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January 27, 2019 5

Eamonn kill

threats over

Wacko quiz

FANS of dead singer

Michael Jackson have

threatened to KILL

Brit TV star Eamonn


They are furious at

the This Morning host

for the way he quizzed

Jacko’s pal Mark Lester

on the show last week.

Mark, 60, who found

fame as Oliver Twist in

the 1968 film Oliver!,

was best mates with

the singer for years

and there are rumours

he is the real father of

the star’s children.

Eamonn (above)

asked Mark: “Do you

ever see similarities

between yourself and

Paris? Is that not

strange, if you realised

you were the biological

father of that child?

Not weird?”

Mark insisted the

Thriller singer was

the real father of all of

his children.

Wacko Jacko fans

took to online forums to

attack Eamonn, 59.

One wrote: “This

man is a monster. He

doesn’t deserve to live.

100 bucks to anyone

who takes him out!”

Another said: “How

dare he talk about

Michael like this.

There’s a target on his

head now.”

IF a police dog is

chasing you, try not to

go through a tunnel,

then on to a little seesaw,

then jump through

a hoop of fire. They’re

trained for that.

– Milton Jones

Seaside flasher

nabbed at last

A PROLIFIC flasher who

whipped his cock out 16

times to unsuspecting

women has been finally


Edward Kent repeatedly

exposed his meat and two

veg in a park in Brighton

over a two-year period.

The 27-year-old was

nabbed last week after it

was reported he exposed

himself to two women

who were walking in

Preston Park.

He later pleaded guilty

to 16 counts of indecent

exposure in the seaside


Kent was charged with

indecently exposing

himself between

November 1, 2016, and

January 10, 2019.

He appeared at

Brighton Magistrates’

Court and admitted the

offence and was

remanded in custody to

appear at Lewes Crown

Court on February 14 for


Last year we were

Russia’s Ant & Dec,

now we


Ant ‘n’

Dec and

Dmitri ‘n’


piss our pants

for perverts




for the



MOST fellas hate going shopping with the missus,

but lucky Brian Holden loves a trip down the aisles

with his wife Sheree.

That’s because the game Oldham lass, who’s 43,

enjoys popping into the supermarket with stockings

on and her drawers off!

Brian, 46, said: “She’s a cheeky mare, but I love

her to bits. The great thing is she always makes a

point of needing stuff from the bottom shelves.”

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ANT ’n’ Dec would have been forgiven

for thinking they were the unassailable

kings of TV on last week’s National

Television Awards.

Because even though Ant has been off our

screens for the best part of a year drying out, the

golden pair won the Best TV Presenters gong.

The showbiz duo have

been riding high at the

height of their powers for

well over a decade and

even Ant’s drink-driving

conviction has not dented


Indeed, some say Ant’s

woes have INCREASED

their popularity – as it’s

helped people remember

which one is which.


But pride cometh before

a fall. That’s a lesson

hard learned by Dmitri

Mendelev and Vladimir


At the 2018 Russian

TV Awards, the light

entertainment presenters

were hailed as their

country’s answer to Ant

’n’ Dec. They could do no

wrong. Millions rolled in.

Last night they were

shivering and penniless

under a Moscow road

bridge – broken by booze



and a row with TV

station bosses which saw

them framed for fraud

and sexually assaulting

a midget.

Dmitri, 33, shuddered

last night: “I will warn

your Ant and your Dec,

enjoy the good times for

they do not last.

“Our story is proof of

that. Our fall was

spectacular, and it can

happen to anyone.”

Vladimir, 31, said:

“The other day a pervert

asked us to urinate in

our trousers while he

watched. He gave us 100

US dollars for it.

“It was a sign of how

low we have sunk. We did

it, took the money and

spent it on vodka.

“How are we fallen?”

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