The 10 Influential Marketing Leaders 2019


In order to acknowledge the contributions of some influential marketing leaders, Insights Success has enlisted “The 10 Influential Marketing Leaders, 2019”.


Improving Profitability of Businesses

through Effective Marketing

arketing is one of the essential components of business growth. It plays very important role in imprinting the

Mvalue of the brand on the customers. Marketer leaders are the one who ensure and decide marketing goals for the

business and its accountability. To be effective market leader, it is essential to understand the needs of the buyers.

Leader should market something as a solution to the problem of the customers. The quality of the marketing is been judged

by the customer’s satisfaction. Influential or impactful marketing is the art of communicating to vast amounts of people, in a

simple and easy way to understand, what one’s products or services are and how they can make their lives better.

Being a master marketer requires potential to increase the overall productivity of any business. We live in a time where any

business can become a brand if executes all marketing effectively. Marketing leader should be able to motivate and inspire to

others in the team and he/ she should also be able to guide them for the efficient marketing so as to reach out to larger people

with something valuable. Life is about interacting with others and the task to be influential marketing leader is to be able to

convince people the merits of one’s products and services in a meaningful and graceful way.

If one is able to master the art or skill of marketing, one can have a shot at winning at life, because through this way one has

the potential to create impact in the lives of the people. People are always ready to trade their money for the things they find

more valuable than spending money somewhere else. To be effective marketing leader one should also utilize latest

technology, social media strategy, consumer research, consumer management strategy to one’s advantage. One should be

prepared to adapt to the evolving trends and should be flexible in one’s approach and strategies to incorporate the most

effective ways into one’s marketing strategy.

The most essential component of being influential marketing leader is to have excellent oral communication skills. Excellent

communication skills have the potential to develop the affinity between the marketing person and customers. Language

To be effective marketing leader one should utilize latest

technology, social media strategy, consumer research,

consumer management strategy to one's advantage.

Sharad Chitalkar

creates affinity; therefore one should be able to communicate with people in a language understandable by them. One should

be able to build a rapport with the customers and one should be trustworthy. If people see the quality of trustworthiness in a

marketing person then people naturally gravitate to listen to that person. This gives one opportunity to convince people the

importance of one’s products and services. Trustworthiness, ability to utilize all resources to one’s advantage, character, and

integrity of the person make one effective marketing leader.

In order to acknowledge the contributions of some influential marketing leaders, Insights Success has enlisted “The 10

Influential Marketing Leaders, 2019”.

Featuring as our Cover Story is a notable marketing leader named Patti Girardi. She is the CMO of Valet Living. She is

known for motivating her team members to get the best results out of their performance. She has served in multiple

companies where she has helped to increase sales and create a brand name. With her stellar leadership skills, she is setting

benchmarks in sales and marketing.

Also, make sure to go through the articles, written by our in-house editorial team as well as CXO standpoints of notable

industry personalities to have brief insights of the sector.

Let’s start reading!


Cover Story 10

Patti Girardi

Reforming the Marketing Craft

through Consistency


Tech Advice

The Fuss about AI


Expert’s Outlook

Living Through Fourth

Industrial Revolution

Abdul Sani Abdul Murad

Sharply Exhibiting Role of

Business Marketing Leader


Andrea Saravia

Exemplifying Enthusiasm

and Prociency Together


Marianne Späne

Hard working, Persistent,

and Passionate Leader




Imparting Wisdom

Sustaining Entrepreneurial

Spirit in the Modern Era


The Art of Leading

Attributes of a Good



Imparting Wisdom

Successful Personality Traits

to Learn from Elon Musk


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10 Influential




Patti Girardi


Valet Living

Cover Story

Patti Girardi

Reforming the Marketing Craft through Consistency

Your job as a marketing leader is to

elevate the discipline to an art and

a science that is rooted in strategy,

measurement and results.

The most important mark

you can leave on an

organization is results.

Cover Story

Marketing is the bridge

between a product and its

target audience, and

marketing leaders are the ropes

strengthening it. A marketing leader is

always focused on making his/her

products and services more

approachable, and for that he/she needs

a set of skills and determined

teamwork. Along with the many other

qualities a marketing leader requires, a

management competency for the

performance assessment further helps

in ensuring excellent teamwork.

Management competency helps to

understand the true capacity of

employees and how to encourage them

to perform at their best.

Patti Girardi, CMO of Valet Living,

is one such leader who is known for

motivating her team members to get

the best results out of their

performance. She has served in

multiple companies where she has

helped to increase sales and create a

brand name. With her stellar leadership

skills, she is setting benchmarks in

sales and marketing.

Her interview with Insights Success

exhibits her inspiring journey as a

marketing leader and portrays her

commitment to Valet Living.

Below are the highlights of her


Kindly elaborate on your journey in

becoming a marketing leader.

As hard as it is to believe, I actually

found marketing by accident. I joined

Cox Communications, the 4th largest

cable operator in the United States,

directly from business school as

Manager of Special Projects, which at

the time, included launching all of the

new cable offerings consumers have

grown accustomed to today: digital

cable, high-speed internet, and digital

telephone service. But as these

strategies developed into tangible

product offerings, the need to market

them was calling, and I transitioned

into a brand management role, which I

connected with in a way that I had

never experienced professionally.

Cox’s explosive growth afforded me

the opportunity to move into a number

of field and corporate positions,

culminating into the opportunity to

lead web strategy and e-commerce

during a transformative time for the

industry – during this period, we grew to surpass call center traffic

as the company’s primary service

channel, something naysayers said

couldn’t be done.

From there, I moved over to the

programming side of the cable

television business as Vice President of

Affiliate Sales and Marketing for Fox

Cable Networks. This role brought not

only the challenge of aligning sales and

marketing initiatives to consistently

outperform aggressive sales targets, but

also heightened visibility throughout

the media industry and access to bestin-class

leadership programs like the

Betsy Magness Leadership Institute for


The opportunity to marry my life-long

passion for the culinary arts and career

goals arrived when Compass Group,

the world’s largest foodservice

provider, presented the opportunity to

lead marketing for its domestic college

foodservice division and the challenge

of rebranding the business for

Generation Z -- the 8-23-year-old

cohort emerging as the most coveted

youth demographic -- overtaking

Millennials in both size and influence.

