2019-2020 Program of Work


2019 - 2020

Program of Work


Message from our Chairman

I want to thank you for

allowing me to serve as the Chair

of the Russellville Area Chamber

of Commerce for 2019. It is an

honor, and I will work hard with

you to continue to build a better


First and most importantly,

I want to thank Adam Anderson

for implementing a new

organizational structure aimed at

chamber member participation.

The new Program of Work

structure followed by ten months

of hard work qualified our

chamber to receive accreditation

from the United States Chamber

of Commerce. This prestigious

recognition is only held by five

other chambers in the state. This

is a major accomplishment and

highlight of the 2018 year.

There were the seven new

councils formed, of which four

of them were very active in 2018.

They are Governmental Affairs,

Leadership, Member Services, and

Programs and Events. In 2019 we

will start up the three remaining

councils established but not


ignited because of time restraints

in accomplishing the chamber

accreditation goal.

Major emphasis this year

will be placed on Quality of Place,

Business Retention and Expansion,

and Education. Quality of

Place implementation and

accomplishment will be a major

focus for 2019. I can assure you

that the Quality of Place Council

will be at the forefront in helping

our community be more profitable

and to have a better quality of life.

I want to personally thank

the willingness of the seven

council chairs for undertaking

the leadership responsibilities of

the new councils. They are: Chip

Blanchard, First State Bank, Dr.

Mark Gotcher, Russellville School

District, Andy McNeill, Denali

Water Solutions, Steve Mallett,

City Corporation, Tonya Oates,

Turning Point Adult Behavioral

Health, Kylia Stewart, Arkansas

Tech, Brad Allen, McDonalds,

Adam Anderson, Nationwide, and

Todd Sweeden, Sweeden Florist.

I am enthusiastic about

our new emphasis on Quality of

Place and Business Retention

and Expansion. Work Force

Development will be the

cornerstone of the Business

Retention and Expansion under

the guidance of Dr. Mark Gotcher,

Russellville School District and

Mark Clark, Rockline.

We look forward to

adding the chamber’s resources

of staff and financial support

to compliment the Russellville

Regional Alliance for Economic

Development, which had a very

good year in 2018.

We should be thankful that

Russellville is an excellent product

for the chamber to market and

continually improve.

Joe Wolfe


2019 Chairman of the Board




Organizational Chart



Business Leader

Andy McNeill

Staff Leader

Paul Harvel

Angela Bonds


Business Leader

Steve Mallett

Staff Leader

Paul Harvel

Angela Bonds


Retention &


Business Leader

Chip Blanchard

Staff Leader

Paul Harvel

Suzy Griffin

Quality of


Business Leader

Tonya Oates

Staff Leader

Tabatha Duvall

Paul Harvel


Business Leader

Dr. Mark Gotcher

Staff Leader

Angela Bonds

Donna Kennamore



Business Leader

Brad Allen

Adam Anderson

Staff Leader

Misty Lumpkins

Programs &


Business Leaders

Todd Sweeden

Kylia Stewart

Staff Leader

Donna Kennamore

State Class Established


Federal Alumni Industry


Local Recruitment Established











Parks &




Arkansas Tech







Curriculum Shop Local Health &





Red Coat


Leads Group

First Friday




River Valley

Business Expo



Top Investor



Staff Goals & Objectives

Job Creation & Retention

• Existing Industry

Workforce Development

• New Capital

Total Resource Campaign


• Permanent Year Round

Sales Group

• Retention

• New Member Sales

• Sponsorships

• Retail Visitation

Government Affairs

• Lobbyist Training

• Online Sales Tax

• Legislative Breakfast and


• Arkansas State Chamber

Washington D.C. Fly-ins

• Candidate Forums

• Local Government Thank

You Luncheons


Community Development

• Shop Local Campaign

• Health and Wellness

• Employer/School Relations

• “How To Start a Business

in Russellville” Tri-fold


Governmental Affairs

Volunteer Executive:

Andy McNeill, Denali Water

Solutions, Chair of Governmental


Staff Responsibility:

Paul Harvel, President & CEO

Angela Bonds, Director of

Government Affairs & Leadership

Major Function

Reflect the business community

viewpoint on federal, state, and local

governmental matters. Maintain

liaison with governmental agencies

having developmental, regulatory, as

well as advisory responsibilities in

all aspects of commerce.

