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our area is that so much of it belongs to you

and me. A large section of what lies inside

the Grand Circle is public lands. Sitting inside

the borders that make up the Grand

Circle we have six national parks, ten national

monuments, one national recreation

area, four national parks, four national forests,

two wilderness areas and about a half

dozen state parks. Home to great hiking,

backpacking, skiing, fishing, snowmobiling,

sight-seeing and roadtripping.

And our happy little city of Page lies at

the very heart of it all.

26 Gateway to Canyon Country

If my daughter ever asks, Why do we

live in Page?, my wife and I can say, “Remember

that morning in Deadhorse Point

when the blue cliffs were stacked on top of

each other like panes of blue glass leaning

against a wall? Remember our cozy campsite

beneath the glowing cliff walls? Remember

all those thousands of stars that

seemed close enough to touch? Remember

how your sweatshirt smelled like a campfire

for a week after we got home?”

“That’s why.”

Wandervans can be rented from

Salt Lake City, Utah or Boise, Idaho.

A Wandervan includes a minifridge,

a two-burner Coleman camp

stove, a folding camp table, camp

chairs, a sink with running water,

and a heater that’s independent

of the van’s engine. They also have

curtains that can be pulled closed for


Wandervans can include several

extras to make your trip more

comfortable such as bike and cargo

racks, sleeping bags, deluxe sheets

and boosters seats if you’re bringing


The windows can be left open to

let air flow through. Wandervans

provides nets that attach over the

windows to keep the bugs out.

Wandervans offers small, medium

and large vans. The small and

medium vans have one bed and

sleeps 2. The large van has two beds

and sleeps 4-5. Dogs are allowed

with a $20/day pet fee.

The lower bed can also be converted

into a comfortable couch.

To see more, or make a reservation,


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