This industry-leading rebrand infused

“gathering” into traditional foodservice

as a way to transform the college

dining experience into a vehicle for

promoting high-intensity relationships

– much like the pre-technology

experience of sitting down to a family


And then, there was the offer I couldn’t

refuse – the opportunity to

fundamentally disrupt the multifamily

housing industry through a major

rebrand for amenity service provider

Valet Living that puts multifamily

residents front and center to make their

lives easier than they could have ever

imagined. As Chief Marketing Officer

for this amazing brand, I’ve been able

to expand the scope of my leadership

across branding, creative services, lead

generation, inside sales, marketing

communications, database marketing,

e-commerce, mobile marketing,

product marketing, public relations,

research, social media, event/trade

show marketing, web strategy, artificial

intelligence and sustainability.

How do you diversify your

organization’s offerings to appeal to

the target audience?

Valet Living is the only full-service

amenities provider to the multifamily

housing industry. It arrived at its

industry-leading position through a

crystal-clear understanding of its

competitive advantages and intimate

knowledge of the apartment industry.

Valet Living’s wide range of services

include doorstep waste and recycling

collection, apartment turns (preparing

apartment homes for new residents),

maintenance (supplementing onsite

maintenance teams with additional

labor or “porter hours”), pet solutions

(pet parks, waste and wash stations)

and its resident-facing amenity services

offering called Valet Living Home.

Valet Living’s core competencies of its

proven track record and pioneering

edge in the multifamily space have

allowed the brand to set the standard

for residential living in each of these

verticals. In particular, Valet Living

Home’s resident-facing amenity

service solution - offering home cleans,

pet walks, package delivery, wellness

classes, and laundry pick-up - is truly

unique in that, although powered by

technology, these amenities are

delivered by the best people and

processes in the business. As the above

amenities include B2B, B2C and

B2B2C services, the challenge for

marketing is to approach each one with

strategies that are most suitable for

each respective audience.

For people seeking excellence in a

property management partner, Valet Living

is the tried and tested resource that supports

communities where people want to live and

that improves property value.

What attributes are required to

overcome the challenges faced in


Your job as a marketing leader is to

elevate the discipline to an art and a

science that is rooted in strategy,

measurement and results. Since

creative without strategy will almost

never triumph over personal opinions;

research, testing and fact-based

analysis are truly the most effective

ways to engage internally so that

programs can succeed externally.

How do you strategize your game

plans to tackle the competition in the


I’m a big believer in classic

frameworks like SWOT analyses and

Porter’s Five Forces model. Once

you’ve established a brand identity that

is driven by strategy using these timetested

tools, it is then critical to stay

loyal to the brand. If your brand truly

promises differentiation in a way that

others can’t, it’s not necessary to

attempt to “one-up” the competition at

every turn. But it is necessary to own

your differences.

What are your insights on the

implementation of technological

advancements in Marketing?

Technology is amazing – as long as it

truly furthers a connection with your

target audience. Amazon has done an

incredible job of using technology to

personalize the digital shopping

experience – expressing both warmth

and competence with every click in a

way that even some of the most

sophisticated call centers cannot. But

technology gone wrong - the

implementation of live chat

applications with one-week response

times, for example - only damages a

brand’s relationship with consumers.

According to you, what are the key

factors that a Marketing Leader

should consider while deriving

comprehensive marketing


By far and away, the most important

factor is having a crystal-clear

understanding of the organization’s

business objectives. From there, it’s

about developing strategies that

connect with your target audience to

over-deliver on these goals and then

applying marketing fundamentals like

the classic 4P framework to reach your

target audience. With the Valet Living

portfolio comprised of B2B, B2C and

B2B2C services, there is no one single

approach that works for all. Before

making any final decisions, I’ve found

that there is also no substitute for

gathering input from the leaders of

each business line as well as field

representatives on the front lines.

How do you keep up with volatile

trends in the Marketing discipline,

pertaining to your expertise?

It’s easy to be distracted by the latest

buzzwords and the temptation to treat

all challenges with a tech-forward

solution. But at the end of the day,

marketing is really just about

connecting with consumers. The

classic marketing rules of effective

design and the 4Ps of marketing live

on today for good reason – they work!

The question is, how can technology

complement marketing fundamentals

to further business goals?

What are your future

endeavors/objectives, and where

does Valet Living see itself in the

near future?

Valet Living is disrupting the resident

amenity space, and it is truly exciting!

Although there are other mobile

applications in the amenity services

arena, there is nothing like Valet Living

Home. While powered by technology

for the convenience of our residents,

amenity services like home cleans, pet

walks, and package management are

delivered by W2, uniformed

background-checked associates who

are trained by hospitality experts. Valet

Living Home is tech-enabled, not tech

first. This ensures a consistent, highquality

experience that is unmatched

by any other solution in the

marketplace. As we continue to bring

Valet Living Home to additional

communities at a rapid clip, I will

continue with relentless focus to bring

Valet Living’s vision to life – driving

resident usage of the platform and

ensuring that residents choose to live at

a Valet Living community above all


What is your advice for

budding/upcoming Marketing


The most important mark you can

leave on an organization is results.

Drive results, and find ways to

communicate them across the

organization that aren’t overly selfpromotional.

And recognize that

marketing is still very much a science

that must be learned. It’s important to

step out of the “flyer-making”

mentality and learn from those who

have invested decades in perfecting the

marketing craft.

Cover Story






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of a Good


16 May 2019|

The Art of Leading

Leadership is about using the

power of a position to

empower a group of people in

order to attain a common goal. A

leader’s task is to implement the plans

that usually look good on paper,

through a delegated team, in a specific

time with an ongoing motion. She/he

may use the traditional method or may

think out of the box. It depends on the

leader as how to do it; the ultimate

motive is to get the job done.

