Gateway, Summer, 2019, FINAL


North Rim of the Grand Canyon

I camped on the north rim for two nights. It’s at higher elevation than the other side of the canyon, so a

perfect place to beat the August heat. The first thing I saw entering the park was a large herd of grazing buffalo.

There were lazy calves, playful yearlings and watchful adults. The second thing I noticed was the trees,

mostly evergreens, but a surprising number of tall, straight, white aspens. Wildlife was more plentiful than

on the south rim. I was surprised to see hummingbirds at this elevation. The crowds were small compared to

my last few visits to the other side of the canyon. People seemed friendlier. I have no data to back this, but

it seems crowded places keep people on guard to the point they can’t relax and have a good time. Or maybe

it’s just me.

42 Gateway to Canyon Country

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