General Brochure 2019

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Inspiring<br />

Hope.<br />

Changing<br />


We’re on a mission<br />

to provide quality care for people<br />

with disabilities, empower their<br />

families, and promote social inclusion.<br />

Because we believe every<br />

person with disabilities deserves<br />

the opportunity to maximize his/<br />

her potential.<br />

We develop programs, pioneer therapy and wellness solutions, and<br />

create global communities around the common goal of inspiring hope<br />

and changing the lives of people with disabilities and their families.<br />

2 3<br />

Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.<br />

Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.

Hope<br />

Every<br />

Day<br />

Shalva provides a holistic continuum of services for<br />

thousands of people with disabilities from infancy through<br />

adulthood.<br />

Shalva’s comprehensive, life-cycle programs include leading-edge therapies, inclusive educational<br />

frameworks, social and recreational activities, employment training, and independent living.<br />

Support and respite programs enable families to raise their children with disabilities within the<br />

family framework. A thread of inclusion runs through all of Shalva’s programs, empowering people<br />

with disabilities to become contributing members of society. Shalva gives equal access and<br />

opportunity to all participants regardless of religion, ethnic background, or financial capability.<br />

Standards of Management and Partnerships<br />

Shalva’s award-winning programs are authorized by Israeli government ministries and are<br />

certified to provide professional care for every category of disability. Shalva partners with<br />

government bodies, municipalities and cultural establishments to provide optimal care and unique<br />

opportunities for its beneficiaries. Shalva’s excellence in operations, program development,<br />

financial accountability and transparency receive esteemed recognition. In 2018 Shalva was<br />