Although, each and every individual

has a different approach on leadership,

some might say it is about setting

examples, some might say it is about

sharing the authority; what matters is,

taking the right decision when it is

most needed.

Leadership varies from one

organization to another. An

organization is a dynamic body and

creates new probabilities every now

and then. And with new probabilities,

come new challenges.

Although, it is impossible to overcome

every challenge, the business

environment has adopted certain

leadership styles for the efficiency of


The Participative Leader

Participative Leadership is the process

of sharing authority with the work

force in order to get optimum

efficiency. The team, after getting

access to certain powers, works

responsibly to accomplish the goals set

by its leader. The shared leadership

also helps in case of any requirement

of change, as the employees adapt

quickly in such environment.

Incidentally, this style of leadership fits

best in a scenario when there is a

limitation of time.

The Transformational Leader

A transformational leader inspires the

team through effective communication

and an intellectual environment.

However, these individuals require

more detail oriented managers to

successfully implement their strategies.

Transformational Leadership is

considered among the most effective

employees of the organization. One of

the examples of this type of leadership

is when a leader is assigned on a higher

level for effective environment.

The Transactional leader

The transactional leadership, as the

name suggests, enables the leader to

incentivize the team corresponding to

their performance. The team gets

rewarded when it attains the goals and

the Leader has the power to review the

results and act accordingly when the

team fails to do the same. The goals

and the strategy to attain them are

decided by the leader and the team


The Situational leader

Situational leadership is a theory that

the best leader will adapt to the

required leadership style according to

need of the hour. A Situational leader

may adopt democratic style while

discussion business with senior

executive, but may switch to

transactional at the time of team

review. However every individual has

a natural style of leadership and it may

be difficult to switch roles at a certain

point of time.

Qualities of a good leader

There is an old proverb that says,

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed

Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish,

and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.” So

is the case with leadership. One of the

basic qualities of a Leader is to pass on

the leadership skills.

Following are some of the qualities of

a good leader:

Ÿ Communication Skills

Communication is the basic

requirement for efficiency in a

business. As the level of hierarchy

elevates, the requirement of

communication grows. Especially,

when it comes to leadership, there is no

scope for lack of communication. A

Leader who fails to develop this skill is

looked up as incompetent, because it is

his job to send the message loud and

clear. Although, it is also important to

listen as it is an integral part of


Ÿ Integrity

C.S. Lewis said, “Integrity is doing the

right thing, even when no one is

watching.” Be it giving credit to one of

the team members or be it admitting a

mistake, a leader wears integrity as a

badge of honor. They do what is right,

no matter what.


As mentioned earlier, Leadership is

about using the power of one’s position

to empower a group of people in order

to attain a common goal. A good leader

shares his authority with the team in

order to get the job done. By doing

this, he shows confidence in the team

and obliged by the gesture, the team

works with full enthusiasm to

accomplish the goal.

Ÿ Decision making

There is risk in decision to making.

Great leaders take great decisions

when the stake is high and it is the

success of those decisions that make

them great. To add up, a good leader

takes right decision at the right time.

In conclusion, a good leader can be

defined by the dynamics of his style in

leadership, the values that he brings to

the organization, the methods he uses

to make the best of the resources, and

the kind of decision he makes in the

given situations. At the end it is about

the attitude of an individual to bring

the change for good.

May 2019|



10 Influential




Abdul Sani

Abdul Murad

Sharply Exhibiting Role of Business Marketing Leader

Marketing is vital for businesses to create a level

of intimacy between the customer and the brand.

Marketers are the one who ensure and decide

marketing goals for the business and its accountability. One

such marketer is Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, the Group

Chief Marketing Officer at RHB Banking Group who is

leading the company’s brand marketing and is responsible

for its media strategy, consumer research, consumer

management, and marketing strategy.

In an interview with Insights Success, Abdul Sani shares the

insights about his RHB Banking Group and its services that

create the fast and seamless customer experience.

Considering his resilience and inspirational aspects,

Insights Success recognizes Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, as

one of the influential marketing leaders to watch in 2019.

Below are highlights from the interview conducted between

Abdul Sani and Insights Success:

Give a brief overview of your background as an influential

marketing leader.

I am a true blue marketer who started at one of the world’s

largest fast moving consumer goods company, Unilever, as

their marketing scholar. I managed various business

categories for 10 years and helped grow a number of them into

market leaders before joining Malaysia’s largest foreign bank,

HSBC in 2008, as their Marketing Chief, for 9 years. We were

awarded by the HSBC Group Headquarters for being the best

marketing team in the Asia Pacific in 2010 for producing the

best marketing campaign in the HSBC world in 2009.

Subsequently, I joined one of Malaysia’s largest banking

group, RHB in 2017, as their Group Chief Marketing Officer.

It was truly humbling when I received the marketing

distinction recognition in 2013 and was awarded the

Malaysian CMO Award for being the Best Marketer in

Influencer Marketing in 2018 by Marketing Magazine.

18 May 2019|

“We need to create an

environment where people

feel safe to take risks because

there isn't any failure in trying,

simply because you could

either succeed or learn.

Abdul Sani Abdul Murad

Group CMO

RHB Banking Group

How do you diversify your organization’s offerings to

appeal to the target audience?

In a growing digital economy, our research provided insights

into how people are using the digital tools at their disposal to

run their lives. Through this, we saw an opportunity to build

better trust and bolster relationships with our customers by

diversifying our offerings into the digital channel.

One of the many digital banking initiatives we have rolled out

is called ’banking by your doorstep’. It is an offering which

enables customers to open their bank account online and have

it delivered at the comfort of their home or office. The

proposition of having the bank officer come to you to do the

regulatory KYC verification and delivering your banking

account serves time-pressed customers well. Customers do

not need to set foot in the branch anymore when opening a

bank account. This unique offering is one of its kind in the

market we serve and has seen a strong adoption rate with over

75% of our total banking accounts being opened online.

What were the past experiences, achievements or lessons

that have shaped your journey?