General Aims

Develop a focused governmental

affairs program that will actively

involve the business community

in the decision and policy making

processes across appropriate

levels of government to promote

competitiveness and awareness of

the greater Russellville Business


Maintain open dialog and channels

of communication with elected

officials on all levels of government

representing our district.

Federal Legislative Task


1. Be active on national issues

affecting business, positioning

this business community on

issues and conveying this

position in as strong a way

as possible to Congress, our

delegation, and our public.

2. Encourage participation and

attendance to Washington

during the annual meeting of

the Arkansas State Chamber

of Commerce. Plan visits

to congressional offices and

participate in the Arkansas

Congressional Reception.

3. Maintain at the Chamber office

a current list of governmental

hotline phone numbers so that

the membership can keep upto-date

on developments in


4. Keep the business community

updated on national legislative

issues by sending out a new

initiative called “Washington

Watch” twice monthly by

email giving our members the

latest information needed when

contacting our congressional


State Task Force

1. Develop a state legislative

platform and an effective

lobbying activities to stimulate

passage of legislation beneficial

to our region.

2. Maintain proper representation

at important committee hearings

and general sessions in Little


3. Become acquainted with all

state agencies and invite agency

board members and commission

members to hold meetings in


4. Join in a regional effort

to encourage more key

appointments to commissions

and boards by the Governor.

5. Keep the business community

updated on state legislative

issues by sending out a new

initiative called “Arkansas

Watch” during session by

email giving our members the

latest information needed when

contacting our state delegates.


6. Sponsor legislative reception

for the region during the 2019

legislative session.

Local Task Force

1. Continue to attend city

commission meetings and

county commission meetings

to stay better informed on local

government issues.

2. Consider sponsorship of

appropriate appreciation

receptions for local elected


3. Continue to attend city council

meetings, school board meetings

and quorum court meetings to

show support to our elective

officials and gain more insight

into our community.

4. Prepare position statements on

local issues affecting the business


Candidate Interviews

Develop a forum of Candidate

Interviews to give our members and

the community more information

on potentially elected officials on the

local, state, and national platforms.


Russellville Regional

Leadership Academy

Volunteer Executive

Steve Mallett, City Corporation,

Chair of Leadership Russellville

Staff Responsibility

Paul Harvel, President & CEO

Angela Bonds, Director of

Government Affairs & Leadership

Major Function

The Russellville area is one of the

major growth areas of Arkansas.

New growth – both in terms of

population and economy – means

new problems, major new solutions

to these problems and demands

the involvement of informed

and caring citizens. Russellville

Regional Leadership Academy

will offer informative learning

opportunities in an atmosphere

that stimulates participants to

use both new and proven tools to

meet the challenges of today and


General Aim

The objective of the Russellville

Regional Leadership Academy

is to identify, educate and

motivate potential leaders to

become involved in the future

of our community. It is aimed at

developing a pool of well-informed

and well-motivated men and

women qualified to assume present

and future leadership roles in the

Russellville area.

The keys to the River Valley’s

future are knowledgeable and

skilled leaders who have an

awareness and understanding

of all facets of our community,

including government, business,

education, recreation, utilities,

infrastructure, housing, health

care, social services and more.

There is no better program to

serve as the training ground for

our future leaders than Russellville

Regional Leadership Academy.

1. In-depth training sessions

focus on local issues, exploring

their background, origin and

present day-status.

2. Recruitment and attainment of

30 delegates each year.

3. The program covers a full

slate of topics including

government, the area’s

economy, education, social

services and much more. The

sessions combine lectures,


tours, dialogue and interaction

between speakers and


4. Identify and motivate

individuals with leadership


5. Acquaint delegates with

community needs, challenges,

and opportunities.

6. Offer a forum of exchange

on methods for dealing with

community issues

7. Challenge potential leaders

to become involved with local

issues and the decision-making


8. Challenge classes to

organize, fund, and facilitate

a community project that

can meet a community need,

improve the quality of life,

or enhance the economy in


Leadership Alumni

1. Upon graduation, Leadership

Alumni will work together

to help develop curriculum

content, session agendas and

speakers, and recruitment.

