The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer:Autumn 2019


Everything you need to know about this summer featuring many music festivals and wine festivals in Freiburg and our region. Of course, we also have some offers from Freiburg's most centrally located hotel (directly at the cathedral's square) - and a recipe presented by our head chef!

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Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019







The Oberkirch Magazine

Summer/Autumn 2019


Photo: Jessica Hath

The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

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Dear guests of the Oberkirch,

this year, for the first time the

(previously pure) summer edition of

our magazine also features a part of

the autumn.

This change is happening for the fact

that - apart from the Theater Freiburg

- the other theatres tend to publish

their programme for the new season

later every year. Also the Christmas

Markets are announcing their exact

dates and their special activities later

than they used to and in our opinion

a magazine full of "to be announced"

would not make real sense.

So the autumn-winter edition of our

magazine will be postponed to mid-

September - in return wine festivals

in our region and the jazz festival in

Freiburg are featured in this edition


By the way, we now offer our guests

something entirely new - in

collaboration with the Breuninger

fashion store you can experience a

"Private Shopping Day" - read more

about it on pages 14 and 15.

We hope you'll spend a great summer

and autumn

Doris Hunn and all her staff

In This Issue You Can Look Forward To:

• Music Festivals In Our Region, Summer 2019 (pages 3-7)

• Behind The Scenes: Hotel Rates And Online Travel Agencies (page 3)

• Do You Miss Something Here? (page 5)

• (Rubber) Duck Race In The Dreisam (page 6)

• JugendKunstParkour And "Music Day" (page 7)

Summer In Freiburg - More Events (pages 8,9,11)

• 44 th Rathaushofspiele (page 8)

• 4 th Freiburger Choir Night (page 9)

• Organ Recitals Through Market Hours (page 11)

• OrganMagic & CulinaryDelight (page 10)

• Wine Festivals In Our Region - August/September 2019 (page 12)

• Jazz Festival Freiburg

• Freiburg Alive - Available All Year Long (page 13)

• New: Private Shopping Day - A Relaxed Form Of Shopping (page 14)

• Interview About The Private Shopping Day (page 15)

• ChanterelleWeeks - Enjoy In The Oberkirch (page 16)

• Seasonal Recipe (page 17)

• Freiburg Changes (page 18)

AutumnRomance - Our Autumnal Offer (page 19)

While we made every effort to supply correct information we can take no

responsibility for the accuracy provided in this newsletter.

Hotel Oberkirch

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Fax: +49 (0)761 / 202 68


Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

Photo: Jana Faro

The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019



Music Festivals

37 th Zelt-Musik-Festival In Freiburg, 17 th July to 04 th August 2019 Behind The Scenes


"Zirkuszelt" (8 p.m. unless

stated otherwise)


17/07 Loreena McKennitt 8.30 p.m.: John Butler Trio

18/07 Chick Corea

2.30 p.m.: Die Traumausstatter

8.30 p.m.: Dieter Baumann

19/07 7 p.m.: Max Herre 8.30 p.m.: Carrousel



7.30 p.m.: Metronomy //


7 p.m.: Philharmonic ZMF


2.30 p.m.: Firlefanz Theater

8.30 p.m.: Zeal & Ardor

11 a.m.: Classical Music Matinée

8.30 p.m.: Curtis Harding

22/07 7.30 p.m.: The Beach Boys 8.30 p.m.: Laing

23/07 7.30 p.m.: Xavier Rudd 8.30 p.m.: GReeeN

24/07 Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band 8.30 p.m.: Maxi Gstettenbauer


7 p.m.: Moos Mama //

Django 3000

2.30 p.m.: Theater Budenzauber

8.30 p.m.: Gardi Hytter

26/07 Samy Deluxe 8 p.m.: El Flecha Negra

27/07 7.30 p.m.: Niedeckens BAP

28/07 Dendemann

2.30 p.m.: Kapitän Flunker

8.30 p.m.: Jazzanova

noon: ZMF Laureat's Matinée

8.30 p.m.: Bukahara

29/07 7.30 p.m.: LEA 8.30 p.m.: Hiss


7.30 p.m.: Käptn Peng & Die

Tentakel von Delphi // Umse

8.30 p.m.: Balthazar

31/07 7.30 p.m.: FOALS 8.30 p.m.: 40 Years The Brothers


7 p.m.: Sophie Hunger //


2.30 p.m.: Classical Music For Kids

8.30 p.m.: Brass Against

02/08 Feine Sahne Fischfilet 8.30 p.m.: The Black Seeds

03/08 Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band

04/08 7 p.m.: Namika // Joris

2.30 p.m.: Theater Lanzelot

8 p.m.: FATCAT

11 a.m.: Classical Music Matinée

8.30 p.m.: Gisbert zu Knyphausen

Room Rates And Online Travel


Online Travel Agencies, such as, expedia etc for sure are

very comfortable to use - but many

users maybe are not aware of a side

effect the usage of these services

have: they are raising the costs for

hotels significantly.

