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ECA Review - 2019-06-27



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Two and a half-year-old Harper Gallaway and parents Mira and Dave Gallaway of Rowley, Alta. explore the brand new Michichi Creek Boardwalk

during the grand opening on Thurs. June 20. Over 120 people attended the event in Starland County. The project focuses on riparian health as

well as drought and flood resiliency.

ECA Review/T.Huxley

Michichi Creek Boardwalk offering

nature enriched experience

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Visitors from far and wide came to

see the newly erected Michichi Creek

Boardwalk within Starland County on

Thurs. June 20.

Over 120 people came to support the

opening and eat a hot lunch. The walk

features 11 detailed educational signs

as well as a memorial gazebo with

bench seating at the base.

“It was a really, really great turnout


Forestburg council ...................... 3

Morrin council ............................ 3

Theresetta school sports ............. 4

Letters ........................................ 6

Stettler county ............................ 7

Legislature ................................. 7

Obituaries ............. 8,12-13,15-16

Agriculture ..........................11-13

Real Estate ................................11

Classifieds/Careers ..............14-15

and I’m so happy that people came out

and enjoyed the day,” said Dara

Kudras, lead on the project and assistant

agricultural fieldman for Starland


“I really hope the schools get out

here, 4-H, whoever can come out and

enjoy this boardwalk. It’s so close now

that it’s a great educational tool for

everybody and tourism as well with

visitors to the area and campground.

“I just hope we get more foot traffic

over here so people can enjoy it.”





Page 4

Dining &



Page 5

This project began in early 2017

when Kudras applied for the

Watershed Resiliency and Restoration


“Our overarching theme behind this

was to be an educational tool to showcase

flood and drought resiliency in

the Red Deer River watershed. So with

that we also had a large aspect of it

being a beaver co-existence program

and of course the educational tool of

the boardwalk with the signs coming


Altario School





Page 8


June 27, 2019

Volume 108

No. 26



narrows in



Terri Huxley

ECA Review

John Grove, municipal relations

manager at AltaLink, Sean Heffernan,

senior right-of- way planner at

AltaLink and Dr. Ramaiah Divi, lead

engineer with AESO came to council

chambers on Wed. June 19 with an

update on the Central East Transfer

Out (CETO) project and its portion

surrounding Alix.

AltaLink and ATCO Electric have

partnered together to make the project

a reality.

In January, they did their first

round of consultation with affected

landowners and through this consultation,

they proposed a number of

routes which has since been reduced

to three based on the feedback.

Landowners were concerned with

the double circuit structure that carries

six wires instead of a single circuit

monopole structure with three so the

project is focusing on the single circuit

model for now.

The Alberta Electric System

Operator (AESO), which determines

what projects are needed and develops

a 20-year future plan, has identified

that the monopole structure must be

installed by 2023 while the double

structure will not be required until

potentially 2027 if at all.

“We do have the option to address

all of it now and do all of it now. A

single circuit, in the event that the

need goes out beyond 2027, then we

would be basically doing a second new

project for that second circuit,” said


Turn to Workshops, Pg 2 Turn to Landowners, Pg 2



Canada Day


Page 9

(403) 854-2802

Hanna, AB

408-5th St E

Pre-Coloured ACQ Treated Lumber! Barefoot Brown in Stock now!


2 J une 27'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

Landowners encouraged to stay informed

Cont’d from Pg 1

Alix’s next open house is scheduled

for Tues. July 16 at the Alix Hall

where residents can share their concerns

and questions with professionals

working on the project.

The Alberta Utilities Commission

(AUC) requires a second round of consultation

where 100 per cent of affected

parties have been notified and spoken


Individual landowners often give

information on the characteristics of

their land which is beneficial to

Altalink and their decision in route

choice as they don’t always understand

what the soil holds.

“We are trying to identify areas

where it might be more impactful to

have a pole,” Heffernan.

Anyone within an 800 metre diameter

of a potential route as well as

adjacent landowners will be mailed

Visitors of the

Michichi Creek

Boardwalk take a

moment to absorb

their surroundings

and chat. The

boardwalk is two

kilometres from start

to finish.

ECA Review/


Cont’d from Pg 1

The construction and design work

did take longer than expected due to

weather issues and flooding.

Starland County partnered with

Cows & Fish on getting the riparian

health assessment done for both

upstream and downstream of the

beaver dam as well as the Red Deer

River Watershed Alliance with mapping

and signage, the Alberta

Environment Species Council who provided

images and

knowledge on invasive

species, the

Starland County

Agricultural Service

Board and Alberta

Environment and


During the construction


Starland took the

opportunity to offer a

workshop on

installing a pond leveller

and a riparian

living fence.

“It essentially is

going to hold back

water even if the

and contacted directly for a one-onone


Grove highlighted the benefits of

having a new industrial business on

the south end of the village as it would

increase the village’s tax base.

He also encouraged everyone who is

affected to stay involved all the way to

the AUC decision as their voice will be

heard at the hearing, giving the committee

more to consider when

addressing the CETO project


“My message here is to potentially

impacted stakeholders,” said Grove.

“If you’re still impacted, stay involved

right through to the hearing. Have

your say at the public hearing and

make sure you have consulted with all

of that paperwork that is there. Let the

AUC hear you and make its decision.”

The routes are still being refined at

this time to make sure they are the

Workshops utilized

beavers aren’t around. If the beavers

move out of the area for a period of

time and the dam falls into disrepair if

we’ve got that in place, it’s essentially

just willows weaved between fence

posts, it will keep that water level back

with the pond leveler.

“It’s a combination of a living fence

and a pond leveller to make sure we

are keeping that area backed up with

water and mitigating out drought

mostly in this area,” explained Kudras.

Visitors read one of the boardwalk signs at the opening on Thurs.

June 20. Each sign addresses one or more topics specific to the

area like wildlife and management. ECA Review/T.Huxley

Business Directory

Bill’s Waterwell


Well Drilling


Pumps & Repairs

Well 403-747-2120


Pumps & Repairs




• Plumbing

• Gas Fitting

• Air Conditioning

• Sheet Metal

• Commercial


Director of Corporate

Services Tanya Meston, Chief

Administrative Officer Michelle

White, Coun. Ed Cole, Coun.

Viki Soltermann, Mayor Rob

Fehr, Coun. Barb Gilliat, and

Director of Public Works Terry

Allan stand for a group photo

inside the newly installed $1

million lift station on the north

side of the Village of Alix.

Although a high price point,

it did come under budget by

$200,000 and will provide

the village at least 45 years of


ECA Review/T.Huxley

least impactful.

One route will be selected out of the

three to choose from.

The CETO project is located within

the Counties of Red Deer, Lacombe,

and Stettler. It stretches approximately

60 kilometres of new 240

kilovolt transmission line connecting

the Gaetz Substation near Red Deer to

a new ATCO line southeast of Alix.

Honorarium policy carried

Council approved the Emergency

Services Policy with minimal changes

including a slight increase in mileage

to 50 cents per kilometre.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Michelle White conducted some

research on the matter and found that

all communities she looked into

approached it differently, leaving

council’s decision open ended in terms

of how they wanted to approach the


This particular policy determines

reimbursement rates for the director

of emergency management and deputy

director when they act on behalf of the


403 742 5667


by Allison


Veteran, AB


Serving the Big Country

(403) 854-4774

Centre Street

Hanna, AB


Sheet Metal


Heating & A/C

Furnace Repair


S. Barnes


For Livestock

Hauling Call

Stan Barnes

Res 403 578 3265

Cell 403 575 5264

Professional Directory



In Coronation


9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Call Anytime

for Appointments


Located in Coronation Mall

East Central Chiropractic & Rehab

Dr. Craig Larson,

Dr. Carissa Kimpinski,

Chad Brummund,

Patrick May

Hanna, Castor, Consort, Forestburg

(403) 854-2110

410 2nd Avenue West,

Hanna, AB





Three Hills - Tues.

Coronation - Wed.

Oyen - Mon. (by Appt)

Canmore - Mon-Fri


E.Roger Spady



Barrister & Solicitor

Coronation Mall

Coronation, AB


Office Hours:

Tuesday to Friday

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ribstone Colony

Corral Panels

Free standing

Corral panels & more !

780 806 3694

Delivery available

Big Country


& Building

Supplies Ltd.

• Custom New Homes

•All Farm Buildings

• Renovations

• Windows and Doors

• Overhead Doors &


• Retail Sales

Quality Customer Care



Quality Collision Repair

and Professional Service…


Find out more about us at:

Phone: 403-742-3555

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Kendra Walgenbach, CPA, CA

Chris Annand, CPA, CA

Naomi Roth, CPA, CGA

Kamron Kossowan, CPA

P.O. Box 1328

4702 - 51 Ave., Stettler

Tel: 403-742-3438



Dr. Ward ZoBell

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Dr. Dennis A. Heimdahl

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Greenhouse project being explored further

Jody Pettigrew

ECA Review

Amanda Davis from 2052900 Alberta

Ltd. presented a commercial greenhouse

report to council at their regular

meeting on June 20.

The report examined the readiness

of attracting a commercial greenhouse

to the area.

“In general, we found that you have

the basic assets to attract commercial

investors, such as affordability and

labour force,” Davis summarized. “But

first we need to have all of the plans

and dedicated resources in place while

defining your unique assets.”

The Greenhouse Committee is

looking at building the greenhouse on

the old airport land west of Forestburg

although serviced land in the village

could also be an option as the average

Budget approved

J. Webster

ECA Review

Morrin council approved the 2019

Budget at their regular council

meeting on Wed. June 19. with total

operating expenditures of $501,800.

Revenues, other than taxation,

including transfers from unrestricted

surplus is budgeted at $282,000 leaving

$219,800 to be raised by municipal


Taxes increased to $15.44 for residential/farmland,

up from 14.66 in 2018;

$16.64 for non-residential up from

$15.86 and linear 16, up from 15.

Additional expenses budgeted over

last year includes increases of $21,355

for water supply and distribution

system; $18,500 increase for sewer

system; $10,251 increase in garbage collection

and disposal; and

administration, a $40,000 increase for

an assistant CAO.

The current CAO has expressed a

desire to retire.

An operating contingency last year

was set at $15,000 with no contingency

in this year’s budget.

Operating revenue estimate totals

$542,800, up from $483,937 do to the

$40,000 from Unrestricted Surplus into

operating for the assistant CAO.

The estimated funded capital from

government that includes the Federal

Gas Tax funding, MSI Capital and

Operating shows MSI Capital grant up

$27,622 over last year and the MSI

Operating grant up $6648.

Monies transferred from the

General Capital Reserve shows

$142,000 for a total of $417,000, up from


No monies were transferred out of

the General Capital Reserve in 2018.

Estimated capital fund expenditures

approved in the budget included

parcel size needed for a commercial

greenhouse is two acres.

Coun. Devon McNabb stated that

“the airport land is good because we

need room for expansion in the


The village is exploring ways to

become a leader in renewables and to

diversify and develop a self-sustaining

local economy.

Davis will amend the report with

some additional research on the

demand for power required by a commercial

greenhouse and will send the

revised report to administration later


Lands to be annexed

Flagstaff County has approved the

proposed annexation of 326.39 acres

located at the south side of Highway 53

and west of 53 Street.

Brownfield Baptist Church held a ‘Castor Music in the Park’ on Sunday afternoon, Jun. 23

next to Theresetta School. The band, from the left: Tyler Smith on the keyboard, vocals by

Radka Bursikova and Becky Webber, lead guitarist Don McKim, bassist Jordan Webber and

Ben Akindipe on drums.

ECA Review/Submitted


$142,000 for the CAO Package, $75,000

for paving repairs, $50,000 Federal

Gas, $40,000 for standby electric

engine, $50,000 for the generator, and

$40,000 for the green space for a total of



Council motioned that the by-election

to fill the seat left by Coun. Bob

Graham will be held on Fri. Aug. 16,


Green space

A suggestion to form a committee for

the green space was made by resident

Wanda Hampton at the Special Morrin

meeting on Tues. June 11 and accepted

by council, as that was the intent from

the beginning, noted Mayor Howard


Ideas were discussed, however, still

no quotes were provided for landscaping

the lots.

Council instructed Chief

Administrative Officer Annette

Plachner to have public works arrange

for the removal of the recycling bins

and the gravel pad to the new location,

and proceed with new soil, grass seed

and fencing quotes for the next council


Council had penciled in $40,000 for a

green space initiative at the June 11


“The idea is to get something started

and from the outset the understanding

always has been to get participation

from clubs, interested persons, and private

persons,” explained Helton.