2. Begin a series of quarterly

luncheons on major topics

of city, state, and federal


3. Begin consideration of

facilitating a youth leadership

institute; develop program

and guideline to decide if the

Alumni would engage in such

an undertaking.

4. Review the new Chamber

organizational structure

and consider working on

recruitment of chamber

members for the new seven

major councils.

5. Recognize a Distinguished

Leadership Award annually

at each Leadership class


6. Serve as the main recruitment

arm for the Leadership

classes, assist when needed in

curriculum building, and serve

as session leaders.

7. Assist the staff in securing

session sponsorships and

preparing monthly programs

for alumni meetings.


Business Retention & Expansion

Volunteer Executive

Chip Blanchard, First State Bank,

Chair of Economic Development


Staff Responsibility

Paul Harvel, President & CEO

Suzy Griffin, Executive Vice

President - Economic Development

Major Function

Increase employment

opportunities for the Russellville

area, prospect selectivity for

compatible new business, assist

expansion of local firms, and

support and enhance a healthy

business climate for our region and


General Aims

Coordinate with Russellville Regional

Economic Development Alliance

all activities and programs related

to Russellville’s Economic and

Community Development efforts.

Ensure that established business and

industry are provided the available

assistance, resources manpower, and

skills of the Russellville Chamber of

Commerce to allow for the continued

development of a good economic

climate. Seek out, encourage, and

assist new local business ventures.

Russellville Area Sales


1. Recruit top community leaders

willing to commit their time,

efforts, and contacts for selling

the economic advantages of

locating in Russellville.

2. Work with Russellville Regional

EDA on Economic Development

Leads program.

3. Assess the City’s past and current

situation regarding industrial

diversification. This information

could be used as reinforcement


for potential prospects and allow

greater “targeting” of future

industrial diversification efforts.

4. Create programs which may

further open the door for

cooperation between Russellville

and its allies in industrial

development including the

state, banks, utility and railroad

companies, real estate firms,

developers, etc.

Established Industry


1. Create the Established Industry

Committee from representatives

of local industrial and

manufacturing firms, utility

companies (electric, gas,

telephone,) banks, and local

government. Consider holding

quarterly meetings in which

current problems are discussed

and information is shared

regarding new and expanding


2. Partner with the Russellville

Regional EDA to evaluate,

enhance, and execute the

established business-and-industry

visitation program for major


3. Develop a process through

which local industrial and

manufacturing concerns are

updated on legislative issues

affecting their operations from a

local, state, regional, or national


4. Continue to organize and

coordinate tours of local firms

with the Russellville Regional

EDA as a means of expanding the

understanding of Russellville’s

industrial and manufacturing


5. Pinpoint Russellville’s industrial

and manufacturing concerns

with the Russellville Regional

EDA with the aim of developing

a comprehensive annual call

program which establishes

file information to be retained

through this program reflecting

increases in employment or

capital expenditure from year to


6. Utilize the Arkansas Economic

Development Institute (AEDI)

to acquire research and technical

assistance for existing industry.



1. Support the enhancement of

the Workforce Development

program. Assist with workforce

recruitment to the area and with

skills development of existing

workforce. Communicate with

local employers, private training

providers, and public educators to

promote and define the Workforce

Development program.

2. Plan and execute a Workforce

Development Summit that will

bring together stakeholders

from private industry, education,

workforce development, and

economic development to

understand best thinking on

integrated talent development


3. Host and promote the Skilled

Trade Expo, designed to increase

interest and awareness of skilled

trades in Jr. and Sr. High students

in the region.

Research Task Force

1. Initiate and direct economic

research on the Russellville

region and national economies

and work in concert with the

Arkansas Tech University.

2. Russellville Area Wage Survey-

Develop a survey instrument

for gathering wage and salary

information to be used by local

industry and industrial prospects.

3. Conduct special research as

needed concerning economic,

legislative, tax, and other issues

concerning the Chamber’s overall

goals and objectives.