They charge commission for each

booking - varying from agency to

agency and from region to region.

Right now, commission is usually

between 15% and 20%, at times

even 30%.

This is why our policy has been for

some time now that we our rates are

higher on any third-party site than

for the same booking made directly

with us. We are doing this, because

we do not want to allocate these

costs to the general rates.

Should that ever get impossible

(because of so-called "Best Price

Clauses" or other contractual clauses

we sadly would have to raise our

rates for everyone - something we

would regret deeply. This is why we

would appreciate very much if -

while booking directly - you'd allow

us more independence

More information:





The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

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Music Festivals

Photo: Rainer Sturm/

31 st Colmar International Festival, 4 th July to 14 th July 2019

Date 12:30 p.m., Koïfhus 6:15 p.m., Chapel Saint Pierre 9 p.m.,Church Saint Matthieu

04/07 Russia National Philharmonic

Orchestra: Beethoven Evening

05/07 Chamber Music: Brahms

& Beethoven

06/07 Chamber Music:

Beethoven & Brahms

Chamber Music: Brahms & Dvorak

Russia National Philharmonic

Orchestra: Calderon, Mozart &

Debussy Evening

Russia National Philharmonic

Orchestra: Dvorak & Tchaikovsky


07/07 Chamber Music: Mozart & Beethoven Russia National Philharmonic

Orchestra: Paganini, Mozart &

Mendelssohn Evening

08/07 Chamber Music: Brahms, Schubert,


Piano Recital Grigory Sokolov:

Beethoven & Brahms Evening

09/07 Chamber Music: Ravel,

Debussy & Prokofiev

10/07 Chamber Music: Bach,

Schumann, Jazz and World


Chamber Music: Spiritual Melodies by

J.S. Bach

Russia National Philharmonic

Orchestra: Mahler, Shostakovich &

Dvorak Evening

Russia National Philharmonic

Orchestra: Berlioz & Tchaikovsky


11/07 Chamber Music: Recital Chamber Music: Puccini, Verdi &


12/07 Chamber Music: Beethoven, Scarlatti,

Rota & Glinka

Russia National Philharmonic

Orchestra: Verdi, Bellini & Bassi


Russia National Philharmonic

Orchestra: Vivaldi & Mozart Evening

13/07 Chamber Music: Brahms,

Shostakovich &


Vocal Music: Rachmaninow, Bach,

Mozart and others

Russia National Philharmonic

Orchestra: Mozart & Mahler Evening

14/07 5 p.m.: Russia National Philharmonic

Orchestra: Mussorgski, Tanaïew &

Rachmaninov Evening


The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

Photo: Matthias Pohlmann



Music Festivals

Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

26 th Stimmen ("Voices") Festival Lörrach, 27 th June to 28 th July 2019 Do You Miss Something Here?

Date Programme





Iggy Pop

Careful readers of our magazine

have remarked that the open air

concerts, which took place near the

from Mikaela Davis & The

exhibition halls last year, seem to be

15/07 — Break —

27/06 Goden Choir

missing in this year’s edition.

Traditional Opening 16/07 Cat Power

29/06 Lörrach Sings! 17/07 Joe Jackson

Main programme 18/07 Sudan Archives

04/07 Vocal Sampling 19/07 Morcheeba


Symphony Orchestra

20/07 Calexico And Iron & Wine

06/07 Basle

21/07 Lautten Compagney and others

07/07 White Raven 22/07 — Break —

08/07 — Break — 23/07 Die Höchste Eisenbahn

09/07 Miram Feuersinger

(soprano)/ Julian Behr


24/07 Judith Hill

10/07 Jan Delay & Disko No. 1 25/07 Nakhane

11/07 George Ezra 26/07 Mayra Andrade

12/07 Beirut 27/07 D/Troit

13/07 Revolverheld 28/07 Kiefer Sutherland

14 th I EM Music Emmendingen, 19 th July to 21 st July 2019



It was not a decision made by the

concert organisation, though several

of last year’s concerts had to move

location to the smaller venue "club"

at the exhibition halls because they

didn’t sell well enough, and the two

largest concerts (Iron Maiden and

Die Toten Hosen) suffered from

major complaints about insufficient

drinks supply in extreme heat.

