n, or at least it would if<br />

the trees weren’t in the way!<br />

Smedley Close<br />

This recent addition <strong>to</strong> the<br />

<strong>to</strong>wn is built on the land<br />

originally occupied by HP<br />

Smedley’s canning fac<strong>to</strong>ry on<br />

the Norwich Road which was<br />

previously know as the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> Canning Fac<strong>to</strong>ry.<br />

Skey<strong>to</strong>n New Road<br />

South Rise<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>to</strong>p end of Bux<strong>to</strong>n Road,<br />

originally known as Gravel<br />

Hole Loke and, in 1842, as<br />

Boylands Lane.<br />

Spenser Avenue<br />

Named after Henry De<br />

Spenser, Bishop of Norwich,<br />

who was able <strong>to</strong> raise enough<br />

forces <strong>to</strong> drive the rebels from<br />

Norwich <strong>to</strong> Bryants Heath<br />

near <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and on <strong>to</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> parish church<br />

in 1381 where they massacred<br />

hundreds of peasants and<br />

captured their leader, John<br />

Litester, for public execution.<br />

Spurdens Crescent<br />

William Tylney Spurdens was<br />

headmaster of Pas<strong>to</strong>n 1807-25,<br />

and assistant curate of <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> 1814, Felmingham<br />

and Antingham 1815, Dilham<br />

& Honing 1826-36, Worstead<br />

1837-40. He also bought <strong>The</strong><br />

Oaks when Thomas Cooper<br />

died.<br />

Stanford Tuck Road<br />

Named after Robert Stanford<br />

Tuck (WWII fighter pilot,<br />

commander at Coltishall).

136 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

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financial<br />

advice from<br />

Hansells<br />

team of experts<br />

Regulated by the Solici<strong>to</strong>rs Regulation Authority No 50602<br />

Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority<br />

Norwich ■ Aylsham ■ Cromer ■ <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Reepham ■ Sheringham ■ Wymondham<br />

01603 615 731 www.hansells.co.uk

A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 137<br />

Stanley Road<br />

Named after Neville Stanley,<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> councillor and<br />

dairy farmer at Melbourne<br />

House which is adjacent <strong>to</strong> the<br />

estate this road occupies.<br />

Station Road<br />

This road leads up <strong>to</strong> the<br />

railway station. Before the<br />

advent of the railway this<br />

road, and Millfield Road, were<br />

known as “<strong>The</strong> Loaks.”<br />

Suffield Close<br />

Named after the Lords Suffield<br />

who owned the nearby<br />

Gun<strong>to</strong>n Estate.<br />

Sunny Corner<br />

One of a group of OAP<br />

bungalows built on Millfield<br />

Estate by <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Urban District Council in 1934.<br />

Swafield Rise<br />

This road overlooks the village<br />

of Swafield.<br />

Sycamore Close<br />

Another botanical name.<br />

Tenison Road<br />

Named after Archbishop<br />

Tenison, a Scholar at Pas<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Vicarage Street (upper)<br />

St Nicholas’ Court in the 1970s.<br />

Grammar School, who<br />

crowned Queen Anne &<br />

George I.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Terrace<br />

A Georgian row of terraced<br />

houses.<br />

Thirlby Road<br />

Named after Thomas Thirlby<br />

(1506–1570), the first and<br />

only bishop of Westminster<br />

(1540–50), and afterwards<br />

successively bishop of Norwich<br />

(1550–54) responsible for the<br />

original market cross in <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> Market Place.<br />

Thomas Dix Court<br />

Thomas Dix was a <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> school master and<br />

surveyor who died in 1813.<br />

He has a memorial tablet in St<br />

Nicholas’ Church.<br />

Trafalgar Court<br />

To celebrate Nelson’s vic<strong>to</strong>ry at<br />

the battle of Trafalgar and built<br />

behind the old Nelson Pub.<br />

Trafalgar Terrace<br />

Built in 1806 <strong>to</strong> celebrate<br />

Nelson’s vic<strong>to</strong>ry at the battle of<br />

Trafalgar.<br />

Tungate Lane<br />

One of the many ‘gates’<br />

around the <strong>to</strong>wn, where gate<br />

is derived from Norse (gata)<br />

meaning a road and ‘tun’<br />

means a protective boundary.<br />

Whether the boundary was of<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> parish, or of<br />

one of its manors, is in doubt.<br />

Valley Gardens<br />

This road is built in a valley<br />


138 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Vicarage Street<br />

This was the original home<br />

of <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> vicarage<br />

which still stands at the <strong>to</strong>p<br />

of Vicarage Street <strong>to</strong>day but is<br />

now private residences.<br />

<strong>The</strong> 1842 map of <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> shows this road as<br />