“We are just trying to get some

funding going so, like I say, to get some

groundwork done.”

“Apparently the landscaper was contacted,”

said Helton, “but I guess we

didn’t keep following up and making

sure they were going to come.”

The lands in this annexation are all

adjacent to the village and can be serviced

by the village’s road, water and

sewer system.

There is only one landowner, other

than the village, included in the annexation

area who has not been in contact

with administration as of yet, despite

an effort to communicate.

Council approved the annexation of

the airport lands.

With the annexation, the village will

have sufficient highway commercial

and light industrial land to accommodate

growth for the next 20 years.

Moving recycling bins

Council tabled the motion to move

the recycle bins from their current

location across from the public works

shop to east of 50th Avenue near the

indoor riding arena.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Debra Moffatt and Coun. Elaine Fossen

inspected the area and found that this

new location would work well.

Moving the recycling bins to this site

would still cost about $15,000 as they

need to add gravel and level the site.

Funds will be taken from the garbage


“I am here to tell you we use that

area for a lot of things,” said Michelle,

Hiebert, a board member of the riding

arena, “for horses to be on the grass

and when we have a large event we use

it for parking.”

Coun. Fossen replied, “There is still

a lot of space. How often do you use the


“When you have a rodeo of 50 or

more horses, we only have a small

area. We host about three rodeos in

the spring, and six will be happening

there this fall.

“Other people also use it for other

events with 25 to 50 horses at a time.

We get squished enough as it is. In

winter you fill it with snow, and then

with campers in the summer,” she


“People will want the grass there,

especially if they are tenting overnight

for a rodeo. The panels to set up for

horses also take up a lot of space and

they would need the grass,” concluded


“We can try to accommodate that

somehow but it [the recycling bins] has

to be moved,” Coun. Fossen stated.

“Maybe what we can do is clear some

of those trees if that means giving

them more space. Well, maybe we need

to sell that land then. How do we

accommodate all these things?”

Coun. Dwayne Giroux reminded

council, “We need to accommodate

because we are trying to encourage

them to use the space and now we are

limiting it. Are we dead set against putting

a nice fence around where the

recycling bins already are?”

”Many residents have came up to me

who have told me that they want it

moved.” replied Coun. Fossen.

“I am dead set against leaving it

where it is. I just think that at the back

[near the riding arena] we are not disturbing

anyone. There is a lot of space

in behind.”

“I really think it’s not a big deal,”

said Mayor Blaise Young adding that

“they deserve our consideration.”

Fossen will take a site plan to

Flagstaff Waste Regional Landfill as

suggested by Deputy Mayor Bob


Join Us

at our Open House

ATCO is hosting open houses for the

Central East Transfer Out Transmission Project

This project is planning to add two staged 240 kV

transmission lines between the existing Tinchebray

substation near the Village of Halkirk and the service

territory boundary near the Village of Alix and the

Village of Nevis. Also there are planned alterations to

the existing Tinchebray substation.

Your feedback on the project is important to us. We

encourage you to learn more or provide your input

by attending one of our open houses, visiting our

website or by contacting us.

Please join us at one of the drop in style open

houses listed below between 4 pm and 8 pm.

Halkirk — Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Halkirk Community Hall – 111 Main Street, Halkirk

Stettler — Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Stettler Community Hall – 5101 - 46 Avenue, Stettler

1 855 420 5775 | (click on “Projects”)

37 th Annual - New dates July 21 & 22 2018

4 J une 27'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

Kuhnen Natural Area opens

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

With a wide variety of natural birds,

critters and a stellar viewpoint, the

Kuhnen Natural Area has officially

been opened for public use.

Lacombe County, the proud keepers

of the land, officially opened the area

to the public on Tues. June 18.

Located on the eastern side of the

County, the public space features 65

acres of land running along the north

side of the Red Deer River.

“The gift of this land from the

Kuhnen Family exemplifies the importance

community residents place on

managing green space for the betterment

of current and future

generations,” said Reeve Paula Law.

“We appreciate this priceless gift

from the Kuhnens, and are proud to

protect these lands, for everyone to

come out and spend time in nature.”

Local long-time residents, Frank and

Rosalie Kuhnen generously donated

this land to Lacombe County, who will

ensure the area remains in a natural

state for the public to use for passive

recreational purposes.

“Our family has thoroughly enjoyed



Track Meet attended by

Junior high students

by K. Smawley

The Theresetta junior

high Track and Field team

travelled to Stettler on Tues.

June 11 for their CARA

(Central Alberta Regional

Athletics) track meet to

wrap up the short-lived


Results from the track

meet are as follows: Nola

Fuller earned first in Gr. 7

girls discus; Thayer

Bunbury got second in the

Gr. 7 boys 400m sprint; and

Kiali Blumhagen earned

three awards in the Gr. 7

girls category including

second in the long jump,

second in the 200m sprint,

and fourth place in javelin.

Ray Musgrove also

earned three awards in the

Gr. 7 boys category

including second in the

1500m, third in the 200m

sprint, and third in the 400m

sprint; Parker Slemp earned

second in the triple jump

and third in the long jump

using this land,” said Frank Kuhnen.

“We wanted to share the beauty of this

natural area with future generations

so they can experience nature first

hand, as we did.”

During the grand opening event,

attendees enjoyed a barbeque, and

tours of the area by local naturalist,

Tim Schowalter, who showed people

the geology and plants/animals in the

natural area.

The Kuhnen Natural Area is one of

the newest additions to the County’s

inventory of parks and natural spaces.

The 65 acres of forested land offers

lookout points onto the river valley and

a trail that leads down to the water.

This special space is located south of

Alix and can be accessed from Range

Road 23-0, south of Highway 11.

This is also the second piece of land

that the Kuhnen family has donated to

the County.

In 2015, the Kuhnens donated 140

acres of land north of Blackfalds on

Lacombe Lake – aptly named Kuhnen

Park, which features trails, including

an access to a section of the Great Trail

(formerly known as the Trans Canada

Trail) that runs between Lacombe and


in the Gr. 8 girls category;

Curtis Penner won second

in javelin and third in

discus for Gr. 8 boys;

Abbigale Fuller won third

in the 1500m for Gr. 9 girls;

Alyssa Kuefler jumped for

third place in the Gr. 9 girls

triple jump event.

There were also many

relay teams with great

showings which included:

Abbigale Fuller, Alyssa

Kuefler, Sydney Renschler

and Ashley Renschler, who

got second in the Gr. 9 girls

relay; Landon Slemp, Ray

Musgrove, Thayer Bunbury

and a teammate also got

second in the boys Gr. 9

relay; Abbigale Fuller,

Landon Slemp, Sydney

Renschler, and a teammate

earned third place in the

co-ed Gr. 9 relay category;

and Parker Slemp, Elizabeth

Virgo, Kiali Blumhagen and

a teammate took home third

in the Gr. 8 girls relay.


• Family Street Dance

• Fireworks at Dusk


• 8 am Fun run

• Pancake Breakfast

• 11 am Parade

• Museum open house &

bandstand entertainment

• Devonian Park grand opening/

History Book launch

The Kuhnen family,

from the original

generation with Frank

down to his greatgreat-grandchild,


in attendance to open

the park with an official

ribbon cutting.

From the left, back row:

Frank Kuhnen and wife

Susanne, Trudy Kuhnen

(behind Frank Sr.)

and husband Bill, and

Mike Kuhnen. Front

row: Frank Kuhnen,

granddaughter Peyton,


Aaron, Betty Kuhnen,

and Beth Hawkings.

ECA Review/


• Beer Gardens and music

• Children’s activities

• Miniature train rides

• Battle River train rides

• Musical Ride

• Dinner & Dance

(tickets must be pre-booked)


• Pancake Breakfast

• Ecumenical Church Service

• Museum open house and bandstand

Presents the





Saturday & Sunday

Saturday & Sunday

Hanna Curling Rink • 501 - 3rd

July 20 & 21,

Street West



Hanna HOURS Curling Rink • 501 - 3rd TABLE

Street West RENTS:






9AM - 5PM


SUNDAY: $5 - Children 10 $45 & under

9AM 3PM PER FREE TABLE with adult


SET UP - 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Admission $5 - Children 10 & under FREE with adult





For more information contact:


Andre (403) 854-7277


For more information contact:

Andre (403) 854-7277


• Children’s activities

• Free swim

• Miniature train rides

• Horse carriage rides

• School tours

• Talent show


For details visit:


Twists, turns, and flowing skirts were all visible at the Stettler Senior Social Society’s

30th anniversary celebration on Sat. June 22 at the Stettler Community Hall. A wide

variety of songs performed by The Softones were played as couples took to the floor

to show off their moves. Overall, approximately 175 people attended from all areas

of Alberta and even into parts of B.C. and Saskatchewan. Above: Kevin Degelman of

Camrose dances with dance partner Gloria Leakvold of Kelowna, B.C.

ECA Review/T.Huxley

Dining and Entertainment Guide

June 27 – Ponoka Stampede Presents-

Lee Brice. 1p.m. Tickets


June 28 – Forestburg Many Horses

Saloon, Karaoke at 9:30p.m. Kara


June 29 – Mens Pancake Breakfast- Clive

Baptist Church. 8-10a.m.


June 30 – Revved Up Youth Service- Clive

Baptist Church. 403-784-3335. Last

Sun. of every month.

July 1 – Canada Day/Party in the Park.

Coronation Museum Park. See ad in

this week’s paper for details.

July 1 – Canada Day/Oyen Information

Centre. Check Town of Oyen Facebook

page for updates.

July 1 – Canada Day/ Wainwright. Visit

July 1 – Stettler Museum’s Canada Day

Celebration. Stettler Town & Country

Museum, 10 a.m.

July 1 – Canada Day Celebrations. West

Stettler Park, Stettler Ab. 7 p.m.

July 1 – Canada Day at Consort Pool Park,

Consort Ab. Contact village office.


July 1 – Red Lamp Market, 12 noon – 6.

Donalda, Ab. 403-741-6095.

July 1 – Forestburg Many Horses Saloon,

Canada Day raffle and drink specials.

Kara 780-582-2411.

July 4 – Blazin BBQ Bash. Wainwright

Public Library. 11:30-1:30.


July 5-7 – Men’s Slo-Pitch Tournament.

Castor Ab. Call town office


July 5-7 – Edgerton Sports Day. See ad in

this week’s paper for details.

July 5-6 – 49th Annual Coronation Pro

Rodeo. See ad in this week’s paper

for details.

July 6 – Golf For Mental

Health. Consort Gulf

Club, Consort Ab. All

ages welcome.


July 7 – Kids can Catch –

Coronation. Sun.

10-2pm, Coronation

Dam. Audrey


July 9 – Rock for Jake. PAC

Parking Lot, Stettler

Board of Trade.

Stettler Ab. 5:30p.m.

July 10 – Entertainment

in the Park – Jaydee

Birby. West Stettler

Park, Stettler Ab.


July 13 – Battle River Ride for Stars.

Stettler Board of Trade Events. Henry


July 13 – Forestburg Many Horses Saloon,

Karaoke at 9:30p.m. Kara


July 17 – Entertainment in the Park –

Wheatland Band. West Stettler Park,

Stettler Ab. 7-8p.m. 403-742-4411.

July 17-21 – Westerner Days, Red Deer,

Ab. See ad in this week’s paper for


July 18 – Forestburg Many Horses Saloon,

name that Tune, 7p.m. Kara


July 19 – Czar Lake Bullarama. Czar, Ab.

6:30-9pm. 780-806-9265.

July 20 – Historic Ghost Walk, Stettler

Hotel. Stettler Ab. Stettler Public

Library 403-742-2292.

July 20 – RCMP Musical Ride.


July 20 – Consort Oilmen’s Assoc. 31st

Annual Men’s Golf Tourn. Shane


July 20-21 – 38 Annual Gun Sportsman

Show & Sale. See ad in this week’s

paper for details.

July 24 – Entertainment in the Park – Erin

Ross. 7-8p.m. West Stettler Park,

Stettler Ab. 403-742-4411.

July 26-27 – Hardgrass Bronc Match 2019.

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July 26-28 – Cereal Sports Day.

Registration deadline Fri. July 13.

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July 27 – Men’s Pancake Breakfast.