But there is another reason for the

open air concerts not taking place in

Freiburg this year: the preparations

for the construction of the new

stadium for Freiburg’s first league

football club SC Freiburg have

started, and until the works will be

completed there are no large

concerts taking place at this location

due to a lack of infrastructure for


If everything will be finished

according to the planning, we expect

a new series of open air concerts to

be planned for summer 2021.

19/07 Mark Forster

20/07 Matthias Reim

21/07 Michael Patrick Kelly


Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019



Photo: Andreas Schwarzkopf/ Wikipedia

Music Festivals

Insider's Tip Open Air In The Park Bad Krozingen 19 th July to 2 nd August 2019

Fun combined with a good deed:

(Rubber) Duck Race in the Dreisam,

7 th July 2019:

Besides the yearly race with small

boats in the "Bächle" of Freiburg

("Bächlebootrennen") there is

another race involving water in

Freiburg - the (rubber) duck race in

the Dreisam.

The organisers expect welcoming

more than 3,000 spectators, when

8,000 rubber ducks will be sent out

to find out the "winning duck".

Apart from the fact that the race

alone is fun for people of all ages, it

is also combined with a good cause:

Every interested person can buy a lot

- one duck will then race with the

number of his lot. All revenues will

be given to the clowns entertaining

children in the teaching hospital.

Prizes you can gain include shopping

vouchers and vouchers for the

Badeparadies Schwarzwald.

The rubber ducks will start on 7th

July 2019, 2 p.m. from the bridge at

the "Fabrikstraße" in Freiburg.

You can find more information at



19/07 Nico Santos "Streets Of Gold - Live 2019"

24/07 Philharmonic Orchestra Freiburg

Works of Smetana, Berlioz and van Beethoven

25/07 Schlager Music Gala with Semino Rossi and Reiner Kirsten

26/07 Manfred Mann's Earth Band

02/08 Klaus Doldinger's Passport feat. Joo Kraus

72 nd Foire Aux Vins d'Alsace Colmar 26 th July to 4 th August 2019

26/07 Bigflo Et Oli

27/07 - M -

28/07 Soprano

29/07 Eros Ramazotti

30/07 Black Eyed Peas

31/07 Orselan // Eddy De Pretto

01/08 Sting

02/08 Supertramp's Roger Hodgson // Murray Head // Cock Robin

03/08 Adalbert


Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike // Lost Frequencies // The Prince

Karma // EDY // Ewave // DJ Set NRJ Extravadance

04/08 Patrick Bruel

19 th African Music Festival Emmendingen 2 nd August to 4 th August 2019

02/08 Salsa/ Latin: Rueda Con Chocolate, La Nefera, Septeto Nabori

03/08 Reggae: Nutty Boys, Mo Kalamity, Fantan Mojah

04/08 Afro/World: Ballet Dijby Kouyate, Äl Jawala, Sona Jobarteh


The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019



Music Festivals

Jazz-Festival météo in Mulhouse 27. August bis 04. August 2019 Insider's Tips

27/08, 8 p.m.,

Théâtre de la Sinne

27/08, 8 p.m. (2 nd concert),

Théâtre de la Sinne

28/08, 9 p.m.,


28/08, 9 p.m. (2 nd concert),


28/08, 9 p.m. (3 rd concert),


29/08, 9 p.m.,


29/08, 9 p.m. (2 nd concert),


29/08, 9 p.m. (3 rd concert),


30/08, 9 p.m.,


30/08, 9 p.m. (2 nd concert),


30/08, 9 p.m. (3 rd concert),


31/08, 9 p.m.,


31/08, 9 p.m. (2 nd concert),


31/08, 9 p.m. (3 rd concert),




Bedmakers "Tribute To An Imaginary Folk Band"


Beam Splitter


Vocal Classics Of The Black Avant-Garde


Qonicho C


Paal Nilssen Love Large Unit

Ensemble aus 15 Musikern

Farida Amadou / Steve Nobler


Kim Myhr You I Me


Joëlle Léandre Tentet


Manu Hermia/Sylvain Darrifurq/Valentin

Ceccaldi - sax/drums/cello



Thomas Ankersmit "Perceptual Geography"


Katharina Ernst "Extrametric"


Nina Garcia / Maria Bertel


JugendKunstParkour - Finale Grande -

ausARTen - from 11 th July 2019

JugendKunstParkour is an event

taking several months, during which

young adults aged 15-23 years

practice art in different genres,

supported by professionals.

