Case study Dynadimmer Groningen - Philips


Case study Dynadimmer Groningen - Philips

Case study

DynaDimmer Groningen


Philips Lighting

Groningen, the Netherlands

Philips DynaDimmer

Schuitendiep, early in the evening.

“The Philips DynaDimmer is going to deliver the borough of Groningen

a saving of 1 million kWh of electricity each year. That is an incredible

performance, of which we are especially proud.”

Harry van der Wal, Policy Worker, Borough of Groningen

Philips DynaDimmer is assisting

Groningen with a considerable

energy saving in public lighting

Schuitendiep, later in the evening. Now with dimmed lights.


With the objective of creating an attractive, inhabitable and energy-neutral

city by 2025, the Borough of Groningen wishes to speed up development

of sustainability in its district. Public lighting, which accounts for 30% of

total energy consumption, is one of the spearheads. According to Harry

van der Wal, policy worker for the borough, between 10% and 20%

can definitely be saved. “We already have modern lighting, including

energy-saving light sources in street lamps, but we noticed fairly quickly

that dimming the lighting would yield extra savings.” After a few successful

experiments in the area, in which (social) safety continued to be guaranteed,

the assumptions were proved.

The Challenge

A search within the market for suitable dimmers yielded no results:

there did not appear to be an adequate solution. It was clear that this

issue required a bespoke solution. The DynaDimmer is that bespoke

solution. This dimmer was specially developed by Liandyn on the basis

of the wishes and requirements of the Borough of Groningen, whereby

the regulation of dimming levels and times were the most important

conditions. Philips may conclude from the success of the DynaDimmer

that this has been a worthwhile addition to their portfolio of energysaving

lighting solutions.

Project information


The Borough of Groningen


Groningen, the Netherlands



Philips products


Philips Account Manager

Ronnie Koster


The Philips DynaDimmer is the size of a matchbox and is used in

combination with a dimmable electronic switching device (eVSA). The

dimmer is programmable with five dimming periods with five different

levels. “As a result we can set the values we want precisely,” says Van

der Wal. “The lamp switches on with a light level of 90% instead of

100%. At 21.00 the lamp subsequently gradually dims to 70%, at 22.00

to 60% and at 23.00 to 50%. At 6.00 in the morning the lamp reverts

to a light level of 90%.” The dimmer is applied specifically in residential

areas and suburban connecting roads; those locations where in the

evening, traffic volume decreases and less light causes less harm to traffic

and social safety.


“The Philips DynaDimmer is going to deliver the Borough of Groningen

a saving of 1 million kWh of electricity each year. That equates to

the power consumption of around 330 households”, explains van der

Wal. That is an incredible performance, of which we are especially

proud.” And what is particularly good is that the population hardly

notices this change.” During the years to come, as many street lights

and light fittings in Groningen as possible will be equipped with the


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