In the early years, we often see shampoo advertisements

showcasing beautiful models with beautiful hair to entice

customers’ purchase intent. This is almost a must-have ritual

when marketing a shampoo. However, we defied the

marketing norm by producing shampoo advertising aimed at

Muslim women who wear headscarves without showcasing

hair. We took an emotional approach instead, by leveraging on

strong consumer insight and stitched a well-crafted brand

story to deliver the message, which won the hearts of many

people and took market share leadership from another

shampoo brand that has been a market leader for decades.

This experience taught me that people don’t buy products

anymore because they buy into emotions and experiences

instead. Brands need to connect with customers simply by

being more human in how it engages them.

How do you strategize your game plans to tackle

competition in the market?

RHB has been around for more than 100 years and we want to

be around for several hundred more. We believe we have been

around for that long because we have been in tune with society

by focusing on delivering our brand’s core purpose. We take

the outside-in perspective by taking customers’ point of view

and becoming an advocate for customers within the


Where do you see yourself in the near future and what are

your future goals?

I do wish to see more marketing leaders taking on leadership

roles in successful organizations. It will be a great fulfillment

if I can play a part in providing a conducive training ground

for young marketers who share the above inspiration. As they

say, to be a good leader, you have to breed other leaders.

What is your advice for budding and emerging marketing


We live in a technology world that’s changing at breakneck

speed in a business environment that’s highly regulated and

bound by commercial constraints. However, the marketing

future still depends on how well marketers build strong

emotional bonds with customers. Just be warm and human; do

not allow yourself to be sucked into the technological

quicksand that could cost you to lose your human touch. After

all, your customers will never get tired of being romanced by

the brand they love and this feeling will never run out of

fashion. Remember that if you’re not romancing your

customers, someone else will.

May 2019|



Entrepreneurial Spirit

in the Modern E a

usinesses operate, survive and progress in a highly

Bdynamic economy, where change is the rule, not

the exception. The change may be slow, sudden or

almost extensive. One of the important forces of change is

the change in technology. Most of these changes are used to

enhance human capabilities to accomplish meaningful

work. These changes are sometimes thriving on the

entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur works to visualize

these future changes rather than waiting for it and create a

more desirable environment in the organization.

Technological breakthroughs do occur and it takes courage

for an entrepreneur to accept the change and its

implication. Technology breakthroughs like computers,

color television sets, electronic sets, fuel-efficient vehicles,

etc. have encouraged entrepreneurs to manufacture these

products. Thus changes in technology from time to time

pose several alternatives before the entrepreneur. This is an

ongoing process in which the entrepreneur sets goals and

strategies to meet changes in technology. But for strategies

like marketing, human resource, supply chain, financial

and legal strategies, etc. connection with people is

important. Entrepreneurs define the formal relationships

among people and specify both their roles and

responsibilities. Because the end product is an integrated

system of people & technology and to administer these

systems, entrepreneur is required.

Technology is helping us solve problems where human

power alone is not enough. Different types of businesses

require different technologies, but again, it is impossible to

solve all integration needs with a single technology. This

article will help you understand, that technology is only the

part of the original solution and how in different sectors the

entrepreneur's surrounding really matters.

Ÿ Accounting

Technology allows us to complete tasks faster. It replaces

the tiresome tasks of manually storing, compiling, sorting,

etc. and the ability to use data with a simple digital

solution. For example, Sales ledger in the early days was

time-consuming, expensive and all paper-based process.

Technology helped increase productivity with the

development of spreadsheet software like Microsoft

Excel. Employees today are far better at finding what they

need when they need it. Though only this will not achieve

the outcome. Here, let's take a clear look at how the

entrepreneur's spirit is really helping to achieve the desired


Technology is good for bringing the change not forcing it.

It cannot make employees more efficient. Yes, the right

technology can help to make the work easier, but if an

employee is truly falling behind or is just inefficient, all the

technology in the world will not solve this situation. The

22 May 2019|

truth is such employees can be sometimes inefficient due to

either inexperience or laziness. An entrepreneur can

identify this problem by improving communication in such

departments. This explains why human interference is

important to address this situation, where technology is

just a bandage, fix the problem for a short time. Adding

new and faster technology will not fix the problem. While a

better solution is sitting the departments down together and

talking about the problem with the entrepreneur will be a

real solution.

Ÿ Retail

Technology allows retailers to be available day and night

interacting with customers how, when and where they are

ready to shop. Retailers depend on technology to manage

inventory, track customer-purchasing habits, predict

trends and deliver goods and services. Wireless

communication, QR codes and Augmented Reality are

some of the changes in technology to the retail industry.

Ultimately, the entrepreneurship element remains central

even if it is embedded within AI, advanced analytics, etc.

Because a customer's shopping experience is more

important than price and product quality. Entrepreneur

encourages employees to use their creativity to ensure

every customer experience is memorable. Entrepreneur's

human interaction adds the value to the company and

maintains loyal customers.

Ÿ Communication

In virtual workplaces, employees can interact and develop

ideas by connecting through the use of video conferencing.

This may include training and important meetings from far

places to the employees. Technology can also be used as

real-time feedback from the employees which allows the

entrepreneur to improve the needs of the employees.

Entrepreneur's good communication is necessary to allow

efficient flow both internally (among employees) and

externally (using technology).

Ÿ Automation

The robots are coming and can actually help us, to be more

productive, freeing us from most of the time-consuming

May 2019|


and repetitive tasks. One of the most important areas of

application of automation is computer-aided

manufacturing. Today CAD/CAM technology has been

applied in many industries including machine

components, electronics products, and equipment design.

Even banking and financial institutions have embraced

automation technology in financial transactions. But just

because technology is advancing it does not mean it will

replace human. Technology can do an adequate job, but we

still need humans. It is certain that people to people

communication remains fundamental where the

entrepreneur's contact in the various stages is required.

Ÿ Security

Technology becomes even more critical when operating

the business online. It is important to protect the businesses

from cybercriminals who could steal data or lead to

website downtime. Encryption and decryption protect

information from being accessed by a third party or

cybercriminals. It takes only about a minute without

slowing down any file or document.

