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School Miss

is nicked for

sending nude

pics to lad, 17

A HIGH school teacher

is accused of sending

nude photos of herself

to a 17-year-old student.

Kelsie Schmidt, 22,

was nicked and

charged with “luring

minors by computer or

other means”.

A detective was

called to Beulah High

School in North Dakota

to investigate a report

of a teacher who had

been sending nude

photos via Snapchat to

male high school

students, according to

a police report.

The cop interviewed

a 17-year-old male

student who made a

comment “that he could

get the maths teacher

in trouble for pictures

that she had sent him”,

the report said.

The youth said he

received three or four

naked photos from

Schmidt. The photos

were of her from the

waist up with her hair

somewhat covering her

breasts. Another was a

photo of a person’s legs

with the message, “Get

a group and play naked

hide and seek”.

Schmidt allegedly

admitted that she had

sent the nude pics.

She has been placed

on administrative leave,

and in court was bailed

until February 27.



A WOMEN’S Institute

darts team is pretty

unusual but they do

things differently up in

the Yorkshire town of


And most W.I. members

don’t get their boobs out

on boozy nights out.



But when the Flights of

Fancy team hit the bars of

Vegas after trouncing local

opposition in a tournament,

that’s what happened.

Member Dot Squires (far

right), 50, told us: “We’d had

a few glasses to celebrate

Twitter goes wild at

booby Las Vegas pic

our win and these redneck

guys were congratulating

us. They say what they

think these Americans and

one bloke said we had ‘real

nice titties’.

“Well Doreen, who’s not

shy, said: ‘Come on girls,

let’s show ’em what we’ve

got’. So we did, and put the

pic on Twitter. They’ve gone

mad for it!”

Doreen added: “Of course

we’re not members of the

real W.I. I think we’d get

thrown out for this.”

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