4. Act as a liaison and referral

capacity to all outside sources

for economic and demographic

data. Serve as the principal

source for economic and statistical

information about Russellville for

investors, news media, and public

officials. Present talks regarding

the Russellville economy where

it will serve Chamber objectives.

Interview and counsel with

prospective and local Russellville


Promote Retail & Shop

Local initiative

1. Communicate and assist

Russellville Regional EDA

maintain list of available building

and retail space.

2. Develop a marketing campaign

for available retail space with the

Russellville Regional EDA.

3. Attend the ICSC retail conference

in Fort Worth and evaluate future

promotions at similar events.

4. Attend the ICSC retail

conference in Las Vegas to gather

information and promote the

Russellville area.

5. Develop and promote a Shop

Local campaign using on-line

marketing and traditional

marketing strategies.

6. Survey all local retail

businesses every other year for

their challenges, successes, and

local trends.


Entrepreneurship &

Innovation CENTER

1. Work closely with the Russellville

Regional EDA, the City of

Russellville, and Arkansas Tech

University to enhance the climate

for entrepreneurial growth and

talent development.

2. Establish a task force to assess

local entrepreneurial resources.

3. Work with the City of

Russellville and Arkansas Tech

University to promote and

develop the Innovation Center

in Down Town Russellville,

and coordinate entrepreneurial


4. Work with the Russellville

Regional EDA and the Arkansas

Small Business Training and

Development Center (ASBTCD)

to create a local innovation

entrepreneurship toolkit.

Staff Responsibilities

1. Maintain statistical information

on the community and cooperate

with the Communication

Department in producing the

annual economic development

book. Other reports and

publication put out by the

department include:

• Wage and Benefit Survey

• Industrial Areas Report

• Inventory of available Retail


• Population and Employment


2. Coordination and dissemination

of information gathered in the

American Chamber of Commerce

Researchers Association

Quarterly Cost of Living Index.

3. Maintain inventory of maps for

industrial prospects and internal


4. Daily visits with business

prospects visiting the city.

5. Promote Retail/ Shop Local


6. Develop and promote a Shop

Local campaign using on-line

marketing and traditional

marketing strategies

7. Communicate and assist

Russellville Regional EDA

maintain list of available building

and retail space

8. Develop a marketing piece,

including on-line marketing for

available retail space with the

Russellville Regional EDA.

9. Attend the ICSC retail conference

in Fort Worth and evaluate future

promotions at similar events.

10. Attend the ICSC retail

conference in Las Vegas to gather

information and promote the

Russellville area.

11. Survey all local retail businesses

every other year for their

challenges, successes, and local


12. Work closely with the Russellville

Regional EDA, the City of

Russellville, and Arkansas Tech

University to enhance the climate

for entrepreneurial growth and

talent development.

13. Establish a task force to assess

local entrepreneurial resources.

Develop a strategy to focus

resources, optimize availability

and coordination between

the Russellville Chamber of

Commerce, Russellville Regional

EDA, City of Russellville, and

Arkansas Tech University.

14. Work with the City of

Russellville and Arkansas Tech

University to promote and

develop the Innovation Center in

Downtown Russellville.

15. Work with the Russellville

Regional EDA and the Arkansas

Small Business Training and

Development Center (ASBTCD)

to create a local innovation

entrepreneurship toolkit.


Quality of Place

Volunteer Executive

Tonya Oates, Turning Point

Behavioral Health, Chair of

Quality of Place

Staff Responsibility

Tabatha Duvall, Communication


Paul Harvel, President & CEO

Major Function

Quality of Place is the soul of

a successful community; the

factors that go into it—places,

experiences, and people—add

up to the things that everyone

wants in their communities. They

have the ability to positively or

negatively impact the quality of

life of the people who live in, work

in, play in, and visit Russellville

and directly influence our future

community and economic

development. This group seeks

to create extraordinary personal

experiences in our community to

help raise Russellville’s Quality of



The region has a shared

beautification plan and programs

in place to improve the overall

appearance of the major

thoroughfares, state highways, and

Interstate 40 entrances and exits

for the region. Attractive and wellmaintained

roadways give people

an immediate impression about

a place, and there is no second

chance to make a first impression.