Ÿ Storage

Technology has led to the development of cloud computing

to store business information and has been accepted by

many in the world of business. Cloud Computing is cost

effective and convenient to the company management and

employees can access data from anywhere by just using a

device that can access the internet. It helps entrepreneurs to

trust these technologies and build a strong trust among

internal management of the company.

Overall Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology,

Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, 3D printing, etc.

today are helping entrepreneurs to use this technology in

every field to grow their businesses. But technology alone

cannot create a company culture, where human

interactions are valued. Because it is people who are

assigned to work on this technology and to encourage them

the entrepreneurs keeps their spirit alive. By creating an

interested working environment, interactive dialogues

among employees, support and motivation to the

employees, reward system, etc. reflects the culture of the

company. It is an entrepreneur who understands what the

needs of the company are, by creating a connection with all

the stages of management that brings the desired output.

Hence, entrepreneurial spirit and technology should go

hand in hand. Therefore we need evolving technology as

well as intelligent humans. We need guided missiles as

well as guided men to create the better world.

24 May 2019|


10 Influential






Exemplifying Enthusiasm and Proficiency Together

Marketing has come so far with the new

advancements in technologies such as AI and

automation. The job of marketing has become

more convenient as well as cumbersome at the same time,

as marketing leaders have to perform several tasks to reach

out to their potential customers. Despite these differences of

modern and traditional marketing practices, many leaders

have smoothly carried out all the marketing functions and

achieved the desirable results. With intent to recognize their

significant contributions, Insights Success has compiled its

list of The 10 Influential Marketing Leaders, 2019.

This list is incomplete without the inspiring work of

Andrea Saravia, the Global Marketing Director of

Ufinet. Andrea has been a marketing and branding

specialist for 24 years now and possess an MBA specialized

in business leading and marketing from ESIC, Madrid,

Spain. She has been Ufinet’s Marketing Director for 5 years

now, and has tackled many challenges ever since, such as

positioning Ufinet’s brand in a difficult and ever-changing

market as is the telecommunications sector.

Started Young

Andrea started her career in 1995 as an Executive Key

Account Manager in an advertising agency. Since that

moment she knew she was made for marketing. Being able

to get to know many company’s profiles and businesses at

their core and to embrace the knowledge that every sector

had to offer, allowed her to grow in a very integral way,

opening her path to achieve results no matter what the

segment she worked with. She has operated in many sectors

including advertising, PR, law, interior design, magazines,

nutrition, and telecommunications, which she has loved


Andrea started working very young, at the age of 18. She

did not have any experience before. The job in the

advertising agency was very stressful and she had an

important overload of work. She did not know at the time

how to manage her emotions, the pressure and her time. It

took her many years to know herself and find the best way

to get things done without losing control. Later, she learned

not only to get through every single obstacle that came her

way, but even crave them as they make her life much more

interesting and challenging.

Source of Inspiration

There are various factors that inspire Andrea the most. She

firmly believes in a phrase which states, “do what you love,

love what you do”. Being able to do this has given her the

opportunity to tackle all the challenges that come her way

and grow as a professional leader.

Another subject for Andrea has always been learning new

things every day. In her opinion, people would be surprised

knowing all the hidden treasures they can find by just

opening their mind. Having a work-life balance is a key

matter, enjoying both professional and personal life with

family and friends. Few other additional moves that have

inspired her to raise includes giving the extra mile -always;

working smart, not hard; taking risks even though you may

fail; and finally challenging yourself to dream.

26 May 2019|

“Be resilient and embrace

change with passion – it’s

the only way you will be able

to grow as a person and a


Andrea Saravia

Global Marketing Director


Repositioning as a Big Player

In 2014 a private investor bought Ufinet from Gas Natural

Fenosa Telecom. The most challenging task was to reposition

the company as Ufinet, a big player in the

telecommunication’s market, participating in various trade

shows in several countries, creating the firm’s online image

from scratch, such as the company’s website, a Linked-In

profile and other social channels (inexistent at the time),

and moreover interiorizing the business’s great assets,

vision, mission and values within the company’s personnel.

That was key to create awareness about the company’s

ethics, its top-notch services as well as creating an excellent

post-sales package to get the firm’s clients not only to

choose Ufinet for its strengths and advantages, but also for

falling in love with a strategy of taking care of their own

business growth.

Being Authentic with Customers

According to Andrea, Ufinet has one of the best strategies

in the telecommunications market, being a neutral carrier of

carriers. This means that the company does not reach the

end customer and therefore, it does not compete with its

clients, which is one of the main issues it uses to tackle

competition. Nevertheless, its competitors are also its

clients, which make the task much trickier and more

difficult. So, the best way to market its company remains to

be honest and authentic with its consumers.

company with an additional hands-on approach, as it gets to

know and fully understand their most important needs and


When asked about the future goals Andrea states, “I love

my job. And I can say that Ufinet is one of the best

companies I have ever worked in. The values under which

this company breathes are amazing. So, I aim to keep

working here as a CMO. I believe that my expertise, my

passion and my creativity will keep this company growing

and “rock-n-rolling” for many years to come.”

An Essential Advice to be Incorporated

Andrea advises emerging entrepreneurs to strive for success

and quality every time. She says, “You will fail sometimes,

of course, but the key here is to learn about each error and

fiasco to make a better job next time. If you don’t push

yourself after every failure, you will never acquire the

wisdom to succeed in the future. Just do it, make things

happen and never ever stop until you achieve what you

desire most.”

Another key factor is the closeness Ufinet has with its

customers. Every client has its own Key Account Manager,

who is available almost 24/7 for them. This provides the

May 2019|


The Fuss

about AI

Ihave been a strong advocate of conversational

technology (VoiceTech/NLP) and AI and have pitched

for it in various conferences, Guest Lectures at leading

business institutes and to corporates and I am often being

asked what will happen to our jobs? So this is true that

Artificial intelligence seems like a big untameable monsters

to most, and everyone is little anxious about future.