8-10a.m. Clive Baptist Church, Clive

Ab. 403-784-3335.

July 31 – Entertainment in the Park –

Steve Arnesault. 7-8p.m. West

Canada Day

Party in the Park

Monday, July 1

Coronation Museum Park

1:00 Arrive

1:30 Opening


Museum Tours,

Music, Games

3:00 Duck Races

4:00 Barbeque

* Bring a lawn chair

Stettler Park, Stettler

Ab. 403-742-4411.

Aug. 2-4 – Forestburg

100th Anniversary

Celebration. See ad in

this week’s paper for


Please send Community

Events by email Office@ for FREE

LISTING (dependent upon

space availability). The

Review cannot guarantee

events as listed. Please

check with the venue prior

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Westerner Days | July 17 - 21, 2019


Main Stage

Free with gate admission

Aaron Goodvin • Madeline Merlo

Jason Benoit • StreetHeart • Headpins

Holly Woods & Toronto • Nice Horse

Morning of Faith: Sunday July 21, Service begins at 11 am

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the opinions of this newspaper.


Kenny, “It’s

all about me”

Brenda Schimke

ECA Review

Seventy per cent of Canadians support

the construction of the

TransMountain Pipeline (TMX) and

see it as an economic benefit to the

whole country. Yet listening to Premier

Jason Kenney and his $3-billion ad

campaign you’d think the opposite was


When the not-surprising approval of

the TMX was given by the federal government

on June 18, Kenney’s

statement that the pipeline approval

“isn’t a victory to celebrate” was just

weird for a Premier of a province that

will benefit the most from that federal


His attempt to

distort the facts is

showing signs that he

wants to be another

Doug Ford - uncaring

and dogmatic.

Kenney, since elected, is showing a

side of narcissism that we never witnessed

when he was a federal minister

of the Crown. Then he was seen as

moderate, cooperative with the

Opposition, respectful of immigrants,

and far less confrontational than most

of the front bench of the Harper


Today he seems focused on baiting

anger, jealousy and alienation amongst

Albertans towards fellow Canadians.

His attempt to distort the facts is

showing signs that he wants to be

another Doug Ford—uncaring and

dogmatic to the majority as he panders

to his personal and industry friends.

One gets the strong impression that

he really wants the TMX construction

to fail simply because its success would

validate the federal Liberal and provincial

NDP governments’ strategy of

diplomacy, compromise and rule of


When Preston Manning led the last

separation movement, “The West

Wants In”, he had the four Western

provinces on side. It was also before

the United States became energy

self-sufficient and a net exporter of oil

and gas.

Today we have one province in the

bag, Saskatchewan, and perhaps


Without British Columbia we would

be a landlocked country surrounded

by two foreign governments. If

Manitoba joined our country, we’d

have access to a port at Churchill, but

that would be an expensive option with

seasonal access.

Frankly, what incentive would B.C.

have to facilitate, ever, the shipment of

a breakaway country’s petroleum


Granted the breakaway of Alberta

would hurt all of Canada, but the costs

of nationhood and the added difficulty

to access foreign markets for our

petroleum and agricultural products

would crush Alberta’s strength and


It would be equivalent to what’s happening

in Britain as they line up to

crash out of the European Union

without a deal.

Every Nobel Prize winning economists,

the Governor of the Bank of

England, Canadian Mark Carney and

the Organization of Economic

Co-operation and Development (OECD)

say throwing 50 per cent of their tarifffree

trade away would hurt Europe but

would unequivocally cause catastrophic

consequences for British


The United States doesn’t need

Canada anymore. They are energy

self-sufficient. We’ve already seen the

bully of bullies, Mr. Trump, unsuccessful

or uninterested in delivering

the Keystone pipeline.

Then there’s the current protectionist

attitude of the governing

Republican Party. They have no

interest in befriending Canada or any

of their traditional allies so the hope of

them befriending Alberta is indeed a

pipe dream.

Kenney’s approach to promote separation

from Canada rather than

cooperation and his skepticism

towards the TMX construction are

incongruent with Alberta’s current

vulnerable economic situation. We

need all the friends, allies and support

we can get.

Unfortunately, herein lays the

problem with the UPC leadership. If

Kenney isn’t getting the glory, it matters

not whether it’s beneficial to the

majority of Albertans or not.


All printed material, written, display advertising and photographs are the sole property of The ECA

Review. No reproduction of this material or layout including social media is permitted without written

consent of the Publisher. Call us for more info.


Professional on the subject

Dear Editor,

After reading the letter from George

Thatcher titled “Fact checking

needed”, I would just like to clarify

some misleading information in his

letter, specifically that Dr. Tim Ball

should not be considered an expert on


Dr. Tim Ball received a PhD in

Historical Climatology from Queen

Mary College, University of London,


He also has an extensive research

and publishing record including 23

peer-reviewed articles, co-authored

“Eighteenth Century Naturalists of

Hudson Bay” and “Slaying the Sky


He also wrote “The Deliberate

Corruption of Climate Science” and

‘Human Caused Global Warming”, two

thoroughly researched works.

He is obviously a professional on the

subject of climate, in my opinion and

that of many others. That’s my conclusion

from the facts I have researched.

Linda Gerlinger

East Coulee, Alta.

Picking winners and losers

Dear Editor,

Editorial opinion of June 13, titled

Jason’s “War Room”, pg. 6 graphically

illustrates how different views are of

the left from the right.

Regarding Shell and Exxon Mobile

endorsed the leadership plan of the

NDP, it is more likely that they were

anticipating the subsidies they would

receive to convert to other sources of


This is illustrated by the fact that

they so quickly reverted back to the

free enterprise model when they realized

that under the new

administration those subsidies would

be gone

The writer finds the synchronization

of government and industry

appalling but seems to be quite in

agreement with Rachel Notley’s

administration destroying an industry

in order to comply with the political

agenda of those who want to stop the

climate from changing.

Nor was the NDP sympathetic to

100,000 workers that they put out of a


There is a vast difference in synchronization

of industry with

government than government getting

into bed with the labour unions.

Unions like the political left as they

are only interested in their next wage


They have no interest in what it

takes to build an industry that creates

their jobs.

They do not appreciate the risks

taken by industry or entrepreneurs to

create the jobs they depend on.

It is my opinion that the NDP government

has no money other than that

they first have taken from the taxpayer,

to manipulate industry and the

consumer, with subsidies and grants

The editorial talks about the greed

of the corporation versus the wellbeing

of all citizens.

This ignores the fact that corporations

are made up of citizens that hold

shares in the corporations and are the

risk takers that create the jobs for

unions and nonunion workers.

Corporations and private entrepreneurs

in Alberta have for many years

been in the forefront of developing

alternate industries outside of the oil

and gas sector.

Comparing Jason Kenney’s support

for the oil and gas industry with

Trudeau wanting to protect the SNC-

Lavalin CEOs, simply illustrates that

the political left has little sense of what

is right or wrong.

Trudeau had no problem compromising

the law to save 4,000 jobs, but

felt no guilt in destroying an industry

and killing 100,000 jobs.

Supporting corporations and private

entrepreneurs does not mean that governments

should not have the

possibility of oversight, but governments

right or left, should not use

taxpayer money to pick winners or


George Friesen,

Lacombe Alta.

REast Central Alberta


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County working with

Paradise Shores developers


Larry Clarke, Reeve for the

County of Stettler and James

Nibourg, chairman of the

Municipal Planning

Commission (MPC) met with

Paradise Shores’ representatives

earlier this week to

discuss the current project


“We look forward to actively

working towards a positive outcome

with Paradise Shores’

developers, enabling them to

fulfill the Subdivision &

Development Appeal Board’s

(SDAB) decision which allows

168 RV sites, once all of the

conditions of the SDAB decision

have been met,” said Nibourg.

Paradise Shores has an

appeal filed with the Court of

Appeal, on the SDAB decision of

Nov. 2, 2018 which reduced the

allowable density of their site to

168 units.

The County of Stettler issued

a Stop Order for the site in May.

The Stop Order restricts dayuse

or overnight

accommodation until the conditions

of the SDAB decision have

been met.

Both parties are working

together towards resolving the


“The developer will be notified

prior to any action being

taken in regards to the Stop

Order,” added MPC Chairman


The developer may continue

working on the site to bring the

site up to compliance.

The County of Stettler

reminds and encourages all

parties involved that respectful

communications are the key to

effective engagement.

Read the SDAB’s Notice of

Decision on our website at

Many visited the Boys Financial office in Stettler on Fri. June 14 in celebration of their new logo reveal and

annual customer appreciation event BBQ. Approximately 180 people came throughout the three hour event

to chat and eat lunch.

ECA Review/T.Huxley


First session continuing at great speed

by Nate Horner

MLA Drumheller-Stettler

One of our early victories was

getting an Order in Council for

a G3 Grain Loop Terminal west

of Stettler, south of Erskine.

I’m happy to see construction

is under way, it’s a great project.

The first session of Alberta’s

30th Legislature continues to

move at great speed.

We are making

progress on many

bills, having many

late nights and

starting to dig into

the work of


Currently there

are three bills

awaiting Royal

Assent; Bill 3, the Job Horner

Creation Tax Cut,

Bill 4, the Red Tape

Reduction Act and Bill 9, the

Public Sector Wage Arbitration

Deferral Act.

I’d like to share some information

on Bill 9, as it has been

much discussed by the opposition

and media and was not

campaigned on or in the UCP


Bill 9 is a postponement or

delay to public sector contract

negotiations. It is unfortunate

that this had to be done, but it

was deemed necessary by our

caucus, cabinet and Minister of


This was also the recommendation

of the top civil servants

who advise the Minister of


The Bill will simply push the

start time back for contract

negotiations four months,

everything else will be the

same, including a binding settlement

facilitated by a

third-party independent


The Blue-Ribbon

panel will have completed

the financial

deep dive into Alberta’s

fiscal state by then and

all of the pertinent

information will be on

the table.

We felt it would be

irresponsible not to do


We did not campaign

on this, but we did campaign

on returning a

balance by year four and that is

still the goal.

This is certainly not meant as

a slight to our most valued

public sector, not at all.

This government is just

trying to find a sustainable path

for Alberta and Albertans in

the public and private sector

and this will only be possible by

acknowledging and understanding

Alberta’s current

financial situation.

Update on other bills

Bill 7 The Municipal

Government Amendment Act

and Bill 10 The Alberta

Personal Income Tax

Amendment Act are currently

in third reading.

Bill 10 is kind of a housekeeping

Bill that acknowledges

changes made at the federal


Bills 2, 5 and 6 are in

Committee of the Whole.

Bill 2, an Act to make Alberta

Open for Business has been

widely discussed.

Bills 5 and 6 are supply Bills

both Interim and


Bill 8 and Bill 11 are in second

reading. Bill 8 is the Education

Amendment Act that we campaigned

on, Bill 11 is The Fair

Registration Practices Act.

The hope of Bill 11 is that we

have less doctors driving taxi’s,

so to speak. There isn’t much

point attracting skilled immigrants

if once they arrive they

are stuck in a survival job,

unable to use their training and


Bill 12 has been introduced. It

is The Royalty Guarantee Act. It

locks the royalty rate on new

wells going forward.

The hope is to provide some

certainty and alleviate some

risk for those companies

looking to drill. This is just the

first step in trying to help our

much-maligned oil and gas


As always, reach out with any

questions or concerns at


Strong enough

by Lois Perepelitz

I recently spent a

weekend with my


She is one of those who

do not have a regular cable

or direct TV, just things

like Netflix and Amazon

Prime, etc.

When I mentioned an

award winning show on

Prime that I had heard

about, she quickly found it

for me and we started

binge watching it.

The show is set in 1958

and is about an upper

middle class family.

I was really enjoying

seeing all those fabulous

fifties dresses and fashions

then I noticed that my

granddaughter had a puzzled

look on her face.

The characters were

talking about reading

their Dr. Spock book and

what it was about. I

explained at that time Dr.

Spock had been considered

the expert on child care.

She laughed because she

had been thinking that

Star Trek had not been

around then.

Then she was wondering

why the women were

always putting makeup on

and fixing their hair.

I told her that in those

days women were expected

to look their best for their

husbands at all times, even

first thing in the morning.

She said that was not

going to happen now.

I had to agree as it had

not happened for me


Then the main character

came home and

announced that she was

getting a divorce.

This made her mother

faint and ‘take to her bed’,

and my granddaughter

wanted to know what was

wrong with her.