awarded consultative status to the United Nations.<br />

Charity Navigator<br />

4 Star Rating<br />

GuideStar<br />

Platinum<br />

Iternational<br />

Organization of<br />

Standardization<br />

(ISO)<br />

Midot Seal of<br />

Effectiveness<br />

United Nations<br />

Consultative Status<br />

משרד החינוך<br />

מינהל חברה ונוער<br />

TOTO<br />

Winner<br />

National Lottery<br />

of Israel<br />

Jerusalem<br />

Municipality<br />

National Insurance<br />

Institute<br />

Shalem Fund<br />

Ministry of Labor,<br />

Social Affairs and<br />

Social Services<br />

Ministry of<br />

Education<br />

Ministry of Health<br />

IDF Home Front<br />

Command<br />

4 Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives. 5

Programs for Children & Families<br />

Ages 6–21<br />

Ages 6–21<br />

All ages<br />

Ages 0-18 months<br />

Early<br />

Intervention<br />

Me and My Mommy in Memory of<br />

Maurice Lowinger<br />

Arriving just weeks after birth, infants<br />

with disabilities are guided to achieving<br />

their first developmental milestones<br />

through intensive parent-child therapy<br />

sessions. Parents struggling with<br />

the foreign and isolating reality of<br />

raising a child with disabilities receive<br />

professional guidance to cultivate<br />

fortitude and hope as co-therapists in<br />

their child’s rehabilitative process.<br />

Ages 1–6<br />

Inclusive<br />

Education<br />

Inclusive Day Care and Preschools<br />

Shalva’s Inclusive Day Care and<br />

Preschools offer an enriching<br />

curriculum that promotes the values of<br />

inclusion, individualism, and appreciation<br />

of diversity. A staff of educators, social<br />

workers, and therapists collaborate to<br />

create a vibrant program which nurtures<br />

physical and cognitive growth while<br />

inspiring inclusive friendships. The<br />

preschool prepares children with and<br />

without disabilities for integration into<br />

the mainstream education system by<br />

first grade.<br />

Overnight &<br />

Weekend Respite<br />

Dedicated by Susan and Leonard<br />

Feinstein<br />

Children between the ages of 6-21<br />

sleep over at Shalva’s Respite Center<br />

one night a week and two weekends<br />

each month. They receive individualized<br />

guidance in personal care, enjoy<br />

fun evening activities and master<br />

independence skills while their families<br />

receive a rare opportunity to rejuvenate<br />

their spirits and focus on personal<br />

needs.<br />

Ages 6-21<br />

Rehabilitative<br />

Recreation<br />

After School Activity Center in Memory<br />

of Sima & Rubin Wagner<br />

The After School Activity Center is<br />

where Shalva’s children, together<br />

with peer volunteers from the broader<br />

community, enjoy daily therapyoriented<br />

activities such as sports,<br />

drama, arts, music and swimming.<br />

The program’s experiential learning<br />

curriculum prepares children with<br />

disabilities for the transition to<br />

adulthood and the world beyond.<br />

Summer Camp<br />

During summer vacation, 300 children<br />

with disabilities participate in day<br />

camps and overnight camps at the<br />

Shalva National Center. Shalva’s camps<br />

uniquely demonstrate both inclusion<br />

and reverse inclusion by enabling<br />

children with disabilities to experience<br />

public attractions and activities<br />

together with peer volunteers from the<br />

broader community.<br />

All ages<br />

Sports and<br />

Wellness<br />

On a daily basis, Shalva’s state-ofthe-art,<br />

disability accessible sports<br />

facilities are utilized by hundreds of<br />

children with disabilities either as<br />

part of Shalva’s core programs or<br />

collaborative initiatives. They enjoy a<br />

range of rehabilitative fitness activities<br />

such as hydrotherapy and swimming<br />

lessons, therapeutic workouts, as well<br />

as inclusive basketball, soccer and<br />

Judo.<br />

Oral Health for<br />

Everyone<br />

OHEV provides a unique wellness<br />

solution to increase the quality and<br />

accessibility of oral health for children<br />

with disabilities by encouraging<br />

life-style based interventions<br />

and preventative care. Dentistry<br />

professionals conduct individual<br />

intervention programs and teach the<br />

children proper oral hygiene practices.<br />

Educational initiatives for parents<br />

explore pediatric oral healthcare needs<br />

for children with disabilities.<br />

All ages<br />

Family Support<br />

Shalva supports parents to raise their<br />

children with disabilities at home within<br />

the family framework. A staff of social<br />

workers and disability professionals<br />

provide personal counseling and<br />

conduct ongoing support groups for<br />

parents, grandparents, siblings, and<br />

disability caregivers. Shalva empowers<br />

parents to find hope and belonging,<br />

create family cohesion, and lead<br />

thriving lives.<br />

6 Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives. Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives. 7

Independent<br />

Living in the<br />

Community<br />

Shalva operates independent living<br />

apartments in the community for men<br />

Hope for a<br />

Bright Future<br />

Programs for Adults<br />

Shalva provides a nurturing framework for adults with disabilities to live independently<br />

and benefit from meaningful employment and leisure opportunities. Shalva’s multifaceted<br />

adult services structure ensures that adults with varying levels of disability can expand<br />

their potential for personal development and social inclusion.<br />

and women with disabilities. Enveloped<br />

by professional and social support,<br />

the residents foster cohesive familylike<br />

relationships and successful<br />

integration into community life.<br />

Shalva’s high standard apartments<br />

and ratio of residents to caregivers<br />

promote quality of life and a stable,<br />

long-term independent living solution<br />

for adults with disabilities.<br />

Circle of Support<br />

Circle of Support is a program designed<br />

for adults with lower functioning<br />

abilities who currently reside with<br />

their parents in the community<br />

and seek social leisure activities.<br />

They attend weekly outings with<br />

professional counselors and benefit<br />

from a personally tailored, experiential<br />

learning curriculum geared toward<br />

advancing their independence skills.<br />

Participants also benefit from a<br />

host of recreational group activities<br />

throughout the year.<br />

Employment<br />

Shalva serves as a model for<br />

successful workplace inclusion.<br />

We employ adults with disabilities in<br />

various positions and departments<br />

such as teaching assistants in the<br />

inclusive preschools, musicians in<br />

the Shalva Band and waiters at Café<br />

Shalva. Some employees work in<br />

Shalva’s creative workshop where<br />

they produce tea packages, ceramics<br />

and other marketable products. Our<br />

employees receive ongoing guidance<br />

to navigate an inclusive workplace<br />

setting through support groups and<br />

professional counseling.<br />

Vocational<br />

Training<br />

Shalva’s vocational training program<br />

prepares adults with disabilities for<br />

inclusion in the mainstream workforce<br />

through formal study, interactive<br />

practicum and supervised employment.<br />

The program is operated in partnership<br />

with local colleges and the Ministry of<br />

Labor, providing graduates with official<br />

certification and the opportunity to<br />

enter the mainstream job market with<br />

equal qualifications to counterpart<br />

candidates without disabilities. Some<br />

courses include floral design and<br />

culinary arts.<br />

Whether an independent living resident, an employment training student, or a participant in social support activities;<br />

beneficiaries are escorted through the various programs with personal and professional guidance to ensure their<br />

success and satisfaction. Following three decades of program development for children, Shalva’s adult services<br />

offer new opportunities for Shalva’s graduates and others from the community to build their futures with dignity<br />