During the “Finale Grande” their

works are presented to the public

until July 22 – you can expect

theater, vernissage, music and much


For more information visit

Tag der Musik (Day Of Music),

13 th July 2019

On Saturday, 13 th July, all of Freiburg

is backdrop for performances of

brass instruments and accordions.

You can enjoy their performances at

eight locations throughout the city:

at ober- and Unterlinden, on

Rathausplatz square, on the

Kartoffelmarkt, in the Schusterstraße,

on the Brunnenplatz next to

Karstadt, in the Stadtgarten and at

the Schwarzes Kloster.

Apart from the main concerts featured here there will be many concerts

during early and late afternoon - more information at

In case of rain the “day of music” will

not take place.


Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

Summer In Freiburg


The music festivals in and around

Freiburg are the centre of the

cultural life in our region during

summer, of course.

But there are several events of

cultural interest beyond these music


44 th Rathaushofspiele

From 20th July 2019 there will be the

"Rathaushofspiele" - for the 44 th time

in Freiburg.

They will play "Amphitryon“, a

comedy of errors by Peter Hacks this

year. We do not have any information

yet regarding the fact, until which

date the Rathaushofspiele will be

performed this year - however, usually

the performances continue until end

of August/debut of September.

If you buy your ticket early, you have

the chance to buy an all-weatherticket,

so you can enjoy the play even

if it rains (then the location will be

the Wallgraben-Theater, which only

has half the seats available

compared to the open air version)

You can find more information at


Theatre, Organ Concerts, Summer Programme

Theater Freiburg

The second season of the new artistic direction of the Theater Freiburg will

continue until 24 th July 2019 and there are some more highlights to be

performed. For example the opera Don Giovanni by Mozart or Pelléas et

Mélisande by Debussy. We also can recommend the play Die Küche (The

Kitchen) by Arnold Wesker for example. You can find more information at

Organ Concerts

As every year there will also be organ recitals in our famous cathedral -

starting 18 th June 2019 until late September. This year once again all four

organs will be available, you can expect an extraordinary experience in each

of the concerts. We recommend to book our special offer “OrganMagic &

CulinaryDelight” - read more one page 10.

More information:

"Summer In Freiburg"

TheSummer in Freiburg” features performances of the “Circus Harlekin” on

the Münsterplatz (cathedral square) from 11 th to 17 th July (

The museums of Freiburg offer to you the “Museums Night” on 20 th July 2019

when you will be able to visit our museums (all featuring an overall topic)

until 1 a.m ( - the same day you are challenged to

take part in a "Bächlebootrennen" (race with small boats in the "Bächle" of

Freiburg) -

Also on 20 th July the Schauinslandbahn Cable Car will offer you exceptional

opening hours from 9 a.m. until midnight. At 8 p.m. there will also be an

exceptional guided tour with VISTAtour and Historix-Tours (in German), telling

you intriguing stories and legend about the Schauinsland mountain.


In Our Region: The Tour De France

From 8 th to 12 th July the Tour de France will be in the regions of Alsace and

Loraine. On 10 th July they will arrive in Colmar, on 11 th July they will depart

from Mulhouse (


The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

Photo: Andreas Trepte/ Wikipedia

Summer In Freiburg

Photo: Ferox81/ Wikipedia

Festivities And More Events

Festivities During Summer 2019:

There will be many festivities in Freiburg in summer 2019, for example the

Oberlindenhock, 28 th June to 30 th June 2019. Only a two minute walk from our

hotel this festivity will cause a different access route to our hotel - please

contact us for details, should you stay with us during that period of time.

From 4 th to 9 th July 2019 enjoy once again the possibility to discover the wines

of our region - at the “Freiburg Wine Festival”. This will also necessitate a

different access route to our hotel. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Almost at the same time, from 5 th to 8 th July 2019 our Carnival Association

invites you to visit the Rathausplatzhock at the Rathausplatz.

