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Smart Solutions Sensors

TDK-Micronas Attracts


Sensors for magnetic fields not only

call for very precise measurement,

they must also be immune to stray

fields. Whether designing a new joystick

or the driving wheel of a new

vehicle, multidimensional magneticfield

measurement is essential. With

its latest 3D HAL pixel cell technology,

TDK-Micronas has introduced a

line of sensors especially suited for

use in electric vehicles where, for cost

reasons, increasingly miniaturized

magnets are being used, leading to

increased sensitivity to magnetic interference.

The company says the new

sensors are suitable for use in valves

and actuators, selectors and gear

shifters, for the detection of pedal position,

steering angle, or chassis position.

NIR Spectroscopy Brings

in the Harvest

When the time is ripe, farmers and

vineyard owners need to quickly decide

when to harvest their crops. To

help them, German lighting specialist

Osram has developed a smartphonebased

system which uses a new kind

of opto-semiconductor, the Oslon

Black SFH 4736. Simply scanning

TDK Gets Rid of


TDK’s new HAL

sensor is especially

suited for electric

vehicles where miniature

magnets are

in widespread use.

fruit or cereal crops with the nearinfrared

LED (NIRED) installed on a

smartphone or tablet running spectroscopy

software produces reliable

information about the sugar, water,

and fat content.

The SFH 4736 makes use of the absorption

behavior of certain molecular

compounds. It irradiates a sample

with a defined spectrum of light and

the spectrometer measures the wavelength

distribution of the reflected

light. These measurements indicate

the existence and quantity of certain

characteristics, allowing the farmer in

the field or the vineyard owner at the

vine to take samples and easily monitor

the progress of their crops in real

time so they can plan the ideal time

to bring in the harvest.

Running Cool

More than 80 percent of bearing

failures in industries like mining and

manufacturing are attributable to

inadequate lubrication. The ABB Ability

Smart Sensor converts traditional

motors, pumps, and mounted bearings

into smart, wirelessly connected

devices. It measures key parameters

from the surface of the equipment

which can be used to gain meaningful

information on condition and performance,

enabling managers to identify

inefficiencies within their systems

and to reduce risks. The sensor allows

maintenance to be planned according

to actual needs rather than based

on generic schedules, ABB claims. This

can extend the lifetime of equipment,

cut maintenance costs, and reduce or

prevent unplanned downtime due

to breakdowns. The sensor attaches

to the bearing housing and sends its

data to a smartphone or other Bluetooth

device, allowing data to be

gathered from remote or hazardous

locations as well as locally.

Lubrication is Key

ABB’s new smart

sensors measure the

conditions of bearing

during operation and

report back via smartphone

app, resulting

in less downtime and


Time to Bring in

the Harvest

Farmers can pick the

right time to gather

their crops thanks to

Osram’s new optosemiconductors




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