and quality of life.<br />

8 Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.<br />

Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives. 9

hope for

Inclusion:<br />

The Enormous Power of Good<br />

Thousands of people annually participate in Shalva’s community and inclusion initiatives which take place<br />

regularly at the Shalva National Center and around the world. Our greater Shalva family is made of people<br />

with extra-large hearts, national dignitaries and individuals alike, who have taken on the mission of inspiring<br />

hope and changing the lives of people with disabilities.<br />

Team Shalva in<br />

the Jerusalem<br />

Marathon<br />

Shalva’s team of over 1,000 runners<br />

infuses the Jerusalem Marathon with<br />

“Shalva purple” and an irresistibly<br />

inspiring energy. Together with<br />

hundreds of runners from abroad,<br />

celebrity and national heroes,<br />

volunteers, and of course Shalva’s<br />

children and their families, Team Shalva<br />

annually kicks off the marathon’s<br />

“community run”.<br />

Cultural Events<br />

& Conferences<br />

In addition to housing Shalva’s programs<br />

the Shalva National Center functions<br />

as a hub of community activity; hosting<br />

cultural events and educational<br />

conferences several times a week.<br />

Shalva’s expansive, disability accessible<br />

auditorium enables people with<br />

disabilities to experience culture while<br />

simultaneously exposing audiences<br />

from the broader community to the<br />

world of disabilities in a most positive<br />

light.<br />

Café Shalva<br />

Café Shalva, located in the Shalva<br />

National Center and open to the public,<br />

is part of a boutique chain of culinary<br />

establishments in the Jerusalem<br />

area and a model of employment<br />

inclusion. The café has been positively<br />

reviewed for its delicious menu and<br />

inviting atmosphere. Exemplifying true<br />

inclusion, adults with disabilities work<br />

side-by-side their peer counterparts<br />

without disabilities as waiters and<br />

sous-chef; offering a new quality of<br />

cuisine, experience, and life.<br />

Shalva Band<br />

The Shalva Band is comprised of eight<br />

talented musicians with disabilities who<br />

are employed by Shalva and perform by<br />

invitation with celebrity artists and at<br />

cultural events. Inspiring crowds with<br />

their professional musical repertoire<br />

and charm, the band is a celebrated<br />

model of inclusion for audiences across<br />

the globe.<br />

Shalva SHOP<br />

The Shalva National Center gift shop<br />

offers visitors a selection of artistic<br />

and unique items for sale, such as<br />

jewelry, homeware, toys, and Judaica;<br />

some of which are produced by adults<br />

with disabilities at Shalva’s creative<br />

workshop. Purchases serve as<br />

meaningful souvenirs and all profits<br />

directly support Shalva.<br />

Shalva<br />

Ambassadors<br />

Program<br />

Hundreds of gap year students<br />

volunteer at Shalva on a weekly basis,<br />

providing backbone support to our<br />

programs and friendship to Shalva’s<br />

children. Their genuine care and positive<br />

energy are invaluable components of<br />

Shalva’s magical inclusion. They are<br />

Shalva’s ambassadors in their home<br />

communities<br />

Bar/Bat Mitzvah<br />

Programs<br />

Families from around the world make<br />

Shalva a meaningful part of their Bar/<br />

Bat Mitzvah celebrations. They engage<br />

their communities in chesed projects<br />

on behalf of Shalva’s children, dedicate<br />

gifts to support our programs, or<br />

celebrate with a party at the Shalva<br />

National Center in Israel.<br />

12 13<br />

Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.<br />

Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.