The Schlossbergfest , originally planned from 25 th July until 29 th July 2019 has

sadly been cancelled for this year.

The “Freiburger Weinkost” may be seen as a smaller version of the Freiburg

Wine Festival - discover wines originating in our city from 1 st to 11 th August

2019 in the Historic Merchants Hall.

More Events During Summer 2019:

The "Ebneter Kultursommer" since 29 th May and until 7 th July 2019 will offer

you a very diverse programme - reaching from Don Quixote and William

Shakespeare's "A Midummernight's Dream" to French chansons."


Enjoy our province's largest participatory music festival “Freiburg Joins In” on

30 th June 2019 - and discover your inner musician - visit for more information.

On 13 th and 14 th July 2019 at the Tunisee Freiburg during the SEA YOU Festival

enthusiasts of electronic music will have their field day.


4 th Freiburg Choir Night

on 28 th June 2019:

For the first time there was a

"Freiburg Choir Night" in Summer

2016, which proved to be very

successful as it did in 2017 once


So it does not come as a surprise

that there will be a third edition - on

Friday, 28 th June 2019 in Freiburg's

inner patios,

In the historical patios of the

"Schwarzes Kloster", the "Basler Hof"

and the Old City Hall from 7 p.m.

until midnight there will be

performed a quite diverse

programme. The list of participants

this year:

Young Voice Academy, Soulfamily,

Camerata Vocale, Jazzaffair, the

German-French Choir, Unichor,

Freiburg Chambers choir, Tallis

Ensemble, Swing Choir, Junior Jazz

Choir, Madrigal Choir, Choir of the

KHG Freiburg, John Sheppard

Ensemble, Heinrich-Schütz-Church-

Choir, Freiburg Oratorien Choir,

Martin Choir, Herdern, Local

Ensemble, Twäng!, Senior Jazz Choir

Christus Church Choir, William Byrd

Ensemble, Voice Event, Choir of the

"Pädagogische Hochschule" and the

Protestant Student's Church Choir.

You can find more information at


The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

Photo: Andreas Schwarzkopf/ Wikipedia






Photo: Matthias Pohlmann


OrganMagic & CulinaryDelight includes:

… your ears as well as your palate!

From late June until September you

can enjoy an extraordinary organ

concert every Tuesday at 8.15 p.m. in

the cathedral, the Freiburger Münster.

Artists from Germany and all around

the world will take you to a world of

wonderful and magic sounds.

One three-course Baden dinner including aperitif

if desired vegetarian

before or to some extent after the concert.

On request, with advance reservation and depending on our availability

you can enjoy your dinner the day after the concert.

Your menu will be accompanied by 2x0.1l of Burgundy wines, of course


One ticket for the organ concert in the Freiburg Minster

Why don’t you indulge your palate,

while you’re at it? Enjoy your truly

magic concert after having an

excellent dinner.

Rate for our special offer

Euro 59,50 per Person

This special offer is available on every Tuesday featuring an organ concert

(18 th June to late September) - however, we only have a limited number of tickets

per Tuesday available.

Please note that this is an offer not including an overnight stay

Combine your concert evening with a

three-course Baden dinner…

….and take your time as you can (for

example) certainly enjoy your dessert

after the concert if desired.

This offer is non-binding and only available on request and with advance

reservation depending on availability.


The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

More Summer


Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

Maniacts, Cinema, Concerts & More


Several times already we recommended you the student theatre company

maniacts - performing plays in English.

Previous shows include 1984, American Kitchen, Orlando, Games We Play,

Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? - their programme for this year is still


Their productions always are of a very high standard, so we gladly recommend

you once again to visit their performances. The should take place end of Julythe

specific dates are still to be announced.

Visit or for photos of

their previous productions and as we get closer to the performance dates, of

course further information about the play they chose for this year and the

dates of their upcoming performances.

Summer Night Cinema

As every year there will be offered a ‘Summer Night Cinema‘ (open air)

throughout August in Freiburg. There will be shown less films considered to be

blockbuster cinema, but more sophisticated films, some of them in English.

Around 15th July the programme will be published - every day a different film

will be shown starting at sundown. You can find the website of the organiser


The ambiance alone makes this venue worth a visit!

Regular Concerts Open Air

During summer and until October the various music societies will offer open

air concerts.