And that could be true sitting in 2010, but past few years

new old research and young progressive companies and

devision of enterprises are willing to make it their sole

purpose that the infuse digital transformation in their

company and provide assistance to others. But, with the

prevailing reputation that comes at a cost of educating

everyone, really everyone.

They see it as a risk and any have burnt their hands trying

to tame novice early stage AI models. But thats fine, thats

how we grow. I believe that we are intellectual beings with

curious minds, why would we want to do repeatable jobs

which machines can do with greater efficiency. We can

delegate these chores and teach the machines to help us

better and imitate human decision making, innovate at

personal level and “Democratise Artificial Intelligence”.

Democratising AI through platforms for like voice

technology - Natural Language processing so the technical

algorithms can stay with specific user base while use of the

AI algorithms can be made as simple as conversing with

machines. Thats a sure shot way to upskilling resources for

example: Team of Analysts can train dashboards and

Business Intelligence tools to map business KPIs and

generate Compelling Business Stories and Insights in

natural language for everyone in the organisation to benefit

from, and then keep building the training over it through

machine learning. We are personally running trials with

Fortune 50 companies on this, so when I say you need to

start looking at ways to incorporate new technologies I

mean it.

For enterprises there are certain imminent crisis that

demand that they change rapidly and market is not at all as

forgiving as it was a few decades back, someone is

constantly rooting for you to make a mistake.This is leading

enterprise to transform under the integrated environment of

Digital Transformation.

Voice Technology has lately become a stable AI process and

would completely change the way we interact with

technology in the future. Visualization will remain at the

heart of it however with conversational technology, we can

expect a shift to more verbal ads, like radio, but more

personalized and actionable, but still to make a decision on

which product to buy you would want to see it visually.

Also search will become more specific and hyperlocal,

where we will be prompted to give verbal feedbacks, that

would amount to popularity of products and places, how it

happens with mobile applications today.

Siri, Cortana, Alexa have brought conversation technology

to people for some time now. They come bundled up with

smart phones and can be used to do basic searches, to look

up certain things, cue up songs etc. Speech technology has

come much further than that. With its advancement we can

now control our oven, tv and other house hold devices, can

search complex data from cloud or can make phone calls

for ourselves. It can change the way we function in our

daily lives, our time with our family, services we receive

and the jobs we do. It can eliminate learning curve of

devices, repeatable chores, and compiling excel sheets. And

it will not happen eventually, it’s happening now.

Developers will innovate to create more audio centric user

interface, there will be discovery period for them to find out

how to minimally prompt user to give inputs and implement

voice modulated visual commands. We can see speech

approaching a point where it would become so reliable that

we can just use it, like how we do it with other humans, and

not even think about it.

28 May 2019|

Tech Advice

About the Author

Preksha Kaparwan is the Co-founder, CMO, V.UX Designer of Realbox.AI.

The versatile IHM Pusa graduate initially served as the chef but got inclined

towards technology and business analytics and founded RealBox in 2015.

Within three years of its inception, they have raised $300k for Realbox and,

their customers include fortune 50 and big 4 enterprises. As a thought leader

she has been part of TEDTalk talk shows. She was awarded 'The sparks 2018'

by your story for tech services for her exceptional contribution

as a Tech Evangelist.

I am personally inspired to bring acceptance

for conversational technology globally and I

believe that the real success for this would

not be when big corporations and industries

would be using it but when every small and

medium business and every household would

be using it and help us to get a hold of our

receding grip on reality from visually

attractive and distracting screens on our tv, on

out laptops and our smart phones.

Preksha Kaparwan

Co-founder & CMO

RealBox Data

Analytics Private Limited

We have seen this kind of a shift with

automated technologies and processes which

has led to reduced laborious work, efficiency

increased and averted accidents. Smart

phones brought technologies closer to the end

user. So, I took side with Artificial

Intelligence and Machine Learning

technologies, that will aid seamlessly while

co-existing in our realities. And impact is not

just on us in our personal capacity but for

businesses too and professionals who spend

endless nights collating data and make pretty

ppts to show to the bosses.

I believe that spreading the word on changing

technological demography is not our

responsibility or our burden. But you know

why I make it my purpose??

Because it is a major step in evolution of

technology and I know we need to harness it,

shape it now, before someone else does it for


May 2019|


Successful Personality

Traits to Learn

from Elon Musk

Legends never need an introduction. They tend to be

victorious despite of their uneventful histories. They

stick to captivating traits such as Discipline,

determination and self-belief which help them accomplish

wonders in the long run. One such example of an extraordinary

person is Elon Musk, a South African Business

Magnate, Investor and an engineer.

Musk is the founder, CEO, and chief architect of SpaceX;

co-founder, CEO, and product designer of Tesla Inc.; and

co-founder and CEO of Neuralink. As of February 2018, he

is the 53rd-richest person in the world and has a net worth

of $20.8 billion, which is far more than the net GDP of

Greece taken into consideration.

While each entrepreneur possesses a unique set of traits that

makes him/her successful, this Tech founder has a few traits

much different from any other ordinary CEO, which has

allowed him to build some of the world’s most respected

and innovative organizations. Musk once quoted, “When

something is important enough, you do it even if the odds

are not in your favor.”

Let’s have a look on these personality attributes and

characteristics that make him a contender for the most

innovative intellectual entrepreneur of the century alive.

Hard-work and Characteristic Work Ethics

Elon Musk is a hard-working innovator, working for about

100 hours a week, and has been productive since many

years. He may even be considered as the hardest working

employee of the company, setting standards for his

colleagues to follow and implement. Since the field of work

lies inside his radius of interests, he enjoys it to every

moment and bit when it comes to learning and execution.

Strong Risk Tolerance

Founding a start-up involves a great deal of uncertainty and

risk. A study found that after 10 years of being in business,

96 percent of the start-ups fail. Going by the statistics,

Musk must have faced the same odds against him, when he

had decided to leave an otherwise comfortable life to start a

risky and uncertain business venture.