Welcoming entrances to the

region will invite people to stop

and spend time and money.

Short term objective: Create an

inventory of places to be improved

and identify the resources to begin.

Long term objective: An on-going

beautification program is in

place and all of the entrances

to the region and the major

thoroughfares reflect the pride of

the community through streetscaping

and other techniques to

constantly improve the quality of


Time frame: Begin immediately and

then on-going

Strategic actions

1. Be engaged in a five year

beautification plan for the

region along with the city,

county, school district, and

higher education

2. Help update areas of town

to become more bicycle &

pedestrian friendly

3. Update gateways into the city

to welcome tourists, travelers,

and outside business interests

4. Research the probability of

commissioning a mural in

downtown Russellville

5. Support Historic Tax Credit

projects in the River Valley

6. Consider a second “Paint the

River Valley” for buildings or

areas that need painting and

minor carpentry or general

clean up.

Health & Wellness

1. Promote walk-ability of the


2. Plan fourth annual Farm to

Fork Dinner for October.

3. Develop incentives for

Chamber member businesses to

implement workplace wellness


Building Standards

1. Encourage city’s efforts to

make sure that buildings in

town fit current building

standards and to work toward

modern standards.

2. Work in support of El Paso

project and other possible

overlay districts.

3. Support downtown progress.

4. Support city’s efforts to expand

complete streets.


Parks & Recreation

1. Support the city in their

efforts to create a connected

trails system throughout


2. Work with the cities of

Dardanelle & Russellville to

create a pedestrian bridge

across the Arkansas River as a

long range goal.

3. Research the possibility of

creating a bridge that connects

city trails to Ouita Island on

Lake Dardanelle.

4. Work to create an inclusive

playground for children of all

abilities within the city limits.


Tourism and hospitality play a

key role in Arkansas’s economy

but just as importantly, in our

community’s economy.

Nestled between two mountain

ranges, the Ouachitas and the

Ozarks, along scenic Hwy 7, and

on beautiful Lake Dardanelle, our

community is primed for travelers

whether visiting for recreation and

or just away on business.

Continue memberships to both the

Arkansas Hospitality Association

– Travel Council and the River

Valley Tri-Peaks Association

provide the Chamber an

opportunity to build relationships

with tourism and hospitality based

businesses allowing the Chamber a

better opportunity to advocate on

behalf of the industry with local,

regional and state officials for

legislation that actively supports

the sustainability and growth of

the tourism and hospitality sector.

The Chamber will continue

to support the education of

future Hospitality and Tourism

professionals through partnerships

with ATCC and Arkansas

Tech University - Hospitality

Department through community

education and advisory roles.

The possibility of a baseball

tournament facility has

been proposed to the city of

Russellville. On behalf of the

city, the Chamber will support the

community in determining the

feasibility of such projects.


In today’s world, Quality of Life

is just as an important component

of Economic Development as

certified sites, incentives, and other

traditional attractors. Many major

employers stated that recruiting

and keeping highly skilled

employees has proven difficult.

Short term objective: Fill current

vacancies at our established


Long term objective: Minimize

turnover rates and the number of

vacancies at our largest employers.

Time frame: On-going

Responsible Organizations:

Russellville Area Chamber

of Commerce, Advertising

and Promotions Commission,

Russellville Regional Economic

Development Alliance, public

education, higher education,

Employers, City and County

Government, other promotional


Strategic actions:

1. The Alliance and Chamber

are working with Aristotle

on an Employee Recruitment

& Economic Development

Marketing Strategy, that will

focus on what Russellville and

the River Valley has to offer to

employees and their families.

Marketing will primarily take

place online.

2. The Alliance and Chamber

will continue to market the

region using our quality

education systems, the citywide

trail system, parks,

disk-golf courses, world class

bass fishing, and our location

on Lake Dardanelle nestled

between two National Forests

and four state parks as charms

for employees and employers




Volunteer Executive

Dr. Mark Gotcher, Russellville

School District, Chair of


Staff Responsibility

Donna Kennamore - Office

Manager/ Events Coordinator

Angela Bonds - Director

of Government Affairs and


Paul Harvel - President/CEO

Major Function

Create and maintain a partnership

between the business community

and local education systems by

allowing business leaders and

educators the opportunity to share

ideas and foster a joint vision.

