6 January 27, 2019

Selena’s hit

by fake nude

photo leaks

DISNEY star Selena

Gomez has been

subjected to a private

nude photo leak hell

after evil web monsters

posted pictures they

claim to be her online.

The images mostly

feature a woman with

very attractive fulsome

breasts being bared in

a variety of locations.

Some of the snaps of

the woman, who has

brunette hair, even

show naked bottom

cheeks and a shaven


There is no proof

that the snaps are

actually of the Wizards

of Waverley Place star

(above), 28, but the site

claims all 84 snaps

they have posted are

the singer’s.

The alleged leak is

the second time Selena

has been hit by people

claiming to be hackers

say they’ve stolen her

private nuddy snaps.

A source said: “These

people say they are

pictures of Selena but

there is no proof and

her people deny it.

“But the truth

doesn’t matter. The fact

they are online with

people saying they are

is damaging enough.”


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Boss Brian

says was


when our




house run by an abusive

alcoholic has been

named the worst bed and

breakfast in Britain.

Brians’s (sic) B&B is so

disgusting that one health

inspector VOMITED when

he entered the building and

was hit with the vile stench

of human waste and dead


The six-bedroomed property

was last week closed down and

one council inspector – who

asked not to be named for fear

of reprisals – told Sunday

Sport: “In 20 years of inspecting

shitholes, I have never seen

anything close to that place.

“If you can imagine falling

into a cesspit full of the loose

stools of a thousand Bubonic

Plague sufferers, you wouldn’t

be far off.

“Of course, Brians’s B&B is







worse than that because

cesspits don’t have Brian

Billingham in them. He is

without doubt the most

unpleasant individual I’ve ever

had the misfortune to meet.”


Our mole added: “We walked

into the property to find

Billingham crouched naked at

the bottom of the stairs with

his back to us. It was only

when he turned around that

we realised he was furiously

masturbating. It was like

something from Silence of the


“My colleague – a girl of just

20 and new to the job – started

crying. She’d already been

sick because of the smell.

“If I have my way Brians’s

B&B will not only remain

closed, it will be demolished

like 25 Cromwell Street.

“I’ll take the stench of that

place to my grave.”


Mac shocks

with naked

Rafa quips

JOHN McEnroe has

shocked prim tennis fans

by talking about Rafael

Nadal’s naked body in a

bizarre post-match,

on-court interview.

The Spaniard walloped

Stefanos Tsitsipas in

straight sets to reach his

fourth Australian Open


The American pundit

first quizzed the world

No.2 on his sleeveless

shirts, asking if he was

trying to intimidate his

opponents but then

started talking about the

player’s bare bod.

“I was finishing taking

a bathroom break and I

saw a naked Rafael Nadal.”

Nadal said: “What’s

your impression?”

McEnroe’s answered: “I

thought to myself ‘that

looks a lot like my body’.

“No, absolutely lying

about that. I said to

myself ‘I wish had a body

like that’.”

‘My daughter

asked if we’d

gone to Hell’

WHEN Steven Langley and his

wife Hannah, both 36, booked

in at Brians’s with their

five-year-old daughter Ellie

they thought they had

entered a warzone.

They were shocked by what

they saw and took these pics

of the room, toilet and

inedible breakfast because

they were convinced no-one

would believe how bad it was.

Driver Steve said: “It was

like something you would

expect to see in somewhere like

Syria not Birmingham .

“Hannah walked into the bedroom

and asked, “Have we gone to Hell?’

“We would have walked out but we

were in the area for a wedding and

everywhere was booked up.

“It was either stay there or sleep

in our Smart Car. So we stayed but

we all slept fully clothed.

“In the end we were just glad to

get out alive.

“I don’t honestly know how he’s

still in business.”


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