The Next Level of Mobility: Ropeways as Urban Means of Transport [EN]


20 References: Aerial Tramways

78-ATW Marquam Hill

Urban development by tram

Portland Aerial Transportation Inc.

Portland, OR | USA

1,027 m 112 m 1,014 pphpd 10.0 m/s 3 min 1 tower

The City of Portland has used a ropeway as a

catalyst for redevelopment of the South Waterfront

District. An architecturally stunning

reversible aerial tramway links the Oregon

Health and Science University (OHSU) with

the South Waterfront District on the Willamette


The OHSU is a top-tier medical research institution

and also the city’s largest employer.

Portland itself has a population of 500,000,

while over 2 million people live in the metropolitan


The design of the tram is visually impressive.

Passengers reach the terminal via a glazed

bridge from the ninth story of the 14-story

main building. From here, they enjoy a 3,300-

foot (1-kilometer) trip down to the parking lot.

The 140-foot (43-meter) upper terminal is a

pyramid of glass, steel and concrete, which

widens out toward the top and is described by

the architects as being “as gracious as a ballet

dancer”. The cabins are perfectly matched

with this elegant construction. While providing

space for eight seated and 70 standing passengers,

the cabins appear light and airy “like

soap bubbles in the sky”. They refract and

reflect the daylight and do not carry any advertising

text which is visible from the ground.

The South Waterfront station was designed as

the “earthly” counter point to the upper terminal

on the hill which is “of the air”.

Urban development and the expansion of the

university have been given a decisive boost

by the tram, which is an integral part of the

public transport system.

“I viewed my mission as mayor

to build the city physically as

well as socially and economically.

This is one physical build that I

am proud of.”

Vera Katz, former mayor of Portland

Other References in Brief

230-ATW Halong Queen Cable Car

Location Halong City, Vietnam

Customer Sun Group

Year of construction 2016

Inclined length 2,165 m

Vertical rise 88 m

Speed 10.0 m/s

Capacity 2,000 pphpd

Highlight Passengers travel in the world's

biggest ropeway cabin (230 people)

across the world’s tallest ropeway tower

(188.88 meters)

130-ATW G-Link

Location Wagrain, Austria

Customer Bergbahnen AG Wagrain

Year of construction 2013

Inclined length 2,309 m

Vertical rise 8 m

Speed 12.0 m/s

Capacity 1,268 pphpd

Highlight Connects two mountains. The

proven recovery system for aerial tramways

has been incorporated for utmost safety of

all passengers.

45-ATW San Marino

Location San Marino

Customer Azienda Autonoma di Stato per i

Servizi Pubblici

Year of construction 2017

Inclined length 338 m

Vertical rise 166 m

Speed 6.0 m/s

Capacity 1,190 pphpd

Highlight Accesses the historic center and

provides information to the passengers via

info screens.

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