There will be concerts from 11 a.m. to 12.15 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to

4.15 p.m..

The venues will vary, many of the concerts will be in the nearby "Stadtgarten"

Find more information at

Schauinslandbahn Cable Car - Open Monument Day

The Schauinslandbahn cable car is a listed monument as "transport of cultural

relevance". It has been operating since 1930 and has been labeled as using

"groundbreaking technique". It has been kept in is original form thanks to joint

effort of operator, monument conservation office and other government

agencies. On 8 th September 2019 you will be able to get a unique insight in

the world of the Schauinslandbahn.

Organ Recitals Through Market Hours

25 minutes of reflexion and devotion

Every Saturday during midday

visitors can enjoy organ concerts

even outside worship hours and

outside the evening concerts on

Tuesday. A matinée of about 25

minutes offers the possibility to find

reflexion and devotion even during

busy market hours.

From mid-June until mid-September

there will be playing this year:

15/06 Niklas Jahn, Mainz/Fulda

22/06 Martin Weber, Konstanz

29/06 Jörg Josef Schwab, Freiburg

06/07 Kirsten Galm, Freiburg

13/07 Christian Drengk, Dortmund

20/07 Hyo-Jong Kim, Seoul

27/07 Godehard Weithoff, Freiburg

03/08 Jochen Bösch, München

10/08 Jin Kim, Seoul

17/08 Eiko Maria Yoshimura,

Freiburg / St. Blasien

24/08 Sunjae Lee, Seoul

31/08 Simon Johnson, London

07/09 Josef Miltschitzky, Ottobeuren

14/09 Felix Ketterer, Freiburg /


to be continued until Christmas.


Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

Wine Festivals

Photo: Andreas Musolt/


Jazz Festival Freiburg Wine Festivals (selection) August-September 2019

From 14 th to 22 nd September 2019

the annual Jazz Festival Freiburg will

take place. The programme (as

published so far):

14/09, noon: Brassband

(touring through the inner city, start at

the Martinstor)

14/09, 8 p.m.: Minigipfel (Jazzhaus

and some restaurants)

15/09, 8 p.m.: Tord Gustavsen Trio


16/09, 8.30 p.m.: Jazzkongress

(Restaurant Schützen)

17/09, 8 p.m.: Jazz Ahmad


17/09, 8.30 p.m.: Hammond Jazz

Night (Jos Fritz)

18/09, 8 p.m.: Karl Seglem/Jacob

Karlzon (Jazzhaus)

18/09, 9 p.m.: Klangformator:

Matthew Pokert (E-Werk)

19/09, 8 p.m.: Jakob Bro Trio

(Forum Merzhausen)

20/09, 8 p.m.: Portico Quartet


21/09, 8 p.m.: Archie Shepp Quartet


21/09, 11 p.m.: Producer Night


22/09, 2 p.m.: Jazz 'n' Green


22/09, 8 p.m.: Indra Rios-Moore


Two more concerts are announced for

the 17 th September, however the

performing artists remain unknown

so far. More information:

Date Location Wine Festival Information

2 nd to 5 th

August 2019

30 th August to

2 nd September


6 th to 9 th



12 th to 16 th



21 st to 22 nd










63 rd Weinfest









26 cooperative winegrowers

associations and

vineyards from


southernmost sun

terrace" are presenting

their products

More than 300 different

wines and 30 sparkling

wines. Performances of

"Dracula" and "Aladin"

Huge fireworks

Merdingen's associations

and wine growers are

celebrating a traditional

festivity with a

sumptuous wine

selection accompanied

by some delicacies

For five days, Auggen

will be nothing but wine.

Several thousand visitors


400kg of onions will be

transformed to onion

tarts and will be offered

alongside a lot of new

wine to several thousand



Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019



Freiburg Alive includes

In the centre of the action…

Two overnight stays

including breakfast

from our generous buffet selection


One welcoming drink


one three-course Baden dinner

accompanied by Burgundy wines from the Kaiserstuhl


One info sheet regarding Freiburg

Freiburg is one of Germany's most

popular tourist destinations and the

inner city with its variety and beauty

attracts around 1.5 million overnight

guests per year.

Experience our beautiful city not as

an onlooker but in the centre of the

action and enjoy the fact that

everything is located close-by.