General Aims

1. Encourage and equip schools,

local businesses and industry

to create and sustain ongoing

partnerships identifying what

skills graduates need to be able

to do to be employable by local

businesses and industry.

2. By facilitating dialogue,

identify current and future

workforce training needs, and

seek to improve availability and

quality of workforce training


3. Work with and support

Arkansas Tech University in

their community relations,

government affairs, and

educational efforts.

4. Encourage and develop

relationships with local and

state elected officials assisting

in their understanding of

what legislation is needed

or changed in an effort to

encourage robust workforce

opportunities for graduates.

5. Review the pluses and minuses

of school board elections being

held on major election days

to increase public support and

awareness from the business


6. Assist district leaders and

business industry leaders

on how best practices and

standards for effective lobbying

for quality legislation to

encourage robust workforce

opportunities for graduates.

7. Educate parents on the latest

trends and assessments of

local workforce needs.

8. Work to support good

work ethic and emphasize

dependability with our high

school students through the

Arkansas Scholars program

and increase public support and

awareness of the importance

of Arkansas Tech University

to our region with programs

such as the ATU Connection

Committee, Paint the Town

Green and Gold, and Bash at

the Ballpark.

Teacher Appreciation

Together with various businesses,

volunteers, and local school

districts, the Chamber is honored

to bring a new event to our

community recognizing some of

the hardest working professionals,

TEACHERS. Join the Chamber

of Commerce as we say thank

you for the lasting contributions


they make in so many families’

lives. Education is the cornerstone

to not just an individual’s future

but to the future of a community.

Show your support of our local

educators and help us welcome

them all back to school.

Paint the Town Green

and Gold

In an effort to connect the

communities of Russellville and

Arkansas Tech University, the

ATU Connection Committee

presents a week’s worth of

activities and events encouraging

students and community members

to come together and show their

school spirit. Businesses around

town are invited to participate in

the window decorating contest and

showcasing their pride for Green

& Gold. A downtown festival is

held and includes local bands, a

pep-rally, children’s games led by

Arkansas Tech athletes, and more.

The week culminates with the

traditional Party in the Plaza and

football game at Thone Stadium.

The 4th annual Paint the Town

Green & Gold event is set for

September 9-14, 2019.

Arkansas Scholars

Arkansas Scholars is a program

that gives students good reasons

to do well in high school. Students

are asked to meet a set of criteria

that will prepare them for both

the workplace and additional

education after high school. The

program is centered on reliability

and citizenship for a broad range

of students. Beginning in the

9th grade, students are asked

to participate in the program

and will remain in the program

through graduation as long as

they meet a set of parameters

based on attendance, curriculum

completion, and average GPA.

Sophomores and juniors take

part in an incentive program in

the spring and all graduating

seniors are invited to attend, with

their families, a banquet in their

honor where they will receive

their certificate of completion

and transcript sticker. The key

to success for this program

is cooperation. Business and

education leaders work together to

deliver a clear, effective message to


1808 West Main Street • Russellville • 479.968.2841

saintmarysregional.com • facebook.com/saintmarysregional




Membership & Membership Relations

Volunteer Executive

Brad Allen, McDonald’s

Adam Anderson, Nationwide


Co-Chairs of Membership &

Membership Relations

Staff Responsibility

Misty Lumpkins, Director of

Membership Relations

Major Function

Conduct an ongoing program

of membership recruitment and

retention through person-toperson

sales. Conduct an overall

Chamber relations program

among the general public and

the business community in

conjunction with a community

promotional effort.

Provide programs, seminars, etc.,

for member involvement and use.

Membership Services

1. Our philosophy is to support

our members and provide

the information and tools


to help them succeed. Our

members invest funding, time,

and knowledge into helping

the Chamber enrich the

organization and community.

It is our obligation to provide

benefits that enhance growth

and opportunities to our


2. Establish membership benefits

and levels that best fit each

member’s particular needs.

