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When is a gym, more than a gym? We talk to Paige and Ellis Powerman about how

they’re making a difference with their three Christchurch 9Round franchises.

When we last caught up, you owned two 9Rounds, and

now you’ve added a third with Barrington. Will you use

the same business approach for all of them?

Ellis: Most definitely. Owning a gym is more than just owning

a business. It’s about leading a community to live a truly

happier and healthier life. That means educating everyone,

bringing people closer together, making new friends, having

24/7 support and helping this planet become better.

What actions have you taken to make each more than just

a work-out space?

Paige: We are currently working on a lot of new ideas.

Some things we have already put into place are simple, like

having members’ nights and having a social Facebook group

where people can share their awesome achievements,

support each other and post funny things.

Ellis: We have also bought some “reusable” cups and will

be holding weekend workouts that will include planting

trees and a car wash to fundraise for We Love The Earth,

a project that has been put together and created by

Leonardo DiCaprio.

How have you generated community spirit among gym


Paige: Any culture is shaped from the top. It is all about

practising what we preach. We want team members to

be talking to members about their goals, so we talk to

members about their goals constantly; we want members to

talk to each other, so we introduce members to each other;

we want people laughing, making jokes and ultimately having

fun so we ensure we are always smiling, laughing, making

jokes and having the time of our lives when we are in club.

This feeds through to the staff and to the members, which

creates a community spirit like no other.

Which charities have you chosen to support so far?

Ellis: Mental Health Foundation (helped raise $130,000),

NoH8 Foundation ($2000 between two clubs) and

Meningitis Foundation ($3000 between two clubs). We are

now doing our part to support the Cancer Society and We

Love The Earth.

On the business front, what impact has this direction had?

Paige: Despite what some people think about “business

people”, not all business is bad. Ours is actually the best kind

of business we could have ever asked to run. While some

members know we own the gyms, most don’t. Yet they

see the sheer amount of work, time and effort we put into

helping them change their lives.

Member consult with Paige Powerman.

After trying for their whole lives to be happy with their

bodies, many members have seen dramatic improvements

in their mental health. Some of whom have admitted that if

it wasn’t for 9Round, they may not be in this world today. It

is pretty hard to put a “business” impact on something like

that. It is not the business that has made an impact on our

lives. It is the lives that have had an impact on our business.

Ellis: 9Round Papanui has now been awarded 9Round

Australasia Community Club of the Year and, for our

dedication, commitment and courage to helping change

lives, we were awarded 9Round Australasia Franchisees of

the Year.

Papanui • Barrington • Christchurch CBD

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