I explained that back

then divorce was a disgrace

to the family and

women were thought to be

too ‘fragile’ to handle big

problems like that.

Society had women

thinking that they needed

a man to take care of them.

My granddaughter just

shook her head and said

they would never survive

in today’s world. She might

be right about that!

I know that there were

many single women and

single moms around in the

fifties, most were widows

and alone because of circumstances

beyond their

control, and not by their


The most common

answer to that was to get

married again.

Thank goodness now

women know they have a


They know they are

strong enough and smart

enough to look after themselves

and a family.

Now if they have a man

in their life it is because

they want him there, not

because they need him.

Men should be happy

about that because I think

it is much nicer to be

wanted than to just be


Women should be happy

too, because being strong

enough to be able to be

yourself is a wonderful




Kitchen, Medicine/Vanity Cabinets

& Entertainment Centres

Tom Dionne • Delburne, Ab

Ph. (403) 749-3771 • Fax (403) 749-3775

$39,000 Buys This View!


30 minutes from Castle Mountain Resort or from

Waterton Lakes 12345 National Park, 2 hours south of Calgary,

in a community with many amenities including

an indoor pool and year-round recreation activities

Darren Boese @ 403-627-9256

Sheldon Boese @ 403-339-5356

8 J une 27'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

Altario School student noah Van Lagen, left, scoops ice cream into a

container as part of his project on the popular desert in the school

gym while Darren Ference helps him. ECA Review/T.Huxley

Visitors chat inside of new facility.

ECA Review/T.Huxley

Avid photographer, curler, golfer, football fan


Burton, Ronald (Ron) L.

December 16, 1946 - Ottawa,


June 22, 2019 – Calgary, Alta.

Ron Burton, beloved husband of

Kathy Burton (nee Heidecker) of

Calgary, Alta., passed away

peacefully on Sat., June 22, 2019 at

the age of 72 years.

Ron was born in Ottawa, Ont.

His parents moved the family to

Kimberley, B.C. in 1947 and they

eventually settled in Coronation,

Alta. in 1953 which became their

permanent home.

Ron and Kathy married in

Coronation in 1968 and moved to

Calgary later that year where Ron

was employed by SAIT as a photographer

until 1992.

He was an avid photographer,

curler, golfer and football fan.

Ron will be lovingly remembered

by his wife Kathy of 51

years, and her extended family.

Ron was predeceased by his

parents Clifford and Shirley

Burton; and his sister Susan


At Ron’s request, there will be

no funeral service.

In lieu of flowers, memorial

tributes may be made to a charity

of your choice. Condolences may

be forwarded through www.

Journeyman carpentry was his trade

Donald Gregory Hasz of Coronation,

Alta. passed away on Wed., June 19,

2019 at the age of 68 years.

He was born August 27, 1950 in the

Coronation Hospital to Herb and Rose


After graduating from Coronation

School, he entered the carpentry trade

and became a journeyman carpenter.

This trade allowed him to use his skills

of math, precision and design.

The majority of his working life

started in Coronation, then continued

on to Barrie Ont., Rocky Mountain

House, Alta., Lacombe Alta. and then

ended up full circle, back in


In his younger years, he liked being

outdoors canoeing, camping, fishing

and he liked to travel.

At any age, he was always up for a

game of cards or board game.

Don was always willing to help any

of his family and friends if he was able


Don is survived by his brothers:

John Hasz and Jim Hasz; nephew

Kevin (Tamara) Hasz, their children

Teagan and Aurora; niece Debbie (Jon)

Sheldon and their children, Dylan and

Jesseca; sister Kathy (Brian) Golby;

niece Susanne (Jeremy) Hellman;

nephew Steven Golby and many

cousins and dear friends.

Altario School pioneering

PLRD excellence program

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Prairie Land Regional School

Division (PRLD) has created a

new initiative to attract families

to their region in East Central


Schools of Excellence are

schools with a specific category

of learning they

specialize in.

Altario School,

located less than

ten minutes from

the Alberta-


border off of

Highway 12, is the

first to introduce

this hyper-focused

program with


On Fri. June 21,

the community

gathered behind

the school to witness

the new barn

and panelling.

Students also

had current projects

displayed in the gym and

certain hallways to give parents

and community members a

sense of what students are

engaging in.

The highlight of the evening

was the calf auction where it

was auctioned off nine times,

racking up a total profit of


It weighed 1450 pounds and

sold for $27.30 per pound.

Donations of finances,

product, and time were also

received, showing the giant

overall support from the tiny

hamlet of Altario and surrounding


The barn itself is 1,296 square

feet with seven varying sized

pens for both small and large



Although they are ready to be

occupied, the school is still

sorting out what livestock they

will purchase.

A community garden is also

on site since its construction

three years ago.

“We are pumped,” began

Altario School principal Kevin

Van Lagen. “The truth is some

Charlee Bouchard, 6, of Compeer, Alta. gives one of the auctioned

steers a scratch during the Altario Agricultural School of excellence


ECA Review/T.Huxley

years ago the question was ‘Can

this school survive?’ and people

are not asking that question

anymore. Now it’s ‘How can we

be like that school?’.”

The idea of a school of excellence

began five years ago

around the PRLD board of

trustees table and then spiralled

from there.

This year, the students were

involved with feeding the two

beef projects that were auctioned

off at the opening.

An exciting feature to the new

facility is the opportunity to

share the experience with students

outside of the division,

targeted more specifically at

urban students.

“One day we will focus on

cattle, the other day we will

Don was predeceased by his parents

Herb and Rose; sister Marlene; sistersin-law

Iona and Irma.

At Don’s request, no public funeral

services will be held.

In memory of Don memorial contributions

may be made to Alberta Heart

& Stroke Foundation or to the Diabetes


Condolences and loving support may

be sent directly to the Hasz families by

visiting www.parkviewfuneralchapels.


Parkview Funeral Chapels are

entrusted with the care and funeral

arrangements. For further information

please call 403-578-3777.

focus on some crops. They will

work in the barn and our students

will help teach as a

leadership opportunity and to

share their way of life up here,”

said Van Lagen.

They started with Grade 4 to

Grade 12 classes feeding the

steers they had during this current

school year until they were

broke and calm

enough for the

younger classes to

get involved.

A weekly rotation

involving a

teacher and four

students roughly

takes 20 minutes

to finish feeding.

The board of

trustees purchased

the barn

which was

installed in mid


“It’s part of the


vision to have

schools of excellence


the division so we are leading

the way on that. Hopefully,

other schools in the division do

similar things,” said Van Lagen.

Consort is looking at leading

a baseball program while

Hanna continues to pursue a

firefighter training program.

Drumheller-Stettler MLA

Nate Horner shone a light on

the situation in the legislature

which has since been viewed on

social media through video

54,000 times.

“I had a guy call me from

Ontario saying ‘Where the heck

is Altario and what are you

guys doing?’ So, of course, we

are proud and for our students

for their school to be on the map

is just incredible.”

In living memory of Ron

Burton, a tree will be planted at

Fish Creek Provincial Park by

McInnis & Holloway Funeral

Homes, Chapel of the Bells, 2720

Centre Street North, Calgary,

Alta. T2E 2V6, 403-243-8200.

We want to welcome Dr. Satvik Patel to our clinic to service

Stettler and our surrounding communities.

* Accepting New Patients

* Hygiene Services * Offer Invisalign

* Child Friendly * We direct bill

* Provide nitrous and oral sedation

Mon- Fri 8 am - 4 pm

Dr. Viral Patel,

General Dentist

4906-51 Street Stettler, Ab

t:403 742 6741 • f:403-742-2391



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Heartland Stationers 2014 403-742-2685

J.T. Autobody Ltd. 403-742-2869

Jensen Interiors 587-799-0944

Kal Tire 403-742-3311

Parcels Trucking Ltd. 403-742-2781

UFA Petroleum Agency - Stettler – 403-742-2647;

Hanna- 403-854-4370; Delia 403-364-3922

Schwartz Home Building 403-742-3385

Sobeys 403-742-5025

Stettler Building Supplies 403-743-0684

Stettler Funeral Home & Crematorium 403-742-3422

Stettler IDA Pharmacy 403-743-0363

Stettler Public Library 403-742-2292

Stettler Senior Social Society 403-742-5640

Teresa’s Catering 403-743-1234

Woody’s Automotive - NAPA 403-742-6272

Three Hills

Big Foot & Co. Inc 403-443-3668


Dallas Ellerby - Greater Property Group 403-578-8105


Battle River Implements 780-842-2171

Encompass Credit Union 780-842-1714

Veterinary Medical Centre of Eastern Alberta 780-845-8838

Wainalta Motors 780-842-4255


Raval Paradise & RV Park 403-890-7482

Come Visit



Mobile Concession

Monday July 1

West Stettler Park




RCMP: Side-by-side stolen

An equipment yard near Hanna was

broken into and a trailer with an

Arctic Cat side by side was stolen in

the early morning of Wed. June 19.

The vehicle used in the theft is a

black Dodge Ram extended cab with a

black tool box in the bed.

There is also a black fuel tank with a

blue hose in the bed of the truck.

The same vehicle attempted to break

into the Cervus Equipment yard on the

same night.

Change machine theft

An unknown person or persons

broke into the coin operating machine


The registered owners hereby offer for sale by tender the following land, subject to the

reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in the existing certificates of title:

SE 20-38-21 W4 (159 acres); NE 30-39-21 W4 (160 acres) and SE 30-39-21 W4 (159.80 acres)

Features of the Property:

Approximately 150 cultivated acres on SE 20-38-21 W4; very good quality soil

2018 annual surface lease revenue: SE 20-38-21 W4 approx. $6790.00; E ½ 30-39-21 W4

approx. $7445.25

The sale of the Property is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Vendor makes no warranties or representations about the property’s size/measurement, condition,

environmental status or future surface lease payments. Tenders for all or portions of the land will

be considered.

2. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. Tender price shall be excluding G.S.T.

3. Tenders will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after 12:00 o’clock noon on Thursday,

July 11, 2019. Tenders should be forwarded to Landman Reule Law Office in a sealed envelope marked

“Land Tender”. A deposit of$15,000.00 payable by certified cheque or bank draft made out to Landman

Reule Law Office must accompany the tender.

4. The balance of the purchase price to be paid no later than Monday, August 12, 2019 (“Possession Date”).

5. Property taxes to be adjusted as of Possession Date.

6. Any surface leases will be assigned to the Buyer as of Possession Date but shall not be adjusted.

7. All parcels are currently rented for 2019. Buyer shall be entitled to fall 2019 payment of $4500.00

equaling one half the cash rent on the cultivated acres. Seller shall be entitled to the pasture rent payable

up to Possession Date.

8. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Please provide contact information, including a phone number, with the tender. For further information

regarding the land, call 403-293-3955.


Lori R. Reule Barrister & Solicitor

4819 - 51 Street, Box 1630 Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0


The following briefly described parcels of land located North West of Big Valley within County of Stettler

No. 6 are offered for sale by tender, subject to the reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in

the existing Certificates of Title:

NW 24-36-21-W4 – pasture land, current annual surface lease revenue of $2,350.00.

NE 24-36-21-W4 – mostly cultivated land, includes residence (approx. 1050 sq.ft.), garage, all

outbuildings and 4 grain bins

SE 24-36-21-W4 – mostly cultivated land, current annual surface lease revenue of $3,092.00

SW 19-36-20-W4 – mostly cultivated land

Viewing of residence will be by appointment only. Interested parties may communicate with

the office listed below for arrangements.

The sale of these properties are subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned:

1. Seller makes no warranties or representations about the size/measurement, condition or

environmental status of the parcels.

2. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. Tender price shall be excluding


3. Buyer may tender a bid on separate or all parcels.

4. Tenders will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after 12:00 o’clock noon on

Wednesday, July 3, 2019. Tenders should be forwarded to Schnell Hardy Jones LLP in a sealed

envelope marked “Tenders #155746”. The successful Tender(s) shall provide a certified cheque

equal to 10% of the purchase price payable to “Schnell Hardy Jones” within 72 hours of notice of

acceptance of Tender.

5. The balance of the purchase price to be paid by solicitor’s trust cheque or certified funds on or

before October 16, 2019 (“Possession Date”).

6. Property taxes and Surface Lease(s) to be adjusted as of Possession Date.

7. Surface Leases will be assigned to Buyer(s) as at Possession Date.

8. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Please provide contact information, including a phone number, with the Tender.

at a water plant within Special Areas B

sometime between the evening of June

15 and early morning June 16.