We believe there is a growing

awareness of the different

motivations for membership in

the Russellville Area Chamber.

Our goal is to ensure that as

we grow, we will create unique

programs for each member to

gain maximum benefit for their

membership investment.

3. Establish a permanent

Membership Sales Team for

assisting with delinquent

collections, new member sales,

and marketing sales.

Red Coat Ambassadors

Volunteer Executive

Amanda Johnson, Chairman

Staff Responsibility

Misty Lumpkins

1. Recruitment campaign

aimed at strengthening the

membership with the Red

Coats to carry out a more

aggressive program.

2. Attend ground-breaking and

ribbon cutting ceremonies

as representatives of the


3. Visit and welcome new

businesses to Russellville.

4. Serve as official hosts and

ushers at the Chamber Annual

Meeting and other general

membership meetings.

5. Serve as greeters and hosts

at additional functions of the

Chamber when appropriate.

Tiered Dues

1. Permanent Year Round Sales


2. Staff Directives

• Delinquent Calls

• New Member Sales

• Sponsorships

• Retention Visits

• Reevaluation

3. Commission Sales

4. Full Time Staff Employee

5. Board Members

6. Campaign

Small Business

Staff Responsibility

Misty Lumpkins

1. Facilitate the Leads Group

meetings and keep track

of all leads generated and

revenue generated for

its members. Work with

members to grow the

group with the other noncompetitive


2. Keep abreast of legislation

affecting small business

and inform members

through reports in periodic


The Russellville Area Chamber of Commerce is transitioning to

a Tiered Membership system for all of our valued partners. We

are confident that you will agree that a tiered model recognized

the diversity of our membership and provides tangible value and

return on your investment by allowing companies to invest at a

level that best suits their needs. This transition positions RACC

with an even greater ability to meet the evolving needs and

expectations of our local business community.

We have developed ten tiered membership packages for you to

choose from upon your joining or renewal, with a focus on adding

tangible value to you!

For information about our tier levels, please see the graph

included in our new member folders.


Programs & Events

Volunteer Executive

Kylia Stewart, Arkansas Tech


Todd Sweeden, Sweeden Florist,

Co-Chairs of Programs & Events

Staff Responsibility

Donna Kennamore - Office

Manager/ Events Coordinator

Major Function

The Events Council is comprised of

the Program & Events Committee

and the Expo Committee. The

purpose of the Events Council

is to promote new and ongoing

membership in the Chamber. The

Events Council helps to plan and

implement programs during the

year, taking a lead role in selecting

topics and speakers, and recruiting

individuals for presentations on

appropriate and current business

issues. With responsibilities ranging

from development of new events

to analyzing their effectiveness,

the committee works with

Chamber staff to design, market

and implement these initiatives.

Through the available committees

and corresponding events, members

and member organizations are

provided with various opportunities

to engage with the community in

a positive way, share information

about their products and/or services

to a new and existing customer

base, and grow their professional

network. Events and Programs are

scheduled throughout the year and

offer a multitude of involvement


First Friday Breakfast

Once a month, the Chamber

will host an event that combines

breakfast, business networking

and an informational business

program. Attendees will have the

opportunity to meet one another

and share ideas while enjoying a

delicious breakfast. This informative

and exciting function is an earlymorning

must for anyone seeking to

network with other business owners

and professionals. Sponsorships are

available for this event.

River Valley Business


Manufacturing, retail, hotels,

utilities, and marketing firms are

just some of the industries present

at the 16th Annual River Valley

Business Expo. We are excited

to announce a new date change,

and with that date being at the

beginning of the summer and our

2019 theme: Live Like You’re on

Vacation, we hope to showcase

summer activities in the River

Valley. The Expo Fashion Show will

get you ready for beautiful summer

weather highlighting current

trends. Exhibitors and staff are

invited to attend business-focused

breakout sessions and educational

seminars taking place during set

up hours. Looking to do some

business-to-business networking

before the big day? The Expo

Preview Party offers participants

and guests the opportunity to get a

firsthand look at the booths, vote on

best booth, meet with new and old

friends, and partake in some really

great food from area restaurants.


Manage Your Business...