All the sights of this wonderful city

are right on your doorstep - and still

you always can pull out of the action

and enter into your personal oasis of


Rate for our offer “Freiburg Alive” per person:

in a comfort double room: from €219

in a comfort single room: from €294

This offer is available throughout 2019.

This offer is non-binding and only available on request and with advance

reservation depending on our availability.

In your room, fresh fruit and a floral

arrangement from the market await


Ask our friendly staff - they are happy

to give you recommendations for

your stay in Freiburg and for a

relaxed walk through the streets and

alleys or the market.


Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

Private Shopping

Total Indulgence

Private Shopping Offers You:

Shop relaxed,

personal and highly qualified advice

No carrying of shopping bags!

Sounds like a dream?

It doesn't need to be that way!

The Hotel Oberkirch and the

Breuninger fashion store let this

dream come true!

Book your special shopping

experience in addition to your

overnight stay:


independent of opening hours


One staff member of the Breuninger fashion store

only for you during your shopping experience

- Your personal guide through the colourful world of fashion -


No hustle and bustle -

you will select your clothes in your own private room


Delivery serviceyour

shopping are delivered to the hotel

Rate for the organisation of a Private Shopping Day per event :


Your Private Shopping Day in the

Breuninger Fashion Store

We organise it!

Please note that it is necessary to coordinate a schedule with the fashion store

Breuninger, so this offer is only available on request and depending on availability.


The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019


Objekt: Konrad Wallmeier

Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

Interview With Alexander Entov, Managing Director Breuninger Freiburg

For anyone who does not yet know Breuninger, what makes your offer unique?

Our profile includes a lot of “mainstream” products, meaning we are very

strong in the medium-priced segment, but we are also capable and more than

willing to serve the top end of the fashion world.

What is the idea behind “Private Shopping”?

Nowadays you can buy clothing everywhere, so the simple act of shopping is

nothing special any more. Since I started working at Breuninger, I have

specialized on making us stand out in what we offer. Our ideal is to be a large

fashion store with the best service possible and individual advice just like in a

small boutique store.

So in what way does the “private shopping” stand out?

The difference to “normal shopping” is that we prepare the session for you, we

reserve a private room for you and your personal shopping coach is reserved

for you privately. This enables them to perform a very unique customer service

just for you. If we know about it well in advance we can also arrange for

special wishes and offer products you can normally not find in the department

store. Also, your private shopping event is arranged for the time that suits you

best. In special cases we can also come to the hotel, with a pre-selection of


We also take care of smaller “issues” like “forgot to take my shirt” or “shirt is in

a bad state to use” – we can arrange for a new shirt to await you upon your

arrival. And for regulars we can extend the experience in a way that we can

prepare finger food and drinks to make their shopping session even more


And for regulars we can extend the experience in a way that we can prepare

finger food and drinks to make their shopping session even more worthwhile.

Why did you choose Hotel Oberkirch for this cooperation?

We were looking for hotels in the vicinity of the department store and with

whom we share the same type of guest – and Hotel Oberkirch fulfils both

criteria perfectly.

Mr. Entov, thank you for your time, we are looking forward to working together

for the benefit of our guests!

Practical Matters

Do you need a Breuninger Card to

book "Private Shopping"?

Is there a minimum number of

people or am I expected to spend a

minimum turnover in the store?

Even though the customer card

makes it easier for us to prepare your

shopping event, because we can use

your shopping history in order to

identify your interest, you don’t need

to have a card to book a “private

shopping” event.

There also is no minimum turnover

but one needs to be aware that this

way of shopping does not make

sense if one is only looking to

purchase one shirt – we have

excellent customer service in the

individual departments of the store

for that.

If I have now bought new matching

outfits, will Breuninger help me with

the transport of my purchases?

Not only we will help, we can deliver

all of your purchases directly to the

hotel. You can just enjoy the rest of

your day without having to plan the


Besides “Private Shopping”,

Breuninger also offers a rooftop bar

with view of the cathedral. What are

the opening hours ?

Our Rooftop Bar for up to 120 guests

is open Wednesdays through

Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. and

can be accessed via the main





The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

Photo: Donny Breitkreuz

Photo:Erika Hartmann/

Through The Forest…

ChanterelleWeeks includes:

we walked for you!

Chanterelles are one of the most

popular seasonal delicacies in our


In our restaurant

Oberkirchs Weinstube you can

experience, how chameleonic they are,

depending on how they are prepared.