Significant damage was done to the


A small quantity of change was


If anyone sees suspicious behaviour,

report it to the Hanna RCMP

Detachment at (403)854-3391.

Never approach or pursue suspects.

If anyone has information regarding

this or any other unsolved crimes,

please call the Hanna RCMP

Detachment or Crime Stoppers at



Daniel J. Wilson, Barrister and Solicitor

4902 51 Street, Box 1240

Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0

(403) 742-4436


The following farmland property located in Flagstaff County is offered for sale by Tender, subject

to the restrictions, reservations and non-financial obligations in the existing Certificate of Title:

Parcel 1







A) PLAN 1224614 DESCRIPTIVE 5.26 13.00







307 titled acres more or less (approximately 255 +/- cultivated acres), fully fenced

with 2 dugouts and annual surface lease payment (not guaranteed) currently

$2,200.00 annually.

1400 square foot fully finished home – 3 bedrooms upstairs, 1 bedroom

downstairs, 3 bathrooms with large mudroom entrance and single car attached

garage. House includes washer, dryer, fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave and

all window coverings. House recently upgraded with new flooring, interior doors,

trim and paint throughout. New exposed aggregate patio and deck completed

in 2015. Parcel also includes 40’x40’ heated shop with concrete floor and 42’x64’

heated shop with concrete floor, drains and 2 large overhead doors, existing

corrals and cattle water system, excellent water well and septic pump out system.

Property shelter belt and landscaping includes mature willow, maple and spruce

trees, caragana and tame saskatoon bushes. All property is being sold on a strictly

“as is, where is” basis.

Parcel 2






161 titled acres more or less (approximately 155 +/- cultivated acres), fully fenced

with dugout and annual surface lease payment (not guaranteed) currently

$3,400.00 annually.

Parcel 3







160 titled acres more or less (approximately 90 +/- cultivated acres), fully fenced

with 3 dugouts and annual surface lease payment (not guaranteed) currently

$4,900.00 annually.

2019 property taxes will be adjusted on closing date. No adjustment for 2019-20 surface lease

rental payments paid to the owner prior to closing date of sales.

Tenders are to be submitted in sealed envelopes marked “Bateman Tender”, with tenderer’s

GST number and accompanied by a certified cheque or bank draft made payable to Andreassen

Borth in trust for 5% of the amount of the tender and must be delivered before 12:00 noon on

July 5, 2019 to the offices of Andreassen Borth, Barristers and Solicitors, 5014-50 Street, P.O. Box

727, Killam, Alberta, T0B 2L0.

Tenderers may tender on one or more parcels. Unless the tender specifies that the owner can

only accept or reject the entire tender, the owner may accept the tender as to some parcels and

reject the tender as to other parcels.

The balance of the purchase price shall be paid to Andreassen Borth on or before August

15, 2019. Tenders are irrevocable and shall remain open until dealt with by the offices of

Andreassen Borth.

Tenders will not be opened in public. If a successful tenderer does not complete the purchase

after acceptance of that tender, their deposit shall be forfeited to the owner. The highest or any

tender will not necessarily be accepted. The owner reserves the right to reject any and all tenders.

Deposits received from any unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them by regular mail.

All of the abovementioned farmland is currently rented and the tenant has been notified of this

tender and possible sale with the current lease expiring with the 2019 crop year. Possession will

not be available until the tenant has completed their 2019 harvesting operations. The owner

will remain in the dwelling house and yard until their next residence is ready for occupancy. This

requirement will be negotiated with the successful tenderer.

For further information, or to arrange an appointment to view these properties, please call

(780) 385-1675.

12 J une 27'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

Handicrafts was pastime

Betty Georgina Checkel

April 6, 1940 ~ June 18, 2019

It is with great sadness, we

announce the passing of our wife,

mother and grandmother,

Betty Georgina Checkel.

Betty was born in

Coronation, Alta. to parents

Annie and John Vigen and

grew up on the farm in the

Lake Thelma district.

She attended schools in

the community.

After graduating from

Coronation High School, she

entered a commercial school Checkel

in Hanna. She graduated

with her secretarial degree,

then worked for an accountant in

Stettler. She worked there until her

marriage to Phil Checkel in 1960.

They moved to the farm where they

were blessed with two children Gwen

and Terry.

After the kids grew up, she wanted

another career and went into partnership

with Edna Redelback with Tea

Tyme and Porcelain Pleasures. Betty

had a large display of beautiful handmade

dolls and clothing from hockey

players, dancers, mounties and everything

you could imagine!

Betty loved to knit, crochet, sew and

all kinds of handicrafts that gathered

her many ribbons and prizes at the

local fairs.

Rodvang passes away

Nels Thomas Rodvang

was born on May 8, 1927 in

Coronation, Alta. and

passed away on June 21,

2019 in Coronation.

Predeceased by his parents

Ragnhild and Andrew;

sister Astrid in 2000 and

granddaughter Kristin in

2017, Tom leaves to mourn

his passing his loving wife

Anna; children Kathryn

(Robert) Lannigan, Andrew

(Lois) Rodvang, Loren

(Jackie) Rodvang, Carolyn

(Peter) Andrews, Joan (Ron)

McNeil; 10 grandchildren,

four great-grandchildren;

sisters Anne Weiss, Edith

Braithwaite and Bertha

Gjertsen and brother-in-law

Ken Needham and their


At Tom’s request, no

public funeral services will

be held.


Linden Tree Farm

Hardy Locally Grown Trees and Shrubs

Feature Trees Size Price

Colorado Spruce 3’-5’ $60-$95

Laurel Leaf Willow 5-10 gal. 4’-8’ $20-$90

Mt. Ash – American 7 gal. 5’-6’ $75

Poplar-4 Varieties 5-20 gal. 5’-9’ $30-$100

Royalty Flowering Crab 7 gal. 5’-6’ $75

Schubert Chokecherry 7 gal. 6’-7’ $75

Swedish Aspen 5-7 gal. 5’-7’ $40-$60

Weeping Birch 7-10 gal. 5’-7’ $75-$100

Feature Shrubs

Cotoneaster, Dogwood, Lilacs, Mugo Pine,

Ninbark, Potentilla, Spirea & more

Bare root Cotoneaster & Spruce also available in April

Come in April or May for best selection

Many other trees and shrubs available

Complete price list at:

email: or call/text 403-888-9178

She also won trophies for her


After purchasing a van, she loved to

fish, golf and travel to BC, the Peace

River country and various


She was predeceased by her

parents and numerous relatives

and friends.

Betty is survived by her

loving husband Phil; daughter

Gwen (Pat) Kroetsch; son

Terry (Deborah) Checkel;

grandsons: Jesse Kroetsch

(Lindsay McKena), Tom

Kroetsch and Philip Checkel;

sister Doreen (Bob) Barnes

and family; twin brother

Robert (Alberta) Vigen and family.

A private family service was held at

Parkview Funeral Chapels on June 24,

2019 with interment at the Castor


A Celebration of Life will be held in

Coronation at a later date.

Condolences may be sent to the family


Memorial donations may be made to

Alzheimer Society or charity of your

own choice.

Parkview Funeral Chapels &

Crematorium entrusted with the care

and funeral


In memory of Tom, memorial

contributions may be

made to the Coronation

Long Term Care,

Coronation Health Care

Complex or to a charity of

the donor’s choice.

Condolences and loving

support may be sent directly

to the Rodvang families by

Parkview Funeral

Chapels are entrusted with

the care and funeral

arrangements. For further

information please call


Card of Thanks

The family wishes to

thank the staff and doctors

of Coronation Long Term

care for their excellent care

of Tom over the last two

years of his life.


LOCATED: From Killam, go 14 km south on Hwy 36, then 0.9 km west on Twp Rd 430 (Correction Line),

then 0.3 km north on Rge Rd 134. Gate Sign – 43017 Rge Rd 134

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Christine Forster-Hogg at 780-385-1202

Previewing starts Saturday, July 6. Forster Feeder Mfg. Ltd. was in business for 47 yrs. There is a large amount of very good shop

related equip, tools, parts, etc. This is only a partial listing. See website for full descriptions. Equipment & Online Bidding at

1:00 p.m. (Starting with industrial & major farm equipment.)



2013 Dieci Agri Tech 35.7 VS

telehandler, showing 572.2 hrs,

4WD, 3pt hitch, PTO, aux hyd, c/w 8’

Degelman bucket / grapple & pallet

forks, one owner, SN MAC1740385

2014 Bobcat E85 excavator w/ 24’’

digging bucket & thumb, showing

935.2 hrs, one owner, SN B34T11243

Bobcat hyd breaker, clean up bucket &

sgl tooth ripper to fit above unit

2011 Doosan DX 225LC hydraulic

excavator w/ 60’’ bucket,

aux hyd, showing 7285 hrs,


2007 Komatsu D65 EX-15E0

dozer, showing 6996 hrs, ripper

w/ 3 shanks, cab, hyd tilt & angle,

sweeps, SN 69503

Simon AT 40C boom lift, 4WD


1998 Case IH 9370 Q Quadtrac,

30’’ tracks (vg), PS, 4 hyd, showing

3262 hrs

Case 4994 4WD, 20.8R42 duals,

PTO, 4 hyd, showing 5440.3 hrs

John Deere 4430 w/ JD 158 ldr &

bucket, PS trans

John Deere 4630, 20.8x38 sgls, PS

trans, 3pt hitch


2006 John Deere 9860 STS w/ JD

615P PU, showing 1640 sep / 2346

eng hrs, Bullet rotor, 800/70R38 sgls,

Michel’s Crop Catcher

2002 John Deere 9750 STS w/ JD

914 PU, showing 2141 sep / 3216

eng hrs, 800/65R32 sgls

35’ JD 635F HydraFlex header, PU

reel, fore & aft

Horst 4 wheel header transport

30’ JD 930F flex header, PU reel,

fore & aft

30’ factory header transport

30’ MF 220 XL swather w/ 5000

header, showing 627 hrs, PU reel


80’ Spray Coupe 7650 SP

sprayer, Raven SCS 4000, EZ-

Steer auto steer w/ 500 monitor,


Shelterbelts and Eco-Buffers:

Monday July 15

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Battle River Innovation Center

5302-50th Avenue

Castor, AB

Free to Attend * But you

must Register*

Light Supper &

Refreshments Included

Please Register by:

Friday July 12

To Register:


or 780-582-7308

showing 982 hrs, 380/90R46 rear

/ 320/85R38 front, 725 gal, hyd

tread adj, purchased new in 2007,

SN 7650JP8P288

59’ Bourgault 5710 Series II air drill

(2004) w/ Bourgault 5350 TBT cart

(2005), sgl shoot w/ liquid system,

9.8’’ spacing, 4-1/2’’ steel packers, ltd

acres on knock-on carbide openers,

Vansco blockage, 800/65R32 cart

tires, 491 HP monitor, tank & rear

view cameras, sells w/ Bourgault

LFC 2000T liquid cart. Terms: 30%

non-refundable deposit, balance

by Dec. 31/19.