Whenever, Wherever

The following morning, join the

Chamber for an exciting day of

activities, hundreds of give-aways,

and food and entertainment

demonstrations. Sponsorships and

exhibitor space are available for this


Bash at the Ballpark

Celebrating its sixth year, Bash

at the Ballpark is a springtime,

community event that brings kids

of all ages together to celebrate

and enjoy America’s Greatest

Pastime, Baseball! Join us April 6th

at Baswell Field on the campus of

Arkansas Tech University for some

great food, fun, pictures with Jerry

the Bulldog, and lots of give-aways.

Bash attendees will also have

an opportunity to meet the Tech

baseball team where you can get

autographs and photos with your

favorite player. Sponsorships are

available for Chamber members.

Admission and food provided

by Bash sponsors are free to all


Chamber Classic Golf


Held at the Russellville Country

Club, the Chamber Classic Golf

Tournament is a classic, threeman

scramble aimed at combining

fun with business. Company and

organization teams will pair up and

gain insight on the pristine courses

of our local country club. Each

golfer will have the opportunity to

win cash prizes and awesome holein-one

prizes on the Par 3’s. Lunch,

beverage and snack carts, as well as,

goody bags will be provided for all

golfers. Sponsorships are available.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is the

Chamber’s opportunity to gather

the general membership together at

one time to highlight the economic

advancement of our community.

Led by the Chamber Chairman and

Chair-Elect, the meeting conveys

the various business focused

initiatives, lobbying efforts, and

projects facilitated by the Chamber

staff. A keynote presentation by

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cash management

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Member FDIC

a prominent Arkansas leader will

highlight the meeting, followed by

the recognition of the Chamber’s

Red Coat Ambassador of the Year

and Lifetime Status recipients,

and Russellville’s Citizen of the

Year. Tickets will be available, and

the cost will cover the meal and



2019 Chamber Officers & Council Chairs

Joe Wolfe



Dana Caldwell

JTS Financial


Jim Davidson

Saint Mary’s Regional Health System


Adam Anderson

Nationwide Insurance

Immediate Past Chair

Chip Blanchard

First State Bank


Dustin Morphis



Jennie Phillips

Holiday Inn Express & Suites


Andy McNeill

Denali Water Solutions

Government Affairs

Steve Mallett

City Corporation


Dr. Mark Gotcher

Russellville School District


Tonya Oates

Turning Point

Quality of Place

Chip Blanchard

First State Bank

Business Retention and Expansion

Adam Anderson

Nationwide Insurance

Membership Services

Brad Allen


Membership Services

Todd Sweeden

Sweeden Florist

Programs & Events

Kylia Stewart

Arkansas Tech University

Programs & Events


Awards & Recognition

Russellville is the only community

in the state of Arkansas to hold

all three of the designations

shown on the back cover. As

your Chamber and Economic

Development organizations,

we are grateful to our local

government partners, our boards

and volunteers, our members and

supporters, and our staff for the

hard work and dedication behind

these achievements.

A 4-Star Accreditation from the

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

was awarded to the Russellville

Area Chamber of Commerce

in November 2018. The U.S.

Chamber Accreditation is the only

national program that recognizes

chambers for their effective

organizational procedures and

community involvement. Only

six Chambers in Arkansas are

currently accredited.

In October 2018, after a

comprehensive review and

documentation process, Entergy

Arkansas certified a 60-acre

industrial site owned by the

Russellville Regional Alliance

as a Select Site. At the time,

Russellville was one of only three

cities in the state with a Select

Site. The Select Site certification

program is a 50-point certification

process that satisfies shovel-ready

site requirements by prospective

companies and site location


The Arkansas Economic

Development Commission (AEDC)

announced that Russellville

successfully completed the

Competitive Communities

Initiative evaluation in December

2018. Being designated as a

Competitive Community signifies

a level of preparedness to

successfully compete for jobs and

investments. Best practices in the

field of economic development

were used to determine the

standards for the Competitive

Communities initiative. At the

time, Russellville was one of only

three cities in the state with this


708 West Main Street, Russellville, AR 72801

Office: 479.968.2530 Fax: 479.968.5894

chamber@russellvillechamber.com | russellvillechamber.com



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