Best Android Apps For Travel Photographers


People often assume that travel photography requires high-resolution DSLR cameras. However, all you need is a decent smartphone with the exceptional quality of a camera as every one of us usually has today.

• People often assume that travel photography requires highresolution

DSLR cameras. However, all you need is a decent

smartphone with the exceptional quality of a camera as every

one of us usually has today. If you are a travel photographer

and want to take perfect snaps on your Android phone, then

you can use certain apps to improve the picture quality. I

have shortlisted five best apps for Android mobile


Here’s The List Of Five Apps For Your


Travel Photography

Snapseed is on the top of the list because of its variety of

effective features. Snapseed is a complete and professional

photo editor designed by Google. The app has more than 25

tools and a variety of filters, HDR, Panorama, healing, and

Brush, etc. Millions of people use Snapseed app to edit and

apply filters before uploading their photos. From adjusting

the white balance to brushing up a picture, this app works

like magic on photographs.


Pro HDR X is the world’s first real HDR app for Android

smartphone. By purchasing the app using a couple of bucks,

one can use this smartphone app same as a DSLR camera.

The app gives exclusive features of creating full-resolution

HDR images with just a with a single click on your

smartphone screen.

NightCap Camera

NightCap camera comes with the element of taking real

pictures and videos. The app uses a breakthrough technology in

image processing and camera controlling. It pushes all the

abilities of a smartphone to work its peak limit. The team of

NightCap regularly gives an update of the app with new

stunning features. The app works without any delay and lags on

most of the device.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom provides multiple features of photo editing

on your smartphone. One can edit photos by adjusting white

balance, focus on an object, apply filters, etc. The app helps

users to become better users and helps in understanding the art

of the photograph. With the help of Adobe Lightroom, one can

make dramatic changes in the photos with its easy to use



TouchReTouch app provides tools to its users to remove any

unwanted object from a photograph. Sometimes little objects

don’t let a photo look perfect. So here’s the TouchReTouch app

for removing of those unwanted objects with a single touch on

a smartphone screen. The app removes telephone and

electricity wires and power lines. It helps in removing surface

breaks and scratches, photo bomber, face pimples, etc.


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