A Mother’s Promise<br />

Shalva partners with government institutions and universities<br />

around the world in research and education projects to pioneer<br />

wellness solutions for people with disabilities and their families.<br />

International groups of disability professionals and academics<br />

visit the Shalva National Center to learn about our successful<br />

therapy methodologies and programs.<br />

Fulfilled<br />

Shalva is Israel’s official National Crisis Response Center<br />

for people with disabilities; providing immediate, countrywide<br />

relief for people with disabilities during periods of<br />

national crisis. This unprecedented initiative includes long<br />

and short-term shelter, therapy and support programs for<br />

1,200 people with disabilities.<br />

Global<br />

Impact<br />

Shalva was founded in 1990 by Kalman and Malki<br />

Samuels, but its story begins thirteen years earlier when<br />

their son, Yossi was rendered blind and deaf among other<br />

challenges as a result of injury during his early infancy.<br />

At the age of eight Yossi experienced a communication<br />

breakthrough, miraculously learning sign language in the<br />

palm of his hand. Malki remembered a promise that she<br />

made during those isolating and exhausting years; that<br />

if G-d would help her son she would dedicate herself to<br />

helping other families in similar situations.<br />

With six local children in a small apartment, the Samuels’<br />

started the After School Activity Center which presently<br />

remains Shalva’s mainstay program. The organization<br />

immediately filled a gaping void in rehabilitative<br />

opportunities for children with disabilities in Israel;<br />

expanding to include early intervention therapies,<br />

inclusive educational frameworks, summer camps, a<br />

band, sports teams as well as independent living and<br />

employment for adults. Respite and family support<br />

components quickly became organizational staples.<br />

With its scope of services and amount of beneficiaries<br />

expanding from year to year; Shalva moved to larger<br />

locations and eventually built the Shalva National Center.<br />

Its every detail was designed with intention, from its<br />

enveloping artistic interior to leading-edge facilities;<br />

built with the most solid of foundations- the love and<br />

devotion of parents.<br />

Shalva is effectively shaping social policy and changing the<br />

standards of disability care and inclusion on global levels,<br />

impacting the world beyond the individuals and families in our<br />

direct care.<br />

Through international partnerships with medical centers,<br />

universities and organizations, Shalva shares its knowledge<br />

and expertise to advance disability care in countries with less<br />

advanced social services. Shalva’s inclusion initiatives engage<br />

millions of people across the globe who are inspired to learn<br />

about the world of disability and experience the hope of a<br />

better, more inclusive society.<br />

14 15<br />

Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.<br />

Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.

Magic Happens<br />

Here<br />

The Shalva National Center is one of<br />

Israel’s largest centers for disability care<br />

and inclusion. Since its inauguration in<br />

2016, the center has opened new doors<br />

of opportunity for people with disabilities<br />

and their families.<br />

Its expansive, state-of-the-art facilities<br />

and unique programs have enhanced<br />

the standard of disability services and<br />

monumentally impacted the lives of<br />

people with disabilities in Israel and around<br />

the world.