2001 Sterling hwy truck w/ 60’’

walk in sleeper, Cat C16, 600 hp,

18 spd, showing 437,069 km /

10,616 hrs, wet kit, Pro Heat,

Ali Arc bumper, 11R24.5 tires, alum rims

1986 IH F2575 hwy truck, Cummins

400, 13 spd

1992 Peterbilt 379 hwy truck,

Detroit 60 Series

1983 Columbia 16 wheel lowboy

equipment trailer

1998 LodeKing alum Super B grain

trailer, roll tarp

1985 Trailmobile highboy (lead

trailer of a B train), 11R22.5 tires

2008 30’ C&B Quality Trailers TA

dually 5th wheel trailer, beavertail w/

ramps, 13,500 lb winch

20’ SWS TA 5th wheel trailer

w/ ramps

TA gravel end dump trailer

1979 IH TA grain truck w/ 18’ steel

box & hoist, IH 6 cyl diesel, 13 spd

1979 GMC Brigadier TA grain truck

w/ 19’ Cancade box & hoist, V6

Detroit, 5&4 trans (truck not running)

1986 Ford 350 Econoline emergency

rescue vehicle



Bourgault 1100 grain cart, TA duals,

PTO drive

Rem VRX grain vac, showing 59.5

hrs, one owner, SN 310524

FarmKing 13’’x70’ auger w/ Rodono

Agroforestry Systems for

Profitability and Resilience


• Presentation on designing and

establishing shelterbelts and


• Field visit of nearby riparian site

to learn how to conduct a tree

planting site assessment

• Presentation on customizing

your design to provide pollinator

habitat, fruit production, water

quality enhancement, and


• Throughout the evening we’ll

be helping you develop your

own tree planting design

using worksheets and other

resources provided

Xtend retracting swing, hyd mover

FarmKing 10”x50’ swing auger

Wheatheart hyd transfer auger


22’ Kellobilt 210 TA offset disc

(2 together), notched blades,

10-1/2’’ spacing

40’ CCIL DT cult, mtd harrows

CCIL Chinook 1203 air cart, eng

drive, 16.5L-16.1 tires; Crown rock

picker, hyd drive; 4 yd+/- hyd / cable

scraper; Westeel anhydrous tank on

HD 4 whl wagon

NH 790 TA manure spreader

NH 320 sq baler, hyd tension,

¼ turn chute

Hyd post pounder, trailer type

4 wheel wagon w/ 10’x24’ wood deck


1989 Fleetwood Jamboree 27Y

Class C on Ford 350 chassis, showing

105,861 km, auto, AC, sleeps 6,

awning, Onan 4000 W generator


Excel Mfg Ltd 5075 iron worker w/

qty of access

Modern J-530 lathe, 3-3/8’’ bore,

3 jaw chuck, 3 phase (sells w/ sgl

phase converter)

Force Int lathe, 1-1/2’’ bore, 3&4

jaw chucks

Powermatic Houdaille B key way


DoALL C-4 metal band saw;

Carolina HV20 metal band saw;

Kwik Kut power hack saw;

(4) rolling tables

(3) drill presses (Omni / Westward)

(2) hyd hose crimpers w/ access

(Ryco R165 / Gates Power 601)

L-Tec PCM-750i plasma cutter

L-Tec Migmaster 300i

Miller 200A power source w/

MillerMatic 10-E wire feed welding


Miller spot welder; Mastercraft

mig welder; Hobart Titan

8 AC/DC welder w/ 18 hp

Kohler; Lincoln 225 AC welder;

(2) cutting torch sets

10’ HD hyd metal brake; HD shop

press; hyd pipe bender

Accu-Turn ACCV-4502 tire changer;

Snap-On WB 230 tire balancer;

Branick tire spreader; tire cage;

bead blaster

Stihl gas cut off saw; Stihl backpack

blower; transit; Ridgid SR60 & Rycom

underground locators

Spray-In box liner sprayer

Lg qty of vg elec, air & hand tools

(CP 1’’ air impact; angle drill; angle

grinders; shears; bench grinders;

1’’ & ¾’’ socket sets; pipe threaders

& cutters; Stinger 5590 riveter;

Milwaukee Fuel ¾’’ 18V impact; (2)

Lincoln elec grease guns; Snap-On

tools; lg qty wrenches)

Lg qty new roller chain; welding rod

& helmets; pulleys; bearings; bolt

bins & contents; roll pin sets; air

brake kits; tire tubes; oil filters

This is only a partial listing.

See website for more details.


Meridian 4600L dbl wall fuel tank

on skid, 1000 gal, Fill-Rite pump w/


(2) Endura Plas 2200 US gal liquid

fert tanks

Qty 2-3/8’’ & 2-7/8’’ drill stem

Qty of new & used truck &

implement tires

Approx 38 lifts of straw board


(2) grain testers (Motomco 919 &

newer Labtronics)




Never completely left the ranch

Happy (Gerald) Davis was

born on May 16, 1930 in

Castor, Alta. to parents Doc

(Harvey) and Esther Davis.

Happy had two

sisters: Neitta and


They lived on the

family homestead

north of the

Cornucopia School

and later moved to

the Davis Ranch

northwest of


Happy attended Davis

school in Leo when

he was young and

then later went to school in


When he was 16, he chose

to leave Stettler and moved

back to the family farm to

raise cattle.

Happy married Beverly

Snyder on June 10, 1961.

They had three children:

Sandy, Darren and Wendy.

Happy enjoyed fishing,

baseball, curling and visiting

with family and


Spending quality time

with those he loved was very

important to Happy.

He worked hard but

always believed the only

Nevis born and raised

Ronald Harry Jones

1942 – 2019

It is with great sadness

that we announce the

passing of Ronald Harry

“Ron” Jones on Tues. June

18, 2019 at 76 years of age.

Ron was born in Stettler,

Alta. on Sept. 29, 1942.

He went home

with his parents,

Philip and Mary

Jane “May” Jones

to the family farm

south of Nevis,

Alta. where he

lived all of his life.

On July 11, 1979

he married Karla

Nielsen (nee


Lorensen) and

welcomed a new

family of eight children.

He was predeceased by

his parents Phil and May

Jones, wife Karla Jones,

brother Douglas Jones,

sister-in-law Margaret

Jones, grandsons,

Christopher Nielsen and

Blair Chapman and brotherin-law

Lloyd Clark.

Ron will be lovingly

remembered by his brother

Alex and Elaine Jones,

sister Phyllis Clark and his

stepchildren, John Nielsen,

Lisa and Kevin Thomas, Pep

Nielsen, Helen Nielsen,

Bin Anchors


thing you’ll remember in a

day is how much fun you


He continued to ranch and

farm until he

retired from the

Davis Ranch in

2013 and moved to


After a short

battle with cancer,

Happy passed

away on June 22,


Family and

friends were with

him to hold his

hand every step of

the way.

Happy never completely

left the ranch as he still

owned land in the area and

had a small herd of cattle

right up until his passing.

Happy will always be

remembered as a loving and

caring husband and father,

grandfather and greatgrandfather,

as well as a

great friend.

Happy is survived by his

loving family: wife Bev;

daughter Sandy (Dave)

Karg; son Darren (Carmen)

Davis; daughter Wendy

(Murray) Menage. His

grandchildren: Mitch

Doug and Bev Nielsen,

Ritchie and Harriet

Chapman, Brian and Kersti

Shoemaker, Eric and Trish

Nielsen and Linda Dabbs

and Dave Charters.

He will also be remembered

by his many

grandchildren, great-grandchildren,


nephews, greatnieces



A funeral service

was held at the

Erskine I.O.O.F.

Hall in Erskine,

Alta. on Mon., June

24 with Rev. Jack

Schulze officiating.

If desired, memorial

donations may

be made to the Erskine

Cemetery, P.O. Box 408,

Erskine, Alta., T0C 1G0 or to

a charity of your choice.

Condolences may be made

by visiting

Wilson’s Funeral Chapel

& Crematorium, serving

Central Alberta with locations

in Lacombe and

Rimbey, was in charge of

arrangements. Phone:

403.782.3366 or 403.843.3388.

“Family Focused,

Remembering Those We



Menage, Ashley (Matt) Garbe,

Reese Davis, Regan Karg,

Coleton Menage, Mason Davis,

Sydney (Chris) Finlayson,

Jachin (Justine) Karg, Sloane

Davis; and his great-grandchild

Everett Garbe.

He was predeceased by his

brother Norman Davis and sisters

Nietta Harrison and Donna


A Celebration

of Life will be

held for Happy

Davis on Wed.,

July 3, 2019, 2 p.m.

at the Byemoor

Community Hall.


donations can be

made in Happy’s

name to the following:


Curling Club,


Community Hall,


Cemetery or a

charity of your




LOCATED: From the west side of Ryley, go 0.7 km north on Rge Rd 174.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Darrell at 780-603-5154 or Dan at 780-349-2155

Previewing starts Monday, July 22 (11:00 am to 7:00 pm). All items need to be removed from the sale site by Tuesday, July 30.



2010 Hitachi ZX250 LC-5N hydraulic

excavator w/ 65’’ CWS clean up

bucket & hyd thumb, showing 5842

hrs, aux hyd, Espar heater, SN


John Deere 310-A backhoe w/ digging

& front bucket, bale fork attachment,

SN 349309T

Fiat-Allis 12G-B crawler w/ 8’ dirt

bucket, rops canopy, (engine, hyd

pump & brakes have had work done),

SN 96Y02407


1997 John Deere 9300 4WD w/

20.8R42 duals, showing 3325 hrs,

24 spd PowrSync trans, rear wheel

weights, 4 hyd, SN RW9300H001357

John Deere 4430 2WD w/ 20.8R38 sgls,

showing 9867 hrs, 2 hyd, 540/1000

PTO, SN 4430H 042955R

John Deere 4020 w/ JD 58 ldr, bucket

& grapple, 2 hyd, standard trans, cab,

SN SNT223R137489R

John Deere 3010 w/ JD 148 ldr &

bucket, SN 12T 23684

John Deere 750 MFWD w/ JD 67 ldr

& bucket, showing 2103 hrs, turf tires,

3pt hitch, PTO, SN 002712

John Deere 4020 w/ loader for parts


1994 John Deere 9600 SP combine

w/ JD 914 PU, showing 3051 sep /

4178 eng hrs, Crary chaff spreader,

30.5Lx32 fronts, DAS, DAM, SN


1997 Premier 2930 SP swather w/ 30’

960 Macdon header, Turbo, showing

3010 hrs, PU reel, Swath Equalizer, SN


21’ John Deere 2360 SP swather, PU

reel, gas, dbl swath, showing 4761 hrs,

SN W02360X001941


1980 IH F1924 TA grain truck w/ 20’

steel box & pole hoist, auto trans, 8

cyl gas, showing 217,446 km, roll tarp,

spring susp

TK Ranch

Custo Meat rocessin



1976 Chev 65 SA grain truck w/ 16’

alum box & hoist, 5&2 trans, gas,

silage endgate

1978 Chev 65 TA w/ 15’ gravel box &

pole hoist (28’’ steel box ext’s), 5&4

trans, V8 gas, spring susp

1977 Chev C65 SA truck

GMC 6500 SA truck


1997 Doepker tri axle equipment trailer,

8’ neck + 43’ main, 8-1/2’ wide w/ pull

outs, air ride

1982 Fruehauf lowboy equipment

trailer w/ beavertail & ramps (9’ neck,

19’ working deck)

1993 Doepker tridem grain trailer, roll

tarp, spring susp, 11R24.5 tires

1981 Barrett TA alum cattle liner (pot),

spring ride

Arne’s TA gravel end dump trailer, 28’,

spring susp

45’ Fruehauf TA highboy trailer

16’ WW bumper pull stock trailer, 1994

16’ TA trailer

may be sent to the family at

Stettler Funeral Home and

Crematorium is entrusted with

the care and funeral


Card of Thanks

On behalf of Happy’s family,

we would like to express our

Located south of Coronation, AB

Low stress handling - Quality cutting

and vacuum packaging - You’ll always

get your own meat back & we won’t

mix your trim with others

Call 1-888-TK Ranch



Leon Silver M755 TA manure spreader,

425/65R22.5 tires, ltd use, SN


John Deere 450 SA hydra push manure


John Deere 3430 SP haybine w/ 14’

300 Twin Knife header, diesel, showing

1809 hrs, SN X809808

John Deere 1360 discbine, 9’9” cut,

SN X323069

John Deere 535 rd baler, gathering

wheels, SN X971158

John Deere 347 square baler, ¼ turn

chute, SN X654380

John Deere 3970 forage harvester, SN


Jiffy 700 Hydump silage wagon

Farm Aid Mfg SA feed wagon, LH

discharge, scale & monitor

Haybuster 256 Plus II bale processor

New Holland 1033 bale wagon, SN


Vicon H1350 PT 10 wheel V rake

Flexicoil hyd post pounder, trailer type

WW Stampede hyd cattle squeeze

(unused - no power pack)

Qty corral panels

Portable loading chute


41’ John Deere 1610 DT cult, NH3 kit,

mtd harrows

49’ CCIL 808 DT cult w/ 3 bar harrows

70’ Morris Field Pro heavy harrows, ½’’


Rock-O-Matic HDW5 TA rock picker

w/ front mounted rock rake, PTO drive

28’ John Deere 235 disc

12’ John Deere 1600 DT cult

60’ John Deere 1050 cult

Crown 600 hyd scraper

16’ land roller, hm built

12’ Schulte hyd drive rock rake

Swather mover

10’ land leveler

Truck mounted sprayer

1200 & 1000 US gal anhydrous tanks

on 4 wheel carts


Brandt 5000 EX grain vac w/ hoses,

SN 79417

Brandt 862 8’’x 62’ Super Charged

PTO auger

Westfield MK 100-71 10’’x71’ mech

swing auger

Brandt 8’’x35’ auger w/ motor

Sakundiak 7”x 37’ PTO auger


2013 Ford F150 XTR, 4x4, 39,016 km

at booking, EcoBoost, auto, crew cab,

5-1/2’ box, pwr fold running boards,

keyless entry, backup camera, one


2006 Ford F150, 4x4, 203,320 km,

Super Cab, 6-1/2’ box, 5.4L, auto

1982 Ford F250 dually w/ 9’ service

body, 4x4, 6.6L eng, stand trans

1985 Chev 20, 4x4, reg cab, long box

1993 Mercury Grand Marquis

many thanks for all the love

and support throughout this


The services and care provided

by both the Castor and

Stettler Hospitals have been

incredible and the family is

eternally grateful.