Church Gate. <strong>The</strong> lower half<br />

was also known as <strong>The</strong>atre<br />

Street for a while after the<br />

Fisher <strong>The</strong>atre which once<br />

s<strong>to</strong>od there.<br />

Vic<strong>to</strong>ry Court<br />

Named after Nelson’s famous<br />

ship HMS Vic<strong>to</strong>ry. This area was<br />

once known as Gasworks Lane<br />

and was the site of the old<br />

gasworks.<br />

Waterfield Meadows<br />

Unknown but probably<br />

because this area was<br />

originally marshland (close <strong>to</strong><br />

Marshgate).<br />

Weavers Court<br />

In recognition of the Flemish<br />

weavers who settled in <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>Walsham</strong> in the 13th and 14th<br />

centuries and were integral<br />

<strong>to</strong> the <strong>to</strong>wn’s growth and<br />

prosperity.<br />

Yarmouth Road<br />

Vicarage Street (lower)<br />

Weavers Close<br />

This road is beside Weaver’s<br />

Way, the popular footpath<br />

which follows the old MGNR<br />

railway line from Yarmouth <strong>to</strong><br />

Mel<strong>to</strong>n Constable.<br />

Webbs Close<br />

Named after Mr & Mrs Webb<br />

who farmed the land here.<br />

Wells Avenue<br />

Named after George Wells,<br />

a prominent member of the<br />

local St John Ambulance.<br />

Westwick Drive<br />

Probably because this road is<br />

on the Westwick side of <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

Whar<strong>to</strong>n Drive<br />

Named after Henry Whar<strong>to</strong>n<br />

(1664-95) who was a pupil<br />

at Pas<strong>to</strong>n, and became a<br />

his<strong>to</strong>rian, assisting Thomas<br />

Tenison. He ended up as Vicar<br />

of Minster in Kent. He died<br />

aged 30 of consumption (TB),<br />

and is buried in Westminster<br />

Abbey, with anthems at the<br />

service composed specially<br />

by Henry Purcell. Whar<strong>to</strong>n<br />

was one of the four houses at<br />

Pas<strong>to</strong>n (house colour: blue),<br />

the others being Nelson,<br />

Tenison, and Hoste.<br />

Wherry Close<br />

Maybe named after <strong>The</strong><br />

Wherry Public House on the<br />

Bac<strong>to</strong>n Road or maybe just the<br />

famous Norfolk Wherry itself.<br />

White Horse Common<br />

It is not known whether the<br />

name is an old one or whether<br />

it was simply taken from<br />

the old “White Horse” Public<br />

House, which is now a private<br />


A <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> His<strong>to</strong>ry in Streets 139<br />

Wilkinson Way<br />

Is named after the Wilkinson<br />

family who once owned and<br />

lived in <strong>The</strong> Oaks, and owned<br />

large areas of <strong>to</strong>wn. <strong>The</strong>re is a<br />

memorial <strong>to</strong> the family in the<br />

north wall of the parish church<br />

near the draught-lobby.<br />

William Pas<strong>to</strong>n Road<br />

He founded <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong><br />

Grammar School in 1606.<br />

Williams Way<br />

Named after William Cork of<br />

Cork builders in the <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

Willow Close<br />

Another botanical name.<br />

Willow Park<br />

Another botanical name.<br />

Windmill Loke<br />

<strong>The</strong>re was once a windmill on<br />

these grounds which also gave<br />

Millfield Road its name.<br />

Wins<strong>to</strong>n Court<br />

Unknown. Perhaps reference<br />

<strong>to</strong> Wins<strong>to</strong>n Churchill?<br />

Wit<strong>to</strong>n View<br />

You probably could see Wit<strong>to</strong>n<br />

Woods from here once upon<br />

a time.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cedars on New Road.<br />

Woodbine Close<br />

This appears in keeping with<br />

a cluster of roads named after<br />

plants.<br />

Woodside<br />

Probably because this<br />

overlooks Sadler’s Wood.<br />

Wood View<br />

It takes its name from the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Wood and<br />

Lord Anson’s Woods which can<br />

be seen from the site. George<br />

Anson (1697-1762) was the<br />

renowned circumnaviga<strong>to</strong>r<br />

who once owned this outlying<br />

part of the <strong>to</strong>wn.<br />

Demolition of Oaks Lodge<br />

on Yarmouth Road<br />

Wooll Drive<br />

Named after Edward Wooll<br />

who was a Q.C. for 40 years<br />

and Recorder of Carlisle for 25<br />

years. He and his family grew<br />

up in <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> and<br />

owned Brunswick House.<br />

Workhouse Loke<br />

This is the location of the old<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> workhouse<br />

built in 1786 and closed in<br />

1827. After it closed, the<br />

workhouse was used as<br />

fac<strong>to</strong>ry space for a while and<br />

later demolished.<br />

Wrights Close<br />

This road and the cluster of<br />

roads around it were all named<br />

after prominent players in<br />

the <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Football<br />

Club which was based on this<br />

ground. This road refers <strong>to</strong> Joe<br />

Wright.<br />

Yarmouth Road<br />

This road leads <strong>to</strong> Great<br />

Yarmouth!<br />

Youngman’s Close<br />

Names after Youngman’s mill<br />

which once s<strong>to</strong>od here.

140 <strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong>. 11.30am on 24th April 1957.

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Walsham</strong> Town <strong>Guide</strong> 141

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