2019-2020 Program of Work


Quality of Place

Volunteer Executive

Tonya Oates, Turning Point

Behavioral Health, Chair of

Quality of Place

Staff Responsibility

Tabatha Duvall, Communication


Paul Harvel, President & CEO

Major Function

Quality of Place is the soul of

a successful community; the

factors that go into it—places,

experiences, and people—add

up to the things that everyone

wants in their communities. They

have the ability to positively or

negatively impact the quality of

life of the people who live in, work

in, play in, and visit Russellville

and directly influence our future

community and economic

development. This group seeks

to create extraordinary personal

experiences in our community to

help raise Russellville’s Quality of



The region has a shared

beautification plan and programs

in place to improve the overall

appearance of the major

thoroughfares, state highways, and

Interstate 40 entrances and exits

for the region. Attractive and wellmaintained

roadways give people

an immediate impression about

a place, and there is no second

chance to make a first impression.

Welcoming entrances to the

region will invite people to stop

and spend time and money.

Short term objective: Create an

inventory of places to be improved

and identify the resources to begin.

Long term objective: An on-going

beautification program is in

place and all of the entrances

to the region and the major

thoroughfares reflect the pride of

the community through streetscaping

and other techniques to

constantly improve the quality of


Time frame: Begin immediately and

then on-going

Strategic actions

1. Be engaged in a five year

beautification plan for the

region along with the city,

county, school district, and

higher education

2. Help update areas of town

to become more bicycle &

pedestrian friendly

3. Update gateways into the city

to welcome tourists, travelers,

and outside business interests

4. Research the probability of

commissioning a mural in

downtown Russellville

5. Support Historic Tax Credit

projects in the River Valley

6. Consider a second “Paint the

River Valley” for buildings or

areas that need painting and

minor carpentry or general

clean up.

Health & Wellness

1. Promote walk-ability of the


2. Plan fourth annual Farm to

Fork Dinner for October.

3. Develop incentives for

Chamber member businesses to

implement workplace wellness


Building Standards

1. Encourage city’s efforts to

make sure that buildings in

town fit current building

standards and to work toward

modern standards.

2. Work in support of El Paso

project and other possible

overlay districts.

3. Support downtown progress.

4. Support city’s efforts to expand

complete streets.


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