One overnight stay

including our revitalising breakfast


One three-course-chanterelle-menu

main course including fish or meat alternatively

including one aperitif

and twice 0.1l of quality wines from Baden

And you can combine that with an

overnight stay - why not in one of our

renovated rooms?

This offer is available from end of June until the end of August 2018

(as long as our Chanterelles Menu is in place)

After our revitalising breakfast you

can start your next trip with fresh

energy - or you add an extra night.

Price for the “ChanterelleWeeks” offer per person

in a comfort double-room: from €139

in a comfort single-room: from €179

This offer is non-binding and only available on request and with advance

reservation depending on availability.


The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019


Photo: Heinz Ober/



Photo: Bernd Kasper/

Our Head Chef Tobias Hanselmann recommends:

For 4 Persons You Will Need

Steep the gelatine according to the instructions given on the packaging

Put a cheesecloth in a sieve and drain the yoghurt in it

Chop the chervil and puree it with the lemon zest, almond oil and 1 tbsp

of olive oil, add salt and pepper to the chervil oil

Peel the garlic, cut it into fine dices and glaze it in the remaining olive oil

Knoblauch schälen, fein würfeln und im restlichen Olivenöl glasig dünsten

Squeeze out the gelatine and dissolve it in the preheated stock

Stir in the yoghurt cream and keep it in a cool place

Wash the tomatoes, peel and seed them if necessary, slice them into fine


As soon as the yoghurt cream starts to gelatinise, whisk the whipping

cream stiff and and fold it into the yoghurt cream

Put oiled cling film in the pan and cover it with gouda

Coat the gouda with some chervil oil

Put one quarter of the yoghurt cream in the pan, add some tomato dices

and chervil oil over it

Add the remaining ingredients in layers

Cover the terrine with cling film and keep it cool for at least 3 hours

Turn the terrine out, remove the cling film, slice the terrine and add from

the remaining chervil oil according to your taste

6-8 leafs of gelatine

350g of greek yoghurt

1-2 tomatoes

50g of whipping cream

125g of sour cream

1 bunch of chervil

1/2 tsp of lemon zest (bio)

1 tbsp of almond oil

2 tbsp of olive oil

1 clove of garlic

2 tbsp of lemon juice

1 pinch of sugar

2 tbsp of vegetable stock

125g middle-aged gouda in


Salt and pepper from the mill

terrine pan or loaf pan

We recommend to accompany it with leaf salad and maybe nut bread

We hope you enjoy your meal!


The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019



Stadttheater (looking south)

Stadttheater (looking north)


Colombipark seen from the Fahnenbergplatz

All photos on this page: Matthias Pohlmann


The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

Romance AUTUMN

Photo: Matthias Pohlmann

AutumnRomance includes:

Indian Summer

The Indian Summer in Freiburg is

not to be missed.

One overnight stay

including breakfast from our generous buffet selection

❊ ❊ ❊

One autumn seasonal three-course dinner

including apéritif

and 2x0.1l regional wines

This offer is available from 9 th September to 19 th October 2019

Rate for the “AutumnRomance” offer per person

in a comfort double-room: from €145

in a comfort single-room: from €189

There is no more danger of any

heat-wave coming to our city, but it

still is

normally pretty warm outside during


Why don’t you relax here for a day?

Why don’t you drive with our famous

public transport to the “Kaiserstuhl”

and enjoy the stunning view to the

Vosges - surrounded by all those

beautiful colours autumn offers you?

Or - should there be one of the few

days with less perfect weather - why

don’t you take a walk under

Freiburg’s covered footpaths and

discover our legendary cathedral, the


It is also a good idea at all times to

visit one of Freiburg’s numerous


Enjoy the last shafts of sunlight with

our “AutumnRomance”offer!

This offer is non-binding and only available on request and with advance

reservation depending on our availability.


The Oberkirch Magazine - Summer/ Autumn 2019

Photo: Jana Faro

You are welcome to subscribe to this magazine (three issues a year) - and you can choose, whether you prefer delivery by

email or by post. Just send us an email to - should you wish to receive your magazine by post we

kindly ask you to write us a postcard ordering it. Or just fill in our guest survey -you can order your magazine there too, of


The Oberkirch Magazine - Autumn/Winter 2019 is expected for September 2019.

Content: Matthias Pohlmann

!20Design: Matthias Pohlmann

Translation: Wiltrud Rösler, Ole Sczesny & Matthias Pohlmann

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