The Shalva<br />

National Park<br />

for Inclusion<br />

in memory of<br />

Ambassador<br />

Roland E. Arnall<br />

Located at the entrance of the Shalva<br />

National Center campus, the National<br />

Park for Inclusion includes three areas<br />

of disability accessible playground<br />

installations that are suitable for various<br />

levels of challenge. Open to the broader<br />

public, the park is visited by hundreds of<br />

children every day and creates a unique<br />

haven of inclusion and acceptance.<br />

The Steven<br />

Diamond Sports<br />

and Wellness<br />

Center<br />

The Sports Center is a hub of<br />

community-wide, inclusive fitness<br />

activities for Shalva’s children and<br />

other individuals with disabilities.<br />

Shalva houses some of Israel’s<br />

largest and most advanced disability<br />

accessible sports facilities; including<br />

an expansive multi-purpose<br />

gymnasium, swimming pools that<br />

are specially designed for therapy<br />

purposes, completely accessible locker<br />

rooms, therapy rooms, and a fitness<br />

center with disability accessible<br />

equipment.<br />

The Recanati-<br />

Kaplan<br />

Auditorium<br />

Shalva’s spacious auditorium<br />

hosts educational conferences for<br />

disability professionals and leading<br />

organizations as well as cultural<br />

events several times a week. The<br />

auditorium has the highest density of<br />

wheelchair accessible seating in Israel<br />

and is designed to accommodate<br />

inclusive casts and audiences, with<br />

disability accessible stage features<br />

and podiums. The home stage of the<br />

Shalva Band, Shalva’s auditorium<br />

exposes thousands of people from<br />

the broader community to the<br />

celebrated talents of people with<br />

disabilities.<br />

The Leon and<br />

Leesa Wagner<br />

Family Atrium<br />

The main entrance to the Shalva<br />

National Center welcomes thousands<br />

of program participants, visitors<br />

and guests with a warm and inviting<br />

energy. An open, three story atrium<br />

envelopes all who enter with an<br />

overhead artistic mobile of colorful<br />

butterflies turning gently in the<br />

breeze. The installation is the largest<br />

creation of renowned artist David<br />

Gerstein and symbolizes Shalva’s<br />

mission to give our children the tools<br />

they need to fly to the best of their<br />

ability and reach unimaginable heights.<br />

The Susan<br />

and Leonard<br />

Feinstein<br />

Respite Floor<br />

The respite floor is comprised of<br />

five connected pavilions, each with<br />

apartment-style living quarters<br />

that include spacious bedrooms for<br />

children and staff, a common area,<br />

a private bathroom and a balcony.<br />

The intimate pavilions create a<br />

comfortable, home-like environment<br />

which is familiar and friendly. The<br />

floor also has a self-care salon and<br />

an independent living apartment<br />

where older participants can practice<br />

home economics in a realistic yet<br />

supervised environment.<br />

The Manette<br />

and Louis<br />

Mayberg Café<br />

Shalva<br />

Café Shalva is a boutique<br />

restaurant that is also an inclusive<br />

equal-opportunity workplace,<br />

simultaneously offering a high-end,<br />

delicious culinary experience as well<br />

as the opportunity to participate<br />

in a meaningful inclusion initiative.<br />

The café is operated in partnership<br />

with the management of leading<br />

culinary establishments and has<br />

been reviewed with esteemed<br />

acclaim and popularity, bringing tens<br />

of thousands of people from the<br />

broader community into Shalva.<br />

18 19<br />

Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.<br />

Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.

This is what happens when<br />

you bring together<br />

Parents who are dedicated to<br />

giving their children the best<br />

lives and futures<br />

Children who are supported<br />

to achieve their dreams<br />

Professionals who see abilities and create<br />

possibilities<br />

A society that cares<br />

for its citizens<br />

Communities that<br />

believe in opening<br />

new doors for<br />

opportunity<br />

Friends who know that everyone<br />

can make a difference<br />

There is HOPE<br />

20 Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives. Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.<br />


Arrive curious.<br />

Leave inspired.<br />

Reuven Rivlin<br />

President of Israel<br />

“Every time I meet members of Shalva’s<br />

staff, volunteers, and the extended<br />

Shalva family, I come to understand<br />

what is love, what is endless dedication,<br />

what is giving. And for this I thank you.”<br />

Shimon Peres OBM<br />

Former President of Israel<br />

“All those who criticize Israel should<br />

come to Shalva and witness the other<br />

side of Israel. The most noble, loving and<br />

caring Israel. I am proud to be part of<br />

this Israel.”<br />

Shalva continues to grow thanks<br />

to the generosity and support<br />

of dear friends in Israel and<br />

around the world.<br />

Together we are inspiring hope,<br />

changing lives, and creating<br />

a better, more inclusive world.<br />

Benjamin Netanyahu<br />

Prime Minister of Israel<br />

“We salute what Shalva is doing in Israel<br />

which I think is a beacon to the entire<br />

world, what Shalva recognizes is that<br />

each human being has a soul.”<br />

Colonel Golan Wach<br />

Home Front Command of the Israel<br />

Defense Forces<br />

“Shalva established an amazing center<br />

which I would call no less than a “Noah’s<br />

Ark”, To care for the weakest people in<br />

society who need it the most.”<br />

Nir Barkat<br />

Former Mayor of Jerusalem<br />

"When people come to Jerusalem, they<br />

ask me what they should see. I tell them<br />

to visit Shalva. You don't come out the<br />

same person; the center changes you."<br />

Malka Margalit, PhD<br />

Recipient of the Israel Prize in the<br />

field of Education Research<br />

“Shalva spearheaded social change in the<br />

caring and development of a child with<br />

disabilities and their families.”<br />

Shalva / inspiring hope. Changing lives.<br />


ISRAEL<br />

Shalva National Center<br />

1 Shalva Road<br />

POB 34449, Jerusalem 9134302<br />

T +972-2-651-9555<br />

F +972-2-653-5787<br />

E info@shalva.org<br />

USA<br />

American Friends of Shalva<br />

New York<br />

315 Fifth Avenue, 6Th Fl.<br />

New York, NY 10016<br />

T +1-212-725-0900<br />

F +1-212-725-5624<br />

E leo@shalva-usa.org<br />

Florida<br />

78 S.W. 7th Street, Suite 500<br />

Miami, FL 33130<br />

O +1-786-814-5368<br />

M +1-954-536-8481<br />

E lauren@shalva-usa.org<br />

UK<br />

British Friends of Shalva<br />

Suit D, Kiln House<br />

15-17 High Street<br />

Elstree, Herts, WD6 3BY<br />

T +44-203-866-5741<br />

E uk@shalva.org<br />

CANADA<br />

Canadian Friends of Shalva<br />

201 Bridgeland Avenue<br />

Toronto, Ontario M6A 1Y7<br />

T +1-647-884-3636<br />

F +1-416-256-4003<br />

E canadianfriends@shalva.org<br />

MEXICO<br />

Mexican Friends of Shalva<br />

Hacienda del Ciervo #27 - 504<br />

Hacienda de las Palmas<br />

Huixquilucan Edo de Mexico<br />

CP 52787, Mexico City<br />

T +52-55-52163542<br />

E stevanjennifer@gmail.com<br />

www.shalva.org<br />

The Israel Association for Care and<br />

Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

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