For instance, Musk left his PhD program at Stanford

University to find a company called Zip2 with his brother in

the year 1995. Later, the company was sold to Compaq

computers, profiting Musk a bit over $20 million.

Following this, Musk once again took a great risk by

investing millions of dollars to found a company called, one of the world’s first online banks.

‘Always Be Learning’ Attitude

An astounding and less-known fact about Elon Musk is that

he is self-taught in programming and in many advanced

level subjects. He read and understood a variety of books,

which helped him gain endless and persistent knowledge

and understand diverse concepts.

The best piece of advice on learning and implementation is

to constantly think about how things could be done in a

better manner and question self to seek the answers.

32 May 2019|

Imparting Wisdom

Feedback Loop

It is of prime importance to recognize the present symbol or

otherwise ‘status quo’ in the market as an organization and

re-position accordingly. Musk solicits constant feedback of

the companies and executes ‘self-analysis.’ He induces

efforts and divergent strategies to improve customer

feedbacks and strives towards perfectionism.

For example, he seeks out his critics and tries to converse

with them. This habit of self-reflection at regular and

considerable periods is pivotal for any entrepreneur or

organization to succeed in the long run.

Tendency for Vertical Integration

Vertical integration is a strategy where an organization or a

firm acquires business operations within the same product

vertical. Both Tesla and SpaceX embrace this concept. For

example, Tesla not only produces electric cars; they also

generate public awareness about their cars via Tesla

showrooms across various countries. And SpaceX does not

only have the primary goal of rocket propulsions; they

develop their own rocket architecture as well.

Faith in Self and the Founding Team

Musk undoubtedly possesses a profound belief in his own

capabilities as well as the potential-seeking factor of its

founding team. He does not hesitate to gamble on large

scale unless he is genuinely aware of the expected endresults.

It is equally essential to maintain clarity of doubt in any

large scale organization. Under his supervision, Musk

encourages in creating a positive and comprehensive

environment across his firms.

Preferring to Stand Out From the Crowd

Musk elects to bring up innovation at every level of his

understanding. He tends to impart theoretical knowledge at

the base level, applying changes and executing the same on

the practical level. He relies more on transitional aspects

such as research and development, thereby increasing the

probability of ground-breaking inventions.

Tesla Motors, a far headed firm headed by Elon Musk, is

anti-ordinary. Its compelling marketplace has become a

one-stop destination for potential buyers where they can

interact about product specifications. They also have video

testimonials that far outperform in the sales-dominated


There is no ambiguity that Musk, by far, has been a pillar of

inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and investors because

of his prolific and optimistic approach towards life

All these traits possessed by Musk, in some manner or the

other, coincide with most of your habits. The only thing that

stands as a potential barrier between these two is

identifying your strengths and working on them on a

continual basis. Go on, apply these traits into your daily

life, and you may become the next big CEO the world is in

need of today!

May 2019|



10 Influential






Hard working, Persistent, and Passionate Leader

One need to understand one's market segments that

one is dealing with and it is essential to have a

clear idea about one's target customers. If one

combines this know-how with market outlook analysis and

industry understanding one paves the way to the right target

audience. On the other side one should also need to

understand the requirements of the staff needed to have the

right skills to get in touch with the target audience. One

such cognizant marketing leader is Marianne Späne. She

joined the Siegfried Group in 2004 and was appointed

Global Head of Business Development, Marketing & Sales,

Member of the Executive Committee since March 2010.

Marianne Späne felt very early that she has a very positive

charisma that can motivate other people and combined with

her guiding principle to be hard working and fair as well as

open or even eager to be involved in changes she had the

dream to be an influential leader. At an early age she wanted

to get a broad understanding of the different departments in

a Company. Initially she started in Supply Chain positions

in the cosmetic environment, then changed to Business

intelligence and financial analysis in the chemical world

and gathered experience in Business development in the

pharma world. With all this experience she got the chance

to be appointed Head of the Pharma Division. On her long

path she always invested in education like leadership,

finance and marketing next to her 150% job. This

combination brought her 15 Years ago into global

leadership role. To be successful she believes that one needs

to be hard working and persistent but also passionate for

what one is doing.

During her tenure with Siegfried, she has served in

numerous roles, including heading the Siegfried Drug

Product Division, including Operation, R&D, Regulatory

Services and Business Development Department. After 25

years in the business, including several years at Aceto, she

has managed projects throughout the value chain from

chemical intermediates and steriles to biologics. She credits

her success in the industry to her ability to look at the

market with new eyes and a fresh perspective as well as

strong engagement and passion for the work she does. By

analyzing opportunities through a new lens, she has brought

in new business that was not previously thought about.

Customization of Services

At Siegfried Group Marianne along with her team is

involved in the pharmaceutical business that offers products

34 May 2019|

““I never give up”, “I am

always open for new

challenges but I do it my

way” and “I people”.“


Marianne Späne

Global Head of Business

Development, Marketing & Sales

Siegfried Group

and services. One segment has own developed products and

the other segment offers company's technology to develop

pharmaceutical products according to the demand of

audience. Company uses two different sales teams the one

who has very dominant sales and market skills the other one

who knows deep technology with high service level

thinking. To customize the different offerings to appeal to

the target audience she also prioritizes Business Outlook

Intelligence and understanding of Size, Geography and

Culture of customers.

Walking the Talk

Marianne considers it is important to have a deep

knowledge about the market environment and company's

customers' needs. She focuses on building up relationship

with company's customers and analyzing their needs and

requirements to be in a position to offer customized

solutions. She says that company's spirit is walking the talk.

In her own words, “We understand the market, identify

opportunities, explain requirements and needs to the

departments, define business and legal terms, agree with

customers about contracts and accompany him/her

throughout the whole journey. BD/Sales/Marketing is for

me and the team much more than “Selling”....”

Learning through Experiences

According to Marianne, as a Sales and Business

Development person one is supposed to be very good in

communication, relationship building combined in

company's business with technical and financial knowledge

accompanied with passion for what one is doing. She

explains that she learned how to cope with pressure,

deception and hope through various learning experiences

and she never give up finding a solution. She says, “keep

your motivation, follow your target consequently and you

will be successful.”