Ironman Scrap

Metal Recovery

. . . is picking up

scrap again!

• farm machinery

• vehicles • industrial



(2) Oliver 88 tractors

(2) Oliver 77 tractors

Oliver 70 tractor

Oliver tractor on steel


Wheatland 1620E hopper bin, aeration

40’ seacan container

(4) AT Films grain bags (10’ x 400’)

John Deere AMT

Aeration fans

Outback S360 mapping system

Acklands AK Matic 1200 welder

Advance metal lathe

Milling machine

Lincoln 250 welder


Central AB

Welders, power plant, hyd press, air

compressor, pressure washer, valve

grinder, tire changer, etc

Qty of hand tools & shop items

Potato digger, potato hiller, potato


5’ Haban 3pt finishing mower, Swisher

44” PT mower, snow blower, rototillers,

grass sweep

Qty fence posts, slip tank, sucker rod


Call Mike


Don’t Let The Winds Bother You!


14 J une 27'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

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Deadline For Ads

All classified ads must be

received by 5 pm on

Mondays preceding

publication. For Too Late To

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Ph. 578-4111. Mail to Box

70, Coronation, AB T0C



HALF acre at

Pelican Point. Three

minutes to lake.

Four season home.

Attached garage,

shop. $555,000. Call


FOR Sale: 6.25

acres, 25 KMS North

of Westlock on Hwy

44. Asking

$57,900.00. Phone



SALON furniture and

accessories for sale

in Coronation. 403-


STEEL building sale.

A Mega Madness

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Deals on all

Buildings!” 20X21

$5,868; 25X27

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METAL roofing &

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Distributors. 40 year

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PASTURE wanted in

Central Alberta for 25

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TREES. 5’ average:

$50. installation: $19.

Includes: hole

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enzyme injection,

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Minimum order 25.

One time fuel charge:

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buying Green,

Heated or


Canola. Buying: oats,

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CENTRE Street Thrift

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Position includes a

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necessary. As the

Administrator, you

would be an integral

part of the Centre

Street Thrift Store

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Administrative duties

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supplies, filing, organization,

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events and more.

The Administrator will

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TROUBLE Walking?

Hip or knee replacement,

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$2,500 tax credit.

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Disability Tax Credit.





an assembly of all

who live in the city or

country and the

memoirs of the apostles

and the writings

of the prophets are

read. It was the day

on which the creation

of world began and

on which Christ

arose from the dead.

Justin Martyr”.



land auction, Gadsby,

AB, Bidding Opens

June 21, Closes

June 27/19 @ 12

Noon. Selling 4.04

Acres +/- on the NE

Edge of the Village of

Gadsby. Features

6-Serviced RV Sites,

Fishing Pond, Green




auction for Knud

Sorensen Saturday,

June 29th, Paradise

Valley, Alberta. 11AM.

Combine, Balers,

Swather, Cattle

Handling, Tools,

Farmall, Quads, etc!

Scribner Auction


com; 780-842-5666.



for Knud Sorensen

Sat., June 29 @ 11am

at Paradise Valley, Ab

Farm Equipment, Combine,

Balers, Swather, Cattle

Handling, Tools, Farmall,

Quads & MUCH More!

Visit website for Pictures & Listing:




family, Ryan and Jen,

Trinity and Wendy,

would like to express

our heartfelt gratitude

and appreciation for

the outpouring of

support that we have

received during this

difficult time of

Randy’s passing. To

the angelic staff of

the Red Deer

Regional Hospital

Centre, your limitless

efforts on behalf of

our family and willingness

to share in our

grief truly touched our

hearts. To Gary

Grant, Tess and the

staff at the Western

Budget Motel #2, Red

Deer, your generosity

and kind service in

this difficult time

meant the world to

us. A profound thank

you to the

Westmoreland Mine

for their outstanding

tribute to Randy with

the mine closure,

flowers, food and

attendance. Their

presence at the service

reflects greatly

on the bonds formed

by the mine family

and how deeply

Randy will be missed.

Also thank you to the

International Union of

Operating Engineers

for honouring Randy

with his 40 year

plaque. Scott Boggs,

Steinhubl family and

Chris Topple, we can

not thank you enough

for your assistance

and strength. We will

always treasure your

ability to stand strong

when we could not.

Thank you to the

Stettler Funeral

Home for their kind

and sincere service

and also to the

Central Alberta

Co-op, Intello

Technologies and

Brennan Auto Body

Repair for their endless

support and

patience. Finally, to

the untold number of

friends, family, neighbours

and acquaintances

and to the

communities of Botha

and Stettler and the

surrounding areas,

we thank you for your

sympathy, help,

thoughts and prayers.

“Friendship is the

only cement that will

ever hold the world



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Drilling Ltd.

17 Yrs. Experience

Hanna Ab


County of Stettler No. 6

6602 - 44 Ave., Box 1270

Phone: 403-742-4441 Fax: 403-742-1277


2019 Property Assessment/Tax Notices

Notice is hereby given that the Combined Property Assessment and Tax Notices

for County of Stettler ratepayers have been prepared and mailed to all property

owners. The assessment roll is open for inspection at the County Office during

regular hours of business (Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.).

If you have not received your Notice by July 15 please contact the County of

Stettler at 403-742-4441.

An assessed person wishing to make a complaint must do so in accordance

to the Municipal Government Act. The complaint must be in writing and

submitted on the prescribed forms at the County Administration building.

Complaints will be accepted until August 27, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. and must be

accompanied by a fee of $50.00 (Residential and Farmland) or $100.00 (Non-

Residential). Please address complaints to the attention of the Clerk of the

Assessment Review Board.

Tax Payments can be made by CASH, CHEQUE, INTERAC, and online, or at most

Financial Institutions. For more information please contact our office.

Dated this 27 day of June, 2019.

Yvette Cassidy, Chief Administrative Officer

Full Time Bus Driver

Veteran Area

Competition #PLRD-690

Applications are invited for a full time school bus operator in the Veteran area

to commence the first day of the 2019-2020 school year. This position will support

the Division in providing safe and efficient transportation of students to the

Veteran School. Training to obtain Class 2 driver’s license, first aid certification

and “S” Endorsement will be provided if required. Preference will be given to

a candidate who holds these designations. Previous experience would be an


Please submit cover letter, resume and contact information for three references

by e-mail to Applications will also be accepted

by mail or fax to:

Lenore Etherington, H.R. Administrator

Prairie Land Regional Division # 25

P.O. Box 670 Hanna, Alberta T0J 1P0

Fax: (403) 854-2803


Strathmore, AB.

Two pivot irrigated quarter sections of land (NE 25 24 25 W4

and SE 30 24 24 W4) are being offered for tender. The NE 1/4

borders the annexed land of Strathmore while the SE 1/4 is one

mile east. Excellent holding or farming property.

For Brochure email: or For Tender Agreements contact:

Lynn Woods Law Office, Strathmore at 403-934-6333,

or email:

Sealed Tender Agreements must be accompanied by a 10% deposit and received no later than

4:00 p.m. on July 31, 2019. Tenders subject to financing approval will not be considered. Deposits

of unsuccessful tenders will be returned. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Competition will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

Thank you to all applicants, but only those who will be interviewed will be contacted.

The successful candidate will be required to provide a Criminal Record Check, Child

Intervention Check and Driver’s Abstract satisfactory to PLRD, prior to commencement.

Please quote competition number on application.

“Bikes To Big Rigs”



Bring in this ad for

50 % off

your deductible (of $500 or less)

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yearlings and 2-year

olds. LVV Ranch.


Forestburg, Ab.

HOW TO PLAY SUDOKU: Fill in the grid so that

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Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital, Castor is looking for:

Registered Nurse

The RN participates in nursing assessments and and interventions, care care planning,

The RN is responsible for the provision of care accordance with established standards,

implementing prescribed treatments, administering medications, evaluating treatments,

and and

monitoring/documenting the Mission, Vision, Values, treatment

policies and


procedures and and patient/resident

of Covenantresponse.



Competition Number: COV00008489


Position Type: Regular Part Time, FTE:0.75





Closed: February July






4, 2019

Salary Range: $36.86-$48.37 per hour

Salary Range: $36.86-$48.37

per hour

View and Apply to this job opportunity @

Human Resources Toll Free: 1.877.450.7555



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Like helping people?

Your Calling is at...

Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital, Castor is looking for:

Registered Nurse

The RN participates in in nursing assessments and and interventions, care care planning,

implementing The RN is responsible prescribed

for treatments,

the provision administering

of care in accordance medications,

with established

evaluating standards,


and monitoring/documenting the Mission, Vision, Values, treatment policies and progress procedures and and patient/resident of Covenantresponse.

Health. response.

Competition Number: COV00008489


Position Type: Temporary Regular Part Part Time, Time, FTE:0.75


Date Closed: February July July 3, 3, 2019 2019 4, 2019

Salary Salary Range: Range: $36.86-$48.37






Bus Driver

Morrin Area

Prairie Competition Land Regional #PLRD-691 Division has teacherages for farm. rent in:

He married Mary

Applications are invited for a full time school bus operator in the Morrin area to Evashkevich on

commence the first day of the 2019-2020 Cessford, school year. Consort, This position Youngstown

will support June 14, 1948 and

the division in providing safe and efficient transportation of students to the together they raised

Morrin School. Training * Above to obtain properties Class 2 include driver’s license, all appliances, first aid certification except washer six children: & dryer Linda *

and “S” Endorsement will be provided if required, however, preference will be (Harry) Shoemaker,

given to a candidate who holds these For designations. further information, Previous experience please would contact: Vivian (Nicholas) Vert

be an asset.

Lowther, Stephen

Kent Spath – Director of Facilities

(deceased) (Lorinda)

Please submit cover letter, resume and Phone contact (403) information 854-4481, for three Extension references #706 Vert, Eric (Lisa) Vert, Delaine (Kevin)

by e-mail to Applications will also be accepted

by mail or fax to:

Lenore Etherington, H.R. Administrator

Prairie Land Regional Division # 25

P.O. Box 670 Hanna, Alberta T0J 1P0

Fax: (403) 854-2803

Prairie Land Regional Division #25

Teacherages for Rent

Competition will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

Thank you to all applicants, but only those who will be interviewed will be contacted.

The successful candidate will be required to provide a Criminal Record Check, Child

Intervention Check and Driver’s Abstract satisfactory to PLRD, prior to commencement.

Please quote competition number on application.

Receptionist Teacherages – Central for Rent Office

This position is currently posted internally






for 5 working

days until 4:30 p.m. June 26th, 2019 as per the CUPE Collective Agreement,

Local 5829.

She is survived by her

* Above properties include all appliances, except washer parents & dryer Robert * and

Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25 is seeking a dynamic, self-motivated individual

to provide relief coverage For for our further Central information, Office. Working please hours contact: will be

Doreen Barnes of Stettler;

sisters Lorna (Alister)

on an on-call basis as required throughout the year. You will be responsible for

a variety of general administrative tasks Kent as needed. Spath – Director of Facilities

McKenzie of Coronation

and Barbara Barnes of

You will have proficient skills in the Phone use of (403) Microsoft 854-4481, Word, Excel Extension and related #706 Calgary; nieces and

computer experience. Strong interpersonal skills are required as is the ability nephews: Scott (Kara) Barnes

to “multi-task”. You will also be expected to present yourself as an organized McKenzie, Colin

and professional representative of the staff, both in person, on the telephone McKenzie, Alana

and through correspondence. Previous experience and familiarity in an office McKenzie, Brandon (Paige) McKenzie;

setting is required.