Being Decisive and Authentic

Marianne says that as a leader one is a role model and one

needs to make many decisions. She believes that one should

learn very quickly and sufficiently to have convincing

arguments for one's decision. She encourages forming a

team that is heterogeneous and not homogenous to have

enough constructive discussions within one's team. She

says it can be little bit more difficult to manage but one will

profit from a strong team that can work independently and

is well prepared for difficult negotiations. She advises to be

authentic even amidst challenges as well. She reminds

sometimes silence is a stronger means than speaking and

says that combination can make one more successful.

Being Open to Learning

Next to her actual global role to strengthen and grow the

business of her company Marianne is interested to make use

of her knowledge and experience in interesting Board

positions. She says, “Never stand still, be open for changes

and never stop learning.”

Marianne advises emerging marketing leaders to think

about what are one's strengths and weaknesses and start to

develop one's strengths and cope with one's weakness. She

suggests working hard and having fun in what one is doing

and one will be successful. She encourages accepting

failures and seeing them as experience to grow. She

emphasizes to never give up and follow one's target. She

asks to develop one's personality but also reminds to stay

authentic. She advises to celebrate successes but never rest.

She asks to be always open to always have the track with

one's environment.

May 2019|


About the Author

Dr Danil Korchagin is an

innovator and senior expert in

ICT. He specialises in signal

processing, data analysis and

software engineering. Having

worked for industries,

organisations and academia,

Danil Korchagin has

comprehensive experience in

both the industrial and

academic worlds. He has

managed many ICT projects

with outstanding performance

outcomes. He is founder of


Dr Danil Korchagin



36 May 2019|

Expert's Outlook

Living Through




Danil Korchagin set up Aicue,

a technology company that

targets to change the way

audience videos are consumed on the

web, in 2011. In this article, he

shares his point of view on ongoing

fourth industrial revolution and its

impact on everyday life.

We live in amazing time of fourth

industrial revolution. The industrial

revolution surpasses the scope of

ICT, transforms the world and

businesses, jobs and life styles. The

concepts such as digital

transformation, artificial intelligence

and connected objects, incarnated

into smartphones, are already hiding

in our pockets. The self-driving cars

leave science fiction and arrive into

reality. The old professions go into

oblivion and get replaced by new

exciting jobs.

The artificial intelligence based

solutions are already present in many

cross-domains and quite often used

by professionals and businesses to

smarter use time and improve

productivity. These solutions can

manage financial portfolios and

decrypt genetic code, pilot robots and

drive cars, entertain people and even

be creative. As an example, the platform creates new

compelling clips by automatically

linking audience videos all together

from big data cloud.

The big data becomes de facto fuel

of XXI century and industrial

revolution. The amount of

information, which is being gathered

and transmitted by digital gadgets,

sensors and internet of things,

surpasses any imagination.

Constantly increasing and improving

population of digital objects results

in constantly improving quantity and

quality of data, while the next 5G

mobile networks are going to take

care about increasing digital data

traffic. The big data surrounds us and

helps to come up with efficient


There are already more than fifteen

billion connected objects worldwide.

The population of connected devices

will surpass fifty billions in less than

five years. The internet of things,

network of connected devices, is

already present in commercial and

May 2019|


industrial, consumer and infrastructure areas: from

connected wearable heart monitor wristbands to

connected pullovers, from connected security cameras to

connected alarms, from connected parking lot sensors to

connected displays of available places.

The internet of things in turn enables smart tiers of

technologies as smart homes, smart parking, smart traffic

control and smart cities. The smart home hubs control

communication among connected thermostats and stores,

heating systems and other connected objects to enable

home automation, energy savings and higher quality of

life. The smart cities enable to reduce traffic jams and

adjust public transportation in real-time, tighten security

control and predict unforeseen events, reduce noise

pollution and improve air quality.

Constantly connected digital gadgets continue to pull

further more people from reality to social networks and

virtual worlds. The choice of remote communication

still outfights real life communication. The picture of the

family together with each member navigating within its

own virtual world on smartphone starts to be everyday

occurrence. The same picture can be observed in the

trains, airports and other places. However, some people

started to apply reasonable moderation.

Even when people put away connected gadgets and back

to physical world, the following interaction might be

with nearby humanoid robot. Powered with same

artificial intelligence as their virtual compatriots, they

can follow conversations, understand individual social

signals and respond appropriately. Their social

interaction ability keeps improving, making future

humanoid robots irreplaceable companions and assistants

in nursing homes and hospitals, hotels and

commercial stores.

automate production helps industries to be more

competitive on the global market and has positive impact

on job market in many countries due to manufacturing

stays at home instead of being moved overseas.

The tangible shift in professions happens with all

industrial revolutions. The current one is not an

exception. Some professions get automated, freeing up

people to do new tasks: data management, data

interpretation, digital marketing management, robot

supervision, process control, process moderation,

intervention in unforeseen situations, quality control and

so on. The automated places can enable work week

reduction and equilibrate shift in social insurances

caused by increasing life expectancy.

The advances in technologies enable to process more

data with less energy and smarter use available

resources. The paradox in our society is that the focus

still stays on profitability and growth over durability and

climate sustainability. As consequence, the digital

footprint on global energy consumption keeps

increasing from year to year and can reach one fifth by

2030, regardless it is feasible to pursue industrial

revolution at moderate pace within fixed energetic

envelope until there is an excess of renewable energy.

The years will pass. The artificial intelligence, big data

and internet of things will become ordinary tools in

many areas of our life just like electricity and telephones,

internet and personal computers did during previous

industrial revolutions. No one will be questioning them

anymore. They stay under human control. The human

society is free to decide up to which extent new

technologies and innovations have to be validated,

regulated and certified for future everyday use.

The industrial robots are separate topic. The global

robot density in the manufacturing industries is

accelerating around the world and there is already at

least one industrial robot per 100 working people in

more than 20 countries worldwide. The ongoing trend to

38 May 2019|

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