Send cover letter, resume and three work references by e-mail to

Applications will also be accepted by mail or fax to:

Lenore Etherington, H.R. Administrator

Prairie Land Regional Division # 25

P.O. Box 667

Hanna, Alberta T0J 1P0

Fax (403) 854-2803



Graphic Artists,

Marketing and more.

Alberta’s weekly

newspapers are

looking for people

like you. Post your

resume online. Free.

Visit: www.awna.



Prairie Land Regional Division #25

Competition will close at 4:30 PM on Thursday, July 11th, 2019

BLANKET the province

with a classified

ad. Only $269

(based on 25 words

or less). Reach over

100 weekly newspapers.

Call this newspaper

NOW for

details - 403-578-


Thank you to all applicants but only those who will be interviewed will be contacted.

The successful candidate will be required to provide a criminal record check satisfactory

to PLRD prior to commencement.

N:\Maintenance\Teacherages\BCCS-YST-Consort Teacherages - For Rent AD - March 2012.doc

View and Apply to this job opportunity @

Human Resources Toll Free: 1.877.450.7555

Loved to tinker

Albert Stephen Vert was born in

Altario, Alta. on Sept. 14, 1920 to parents

Luther and Mary Jane Vert. He

and his twin brother Alex were the

youngest of 14 children.

Albert joined the army in 1942,

serving until 1946.

When he was discharged

from the

army, Albert took

over the family

Stewart and Robin Vert-Duffin.

They stayed on the homestead until

1963 when they moved about four miles

away in order to get power.

He was a very hard worker and loved

to tinker with anything to see if he

could get it to work.

Albert always had a good sense of


In 1997 he retired and he and Mary

Determined and thoughtful

Constance (Connie) Anne Gibson

was born July 11, 1954 in

Empress, Alta. and

passed away the

morning of June 17, 2019.

Throughout her childhood,

Connie moved

around the province and

graduated from South

Central High School in

Oyen, Alta. in 1972.

From there she moved


to Calgary where she met

Glen Gibson.

They married on July 5, 1975 and

moved to Castor in 1977 to start their


Connie worked as an insurance

administrator for AFSC until she

retired in 2012.

Always needing something to do,

Connie was involved with the Castor

Curling Club, woodworking, was an

avid golfer and swimmer and occasional


She loved the Castor community and

volunteered on various boards and

committees, including the hospital

board and the Castor & District

Agricultural Society.

In more recent years she was even

trying her hand at learning bridge.

When she wanted to do something,

Connie went out and figured out how

to do it.

moved to Consort. They moved again

in Sept. 2007 into a condo in Stettler

where they have lived until his


Albert is survived by his wife Mary

of 71 years; five children, 19 grandchildren

and 33 great-grandchildren.

He was predeceased by his son


Albert passed away at the Stettler

Hospital on June 14, 2019 at the age of

98 years nine months.

A celebration of life will take place

on June 29 at 10 a.m. at the Stettler

Funeral Home.

A private family interment will

follow at the Kirriemuir Cemetery.

Donations may be made to

Stars Air Ambulance or a charity of

your choice c/o Stettler Funeral Home

& Crematorium, P.O. Box 1780, Stettler,

Alta. T0C 2L0, 403-742-3422, who have

been entrusted with the care and

funeral arrangements.

To send condolences to the family,

please visit www.stettlerfuneralhome.


Card of Thanks

Thank you to the family, neighbours

and friends, Doctor Lockhat, all the

nurses and Stettler Funeral Home.

Private funeral for Barnes

Janet Lynne Barnes passed away on

June 22, 2019 at the Red Deer Hospital

at the age of 56.

Competition #PLRD-689

Prairie Land Regional Division has teacherages for rent Janet in: was born May 16,

1963 in Coronation, Alta.

to Robert and Doreen



great-nieces: Holly, Callie and Lacey;

other family and friends.

A private funeral will be held for


Donations may be made to

STARS, Janet’s Group Home at

Parkland C.L.A.S.S, 6010-45

Ave., Red Deer, Alta. T4N 3MA,

or to a charity of your own


Sympathies may be forwarded

to the family by signing the

guestbook at

Parkview Funeral Chapels &

Crematorium, 403-882-3141,

entrusted with the care and

funeral arrangements.

Connie is survived by her mother

Helen, husband Glen, four children:

Matthew (Michelle),

Weston, Kristin (Chris) and

Andrea (Brad); four grandchildren:

Caleb, Milo, Clark and


Connie is also survived by her

eight siblings: Don (Carol), Pat

(Donna), Frank (Yvonne), Colleen

(Dave), Robyn (Allan), Cindy,

Nancy (Allister), and Laurie

(Wayne); brother-in-law Barry

(Kathy), as well as a plethora of

nieces and nephews.

She was predeceased by her father

Gib, father-in-law Ashley, mother-inlaw

Bessie and brothers-in-law Roger

and Lee.

Connie loved having a large family

and cared about all of them deeply.

A memorial for Connie will be held

at 2 p.m. on Sat., June 29 at the Castor

Community Hall with light luncheon

to follow.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be

made to the Our Lady of the Rosary

Hospital Foundation.

Sympathies may be forwarded to the

family by signing the guestbook at

Parkview Funeral Chapels &

Crematorium, 403-882-3141, entrusted

with the care and funeral


16 J une 27'19 HAnnA/COROn ATIOn /STe TTLe R, AB. e CA Re VIe W

• Complete Audiometric Evaluations

• Medical Referral not needed

• Hearing Aid Consultations

• Hearing Aid Fittings & Ongoing Support

• No Obligation Hearing Aid Trials

• Custom Ear Plugs

• All makes and models of Hearing Aids

Sold, Serviced and Repaired

• Hearing Aids for all Budgets

• Batteries and Accessories

• 32 years experience


Family visits, highlight of her life

Pearl Estelle Wakefield, a

dear loving wife, mother, grandmother,

great-grandmother and

great-great grandmother

passed away peacefully on June

15, 2019 at the Coronation Long

Term Care with her family by

her side.

Pearl was born in Medicine

Hat, Alta. on Sept. 26, 1919, the

third of six children in the

family of John and Rosine


John and Rosine homesteaded

in the Conquerville

area 18 miles southeast of Bow


In 1924, the family

moved to a farm

north of Magrath

where Pearl attended

the country schools

of Lehi and Farm


After completing

Grade 8, she worked

cleaning houses and

looking after children

for various Wakefield

families in the area,

many times for only $5 a month.

She met her loving husband,

Raymond of 64 years of marriage,

in Magrath while he was

working for his cousins.

After a short courtship, they

were married in Lethbridge,

Dec. 29, 1939.

They started their new life in

the Coronation-Nose Hills area

where Raymond farmed with

his brother.

During this time, two of their

children were born: Evelyn in

1941 and Vernon in 1944.

In 1948, they moved to Spring

Coulee where Raymond worked

for a farmer and oil rig while

Pearl cooked for a crew.

In 1947, baby Leslie died in

infancy and in 1948 Bonnie was


Shortly after they moved to

Magrath, two more children

were born: Robert in 1954 and

Sherri in 1958.

Ray and Pearl were happy to

welcome to their family, John

Leuck, born 1947, a 6-year-old

cousin of Ray’s.

Pearl helped with expenses by

working at the Alberta Canning

Factory, Magrath Woolen Mill

and cooking for hired men.

She was a member of the

Magrath Lutheran Ladies Aide

for many years baking many

pies and cakes.

In 1963, Ray and Pearl and the

four youngest children moved

north of

Coronation where

they took up

farming on his

Dad and Mother’s

homestead where

they farmed for

many years.

Pearl always

took great pride

in her large

garden and a

beautiful flowered


Pearl and Ray

worked hard

farming as a


Pearl enjoyed

cooking and preparing


meals for her

family and

anyone who

dropped in for a


She was a

member of the

Talbot Homemakers for many


She worked at the Coronation

Auction Market lunch counter

with Lottie Lang and catered for

weddings, curling bonspiels,

and many large gatherings,

whilst running the lunch

counter at the curling rink,

where Ray was a caretaker.

In later years, Pearl enjoyed

working with Mabel Glazier

and Edna Redelback pouring

green-ware at Kee-J Ceramics.

Pearl and Ray enjoyed

meeting many friends while

touring with Jo Bargholz


Ray and Pearl

enjoyed many happy

years together, celebrating

64 years of


After Raymond

passed away on Jan. 15,

2004 Pearl continued to

live on the farm.

Robert purchased the

family farm, where she

continued to reside

until she turned 90.

She then moved into Prairie

Rose Assisted Living in October

of 2009.

With renewing old friendships

and making new, Pearl

enjoyed playing bingo, listening

to musical entertainment and

visits from family and friends.

She enjoyed being pampered

by the compassionate nursing


After suffering a slight stroke

in July of 2012, she moved into

Long Term Care.

She worked very hard to

regain her mobility with the

assistance of caring nursing

and physical therapy.

She never lost her keen mind

and witty sense of humour.

She knew how fortunate she

was and enjoyed her independence


Over the next few years, she

enjoyed every family reunion,

other celebrations and never

passed up an opportunity to go

to a casino.

Visits from her family were

the highlight of her life.

Her face always lit up when

grandchildren, great-grandchildren


great-great-grandchildren came

to visit.

Pearl was physically limited

when she fell and badly fractured

her right arm on Nov. 27,


She coped with some pain

rather than take medication

knowing it would affect her

awareness, which she kept up

until the end.

Pearl was a loving wife to

Raymond, mother of six, grandmother

of 15,

great-grandmother of 28, and

great-great-grandmother of 11.

She lived a wonderful, full life

and will be sadly missed by

everyone who knew her.

A special thank you to the

doctors and nursing staff for the

compassionate care you gave


Pearl leaves to mourn her

passing including her six children:

Evelyn Hillmer, Vernon

(Jill) Wakefield, John Leuck

(Margaret Minion), Bonnie

Shaw, Robert (Jean) Wakefield,

Sherri (Les) Hewitt; 15 grandchildren;


great-grandchildren; 11


Also mourning her loss are

her sister Ruby Zakariasen; sisters-in-law

Gladys Warren and

Grace Venables; brother-in-law

Jim Grasswick; numerous

nieces, nephews, other relatives

and many dear friends.

Pearl was predeceased by her

loving husband, Raymond;

infant son Leslie Wakefield;

parents Rosine and John

Salberg; sister Katherine

Solberg; brothers James

Salberg, Glen Salberg and John

Salberg; dear sons-in-law

Robert Shaw and Marvin

Hillmer; dearest daughter-inlaw

Joyce Leuck;

great-grandson Carson

Pulvermacher and all the

Wakefield family who have gone


A celebration of Pearl’s life

was held on Sat. Jun. 22, 2019 at

the Coronation Community

Centre with Rev. Alwin Maben

and family friend George

Glazier leading the service.

Pearl was laid to rest beside

her beloved husband Ray at the

Coronation Cemetery.

Donations in memory are

greatly appreciated to S.T.A.R.S.

or a charity of the donor’s

choice c/o Parkview Funeral

Chapels & Crematorium, P.O.

Box 186, Castor, Alta. T0C 0X0,

403-578-3777, who were

entrusted with the care and


To send condolences to the

family, please visit www.

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Weekend physician on-call schedule for for the the month of

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[insert community]

[insert community]

[insert community]

June 29, 30 & July 1 .... Coronation Hospital

July 6 & 7 .................. Coronation Hospital



13 & 14



Problems - can be





the nearest hospital at any time.

July 20 & 21 ............... Coronation Hospital

Urgent Medical Problems - can be assessed at each



27 &





times listed or at the


on-call hospital.


Emergent Non Urgent Medical Problems -- patients can be should assessed at




an appointment

hospital at


any time.

regular physician clinic


Urgent Medical Problems - can be assessed at each

hospital at the Consort: times listed or 9:30 at the a.m. on-call hospital.

Non Urgent Medical Coronation: Problems 11 a.m. - patients should

make an appointment



1 p.m.

regular physician

clinic hours.

Important: Outpatients are advised to telephone the

hospital on-call Coronation:

prior to going there. 11 a.m.

Castor: 1 p.m.

Important: Consort Outpatients (403) are advised 577-3555 to telephone

the hospital Coronation on-call prior (403) to going 578-3803 there.

Castor (403) 882-3434

Coronation (403) 578-3803

Castor (403) 882-3434

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